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Is prom as important as the events leading up to it?

Thespians state festival


Page 2: Thespians attend state festival and are awarded for performances

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Pages 4-5: Students share their experiences at the largest EDM festival in the world


girlfriend, senior Jalissa Lovett, gathered a couple of friends to hold up letters spelling the word “PROM” and walked into his class to surprise Johnson. “I never would have guessed my girlfriend was

going to prompose to me,” Johnson said. Although several students highly await the big invitation, many others find promposals to be obnoxious and over the top. “I feel as if promposals put people on the spot and they feel pressured to say yes despite what they truly want.” sophomore Shawn Moffat said. “ If the person getting asked rejects the invitation, they are going to be shamed for being ‘coldhearted’ but they are just expressing how they feel.” Promposals are supposed to be flashy and over the top, with the intention of having an enjoyable prom night with a date you can enjoy and friends you can’t forget.



Senior Jalin Johnson is surprised by his girlfriend, Jalisa Lovett’s, PROMposal to him during his Economics Class. Photo by Jacob Shendell

Page 3: College Board lowers standard SAT grading scale

Ultra Music Festival

Prom is a highly anticipated milestone for high school students, for it is the last opportunity to spend time with the entire class before they depart for college and the rest of their lives. The night of prom is the last chance for students to express themselves in front of the peers, friends and enemies they have met throughout their four years of high school. Going to prom with someone special can make the night much more memorable. Although prom is an experience of it’s own, some people stress being asked to prom more than the night itself. A promposal is commonly defined as an invitation to prom from one person to another in an elaborate manor. Simply asking the typical question: “will you go to prom with me?” is no longer acceptable to some people waiting to be asked to prom. “I’ve always hoped to get asked to prom in an extravagant way,” junior Sarai Welch said, “My expectations were blown away when I was asked, I was so happy, but I wasn’t going to let myself be upset if it wasn’t a huge promposal.” Luckily, Welch’s promposal expectations were fulfilled when boyfriend Oscar Gomez popped the question after school on April . After the bell rang, a large crowd gathered underneath the stairwell outside of the 280 corridor with the word “PROM” spelled out in the fence. Welch turned the corner to see Gomez standing below the invitation. As it registered to Welch what was occurring, the crowd broke out in cheers congratulating the couple. Like Welch, senior Jalin Johnson was caught off guard by his girlfriend’s promposal during is economics class. His

SAT scores lowered

Melissa Smith • Staff Writer

Senior Oscar Gomez PROMposes to his girlfriend, junior Sarai Welch, in the breezeway after school. Photo by Aura Torres

Page 6: Students share their opinions on the new movie, Divergent


By Vinny Santos Staff Writer As prom season begins, administration wants to ensure that students understand the importance of safe driving. On April 15, an assembly was held for the seniors in the student parking lot demonstrating the possible repercussions that students may face if they drive dangerously (i.e. driving under the influence, texting, or talking on the phone.) “Going into the assembly I wasn’t excited for much except for the fact that I was getting out of class, although as the assembly commenced and they presented the aftermath of a car crash right in front of us I was mesmerized and learned about my responsibilities as a driver,” senior Justin Shepard said. The assembly was held in the student parking lot where they had two pairs

of bleachers set up in front of a staged car crash. Students watched as Assistant Principal Kenny May, introduced a Broward County police officer, who spoke to all the students about their safety and responsibilities as a driver. During the presentation the officer discussed what causes car crashes, how they extract the victims from their cars after an accident, and what happens in a hospital when they are treating the victims in their injuries from the casualty. “I was absolutely shocked when I saw the wreckage of the staged crash and how much work it took to extract the victims from the accident, I learned many new things such as to how it takes on average 30 minutes for the extraction of a victim and that you hold approximately 12 CC’s of blood and after losing 2 CC’s you start to black out, losing your consciousness,” senior Christen Kelley said.

Spring Sports

Student drivers ‘Scared Straight’ of dangerous driving



Seniors Berline Cherelus, Annalissa Silva, and Kristen Sanders perform a demonstration of how fast someone loses blood in a car accident during the Scared Straight Assembly. Photo by Elana Basch

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Armed educators



Students react to legislation that could allow loaded guns on employees in schools all across the state that the designees would have to succumb to copious amounts of training sessions and would have to be certified professionals — either ex cops, veterans, and With the recent stir of gun control paranoia in the must possess a gun permit. However, the bill still faces United States, legislators in the state of Florida have discussion among students. “I understand that the point of having faculty been contemplating a controversial move that could members equipped with firearms in schools is only affect every K-12 student in the state. meant to protect students, but I don’t think it will save Several recent proposals to arm faculty members lives like it’s mean to,” senior Asif Islam said. in schools throughout the state hit the floor for debate These statements make the gun bill proposal in a senate committee meeting held in Tallahassee more controversial. on Wed. April 2. This Speculators consider proposal, SB 0968, Having loaded the bill pointless if it’s won control in the meant to save lives, guns on a school campus would Florida Senate with because gun shootings five votes for and two only cause more trouble don’t happen often votes against. A similar -Mianna Bidon in schools. However, bill by the name of HB others fully agree with 753 later proved to the idea. be strongly supported I think having school “Considering all in the Florida house the shootings there employees carry firearms with committee, which have recently been in passed a vote eight to them to school is a great idea schools, I think there four. The bill creates - Taylor Greenwell should at least be some an exception to the law form of security that that prohibits weapons carries a loaded gun for the protection of others in on school campuses by giving superintendents and that school,” junior Josh Lucien said. school principals the power to designate faculty Likewise, junior Taylor Greenwell thought that members and permit them to carry to loaded guns to arming employees at schools could bring more elementary, middle, and high schools. benefits and the risk of allowing weapons on campus Although the bill was intended to create an aura would be worth it for the safety of the students. of safety in schools in the state, the polemic bill has “I think having school employees carry firearms encouraged a lot of opposition. with them to school is a great idea. If someone can “Having loaded guns on a school campus would disarm another person that carries a lot of danger to only cause more trouble and lead to more shootings a whole school, arming faculty members could really at schools,” freshman Mianna Bidon said. pay off,” Greenwell said. Like Bidon, many people fear that making guns Regardless of the differing opinions on the matter, available on school campuses defeats the purpose Florida representatives are considering taking the of trying to make schools safer for students. The controversial bill to the next level. The Florida house main debate consists of whether or not the safety of voting committee in Tallahassee are in talks of voting students is worth the risk of allowing guns in schools. on the bill again in the following months. However, both and most bill proposals indicate ByJennifer Gordillo News Editor The thespians gather around for a group photo prior to arriving at the State Festival in Tampa. Photo courtesy of Elspeth Walker

Thespians attend annual state festival By Mercy Trujillo Staff Writer

The State Thespians Festival is an annual event that was held this year in Tampa at the Tampa Convention Center, where many high school theater students around the state, including Deerfield Beach High School thespians had the opportunity to attend a five day trip of performances, auditions, workshops and presentations. “Going to states is an amazing opportunity for all of us,” sophomore Maryanna Mendonca-Mota said, “each year we have so much fun and we learn so many things about theater and acting.” Along with the learning aspect of the thespians state festival, the students were also rewarded for their performances and competed in various categories. Junior Christopher Hansen and sophomore Kylene McCullough both received an Excellent for their duet musical and senior Elspeth Walker was awarded a Superior for her monologue. Junior Brianna Osmond received Straight Superiors in her performances. Junior Leonardo DeLima was honored as Critics Choice Monologue with Straight Superiors. The thespians had the opportunity to be a part of and experience plays such as The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams and directed by Janet Shelley, Grimm’s Fairytales an Original Literature Adaptation, and Our Country’s Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker. “The plays were really interesting and fun to watch,” said sophomore Jacob Adams, “Grimm’s Fairy tale was my favorite out of all of them, it was hilarious and entertaining.” The students were also able to attend a variety of workshops and events where they learned and improved their acting and performing skills. The workshops provided the students with the experience necessary to take the stage in theater. “The state Thespians Festival is a great opportunity to see the performances of others and learn from the workshops and events held at the festival,” junior Marcus Mendonca said. The state thespians festival will be held again next year and it’s expected that DBHS thespians will attend with more knowledge and experience. They will continue to participate in the events and bring more awards to DBHS.

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Assembly promotes safe driving

Many students watched as they learned the consequences of driving irresponsibly. Once the assembly was over, many students walked out of the schools parking lot in crowds chatting about how startled they were about the dangers of driving. The assembly raised awareness of all the precautions students must take in order to assure not only their safety but also the safety of others. “Its really important to promote safe driving and teach students the consequences of driving recklessly,” senior Tiffany Hansraj said. “It’s critical to know that taking precautions is necessary while on the road.” With prom coming up in a few weeks, students are advised to take note of what they must do in order to stay safe and have fun on their eventful night.

Broward County Fire Resuce members demonstrate the difficulties of saving victims from car accidents during the ‘Scared Straight’ assembly. Photo by Elana Basch

Student raises funds for JDRF Walk for Diabetes By Kassie Rodriguez Features Editor

Junior Shanteria Knowles was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the youthful age of nine years old. Knowles has faced and conquered many obstacles that diabetes has thrown her way and refuses to let the disease bring her down. Before Knowles was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, she experienced constant hunger, weight loss, and excessive fatigue. Her worried mother, Inger Knowles, took her to the hospital for an emergency check up. “The day I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, I didn’t really panic like some people usually do. I just sort of went with the flow,” Knowles said. Luckily for Knowles, she has a strong support system of friends and family — especially from her mother. “My mom stayed strong enough for the both of us and took care of the whole situation for me without a

second thought,” Knowles said. Over the years, Knowles has become extremely invested in the cause. She has attended seminars on living and dealing with Type 1 Diabetes and is a counselor at Camp Coral Kids. Camp Coral Kids is a summer camp where children 5-11 years old who are living with diabetes can learn about the disease and interact with other diabetic kids while doing fun activities. One of her biggest contributions for the cause took place this year. She worked with the school and raised money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The students of Deerfield Beach High raised $462 thanks to the inspiration provided by Knowles. One student, freshman Marcel Elkouri raised about $225 on his own. “I’m really content with the amount that I raised. It’s definitely something that I’m proud of,” Elkouri said. About 10 percent of the funds raised will go towards the school’s art club as it was determined by JDRF.

“I am extremely satisfied with what I’ve accomplished,” Knowles said, “I feel like I’m helping JDRF get one step closer to finding a cure.” Knowles isn’t the only one who is proud of all her hard work and dedication. “Shanteria has handled her situation beautifully. I’m so proud of her charitable work and how responsible she’s been,” art teacher Victoria Englehart said. JDRF hosted a 5k walk at Nova Southeastern University on Saturday April 5th, which Knowles and her team, Teens Against Diabetes, attended. TAD alone raised $330. Her friends, family and even some Deerfield High students attended the walk. “I’ve gone to the JDRF walk every year for a while now,” freshman Jenna Courtate said, “It’s always a lot of fun and the it’s a great foundation to support.” Knowles and many others are confident in JDRF’s work and are looking forward to a cure for Type 1 diabetes.


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I knew upon entering high school that joining the Communications/Broadcasting Arts magnet program would help to prepare me for my future career in journalism, yet throughout my three years and three semesters this far at this school I feel that I have been looked at as inferior by administration, teachers, and students involved in the International Baccalaureate magnet program. Don’t get me wrong, I think the IB program is excellent for those who choose to challenge themselves academically and get a few years of college out of the way in high school. Personally, I’m more creatively inclined so I felt CBA was the better choice to prepare me for my future. Now I know individually not all IB teachers and students carry a negative attitude towards the CBA program but the actions of a few individuals are less than encouraging. Students take to their twitter accounts to claim that unless you are in IB you have no right to be stressed out. These statements are extremely offensive to CBA students because it implies that unless rigorous academics are stressing you out, then you have no right to be stressed despite the fact that every student has unique struggles and situations at home that can cause stress. Clearly the students that make these unjust claims have never been in a CBA class on a deadline day. I have spent so much time and effort in my past three years on the staff of the Pathfinder trying to improve the quality of the paper. If I added up the hours I have spent after school working on the newspaper then I

would probably have spent approximately an entire week in room 286 and I know my efforts have paid off. The Pathfinder has received an All-Florida rating from the Florida Scholastic Press Association for the past three years along with many other awards which is why it is a hard slap in the face to my staff when certain IB teachers throw our newspapers directly into recycling bins upon delivery right in front of the students that worked so hard to produce it. It’s nice to know they care more about the environment than the feelings of the students. Seriously, throwing out papers in front of a staff member is almost as villainous as knocking an ice cream cone out of the sticky hands of a five year old. The false accusations that CBA students do nothing in their magnet classes has created a stereotype that we are lazy which is downright insulting to those of us who give our all producing the newspaper, yearbook, and morning news show for the student body. Granted, some students are lazy, but their grades reflect it, and you simply cannot claim there are no lazy students in any program because that would be a blatant lie. Also, I personally think it is extremely unfair that despite my 4.9 GPA that I’ve achieved by excelling in honors, Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses I am labeled as “lazy” by students that take courses with different titles that make them appear more challenging. Let’s face it, work ethic does not define intelligence. Just because students do more work does not mean they are smarter. The most brilliant students appear unintelligent in the

Alana Kniskern Editor-in-Chief eyes of the grading scale simply because they do not apply themselves while the laziest ones that plagiarize every assignment are labeled as geniuses. Despite all the hoopla that IB is so much better, I definitely do not feel like I made the wrong choice in joining the CBA program. My high school years have been a blast and I am attending my dream school (The Florida State University) in the fall. I have silently observed prejudice against CBA students in this school for long enough and I felt it was time to speak out with hope of potentially achieving equality between programs. If the intelligent minds of IB kids worked in harmony with the creativity of CBA kids, just imagine the amazing things that could be accomplished because at the end of the day we all have one thing in common, Buck Pride.


The Pathfinder is an award-winning ‘All-Florida’ monthly student publication for the students of Deerfield Beach High School. The Pathfinder is part of the Communications/ Broadcast Arts Magnet Program and is a free and open forum for student expression. The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of Deerfield Beach High School or Broward County Public Schools.

College Board dumbing down SAT


s the school year ends we all have taken our fair share of exams in varying degrees of difficulty. One of the most important of these tests is the SAT. We live in a country where the United States stands as a world power, however as a country cannot seem to give a good education to our younger generations. As a strong force in the deciding factor for college admissions, the SAT can make or break a plan for college due to its weight and reputation for weeding out the best students in graduating classes. The test’s undeniable difficulty gives students the motivation to excel in school so they can pass with a good score and get the deserved recognition from colleges. With the College Board’s plan to dumb down this important part of every students life, nobody will feel the need to achieve any distinct educational standards. Two major changes that will be put in place are the essay portion becoming an optional part of the test and the simplification of vocabulary to match current student standards. Another drastic measure is that incorrect answers aren’t being penalized because it apparently encourages guessing by the students taking it. These changes are a demonstration to students that its okay to be sub-par and that not having any type of vocabulary comprehension or writing skills at an advanced level is optional for life. Bringing down standards for college is letting high

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Letters to the Editor and guest written stories should be submitted to Jeffrey Romance in room 286.

school students wear rose-colored glasses when viewing how their life is going to turn out, which is completely unrealistic. Having the changes called “improvements” by the College Board doesn’t make it a good idea. We aren’t taking the test to build self-esteem in ourselves, we take it to show that we are above average and well educated. The whole process of lowering expectations defeats the purpose of administrating the SAT, which is to identify the great from the good. If it weren’t important the way it was, colleges would have stopped using the test as their means of student distinction. Those taking it wont flourish in college just because a test is making high scores more accessible to averagely educated students. The SAT has been a longstanding example of what knowledge should be given to students by their instructors. By 2016 our esteemed test will become a show in meritocracy for students and teachers, highlighting the decline in basic education. Our tests shouldn’t get easier; instead our standards should be developed and constantly improving with each generation.

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

I feel as if teachers and administrators don’t take students seriously. Regardless of what grade level, even juniors and seniors are treated as if they are elementary students. I feel upperclassmen should be given respect that they are worthy of.

Most students at this school have so much potential but don’t take advantage of it. I think teachers should encourage students to actually work to their fullest potential. This would possibly increase our test scores.

Marc Rambuss -Junior

Max Powers -Freshman

Alana Kniskern Editor-in-Chief

Jeffrey Romance Advisor

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Seeking equality amongst magnet programs






c l i a s u tiv M es F

a r t


The Culture

By Allison Tersch Design Editor

The Music

Ultra Musical Festival, South Florida’s #1 party, was back at it again on Mar. 28, 29, and 30, and the music was better than ever. This year’s lineup consisted of some of the biggest names in electronic dance, techno, and trap music. Headliners included Alesso, Tiesto, Hardwell, Krewella, Dillon Francis, Kaskade, and a variety of other artists. With 8 stages scattered throughout the park, there is a stage for just about everyone. The iconic Main Stage was bumping with non-stop house music throughout the weekend,

while the Worldwide Stage consisted mostly of trap music. UMF is the perfect place to discover new artists and sounds; you can go from a stage dedicated to the legendary Carl Cox to a stage with someone you’ve never heard of. It’s also the perfect place for DJs to debut new music. There were many new collaborations including Dillon Francis with Martin Garrix, and even Tiesto with Icona Pop. No worries if you missed out or want a recap of a great weekend, a majority of the main stage sets are streaming online.

As the cultural intersection of North and South America, Miami served as the perfect location to host the worldwide music festival. With over 165,000 people from more than 90 countries, Ultra Music Festival can be described as a melting pot of cultures. Ravers from all over the world flew out to downtown Miami to unite in one of the wildest raves in the world. UMF provides a common ground for EDM lovers of all cultures and ethnicities. National pride is something that is always present at the festival. From Brazil to Australia, flags swayed through the crowds all day long. Whether they were worn as capes tightly wrapped around

By Monica Vejar Design Editor

necks or attached to a tree branch, they were definitely a notable piece of the Ultra experience. As a festival dedicated to a genre of music not relying on lyrics, it would make sense to see as many nationalities as were present. With an overwhelming amount of their countries’ apparel, Venezuela and Sweden seemed to have the most fans present. For those who weren’t as lucky to attend the actual Festival, Ultra also provided fans with a live stream. Although nothing can compare to actually being in the vicinity of your favorite DJ, the live stream went global and had approximately 9 million viewers, a record since Ultra started in 1999.

(Above left) Hardwell ends the 2014 Ultra Music Festival on Sunday Mar. 30 with fireworks and his biggest fans. (Above) Attendees show pride to their countries (Canada, Venezuela, Sweden) during Krewella’s set on the main stage. Photos by Ultra Music Festival Instagram

Statistics of the 8 STAGES Festival

By Monica Vejar Design Editor

Along with music and culture, the fashion at Ultra Music Festival plays a huge role for attendees. Year after year, ravers come together to bring unique and eccentric outfits to their favorite music festival--this year was no exception. From bedazzled bras to neon shorts, undergarments seemed to over power any other clothing items. Styles from the 90’s have also emerged and are taking over UMF. Something that was spotted on almost every person’s arm was “kandi”. These hand-made beaded bracelets are much more than just a fashion accessory, they symbolize the “PLUR” lifestyle. Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect are all shared and spread throughout the weekend. The Pony beads come in a plethora


Infographic by Brandon Carter

256 DJS












What were your UMF highlights? This was my first Ultra and I had the time of my life. The atmosphere was unreal.

The Mayhem

The Trends of colors, some even weaved into intricate designs that spell out names, songs, or sayings. Ravers often times greet each other using the PLUR handshake, which results in the exchange of kandi. Fur boots, funky fanny packs, and flower headbands are also a few fan favorites. Your outfit is almost as important as the DJs you are seeing. These ravers plan their outfits months in advance. As for the guys, graphic bro tanks were a favorite. Outrageous shirts depicting profane messages were spotted in every corner of the festival. Although not as explicit as the rest, the “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat” saying was the most popular slogan plastered on t-shirts.

This year’s Ultra Music Festival was more controversial than any before. With 84 arrests, 48 rescue calls, one critical injury, and one death, Ultra became the topic of discussion across South Florida. Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado called for an end to Ultra after a security guard was trampled on the first day of the festival. Erica Mack was guarding the gate when she got ran over. She had severe brain damage and a leg injury. “It’s time to say goodbye,” Mayor Regalado said, “We are bringing a resolution to the City Commission. If approved, the city will deny the permits for next year. We’d rather take quality of life

By Allison Tersch Design Editor

instead of money.” Regalado and many of Miami’s commissioners called for a meeting to not renew the festival’s permits for 2015; however, the proposal was withdrawn on Apr. 10 and tabled until the council’s Apr. 24 meeting. Regalado blamed the festivals organizers and promoters for all of the chaos that had occoured over the weekend. The mayhem may be too much for a portion of Miami officials and locals, but the economic impact to the city from the festival out weighs the bad. Miami hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, and retail shops all prosper during Miami Music Week.

Senior, Bianka Torres DJ Snake killed it. He was my favorite set of the day and I can’t wait to see him again.

Freshman, Ross Rosenzweig The environment at Ultra is just mind blowing, everything around you just creates this ecstatic feeling.

(Above left) Ravers unite showing off their vibrant kandi and bracelet designs. (Above): Channel 7 News broadcasts some of the mayhem outside Bayfront Park in Miami. Photos by South and Channel 7 News

14,500 FLAGS 170,000 RAVERS

Senior, Melissa Dos Santos I had an amazing time! This year the DJ sets were really different and unique.

Sophomore, Izabela Bos



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DIVERGENT CAPTIVATES AUDIENCE By Caleigh Cavert Staff Writer When I first saw the previews for Divergent I had no desire to see it at all. I thought it was a spin off of “The Hunger Games,” which I strongly disliked. I’m not sure what finally convinced me but I decided to see it. I did not read the books so I had no expectations or background knowledge. Despite minor flaws, the movie was very entertaining. In my opinion, the movie’s strength was in its casting of appealing actors like Shailene Woodley and Theo James. “Tris was really well portrayed by Shailene Woodley. She made the character come to life in a really dynamic way. Also, Kate Winslet is my favorite actress and seeing her in this movie made it 100 times better,” junior Nicole Rybak said. I also really enjoyed the different take on a postapocalyptic society that was unlike most dystopian movies that have storylines revolving around zombies. I thought that the concept of an organized yet corrupt society in which all people had to conform to one faction with specific traits, and those who challenged the system were eliminated was original and interesting. I liked how the cliffhanger ending left possibilities for a sequel. The movie did have some weaknesses,the most prominent being the lack of character development. When Al committed suicide I felt nothing because I knew nothing about him or his past. Beattris “Tris” Prior’s family members had minimal character development as well and therefore when they died it didn’t have as much of an effect on me. These were both strong examples of poor character development. Another thing this movie was missing was background information. I don’t know if it was discussed in the books but what happened for the society to become like this. Also the only thing that was told to us about all the factions was the faction name and the faction’s main trait. They only expanded upon three of the five factions and it was not in much detail. Overall the movie was entertaining and enjoyable, despite minor weaknesses and I am excited to see how the sequel matches up.

DIVERGENT FALLS SHORT OF EXPECTATIONS By Vinny Santos Staff Writer After watching the recent Box-Office hit, Divergent, I was gravely disappointed with what I had paid to see. I myself am a huge fan of the novels and have read all three, but, after watching Divergent, I was very disappointed with what was delivered. It has always been typical for people to dislike a movie that’s based on a novel and complain about the novel being better, but, there were many other details in the movie that turned me off and made me comtemplate asking for a refund as I left the theater. While I’ll admit the casting for the movie was spot on with Shailene Woodley, who truly embodied the essence of Tris, the character development severely let me down. While I was reading the novel on my own I got attached to Tris and her friends and was able to feel for the Photos characters and sympathize for Tris as she went through courtesy of many emotional, physical, and mental hardships. Sadly, fanpop and while watching the movie I didn’t get that same feeling as wallpapers I observed Tris’ closest companions slowly turn against faver Scenes from her, even going as far as attempting to kill her under the corruption of their distorted society. Although I might’ve the movie felt the slightest bit of feelings for Tris as many of these Divergent. events happened, it was nothing compared to the effect Main that the book made. character “While I believe the factions were portrayed Tris is spectacularly well in the movie, the character development shown was definitely a let down. I was lost throughout the whole completing movie wondering what had happened to Tris’ family and steps to be other major characters in the books like Al..” said junior allowed into Caitlyn Shumate. her faction As let down as I was with the movie, I still have high hopes for the sequel. If they plan on continuing with the series, they should fix the major problems with character development in the first movie. With the cliffhanger at the end of the first movie many viewers will be left wondering what will become of Tris and their corrupt society. Hopefully the cliffhanger paved way for a better sequel.


Layout by Jacob Shendell


DOUBLE TIME Twin freshmen Alex and Jonathan Rodgers excel on the track his hair long wile Jonathan keeps his short. Alexander has a year more of track and field experience than Jona than, since he started in the eighth Deerfield Beach High’s track and grade, but they are both dynamic field team is home to two twin broth- athletes. They motivate each other by ers whose hard work doesn’t fall short being competitive and showing supof the thirst for victory. Freshman port. brothers, Alexander and Jonathan “We run a lot and push each other Rodgers, run the half- mile relay race. to our limits to improve and prepare Brotherly competition in team sports us for whatever comes our way,” Alis not limited to track and field. They exander Rodgers said. also participate in other They both hold sports such as basketball each other accountable and football at the park for practicing and by their home. improving. “We go to the park a We know “I like having a lot and shoot some hoops brother on the team each other’s in our free time,” freshit gives us moweaknesses because man Alexander Rodgers tivation. We know each said. and can help other’s weaknesses and There are some aneach other can help each other get noyances that come better,” Jonathan Rodwith being twins on the get better gers said. same sports team. Due to -Jonathan Rodgers In addition to suptheir identical features, porting each other they fellow team members also look to their role frequently mix them models for guidance. up. The track coaches Alexander’s role model is his father have devised a plan to identify them. who holds the Dade County record in When they need one of them they the 800 relay race. yell “twins” and point to the one they “I am honored to be looked upon need. by my son as a role model, I try my “It is easy to get them confused hardest to encourage my sons to go from time to time, I just do what the the extra mile and give it their all,” coaches do,” senior Curtis Russell Mr. Rogers said. said. Jonathan’s role model is Tyson There are a few ways to tell these Gay an American Olympic silver twins apart by their appearance. Jon- medalist in the 100-meter relay race. athan is number 23 and Alexander is These twins have a bright future number 19, Jonathan is 5’10 and Al- ahead of them as they prepare for exander is 5’9, and Alexander keeps next season. By Bryan Hursh Sports Editor




infographic by Jacob Shendell






Junior Quarterback Stefetera Boykins evades a flag pull from a Coral Springs defensive lineman in preparation to throw the football down the field. Photo by Zach Silberberg

Senior wing, Jacob Becerra, swims with the ball on a break away goal in a game against Ft. Lauderdale. The Bucks suffered a 12-4 loss. Photo by Danielle Shendell


Senior Captain Kevin Da Silva leads his team up to the net to shake hands after a 5-3 loss against Monarch.

Photo by Jacob Shendell




The Lady Bucks Water Polo team cheers before its game against Coral Springs. The girls beat Coral Springs 16-13.

Photo by Jacob Shendell




Seniors Aaron Johnson, and Austin Soeder look on as junior Kyle Miller warms up after a pitching change in the fifth inning. The Bucks would fall to Monarch 4-0.

Freshman third baseman Karli Shoop, crushes a ball in a game against Piper. The Bucks went on to lose the game 125.

Photo by Jacob Shendell

Photo by Jacob Shendell

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