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Da’Jia Cornick Apple, Google, Facebook Small Center in a Large city

Islam was never the popular religion in America and 9/11 did not encourage the acceptance, therefore, it seems logical for the Islamic Center of America located in Dearborn Michigan founded in 1962, to try to establish an open and diverse relationship within its community and also in America. In order to live up to the open and welcoming nature they have created, the Mosque uses the media in order to reach out to people and to bring them into their community, and culture.


location in Dearborn, MI aids in the necessity to provide an open and enriching community. Dearborn is home to many Christians and also the Ford factory. The community is diverse and so the Mosque tries to build and sustain their Islamic culture here in Dearborn and in America.

Because it is a religion it is still selective about whom they are reaching out to; however, they also wish to educate others around about the faith. The first way to establish who they are and their goals the Mosque has a website. On the website they have created a mission statement which states, “The purpose for which the Islamic Center of America was formed is to receive, administer and distribute funds to; preserve and teach





perpetuate the social, moral, and religious standards of Muslims in the United States; teach the Arabic language; educate the American society about Islam and the Arab culture and to promote a positive relationship with the religious Marj'aiyah that follows the Ja'afari School of Ahlul Bayt.” The fact that they have a website shows that they care to be open with the world because the internet is where everyone connects. Their mission isn’t just to bring in Muslims but to also “educate the American society about Islam”. Along with trying to educate America, the Mosque tries to bring in Muslims and to encourage involvement in the Mosque and with the faith as a whole. On their website they broadcast live Friday prayer, praying schedule and event calendars, which are open so people can put in their own events.

These features on the site allow people to experience the religion or to be connected to the Mosque. It is important that they do this because in the mission they encourage community involvement. Similar to this, the Mosque use a website called where they do live broadcasting of Mijalis, Noaha, Marsiya, lectures and other Islamic events. The broad castings are often in different languages as well. This contributes to the diversity they encourage.

Also on this website, they allow people to comment or fix the site if they feel it is any errors and they












The religion is branching out and broadcasting itself so that people can get involved and it also educates others in America. However this broadcasting and internet involvement is a much recent thing. The website began in 2011 which can be seen on this website. And also

the Mosque began using Facebook more in 2011. There was one post in 2006 but in 2011 is when it appears they are really posting and using the internet in order to branch out. Facebook is also used for posting videos, but on Facebook there is a much larger audience and this site allows for posting and commenting by others involved in the mosques. They use Facebook to promote upcoming events, world events, or even words of encouragement or sections from the Quran.

The use of each one of these sites are very different but they are for the same purpose of promoting the faith and trying to establish an open and welcoming community for the people involved in the faith and for those who are not. The use of their own website is more for background information about the Mosque and trying to provide information to those who are involved in the Mosque but also for others who are curious about the faith and what it does. It also allows people to donate to the organization and plan for volunteering and activities. The use of the I think is more useful to Muslims because it is broadcastings of the lectures and other events going on within the Mosque. Although provides information about the mosque and how to get involved in it, Facebook and Twitter have a more social agenda because it allows people to interact with the church by commenting and retweeting. Facebook allows the Mosque to post pictures and it seems more appealing on Facebook then its other sites that I viewed. The Facebook page is full of events while the event calendar on the website is blank. It seems people use Facebook more because Facebook is more active and a part of everyday life for most people. So now that they have a Facebook page it can be a part of the daily checkup of its members. To conclude, the use of the internet allows the Islamic Center of America to bring in outsiders and to bring in members. The media allows the religion to be educate those who are unaware and those who are curious to join in. These sites promote the faith and the center as well. It does this because the sites are posting different events that are going on to bring people in and get them involved along with prayers and lectures that someone may miss or someone might be unable to get to. I can listen to the lecture or the prayers if I wanted to. It’s no longer necessary to be Muslim in order to see what goes on in the Mosque because one of their goals

are to educate American society. The Islamic Center of America broadens the Islamic faith to not just Muslims and this establishes a more diverse community. Websites,Dearborn, +MI&gl=us&ei=F6ooU4qeJer4yQH7hoCYDQ&ved=0CK4BELYD

App goog fb final paper  
App goog fb final paper