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Romance at the Office: Good or Bad? The Sky’s the Limit for High-Jump Star

Is Emergency Contraception Safe?

Darnell Boxill Finds the Ideal Food Solution - Aquaponics

Jamie A. Peterkin Olympian and Coach Extraordinaire

Jeannelle Scheper


Makeba Alcide’s

Aiming for Olympics

DJ Barrie Hype: Shaking up the Music World

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Behold, the Power of Twitter! Part II

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Welcome to Dazzle Magazine Over the past few months we had the pleasure of interviewing several gifted Saint Lucians, both home and abroad. Their talent did not cease to amaze me. These individuals are self motivated with a burning desire to succeed. Judging from feedback we’ve been receiving from readers, their life stories are proving to be a great source of inspiration. For us at Dazzle, this is the best part of it all! That said, I would like to thank all our readers, the featured personalities, advertisers, contributors and fans, who have all made this possible. In issue 6, Dazzle Magazine focuses on bright young sports personalities who have helped to place Saint Lucia in the international spotlight, and have made us proud. We chat with Jamie Peterkin who shares his life experience as an athlete and a coach; Makeba Alcide who currently holds the NCAA indoor Pentathlon record and is aiming for the Olympics; high jumper Jeannelle Scheper who tries to keep God at the center of everything she does as she aims for the sky; and DJ Barrie Hype, a patriotic Saint Lucian who prides himself on being one of the few internationally recognised DJs/MCs from Saint Lucia. Last but not least, Dazzle Magazine spotlights Darnell Boxill who has scientifically fused two agro technologies to help him find the ideal food solution. There’s lots more to look forward to, including interesting and informative pieces on social-media marketing with Twitter, young people in business, and how to foster innovation in business, just to name a few. Once again, I wish you happy reading! Don’t forget to “Like” us or leave feedback on our Facebook page ( dazzlethemag). Rankin Morgan’s wardrobe has been provided by Studio MIA.

Rankin Morgan Publisher/Managing Editor

Dazzle Magazine is a new and dynamic Saint Lucian bi-monthly publication that provides much-needed exposure to young professionals and entrepreneurs, and established businesses. It covers an array of topics and categories key to starting and running a business. It also offers practical advice on everyday living, tips for a healthy lifestyle and interviews with popular and up-and-coming personalities. Dazzle Magazine is designed to appeal to a diverse range of readers but is especially targeted at working professionals and business owners between the ages of 21-50 years. We provide our advertising clients with value for money by offering them a powerful medium to market their products, offer deals and build their brand. Best of all, we give them the opportunity to be a part of a nationwide and online marketplace of actively engaged consumers who are ready to buy, all at an affordable price. To advertise in Dazzle Magazine, contact our sales agent via telephone (758) 452 0123 or email for more information and terms and conditions.

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18. Super-Athlete Makeba Aiming for Olympics 26. Jamie Peterkin: Olympian and Coach Extraordinaire 34. The Sky is the Limit for High-Jump Star Jeannelle 44. DJ Barrie Hype: Shaking up the Music World


38. Darnell Finds the Ideal Food Solution Aquaponics

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12. Lucelec Goes All Out For Sports 33. Romance at the Office: Good or Bad? 49. FIFA World Cup trophy comes to Saint Lucia

Mastering Marketing

17. Behold, the Power of Twitter! Part 2

Professional Progress

09. Business Tips for Young Entrepreneurs 22. The Power of Motivation in Achieving Business Success 24. Innovation - the Key to Maintaining a Competitive Edge

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Business Tips for Young Entrepreneurs It is worthy of note that some of the world’s most famous and lucrative businesses were created by young people. Two typical examples are Microsoft and the search-engine giant Google. Microsoft was cofounded by Bill Gates in 1975 when he was just 20 years old. In 2012 it was valued at $247.2 billion. Google was launched in 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Ph.D. students at Stanford University who were working on the Stanford Digital Library Project (SDLP). In 2012 Google was valued at $249.9 billion. There is no doubt that innovation and creativity lie within the youth demographic throughout the world. In the St. Lucian context, more young people are leaning towards the creation of their own companies, as the public and private sectors continue to provide opportunities that embrace, stimulate and promote youth-owned businesses. Young business owners and potential entrepreneurs are applauded, first for taking the necessary leap of faith, for pursuing their vision and for coming up with solutions to solve everyday problems. Many factors contribute to young people’s success in achieving business ownership. Here are a few of them which are crucial to business success. Show commitment You may indeed be passionate about establishing your

business but in most cases you need to constantly show that you are committed to the venture. Your commitment demonstrates to investors, advisers and customers that you are serious about your mission and this helps your business gain the necessary support. Find a mentor Most leaders love to give back, having been mentored themselves. They help you recognize the potential opportunities, risks and challenges that you are faced with, and they’re usually willing to help you find solutions that address them. The St. Lucia Youth Business Trust (SLYBT) recognizes the need to provide young entrepreneurs with professional support and have incorporated a mentorship aspect to their program. Do what you love Whether it is a passion for entrepreneurship or the desire to pursue a particular idea, you need to love what you do. Therefore, it helps to choose a business idea that falls in line with your interests.

Treat your business like a business Even though you are the owner of your business, you need to distinguish the business’ funds from your personal funds. Keep records, separate business funds from personal funds and pay your taxes. Ignoring these factors can, and in most cases do, contribute to the failure of youth-owned businesses.



Manage your time Time management is critical to the success of any endeavor. Running your own business may require your involvement in multiple aspects of the business and you would need to manage your time to effectively plan and execute these tasks. You may need an appointment book, an electronic planner (mobile or computer) or you can simply pin up an oversized calendar in your room or office. Treat yourself good Despite your passion and enthusiasm, the pressures of the business world can get to you. It is okay to take a step back from your business and find pleasure in relaxation. Whether it be slowly enjoying your favorite snack, an early night’s rest, a soothing dip in the ocean or the company of good friends, it is essential to find a balance between business and pleasure. A sound business plan Your business plan lays the groundwork as you move from the concept phase to establishing your own





company. It highlights your idea, how you plan to execute it, a breakdown of the required funding, the earning potential of the business and how much the company can repay if a loan is required. Research would be needed to substantiate the claims made in your business plan. This research may take the form of questionnaires to distribute to potential customers, analyzing potential competitors, visiting government departments or websites or accurately costing the items necessary for capital. As your business grows, you may need to revisit and amend your business plan The list can go on, as you may be able to point out other factors that would contribute to the success of the business. What is important to note, however, is that you need to go through a series of preparatory activities, and develop a positive mentality, and you will also need to have a support system available in order to actively pursue, establish and run your own business. However, the most important point to note in operating a successful business is to believe in yourself‌ believe in yourself!


P.O. Box 230, Castries, St. Lucia, WI / Tel: 758-457-4400, Fax: 758-457-4409 Email: / Web: /

LUCELEC Goes All Out For Sports


t Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) was recognized at the 2013 National Sports Awards for its “valuable contribution towards the development of sports.” It was not the first time, and came on the heels of a year (2012) when LUCELEC gave over $100,000 to various sporting groups and institutions. Corporate Communications Manager Mr Roger Joseph says the company believes it shares the responsibility to provide opportunities for young people to explore their talents in all spheres and to have avenues to excel, not just now but in the future.

Members of the LUCELEC sponsored Saint Lucia Taekwondo Federation

is a natural partner in this. Permanent Secretary Fortuna Belrose says the first instalment of that agreement allowed three major school tournaments to be held - under-19 basketball and netball and under-16 netball. She praised LUCELEC for the message sent by its commitment. “We have had other corporate sponsors but in terms of the level of support and the commitment for the next three years by LUCELEC, that was a wonderful statement to make,” says Mrs Belrose.

LUCELEC Corporate Communications Manager Roger Joseph (Centre) presents sponsorship cheque to National Tennis Centre

“We see that big picture when we support sports. We are seeing young Saint Lucian athletes breaking the next international record, standing on the gold medal podium at the Olympics, and all the positives associated with these achievements. The potential is there and we are helping to identify, explore and nurture it,” he explains.

LUCELEC also worked with the National Tennis Centre in its hosting of its first inter-school tennis tournament. 240 players from across the island participated in the competition for primary, secondary and tertiary school students.

The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports with whom a three-year, $150,000 commitment was made

Tournament Director Ricardo Bowe says the $5,000 contributed by LUCELEC helped cover the tournament



benefits that can be derived from sports. And there is the potential for economic benefit as well because as our sports people excel at the national, regional, international level, they can earn millions.” The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports also credits LUCELEC for its longstanding commitment to sports as a consistent sponsor of all sporting disciplines. It is a distinction Mrs Belrose believes sets them apart. A participant in the LUCELEC sponsored ITF/ GSDF 13 and Under Caribbean Development Championship costs and the competition “created awareness of tennis in schools, taking it from the back burner to the forefront of school sports.” While these were new initiatives for LUCELEC, others like support for the National Under-23 Netball Team, the annual Squash Open, the national volleyball and swimming associations, and youth football in Castries have been on-going for several years. For the LUCELEC Corporate Communications Manager the company invests in young people and sports because it understands its value to their lives and national development.

Students participating in the Inter-Secondary School Relay sponsored by LUCELEC through the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports “When a company decides to sponsor sports, it’s like saying to the nation what your philosophy is. Sports is about fitness; it’s about health; it breathes fresh air into organizations but more importantly it’s about building the nation and getting people to understand the values that keep us going and LUCELEC through their motto, the Power of Caring, symbolizes that for us.”

LUCELEC sponsors medals for Secondary Schools who participate in School Football action “Sports teach young people about discipline, teamwork, winning and losing graciously. It teaches them about respect for authority and makes the connection between effort and reward,” says Joseph. “There are just so many social and psychological

Members of the LUCELEC sponsored Survivals Football Club


jack fruit The Sumptuous Health Benefits of Jackfruit!


riving past Fond Estate in Micoud recently, my curiosity was peaked to the highest level as my eyes fell upon some gigantic, prickly looking fruits. I later learned that they are known as jackfruits. At first glance they seemed to be breadfruits or even breadnuts. The jackfruit is an exotic fruit whose mystery and intrigue constantly attract the attention of both locals and tourists daily.

The ripe fruit is usually eaten fresh but it can be processed to create jam, jelly, and chutney. Consuming too much of the pulp may cause diarrhoea. The seeds are boiled or roasted and eaten as a snack.

The potassium content in jackfruit helps in lowering high blood pressure. Jackfruit is also known for its anti-ulcer properties and it helps cure digestionrelated problems. It is also known to alleviate asthma. The glossy leaves of the jackfruit, as well as its roots, are believed to be useful for curing fever, boils and skin diseases. 14


Just the thought of using one of the world’s largest fruits to prepare a meal may seem daunting, but here’s a simple preparation guide to try out with your family; When preparing a jackfruit, you should wear gloves or oil your hands and the knife as the skin contains a sticky sap that can make the process quite messy. First, cut the fruit in half and then remove the core. Separate the bulbs and then remove the seeds. The bulbs are fleshy and sweet when ripe. When it is unripe (green), it is similar in texture to chicken, making jackfruit an excellent vegetarian substitute for meat!

Jamie A. Peterkin

Olympian and Coach Extraordinaire Read about Jamie on page 26


Behold, the Power of Twitter! Part 2


ay by day more and more businesses are discovering that Twitter is a great way to connect on a more personal level with customers and even employees, and also to drive word of mouth and to help build their brand. There are lots of Twitter tools, apps, software programs and services available to help you manage tour Twitter experience. Here are a few tools and tips you can use to help you enhance your twitter skills. All over the world business professionals are using them to achieve Twitter success. The Hashtag: The Hashtag symbol (#) is used before a relevant keyword or phrase (no spaces) within a Tweet to categorise that tweet and aid these keywords showing more easily in a Twitter Search. Clicking on a hashtagged word in any message shows you all the other Tweets marked with that particular keyword. Hashtagged words that become very popular are referred to as “Trending Topics”. TwitterFox: This Firefox web browser plugin allows you to view tweets within your web browser (within a compact popup menu) thereby eliminating the need to constantly go to to see the latest tweets from those you are following. TweetLater: This efficient service allows you to schedule tweets (much like you would schedule alarms)

which would be posted at times/intervals which you determine beforehand. Another very powerful feature is the ability to receive email digests of keyword activity in the “Tweetosphere,” which allows you to join a conversation or track particular topics and trends. For users who have accounts with several social media services, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, this amazing site allows you to post updates across ALL of your social media sites in one single step. Twitter for Facebook: If you are on Facebook (seems like a weird question these days doesn’t it?) this application forwards your Twitter updates directly to Facebook as status updates. Finally, if the constant stream of updates and plethora of links on your screen overwhelms you when you first log on, here’s some advice from one of the leading authorities on Twitter, author, journalist and revered marketing consultant, Chris Brogan who says, “Most people who see Twitter the first time either immediately ‘get it’ or they say ‘why bother?’ They believe one should read every single update that rolls across their screen. Don’t!!! Just let it roll past like a stream,” and if the author may so add, “cupping your palms to scoop up the information which appeals to you most and which you can most utilise to broaden the reach of your business.”



Makeba Alcide

Aiming for Olympics


akeba Alcide’s compact, athletic prowess and bubbly personality certainly qualifies her for the sobriquet of Saint Lucia’s first ‘Super-Athlete,’ especially given her strong representation as a pentathlon and heptathlon competitor. Makeba, 23, grew up at Morne Fortune, Castries. She got into athletics at age 11, after her transfer from the La Croix Maingot Combined School to the Ave Maria Girls Primary. Her coach, Cuthbert Modeste was instrumental in Makeba’s early development, having observed the budding young athlete’s potential. Pretty soon Makeba teamed up with her ‘sole club’ Speed Printing Survivors. After turning out impressive performances on home soil and representing Saint Lucia in the region, it was just a matter of time before she ventured overseas. In January 2000, Makeba departed Saint Lucia and continued on the road to her career at the University of Arkansas, USA on a part-time academic and athletic scholarship, which required her maintaining good grades. She is currently pursuing a degree in kinesiology (study of body movements and muscle formation). She is due to graduate later this year, in December. This year Makeba qualified for the World Athletics Championships held August 10 – 18 in Moscow, Russia along with Levern Spencer and Jeannelle Scheper. She employs a hectic training schedule and the season is broken down between indoor and



Association (SLAAA) and is presently a Level I certified coach. Others who have been a great help are my original coach, Cuthbert Modeste who started the whole deal; the national coach, Henry Bailey and also Victoria Desparte, a Cuban coach doing a work stint on the island who helped me develop my pentathlon skills. I also keep in good contact with the current SLAAA president, Cornelius Breen. outdoor meets. This requires her to reach her peak at last four times per year, even without summer track meets. Whilst back home on a summer break Makeba gave Dazzle an insight into her athletic world and her prospects for the future.

Dazzle: What have been your greatest achievements over the years? Makeba: 2013 has been my ‘breakthrough’ year in which I have attained my greatest achievements. I currently hold the NCAA Indoor Pentathlon record and this, to me, has been my greatest achievement

Dazzle: What motivated you to take such a keen interest in the sport of track and field? Makeba: From a young age I always wanted to get involved in sports. Once I got the opportunity, I grasped it and ran with it. Soon I realised that I was good at it; it was lots of fun and being around a good team and good coach put me in good stead. Dazzle: How did your participation in sports hone you into a pentathlon and heptathlon athlete? Makeba: I got involved in that field because I pushed back and forth from several different events until I realised that there’s an event called the heptathlon. The pentathlon consists of five events whereas the heptathlon involves competing in seven events. Usually the pentathlon is held indoors and the heptathlon outdoors. The pentathlon involves the 60-metre hurdles, high jump, long jump, shot putt and the 800-metre race. It is all done in one day and is based on a points system - the average tally of your points over the events. The heptathlon is usually a two-day event. On the first day you have the 100-metre hurdles, high jump, shot putt and the 200-metre dash. On the second day you have the long jump, javelin and the 800metres, and it is all based on the same points system. I am the first pentathlon athlete to represent Saint Lucia. Dazzle: Who are the people that have most influenced your overall development as an athlete? Makeba: First of all, my mom. Once I got involved in track and field she fully supported me. She is an executive member of the St.Lucia Amateur Athletics

thus far. I didn’t know that it was that big a deal, but it is a pretty big deal in the USA. I broke the records of some top-class world athletes. Dazzle: Which is your ‘pet event’ amongst all the events that you compete in? Makeba: My pet event is actually the high jump. I guess I am the fourth best high jumper in the Caribbean currently, behind Levern Spencer, Jeannelle Scheper and a Jamaican athlete. I am proud to be one of the region’s top athletes. The high jump is my better event and I have developed a lot this year compared to past years. Next to the high jump, I am pretty competitive in the other events with the exception of the javelin, which is my weaker event.


Dazzle: Is there any athlete who stands as your role model and has inspired you? Makeba: My role model in track and field has always been Jackie Joyner-Kersee. It’s like she is the best female athlete ever, and being able to compete to that standard is really good for me. Dazzle: What is your ultimate goal as an athlete and does it include plans to compete at the Olympics? Makeba: My ultimate goal would be to represent Saint Lucia and put the country on the map as much as I can, before I stop competing at track and field. As an athlete I do set certain high standards for myself but I also set reachable standards. I want to master being a heptathlon athlete. I observe a lot of world-class heptathlon athletes and my current coach, Brian Compton is doing some extensive work with me. And, yes I definitely have my sights set on competing at the 2016 Olympics to be held in Rio, Brazil.

fun facts Though the Pisces lass is not so fond of water or swimming, here goes: Favourite Metals - gold or silver? Silver Favourite local dish? Bouillon Most popular ‘hangout’ spot in Saint Lucia? Vigie Sports Complex. I love to watch the girls play netball but I am not allowed to play. Favourite Superhero? Spiderman If you got an opportunity for a dream holiday where would you chose? Spain - I studied Humanities at the SALCC and love the Spanish language. 20


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Jamie A. Peterkin

Olympian and Coach Extraordinaire Read about Jamie on page 26


The Power of Motivation in Achieving Business Success


ll too often we hear people say that the ultimate thing that motivates them to perform successfully at their job is a lucrative salary. Is financial compensation really the primary motivating factor for an employee? If your answer to this is yes, then you may want to think again after reading this article.

Every employee wants to feel comfortable at work and therefore one of the first things that an organisation must do is provide proper working conditions for its workers. No employee wants to work in an unsafe and contaminated working environment.

Motivation, according to the Merriam-Webster Concise Encyclopedia, is defined as “factors within a human being that arouse and direct goal-oriented behaviour.” First one must identify their needs and what they hope to achieve from being part of an organisation. The late great theorist Abraham H. Maslow laid out an hierarchy of needs which many scholars have perceived to be one of the most well-rounded explanations of employee motivation. According to Maslow’s theory, for an employee to be successfully motivated, his or her needs have to be satisfied before they can move up the ladder of needs. Once one has reached the peak, he/she is said to be “motivated.” Everyone has physiological needs which include water, shelter and food, just to name a few. At this stage, an employee is perceived to be motivated by a salary which should be sufficient to meet their basic daily needs. However, Maslow’s ‘hierarchy of needs’ theory suggests that, in addition to meeting those basic needs, an employee needs to feel a sense of security in a job. 22


The third step to successful motivation is satisfying the need for affiliation. An employee needs to feel a sense of camaraderie and belonging in a workplace. Managers and their team members should have a good working relationship, one of openness and mutual consideration. At this stage an employee starts to realise some sense of actual motivation as a result of caring and humane treatment and interaction. This leads to the fourth level defined as ‘Esteem Needs.’ Respect, rewards, self-worth and recognition form part of this stage. An employee’s self-esteem will get a major boost if their hard work is recognised and appreciation is shown for their efforts, even if it is just a simple “thank you” or “good job” that is uttered to them.

The final step or element of successful motivation is the peak of the pyramid, known as self-actualisation. At this stage one is said to be fully motivated and is induced to go the extra mile for potential advancement in the workplace.

Motivation therefore encompasses a series of elements that must be fulfilled one-by-one over a period of time in an organisation. You may think that because you are being paid a good salary, you

are motivated. If you think about all the elements mentioned, you will realise that you are selling yourself short. Working conditions, self-confidence, recognition and opportunities for promotion are all motivating factors besides money. Realistically, a good salary is not sufficient. Employees who reach the peak of the pyramid will achieve their full potential and become empowered into becoming all that they can be. I urge you to reevaluate what motivates you. Companies and organisations, for their part, should bear in mind that demotivated workers can cost them millions of dollars. If employees don’t feel appreciated, and they are not encouraged to develop a positive attitude and work towards giving their best, this can only limit the company’s ability to achieve success. The most successful businesses are those that do their best to ensure that their employees are motivated.

Innovation - the Key to Maintaining a Competitive Edge


e all know that innovation is imperative for business success. You didn’t? Then that probably explains why your sales are down, your profits are shrinking, and why your customers are going elsewhere, and business is stagnant. All is not lost though. There are measures you can implement to get your business back in the fray. Prominent business guru Peter Drucker once said “every business needs to have at least one core competence: innovation.” Can your business boast of having any level of innovation’? If it doesn’t, then you need to develop it quickly. This is the only way you can ensure that your business does not continue churning out the same old results. Innovation in business means doing something new and different, something better and smarter that will result in positive outcomes, including a healthier bottom line. You can be innovative in your products, services or business processes. You can focus on developing new ways of doing business, leveraging technology or practicing better management techniques. Whatever your priority, innovation is always good for business. It is about creating value and increasing productivity, thereby allowing for growth. The whole point of being in business is to make a profit, to be successful. Success however, does not



come from merely settling for what is comfortable or familiar. With markets becoming more and more competitive, those who innovate best will win in the future. It can no longer be business as usual. If you keep doing the same things, do not be surprised if you keep getting the same results. The survival of your business and your ability to compete effectively in the marketplace is directly linked to your ability to innovate. Today, companies need to do more than simply deliver products or services that are better or cheaper than those of their competitors. They must also add new features, improve performance and reduce prices more quickly. They must be quicker to launch new lines. To grow, they may even have to create entirely new markets and develop venture strategies. The challenge is to keep ahead of changing market conditions, leverage the power of business technology and get a firm grasp on human resource issues. Now don’t think this is something that applies only to big businesses with resources to invest in research and development. When it comes to business innovation, small businesses have an advantage over their bigger counterparts. Given their size, they can be more flexible and quickly embrace new ideas. So small businesses owners, innovation is for you too!! For more on this article visit


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Jamie A. Peterkin

Olympian and Coach Extraordinaire


or as long as he could remember he wanted to teach. The thought of working with kids and shaping their lives further propelled his decision to become a coach. To some he is just an ordinary guy, to others he may seem like just another beachbum, a cute face for the ladies. To others he is coach extraordinaire, top-medalist and an Olympian. Dazzle Magazine introduces you to Jamie Allan Peterkin, a 31-year-old, accomplished swimmer and coach.

Dazzle: Where were you born and raised? Jamie: I was born in Barbados but raised in Saint Lucia. I lived in Vigie, and later moved to Reduit in Rodney Bay. Dazzle: Tell us about your life as a child? Jamie: From the time I was a baby I grew up on the beach. So I guess that’s where I got my first taste of the beach, which is why I am still a beach bum. I think as a kid, what you get exposed to at a really early age you have a real affinity and passion for it if you enjoy it. Some kids have to go through enduring times at young ages, like sitting in bars with their parents among other stuff. But I am really happy I did not have to do so.



I used to have family who came down from Spain every summer, so I remember my summers quite fondly. My summers consisted of waking up, eating mangoes, going to the beach, coming back home for lunch, and then going back to the beach. I have always been a lover of sports, so I didn’t need anyone to play with. I’d find something to play on or with. Dazzle: What schools did you attend and share a bit of your experiences with us? Jamie: I first attended The Montessori School in Sans Souci, then Tapion School and later Saint Mary’s College. I went to school in the age-old era of ‘callots’ and heckling. I had a great time at Saint Mary’s. I cannot share what my nickname was at college though. I later pursued my degree through a swimming scholarship at the University of Kentucky, and after two years I transferred to The University of Tampa to pursuit a degree in Marketing.

Dazzle: How old were you when you decided on your career path and what steered you in that direction? Jamie: I still do not know what I want do. I don’t think I have followed a career path, what I have done so far is follow a passion for travelling and working with children. I remember when people asked me all the time what I wanted to do, that was the first thing that came to mind. I was very consistent in saying that. We live in an age where people do not really have careers, but rather opportunities which stem from their interest. So that’s what I do, I have a vested interest in teaching swimming, so that’s what I do on a daily basis. Dazzle: How long have you been teaching and what certifications have you attained? Jamie: I have been teaching since I was a kid. I started off following my dad around the pool as a young kid who couldn’t swim yet. Around age ten I started teaching babies to swim with him. After that, I really got my first shot at coaching when I got to Pine

Crest Swim Camp in Fort Lauderdale where I attended high school, after Saint Mary’s College. I overlooked the JR Group practices and did private lessons with the campers. I have attended several FINA Clinics (Fédération Internationale de Natation) which is the world governing body for swimming. I recently attended the 1st FINA Gold Medal Swimming Coaches Clinic in Moscow, Russia where coaches were assembled from all over the world. Primarily, coaches who had gold medalists from the London Olympics were asked to address the participants, so we got to hear why those kids were separated from the rest or what made him or her better than the rest of the Olympians. Fortunately we receive funding from FINA, so we have been able to bring down great coaches from America and Canada to host clinics here in Saint Lucia. Dazzle: How do you manage such a demanding schedule, and how you were you able to when you were a teenager? Jamie: In life they say you just get used to what you do. It is good that as a teenager I had to realise that time management was the most important thing when it comes to accomplishing your goals. A lot of people say because you are in a sport, you become good at it but that’s not true. To become good at anything, you have to spend time thinking about that specific thing. So I was able to realise how much I can fit into just one day. Dazzle: Which swimming events did you participate in the 2000 Olympics? Jamie: I swam just one event, the 50M Free. I didn’t make it past the first round of qualifying known as The Heats, but I swam a Personal Best Time and I won my Heat. Dazzle: How important is support from family and friends to you? Jamie: It is extremely important and means a lot to me. Without my family I would not have made it to the Olympics. My family pushed a lot in terms of sacrificing to allow me the opportunity to leave Saint Lucia to train in proper facilities. My friends were great because they encouraged the move even though I missed out on the A-Level days with them, which I heard were incredible. But when a young person is pursuing something young, they have to sacrifice sooner, while other people sacrifice later. Dazzle: How has being an athlete enhanced your life?


Jamie: Well, I have gotten to see the world and meet some amazing people. It is definitely something I encourage persons to do if you have an interest in sports. Especially being from a smaller island, we have the opportunity to play in the big leagues, as we are Big fish in a small pond. If you’re at the top of your game you will get opportunities to represent your country all over the world. St. Lucian swimmers are very lucky to have an association which is very well organised and funds activities and creates avenues for their member athletes. Some of the attributes of a successful athlete are perseverance, sacrifice and discipline, all of which I had to learn from a very young age. Dazzle: What is the most difficult part about being an athlete? Jamie: You always expect yourself to not drop off that mark, you always expect you will have the ability to do everything you desire. When I hit my thirties I realised that the reality of thirty is that things do change. You can still do what you do but it is rare that you perform at your peak like you would have in your twenties or teens. The hardest thing to accept is there is gonna come a point where you plateau and after

fun facts Weirdest travel experience? Coming back from the Olympics, I was in LAX with a 15-hour layaway. I was not old enough to enter a bar but I was so tired, I snuck into one and crawled under a table to sleep. Coconut water or juice? Coconut water. If you could be an underwear model, which one would you be? I don’t want to be an underwear model, I would want to model suits. What book would you recommend to our readers? The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari 28


that, no matter how hard you try, it becomes a bit of a downward spiral.

The Sky’s the Limit for High-Jump Star

Read about Jeannelle on page 34


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Romance at the Office: Good or Bad?


iven the amount of time we spend at work, it’s only natural that some of us would consider the office as an ideal place to look for romance. What’s more, businesses are increasingly demanding longer work hours, and this means there’s less free time for employees – and for dating outside of the job. Also, people working together usually have common goals and interests, even though much of it is work related. They also tend to have a pretty good idea what are each other’s likes and dislikes. And given that more women are in the workplace than ever, that’s a big plus for the guys! Office romances, however, have their drawbacks. No matter how desirable the relationship may be, it is a potential recipe for disaster. For example, due to the very fact that couples are in constant contact with each other, this can eventually

cause friction between them. We all need to have some time to ourselves to cool out with friends and family or pursue hobbies. Another potential problem is jealousy. All too often, office romances are kept secret. Because of that, other colleagues may end up flirting unwittingly with your partner. If this happens (and it often does) will you be able to keep your cool and not let it interfere with your professionalism? Another thing to remember is that if the relationship goes sour, you still have to face each other day after day at the office. This could be painful to deal with and very distracting, and it can seriously affect your performance on the job. Consider another scenario. You’re a manager and you have a crush on one of the members of your team. For more on this article visit


The Sky’s the Limit for High-Jump Star


ver the years Saint Lucian athletes have given some impressive performances at international sporting events but this small Caribbean Isle is yet to bring home an Olympic medal, compared, for example, to the neighbouring island of Grenada. An enthusiastic and talented 18-year old up-and-coming athlete - Jeannelle Scheper - seems destined to change that trend. Brimming with confidence, she is all set to soar to new heights in her quest to become the region’s top high jumper.

Jeannelle is blessed with a youthful, gorgeous goddess-like stature, which undoubtedly complements her stunning athletic prowess. With a flourishing track record that any young competitor would envy, she is well poised and steadfast in her determination to excel in the sports world. Jeannelle gratefully credits her coach, Cuthbert Modeste for nurturing her athletic skills. She says her parents, who are athletically inclined, “always kept me involved in sport,” including swimming, golf and other physical exercises like dance. She hails her mom, Sheryl as the ‘driving force’ in her overall development. Jeannelle has represented Saint Lucia at the CARIFTA Games in long jump and high jump during her early years of competing. She also competed in the Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT) Meet in the BVI around age 13 - 14. After she entered the University of South Carolina (USC) she made her choice and opted for high jump as a career. At USC where she is currently pursuing a four-year course, she has broken down barriers and is recognised as one of the institute’s most prestigious athletes.



This year she added more titles to her remarkable tally, capturing the Junior Sportswoman of the Year and the Saint Lucia Amateur Athletics Association’s (SLAAA) Athlete of the Year awards. Back home for a brief summer vacation, Jeannelle took some time to speak to DAZZLE about her travails, hopes and aspirations for the future. Dazzle: As an up-and-coming athlete, what sort of a thrill do you get whilst out there competing against other top contenders? Jeannelle: When I participated in my first CARIFTA Games I thought that all the Jamaican athletes were just outstanding and I felt that I was so small and they were all so much bigger than me. But now, when I go to regional meets I feel that I am on the same level with my opponents. But there is always a higher level and now I am preparing to compete at the World Championships later this year, which is a senior meet and I will get to interact with stars like Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell and other top athletes. My ultimate goal is to compete and win at the Olympics and break records. That would be the pinnacle of my high jump career. Dazzle: What drives you the most as a track and field athlete and what are your aspirations for future competitions? Jeannelle: I definitely want to embark on a professional athletic career. When I first went to school I was not so sure that is what I wanted to do because athletics is such a very tedious and demanding sport. You can be on top of the world today, and then sometimes you are not good enough. But during my three-year tenure at University, my coaches have been helping me quite a bit and I have learnt to really love the sport, and I enjoy it. So now I can really see myself doing this for a living and as a career. And this is my dream - to become a professional high jumper. Athletics is an individual sport, it is very goal oriented and it is satisfying to set a goal and achieve it over a length of time. It produces tangible achievements. Also, being a student athlete requires me to perform a big role with very little free time for myself. It puts into perspective my character, mental stability and as an athlete you have to get your work done and there are standards to achieve. Also being at school on my own has strengthened my spirituality. I try to keep God at the center of everything I do, and He has not failed me.

Dazzle: Are you satisfied that enough is being done on the island to energize and develop young athletes to take sports to a higher level? Jeannelle: I think I can safely say that the government really does not care about sports, especially athletics. There is no money pumped into the sport, unlike say cricket and football. There are some athletes who do not have track shoes, which is really ridiculous in my opinion. The George Odlum Stadium has been used as a temporary hospital over the past four years or so and they have not done much to rectify that situation. It is sad because I know of many young people who have utilized athletics as a tool to acquire higher education. And they wonder why we have so much poverty, with so many people who have not had an opportunity to attend school when we have this blatant and obvious solution in front of us. But despite all of this, I love Saint Lucia and I feel that the public support will come. I hope that I can contribute towards making a change after I graduate. Dazzle magazine takes the opportunity to wish Jeannelle much success in her endeavors and sincerely hopes that she can fulfill her goal to land Saint Lucia an Olympic medal.

fun facts Who’s your favourite local Soca artiste? Ricky T, and I really like Teddyson John groovy soca; he always comes out with some really good songs. Which Saint Lucian athlete do you look up to? Makeba Alcide. I know her well and we train together on a personal level. Your favourite Creole dish? Creole bread is definitely somewhere up there … souse, bouillon and anything with pigtail. Apart from athletics, what other activities do you engage in? I love carnival and I jumped Crop Over once just for fun. Which is your favourite, Barby or Mannequin? Barby. 35

DJ Barrie Hype Shaking up the Music World

Read about Barrie Hype on page 44

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Darnell Boxill

Finds the Ideal Food Solution - Aquaponics


n this modern era of science and technology where greater emphasis is placed on utilising essential scientific equipment to bolster product sustainability, a young St. Lucian agro-technology enthusiast is in fervent pursuit of an innovative aquaponics project. Darnell Boxill is very keen on developing this project to produce topsoil fertility that can enrich crop production on the island. Aquaponics is a cross between aquaculture and hydroponics. As Darnell explains, “It is a union of two styles of farming techniques, which entails aquaculture - the rearing of fish and marine culture - and hydroponics, growing without soil.” The merger of these two fields produce a symbiotic relationship in which the fish effluent fertilises the material in the grow-beds and the grow-beds, in turn, clean up the water, which can then be circulated over and over. “They both need and depend on each other to survive and to exist,” Darnell explains. But how does this twenty-nine year old law student find adequate time to engage in such a venture? He puts it down to being passionate about the unification of science and agriculture. The combination of these two fields heightened his interest in this mode of farming and spurred him on to initiate an aquaponics project in his homeland. “I have always had an interest in agriculture and science, and it was just a matter of time before the two paths collided and then I fell in between,” he declares. Darnell had read widely about hydroponics and, in the process, became more familiar with the aquaponics concept of farming. While



studying in the United Kingdom his interest was further aroused as he gained firsthand knowledge working alongside an independent English farmer who did part-time agriculture during the summer. “It is a new form of cutting-edge science and technology that is not widely practiced in other Caribbean countries, with the exception of the Cayman Islands,” says Darnell. Though such a project can be quite costly because of its magnitude, Darnell is grateful that personnel at the St. Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF) were quite receptive to his proposal and request for funding assistance. The SSDF responded readily and provided Darnell with the initial funds to help get the project underway. “The input from the SSDF has been great,” he said. “The first time that I approached the SSDF officials they responded positively to this project.”

WASCO who allowed him to purchase four containers. As he took on the challenges, the next major concern was sourcing pumps. Whereas in the UK pumps cost a mere £12 each, in contrast, pumps in St Lucia cost a whopping $1,000 plus. However, Darnell persists, realising the value of his project and its potential for future socio-economic benefits. “What makes the program so unique is the fact that I am using recycled material with no fertilizer … it is all organic,” he explains. Initially, Darnell chose the Boys Training Centre (BTC), located at Massade, Gros Islet, as his launching pad. A major goal of the BTC is to engage the boys under their care in worthwhile, practical exercises and to empower them to change their lives.

Darnell heartily admits that it was quite a feat bringing his ‘dream project’ into reality. He started working on it last summer and was eager to get this format of agro-technology off the ground. He explains that material used for the project is quite expensive and it can be difficult to obtain some of the equipment. Containers used for storing fish and grow-plants can only be purchased from WASCO and the water company only allows individuals to buy one tank per family. Nevertheless, Darnell pressed on and he successfully negotiated with the relevant department head at

“I have always felt that the youth are receptive to new technology and it would be a wonderful opportunity for the boys at the BTC to learn that skill so it can become profitable to them,” says Darnell emphatically, adding, “Once you can grow your own food it makes life that much easier for you, despite whatever path you may choose to undertake.” The level of sophistication and viability of each unit will be determined by the financial input invested into the project. In the long run Darnell hopes to use it for planting a variety of crops, including dasheen, yams, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, and others. He plans to undertake another project at the Bordelais Correctional Facility and he’s also looking to venture into some of the rural communities to develop and promote aquaponics as a means of food sustainability for St Lucia.


Is Emergency Contraception Safe?


contraceptive is a method used to prevent conception (the unification of the ovum-egg and the sperm) and avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Emergency contraception is used to prevent conception after coitus (sex). It must be used within the first few days after intercourse. It will not cause an abortion. If conception has already occurred the pregnancy will continue even after its use with no harm to the growing foetus.

Emergency contraceptive pills are only for emergency use and are not appropriate for regular use as an ongoing contraceptive because of the increased possibility of failure in comparison to other forms of contraceptives. When Emergency Contraceptives should be used: 1. If no contraceptive was used during sexual intercourse 40


2. If you missed your combined oral contraceptive for three or more consecutive days 3. Failure to withdraw before ejaculation in or around the vagina 4. Slippage of the condom or if it is torn during intercourse 5. In cases of rape or coerced sex 6. If a progestogen-only pill is taken 3 hours late 7. If a progestogen-only injection is taken 2 weeks late 8. When there is dislodgement or early removal of the hormonal ring 9. If there is expulsion or dislodgement of the IUD or hormonal implant 10. If your combined monthly injection is taken 7 days late 11. Miscalculation of the fertile days during a menstrual cycle 12. Early removal, dislodgement, tearing, breakage of

Emergency Contraceptive


Hormonal Levonorgestrel 1.5mg taken in two doses of 0.75mg 12 hours apart.

Progestogen only pill taken up to 3 days after unprotected sex

Copper IUD

Small flexible plastic device containing copper sleeves or wire that is inserted into the uterus

How it works

Effectiveness to prevent pregnancy 58%-95%

Prevents ovulation Thickens cervical mucous to block sperm and egg from meeting Inhibiting implantation of the ovum The copper component causes a chemical reaction that damages sperm and egg before they meet

a diaphragm or cervical cap There are two main types of Emergency Contraceptives: 1. Hormonal : Levonorgestrel a synthetic progesterone-(Plan B, Prostinor, Levonelle) 2. Copper IUD Side Effects of using Emergency Contraceptive pills: • Headaches • Abdominal pain • Irregular menstrual bleeding • Nausea • Breast tenderness • Tiredness


Note Does not interrupt an already established pregnancy

Not to be used if patient is already pregnant. Can be left in as an ongoing contraceptive.

• You have sudden unusual lower abdominal pain this could be a sign of an Ectopic Pregnancy, a medical emergency. Important: Emergency contraceptive methods do not protect against sexually transmitted infections. Regular use of condoms is advised. Note: If you are unsure about the proper use of any emergency contraceptive method seek medical advice from a physician, nurse or pharmacist as this is a general overview of the topic.

When should you be concerned after taking the Emergency Contraceptive Pill? • If you think you are pregnant • Your next period is more than 7 days late • Your period is shorter and lighter than usual


REPTS - The Ultimate in Physical Fitness


ll over the world these days, ‘keeping fit’ are the latest buzz words and more and more people are joining in the physical fitness craze, and demonstrating keen interest in developing their physical and mental prowess.

can be a primary goal. In so doing, they identify other things that they may work on. Not just weight loss but improving their balance, coordination, strength, cardiovascular building, improving their nutrition and dealing with their stress level.”

Here, on the home front, REPTS (Registered Exercise Professionals & Therapists) is all set to provide the ultimate fitness training experience for avid enthusiasts and people interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Rodja declares explicitly that REPTS is set to become “the premier fitness gym on the island and is looking to spread this technique outwards in the wider region.”

Under the management of fitness consultant/ personal trainer, Rodriguez “Rodja” Constantine, REPTS provides physical fitness training with a difference. It entails group training, the development of personal fitness goals and it also offers the latest interactive internet workouts, all tied into social fitness. REPTS’ priority is in the field of personal training, which is offered to a diverse range of clients, including corporate groups, business professionals, athletes and many others. ‘Get Fit, Look Great and Live Better’ is the gym’s motto. REPTS is bent on taking a unique holistic approach to its fitness programs, wth a ‘one-stop shop’ mode of operations. “Exercise has multiple benefits,” says Rodja. “For instance, a person comes in to lose weight and that 42


REPTS is a fully comprehensive, equipment-packed gym that provides its clients with the latest in training drills and workouts. Over the past year, REPTS has been involved in the popular annual Pinehill Fun Walk, which continues to draw thousands of participants to the event. For this year’s event, Rodja disclosed, they added the ‘Fit for Life Challenge’ component. The Fitness Challenge involved 14 participants competing at ‘burpy exercises’ with several prizes offered to the five winners. Rodja is pleased with the outcome and the “great feedback from the crowd.” Next year Rodja intends to take this event up a notch. Meanwhile, he is working on upgrading the services at REPTS, which, among other things, will include a health bar and lounge area where clients can relax and discuss their level of progression on physical fitness issues.

Your Ript Workout

Office Stretch: Total Body 2

Rodja Constantine Alternate Leg Bounds

This workout is a circuit of triple sets, each containing 3 separate exercises. The reps are indicated for each exercise. Complete the 3 exercises in each triple set one after another, and then rest for 60 seconds before moving on to the next triple set.

Mountain Climber

1 - Support your body on your toes and hands with one knee bent and drawn up into your chest and the other leg straight out behind. 2 - Alternate jumping your feet in and out, bringing your knees into your chest each time and keeping your hands on the floor.

High Knees

• Stand upright with your feet together and your arms by your sides. 1 - Run on the spot raising your knees as high as possible each step. 2 - Rapidly switch feet and use your arms as if running.

Ice Skater

• Stand upright with your arms by your sides. 1 - Drive up off one foot, swinging the opposite leg and same side arm up as you jump forward on the other foot. 2 - Land on the ball of other foot and explode off again, swinging your opposite leg and same side arm forward.

1 - Start in a semi-squat with one leg stretched out to the side. 2 - Push off your front leg, jumping to the other side and switching your other leg out to the side. • Use arms in a swinging motion

Ab Chopper


1 - Squat holding a dumbbell in both hands between your legs with your arms straight. 2 - Thrust your hips forward, swinging the dumbbell out and up overhead with your arms straight. • Guide the dumbbell back down along the same path and repeat. Equipment Sub: Plate, Kettlebell

Reverse Lunge Kick

1 - Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat and your arms stretched overhead. 2 - Lift your upper body and arms completely off the floor and reach your arms to one side. • Keep your feet flat and knees bent and do not throw yourself up off the floor. • Lower your upper body and arms back to the floor and repeat.


• Stand upright with your arms by your sides. 1 - Step backward, dropping your back knee to the floor and leaning your torso slightly forward with your weight on your front leg. 2 - In one motion, push off your front foot to return upright and kick out your back leg in front to waist height. • Step back to lunge position and repeat.

1 - Start in the top of a push up position. 2 - Jump your feet in, bringing your knees to your chest while keeping your hands on the floor. 3 - Come to an upright position and jump into the air, raising your arms overhead. 4,5 - Return to the mid position and then jump your feet back out to a straight position.


He attended the then Sans Soucis Primary School and subsequently the Tapion School before moving to Barbados where he enrolled in Mapps College, and later Branson College in Montreal. He made a sound investment in his dream by enrolling in Full Sail University, one of the world’s premiere art, music and film schools. There he majored in show production, concert touring and recording arts. Barrie is now hailed as one of the few DJs/MCs to master the art of simultaneously DJ’ing and emceeing a show. Although Barrie now resides in Miami, Florida, he is extremely elated to represent his homeland and promotes our culture, heritage and music at various events. He admits that sometimes he is the only one waving the Saint Lucian flag at some of those events and this, he says, is a surreal feeling; one that he is very proud of nonetheless.

DJ Barrie Hype: Shaking up the Music World


n the international music business artistes are often celebrated for their success in closing colossal music deals and achieving millions of dollars in record sales. Much less attention is paid to the individuals who are working hard in the background, doing all the groundwork to get the music to the people – the radio personalities, DJs and MCs. Very few of them are recognised for their efforts and talents. One such DJ/MC who stands head and shoulders above the rest is DJ Barrie Hype. In 2010 he was awarded Soca DJ of the Year at the second annual South Florida Dancehall Awards. A patriotic Saint Lucian, DJ Barrie Hype prides himself on being one of the few internationally recognised DJs/MCs from Saint Lucia. Music has been Barrie’s inspiration and sanctuary from the tender age of seven.



He believes that Caribbean music is not far-reaching enough, simply because the records don’t cross over from the various islands. Barrie thinks music should be global, and it is out of this conviction he founded the company Topgunners. Barrie is also affiliated with 18th & Collins, created by ‘The Soul Rebel,’ DJ Crown Prince. 18th & Collins is a fraternity of DJs, producers and writers who share ideas, build remixes, produce collages and sometimes act as a bridge between artistes, which results in greater collaboration among them. Barrie also has affiliations with Team Black Shadow which produced the record “Gimme the Light,” for Sean Paul. He also collaborates with Team Soca and ‘Friday Bounce,’ a syndicated radio show, along with DJ Crown Prince which airs in five countries (Vibe 103 Bermuda, Blazin 99.3 St Lucia, Slam 101.1 Barbados, Slam 100.5 Trinidad, and Hot 104.1 in Cayman). Ricky Castro from the group Soul Syndicate is responsible for giving him the name Barrie Hype. He has now become a household name and is known the world over. As an MC/DJ, Barrie has travelled the world which he believes is a great thing. Music has also allowed him to own his home. He attributes some of his success to his father, who has helped him in making some of his business and career decisions. Being energetic and aggressive has enabled Barrie to develop a unique style and blend that sets him apart

2011, with over twelve thousand patrons. It rained throughout the concert and they were unable to use a live band. Barrie was allowed to back and host the show all by himself. Some of the show’s performers included Machel, Bunji, Fay Ann, Iwa, Benjai, Kes and Skinny Fabulous. Barrie stresses the importance of keeping up-to-date with music. He listens to DJ Crown Prince’s radio show, checks out music blogs and follows artistes on twitter and other social networks. One of the easiest ways for him to stay connected to the music scene is to have music emailed to him.

from other DJs. He has a chameleonic ability to adapt to situations, crowds and venues and this enables him to connect with his audience. He likes to make people laugh and sometimes incorporates spontaneous comedic breaks during his sets. Barrie feels extremely humbled to have backed and hosted a concert called Rave during Miami carnival

fun facts What is your most memorable phrase? “Helllooooo!!!!!” Power or groovy soca? Both Favourite local juice? Golden apple Biggest crush? She broke my heart so I can’t say her name. Favourite national landmark in Saint Lucia? The Pitons If you could be an R&B artiste who would you be? Commodores or Kool & the Gang

Outside of music Barrie admits that he tries to catch up on sleep as much as possible. Notably, he tours with Rupee as his DJ. He hopes to branch off into other entrepreneurial ventures in the near future, taking a cue, he says, from his affiliates. Barrie has some advice for aspiring DJs and MCs; “Study your craft. If this is what you want to do, you should dedicate at least some of your day to it. Be a student of your craft.” He says if you want to be successful, you need to be around successful people. He insists it is crucial to attend at least one of the six biggest carnivals in the world (Trinidad, New York, Miami, London, Toronto and Crop Over). “If you don’t do this, then you are not surrounded by the right people and you are wasting your time. This is an investment in your career,” says Barrie. As he celebrates his thirtieth birthday, Barrie says jokingly he hopes to retire in the next five years. He would like to branch off into other areas of music, including developing a career as an A&R. It involves talent scouting, overseeing an artiste’s development, developing beats and finding the right sound for recording artistes and songwriters. He is also developing his production skills as he would be well suited as a road manager. Along with his passion for music, Barrie is deeply spiritual and he has strong faith in God. Dazzle Magazine wishes him success in all his endeavours and hopes he continues to give Caribbean music an international platform.


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Distributed in St Lucia by


FIFA World Cup trophy comes to Saint Lucia


s part of the lead up to the 2014 World Cup being held in Brazil, the FIFA World Cup Trophy will be displayed in 88 of the 208 FIFA member states as part of the Coca Cola FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour. To commemorate the viewing of the trophy in Saint Lucia an event will be held at the Beausejour Cricket Grounds (BCG) on Monday October 21st, 2013. This event will include an exhibition football match featuring Saint Lucia’s most talented football players followed by a live show featuring headline act Teddyson John and his band. Du Boulay’s Bottling, FIFA, Coca Cola International and the Saint Lucia Football Association would like to invite football enthusiasts and people of all ages to witness this historic and once in a lifetime occurrence. Tickets will be available at all Super J outlets islandwide and at Caribbean Cinemas at Choc while promotion last. Further information will be circulated via newspaper, radio and television so keep your eyes and ears open. SEE YOU ALL AT THE BCG on October 21st !


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10” CyberPad 1030

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Support 3G Module USB Dongle Support Dual Camera 0.3MP (Front), 2MP (Back) Mini USB port/ Card Reader(Max: 32GB) Support 1080P HD video Support Mini HDMI Output King Kong Market, Internet Browser, Office, Calendar, Calculator, E-mail • Picture Viewing, Music/ Video Playback, Ebook, Games • Supports Multi Languages

With built-in DDR3 of 1 GB, 10” CyberPad speed is faster than most of the tablet PCs in the market. With 8GB of memory, you can use it to store loads of pictures, movies and documents. Storage expansion is available via Card Reader slot, up to 32GB.






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