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Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17 (NIV)

It’s difficult to imagine that, in America, the Home of the Free, thousands of women and their children live imprisoned, held captive by those who wear the face of boyfriend, husband, employer, or even abductor. Their prisons aren’t visible to most of us, so we don’t see the violence, fear and intimidation that prevent their escape. We can’t hear the threats of pain, torture or death that paralyze their psyche. We can’t fathom the control and domination that dictate their every move. Here, there is no Bill of Rights. No constitutional liberty. No independent thought. Here, there is no freedom. For women held in the darkness of domestic violence or sexual slavery, dreams of flight are their last vestige of hope. To them, survival supersedes any fanciful notions of human rights or personal dignity. They wonder what it must be like to drive a car, own a cell phone, or make a decision all their own. They tell themselves that, one day soon, they will muster the courage to leave, if only they can remember what courage looks like. They remind themselves of the consequences if they try. At DaySpring Villa, we know this because we see these women every day. Rich, poor, middle-class. Every color, every religion, from every walk of life. They come here broken, scared and scarred. But they leave strong, independent and self-sufficient, ready to provide for themselves and their children, and become contributing members of our community. They leave DaySpring Villa, free to fly.

To Our Supporters: As I look back on the achievements DaySpring Villa makes each year, I am humbled by the continued generosity of our supporters who give of their time and money to support our fight against domestic violence. Each time we open our door to a broken mother whose children cling to her in fear, our staff can’t help but envision how different this same family will look if they accept the gift of change and healing right here. We know from our successes that this woman will be prepared to make better life choices. She’ll have set personal and professional goals that she is actively pursuing to secure employment, attend school, save money, buy a car, and find a permanent home. She’ll have learned parenting skills to help guide her children along a positive life course. Perhaps most importantly, she will have discovered the strength and independence that come with the physical, emotional and spiritual healing DaySpring offers every day. We are grateful to all who believe in our mission to transform the lives of women and children in crisis. But we also realize that financial contributions during 2011 weren’t easy for a lot of our supporters. As stewards of your donations, we are dedicated to using your money wisely to invest in those who’ve chosen a life of freedom over fear so that they may become vibrant members of our community.

The Year in Review: New Trends in a Struggling Economy DaySpring Villa in 2011 admitted 118 women who brought with them a total of 80 children seeking shelter from an abusive situation. While this represents a decrease over 2010, it does not necessarily indicate a reduction in Tulsa-area domestic violence.

For the third consecutive year, we received a record-shattering number of phone calls for assistance—2,364 compared to 2,232 in 2010. We also continue to experience a growing trend of guests staying longer in DaySpring Villa’s residential program, which we attribute to fewer job and housing opportunities in light of the current economic climate. The average guest stay in 2011 topped 95 days, compared to 80 days in 2010.

2011 Milestones and Achievements As part of our goals set for 2011, DaySpring Villa is focused on finalizing a five-year plan in 2012 that will not only better prepare us for the trends we’ve begun to witness but will enable us to respond to women who’ve escaped a life of sexual slavery and abusive servitude. Our achievements during 2011 included: • Enhancing our development programs to measure the success of our communications and fundraisers that target existing and potential supporters and volunteers. During the year, we dramatically improved our ability to identify the types of donors (individual, business, church, trust or foundation), as well as the source of the donation, such as our annual report, quarterly newsletters, annual plea letter, fundraiser invitations, website, Facebook, or other communication. In addition, we can now identify every volunteer and the services they graciously provide month after month. • Our Church Advisory Board consists of 38 members, each of whom represents an area church that supports our mission with monthly financial gifts, food items, clothing, and other donations. I’m delighted to report that this board has exceeded our expectations to communicate DaySpring Villa’s purpose,

Contributing Angus Acres Baptist Church Arrow Heights Baptist Church Aspen Park Baptist Church Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Beaver Street Baptist Church Belview Baptist Church Berean Baptist Church Berryhill Baptist Church Broadway Baptist Church Brookside Baptist Church Caddo Baptist Association

Calvary Baptist Church, Broken Arrow

Faith Baptist Church Baptist Women’s Group

Calvary Baptist Church, Inola

Families ‘N Faith

Calvary Baptist Church, Tulsa

First Baptist Church, Broken Arrow

Clearview Baptist Church

First Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, Mirl Wiseman SS Class

Cornerstone Baptist Church Crowell Heights Baptist Church Dalton Hill Baptist Church

First Baptist Church, Broken Arrow, Marla’s SS Class

First Baptist Church, Mannford First Baptist Church of Tulsa First Baptist Church, Verden Fisher Baptist Church Garden City Baptist Church Garnett Road Baptist Church Glenwood Baptist Church

First Baptist Church, Collinsville

Grace Point Church

First Baptist Church, Glenpool

Grace Point Church, Adult SS Class Haikey Park Baptist Church

Eastwood Baptist Church

First Baptist Church, Glenpool Living Longer & Living It SS Class

Faith Baptist Church, Broken Arrow

First Baptist Church, Jenks

Easton Heights Baptist Church Eastside Baptist Church

Harvest Time Assembly Church

our success stories, and any need for emergency items or services as they arise. • Of the 20 grant proposals we initially planned to write, we submitted 23 and received funding from 18. • Increasing the services we provide to our guests encourages them to stay at DaySpring Villa long enough to make lasting changes in their lives and those of their children. With the help of our staff and volunteers, we made much needed upgrades and improvements to our physical facility, including a top-down remodel of our guest restroom to accommodate both women and children, from infants to seniors. Through an INCOG grant, we provided 2,500 transportation rides to job interviews, doctor appointments and counseling sessions. We also distributed 800 bus tokens and 21 $10 gas cards to help our guests work on their goals. Finally, our Tuesday night groups have added more domestic violence education while focusing on the transition from domestic violence victim to strong survivor.

• The Rodney Carrington Foundation sponsored a celebrity golf tournament in 2011 that netted DaySpring Villa $43,000. Our annual All Fore! Faith Spring Golf Tournament enjoyed good participation, and our Royal Feast fundraiser generated nearly $35,800. Those of us at DaySpring Villa are tremendously thankful for your yearlong prayers, financial gifts, donations and acts of kindness. We are truly blessed to have the staff, volunteers, and supporters who believe in our purpose and champion our mission day after day.

Wilma Lively Executive Director

• Our volunteer base plays a vital role in DaySpring Villa’s sustainability and our future growth. Although we saw a decrease in the number of volunteers during 2011—1,075 compared to 1,383 in 2010—volunteer hours actually increased to 27,738 compared to 19,227 the year before. At even $10 per hour—the entry level salary of our staff—this equates to an astonishing $277,380 in services. • Our children’s coordinator worked tirelessly in 2011 to enhance our children’s program with more education, safety planning and fun time. Providing examples of healthy, family activities in an atmosphere free of violence is crucial to the healing process of mom and child alike.

Churches Holmeswood Baptist Church

New Beginnings Baptist Church

Parkview Baptist Church

Southern Hills Baptist Church

Hopevale Church

New Hope Baptist Church

Pickett Prairie Baptist Church

Immanuel Baptist Church, Highland, CA.

New Life Baptist Church

Plainview Baptist Church

Southern Hills Baptist Church Oasis Life Group

Red Fork Baptist Church

Indian Springs Baptist Church

New Life Baptist Church Women’s Ministry Group

Keystone Hills Baptist Church

North Fork Baptist Church

Lakeview Southern Baptist Church

Oakhurst Baptist Church

Liberty Church

Oakridge Baptist Church

Limestone Baptist Church

Olivet Baptist Church

Living Oaks Baptist Church

Olivet Baptist Church Joyful Servants Class Koinonia SS Class

Madalene Church Memorial Baptist Church

Remnant Community Church Riverside Baptist Church Riverview Missionary Baptist Church Riveted Church Sequoyah Hills Baptist Church Skelly Drive Baptist Church South Tulsa Baptist Church

Southern Hills Baptist Church Winsome SS Class Southwood Baptist Church Suncrest Baptist Church Trinity Lutheran Church LWML Tulsa Vietnamese Baptist Church View Acres Baptist Church Woodland Acres Baptist Church


Three-Year Balance Sheet




Assets Current Assets Cash




Temporary Cash Investments








Total Cash & Investments










Property, Plant and Equipment Land Building & Improvements Furniture & Fixtures Equipment Vehicles






















Accounts Payable




Accrued Expenses













Less Accumulated Depreciation Net Property and Equipment Total Assets Liabilities and Net Assets Current Liabilities

Total Current Liabilities Net Assets Unrestricted Unrestricted - Board Designated Temporarily Restricted










Net Assets Total Net Assets

Business Donors AbiBow Recycling LLC

COC Holdings, LP


Sapulpa Lions Club

Admiral Beauty Supply

Coulter & Company

Larkin Bookkeeping, Inc.

Smithco Engineering

Advanced Industrial Devices

Relevance Ministries of Tulsa, Inc.

LU Greg Trucking, LLC

Star of Light Chapter 178, Iraq

Advantage Glass, Inc.

First Choice Rentals, LLC

Machining Technology of Oklahoma

The Williams Companies, Inc.

American Legion-Auxiliary 142

Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa LLC

Martin Day Homes LLC

The Word in Music, Inc.

Apache Corporation

From the Heart Enterprises

McAfee & Taft

Tout LeMonde Club

Audiology Business Services

Grand Bank

Mothers Helper

Unit Corporation

Axley Group, Inc.

Graphic Resources & Reproduction, Inc.

Oklahoma Chevelle & El Camino Club

United Technologies

Camtechnologies, L.L.C.

Grigsby’s Carpet Showroom, Inc.

Pennington Investments

Visual FX, Inc.

Chevron Humankind

Hawkins International, Inc.

Pryer Accounting

VVA Chapter 216

Citgo Petroleum Corporation


Resco, Inc.

Weamco, Inc.

Cobles Flowers & Gifts

Kappa Alpha Theta

Rice, Vowell & Wyatt, CPA, PLLC

Three-Year Financial Report



































Wages & Benefits










Revenues Contributions Investments Interest - Other Miscellaneous Total Revenues Expenses Shelter Programs Expenses Wages & Benefits Fundraising Expenses Wages & Benefits Management/General

Total Expenses Profit Gain/Loss

2012 Budget Revenues Total Projected Revenues


Expenses Shelter Programs Fundraising Management/General



Wages & Benefits




Wages & Benefits




Wages & Benefits


Total Expenses




BP Foundation, Inc.

The Hille Family Charitable Foundation

Velma L. Dickerson, Trust

Chymiak Family Foundation

The Mary K. Chapman Foundation

Earle & Donna Lamborn, Trust

Elpis Foundation

The Mervin Bovaird Foundation

Harry & Janet Todd Family Trust

G. Wilkerson Foundation

The Newfield Foundation

George Kaiser Family Foundation

The Oxley Foundation

MS Molly Foundation

The Raines Family Foundation

Philip & Miranda Kaiser Family Fund

The Sharna & Irvin Frank Foundation

Rodney Carrington Foundation

Verizon Foundation

The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation

Waters Charitable Foundation

The Gaylord Foundation The Goatcher Foundation The Grace & Franklin Bernson Foundation

Velma E. Swanson Family Revocable Trust

A Survivor Finds Her Wings

Individual Mona Ables

Paul C. Arbaugh

Carrol H. & Linda K. Been

Gary L. & Nancy Kay Blamires

Richard J. & Marilyn Burdick

Dolores Abraham

Bryan & Diane Armiger

Charles & Sandra W. Bell

Robert & Gloria Blankenship

Nita L. Burleigh

Margaret Adamiec

Barbara Arndt

Don D. & Tonya Bennett

Angela Boatman

Elena M. Bussell

Jeff & Heather Adams

Barbara E. Ash

Pat & Desiree Bennett

Michele S. Boatwright

William C. & Karen Byrd, Jr.

Gerene Adwon

Chris & Toni Ashley

Anthony R. Berg

Roger & Barbara Bond

James E. & Gayle D. Campbell

Loleta B. Ake

Jennifer Backlund

Geroge F. & Joyce A. Berry

Terry & Beverley Boone, Sr.

Ronnie Campbell

Shannon Ashley Albert

Julie Bailey

Debra Bickley

R. Michael & K.S. Bright

Melvin & Ann Canode

Wayne E. & Beverly J. Allen

Karen Baker

Marcel Binstock

Tennie Bright

Brita Haugland Cantrell

Tracy D. Altieri

Benjamin & Darena G. Bankston

Dr. James R. & Suzette M. Birch

Bridget Brock

Larry & Carolyn Cantrell

Gene Alvord

Mark J. Bareta

Donald M. & Helen Bischoff

Elliott & Alice Brown

Sandra Cantrell

Thomas Amburn

John t. & Marti Barry, III

Burk & Judith Bishop

Mary Broyles

Bret & Shannon Carder

Dorothy Amphlett

Kristy Barry

Kenneth & Mary Helen Blackman

Doug & Peg Brush

Jo Ann Cargill

Dale & Sue Amstutz

Janet Gilstrap Baucom

William & Patti Blackwelder

Ralph & Dorothy Bruton

Sean & Nancy Carlson

Bob S. & Brenda L. Anderson

Marthanda Beckworth

Barbara Blake

J. Shayne & Marta Buchanan

Ruth J. Carlson

Yvette is not only a DaySpring Villa success story she’s an amazing example of a domestic violence survivor. Imagine falling in love and marrying someone who doesn’t reveal he’s a diagnosed schizophrenic. Whose outbursts and behavior shatter all confidence and self-esteem. Imagine someone who doesn’t tell you that he also has a rare genetic condition that can fatally affect any children you might have together. For Yvette, overcoming the enormity of her husband’s deception began with the emotional and spiritual healing she needed to accept, forgive and learn to trust again. At DaySpring Villa, Yvette rediscovered the woman she was always meant to be—strong, independent and deep in her faith. Today, she is a virtual force of nature, setting and achieving the personal and professional goals that keep the trajectory of her life aiming skyward. Thanks to DaySpring Villa, Yvette has truly found the wings to fly.

Donors Alan & Carolyn Carlton

Samuel & Charlotte Clammer

Marc & Linda Conine

Scott T. & Alicia Crawley

Dorothy Dean

Rodney & Terri Carrington

Elmer L. Clark

Carolyn S. Conley

Nancy Creel

Ron Debusk

Mary C. Carstens

George W. & Bonnie Clark

Mr. & Mrs. William Coody

William H. & Connie W. Creel

Kenneth & Frances DeCordova

Nila M. Carter

Timothy & Patricia Clement

Brian & Charlotte Cook

B. Gail Crist

Jack & Kay DeLaughter

Keele R. Casey

Evelyn Cline

Jennifer Cook

Ron G. & Fay M. Curtis

Larry G. & Cynthia DeLay

Judy K. Cash

Dale M. & Mary Jean Cobb

Jim & Nora Cook

Jennie Daenen

Boyd & Sandy J. Denton

Dr. & Mrs. Bain C. Cate

Chuck & Kara Ann Coday

Bryan P. & Buffy N. Cooper

Julie Daman

Dorr & Christian Depew

Wanda Chalender

Dr. Curtis M. & Nancy A. Coggins

Frank & June Corn

Karen Danz

Vincent A. Bernbach

Richard H. & Wilma Chapman

Bob & Lydia Coil

Christopher & Pamela Costa

William Daugherty

Bruce W. & Anna L. DeShazo

Barbara Chappelle

Charlotte Colbenson

Julia G. Couch

Johnny E. Davidson

Wilma R. Dieckhoff

R. C. & Mary Charles

Robert & Martha Cole

Mary Virginia Couch

Karen Jo Davidson

Pat & Viola M. Dinwiddie

Brian E. Childers

Joe E. Colliver

Charles & Judy Courter

Debra Davis

David M. & Judith A. Disch

Samuel & Jeanne Chinnock

Bob & Millie Combs

Kevin & Dell Anna Coutant

Phil & June H. Davis

Daniel & Pamela Doak

Eugene & Sue M. Christmann

Mark & Shannon Combs

James & Jonaline Craig

Vickie Dawkins-Kersey

Rachelle Doughterty

A Survivor Learns to Soar Jeannetta will be the first to say she’s lived nine lives. At age 13 she was forced into a sexual slavery ring, right here in Tulsa, where she was sold over and over again to pay off a debt that would never be satisfied. Transported to destinations across numerous states, she grew up in a world of darkness, drugs, and dread, where children are bought and sold under the cloak of night. America is now the number one destination in the world for child sex trafficking, and with three major interstates to our credit, Oklahoma has become a prime trade route. As part of DaySpring Villa’s House Staff, Jeannetta can immediately identify women who’ve escaped a life of slavery and servitude. There’s just something in their eyes, she says. Jeannetta also works closely with Oklahoma Against Trafficking Humans (OATH) to share her story of survival and help those who are too fearful or ashamed to report their captors. Now a woman of 40, Jeannetta is happily married and one year away from earning her master’s degree in clinical social work. Her determination to not only survive, but thrive, makes her both a remarkable woman and one of DaySpring Villa’s valued team members.

Individual Emily D. Dunbar

William & Mary F. Fagler

Patricia A. French

Robert & Barbara Goldman

Mary Griffin

Gary & Donna Dundee

Gary Fain

Kevin & Lori Fullbright

Gail A. Good

Shelli Griffith

Brenda P. Dunn

Jane Farrell

Saletha M. Fuller

Darrell & Lois V. Gordon

Steven & Janet Griffith

Cheryl Duran

D. Wayne & Susan T. Fender

Mary Jo Gandee

Dustin S. & Anna M. Gorrell

Bob & Carol Hacker

Karla Duran

Bob W. & Doris J. Fholer

Melvin & Sharon Garner

Patrick & Jeanette K. Gorrell

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hair

Lonnie D. Eck

Eldin & Barbara Fisher

Pat Garrett

Barbara Gosen

Irvin & Lois Haken

Patty Plummer Eck

Lorelei J. Fisher

Jon & Sharron Gasior

Lori A. Graflund

James & Jacquelyn Hall

Dave & Patty Eland

Margaret Ann Fortenberry

Beverly V. Gastineau

Dwight & Susan Gragg

Rex & Susan Hall

Ann Wilson Eldridge

Frank & Shirley Foutch

Emery & Judith Gathers

J.W. & Norma Graham

Susan A. Hall

Cindy Ellison

Steven M. Fox

Vincent Giannotti, Jr.

Garrett & Kathryn Green

Byron & Robbie Hammons

Lanny R. Endicott

Jacquelyn Franklin

Gary & Sharon Gibson

Janice D. Green

Jeanette Hanke

Larry E. & Laurie J. Erbe

Virginia Frederick

Norman & Julie Gilbertson

Stephen & Terrie Gressett

Brent & Gabrielle Hansen

Ralph Eubanks

John D. & M. Sue Freeman

Robert & Diann Gilliam

Stephen G. & Terrie L. Gressett

Clyde & Debbie Harding

Jerry & Mary Ezell

Richard & Gwyn Freeman

Margaret Goatcher

James & Wanda Hartle Griffin

Linda Harris

Donors Mary C. Hartle

Sidney M. & Juanita L. Hicks

Arthur R. & June Huse

Barbara Johnson

Doris Keiningham

Patricia K. Hartle

Roger & Michelle Higinbotham

Michael & Frances Hutton

Patricia A. Johnson

Robert & Shirley Keiningham

Richard D. Hartle

Anne Himebaugh

Sharon E. Hyatt

James & Karen Johnston

Scott & Christa Kempenich

Sarah E. Hartle

Catie Holzer

Ellen Ichinose

James R. Johnston

George & Emmalu Kendall

Norma Hasley

B. Lucille Horn

Dr. Helen Inbody

Jane Johnston

Myra Kent

Lavoy & J.L. Hatchett

Lester & Leah Horner

Charles & Maxine Ingram

Christopher & Pat Jones

Izoro & Lucille Kerley

Peggy Hayes

T. Karl & Teresa G. Hoskison

James & Jacquelyn Irwin

Marvin B. & Deborah Jones

John J. & Tracy A. Kidwell

Carey L. Haynie

Eugene & Virginia Howard

Dave & Linda Ivins

Darrian & Shari Jones

Don & Sue Kimberling

Dorothy D. Hays

Michael J. & Betty J. Howard

Donald & Debra Jackson

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Jordan

Jay & Veneica Kincaid

Allan & Alice Heath

Barbara J. Howerton

K.J. & Kimberly Jackson

Benjin Joshua

Lyle & Kathleen Kleopfer

Gordona Duca Heiliger

George W. & Peggy Hughes

Nancy & Julie Jacobs

Jennifer Judson

Rollin & Glenda Knapp

James & Juanelle Heldebrand

Kevin & Sherri Hughes

Paul James

Charles & Helen Kane

David & Mary Knight

Opal L. Hesler

Michael & Sherrie Hulse

Yun Su & Jung Sook Jeon

Raymond & Martha Kane

Chad & Suzanne Knowles

Edward & Rhonda Hicks

Russell K. & L. Leann Huneycutt

Alan R. Johnson

Melvin & Betty Jo Kannady

Janet Kohls

Pictured left to right, back row: Clyde Harding, Cameron Cox, Amy Earley, Sara Cox, and Joshua Giddens. Front row: Debbie Harding, Ainsley Tobey, and Ed Luna.

Individual Kevin & Mary Koloff

William S. Leach

Becky Manning

Dr. James D. & Georgia E. McKelvey

Mike & Jill Minihan

Edwin & Carol Koop

Shirley I. Lear

Rozetta M. Marple

Matthew & Steve McKelvey

Todd & Sheila Mitchell

Mary R. Korthase

James & Dorothy Lee

Eric & Jill Marshall

Mark McKelvie

Bill J. & Helen M. Moon

Randy & Kathy Krumholt

Harold & Laurie Lehman

Phillip E. Marshall

Gerald & Leann McLaughlin

Mark & Lynn Mooney

John & Catherine Kysa, Jr.

Guy W. Lewis

Dean Martin

Shirley Ann McManigal

Patricia E. Morast

Kristen R. LaBass

Mark & Cindy Light

Jack & Bobbie Mathes

E. Anne McWilliams

Dwayne & Terri Morgan

Rmarian Rose Lair

Philip & Nancy Lile

Alan Mauldin

William E. & Patsy Mead, Jr.

Edward & Loueen Morgan

Terry Lair

Wilma A. Lively

Verne & Rosemary McCabe

William & Mary Ellen Means

William & Michelle Morgan

Keagen Lambert

Archie & Bonnie Loehr

Kent & Beth McConnell

James & Cathy Meehan

Donna Morris

Earle & Donna Lamborn

Francis Loomis

Mitchell & Brenda McCormick

C.W. Merritt

Theresa Morris

Robert & Ellen Langland

Ron & Ana Lundin

Bryan McCracken

Shirley J. Milburn

David & Deborah Morrow

Bob & Christine Latham

Alan & Cathy Lyles

Matthew McCreary

Bruce A. & Lynne R. Miller

Jack W. & Karen Long Morton

Bob & Gala Lay

Neill C. Mackay

Robert & Nancy McGuire

Donald & Judy Miller

Lawrence P. Moylan

Perry & Melissa Lay

Kamille Maddux

Michael & Virginia M. McKee

Larry & Rita Miller

Kenneth Newell

The Gift of Volunteering Volunteers are an undeniable lifeline for DaySpring Villa. We were blessed in 2011 with the talents, hard work and dedication of 1,075 men, women and children—ages seven to 86—who volunteered 27,738 hours of their time on our behalf. Whether they cook, paint, sort, organize, repair or remodel, our Villa Volunteers are the gift that keeps giving all year long—enabling us to offer our guests quality services in a warm, safe environment.

Donors Janet L. Newton

Betty S. Parker

Carole Perry

Dana Quick

Ryan & Abigail Riess

Jennifer Newton

Eric & Connie Parker

Janice Phillips

Riley O. & Denna Quillen

Robert & Sherma Ringol

James & Carol Nichols

Will & Natalie Parker

W.A. & Betty Phillips

Paula J. Quillin

Ted M. Riseling

Florin & Tanya Nicolae

David & Rebecca Parrack

Wyatt L. & Carol O. Phillips

Phyllis Raines

Mildred J. Ritter

John G. & Carole A. Nikkel

Evelyn Patterson

Robert & Bonnie Pingel

Bob & Bernice Ramsey

Chris & Mandi Rivers

Robert E. & Robin M. Nikkel

Donald L. & Eunice Payne

Roberta Pitts

Alan & Jo Ratliff

Ralph C. & Marcia K. Robb

Doris Nunnelee

Helen E. Payne

William & Penney Plaster

Linda Ree

Craig & Stephanie Roberts

Warren & Jean O’Brien, Jr.

Larry C. & Eleanor Payne

Mark & Marilyn Polumbus

William & Cindy Reeves

Mr. & Mrs. Willis C. Robinson

Charles & Carol O’Rear

Natalija Peixotto

Jennifer Poole

Betty L. Reid

Sandra Robinson

Joey & Cristin Odom

Ray & Shirley Penick

Charles & Martha Powell

Kenneth & Katherine Reid

Jarene C. Robison

Phyllis I. Quarterson Olsen

Mary Penn

Patricia A. Powers

L. Paul & Robin Reynolds

Don Roe

George & Charlotte Paden

Charles & Kathryn Pennington

Betty F. Prentice

Andrew & Lisa Rhynes

Dale & Ann Rogers

Scott & Kelli Palmer

Antonio & Sally Perez, Jr.

Carlin & Mary Lou Pruitt

Christopher L. Rice

Ray & Marilyn Rosa

Jisook & Jong Yoo Park

Donald & Sarah Perkins

Burk A. & Linda L. Pulver

Allen J. & Beth G. Richard

Larry D. Rose

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1 (NIV)

Individual Bobby & Deborah Roye

Dennis & Kathy Shelton

E.R. & Dianne Smith, III

Gregory & Diana Steinl

Ali & Jan Tabrizi

James E. & Holly R. Runyon

John W. & Doris Shelton

Helen I. Smith

Rose Mary Stephens

Glenn & Sally Taggart

Linda Russell

Barbara J. Shepherd

J. Fred & Fran Smith

Bernhard & Sarah Storjohann III

Ahmid & Shazli Tahir

Dick & Faye Sanders

Wanho & Yo Sook Shin

Sharon Snider

Erin Strauss

Winston & Linda Tallent

E.B. & Joann Sartin

Michael & Cathy L. Shipman

Jack & Mary Sommers

Rick & Janet Stringer

Jeannetta Taylor

Jan Sartor

Kenneth & Patricia Simmons

Jim & Teresa Spoon

Stephan A. Strode

Duane D. & Patricia Terry

James D. & Wanda Satrom

Thomas E. & Betty J. Simmons

A. Ainslee Stanford

E.O. & Wilma D. Sumner

Michael & Amy Thayer

Betty Satterfield

Neal D. & Rebecca D. Singletary

Felicia Stark

Rosemary Summer

James L. & Christy P. Thomas

Don & Joy Scrivner

Vincent J. Siren

Johnny & Cindi Starkey

Donald & Salley Sutmiller

Frank & Donna Thomason

Thomas D. & Brenda K. Self

Michael & Tammy Sirmon

Stars of Light Chapter 178

Robert & Angela Swain

J.W. & Joy T. Thompson

Tricia H. Senft

Patsy R. Slagle

T. Gene & Mona Statham

Rose Swayze

Victor & Barbara Thompson

Jeff & Debbie Shaffer

Timothy A. & Terri Sloan

Rodney C. & Kim Stauffer

David J. & Karen A. Swenson

Christopher Thrower

Jim R. & Kirby G. Shaw

Barry E. & Karen S. Smith

Sanford & Gladys Stearns

Homer & Edna Sue Swepston

James C. & Betty Lou Tincher

Dr. Mike & Marla Shaw

Donald S. Smith

George & Joy Steincross

Ron & Shirley Taber

W.R. & B.T. Tipsword

Donors Yen Cao H. Tran

Carol J. Vogt

Angela Ward

Douglas & Judith White

David & Jennifer Wiseman

Billy W. Travis

Don & Patsy Volkl

Billy J. Ward

Ivan & Angie White

Emma Lee Wolfe

Chris & Pamela Truitt

Jeffrey & Janet Volz

John & Bonita Watts

Kirsten White

Brenda Womack

Carole J. Tucker

Richard & Anna Voris

Sam & Ladema Weathers

Rita London White

Herschel & Fern Wood

Gerald & Faye Tumbleson

Kurt & Patricia Wachtendorf

Scott C. Webb

Shirley Whitmore

Wanda Woodrell

Dennis & Janice Turner

Phyllis L. Zimmerman-Wade

Lawrence A. Weber

Linn & Sandy Wickersham

Richard & Debra Wright

Roy & Danay Turner

Rowene Wagner

Ed & Joann Webster

Carol Williams

Jacki K. Yager

Jimmy & Joann Tygart

Gary M. & Sherry L. Walkabout

Karly L. Weimar

David & Carolyn Williams

Kristin Yannaccone

Drew & Charlotte Tyler

Anna Lee Walker

Bill & Bettie Weir

Fred & Gerry Williams

Roy E. & Vera York

Thomas & Kim Ukens

Clinton & Gloria Walker

Jonathan C. Weldy

Gerald & Marion Williams

Kathryn Young

Ward & Estelle Ulmer

Etta E. Walker

Lela Hoyle Wells

Dr. Terry & Daisy Williams

Rita K. Younger

Nancy L. Vansickle

Wm. B. & Karen Walker

Dakota West

Timothy & Susan J. Willis

Cindy Zaloudek

Robert & Patricia Vantriest

Richard & Nora Walworth

Dean & Linda West

Jeff Wilson

Richard & Peggy Ziglar

Calvin & Marilyn Vogt

Oscar & Terri Wantiez

Mirl Whisman

Martha L. Wilson

Harold Zuckerman

PO Box 1588 Sand Springs OK 74063

As Oklahoma’s only faith-based, certified domestic violence shelter, DaySpring Villa is committed to transforming the lives of women and children in crisis. Show your support for our mission by learning more about us. Visit to read our success stories and sign up for our quarterly newsletter. Keep up with our daily activities by becoming one of our Facebook fans, and watch our documentary, Into the Light, on Youtube. For more information call 918-245-4075.

2011 DaySpring Villa Board of Directors Nora Cook, President

Rev. K.J. Jackson

Des Bennett

Ron Lundin

William Coody

John Nikkel

Bruce DeShazo

Rev. Scott Palmer

Donna Dundee

Jarene Robison

Sue Freeman

Phyllis Zimmerman-Wade

Ed Hicks

Judy White

Margaret Goatcher

Donations Exceeding $10,000 Individuals




Lonnie D. Eck

First Baptist Church Tulsa

Advantage Glass, Inc.

Rodney Carrington Foundation

Gary & Donna Dundee

South Tulsa Baptist Church

Relevance Ministries of Tulsa, Inc.

Elpis Foundation

James & Jacquelyn Hall

Olivet Baptist Church

Unit Corporation

Chymiak Family Foundation

Johnny & Cindi Starkey

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

George Kaiser Family Foundation

Southern Hills Baptist Church

Waters Charitable Foundation

View Acres Baptist Church

Mary Kay Chapman Foundation The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation The Grace & Franklin Bernson Foundation

DaySpring Villa is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

The Oxley Foundation

DaySpring Villa 2011 Annual report  

Free to Fly

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