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Premier dinning

Market square. Here the festival is launched by a street dramatic performance: actors at stilts, dressed in long wind-shaken loose overalls envision evil & good confrontation, where eventually the good wins after night finishes, and the day supersedes morning. In such a way guests are submerged into soft embracement of night — it has to be breathtaking! Many miracles are ahead. For the beginning you may go to the

Shadow Show Theatre. It will be especially exciting and amusing for both children and the grown-ups. The accompaniment of live music, shadow performances and of course the actors’ involvements do promise to be impressive. You have been to Lviv for many times but haven’t yet visited any excursion, have you? So you should do that at night! Walking tour across the city will allow to learn its history, be-

cause live was pulsing here once, and Lviv was connected by a direct communication with a polish Gdansk and other important medieval European centers. Buildings lighted with night illumination will disclose their secrets, stories and legends: first Lviv businessmen lived here, the high society amused itself there, further out the first “boutique” of chocolate was opened, nearby is a manufacture for the production of beer...

Premier Club Magazine #12 Winter 2013-2014  
Premier Club Magazine #12 Winter 2013-2014