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November 23rd, 2013

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Manuel Artime Theater 900 SW 1st Street Miami, FL 33130

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biz? Rebekah Gadea


PAGEANT winner 2012 Interviews with

Jade & Paola Cobas

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Pilares Spirit Dance and Spirit Talent Competition are events produced by Pacto De Sal Corp.

Dance Academy

A little girl with

big goals

Mylena Barrios

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From The Publisher

2013! What a wonderful year! I hope everybody has listed their resolutions for 2013 and have continued keeping them today. This year can be full of opportunities for you, if you know how to take advantage of it. In Pacto De Sal Group we expand our horizons and are open to a world of opportunities. We have opened a new blog with information for talented kids at This year Kingdom of Crowns Pageant will be twice as big and will be, for the first time, in a big theater with celebrity judges and big prizes!

is Published quarterly and distributed throughout Miami dade and Broward. No portion of this magazine may be reproduced in any form without written permission. Dazzles Kids in arts Magazine is not responsible for statement made by advertisers or writers, we can not be held responsible in any manner for any consequences

Spirit Dance & Talent Competition will be televised this year and participants will have the possibility to be on TV and show their talent to millions of people. All this while we prepare our first EXPO Dance Miami. Stay in touch with us to find out how you can participate in our events where you can shine bright like a STAR. Laura La Salvia Owner & CEO Pacto De Sal Group

arising from omission or errors. DAZZLES kids in arts Magazine is owned and operated by Pacto de Sal Corp. PO BOX 414525

Pilares Dance Academy

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Special Mention

A Little Girl with

Big Goals


Mylena Barrios 5 Pilares Dance Academy 6-7 Kingdom of Crowns Pageant 8-9 Is your child ready for show biz 10 Jade 11 Paola Cobas 12-13

Jenny Rodriguez Photo by: J&J PHOTOGRAPHY

Jenni Rodriguez is a young artist, at only 16 she is a model, actress, and dancer. She has participated in many TV programs in Hispanic channels like Univision (Channel 23), Telemundo (Channel 51), and Telefutura (Channel 69) like “Sabado Gigante”, “Despirta America”, “sal y pimienta”, “Mira quien baila” and “Republica deportiva”. She Won the tittle for Miss Teen Broward county Nation 2012-2013. She won 5 awards at In10sity/Starquest Dance Competition: 3 high goal , 1 platinum and 1 top score. She also won Perfect Attendances, 3 Presidential Awards from Barack Obama 2012, and Miss Hospitality 2012 . She is a great dancer in different styles she dances Ballet, Hip-Hop, African, Salsa, Freestyle, and Contemporary. As a dancer she participated in Mr Phillips & Dmanti Music Video and Sophia’s Asi es el Amor Music Video. Jenni is bilingual and speaks both English and Spanish and also plays violin.


On the cover Rebekah Gadea KINGDOM OF CROWNS PAGEANT “Ultimate Grand Supreme” Picture by Jacqueline Doulis photography Hair & Make up: Marion Velez Schiaffino

Mylena Barrios At a young age of seven, Mylena Barrios is already a professional in the entertainment industry. She has participated in several commercials for companies such as Burger King, Kingsford and a Hispanic television channel called Telefutura. She has also participated in movies and TV shows such as “Despierta America”,”Una Maid In Manhattan”, “El Talisman” and “Corazon Valiente”. She has done all this in only a year and a half. Originally form Key west Mylena came to Miami for better opportunities for her career. With training that many artist would like to have, She has been prepared in acting, modeling, and Music. Her Instructors were Skylor Stork, Donna Phreudomme, Alicia Faccio, and Nora Morvilli. In her next goals one of Mylena’s objectives is to audition for big productions in Hollywood and succeed in her acting career something that is not very far if she continuous at her rate.


Jennifer Victoria is the newest of the group. She is 7 years old and studies ballet and gymnastics at the academy. With only one year at the academy she was ready to participate in Spirit Dance & Talent competition 2012 and won 3rd place with a choreography by Elizabeth Del Pino.

Norma Medina Graduated In Nivel Medio Superior of the Nacional School of Musical Shows in Habana, Cuba. Professor of Chorography, classic ballet, folklore dance as well as popular dances.tries with the show “Havana Social Club”, they go around Latin America and places as far away as Russia and Europe. Elizabeth Del Pino is a graduate of the Instituted of Higher Learning of Culture, Loami Perez. Graduate at the school Physical and Sports in Havana Cuba. She is National of musical shows in Havana, Cuba. Professor of Choreography, Specialize in Gymnastics, Choreography, Classic Ballet, and Folklore Dance as well and professional ballet. She Teaches as Popular Dances. professional Dancing, Classic Ballet, Folk

Jania Peralta is the most admired by all her friends, everyone wants to be like her, studying ballet and gymnastics. Jania Peralta won 1st place in the solo division at Spirit Dance and Talent Competition 2012 with a Choreography by Norma Medina. Jaritzel Peralta is 12 years old and loves Ballet. Her dream in the future is to attend an art school and to open her own dance school along with her sister Jania.

Dance and Folk Dances as well as Popular Dances.

Pilares Dance Academy Won 13 trophies at SPIRIT DANCE & TALENT COMPETITION 2012

Katherine Diaz has been a student in the academy since it has opened. With only 6 years of age, she won First place, best costume and best choreography at Spirit Dance and Talent Competition 2012 and first Place in Starpower 25th anniversary with the help of choreographer Elizabeth Del Pino . She’s learned Salsa gymnastics Adriana Silverio is only 6 years old and All their beautiful costumes are hand and ballet at the academy. is the shyest of the group. It was hard at made it by Isabel Grinan and Marbelis first to go on stage but eventually it was Hernandez. beating. she won second place at Spirit Dance and Talent Competition 2012 with a choreography by Elizabeth Del Pino and Loammis Perez. She learns Ballet, gymnastics, salsa, and Hip Hop at the academy.

Pilares Dance is one of the newest dance academies in the city of Hialeah, and they have already won 13 trophies at Spirit Dance & Talent Competition 2012. The Trophies they won were for: First place in Tiny Division, best costume and best choreography in Tiny Division. First, second, and third place in Tiny Solo Division, best costume and best choreography in Tiny solo Division. First place and best costume in junior division. First place, best costume and best choreography in solo division. This is a great achievement considering that the school has only two years since opening. Their founder Elizabeth Del Pino is very proud about her student and staff and all of their effort and dedication that lead to where they are today. Elizabeth Del Pino has an extensive background as a dancer in the “Ballet of Cuban Television” where they toured several countries with the show “Havana Social Club”, they go around Latin America and places as far away as Russia and Europe. Elizabeth Del Pino is a graduate of the Instituted of Higher Learning of Culture, Physical and Sports in Havana Cuba. She is Specialize in Gymnastics, Choreography, and professional ballet. She Teaches professional Dancing, Classic Ballet, Folk Dance and Folk Dances as well as Popular Dances. 6



Kingdom of Crowns


Ana Maria




Kingdom of Crowns Pageant 2012 was a total success. We had beautiful contestants, famous judges, and an amazing venue. Pageants can be a wonderful experiences for children. For one thing, they get comfortable being in front of crowds. At Kingdom of Crowns Pageant the directors go out of their way to ensure that every contestant has a positive, enjoyable experience. This pageant is well organized, fair and fun. Daina

This year we will repeat the fun and bring the pageant to another beautiful venue. So, be ready to be part of an amazing event full of beautiful talented girls. We are searching for contestants that are 0 - 16 Years Old, beautiful, and talented. If you are a talented girl or happen to know one, please contact us for more info about the next Kingdom of crowns pageant 2013. We are currently in the process of selecting girls. If you qualified you may want to sign up! The event is coming up soon - for info and registration go to or please call 305.332.5778











Brenda Luana Our wonderful judges: Roxana Silvera, Marianela Rodriguez, Cat Zohar


Valery Photos by Jacqueline Doulis Photography




Official Anime Theme Song Vocalist. by Andrea Arce

Maria de Jesus Teran, most recognized as Jade, formed part of the recognized and famous Mexico’s Jade duet. She has a history of famous artistic and musical events, privileged with a spectacular voice that has let her to voice characters and songs of many animated shows. She is also known as Ms. Mary, a licensed teacher for kinder music, since she is worried for the musical education for the young ones. • What inspired you to start your shows? I never imagined starting shows, my fans made everything possible, that’s why my show is called ‘The Reunion’ because my fans have wanted to hear the original voices of the comics and anime characters of their childhood. Some of them are pato aventuras, muppet babies, the swan lake 1,2 and 3, and pokemon, etc. • What do you prefer most, being Jade or being Ms. Mary? I prefer being on stage because I have the opportunity to project my voice live, and I have the chance to meet my fans. Even though my love to my kids isn’t less.

Every parent thinks their own child’s has a lot of talent and maybe they had, but it’s not just talent that is needed to succeed in Show Business . Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before to introduce your child into the business.

Is your child confident? Can your child maintain Focus?

• What are your plans for the future? A production of the play of Ranma y medio, one of the most important series in Mexico, and other Hispanic countries, and I’d also love to travel and present my show to all Hispanic countries too. Jadeofficial1.twitter

Yes / No

Yes / No

Can your child memorize a dialog?

Yes / No

Does your child follow directions?

Yes / No

Is your child comfortable being his own playmate and sometimes talks to himself ?

Yes / No

Is your child excited when he/she discover something different?

Yes / No

Is your child ready to be disciplined by other adults rather than mom and dad?

Yes / No

Does he/she enjoy being the center of attention?

Yes / No

Does your child enjoy reading out loud?

Yes / No

Does your child carry out conversations with adults well?

Yes / No

Does your child say hello when introduced to someone new?

Yes / No

Are Both parents ready to get involved in entertainment?

Yes / No

If you answer Yes to more than 8 questions you and your child are ready for a show business career, your child is a natural performer who can communicate well with adults, she/he enjoys the attention and loves to be creative. The quality to read out loud and memorize lines is also a great sign that you child is perfect for this business. Good Luck! 10 10


Radio has always been my passion, it’s just magical. I’ve seen it that way since I could remember, that’s why I always knew I wanted to do it all my life. When I was little I took some theater classes, I loved performing. I was part of many different plays, when I was 9, I had the chance of a lifetime on the radio, on Saturday morning they told children stories where I was the voice of an ant named Samantha. It was a wonderful experience indeed.

What were your dreams and goals as a child? Since I could remember, I always knew that I would work in the media, my world as a child was linked to photography, radio and television. I come from a family of journalists and communicators.

At what age did your interest by national media? My favorite toy was a camera that my grandfather gave me when I was 3 years old, for me it was a wonderful and magical moment when my grandfather let me in the dark room to develop the photographs. It was great to see the image as it appeared in the paper. I was also the first to hear the articles that my dad wrote. Even thought I did not completely understand was it was, I was responsible for giving the go-ahead for him to publish it. Him, being a lover of theater and music, was writing about these issues that are always somehow related to the wonderful world of art in all its forms.

How were you developing this talent?


Paola Cobas is the co-host of the show Paparazzi Magazine on MegaTV, she was also one of our wonderful judges at Spirit dance & talent competition.

I Studied radio, television production, and journalism at the Salesian University in Quito - Ecuador while working weekends at a station called Moya Stereo. I was the first speaker of the season and a year later they decided to switch to Metro Stereo, a station with a more modern format. During this period I also had the opportunity to work on major TV channels, leading a program of music videos. But the greatest opportunity of my life came two years later when I started with Radio Majesty, back then it was the number one station.

How did you come to Miami? The desire to experience and learn about different places brought me to Miami, where I’ve lived for 12 years. And here in Miami my first opportunity given to me was on Univision Radio, where I worked for two years and then join Radio Romance for three years. During December 2007 to June 2011 working on Mia 92.1 Radio in West Palm Beach, a station owned by Clear Channel where I had the opportunity to be the producer and host of a morning show called the “The Morning Show with The Pao” .

What are your next projects? One of my recent projects was to be part of the Argentina MTV program “Solo Fusion”. Right now I’m taking advantage of what technology offers us I am working on a project for Ecuador Broadcasting.

How was your experience as a judge in Spirit dance & Talent Competition? Undoubtedly one of the best experiences, to be a part of every dream and see the love and effort that participants put in to this art, and especially seeing the love and support from their families is something that is priceless.

Paola Cobas currently serves as a co-host from Miami, Florida in Paparazzi Magazine a leading program on Mega TV.


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