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2013-14 ESOL Part-time Pathway to Employment Student Handbook – Grahame Park

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My Course Details


Will I take an exam?


Course Information


What do I need to bring?


Tutorials and Individual Learning Plans


What do I do if I’m late?


What do I do if I can’t come?


Numeracy & ICT Classes


Student activities and speakers


About Grahame Park: College Facilities


About Grahame Park: First Aid & Fire Exits


Other College Centres


Using the College Computer Network


Barnet and Southgate College E-learning


How to use your e-ILP


ESOL Student Code of Conduct


ESOL Learning Agreement






We wish you success at Barnet and Southgate College and hope you enjoy your course! 2

ESOL Part-time GRAHAME PARK Welcome to Barnet & Southgate College!

The ESOL Part-time Course team welcomes you to Grahame Park. We want to make sure you get the most from your course of studies. You will meet students who are from countries all over the world and there is a wealth of cultures to share: this makes the ESOL Part-time course a very special course indeed.

Enjoy your course at Grahame Park!

ESOL Part-time Term Dates 2013-2014 Autumn Term

10th September – 20st December 2013 (Half term 28th October – 1st November 2013)

Spring Term

6th January – 4th March 2014 (Half term 17th February –21st February 2014)

Summer Term

22nd April – 4th July 2014 (Half term 26th May – 30th May 2014) (Bank Holiday Monday 5th May 2014)


Course Information: Part-time ESOL courses You can do an ESOL Part-time Pathway to Employment course at these levels: Pre-entry

Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Level 1

Level 2

Your tutor will give you a test during your first week at college to check your language learning needs. If your tutor decides that you need a higher or lower level or a different course, you may have to change your class. My Course Details Course




Teacher’s name(s) ………………………………………………………………………………

Will I take an exam?

For Entry 1-Level 2 courses (not Pre-entry), you will work towards the Edexcel ESOL Skills for Life Qualification on your course. There are three exams: •

Speaking & Listening



Your teacher will decide which exams you are ready to take. Every student (E1-L2) will take at least one ESOL exam.  During the year you will have tasks and tests to check your learning and progress.  If you have any special need in class or for exams, please let

your teacher know at the beginning of the course.


ICT and Numeracy If you have enrolled on an ICT or numeracy course, you will do Functional Skills qualifications, and your teacher will decide which level exam you will take.

What do I need to bring?

You need:  a ring binder file

 dividers  A4 paper  pens, pencils and a rubber  a notebook

You must organise your work.

File your work in a ring binder and use the dividers to organise it. Your folder of work will be used to check your progress.

You must concentrate in your lesson. Please switch your mobile phone off before you go into your classroom and put it in your bag or pocket. 5

Tutorials and Individual Learning Plans Your teacher will meet with each student individually – one-to-one every term. Your teacher will make an appointment for a tutorial with you to talk about your learning. You and the teacher will make a list of things you should do after classes to help you learn. This is called an Individual Learning Plan, or ILP. You will be able to see your ‘e-ILP’ on a computer – see page 15 of this handbook. If you need help, advice or have a problem with your studies, please ask for help. Your tutor may be able to help or tell you where you can get help in the college.

What do I do if I am late?

It is important to come to class regularly and on time, but if you are late, go into the class quietly. Tell the teacher why you are late. Any lateness will be recorded by the tutor.

What do I do if I cannot come to college?

 You must tell your tutor if you cannot come to college.  You will need to bring proof of hospital appointments, interviews

etc. Please do not make your appointments for times when you have classes.  If you don’t attend at least 90% of your classes, you may

lose your place. 6

 If you are absent for more than 2 weeks without giving us a

good reason your teacher will give your place to someone else.

 If you cannot come to class and you did not tell your teacher before,

phone your tutor and leave a clear message.

My tutor’s number is:……………………………………………………

Moving number,

home? If you change your address or telephone you must tell your teacher.

For students who have enrolled on ICT and numeracy classes

ICT - Information and Communications Technology In these lessons you will use the computer to further develop your language skills. You will be given the opportunity to use the computer to carry out a range of useful and common tasks required for everyday life, work and study. A variety of computer features and programmes will be used to help you efficiently look for information, and effectively edit, proofread and present your work.

Numeracy The course will cover the following areas: 7

mathematics and the language of maths:

number, measures, shapes and handling data.

division, multiplication, fractions and percentages.

solving problems using mathematics and the language of maths.

analysis of numerical information e.g. tables, charts, graphs and diagrams.

This course will help you in your future studies and work. You will work towards a Numeracy qualification at Entry level, Level 1 or 2.

STUDENT ACTIVITIES & SPEAKERS TRIPS Students will have the opportunity to go on many trips during the year, such as:

 The British Museum  The Victoria &Albert Museum  The Natural History Museum  St Albans  Kenwood House  Houses of Parliament  And many more….

SPEAKERS Speakers will be invited to help you with life in the UK, such as:

 CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau)  Voluntary Work  Police (safety talk)  Barnet Refugee Service


EVENTS There will also be many events during the year, where you can have a lot of fun, as well as learn English!

 Black History month… Story teller, African Drumming, and more…  End of term parties  Careers Fair to help you think about next year  International Day  Your suggestions are also welcome! 


About Grahame Park


The Learning Centre has excellent ESOL learning materials and a large number of computers for the use of students.


A Gym and Sports Hall – there are a number of sporting activities during the year.



Students can get good offers for haircuts and other treatments in the Hairdressing and Beauty Salon.


If you’re hungry, you can go to the Refectory for a hot meal or get a quick coffee and snack from the vending machines in the Students’ Common Area.


Students can get help and advice about many different things like childcare and benefits from Learner Services. Just go to the Learning Centre to make an appointment. Students can also get guidance for their future study plans from the Careers Advisors. Again, go to the Learning Centre to make an appointment for this.


There is a crèche beside the college for young children but you must book early to get a place for your child. Ask your tutor or Reception for details. 11


Look at the notice board for student activities organised for Grahame Park students. Your teacher will also give you details during the year.


First Aid

Ask your teacher what to do and who can help


an emergency at college.

Fire Exits

If you see a fire, tell your tutor or Reception. Make sure you know where all fire exits are in the building. These are signposted around the building. If you hear the fire alarm, go with your class to the nearest fire exit. Wait together with the other students from your class and make sure your teacher can find you.


Barnet & Southgate College Campuses

Barnet and Southgate College has five campuses across the London Boroughs of Barnet and Enfield.

A: Wood Street Campus Wood Street, Barnet EN5 4AZ Tel 020 8200 8300 Tube: High Barnet (Northern Line, Zone 5) Bus:34, 84, 107, 184, 234, 263, 307, 326, 384, 389 Find out more about Wood Street


B: Grahame Park Campus Grahame Park Way, London NW9 5RA Tel 020 8200 8300 Car: On-site parking available. Tube & train: Colindale (Northern Line, Zone 4) and Mill Hill Broadway (Thameslink) are just a 20-minute walk or a bus ride away. Bus: 113, 186, 204, 221, 302, 303, 382 Find out more about Grahame Park C: Southgate Campus High Street, Southgate, London N14 6BS Tel: 020 8982 5050 Tube: Southgate (Piccadilly line, Zone 4). The Southgate Campus is approximately 200m/2 minutes walk from the station. Bus: W6, W9,121,125, 298, 299, 382 Find out more about Southgate D: Edmonton Green Campus 2nd Floor, 23 St. George's Chambers, South Mall, Edmonton Green, London N9 0TS Tel: 020 8345 7209 Train: Edmonton Green (Greater Anglia) Liverpool Street to Cheshunt Bus: 102, 144, 149, 191, 192, 259, 279, 349, 491, W6, W8 Find out more about Edmonton Green

Your college ID card will allow you to use facilities at all centres.

Using the computer to improve your English There are computers in the Learning Centre and many classrooms. We have special software for learning English and a list of many websites that will also help you to learn. To use a computer you must have a User ID (your student number) and a password. Speak to your teacher or Learning 14

Centre staff to get a password. You will also be given 250 credits. When you have finished your credits you must pay for printing. Keep your password safe and make sure you can remember it. You will need to change your password every term. Your teacher may ask your class to use computers in a lesson and you will need to know your password. Speak to the Learning Centre staff to book a computer there. You can also use the Barnet and Southgate College website to practise your English at home. Go to: You will need to enter your User ID (this is your student number) and password. Then you can use the practice materials on Moodle (see page 12).

There are many websites to help you with your English including:

Barnet and Southgate College E-Learning The College IT Network gives you new opportunities to learn online, anytime, anyplace. 15

You must use the college network for learning and study only.

Be responsible and professional.

Respect the privacy of everyone else using the college system

Do not post material that might upset others online. Remember to stay safe


Moodle - Your course page Moodle is an area on the college network where students can find important information about their course and extra practice for reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary. You will find out more about Moodle during the first weeks of your course. Finding your course on Moodle Open the Barnet and Southgate College Moodle site or via the MLE. After entering this address Moodle will appear with a Login box on the top left that looks like this:

Enter your Username and your password here then click the Login icon and you will then be logged on to the Barnet and Southgate College Moodle network.


After logging on, you will be directed to a new page listing the courses you are enrolled on: Click the course you wish to enter.

Mahara is a student’s personal learning space. It should show all the hard work that you do in college. To access Mahara click the Mahara icon on you Moodle course page: You will then see your Mahara homepage, showing you the different sections of your personal account:


On Mahara you can write about yourself, list your skills/your goals, write blogs and upload assignments set by your lecturers, and so build an e-portfolio. You can submit work for your teachers on Mahara, to do this, upload the necessary file and place it in a ‘View’ – a page that can be shared with teachers/lecturers etc.

How to see your e-ILP

On Moodle you will find your Individual Learning Plan.

Click on the ‘My ILP’ link and you will be taken to your ILP page.

From here, you can: •

Enter your courses, qualifications and goals on ‘My Information’

Set targets for yourself on ‘My Targets’

Discuss progress with your lecturer on Progress Reviews

Keep a record of your progress on Celebrations and Concerns 19


Summarise your achievements in Progression

Using the e-ILP gives you a new way to show your progress through your time in Barnet and Southgate College.

At the start of the year your teacher will show you how to use Moodle, Mahara and your e-ILP.

Barnet and Southgate College Student Code of Conduct These rules will make sure the College is a safe and enjoyable place to work and learn in. You should:


be kind and polite to all people and respect others and their possessions


look after the College buildings and the equipment you use


wear your ID card and never give it to anyone else


show your face to security staff if you are asked to


never do things which upset other people; do not be unkind to people about the way they look, their sex, their age, their beliefs


not smoke in the College buildings


not bring drugs and alcohol into the College



keep the College clean and tidy


only eat and drink at break time


never cheat when you are doing tests or exams


be careful and safe at College so you do not hurt yourself or others


come to every class and arrive on time


never use mobile phones where it might disturb other people


use computers only to help you learn; do not use the Internet in a way which breaks the College IT rules.

If you break any of these rules you will be disciplined, you might have to leave the College. Signed by Student

Print name



Signed by Tutor

Print Name


…………………………………… …………………………



What we expect from you

`  Come to class every lesson.  Come to class on time.  Bring a file with you.  Bring paper, pen and pencil.  Take an active part in the class.  Switch off your mobile phone.  Do your homework.  Tell your tutor if you cannot come to class.  Speak to your tutor if you are unhappy about any of your classes.  Look at your e-ILP and try to achieve the targets from your tutor.

How we will help you:  We will help you improve your English.  We will make your lessons useful and interesting.  We will speak to you one-to-one about your English.

We want you to feel happy learning English at Grahame Park. We want you to tell us if you are not happy!

We wish you success at Barnet & Southgate College and hope you enjoy your course! 22

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

If you are worried about the safety or welfare of another student, or you do not feel safe yourself, there are staff in the college to help you. You can call  020 8266 4077 or go to the address below for more information.


Appendix 

College Policies

Conduct for External assessments/tests

Absence & Punctuality

Disciplinary Procedures

Student Appeals Against the Assessment of Performance

The Role of the Personal Tutor and Tutorials

The Role of the Student Representative

Complaints Procedures

Additional Support

The Role of the Attendance Liaison Officer

UCAS Application Support

Fire Procedures

First Aid Procedures

All college student information can be accessed on the College website:


Student handbook PT ESOL GP 13-14  

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