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The Competition Vision Establish Organ-on-chip technology as a standard on diagnosis (and treatment) screenings for personalized medicine Mission Through education, prepare the new generation of scientists and medical players on the use (and further development) of novel lab-on-chip tools for diagnosis in complex cell culture models.

The Competion • What is asked? 1 minute video social awareness of Organ on Chip technology describe the application of one organ/disease model • How to participate? team of 2-5 participants BSc/MSc students + 1 PhD student as mentor prepare vídeo and upload in Youtube check the rules • Evaluation 50% scientific juri + 50% vídeo popularity

Video Competition- Examples

Timeline (provisory)



June 2018

27 July

(each location)


Science Competition

Results announcement

Submission & Dissemination

27 September (online)

Award cerimony

2 November

t.b.a. November




• Registration at MicroNanoConference 2018 for the winner team


Contacts • Website • E-mail

Organ on Chip Competition 2018 web slides  
Organ on Chip Competition 2018 web slides