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March 20 marks the spring equinox, the official beginning of spring. I’ve always felt that it’s a time of renewal and new beginnings. But to have a new beginning, you really have to know yourself and really know what makes you tick in order to get set on your new path. Surprisingly, few people really know themselves or the answers to basic self-awareness questions. So, this spring, get to know yourself by answering these questions, and be honest, no one is judging you but you: 1. What do I really want? 2. Are there a few things I should change? 3. What’s the bright side in all of this? 4. Am I comfortable with what I’m doing? 5. Have I done enough for myself? 6. Have I done enough for my family? 7. Am I happy at where I am today? 8. How much more could I have done? 9. What motivates me? 10. What really makes me tick? As for Dazzle’s April issue, we packed it with life tools to help you along your path like Work-Life Balance: A Must (p. 14), and an inspiring BQ with Julie Price, the CEO of JPricebrand (p. 20). We’ve also compiled all the latest spring fashion and beauty for you like our cover beauty, L’Oreal’s S/S 13 Glamour (p. 32), and Urbane Spring/ Summer Couture (p. 38). Yet, there’s still so much more in store for you. So, go on, indulge…


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L’Oreal’s S/S 13 Glamour

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Katherine Jenkins in a Maids to Measure gown at her sister Laura’s wedding in London, UK, on Mar 24.


world c

Emma Roberts dressed in an H&M Spring shift dress at H&M’s Paris Fashion Show for Autumn 13.

Barbara Palvin in a Chloé Pre Fall 13 dress at the Australian Fashion Week on Mar 17. Rihanna in a custom-made Lanvin outfit by Alber Elbaz and a Dedale crystal belt and jewellery from the Ete 2013 Runway Collection during her Diamonds World Tour in NY on Mar 26.

Chloe Moretz in an embellished H&M dress made from sustainable materials at H&M’s Paris Fashion Show for Autumn 13.


APRIL 2013

Caroline de Maigret dressed in H&M Conscious Exclusive at H&M’s Paris Fashion Show for Autumn 13.

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d the s aroun

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Alessandra Ambrosio sporting a Salvatore Ferragamo Resort 13 bag while out and about in LA, USA.

Eva Mendes sporting a CH Carolina Herrera Matryoshka bag.

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© Milestone Media

Diane Kruger sporting a Salvatore Ferragamo Summer 13 handbag while out in NY, USA.

Charlize Theron carrying a Salvatore Ferragamo tote at the Boston airport on Mar 17. Jessica Alba carrying the Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Sofia’ Handbag at her ‘The Honest Life: Living Naturally And True To You’ book signing event in NY on Mar 12.

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Elisabetta Canalis sporting a Salvatore Ferragamo handbag and sunglasses while out in Milan, Italy.



Mind & Soul

Understanding Superstitious Behaviour Research project offers insight into superstitious behaviour…

The project, led by Scott Fluke, a May 2010 K-State bachelor’s graduate in psychology, Olathe, focuses on personality traits that lead to superstition. Fluke received a $500 Doreen Shanteau Undergraduate Research Fellowship in 2009 to work with the team of Russell Webster, graduate student in psychology, Shorewood, Ill., and Donald Saucier, K-State associate professor of psychology.


APRIL 2013

For the project, ‘Re-Examining the Form and Function of Superstition’, the team defined superstition as the belief in a casual relationship between an action, object, or ritual and an unrelated outcome. Such superstitious behaviour can include actions like wearing a lucky jersey or using good luck charms. After performing two studies, the researchers developed three reasons for superstitious behaviour: individuals use superstitions to gain control over uncertainty; to decrease feelings of helplessness; and because it is easier to rely on superstition instead of coping strategies. “People sometimes fall back on

their superstitions as a handicap,” Saucier said. “It’s a parachute they think will help them out.” In the first study, the researchers conducted questionnaires with 200 undergraduates asking about how pessimistic they were, whether they believed in chance or fate, if they liked to be in control, and other questions. One of the major discoveries was that people who believe that chance and fate control their lives are more likely to be superstitious. In the second study the researchers wanted to know how participants reacted to death, and asked them to write about how they felt about their own death. The team was surprised to find that participants’ levels of

Article: Kansas State University/Newswise.

People who believe that fate and chance control their lives are more likely to be superstitious, but when faced with death they are likely to abandon superstition altogether according to a recent Kansas State University undergraduate research project.

superstition went down when they thought about their own death, which the researchers attributed to death being a situation of extreme uncertainty. “We theorized that when people thought about death, they would behave more superstitiously in an effort to gain a sense of control over it,” Fluke said. “What we didn’t expect was that thinking about death would make people feel helpless, like they cannot control it, and that this would actually reduce their superstitious belief.” Fluke got the idea for his research in an undergraduate methods research course his first semester at K-State when he realized that there were many

unanswered questions about psychology and superstition. He decided to pursue the topic further as a research project. “I was interested in superstition because it frustrates me when people do things that don’t make sense,” Fluke said. “It boggled me that people would use a good luck charm to do well on a test rather than studying for it! We wanted to know why people would go about almost actively hurting themselves.” The research is part of Saucier’s overall research program. Saucier offers some tips to avoid superstitious behaviour: * Don’t believe in bad luck and take some ownership over what

control you do have in situations. Sometimes we use bad luck to let ourselves off the hook, Saucier said, but we should instead focus on what we can do to avoid difficult situations in the first place. * Be decisive and proactive. People who are less decisive believe in superstition more, Saucier said, and those who are proactive are less superstitious. * Don’t be in a situation where you have to rely on bad luck. Bad luck would never occur if only good things happened. If something bad happens and you call it bad luck, do it as a coping mechanism after the fact rather than before the event, Saucier said.




Work-Life Balance: A Must Detaching from work mentally, physically, and electronically is the key to recovery from job stress during non-work hours, according to a Kansas State University researcher…

She says staying connected to work through smartphones, tablets or laptops has become the norm, although being plugged in allows work-related issues to spill over to the family domain and disrupts recovery from job stress. “Competition in the workplace is getting fierce,” Park said. “People worry about job security, want to increase their salary, or advance in their career, so they feel they have to be more dedicated to their


APRIL 2013

work. They show that by being available outside of normal work hours through communication and information technologies.” Checking work emails using a smartphone or tablet outside normal work hours can be beneficial for catching up with work, but it can also lead to work-related stress that spills over to the home. “If there are any unpleasant text messages or emails from work-related people such as a boss, co-worker, client, customer, or contractor you may be more likely to ruminate about work-related issues or worries. It will affect your feelings and behaviours at home, which could further influence people at home,” Park said. According to Park, if one spouse

is experiencing work stress, it can affect the other spouse. If both are stressed from work and neither is able to use the home as a place to recharge for the next day, the stress can build up at home rather than decrease. “When people are really under stress their psychological and physical resources are drained, so they are less likely to selfregulate hostile behaviours and provide sufficient support for their spouse,” Park said. “If working couples don’t recuperate from their job stress while at home they would be likely to fall into a spiral of lost resources!” People who are able to unplug from work activities when off the job experience lower levels of fatigue and job burnout, Park

Article: Kansas State University/Newswise.

YoungAh Park, Assistant Professor Of Psychology and former businesswoman in the competitive South Korean workforce, has researched the stress crossover phenomenon between working couples, workfamily boundary management, and processes of work stress and recovery from stress.

adds. They also have higher levels of positive emotions and life satisfaction than those who remain connected to work-related tasks and matters outside of normal work hours. “If you have a strong technological boundary and self-restricted rules for using email, laptops, or mobiles for work during off-work times, then you’re more likely to experience psychological detachment from work,” Park said.

in the workplace,” Park said. “If people around you at work dominantly practice integration of work into the home and family life, then you’re likely to conform to the norms and the reverse is also true. For example, if you want to dedicate your off-work time to your family but your boss calls you about a to-do list for work over the weekend, you can’t totally ignore it and therefore can’t fully detach yourself from work.”

The preference for separating work from home or family life may not be easy if a co-worker or boss don’t do the same. “Bringing work home or contacting work-related people outside normal work hours can affect other employees’ workhome boundary management and practices,” Park said.

To create a good work-life balance, Park recommends setting self-regulated rules for use of communication and information technologies for work during nonwork time. You should also build others’ expectations about their preferred work-home boundary and work-related communications outside of business hours.

“You tend to conform to the norm

“Let your co-workers, supervisor,

or any work-related people know this is how you communicate outside work,” Park said. “There may be times when you have to be involved in work during nonwork hours for urgent projects or work tasks, but it’s still important that managers make sure employees have time to recover from stress after the work is done.” Moreover, a company benefits if workers return to work refreshed and de-stressed. “Research has shown that employees who unwind from work stress during off-work times are better at showing proactive behaviours to solve problems and are more engaged in their work,” Park said. “In the long term, ensuring recovery from job stress by detaching yourself from work is beneficial for sustaining well-being and job performance capabilities.”


Bedazzled Relationships

Catch The Love Bug And Keep It Dr. Catherine Birndorf, clinical associate professor of psychiatry at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, emphasizes the importance of working at your relationship all year round…

“Most people don’t realize a relationship is effortful and not static. It’s a dynamic evolution,” she says. “A genuine interest and curiosity about your partner is essential - take the care and make the time to keep up with him or her,” she adds.


vacation, think about some of your best times together and create opportunities for them. If you feel that the love is alive when you are doing a certain activity together, then make sure you do more of that activity. Take time out. Try to connect at least once a day through a flirty email, a loving message, or just a sweet phone call. Also, set aside quality time once a week to do something you both enjoy, and don’t ever skip that date no matter what.

Dr. Birndorf suggests the following tips for keeping your love alive:

Be a thoughtful gift giver. The best gifts aren’t the most expensive ones, but the ones that really say “I know you well” and make the other person feel special. Go the extra mile beyond flowers and candy, to get something that is really unique to your partner.

Let the past repeat itself. Recall favourite memories of times spent together and try to find similar activities. Whether it’s a nice dinner out, a night at the theatre, a day spent walking around town, or a

Give in once in a while. On special occasions, let your partner choose something he enjoys but you may not like watching an important game with him or playing a game he likes. You may be

APRIL 2013

surprised how good it feels to give selflessly and end up having a great time. Share your thoughts. Leave a note for your partner in the morning, send a flirty text message or e-mail, or leave a sweet voicemail when you know he is away from the phone. These tiny acts of appreciation are sure to brighten your partner’s day. Schedule in passion. In today’s busy world, you can’t always expect spontaneity. Make a date for sex and be strategic - schedule play dates for the kids or set an alarm for the early morning. Having it on the schedule will give you something to look forward to and may allow the excitement to build around it. Never underestimate the power of a compliment. Taking a moment to tell your partner that he looks nice today can go a long way. Allowing him to start the day with an extra confidence boost will make you feel good too and it could also translate into more love or intimacy later that day.

Article: New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center/Weill Cornell Medical College/Newswise.

Love is in the air, but Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only time to express love for your partner; rather, it should serve as a reminder to devote time and energy to your relationship every day. Dr. Catherine Birndorf, Clinical Associate Professor Of Psychiatry at New YorkPresbyterian Hospital/ Weill Cornell Medical Center, emphasizes the importance of working at your relationship all year round.


Hurting You Hurts Me

Bedazzled Friendships

If you think giving someone the cold shoulder inflicts pain only on them, beware. A new study shows that individuals who deliberately shun another person are equally distressed by the experience…

What causes this discomfort? The research found that complying with instructions to exclude another person leads most people to feel shame and guilt, along with a diminished sense of autonomy, explains Nicole Legate, lead author of the Psychological Science paper and a doctoral candidate at the University of Rochester. The results also showed that inflicting social pain makes people feel less connected to others. “We are social animals at heart,” says


APRIL 2013

Legate. “We typically are empathetic and avoid harming others unless we feel threatened.” The findings point to the hidden price of going along with demands to exclude individuals based on social stigmas, write the authors. The study also provides insight into the harm to both parties in cases of social bullying. To capture the dual dynamics of social rejection, the researchers turned to Cyberball, an online game developed by ostracism researcher Kipling Williams of Purdue University. For this study, each participant tossed a ball with two other players in the game. The participant was led to believe that the other players were controlled by real people from offsite computers. In fact, the virtual players were part of the experiment and were pre-programmed to either play fair (share the ball equally) or play mean (exclude one player after

initially sharing the ball twice). The researchers randomly assigned 152 undergraduates to one of four game scenarios. In the ‘ostracizer’ group, one of the virtual players was programmed to exclude the other virtual player and the study participant was instructed to exclude the same player. In a second set-up, the tables were turned. This time the preprogrammed players froze out the study participant. The study participant, who read instructions to throw the ball to other players, was left empty handed for most of the game, watching the ball pass back and forth, unable to join in. Before and following the online game, participants completed the same 20item survey to assess their mood as well as their sense of autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Consistent with earlier research on ostracism, the study found

Article: University of Rochester/Newswise. Citations: Graph by Psychological Science.

“In real life and in academic studies, we tend to focus on the harm done to victims in cases of social aggression,” says co-author Richard Ryan, professor of clinical and social psychology at the University of Rochester. “This study shows that when people bend to pressure to exclude others, they also pay a steep personal cost. Their distress is different from the person excluded, but no less intense.”

Ostracizers who excluded others in a game of toss reported more shame, less connection with others, and loss of autonomy. Those who were excluded felt more anger.

that being shunned, even by faceless strangers in a computer game, was upsetting and lowered participant’s mood. “Although there are no visible scars, ostracism has been shown to activate the same neural pathways as physical pain,” says Ryan. But complying with instructions to exclude others was equally disheartening, the data shows, albeit for different reasons. This study suggests that the psychological costs of rejecting others are linked primarily to the thwarting of autonomy and relatedness. The results, write the authors, support selfdetermination theory, which asserts that people

across cultures have basic human needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness and meeting these hardwired needs leads to greater happiness and psychological growth. The researchers also tested the separate effects of simply following instructions that did not involve ostracizing others. Students directed to toss the ball equally to all players reported feeling less freedom than the ‘neutral’ group that was allowed to play the game as they choose. However, neither of these latter groups experienced the distress evidenced by players who complied in excluding others. These new experiments

build on the classic work of Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram and others who demonstrated that people are disturbingly willing to inflict pain on others when instructed to by an authority. As in Milgram’s studies, only a small number of the participants in this current research refused to snub the other player. The authors suggest that future investigations could explore the differences between individuals who comply with and those who defy pressure to harm others. Cody DeHaan from the Univeristy of Rochester and Netta Weinstein from the University of Essex, United Kingdom, also contributed to this study.


Inspire Careers

Business Quickie withJulie Price Every month we speak to an expert or practitioner in a field for some invaluable insight. This month we spoke to Julie Price, CEO of JPricebrand… Give us a brief background on your job/ company and your role in it. JPricebrand is an image consultancy with its own clothing label, JustJules, and manufacturers. We’re a new company in Dubai born out of the need for good quality, sensibly priced clothing for ladies over the age of 30. Stylish not fashion forward and developed with an image consultant’s eye to hide and flatter, we provide fun, flirty age-appropriate clothing for all shapes and sizes. What makes us unique is that if we have a client who loves one of our dresses that finishes just on the knee but will for whatever reason only wear dresses below the knee, we will happily make one for her two or three inches longer. Our factory in Nepal is small but and we can provide this special service easily and without extra cost to the client. Owning our own factory also means that we can guarantee that the people working with us are well looked after, and that there is no working round the clock in awful conditions or underage workers, as well as equal opportunities for both women and men. We provide full image consultancy services for personal and corporate 20

APRIL 2013

dressing. This includes colour analysis, bodyline image analysis, personal branding, and wardrobe planning alongside our own clothing range. Walk us through a typical workday. 7am: Wake up and check e-mails to see if anything important has come in overnight. Have breakfast and take a walk. 9am: If I have a special Ladies Night shopping event then I pack up and deliver all the clothes to the venue. If it’s just a usual day then I usually have meetings or consultations all morning. 1pm: A quick lunch - often I’ll just grab a sandwich at Starbucks and keep going, but I try to get something healthy if possible. 1.30pm: I’m often back in the office working on flyers/posters or my website with my designers (Plug communications), or checking stock and planning orders for my team in Nepal. Other activities include packing any orders from my website sales, invoicing, and seeing anyone who may have phoned to book a shopping session. I generally deal with every

aspect of the business, which includes the image consultancy sessions, the personal and corporate workshops, and designing the JustJules label as well as sourcing fabrics. I also oversee the company branding and website, as well as the orders and sales and all the attributing paperwork, plus the events which involves sourcing other companies to join in the fun. Ideally I like to have a new product out every month to keep things fresh, which involves a lot of work and energy, and planning for the future is also very important i.e. what can we do to be more present in the coming months, and developing new ideas and the business as a whole. I also have a PR consultant and events manager on board now, which makes it more fun it’s important to surround yourself with good people. 6-7pm: Finish work for the day, unless I have a Ladies Night event. What do you like most about your job, and what do you like least? I like most aspects of my job to be honest! I like the business development side of things, I love designing the clothing range and seeing a new idea made

into reality, I love it when I see people wearing my clothes out in the street or when women say they feel great in my clothes. I enjoy the networking involved in keeping my brand out there and I love talking to the women who come to my image sessions and knowing that what I’m saying makes a difference. I

What are the advantages/ challenges of your job/ industry specific to Saudi Arabia? I find that women in Saudi Arabia love my range of clothes as they are flattering yet comfortable and very versatile. As I mentioned before, we provide fun, flirty age-appropriate clothing for all shapes and sizes. The

self belief - and a lot of it!

just love everything I do! My least favourite part of my job is probably the frustration of things taking their time. I know life and business is about the journey, but it would be wonderful to be five years down the road where I can get more things out there. I made the decision to grow organically but I find the pace of that frustrating at times.

biggest challenge I have in Saudi Arabia is that I don’t have a shop there so all my orders are placed on-line and have to be delivered.

for us.

What’s the gender bias/ advantages/challenges in your job/industry? I think my industry is one that anyone can succeed in. I don’t think it matters if you’re male or female, you just need perseverance and

How does technology affect your job and how do you apply it? On the manufacturing front technology makes a huge difference and we have only dipped our toes in the pool. Also, most of my sales are made online, which is a huge source of revenue

What are the important exhibitions/magazines/ things to know and follow in your industry? I do like to go to London Fashion Week and textile fairs. What are the ethics of your job/industry? Fairness is very important. I like to work with


Inspire Careers

transparency, fair trade, honesty, and integrity. What skills, characteristics, personality traits are needed for your job? An eye for detail is the most important aspect of my job, and you also need to enjoy talking to people and working with them. What are tricks of the trade that you can impart with? You have to be very passionate about what you do; otherwise, you will never be successful. Your tips for motivating yourself and others. Motivating myself is easy. I’ve always been excited by what I do, and love to see someone out for the day in one of my dresses, or to learn that someone’s life has been improved because they have been to one of my image sessions. Making a difference, no matter how small, is hugely motivating. As for motivating others, I guess it’s to lead by example. I try to keep a positive energy around myself and everything I do - I hope it rubs off occasionally! Your tips for time management, life-work balance. For time management it’s lists, lists, lists - even


APRIL 2013

my lists have lists! I don’t always get it right to be honest, and I find life-work balance the hardest thing to achieve, but I’m at my happiest on the days when I get it right and it all fits together - work, exercise, healthy food, some ‘me’ time, and family time, so I strive for this every day. What are the ingredients of running a successful organization? My company is still a little small to be considered an organization, however, even at this size I would say listen and adapt, build a good team around yourself, and

build your relationships. Secrets to success in this field/job. Don’t wait for things to happen - make them happen. What’s the business model you believe in and follow? When I was doing my research I found that many of the people I admired and aspired to didn’t have a business model - they had a great idea and followed their dream. I’m a little too much of a rule-follower to just do that, but I’ve found that since I have embarked on my own journey that my original business plan has

changed shape many times and will continue to change and adapt as we find our way in todays marketplace. Who do you see as your role model/CEO and why? I love Donald Trump for his ‘never give up’ attitude and perseverance, and I admire Kimora Lee Simmons for her fabulousity. How do you see the future of your industry? I truly have no idea. It’s such a huge industry, but what I do know is that the Middle East is a great place to start a business with great energy and pro-active people. Your advice to local entrepreneurs who are trying to make it big? Always find a way! You should always consider a problem a challenge and accept they will be part of your daily routine. Repeat this as a mantra - if it was easy everyone would do it. Your advice to someone entering this field? Take time to do your research - it’ll cost you less in the long run. Your words of wisdom to the Dazzle readers? If at first you don’t succeed, then try and try again.


Inspire Careers


Tech Clean-Ups For Small Biz

For small businesses, technology is like the windows in a home. It’s an essential component of your overall operation, one of the important ways in which you see and interact with the world, and, like windows in a home, you probably don’t think about cleaning it that often. Yet your technology needs care and maintenance, just like the windows in your house.

1. Appraise your security and protection programs. Ideally, your software settings should be programmed to check for security software updates automatically, but it’s a good idea every now and then to manually run an update check. Also, if your business’s computers are Mac or are running Windows 7 Professional, you’re one step ahead in security, since the operating system already helps protect your computer network from malicious cyber attacks and safeguards sensitive information such as credit card numbers and employee and customer information. 2. Update other software that you use frequently. Checking for updates


APRIL 2013

to programs such as accounting or inventory tracking software is important to make sure you’re running the latest version. To do this, simply go on product manufacturers’ websites to see if they have any available security updates and follow the instructions for downloading and executing the updates. 3. Review your backup system. Backing up your data is essential. If you don’t already have a backup system in place, spring is a great time to start using one. If you already use backup technology, review how well it’s working for you. Is it secure, easy to access, and easy to use? Products such as Mac’s Time Machine and Windows 7 Professional have features such as Backup and Restore, which allow you to pick a schedule to back up files, so all you have to do is set it, and then you can forget it. 4. Organize documents on your computer and in the cloud. When working with numerous documents on

a daily basis, things can easily get unorganized and misplaced. Being able to quickly access documents improves efficiency for your organization and employees. If you use Microsoft Office 2010 or Microsoft Office 365, you already have access to the tools you need to manage email, documents, contacts, and multiple calendars. For example, the Navigation Pane and Microsoft OneNote 2010 can help you get your files in order, while the calendarsharing capability in Office 365 makes scheduling meetings with team members easy. 5. Maintain or upgrade your hardware. When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard with compressed air? Or wiped down the monitor with a static-free cloth? Or checked the battery in your wireless mouse? Spring is a great time to do those things, along with considering an upgrade to a wireless or Bluetooth mouse or keyboard. It’s also a great time to research and check out new PCs on the


Spring is a great time for small businesses to focus on cleaning up and organizing their technology. Doing so can make a business more productive and efficient and also reduce costs. Here are seven must-do spring cleaning tasks for your small business tech:

market such as ones that are more energy-efficient and easy to take on the go. 6. Give your printer some TLC. Printers tend to be one of the items no one thinks to maintain - if it prints, it’s good. But like everything else, it’s a good idea to do things like remove and empty paper trays to make sure no small bits of paper are trapped inside the printer, make sure components such as the print cartridge move smoothly, and check online for software updates from the printer manufacturer. 7. Don’t forget about yourself. As important as it is to do some technology spring cleaning around your business, it’s equally important to remember to take some time for yourself and smell the flowers. Sometimes it’s a good idea to disconnect and put your out-of-office message on. But sometimes that’s not possible, so the multitude of apps and web software available today can give you the option to take your business on the go and allow you to connect almost anywhere. Finally, if you need any more incentive to do some spring cleaning and upgrading, consider this: That new hardware or updated software you buy this spring can be a tax write-off come tax time next year. If you’re considering updating this year, you should visit www. business and learn more about how Windows 7 Professional can help improve your business this spring.



Mentor-Mentee Success Wake Forest University mentoring expert offers tips on finding and being a mentor… Gone are the days when senior executives would anoint a protégé, taking him or her under their wing and teaching them the organization’s ropes. When it comes to modern mentoring, choosing quality and quantity could help you identify and reach your goals. And for that, a Wake Forest mentoring expert says you should turn to your network. “A mentoring network can help you across many areas of your life,” Allison McWilliams, Director Of Mentoring and Professional Development at Wake Forest University, says. “It’s not uncommon to have a mentor for different aspects of your professional life, and for your physical or spiritual life, too.” Why You Need A Mentor According to McWilliams, mentors ask thoughtful questions, give objective feedback, and help mentees meet goals. She offers three reasons why people need a mentor: Helping with transition: “Whether you’re starting college, finding a new job, or looking for ways to grow your career, mentors help you learn the written and unwritten rules of the road to success.” Developing your identity: “Mentors push us to explore our personal values and beliefs,” McWilliams says. “They help us discover who we are and how we find meaning.”


APRIL 2013

Pursuing goals: “Whether it’s personally or professionally, mentors see our strengths and interests, then encourage us to develop those areas to achieve our goals.” Finding A Mentor Mentoring relationships can be formed through formal mentoring programs, which are usually highly structured, time-limited, and have defined goals. Many organizations use these programs to match mentors and mentees. But more often, mentoring relationships begin informally. “It’s a relationship that goes beyond networking or informational interviews,” McWilliams says. “If there is someone whose advice you seek for difficult decisions or whose guidance you always trust, chances are these people are your informal mentors.” Becoming A Good Mentor Because it can be so informal, McWilliams says you might find yourself in the role of a mentor without much notification. “It’s important to remember that the more experienced person, or mentor, provides guidance, feedback, and wisdom to help the more inexperienced person, or mentee, grow. It’s a personal and purposeful relationship, but it’s not just counselling, coaching, or advising.” She offers four tips for improving mentoring skills: Developing a regular schedule for meeting: “Be sure you’re

focused on the relationship and your mentee’s goals.” Practicing active listening: “Remove distractions and practice paraphrasing what you’ve heard before you feel compelled to respond.” Asking thoughtful, thoughtprovoking questions: “This relationship is based on intentional conversations,” McWilliams says. “Openended questions encourage your mentee to reflect on his or her decisions and choices. Mentoring conversations are built around four key questions: Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How do you plan to get there? What happened?” Providing objective feedback and guidance: “Make it a safe space for your mentee to take risks. Sometimes that means taking a wrong turn or falling down. It’s not your job to prevent these bumps in the road; sometimes the best learning happens when we don’t succeed. A mentor should make sure those learning moments aren’t missed.” McWilliams says mentoring relationships aren’t necessarily intended to last forever. “Be sure to celebrate your successes and bring the relationship to closure at the right time. It’s another chance for you and your mentee to chat about what each of you learned and what you will take forward into a future mentoring situation.”





Self-Management For Chronic Pain Relief Researchers and doctors stress the importance of self-management for the relief, management, and cure of chronic pain…

The concept of self-managing your pain doesn’t mean simply taking matters into your own hands, or abandoning your relationship with your doctor. Rather, self-management includes defining your personal goals for treating pain, acting as your own advocate with your doctors, and overseeing the integrated efforts of your team of health care providers. “We know that chronic pain can be disabling for one in three people who experience it,” says Jan Chambers of the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association. “Effective selfmanagement of chronic pain encompasses all aspects of one’s life, from working with your doctor to identify treatments, to making lifestyle changes such as losing weight, exercising, and eating well.” In its report on chronic pain - Relieving Pain in America: A Blueprint for Transforming Prevention, Care, Education, and Research


APRIL 2013

- the Institute of Medicine emphasizes the importance of self-management. “Pain management takes place through self-management, primary care, specialty care, and pain centres,” the report states. “However, the majority of care and management should take place through self-management.” The report calls for health care providers to educate people with chronic pain and their families on the value of self-management and effective strategies for achieving it. The first step toward selfmanagement is recognizing your “symptom cycle,” Chambers says. Pay attention to what prompts your symptoms - perhaps a certain type of activity or time of day - and how they affect you. Discuss this cycle with your providers and explore lifestyle choices that may help manage symptoms. Tracking your pain and sharing that information with your doctor can help him or her recognize what’s working for you - and, what’s not. “In addition to helping with pain relief, self-management can also help patients improve their interpersonal relationships,” Chambers says. Dealing with daily pain is stressful not only for the people experiencing it, but also for friends and family. Those stresses can strain

relationships. Taking control through self-management of pain can give patients a feeling of empowerment, and help relieve stress that can harm relationships. Finally, self-management encompasses lifestyle changes that can help with chronic pain, such as getting regular exercise, pursuing stressrelieving activities such as yoga or tai chi, and setting aside unhealthy habits such as smoking. “Patients should set doable goals for lifestyle choices that can help them, and work with their health care providers to find out what works for them to relieve their pain,” Chambers adds. “When you’re dealing with chronic pain, it’s like sitting in a row boat. You have one oar and your health care providers have the other,” Chambers says. “You both have to row together at the same time or your boat is just going to go in circles and you won’t get anywhere.” To learn more about managing chronic pain, visit www., the website of the Centre for Practical Bioethics and the Pain Action Alliance to Implement a National Strategy or www., the website of the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association.


For the millions of adults living with chronic pain, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Just as the causes of pain vary from person to person, the therapies that will bring relief are many and diverse. Yet one approach has proven universally helpful for people living with chronic health challenges: selfmanagement.


Ask Nisrine Glow

Health Dilemmas

I’ve wanted to do laser hair removal but I’ve been hearing very mixed things about it. Is it worth it? Is it good? Is it painful Shaima, Jeddah Go for it Shaima! There are many misconceptions around laser hair removal, but if you’re considering it, now is the perfect time to start. Easily hidden under typical cool weather clothing, skin is shielded from the sun and thus in perfect condition for hair removal. Here are the top five laser hair removal myths busted by Dr. Paul Flashner, Chief Medical Director for American Laser Skincare:

Ask Nisrine

1. It doesn’t work on all skin types: Today there are more advanced technologies, such as the GentleMax Pro system, which delivers a wide range of treatments for effective hair removal on all skin types. Each treatment focuses on the individual, and the system prompts a series of questions about the person’s skin tone and overall makeup to help determine optimal settings for best results. It leverages two fast and powerful lasers: the Alexandrite and the Yag, for customized results on all skin types, light and dark. It’s important to note that if you’re considering laser hair removal, you should first work closely with a skincare consultant to understand what treatment options work best for your individual skin. 2. It’s too painful: No pain no gain? The leading edge technology in laser hair removal has enabled a more comfortable experience for those nervous about the ‘ouch’ factor. It delivers an intense but gentle burst of energy onto targeted areas of the skin, delivering a controlled amount of therapeutic heat to the area. In addition, many of our clients report that the system’s cool pulse provides increased comfort during treatment.

Email Nisrine Kreidieh at: or by post to the Dazzle KSA office.

5. Need to let unsightly hair grow in between treatments: Laser treatments target the root of the hair rather than the surface hair so you’re able to shave in between treatments and not worry about growing any unsightly hair. “Anyone thinking about getting laser hair removal wants to experience fast and effective results,” says Dr. Flashner. “The technologies available now target faster results, fewer treatments, and less discomfort. Now is the perfect time for people to make sure they’ll be beach ready by summer.” For more information visit, and for additional tips about hair removal visit


APRIL 2013

Answer Source:

4. It requires frequent clinic visits and treatments: GentleMax Pro treatments are separated by a window of four to twelve weeks depending on the treatment area and the individual’s hair regrowth cycle, making long-term hair removal a much less tedious and time consuming task. In order to be ready for summer, now is the perfect time to start.

Ask Nisrine

3. It’s too expensive:While laser hair removal does require a more substantial upfront investment, long-term results significantly trump traditional routines such as shaving or waxing. Studies have shown that women spend, on average, $10,000 on shaving over their lifetime, with waxing more than doubling the investment, especially when done by a professional. Laser hair removal can help save time and money over the course of a lifetime, and aesthetic service providers like American Laser Skincare offer a true personalized experience based on real, effective, and achievable results.


Cover Beauty

L’Oreal’s S/S 13 Glamour Embrace a colourful season with INOA’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection - Ombrés Nature…

A current celebrity favourite, Ombrés Nature represents the modern taste of colour and is a refreshing change from striped highlights and uniform colour as it focuses on horizontal colour placement with colour diffusion that’s darker at the roots and lighter at the ends. L’Oreal Professionnel’s Ammoniafree INOA S/S 13 collection offers a subtle, natural, and professional Ombré result that more women can sport.

For this collection, L’Oréal Professionnel asked Nathan Walker to contribute his vision of great hair colour. The result: Ombrés Nature collection revisits the ‘La Maison’ codes through a fresh and modern interpretation of Paris. Honouring the prêt-a-porter side of the

Maison, the Ombrés Nature stylists created hair that’s both wearable and inspiring, yet is so de-coiffed that it requires the touch of a hairdresser. It aligns itself with the season’s fashion trends and positions Ombré hair as the perfect fashion accessory - hair that is rich, urbane, and subtle in colour.

Article & Images: Courtesy and copyright of L’Oreal Professionnel.

As the season’s catwalks abound with the over nature trend of bold, bright florals and oversized flower embroidery, Ombrés Nature interprets

this style in three distinct ways. While the sophisticated nature is very feminine and chic but twisted, the cool nature boasts of a laid-back, urban and slightly rebellious look. Pop nature on the other hand is high energy, colourful, audacious, adventurous, and very forward.


APRIL 2013


Sparkle Beauty

Flawless Complexion In Minutes Get a flawless, pro complexion in just two minutes with MAKE UP FOR EVER’s new compact powder foundation, PRO FINISH… After six years spent in the making to perfect its complex formula, MAKE UP FOR EVER released PRO FINISH that can be used wet or dry to produce an array of effects that are adaptable to suit different

skin types. When applied dry, it corrects and evens out the complexion with an instant matte coating that erases imperfections to achieve a full coverage, matte result; when applied wet, it offers a sheer, semi-


matte finish. Here’s how to get a pro look in just minutes from the professionals at MAKE UP FOR EVER:

Step 3

Pro Finish Wet Application Step 1: Wet the integrated sponge.

Step 1 Step2


Step 3: Apply on the whole face and neck with the sponge by sweeping smoothing movements. Make sure that you don’t apply too much around the eye contour area so not to increase the lines and wrinkles. When applied on the skin, the wet pigments are intensified. Wait to dry to obtain the right colour. RESULT: The complexion is smoothed and unified with a semimatte finish.

APRIL 2013


Article & Images: Courtesy and copyright of MAKE UP FOR EVER.

Step 2: Blend the product in the case lightly to get a smooth texture.

Step 1


Pro Finish Dry Application Step2

Step 1: Take the powder foundation directly from the case with the integrated sponge. Step 2: Apply on the whole face and neck with the sponge by sweeping smoothing movements. Repeat for additional coverage as needed.


RESULT: Ultra matte coverage.

Pro Tips For combination skin, apply wet Pro Finish on external parts of the face and dry on T-zone. For a sophisticated makeup: apply first a wet layer to even out, and a second dry layer to fix and improve the coverage.


Ask Sonja


Beauty Dilemmas

I love your regular tips on caring for our beauty! What do you suggest now that it’s turning summer? Michelle, Riyadh

Thank you Michelle! As for this season, my top tip is: beware of the outdoors! While enjoying the latest best-seller curled up in the sun like a sleeping cat is a great way to help your body relax and unwind from all of life’s stresses, you should still be aware of the dangerous health factors. While your body is relaxing, the sun and other natural elements could cause irritation and even harm to your skin and eyes, so take these precautions:

Ask Sonja

Eye Strain: As we age, it often becomes more difficult to read regular print. Carrying a pair of readers can help prevent eyestrain. But when outside, traditional readers don’t help protect your eyes from the sun. Usually, it’s just the opposite, and they magnify the glare of the sun. Coppertone invisible bi-focal Sunreaders, available through SelectA-Vision and at Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Harris Teeter, conveniently tackle both problems. These Sunreaders provide the best sun protection blocking both UVA and UVB rays on both the bottom lens portion, which contains the reading magnification spot, as well as the rest of the lens that functions as a safe sunglass. They also have a stylish curvature that adds additional protection from side light.

Confused about makeup? Having a problem making the most of your features? What products to use? Ask Sonja to solve your problems!

The beautiful outdoors are tempting, but it’s a good idea to be prepared for the dangers they offer. Keep these safety factors in mind the next time you head to the beach, the local pool, or a nearby park for a little bit of peace, relaxation, and a good story.


APRIL 2013

Ask Sonja

Bug Bites: Sitting still for too long outside can make you a magnet for bugs. Protect your skin with insect repellent, protective clothing, and even a spritz bottle filled with water. An added bonus is the spritz bottle can help cool you down when the sun gets too hot.

Dehydration: The old adage is that if you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Lying out during the warm summer months on the beach or in your own backyard can quickly lead to a case of dehydration. Keep a water source nearby like a water bottle or canteen, or enjoy a summery drink like lemonade to keep hydrated. Avoid alcohol, which could increase the risk of dehydration.

Answer Source:

Skin Damage: Curling up in summer sun can make you feel warm and cosy, but a potential sunburn can turn a fun afternoon of reading a romance into a painful evening. To enjoy your reading afternoon, find a shady spot for your read-a-thon and apply a good dose of sunscreen before settling down with your book. Also, before you head out, consider donning sun-protective clothing and bring along a shade hat to keep the sun’s glare off your face.


Floral prints, chic embroidery, and bold cuts embellish Spring/Summer 2013’s fashion for him and her‌

Urbane Spring/Summer Couture

APRIL 2013

Carolina Herrera

Images: Courtesy and copyright of their respective brands.

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Carolina Herrera



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Eden Park Collection


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Sonia Rykiel





One Scoop Or Two?


By Maddy McIndoe


or those that want to indulge in one of this summer’s biggest trends, but aren’t feeling ready to dip their toes into the sea of Aztec and animal prints currently doing the rounds on the high-street, then the new season palette may be just what the doctor ordered. This summer’s cool ice cream shades come in pastel hues of pink, blue and yellow. Washing over every item imaginable from romantic dresses, to the teeniest of shorts, to headbands and bags, candy-sweet colours have never looked so good. For the paler of complexion, a pair of sprayon skinnies or floaty chiffon skirt will keep lighter shades away from the face and prevent looking washed-out. Ease yourself into the trend with choice accessories and build up from there. Mixing and matching different colours is fine, but steer away from pairing two shades of the same colour together, a feat similar to the dreaded double-denim disaster. This slouchy, laid-back yellow blazer is a relaxed take on tailoring this summer. It will pull outfits together nicely without appearing too formal or ‘done.’ Throw over a print dress or dark jeans and a t-shirt for day and lace or leather for after-dark. Part sixties chic, part playful and girlie, this Park Avenue dress by Marks and Spencer has pocket detailing and a drop-waist, breaking up the block colour. The sculpted neckline adds a sexy edge. Alternatively, show off a summer tan in these jaunty yellow denim shorts by Next. This gorgeous midi number from New Look is slightly Olivia NewtonJohn in Grease. The length and pleat detailing both tick the on-trend box for this summer. Pair it with River Island’s clear sky blue belt to add a modern edge. Similarly, as we wouldn’t indulge in a 99’ Flake in the bleak winter months, this is one trend that will sadly disappear with the last of the summer wine. So pick a colour, or two, or three, and make the most of these jolly shades before they curdle. 1 Matalan. Vest SR 40, Hoop drop earrings SR 34, Coloured skinny jeans SR 91.


2 Next. Denim shorts SR 102. 4 F&F at Tesco. Blazer SR 159, Top SR 79, Bag SR 70. 5 F&F at Tesco. Turquoise ankle grazer jeans, SR 79. 6 Missguided. Gail blue top, SR 51.

7 Love Label supersoft skinny jean, SR 153.

8 New Look. Yellow pleat midi skirt, SR 113. 9 Marks & Spencer. Park Avenue dress, SR 221. 10 Monsoon. Lauren dress, SR 567.

All photography courtesy of PRshots


APRIL 2013


All photography courtesy of PRshots

3 River Island. Plastic belt SR 57.

44 4 66 6

55 5






10 10







Take It In Strides

he hottest way to stay cool this summer? By investing in a pair of brightly hued trousers. Chinos have officially invaded the high street. Ride the rainbow wave in an array of washed blues, pinks and reds. And it doesn’t stop at the ankle. Oh, no. Crank it up a notch in above-the-knee shorts in eye-popping shades. Who loves short shorts? This season, it seems you have no choice, my friends. Not one for wallflowers, these purple shorts by River Island epitomise the trend perfectly. Encapsulating both nu-rave and beach style rolled into one, they are a true statement short for the most dapper of chaps. Wear with a white T-shirt and canvas plimsolls. Accessorise with nonchalant cool and Ray-Bans. These canary yellow chinos by House of Fraser are another option. Eye-catching they may be, but they are not as difficult to wear as they look. Just keep the rest of your outfit toned down (tan loafers, dark blue shirt), and don’t go near any grass or red wine. A darker, green shade will last you through to autumn. This bright pair by Matalan is a lovely vivid shade – and at a mere – SR 126 is a perfectly cost-effective foray into the trend. Those looking for a pair of chinos with longevity should consider a more subdued shade. This washed red pair by Primark have a worn-in, vintage feel to them, and are considerably less faddy than others around. Similarly, these washed blue chino shorts, complete with turn-ups, are as easily worn in the city as on the beach. Wear with espadrilles and a printed, short-sleeve shirt.


All photography courtesy of PRshots


All photography courtesy of PRshots


APRIL 2013







1 Primark. Shirt SR 46, Chinos SR 57, Shoes SR 46 2 River Island. Chino shorts, SR 172. .


3 New Look. Straw hat SR 51, White shirt SR 86, Orange slim tie SR 34, Green chino shorts SR 86, Grey shoes SR 143. 4 Primark. Rasberry chinos, SR 69.

5 House of Fraser. Kenzo yellow chinos, SR 830 .

6 Matalan. Bright green chinos, SR 126. 7 Next. Chino shorts, SR 126. 8 Blue Inc. Men’s red longitude cargo shorts, SR 143.



h c e T g in lk a T


Top technology trends for 2013 that make life easier…

Here are the current top tech trends that can help you manage your hectic life and enjoy it a little bit more: Trend 1: Home security in the palm of your hand Keeping your home and loved ones safe is a top priority, and now new technologies make it easy to stay informed and protect your property and family even when you’re not there. How would you like alerts sent instantly to your phone or computer if a window breaks, a door opens, or a pipe bursts? If you have a Honeywell home security system, you can get all this and more when you stay connected through Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services. Remote services like this use advanced software technology to keep you informed about your property through alerts to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Kids come home early? You can see who is at your door via online video and unlock the door remotely. Keep children and elderly relatives safe by setting up alerts for restricted areas - you’ll know when a cabinet has been opened or a family member


APRIL 2013

leaves the property. Trend 2: Energy efficiency goes on autopilot What was once only imagined in fictional TV shows like the Jetsons is now reality. Homes are quickly becoming more automatic, allowing homeowners to use energy and resources efficiently, which reduces their carbon footprint as well as their utility bill. Lighting, heating, cooling, water use - just about everything your home does can be regulated automatically. Heating and cooling can easily be automated with a programmable thermostat. Tie it to your Honeywell alarm system so when you set the alarm, the system recognizes you’ve left the house and makes the necessary temperature adjustments. Controlling lighting is simple now too, thanks to remote technology. Forget to turn off the basement light and shut the garage door when you left this morning? Now you can verify through Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services on your smartphone and fix in a few clicks. Trend 3: Entertainment and learning made easy The way we watch TV is changing thanks to DVR technology that allows viewers to record shows and watch them when it’s convenient. Plus, you can fastforward through commercials. A DVR can be set to record multiple shows at once and you can even watch your recordings in different locations, whether

that’s a TV in another room or on your smartphone while traveling. How families read and learn is changing too. Today, people of all ages are opting to read ebooks. Rather than trekking to the library, you can now borrow books by downloading them online from the comfort of your home. In addition to ebooks, there are literally millions of apps that entertain and educate - today your toddler may learn colours or ABCs on your smartphone or tablet. Trend 4: Cooking is fun in a futuristic kitchen The kitchen is the heart of a home, and now technology is making this space more efficient than ever. Smart refrigerators now include LED screens with Wi-Fi capabilities. Make grocery lists, access recipes, listen to music, and more, all directly from your refrigerator. Ovens are smarter too - this year you can get an oven with a pre-programmed guide that takes the guesswork out of cooking popular dishes - simply select the recipe from the menu, place the dish inside and the oven does the rest, intuitively cooking the food to perfection and then switching to warming mode until you’re ready to eat. These tech trends are booming in popularity for good reason - they make modern life easier, enabling us to run our households and day in the most efficient manner possible.


Whether you’re a college student, working parent, or empty-nester, modern life has never been busier. Luckily, a variety of tech innovations are dramatically affecting the way we live, helping us streamline our routines, reduce stress, and maximize each minute of the day. Which new technologies are proving to be indispensable?

Trend 1














Brilliant Interiors

Design In Everyday Spaces Take cues from commercial spaces’ designs to update your home… Have you ever stopped to consider how much thought and effort went into the design of the spaces you visit every day? You may not realize it, but your favourite restaurants, neighbourhood grocery store, and go-to movie theatre follow some very specific design principles in order to create a unique space

storage areas - must be considered when working on a new project. One way commercial designers help create a unique look and feel throughout public spaces is through the use of repetition. Repeating a pattern, colour, or texture in more than one area of a space lends a feeling of continuity.

palette, textures, combination of materials, and accents prior to actually committing to a design,” Lord says. “For example, visiting high-end hotels can provide a great way to ‘live’ in a particular design aesthetic to see if it suits you.”

that’s both visually appealing and user-friendly.

According to Judd Lord, director of industrial design at Delta Faucet Company, this attention to detail makes commercial environments a great place to look for design inspiration. “Highly-designed commercial spaces allow people to get a sense of what their own home may feel like in terms of colour

hotel, look for hints of repetition. You may find that the orange sofas in the lobby, for instance, carry through to your guest room pillows or decorative accents. Or, perhaps the wrought iron door handles match the window hardware perfectly. The small touches that regularly go unnoticed help to create a distinct


APRIL 2013


Much like home designers, commercial architects and interior designers think of spaces in their totality. To a commercial designer, every area - from the entryway to the public bathrooms to the behind-the-scenes

The next time you stay at a

sense of place in commercial spaces. When deciding what design elements to incorporate into a commercial building, designers consider not only how certain aspects can enhance overall design aesthetic, but also how they can be used to promote functionality in the space. For example, when designing an entryway, commercial designers must think about who will be using the space and for what purpose. While a banquet hall designer may prefer curving staircases to help create the feeling of grand luxury suitable for weddings and debutante balls, it is likely that they will also incorporate an elevator to ensure the space is accessible to all guests. The important role functionality plays in commercial buildings is perhaps demonstrated most

readily when taking the public bathroom into consideration. For instance, a single-room bathroom with a plush sitting area and vanity mirror may enhance the shopping experience for customers at a high-end boutique, while busy shoppers at large malls may prefer multiple stalls to help avoid long bathroom lines. For both of these spaces, innovative products can help enhance the bathroom experience through increased functionality. For instance, on Delta faucets that feature Proximity Sensing Technology, the entire faucet acts as a sensor, activating the flow of water instantly and effortlessly when it detects the presence of your hands. Faucets that employ this type of technology are more dependable than traditional infrared sensors

that can be unreliable in low-light or when wearing dark clothing and are more susceptible to vandalism that can impair the functionality of the faucet. Building materials must also support the overall purpose of a space. Residential building materials are often chosen solely to help portray a specific design aesthetic, while materials used in commercial developments must be chosen with both durability and aesthetics in mind. Everything, from the floorboards to the light switches, must be able to withstand the wear and tear of repeated use as these spaces may be visited by thousands of people per day. While a small amount of wear in a private home may make the environment feel more welcoming and warm, the public tends to regard the same amount of wear in a commercial space as being aged and out of date. The next time you’re out shopping at the grocery store, try to appreciate the smallest design details, such as the layout of shopping aisles that make it easier for you to navigate the store and return home more quickly. Attention to these details not only helps a business operate efficiently, but could also help you replicate the experience in your own home.


Brilliant Travel

: n a p a J n o ti a n ti s e D

Popular Tourist Sites

Japan offers the hustle and bustle of modern city life, as well as slower, more contemplative venues such as gardens, national parks, and hot springs. Visitors can revel in delights such as technologically advanced Tokyo, or marvel at 14th century castles and tranquil Zen gardens, writes Welles…

Cosmopolitan Nagoya, situated in central Japan, is the country’s fourth largest city in terms of population. Home of Toyota Motor Corporation, which was formed during the 1930’s, it offers the tourist an interesting mixture of the old and new. One of its important historical sites is Nagoya Castle, originally built in 1612, where tourists can view paintings and artefacts that reflect 2,000 years of Japanese history. No one can dispute the historical significance of the destruction of the city of Hiroshima when the Unites States dropped an atomic bomb


APRIL 2013

there. In effect, that action brought about the end of World War II. Tourists are reminded of the enormity and horror of this wartime event with a visit to Peace Memorial Park where they view the ruins of the A-Bomb Dome, which is thought to be the exact spot

over which the bomb exploded. Nara National Museum is on the list of high priority visits for most Japanese tourists. Its collection of Buddhist sculpture, images, religious relics, and its Art Library are well known.

The museum, built in 1894, is considered an extraordinary example of Europeanstyle architecture from the Middle Meiji Period. The city of Nara has historical significance in and of itself as it was Japan’s capital city from 710 to 784. Two historical castles are visited by large numbers of tourists each year. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Himeji Castle, which can be reached from Kyoto in half a day, is considered an invincible fort because since the 14th century when its original structure was built, it has never succumbed to military assaults or natural disasters like earthquakes or fires. Modifications to the original castle were carried out by various clans, and finally completed in 1609. The castle, as seen by today’s tourists, has undergone no further changes since then. Declared a Historic Site, Hirosaki Castle, located at Shimo-Shiro-

Article: Welles via

For tourists, Japan offers the hustle and bustle of modern cities, many historical sites, some of which are showcases of architecture from centuries past, and a slower, contemplative yet invigorating experience at many national parks and hot springs sites.

gane-cho in the Aomori Prefecture, was built in 1611 by Lord Tsugaru. It boasts a three-storey tower and corner turrets and is well fortified by enormous gates and moats. Nestled inside of cherry trees, tourists especially like to visit Hirosaki Castle during the last week of April and the first week of May because that’s the short period when the sight of the beautiful cherry blossoms can be taken in and relished.

Tourists are attracted by its Lake Masshu, which is considered to be Japan’s most beautiful lake.

Built in 1879, the TakayamaKusakabe Heritage House was actually the home of the Kusakabe family who were successful merchants and moneylenders. Since the second half of the 20th century, the House has been a major attraction for tourists as a folk-craft museum where furniture and other Japanese items from the 18th and 19th century are displayed. After a fire, Jisuke Kawashiri rebuilt the structure in 1879. It’s representative of houses built by commoners during those centuries.

Besides the national parks, another way to wind down from the fast-paced cities and visits to historic sites is to walk

To escape from the larger cities, Japan offers tourists some beautiful national parks. At Daisetsuzan National Park tourists may catch a glimpse of brown bears and deer as they hike along trails that lead deeper into the mountains. Akan National Park is well known for its hot springs and crater lakes.

through the Chaniwa Gardens. The purpose of the Gardens is to offer its visitors a place of solitude, far removed from the world, where they can find enlightenment through meditation. The gardens lead to a teahouse where tourists can take part in a tea ceremony, a tradition that has a close connection to Zen Buddhism, which was introduced

into Japan during the Kamakura Era. Japan is home to many hot springs such as the Nyuto Onsen Springs, the Nikko Springs, and the Kusatsu Onsen Springs. At Kusatsu, weary tourists can relax in public baths fed by the springs. The bacteria-free springs contain minerals that are believed to cure dermatological problems. They also alleviate fatigue and muscle pains, conditions a tourist would experience at the end of his/her sojourn in Japan.



Lunch In Minutes It’s time to forget boring, bland, and unhealthy lunches. Take back your lunch break with these easy options that are both quick and nutritious… Rather than sitting down to a wholesome meal, do you spend your lunch break running errands, catching up on bills, or organizing your kid’s next big activity? Too often busy parents and working professionals have to choose between eating well and doing important tasks during lunch hour. It’s time to take back lunch with a few healthy ideas that will makeover your meals in just minutes:

Think Smart With Simple Proteins It’s no secret that proteins are healthy and leave you feeling satisfied for longer. But baking a chicken breast is not an option when you’re facing a busy lunch break. Instead, reach for proteins that are easy to prepare and store. For example, hard boil a few eggs and bring them to work. Stock up on yogurt (Greek styles typically have higher levels of protein) and

Hawaiian Rice Ingredients:

1 Container Minute Ready to Serve White Rice 1 Tsp sesame oil 1 Tsp soy sauce ½ Cup cooked low sodium turkey, cubed ½ Cup fresh or canned pineapple chunks ¼ Cup cooked green peas or sugar snap peas Directions: 1. Prepare rice according to package directions. 2. In a medium bowl, combine rice, turkey, pineapple, peas, sesame oil, and soy sauce. 3. Mix well. 4. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds and chopped cilantro if desired. 54

APRIL 2013

hummus with wholegrain crackers. Other nutritious options are canned tuna, canned chicken, or peanut butter. Rather than heading to the drive-through, these options offer plenty of protein and nutrients, leaving you satisfied without the sinking feeling that comes after eating junk food. Healthy Options You Can Keep In Your Desk Want a wholesome lunch Serves: 2

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that’s easy to keep in a drawer at work and is ready in just 60 seconds? Skip the ramen and opt for a healthier option. Minute Ready to Serve Rice is a healthy solution for the time-crunched lunch crowd. With fully cooked rice, there’s nothing to add. Just pop it in the microwave for one minute and you have a savoury lunch or afternoon snack. Plus, it’s conveniently packaged in two individual single-serve cups, making portion control simple. With a variety of flavours, it’s perfect as a standalone or when paired with canned soup (also easy to keep in your desk drawer), or mixed into a salad. Reinvent Leftovers With A Wrap Serves: 2

Leftovers can be a nutritious lunch option that also saves you a lot of money, but how many times do you get stuck eating the same thing twice, or sometimes three times, in a few days? Reinvent your leftovers by using a tortilla wrap. Wholewheat wraps are great for just about anything - fill with your leftover turkey, veal, beef, or chicken, add some cheese and salsa, and you now have a zesty wrap that’s good for you too. You can also microwave Minute Ready to Serve Rice and add to a wrap along with leftover meat or beans for a tasty and satisfying creation. Tortillas can stay fresh for a long time, so buy a package and store it in a sealed container in the fridge so this

handy food is always available for creative lunching. Stock Up On Convenient Produce What’s healthier than munching on fresh fruits and veggies? And when the weather is cold, fresh produce can really hit the spot, but if you don’t have it on hand, you’re more tempted to hit the vending machine. At the end of the weekend, cut up a plentiful supply of veggies and fruit to bring with you on Monday to store in the break-room fridge. That way when hunger pangs strike, you have a quick snack that’s easy to grab and go, and you always have a wholesome side on days you bring in leftovers or a basic sandwich.

Provencal Rice Salad Ingredients: 4 4 1 1 1 1

Cherry tomatoes, halved Black olives, sliced Container Minute Ready to Serve Multi-Grain Medley or Brown Rice Can (6 ounces) canned tuna, drained Tbsp apple cider vinaigrette Cup salad greens

Directions: 1. Prepare rice according to package directions. 2. In a medium bowl, combine rice, tuna, tomatoes, olives, and vinaigrette. 3. Mix well. 4. Serve over greens and/or with pita chips.


Dazztrology Aries March 21 - April 20 You could be having some trouble deciding between regular salaries and irregular commission checks, royalties, investments, etc. Both types of finances are positively connected to your professional success sector and to your inner peace sector at various times this month. There isn’t a classic right or wrong choice, but you just need to listen to your heart and decide which is going to cause you less stress, or find a way to create a combination of the two that gives you peace of mind. Taurus April 21 - May 21 Despite your personal disagreements about something or someone involving politics, laws, religious dogma, academia, mass media, cultural teachings, and/or long-distance travel, you’re still willing to open yourself up to learning and exploring within these areas of your life. You could be having a hard time with the bureaucratic, secretive, dysfunctional, and/or hidden elements of these topics, but still be happy to participate in an effort to become more enlightened, adventurous, and globally aware. Gemini May 22 - June 21 You feel as if you’re receiving mixed messages this month. On one hand, you’re getting strong positive energy promoting your love life, romantic commitments, and financial investments. On the other hand, your social life isn’t meant to come anywhere near your love life or your finances. You’re feeling stressed out as you deal with bureaucrats slowing down productivity at work. Luckily, your boss can smooth things over or they let you take charge so that you can resolve it your way. Cancer June 22 - July 23 As the month begins, one of your partners (or a rival) is unhappy about your reputation, professional path, or level of success, or they’re battling with your boss, father, or an authority figure in your life. They calm down by the end of the month. Your partners are ready to socialize, join teams, committees, and/or to get involved in internet-related activities with you. Your friends could help you to get this partner to see things differently and that alone could greatly improve your situation. Leo July 24 - August 23 Your career is demanding a lot of your focus this month. The good news is that you have some positive energy flowing through both your professional sectors: you come across as smart and hard working while taking on leadership roles, new positions, and/ or winning your peers’ respect. You get some drama at home as roommates, parents, or housing matters clash with your professional life, but you’re able to funnel more romance and/or wealth into your home life, which helps smooth things over. Virgo August 24 - September 23 You’re in the mood to travel, relocate, explore, or get involved in legal, political, religious, cultural, and/or academic pursuits. You’re encouraged to embark on all kinds of journeys. You could find that your extended family, neighbours, hometown, and/or local community aren’t too happy about whatever it is that you’re doing. But, your spouse, best friend, or business partner is very supportive and is even willing to join you in your adventurous activities.


APRIL 2013

By Skye Thomas Tomorrow’s Edge

Libra September 24 - October 23

A handful of planets are passing through your chart area that governs investments, commissions, joint resources, and profit sharing. They’re taking turns opposing Saturn in your chart area that governs personal income, assets, and self-wroth. They create a ‘mine vs. ours’ battle. The good news is that both ends of the battle are getting along with Neptune in your work sector. So, you’re more stressed about the idea of ‘mine vs. ours’ rather than having to deal with actual financial losses. Scorpio October 24 - November 22 A spouse, best friend, or business partner is repeatedly disagreeing with you this month. The good news is that the two of you have frequent opportunities to hear each other’s points of view, compromise, re-commit, spend quality time together, find common ground, etc. Your negotiations sector and your happiness sector are both helping the two of you to work through your disagreements in a way that is productive and helpful rather than just getting angry at each other. Sagittarius November 23 - December 21 The planet of profits is in your personal wealth sector sending all kinds of positive energy towards a handful of planets travelling through your work sector. This is a great time to be focusing on your financial and professional goals. There are times when you have some bureaucratic or emotional dramas to deal with, but mostly things should be going quite well at work this month.

Capricorn December 22 - January 20 You still have some lingering issues involving your home, retirement, real estate matters, landscaping or home-improvement projects, houseguests, roommates, or your parents. The good news is that a handful of planets are moving into your happiness sector, promoting the idea that you should fall in love, play, laugh, vacation, spend quality time with family, get creative, etc. It’s your turn to have fun and enjoy yourself. Next month, will be work-oriented, so schedule your play days now. Aquarius January 21 - February 19 Your wealth and professional success sectors are getting along well and they’re promoting the idea that you work on these topics. You have some strong and positive energy promoting focus on home life, parents, roommates, or retirement plans. Your public life and your private life end up clashing, but you’re able to throw money at the problem or re-work your budget so that money is no longer a cause for concern. Either way, you find financial solutions to the tug-of-war you’re experiencing. Pisces February 20 - March 20 Your home life is still doing well, but it’s your social life that’s bursting with positive energy. During much of this month, your chart area that governs local community, hometown, extended family, neighbours, negotiations, and commerce is getting along well with the chart area that governs friends, groups, and internet activities. You can use this for professional and social networking opportunities online and in person. You come across as clever, kind, and persuasive this month.


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Avoiding The Easter Bunny Blues Mary Muscari, associate professor in the Decker School of Nursing at Binghamton University, and author of Let Kids Be Kids: Rescuing Childhood, offers suggestions for keeping the Easter Bunny spirit alive and hopping….

Unfortunately, the time does come when young minds grow to the point where magic seems to get crushed into oblivion and children stop believing – typically around age 7 or 8. No more wishing for chocolate bunnies and squishy peeps. Depressed? Don’t


APRIL 2013

be. While not completely in the same iconic league as Santa, the Easter Bunny is more than a figment of the imagination. He’s the guy that opens to door to spring and a wondrous time of rebirth as well as a time to have some fun. Keep the spirit alive by lining up these fun activities: Have a reverse Easter egg hunt. Have the kids hide the eggs and make mom and dad find them. The losing parent cooks Easter breakfast (or picks up the tab at a local restaurant). Colour eggs. Make it a family tradition to talk about how eggs symbolize rebirth. It’s a great way to get everyone together and foster creativity. If you hate eating them, use that same time to come

up with some tasty hardboiled egg dishes. Or better yet, paint plastic eggs and keep them year after year, hanging them on an Easter tree. If you don’t have an Easter tree, make one with twigs and branches. Make mini Easter Baskets using colourful construction paper, fill them with tiny treats and deliver them to the residents of a local nursing home or school. Dress up. You don’t need to buy new clothes. Dig through your closets and refresh some old outfits or head to the nearest consignment shop and buy some gently used finery. Hold a high the gloves on scones sandwiches. longer have place mugs to give the high society.

tea. Put on and snack and finger If you no teacups, on saucers illusion of Go out and enjoy the weather. Spring is definitely in the air!

Article: Binghamton University, State University of New

“We live in a skeptical world, where without the Easter Bunny, fairies, dragons, and other magical wonders, there would be no childlike faith, no poetry, and no romance.” Studies of children’s brain activity actually offer evidence that children have very active imaginations. They experience theta wave activity - the brain stage that brings forward heightened receptivity, flashes of dream-like imagery, inspiration, and long forgotten memories - even when awake. Adults primarily experience this stage when their minds hover between sleep and wakefulness. Thus, children may be more adept than adults in forming varied and creative images - and why they see the Easter Bunny with such clarity when all we see is mounds of springcleaning.

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