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BA 470 Entrepreneurship All Weeks Discussion Questions - A+ Work

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Week 1

Question A

Tell us about yourself so you can meet and greet other fellow Grantham University students within your course. Include what you believe to be your current knowledge level of this course topic and what you hope to learn before the course is over.

Question B Define the term entrepreneur. What specialized knowledge, skills and abilities should an entrepreneur possess? What is the entrepreneurial process?

Week 2

Discuss and explain what you believe to be the essential entrepreneurial business principles.

Week 3

Discuss and explain how a business plan is used as a tool to assess, create, and communicate a business concept.

Week 4

Answer the following questions: The partners were finding it difficult to service all three business models they had identified. If they chose to pursue two markets, which would be most complementary? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each business model? Consider lead generation potential, PR opportunities, and account servicing logistics. What would you do?

Week 5

After reading the case study answer the following questions:

What more can the members of the Day One team do to build credibility and improve their chances of securing the capital they need to implement the business plan?

What other options might be considered for raising the funds needed to move the company ahead?

What are your concerns? Would you invest?

Week 6

Discuss the importance of insurance in setting up a new organization. What legal structure should a business take in order to protect the assets of the entrepreneur?

Week 7

Define and Discuss the role of Social Responsibility and the new venture.

Week 8

Review and reflect upon the knowledge learned during the past 8 weeks. Do you believe that you could write a business plan for a startup business? What resources do you believe are most important for new entrepreneurs?

What book did you choose to read to supplement your business plan experience? What one major mistake did the author discuss that surprised you? What one overall piece of advice did you take from this book?

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