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The Evolution of Wristwatches In this world of Apple’s smart phones and Android tablets, wearing wristwatches have become more of a thing of culture than a thing of function. A wristwatch is bought not because it can tell time but simply because it looks good. This explains why branded watches sell more than all other sorts of watches.

So, it is surprising, and somewhat ironic, to note that there was once a time when wristwatches were considered to be only a feminine jewel and nothing else. Real mean at the time were the people who had gold plated, diamond encrusted, heavy pocket watches. At that time, wristwatches were called wristlets and were worn by the ladies only. During this time, there were very few wristlets being produced with the branded watches being only the ones that were custom made by small, private manufacturers for the women. They were usually inaccurate time-keepers at the time. However, the trend changed during war times all over the world as men discovered the usefulness of wearing watches around their wrists instead of carrying more heavy loads in their already full pockets. They improvised and tied the face of their pocket watch around their wrists using strong cloth or leather or whatever they could find, as straps. These watches were successful in managing troop movements and practically won wars. Soon, wristwatches were a necessity and out of this necessity, a major and

current branded watches producing firm emerged. Soon, wristwatches were being produced for all kinds of army men, be it submariners, troopers, air force commanders and the like. Soon, the trend travelled quickly and found its way in to the fashionable saloons and dining halls of the sophisticated families who began to see these watches as a symbol of usefulness and dexterity. From then on, wristwatches have been commonly used by people of all classes and societies who realized what an important tool they were.

Now, however, it seems as if wristwatches have finally come full circle. They are produced more for making a strong, impactful fashion statement than anything else. Sure, their usefulness has diminished due to smart phones but their impact can never be lessened.

The evolution of wristwatches  

A wristwatch is bought not because it can tell time but simply because it looks good.

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