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hat is it, this faraway country? To conceive the general idea, it is better to learn this country on particular cities. We have chosen Triangle Tokyo – Kyoto – Osaka. Tokyo This city is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world. However, cultural factor and many parks prettify the city rush. Modern buildings were able to blend in with the architectural ensemble of the old buildings. One of the most interesting sights of Tokyo is Imperial Palace, surrounded by a beautiful park. Time seems to stand still there. Japanese keep everything clean so all the parks and public gardens are carefully groomed and green spaces are neatly sheared and are registered by the piece! Also, the Japanese are very polite both among themselves and with tourists. It's their nationality. Even if your English is not understood on the street, you’ll be led by the hand and pointed the way! Tokyo is famous for its world-class restaurants where you can taste traditional Japanese cuisine. If you're a fo-

odie and admirer of Japanese gastronomy, you should go to Tokyo! Here are the most of restaurants in the world with three Michelin stars but in general Tokyo has more than 100 Michelin facilities. You should book a place a few months beforehand in the popular restaurants. The average dinner in a Japanese restaurant can cost you $ 90 (dinner in the restaurant Ukai-Tei). By the way, you will not see women among sushi chefs! The reason is the difference in temperature of hands: men’s temperature is 1.5 degrees below than women’s. Tokyo has the world’s most crowded road intersection Shibuya Crossing: once the traffic signal has changed, hundreds of people shoot off in an instant, to pass through the crossing! Frilly overhead roads in Tokyo reach a height of six-seven-storey buildings. Despite the bustle of the day, you should choose the time to watch the sun going down! This is the best done from a 634-meter high TV tower Tokyo Sky Tree. It was built in just 4 years, from 2008 to 2012. Also, you can admire the panorama of the city from the view point of the old Tokyo Tower (built in 1958) —

To know which restaurant to go, it is better to consult a concierge Japan has

service at the hotel.

very little number of English-speakers, even among taxi drivers.

Premier Club Magazine #12 Winter 2013-2014  
Premier Club Magazine #12 Winter 2013-2014