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DINING IN NEW YORK CITY New Yor k City is wor ld famous for its eclectic assor tment of fine dining options, including some of the most highly r egar ded luxur y r estaur ants in the wor ld. Fr om exciting and unique star t-ups to long-time favor ites, New Yor k City has no shor tage of fine dining options.



Eleven Madison Par k Contemporary Luxury A Michelin star is among the highest honors a restaurant can achieve, and it's no doubt Eleven Madison Park deserves such an award. With a 3-star Michelin rating, this contemporary dining experience delivers the ultimate fine dining experience. Recently, T he Word's Best rated Eleven Madison Park among the Top 3 restaurants in the world, and T imeout calls it the "number one restaurant in New York City." No vacation to the Big Apple is complete without a visit to Eleven Madison Park, so make your reservation today to secure your table.


Est ela NYC

Le Ber nar din

Fine Dining on Houston St.

Parisian Elegance in N YC

Among New York City's newest fine dining establishments, Estela NYC is a fantastic new addition to the area's already bustling restaurant scene. Started in 2013 by T homas Carter and I gnacio Mattos, Estela NYC is located in the building which once housed the Knitting Factory, one of New York's vintage music venues. Despite its recent establishment, Estela NYC was recently ranked the 44th best restaurant in the

I n 1972, the legendary duo of Maguy and Gilbert L e Coze started L e Bernardin in the heart of Paris. T he luxury restaurant served only fish, and after recieving a total of 3 Michelin Stars by 1980, the L a Coze brothers set out to open L e Bernardin in New York City. Today, Maguy L a Coze heads the restaurant, working diligently to prepare the finest fish dishes found anywhere in New York City. L e Bernardin has been rated the 24th best restaurant in the world by T he World's Best.


Daniel Elegant Ambiance in N YC A member of the Relais & Chateau, Daniel was started by the world famous Chef Daniel Boulud as a place to enjoy elegant ambiance, world class wine, and award-winning French cuisine. Among its many fine fish and meat plates, Daniel also offers an extensive vegetarian menu with flavors you're sure to love.

Jean-Geor ges Contemporary Sustainability Jean-Georges is one of the first fine dining establishments in New York City to support non-GMO farms and promote vendors who provide sustainable products. T heir attention to detail begins with the produce, which is carefully selected based on their sustainability and quality. 8

Dishes are prepared with organic ingredients, allowing the establishment to have a positive impact on the environment while providing your with a memorable meal. Jean-Georges hopes the lead the way in sustainability, with other fine dining establishments around the world following suit.

Gabr iel Kr eut ner Comfort & Luxury Named after its founder, Gabriel Kreutner was recently opened in June of 2015. Guests are treated to a breathtaking view of Bryant Park as they enjoy their meal. I n its first year of service, the Alsatian-inspired eatery has proven itself as one of the restaurants you must visit during your stay in NYC.

The Clock t ower NYC

The High St r eet on Hudson

Vintage Design Meets Modern Beauty

The Finest Pastries in N YC

Started by Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton , the Clocktower NYC is a lively new addition to the city's fine dining scene. T he restaurant features three dining rooms, each adorned with vintage black and white photos following a different theme for eat room. With an eclectic menu and truly one-of-a-kind decor, the Clocktower is sure to please each of your senses.

New York City is known for it's quality pastries as well fine dining, and the High Street on Hudson delivers: in the morning, you can find freshly baked pastries, prepared just as the start of dawn for your breakfast pleasure. I n the evenings, High Street offers a variety of quality plates and pastas, as well as a wide selection of wine for you to choose from. 9

New York City

Luxur y Hotel Guide Our top picks from uptown luxury to downtown boutique. Each year, millions of visitors flock to New York City to enjoy fine dining, world-class shopping, and beautiful architecture. W hile the sights you see in New York may make up the majority of your planning, where you'll stay also has a major impact on your experience in the greatest city on Earth. Hundreds of luxury hotels punctuate the blocks of NYC, but choosing the perfect accommodations for you and your family during your stay can be tricky the sheer number of fine

hotels can make choosing the right one a challenge, even for seasoned travelers. By following our L uxury Hotel Guide to New York City, you can choose the perfect accommodations for your next vacation, from the modern elegance of Mandarin Oriental, to the city's crown jewel - the Pierre. W hatever your tastes may be, New York City is sure to have a luxury hotel which meets and exceeds your wildest expectations for relaxation and opulence. 11


Mandar in Or ient al Modern Elegance Overlooking the New York City Skyline Overlooking Manhattan, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel offers gusts a bird's eye view of the city from their guestroom unlike no other hotel in the city. During your stay, you'll experience five-star luxury at it's finest, as you enjoy the epitome of service and relaxation on during your New York City vacation. W hen you're not peering at the skyline from your modern, elegant room, you can spend time at Mandarin Oriental's world-renowned spa, which offers dozens of treatments you're sure to love. After the spa, visit the hotel's highly-acclaimed restaurant to end the evening with a fine meal overlooking the New York Skyline. 12

Cr osby St r eet Hot el Vibrant History with Added Luxury L ocated in the historic SoHo district, the Crosby Street Hotel brings modern beauty to the cobblestone streets of downtown Manhattan. T he hotel features 86 rooms, each decorated differently than the last, offering a unique experience to each guest that changes every time they stay. W hen you're not spending time in the eclectic and creative shops of SoHo, take some time to enjoy the Crosby Street Hotel's all-American Crosby Bar. T here you can enjoy a hand-mixed cocktail and fine American cuisine, from day to night.

Baccar at Hot el & Residences

The Rit z-Car lt on

The Best in Contemporary Luxury

The Heart of Midtown Manhattan

Art connoisseurs from around the world have traveled to experience the Baccarat Hotel & Residences, due to their Parisian inspired design and decor, as well as their private art collection. Guests can admire the works of world-renowned artists from around the world during their stay at the Baccarat, as well as the Spa de L a Mer, which offers world-class spa treatments for both men and women.

T he Ritz-Carlton is perhaps the most famous five-star hotel in all of New York City, a title well-deserved. W hether you're enjoying a warm cup of tea in the hotel's Star L ounge, or you're enjoying the breathtaking views of Central Park South, the Ritz-Carlton has something to offer each of its guests. Because of its central location, a number of popular NYC destinations are just a short walk away, including L incoln Center, Fifth Avenue, and Broadway. Named the # 1 L arge City Hotel in the US by T ravel + L iesure, the Ritz-Carlton is a must see for all travelers to New York City.

"Guests can admire the works of renowned artists during their stay." Waldor f Ast or ia An N YC Landmark in Midtown Manhattan T he Waldorf Astoria is the perfect destination for anyone looking to lay in the lap of luxury during their stay in New York City. One of the most famous hotels in the Big Apple, the Waldorf Astoria is famously known for housing movie stars and other historic figures in its lavish guestrooms and suites. T he hotel features the Guerlain Spa, an award-winning location where you can experience a massage or body treatment from one of their world-class staff.




The Tower s at Lot t e

The Chat wal

Experience the Luxurious

Historic Elegance in the Theater

"New York Palace" Known as the "New York Palace" to many, the Towers at L otte offer stunning views of 50th street and Madison Avenue. T he hotel features unrivaled, spacious guestrooms and suites unmatched by other luxury hotels in the city. Each room features sumptuous amenities, such as exquisite marble baths and nightly turn down service. T ravelers with a taste for indulgence will relish the royal treatment the Towers at L otte have to offer.

District Named one of the top 10 Best Hotels in New York City by T ravel + L eisure the Chatwal is one of NYC's most iconic places to stay. L ocated in the heart of the theater district, you'll never be more than a few steps away from Broadway's best performances. Since its construction in the 1930's by Stanford W hite, the Chatwal has undergone a number of renovations to bring modern beauty and luxury to its vintage walls.

Ref iner y Hot el

The New Yor k EDITION

Modern Style Meets 5- Star Class

Opulence at its Finest

Fans of fashion and modern style will be quite satisfied by the look, feel, and location of the Refinery Hotel. L ocated in the heart of New York City's fashion district, this hotel has housed hundreds of models and fashion designers as they may their way to prestigious events in the Big City. T he guestrooms overflow with opulence and modern amentities, such as HDT V 's and custom furnishings. W hen you're not lounging in your room, you can check out the hotel's state-of-the-art fitness room to stay in shape during your stay.

T he EDI T I ON hotels are known around the world as some of the finest places to stay, and carry a world-class reputation wherever they are built. T he New York EDI T I ON is part of this luxurious hotel series, and it carries the same opulence you would expect from the other EDI T I ONs. Each room feels like a private home, with high-end furnishings and solid oak floors. I f you're looking for the best in beauty and service, the New York EDI T I ON is a marvelous choice for your next stay in the Big City. 15


The Pier r e, a Taj Hot el The Cr own Jewel of Manhattan The Pier re boasts itself as the "crown jewel of Manhattan," and you'll hear no ar guments from those who have stayed there: located just outside Centr al Park, the Pier re is just minutes away from the eclectic boutiques of Fifth & Madison Avenues and some of the finest restaur ants in NYC. The Pier re is the hotel of choice for movie star s, industr y heads, and people of power thanks to its r ich opulence and unmatched classic beauty. No stay in New York City is complete without at least a night in the Pier re - NYC's undisputed crownjewl.

"T he Pierre is just minutes away from the eclectic boutiques of Fifth Avenue."


1 Hot el Cent r al Par k Your Centr al Par k Retr eat Take a vacation from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple as you retreat to your quarters at 1 Hotel Central Park. L ocated in the very heart of Midtown Manhattan, 1 Hotel Central Park offers unmatched views of the city's famous center piece: Central Park. Touches of nature are featured in every room to help you get away from it all during your stay; every room features natural an reclaimed materials to bring the outdoors to you. W hen you're not relaxing in your guestroom, take a complimentary ride in one of the hotel's Tesla premium vehicles, or workout in the 24-hour fitness room. However you choose to spend your time, you're certain to enjoy

"Every room features natural an reclaimed materials to bring the outdoors to you. "



Rooftop Patios in New York City

Top of t he St r and

Salon de Ning

Enjoy NYC's Finest Rooftop Bar

Wor ld- class Cocktails

L ocated on the 21st floor of T he Strand Hotel, one of New York City's finest places to stay, the Top of the Strand patio is among the top ten rooftop bars in the world. Take in stunning views of Manhattan as you enjoy the social, friendly atmosphere and a handcrafted beverage. I f you're visiting New York City during the winter, have no concern: the Top of the Strand features a retractable glass roof which allows you to enjoy the breathtaking views of New York City year-round.

and Socialization

"T he Top of the Strand is among the top ten rooftop bars in the world" Tik i Tabu Summer 's finest Place to Relax Every summer, rooftap patio lovers and visitors to New York City rejoice as the T iki Tabu opens its doors for the warms summer months. T his past winter, the bar received a full makeover, now featuring tropically-themed wallpapers and eclectic, polychromatic floors - the work of designer Misha Kahn. W hether you're ending the night in true NYC fashion or you're stopping for a drink on your way home after a long day of work, the T iki Tabu is fantastic place to relax and enjoy a handcrafted beeverage.

A visit to New York City isn't complete without a night at the Salon de Ning, the Peninsula Hotel's world-renowned rooftop bar. Peer out at the unmatched views of Fifth Avenue as you enjoy a hand-crafted cocktail and the company of friends. T he patio features an indoor bar and two terraces, giving you plenty of room to enjoy during your stay. During the summer, Salon de Ning features DJ nights, where the best DJs of Manhattan come out to showcase their talent. W hatever your reason for visiting, Salon de Ning is sure to satisfy.




Nolita Our Featur ed Neighbor hood New York City is divided into a number of unique and eclectic neighborhoods, each featuring their own local culture, style, and architecture. Among the most famous of these neighborhoods is Nolita short for "North of L ittle I taly." Nolita is bordered by Houston Street to the North, Bowery on the south (by Broome Street), and L afayette Street on the West. I t's located to the East of SoHo and to the South of NoHo. Nolita has been home to a number of famous residents, including David Bowie, John Mayer, and Martin Scorcese - likely due to its rich, historic architecture.


"Nolita has evolved from a historic, I talian district into a hub for retail." T raditionally, Nolita is known as a part of L ittle I taly, but as it loses much of its I talian character it grows more steadily into its own separate, recognizable community. T he area has evolved from a historic I talian district into a hub for boutiques, trendy bars, and eclectic restaurants. Nolita is also home to several historic churches and cathedrals, most notable St. Patrick's Old Cathedral. 21


Goor in Br os The Per fect Hat for Any Occasion

Shopping in Nolita With an eclectic assor tment of boutiques and r etail stor es, shopping in Nolita is one of the neighbor hood's gr eatest attr actions.


Hats are a classic addition to any wardrobe or outfit, and Nolita's world-famous Goorin Bros boutique is the perfect place for fashionistas and hat-lovers alike. T he store is lined from wall-to-wall with the latest trends in head wear, and you're sure to find a hat you'll love as you peruse this one-of-a-kind retail experience.


Elizabet h St r eet Galler y

The Ultimate in Skin and Hair Car e

An Ar t Lover 's Par adise

Among Nolita's many eclectic shops is Aesop - a small boutique featuring the ultimate in skin, hair, and body care. T he walls are lined with serums, soaps, and essential oils used to bring life to your skin and hair. T he staff can teach you about different vitamins and products, helping you better understand your skin and body care needs.

Collectors of fine objects and works of art will love the historic Elizabeth Street Gallery. L ocated in a renovated NYC firehouse, Elizabeth Street Gallery has an astonishing collection of beautiful and unique pieces from many different styles and periods of history, making it the perfect destination for any art lover or collector.



Exper ience Fine Dining in



Ost er ia Mor ini

Balt hazar

Nor ther n Italian Taste in NYC

Authentic Fr ench Cuisine

T he cuisine of Northern I taly finds its way to New York City through the world-renowned Osteria Morini one of Nolita's finest restaurants. T he Northern region of I taly is known for rich, traditional I talian flavors such as prosciutto and balsamic vinegar. T hese flavors punctuate the many dishes of Osteria Morini's menu, giving them a truly authentic Northern I talian taste. I n addition to aunthentic recipes and ingredients, Osteria Morini is decorated with antique I talian decor from the 1700's.

T housands of travelers visit NYC each year to enjoy the city's assortment of fine European cuisine, and many fall in love with Nolita's beloved French Bistro, Balthazar. I n the spring of 1997, Chef Shane McBride used his masterful knowledge of French cuisine to start Balthazar, and it's been a favorite of locals and travelers alike. Balthazar begins each day by offering a breakfast menu, followed by lunch, dinner, and late-night supper. Other favorite features of Balthazar include the restaurant's raw seafood bar, extensive wine selection, and bakery.

Lur e Fish Bar


The Finest in Fr esh Seafood

Find Your Per fect Wine

L ure Fish Bar is a locally owned seafood restaurant located in the heart of Nolita. I t's known for its fresh seafood dishes, which include both cooked and raw selections. Each day, L ure Fish Bar features a raw bar, complete with fish and a rotating selection of oysters to choose from. T he restaurant's world-class sushi selection is a main attraction for many of L ure Fish Bar's visitors. Every meal is crafted with only the finest, freshest ingredients, which are prepared by world-renowned seafood specialists.

Rated among New York City's best restaurants, no other eatery in Nolita can compare to Rebelle's extensive wine list and eclectic menu. T he restaurant was started by Branden McRill and Patrick Cappiello, who wanted to create a dining experience unlike any other in the Nolita neighborhood. At Rebelle, you can choose from a number of fine wines, from a $22 bottle of Paul Blanck Riesling to a $4,000 L e Pin Pomerol 1982. 25


Shopping in

New York City is one of the world's most fa city is essentially one large outdoor mal independent shops, and unique bou

Shopping opportunities in New York City are boundless, from the high-class department stores on Fifth Avenue to the privately-owned retail shops found on almost every street. I n fact, shopping in New York City is so endless, you could consider the Big Apple as one massive outdoor mall. As a visitor to New York City, the sheer number of classic department stores, independent boutiques, and big box retailers can make planning your shopping trips a challenge in and of itself.


New Yor k City

amous hubs for shopping. I n fact, the entire ll, with thousands of department stores, utiques lining each and every block.

We've created a list of New York City's most essential shopping experiences for visitors and locals alike. Our selection covers a number of boutiques and retail shops you must visit during your stay in New York City, ranging from independently-owned shops with truly unique pieces to internationally-known department stores with a reputation for class and style. W hatever your taste in fashion or decor may be, you're sure to find a place in the Big Apple which will give you a memorable shopping experience during your stay.




WANT Les Essent iels


Accessor ies for Your Collection

Cutting- Edge Style for Men and Women

No wardrobe is complete without a proper selection of hats, handbags, and accessories. With a dream to craft and sell accessories designed for your life's journey, Byron and Dexter Peart started WANT L es Essentiels in 2006. T his independently-owned boutique has been a favorite since its doors opened just over ten years ago. W hether you're looking for the perfect hat to complete your outfit or the right handbag to travel with you throughout your day, WANT L es Essentiels is sure to carry a piece you'll love.

Headquartered in New York City, Oak is a modern take on classic elegance, offering cutting-edge designer pieces for both men and women. W hile Oak has an extensive online store where you can make a purchase at any time, the brick-and-mortar store itself is truly and experience to be had. T he modern design choices punctuated with helpful staff and luxury style make it a phenomenal shopping experience for visitors to New York City.

Bir chbox NYC

Assembly New Yor k

Bogner New Yor k

NYC"s Hub for Cosmetics

Inter national Style at its

Designer Spor tswear in

Best I n 2008, Assembly New Many makeup lovers are familiar with Birchbox, the York was founded as a multibrand retailer, word-famous cosmetics offering over 50 company known for its international brands in monthly subscription both men and women's boxes. Birchbox's online style. Since the retailer was store is a favorite among makeup professionals and founded, a number of other Assembly stores have amateurs alike, however opened across the United the Birchbox store in States, but the New York SoHo brings all of the location is still a favorite selection of the online among fashionistas store to a stylish and worldwide. Assembly New elegant retail experience. York's wide range of men From luxury brands to and women's fashion makes up-and-coming indie cosmetic lines, Birchbox's it the perfect destination for any lover of style, and walls are lined with we consider it a must-visit makeup and skincare shopping experience for choices for you to browse locals and travelers alike. and enjoy.

NYC Sportswear isn't commonly associated with high fashion, but Bogner New York successfully breaks this trend with its selection of luxury sport style. W hether you're looking for a ski coat for your next trip to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, or a vest to keep you warm during your stay in New York City, you're sure to find a piece you'll love as you peruse the shelves of Bogner. T he shop itself is beautiful and luxurious, thanks to its focus on natural light and sustainable decor. Sporty and modern, Bogner New York is a must-see during your New York vacation.



Alexis Bit t ar NYC's Luxur y Jewelr y Boutique

T here's no place to find luxury jewelry quite like New York City, and Alexis Bittar brings the beauty of precious stones and metals to its shelves with unique and eclectic pieces found only within their walls. Visitors looking to find the perfect piece to complete their outfit will have no trouble doing so at Alexis Bittar, thanks to the shop's wide array of beautiful and classic pieces. Both men and women will find something to love as they peruse the store, making it the perfect stop for anyone on their New York City vacation.


Et r o

Mulber r y

Five Floor s of Fashion and Style

London Style in NYC

Etro is among New York City's finest and largest boutiques. Since Etro opened its doors in 1997, it has grown into a staple of shopping on Madison Avenue. With five selling floors, it's easy to get lost and spend many hours in Etro as you search their shelves and walls for the next addition to your wardrobe. Spanning over 7,500 square feet, Etro features a number of eclectic and unique art pieces, giving visitors a truly high-class, unique shopping experience.

Mulberry first began in L ondon as a humble luggage company, but has since grown into a staple of modern fashion and style. W hile Mulberry offers a wide selection of men and women's clothing, their main focus over the past few years has been handbags. T he selling floor is punctuated with dark wood and brass accents, which accentuate the many handbags and pieces of clothing. Mulberry NYC is the first of its kind in the US, and is worth a visit during your next trip to the city.

Rag & Bone Moder n Style Meets Br itish Her itage

W hen Rag & Bone opened its first store in New York City in 2002, it set out to combine modern style with British heritage. Today, it's known as a staple of shopping in New York City, thanks to its finely tailored clothing and understated modern aesthetic. T he founders of Rag & Bone had a great appreciation for fine craftsmanship, and it shows in their current line of clothing. Both men and women are sure to find a piece that catches their eye as they roam the store, admiring the truly one-of-a-kind pieces along the way.

Saint Laur ent The Ultimate in Class and Opulence

Yves Saint L aurent YSL is known internationally for producing the highest quality cosmetics, handbags, and clothing available. Started in Paris by L aurent and his partner, Pierre BergĂŠ, YSL began to establish a reputation for opulence soon after its foundation. T he line eventually began to expand, and its NYC boutique is among the city's finest retail experiences. L ocated in SoHo, the Saint L aurent boutique is an absolute must-see for any lover of fashion and cosmetics visiting the Big Apple. 31


Museum Mile: Fifth Avenue's H ub of Ar t and H istor y W hen you're not shopping or enjoying an elegant meal at any one of NYC's world-famous restaurants, take a stroll down Museum Mile to take a look into some of the world's greatest moments in history. From the walls of the Metropolitan Museum of art, lined with priceless pieces found only in NYC, to the Guggenheim,


an international symbol of architectural genius, the museums of Fifth Avenue truly capture the talent and skill of some of history's greatest masters. As you work your way through Fifth Avenue's many world-renowned museums, you'll see works of art done by some of the greatest minds in history, making Museum Mile an absolute must-see for any traveler to New York City.

Neue Galer ie New Yor k

Soloman R. Guggenheim Museum

A Collection of Ger man

The Wor ld's Finest Collection of

and Austr ian Master pieces

Moder n and Contempor ar y Ar t

With a dedication to early twentieth-century German and Austrian design, Neue Galerie New York holds a truly unique collection of art seen only within its walls. T he museum aims to present the many Western European art movements of the early twentieth-century, which it does by presenting historic pieces from world-rewnowned masters like Oskar Schlemmer, Paul Klee, and Josef Hoffmann.

T he Soloman R. Guggenheim Museum is among the most famous museums in the world, thanks to its eclectic assembly of world-class art and unmatched architecture. T he Guggenheim began as a private collection, but transitioned into a public gallery as it began to collect more valuable pieces. Today, it's known as one of the best collections of contemporary and modern art in the world, and sees thousands of visitors each and every year. 33


Cooper Hew it t , Smit hsonian Design Museum A Vast Collection of Contempor ar y and Histor ic Ar t

T he Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum features a number of eclectic permanent installations, featuring both classic and contemporary art, as well as temporary installations highlighting an assortment of different styles and masters from different periods throughout history. Because of its many featured styles, periods, and 34

artists, you're sure to find a piece you love along its many walls and corridors. T he museum also hosts many events throughout the year including family events, workshops, and sit-downs with experts. An updated calendar of events can be found on their website before you plan your next visit, allowing you to choose a date which best suits your interest in events.

The Met r opolit an Museum of Ar t The Wor ld's Most Famous Ar t Museum

T he Metropolitan Museum of Art may be the most famous art museum in all of North America. I ts walls are lined with some of the most famous, invaluable pieces of art and sculpture from around the world, making it an absolute must-see for any museum goer or art lover. As you peruse the museum, you'll see masterpieces dating back as far as 5,000 years - an impressive feat for a museum of any standing.

T he Met has a number of classic and contemporary pieces which remain on permanent display, however the museum features a number of unique temporary exhibits throughout each year. W hen the Met opened in 1880, it began as a small public collection, but now spans over 2 million square feet. Be sure to plan an entire day to visit the Met - otherwise you may miss something incredible! 35


Chelsea Ar t Galler ies: A Guide New York City's Art Mecca W hat began as a quiet neighborhood has grown into New York City's undisputed Art Mecca. Chelsea's streets are lined with numerous world-renowned museums, making the neighborhood a popular destination for New York City locals and travelers alike. W hile Fifth Avenue has the most famous museums in New York City, Chelsea features many smaller museums any art lover can appreciate during their stay in the Big Apple.


"Chelsea's streets are lined with numerous world- renowned museums, making the neighborhood a popular destination."



Chelsea's Finest Ar t Galler ies T he H ear t and Soul of Chelsea, NYC Petzel Galler y A collection of international, contemporary art, featuring numerous up and coming artists from around the world.

H auser & Wir th Known as the largest museum in Chelsea, Hauser & Wirth's Zurich-based collection makes it a truly one-of-a-kind addition to the neighborhood's art scene.

David Zwir ner Started in 1997, David Zwirner is known as the starting point for many world-renowned artists, including Neo Rauch and T homas Ruff.

Elizabeth Dee Want a glimpse in to the newest rising stars of New York City's art scene? Visit Elizabeth Dee, where you're sure to learn the works of tomorrow's most beloved masters.

Tanya Bonakdar Featuring large rooms with minimal space, Tanya Bonakdar is the perfect location for sound installations, such as those of Susan Philipz. Enjoy both floors of the museum to appreciate each exhibit on display.

Casey K aplan Known for its group shows, Casey Kaplan's gallery is amontg Chelsea's newest museum additions. Fans of conceptual art will admire the many works which line the walls of this contemporary museum.



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New York City Guide Volume 1

New York City Guide Volume 1