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After two years of developing efficient workflows based on the different requirements of production, we found our way in one of the most sophisticated areas in business: Live Marketing. For some we are only a classic content-production factory, but for others we create rememorable brand experiences. Every project is unique and differs from all others. To come up with all that different needs, we have the right team as well as a highly professionalized framework of partners and freelancers. The size mostly doesnt matter, but: we like it big! Enjoy our first Workbook!

Work selection Highlite of the Year: Pioneers Festival When a conference starts to be an festival 120 Years: Elektra Bregenz 3D Mapping Show for a big anniversary Location: Chaya Fuera Austria´s biggest visual installation A Christmas Eve Musical stars performing with an “enlightened” stage Houska Preis Austrias biggest privately held science award Hoher Markt: Palais Principe Austria´s most expensive city-penthouse opens doors

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Vienna Awards for Fashion & Lifestyle On the red carpet to a special opening show

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Ronald McDonald Kinderhilfe Gala A panoramic pojection with more than 130 meter

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IBM Gala Traveling by train with 24 projectors in panorama

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Global 2000: Tomorrow Festival 3D Mapping show onto a nuclear power plant

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Clubs & Festivals Stage Designs and live Visuals

Pioneers Festival 2012

When a conference starts to be an festival

Briefing creating a new level of entertainment on a tech-conferences, establish a unquie brand and lifestyle for the startup-scene.

Featured on: Wired, Techcrunsh, Forbs, GigaOM, The Wall Street Journal, The Next Web and many more! Overview: From script to the entire event design & direction. Standing ovations for an outstanding award ceremony “The Pioneers Festival wins the prize for Europe’s best start-up event hands down.” Alexander Osterwalder, Author of Business Model Generation, Business Model Guru

Hardfacts Pioneers Festival took place 30th and 31st of october in the imperial palace of vienna. 2500 people formed an outstanding mix of visitors. More than 60 international speakers, startups from different areas like med-tech as well as aerospace created an varied pricture of the european and international scene.

Pioneers Festival 2012

Overview With an outstanding team of 37 people and a framework of five different specialized partners we realized the complete dramaturgical conception and production More than 60 international speakers including Siri founder Adam Cheyer, Dave McClure, Esther Dyson and Matt Mullenweg made the event to a high class start-up congress. Trial Bike and Fashion Show at noon, a spectacular Pioneers Challenge Award Ceremony, startups from all continents and more than 50 countries, massive media coverage and around 2700 visitors were rocking Vienna’s imperial palace. Based on a Television-Corporate Design-styled concept, each program item had a special bumper with sound and a programmed light show. Special were the formats „Clash of the Founders“and the „Pioneers Challenge“, with a complete dramaturgical course.

What we did Concept & Script Started with a brainstorm, and an idea of the customer, we developed all Scripts and stage processes Technical Planing + Execution Two floors, MediorNet infrastructure with 20 screens as guidance, system, panorama projections Stage Design The complete stage out of more than 200 pallets Corporate Event Branding Award Ceremony 5 minute ceremony for the announcement of the winner, with an extreme-sport video intro, 3D mapping and pakour athletes


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