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ITP Intern Evaluation Form Supervisor/Mentor Evaluation Intern’s name: Gary Crook

Date: 4/21/2012

Supervisor/Mentor’s Name: Mary Dennis Position: Video Relay Interpreter Type of Setting: Video Relay Service What type of interpreting did the intern use with the deaf consumer? _X__ASL ___Contact Signing ___CASE ___SEE Could the intern understand the consumer’s signs? _X__Yes ___Most of the time ___Sometimes



How much of what was said was the intern able to interpret? _X__ All ___Most ___Some Did the intern voice everything the deaf person conveyed? _X__Yes ___Mostly ___Some omitted ___N/A Did the intern act in such a way as to bring respect to the deaf consumer? _X__Yes ___Somewhat ___No Did the intern act in such a way as to bring respect to the speaker? _X__Yes ___Somewhat ___No Comments: Did the intern properly adhere to seating, background interference, and dress codes? _X__Yes ___No Comments: How could the student improve himself? Check and comment all that apply. ___Fingerspelling ___Clarity ___Accuracy ___Speed ___Flow ___Use of lexicalized spelling ___Sign Clarity ___Choppy ___Sloppy ___Facial Expression

___Signing Speed ___Too Fast ___Too Slow ___Mouth Movements ___Too much ___Not enough ___Not appropriate ___Use of Space ___Role Shift ___Comparison ___Placement ___Directional Verbs ___”Interpreter’s Box” ___Too high ___Too low ___Too small ___Too big ___Sign More of Content ___Omitting important details ___Not emphasizing important details ___Conceptual Accuracy ___Eye Contact ___Distracting Habits ___Vocabulary Expansion (list signs needed to learn to make accurate) Comments: Gary does a wonderful job of representing each consumer on their phone calls and respects both consumers tremendously. He voices very well and is quite accurate in his receptive skills. He maintains proper eye contact with his deaf consumer during each call. His fingerspelling is quite clear and is performed with proper speed and accuracy. He utilizes the appropriate amount of space while interpreting and does not sign outside of his “interpreter box”. While signing, he uses the correct facial expressions to convey the hearing caller’s emotion and also uses the correct vocal intonation to represent the deaf caller as well. I do not believe that he needs to improve in any of these areas listed above.