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Organ on Chip Competition 2018 _______________________________________________________

Rules and Regulations OoC 2018 Version: 16 June 2018

1) The object of the OoC competition a) The object of the OoC Competition is to realize the best original video, describing the Organ-on-Chip technology through a research example being developed at the university of participating teams. Preferably, the team will use one of the key technologies being used by its mentor, to help communicating the technical innovation from that research. a) A key point is to create social awareness of the Organ on Chip technology within a broader audience outside academia; the message should be simple and easy to understand. We suggest starting the video with a general introduction before showcasing the specific organ/disease model and/or technology of interest. b) The video must not be longer that 1 min (60 seconds) + 1 second for the OoC logo c) The video must be uploaded to Youtube or any other platform to be approved by the OoC organization. d) The video content must respect copyright and intellectual property rights. The teams are responsible for requiring permission from journals to use their images. Most publishers have an online tool for doing this, often at no cost for academic use. The organization is not responsible for improper use of content and will not cover expenses for content purchase. e) The videos must include credits informing about team, technicalities and sources/references. f) The videos must include the OoC Competition logo in the last 1 second, as reported on an official slide to be made available on the organization website. g) The videos will have creative freedom with respect to the format: interview, drawings, maquette, breaking news, cartoon, time-lapse, or any other.

2) Teams a) Students can participate when they are enrolled in a BSc or MSc program. MSc students cannot participate in OoC 2018 if they graduated before 1 June 2018. b) PhD students can participate only in the role of team mentor. c) The team size is between 3 and 5 members, consisting of 1 mentor and 2 to 4 BSc and/or MSc students as participants. d) At each partner university, a scientist (i.e., post-doctoral researcher, assistant professor, associate professor, or full professor) will coordinate team participants and give support to the teams, in particular by helping to find mentors for the teams if needed.

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Organ on Chip Competition 2018 _______________________________________________________

e) Mentors should be involved in a research project, running at their university, related to organ-on-chip technology. f) At other universities, the teams will be responsible for finding and registering a PhD student, provided that he/she is involved in a project related to organ-on-chip technology. This has to be proven by a citation of either a published journal article or conference abstract at a relevant conference (i.e. hDMT conferences, MicroNanoConference, etc). g) Each team has one student who acts as a contact person towards the organization. This person must be a MSc or BSc student. h) All teams and team members will be shown on the OoC Competition website, with name, surname and picture. i) Each team selects a name for their team, which will be used during the contest. i) Team names need to be proposed to and accepted by the Organization. ii) OoC Competition is a competition between academic teams. A team name may not make direct reference to a non-academic sponsor, but it is allowed to indirectly make reference to a non-academic sponsor. j) All teams need to be registered through the OoC Competition website

3) Timeline a) Competition launch: June 2018 b) Registration shall be made until 27 July 2018 c) Videos must be uploaded to Youtube until 27 September 2018 (or to another platform to be approved by the organization). The video weblink needs to be shared with the organization through the official Ooc 2018 e-mail address. A confirmation e-mail will be sent shortly after file upload. d) The organization will send feedback on the video within 1 week, notifying in case any content must be corrected. Implementing the corrections is mandatory to remain in competition. e) The video will be evaluated during the month of October 2018. f) Results will be reported on 2 November 2018, announcing the ranking and the finalists. g) The finalists will be invited to present their work during a final hDMT event, to be announced. This may include a short presentation about the making of and the innovation of the selected model/technology. h) The winner will be invited to present their work at the MicroNanoConference 2018, to be hosted in Amsterdam, on 11 and 12 December 2018.

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Organ on Chip Competition 2018 _______________________________________________________

4) Evaluation and Prizes a) The evaluation system will be split into 2 components, each counting with 10 points, to a final mark up to 20 points. i) A scientific jury, nominated by hDMT, will evaluate the scientific content of the videos, the clarity of the message and the merit of the communication. This will account to a maximum of 10 points. ii) A popular vote will be based on the number of visualizations of the Youtube video. 10 points will be distributed between all videos in competition, in function of their relative popularity on 1 November 2018, at 1 p.m. Points corresponding to the percentages will be given to each team, up to the decimals. This counting will be published promptly on the website b) Any change or clarification of the evaluation system will be communicated promptly to the teams. c) All teams submitting a validated video will be awarded with a participation certificate and listed on the OoC Competition website. d) The finalists will be invited to an hDMT event to promote their video. e) The winners will receive free registration to the MicroNanoConference 2018 and train tickets to the event. In addition, winners will get the opportunity to present their video to the conference audience. f) The teams are entitled to know details about their evaluation. In case of dispute about classification, the organizers will have the final decision.

5) Changes and Cancellation a) The OoC Competition organization reserves the right to cancel the event for any reason, such as in case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances. b) The rules of the event may be subject to change at the discretion of the organization. Participating teams will be informed about these changes. c) Exceptions to the rules will only be made in communication with the organization.

6) Use of OoC Competition identity Please contact the organization if you would like to use any component of the OoC Competition identity. This includes but is not limited to:

i) The OoC logo ii) Photos or video recordings of the event iii) The logos and images of participating sponsors

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OoC 2018 Rules and Regulations  
OoC 2018 Rules and Regulations