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CONTEXT The Arts have a strong presence in Haitian society. Painting, craft, music and dance are broadly available and visible. They function as means of communication, to be seen not only in closed quarters, but in the streets, parks and ceremonies. Bel Air has a traditional name in the arts, with several craft groups. The street markets in the Zone display a large number of valuable art products. Viva Rio has worked with art from the beginning of its presence in Bel Air. The Carnival of 2007, for instance, was the main entry point for Viva Rio and its

development projects. Together with sports, on another symbolic pole, the ARTSare appealing to children and youth. They are form an important dimension of Viva Rio’s program. The Education and art program wants to bring sustainable peace and development, and educational and psycho-social support, for young people whose lives and futures have been disrupted by violent conflicts and natural disasters. The community center Kay Nou is intended to serve children and youth creating a place where they feel both safe and challenged, investing in both personal and community success. DEPOTE, VISUAL ARTS FROM THE UNDERGROUND “DEPOTE” is a brand created by a network of over 30 artists from Bel Air, with the aim of enhancing the quality and the visibility of art production from the Zone. “DEPOTE” takes important celebrations in Haiti’s calendar as a guiding thread for its artistic expression. Examples are Guede(Day of the dead) in November, Carnival in February/March, Passion Week in April, Bwa Kayman in August etc. Following the Calendar, Depote organizes the flow of its production along the time line of Haitian society, in dialogue with local symbolism putting together tools such as music and editing studio, arts atelier, Tattoo studio and Serigraphy atelier. Young female and male educators receive technical and professional training with the objective to become qualified professionals who can multiply and spread with excellence the practices learned, prepare and produce crafts of good quality, and well represent Haiti and its culture internationally and nationally.

TEXTILE AND PRINTWORK DESIGN IN KAY NOU The project works with two basic premises: avoid exploiting the producer or artisan and stop the destruction of the environment. It is a form of economy based on democracy and people involvement with a view to improving collective well-being, from hours worked to the possibility of joint management of a project and the division of earnings through the creation of micro-enterprises. Viva Rio has already identified potential clients and is willing to provide technical assistance and assessment on the economic and financial viability of the project.

OBJECTIVES - Use of Natural Fashion concept which offers the quality of a handmade product, ecologically and socially correct to empower the local workforce - Generate jobs and income for the local craftsmen/women, initially around 70 people

ACTIVI T I ES - Conceptualization and design of printed patterns and screen printing on fabric - Production and commercialization of institutional T-shirts - Production of differentiated T-shirts for commercialization - Design and manufacturing of a variety of clothing targeting local and international (tshirts, dresses,shorts, swimwear etc.). - Professional qualification in print work, textile and manufacturing productive chain - Technical assistance in partnership with SOFIDHESfor the creation of microenterprises in order to best serve Viva Rio as its first client (includes review of business plan and entrepreneurial skills’ assessment).

IMPACT - Income generation - Level of Excellency and professionalism - Job creation rate among new professionals - Project sustainability through the development of artistic and pedagogical capacity and work generation - Development of self-esteem and socialization, group work, cooperation, citizenship and environmental awareness - Number of appearance in the media and improvement of Bel Air positive image



Presentation on Haitian artists' project in Port au Prince. Silk atelier as an initiative to reduce violence. PRINT WORK AND GARNMENTS MANU...