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Bryan Cheung

WHAT IS The One. Campaign is a charity project led by a sub-committee within the Chinese Society in LSE established two years ago. There are two main aims to this campaign: to raise funds, and more importantly, to raise awareness for the cause we are supporting. Every year, the one. Team initiates a series of charity events in both London and Hong Kong, where all funds are dedicated towards our selected charitable organization. Last year, we donated over 1200 pounds to the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Our funds came from a good variety of events, including charity sales and talent shows. This year is our third year and we’ve selected Project Little Dreams as our charity to which our funds are donated. One. Campaign has planned to break new grounds by experimenting with more creative forms of events such as the ONE and only Christmas Concert we are hosting this year, it is based on the theme of reminiscing the past and valuable experiences. More than 10 performers across the globe will be participating in this event. Most importantly, this first ever UK student-led charity concert will wrap up this year, welcoming the arrival of 2012. The One. Campaign does not only represent our contribution towards the community but it’s also a collective effort to make a difference on behalf of the student body at LSE. We pledge for your support.


Kevin Luk (Marketing Officer) So far my one. experience is great! Working with a group of friendly people, our subcom BB, according to Gladys, our boss, and I do mean every single one of us (even Cindy, our boss, again, who is wrongly perceived as evil by most of our fresher and plays fruit ninja at meeting). Initially, I wanted to try out something different, not academic, sport or music, ended up applying for a post in one. campaign. After the first event organised in LSE, where we raised £200, I was certain that it is what I want to do, despite I‘m rather unproductive, making jokes all the time. This concert is organised in an absolute rush, where we decided to hold it one month before the event date. This is the first time I have organise charity event at this scale. So how about you? What‘s your memorable moment or event?

Rachel Mok (Publication Officer) I joined One Campaign because, like my other teammates, I‘ve always enjoyed charity work. As a fresher, I wanted to meet new people who share the same interest as I do. It‘s great to be part of something as meaningful as One. Campaign.

Anthony Ng (Treasurer) As the treasurer in one campaign, I am responsible for all the money business. This includes working out our budget, creating spreadsheets for our cash flow and gaining subsidies from the student union.The reason I joined the one campaign is that I wanted to do my part for the society. Growing up in a reasonably well off family and be able to go to school abroad is not the general case in Hong Kong. Moreover, being in one o f the most prestigious university in the UK makes me think even further - why me? I believe if we live in a society, we should contribute to the society. Everybody should have the same opportunity to have a better education, a better life.Here, in one campaign, I can do my part.

Joyce Wong (Secretary) To me, the one. Campaign is much more than a platform of charity work. It is a medium to summon a group of individuals with the same ideals of helping others, to showcase creativity, compassion and commitment by producing events to raise the most funds and awareness for the respective causes, and to use all sorts of means to truly help who are the most needy of help. While the Campaign committee is exclusive to the selected few candidates, I believe that the Campaign as a whole is inclusive for everyone who is genuinely dedicated in helping the causes

WHAT IS Project Little Dream is a registered charity in Hong Kong and was founded in December 2008 by fifteen LSE Hong Kong students with a common dream—to further education in underprivileged area around the world. Today, slightly more than two years the establishment, 350 Cambodian children are studying English in the two schools built by Project Little Dream in Prey Rum Village and Kh‘na Rong Village in Taikoo, Cambodia. Each year, more than 60 volunteers from Hong Kong participate in the school-building projects that Project Little Dream organizes.


The Singers Caroline Mok Evelyn Leong Monsten Cheung Samara Gannon Helen Lee Yanyi Li

Bands Stranger Eyes (HKU Student Band) Vocal and Guitar: Benajmin Tong Guitarists: Jackson Chow, Kevin Hui Keyboard: Yuki Chan Drums: Desmond lam

Strawberry Minefield Bassist: Ivan Wat Guitarist: Dennis Kim Vocalist: Evelyn Leong Drums: Desmond Lam

SUB-COMMITTEE Alice Luo (Events Officer) Being a passionate community volunteer for many years, the only pity was not being able to organise fundraising events in both Hong Kong and London as the two places have significant influences on me. Joining the ‗One Campaign‘ not only fulfils what I longed for, it also makes me understand that we must use any opportunities presented by the current climate to make a change. In other words, despite the limited power we have, we can still make a difference on others. ‗Nobody can do everything but everybody can do something.‘ This is what I joined ‗One‘ for.

Darren Tai (Events Officer) I have always loved doing things for charitable causes, what better ways are there to support a charity than to organize something from scratch and fundraise with your friends? Being part of the one.campaign team exactly allowed me to do so. Given the success of the 壹夜成名 show last year, we are burdened with the expectation of producing something even bigger this year. After countless hours of tedious yet enjoyable meetings, the team is proud to bring you the One. and Only Charity Concert. GO ONE.CAMPAIGN! :D

Sanborn LI (Events Officer) Being largely involved with voluntary work in Hong Kong and relatively exotic places such as Cambodia and rural China, I became aware of profound differences in privileges enjoyed by people around the world and I have since been avid in seeking out charitable opportunities in Hong Kong as well as in London, such as the ―one. Campaign‖. What has particularly attracted me to one. is the team spirit it entails, when all of us come together to prepare for an event and when the entire team contributes together for one single cause. As a member of the team I am proud to present you with our major events of the year and I pledge for your support towards our continual efforts to help, and to empower

Vince Wong (Marketing Officer) The reason why I have joined one. campaign is because I would like to give something back to society by aiding those who are in need. By joining one. campaign, I am given the chance to raise awareness for the cause we are supporting, project little dream, by running a series of events. I remember the ‗blood, sweat and tears‘ we have put into making our special version of candied haws to sell at our stall during international week. In the end, it was 100% worth it when we see the amount of funds we raised. We work as a team here at one. and with the help from you guys, I‘m sure we can make a change. Life is short, so make the most out of it!

Directors Cindy Cheng (LSESU Chinese Society Director of Welfare - Director of one. Campaign 2011-12) From being the marketing director of the subcommittee last year to the overall person-in-charge this year, I have witnessed the growth in scale and prominence of the one. Campaign. What the LSESU Chinese Society has that is unique and that we take much pride in is the existence of the one. Campaign, and the reason of establishment is because we do not only care about our members, we care about the wider society. Put alongside the grave problems in the world nowadays, what we do may not mean a lot but I believe every little effort helps, and none will be ignored. After a month of intensive meetings, never-ending emailing, and a great deal of hard work, my subcommittee, Gladys and I have finally put together the One. and Only Concert – we sincerely hope you enjoy the show tonight!

Gladys Choy (LSESU Chinese Society Internal Vice President) One. Campaign is entering its 4th year and as a committee of LSESU Chinese Society, it is inevitably my responsibility to keep up its legacy. However, this is not it! One. Cause. One. Dream. It is in fact what I wanted to do all these years. I have always wanted to set up my own charity since young but as my parents are asian-minded… they will also say ‗daughter, this is not profitable! You won‘t make a living out of this!‘ Living through a hectic University life, you will often forget the disadvantaged people who are living across the globe, so one. Campaign has in fact offered this chance for me to contribute to the society. Last but not least, I would like to pass on my gratitude to Cindy and my other eight subcommittees. You guys are truly impressive. Go one.!

Groups Mockingbird

The Dancers Jazz Dance Group

Other Performers Sunny Yu

Special Guest Performer Jill Vidal 衛詩


One concert  

One. and Only Concert for ChinSoc