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“. . . the Dayspring from on high hath visited us, to give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet unto the way of peace.� Luke 1:78-79 KJV

October 3, 2010


United Methodist Church

Dayspring United Methodist Church A Stephen Ministry Congregation Our Mission Statement: To create disciples of Jesus Christ who touch and inspire people through an open and diverse community. October 3, 2010

9:00 & 10:30 A.M.

*As a courtesy, please make certain your cell phone is off during worship. Thank you.

THE CHURCH GATHERS TO WORSHIP Worldwide Communion Sunday


Rev. L. Michael Kelley at the Organ


Johann Sebastian Bach “Ich ruf zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ” BWV 639 1685-1750 (I Call to Thee, Lord Jesus Christ)

INTROIT 9:00 - “I Was Glad” by J. M. Martin The Celebration Singers 10:30 - “The Heavens Are Telling” by P. Choplin The Dayspring Chorale

*CALL TO CELEBRATION Pastor: The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. People: And also with you Pastor: The risen Christ is with us. People: Praise the Lord! *OPENING PRAYER (in unison) Almighty God, to you all hearts are open, all desires known, and from you no secrets are hidden. Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of your Holy Spirit, that we may perfectly love you and worthily magnify your name through Christ our Lord. Amen. *HYMN OF PRAISE

Hymnal #157 “Jesus Shall Reign”

A TIME FOR OUR CHILDREN (As children age 2 through Fifth grade leave for Sunday School, please join in singing Hymn #143) “On Eagle’s Wings” And God will raise you up on eagle’s wings, bear you on the breath of dawn, make you to shine like the sun and hold you in the palm of God’s hand. THE INVITATION CONFESSION AND PARDON (in unison) God of light and life, You know when we lose our way– when we walk in darkness, when we close our hearts to your truth and wisdom, when we do not keep your word, when we do not love as you have taught us to love. Let your face shine upon us,

that we may see your love shining through our failures. Be gracious unto us, that we may bask in the glow of your forgiveness. Bathe us in the waters of life that we may be born anew and shine as children of love. Amen. Pastor:

Hear the good news. Christ died for us while we were yet sinners; that proves God’s love toward us. In the name of Jesus Christ, you are forgiven! People: In the name of Jesus Christ, you are forgiven! All: Thanks be to God. Amen. THE LORD’S PRAYER

Hymnal #895


Psalm 47

PRESENTATION OF OUR TITHES AND OFFERINGS OFFERTORY 9:00 - “Come to the Table of Grace” by David Angerman The Celebration Singers 10:30 - “I Will Remember Thee” by Jay Althouse

The Dayspring Chorale *DOXOLOGY Hymnal #94 Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; Praise God, all creatures here below; Alleluia! Alleluia! Praise God the source of all our gifts! Praise Jesus Christ whose power uplifts! Praise the Spirit, Holy Spirit! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! *PRAYER OF DEDICATION

*THE HYMN OF PREPARATION “Let Us Break Bread Together”

Hymnal #618


Rev. Jane Tews “If at First You Don’t Succeed, Move On”

SACRAMENT OF HOLY COMMUNION The Great Thanksgiving The Prayer of Consecration The Sharing of the Elements

Hymnal p.13

(The offering left at the communion rail will be used for those in need in our community) MUSIC DURING COMMUNION

Mary Sievert, Piano


Hymnal #189 “Fairest Lord Jesus”

*BENEDICTION *THE BENEDICTION RESPONSE “In Christ There Is No East or West” In Christ there is no east or west, in him no south or north; but one great fellowship of love throughout the whole wide earth.

Arr. L. M. Kelley

*PASSING OF THE PEACE Pastor: Let us greet one another as sisters and brothers in the ministry of Jesus Christ. May the grace of our Lord and Savior be with you. People: And also with you! (Please turn and greet one another as disciples of Jesus Christ!) *POSTLUDE

J.S. Bach “Fugue in G minor” (the Little) BWV 578

*FELLOWSHIP Please Join us for Refreshments in Fellowship Hall

*Those in the Congregation who are able shall stand

Assisting in the Service this Morning: Carol Coleman The Pianist this Morning: Mary Sievert

Assisting with Communion this Morning: 9:00 Lynne Berreman Carol Coleman Lou Eppelsheimer Julie Hittle Donna Hofer Rev. Michael Kelley Cheri Pritchard Rev. Jane Tews

10:30 Carol Coleman Kurt Hegland Rev. Michael Kelley Mike Kroelinger Sally Kroelinger Randy Miller Carole Sante Rev. Jane Tews

“ E x a m pl e h a s m o r e f oll o w e r s th a n r e a s o n .�

Christian Nestell Bovee

To You, our first time Guest: We’re delighted you’re here! Please stand when the pastor asks for first time guests, so we can recognize you. We also invite you to stop by the Welcome Table near the church entrance and pick up a packet with information about our church. Welcome to Dayspring! Greeters This Morning: 9:00 - Bobbie Ottinger 10:30 - Skip Hughes Acolytes This Morning: 9:00 - Keely Crabb 10:30 - Jake Pyatt THE FLOWERS ON THE ALTAR THIS MORNING are given by Jackie & Christopher Arnet with love for Philana & Tom Riherd on their 10th anniversary; and given by Nancy Jamison Dawe in loving memory of Garfield A. Dawe. THE FOOD BASKET ON THE ALTAR THIS MORNING is given by Tom & Philana Riherd. LARGE PRINT BULLETINS AND HYMNALS are available each week. Please ask an usher if you prefer large print. Also, please return large print hymnals to the narthex following worship. HEARING ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE - This sanctuary is equipped with a hearing system. Please ask an usher for a receiver. CHILDREN'S WORSHIP GUIDES are available in the narthex. Ask an usher if you need assistance. PLEASE RETURN THE FOLDERS TO THE “USED” BOX FOLLOWING THE SERVICE. PRAYER REQUEST CARDS are located in the pew box. If you have a need or celebration, fill out the card and place it in the offering plate. IF YOU, OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW is a victim of domestic violence, please know there is information and support available through Dayspring. There are packets of information in the narthex, or for assistance, please call Rev. Jane Tews at (480) 838-1446. Our Stephen Ministers are ready to provide you with the confidential one-to-one Christian care you need to make it through a crisis or help through a difficult time. Call Sally Butler, (602) 524-2109, or Debby Vetter, (480) 706-9420, if you need someone to care.

As Members of The United Methodist Church, we have pledged to support our Church with our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness PRAYERS Marie Vonk & Family, at the death of Marie’s mother, Mary Cournoyer on Sept. 13 in New Hampshire Gloria Kopecky & Family, at the death of Gloria’s husband, Charles, in August Rachel, 12 year-old daughter of friends of Kathie McAlpine, who is undergoing treatment for cancer Don Cardwell, brother of Lynn Potts, undergoing chemotherapy for esophageal cancer Beth Berg & Family, friends of the Juetten Family, as Beth is hospitalized with recurrence of cancer Kessee Zavala, friend of Kris & Dana Kroeger, undergoing 6 weeks of radiation in the U.K. for a brain tumor Paula Kemmerer, mother of Sally Butler, healing at home following hospitalization Vickie Pickard Brown, healing following knee surgery on Sept. 27 Merrilyn Shelton, dear friend of Gloria Kopecky, who suffered a severe stroke George Butler, father of Larry Butler, healing at home following hospitalization Jim Pinkerman, brother of Carole Sante, undergoing stem cell harvesting for bone cancer in Jacksonville, FL Kelly, sister of Elizabeth Reid, prayers for healing after her 22 year marriage ended in divorce Barbara Rawles, healing following hip replacement surgery on Sept. 27 The 1½ year old nephew of Geoffrey Dorsey who had an intestine and liver transplant Dee Kloepfer, friend of Joni Wheeler, having surgery for a cancerous jaw bone and possibly more treatment Karen, friend of Dylon Adams, who is undergoing a mastectomy Ann Mall, friend of Gladys Chelgren, now in hospice care Daniel Garcia, who is in prison Ongoing Health Concerns Kathy Hamilton, Shirley Hughes, Lisa Benton Reed, The Ellis Family, Dave Avanzino, Warren Gallagher, George Butler, Polly Smith, Chris Hauser, Marc Homan, Teresa Webb, Marge Sydell, Kristen Stegeman, Maggie Siegel, Susan Chesnut, Janie Anderson, Pam Narcy and Joan Venturini All military personnel and their families, especially those who are actively serving our country during this time of war. *REMEMBER all those, known and unknown to us, who are in special need of prayer.

PRESENCE Attendance for Sept. 26, 2010 576 SERVICE

GIFTS Offering received Sept. 26, 2010 $21,414 WITNESS

ANNOUNCEMENTS BE A PART OF THIS MINISTRY We invite you to explore the Dayspring family by attending our NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION class this morning, October 3rd, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in Room 112, with a light lunch served. NEW MEMBER SUNDAY will be held next Sunday, October 10th. Child Care is provided. For more information, contact Carol Coleman at or (480) 838-1446. ** For Your Safety and to prevent injury, we ask that you be mindful of the courtyard construction area. The Caution Tape has cordoned off the entire courtyard and we ask that you use an alternate route to get to your destination. Thank you! Fall Ministry Fair - has been changed to Sunday, Nov. 14 on our brand new patio! Mark your calendar and plan to attend this All-Church Event. It is from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon. We hope you will take this opportunity to learn more about all of the ministries of Dayspring. See you there! Flu Shots are Here! - Today, Oct. 3, our Flu/Pneumonia Immunization Clinic is taking place in Fellowship Hall from 8:30 a.m. until 12:00 noon. Cost is $30 for the flu shot and $55 for the pneumonia shot. Olan Mills Pictorial Directory - If you attend Dayspring, we want your picture! A sign-up table will be in Fellowship Hall today for photos to be taken 10/18 - 10/23. Go to: for online signups and use the church phone number (480) 838-1446 to log-on. Become an Acolyte! - If you are 10 years old or older, we’d love to have you be part of the worship service as an Acolyte! Contact Carol at Dayspring Youth Ministry (DYM): 10:15 - 11:30 in Sr. High in Room 201 10:15 - 11:30 in Jr. High in Room 202 The Explorer’s Class finishes up its study today on “Amazing Grace,” the story of William Wilberforce and the abolitionist movement in Great Britain. Next Sunday, Randy Hamilton will begin a two-week study of the “Jesus Gospel” and Jesus’ early life in Sepphoris. Join us at 9:00 a.m. in the Adult Room.

Contemporary Issues - We are studying the book, The First Paul: Reclaiming the Radical Visionary Behind the Church’s Conservative Icon for the next 8 weeks. The discussion will be led by Shannon Buzard. Class meets at 10:30 a.m. in the Adult Room. Disciple II Class - Disciple II is a 32-week Bible study of Genesis, Exodus, Luke and Acts. Please join us on Monday, Oct. 18th, at 7:00 p.m. in Room 112. The class will be led by Helen Jenkins. If you are interested in taking this class, please contact Helen at: or (480) 705-9288, or Cathy Smoot at (480) 497-2948. UMOM Homeless Shelter Sunday dinner help needed: We need volunteers to help with UMOM dinners on the following Sundays: Oct. 10, 17, and 24; Nov. 14, and Dec. 12 and 19. You would need to be at the center at 3:30 to help cook and would be done by shortly after 6:00. Please contact Carolyn Reid at or (602) 882-5292 with questions or to volunteer. Thank you so much! Singles at Dayspring Singles, Etc. Lunches - Each Sunday after the second service, those who want to go out for lunch as a group meet at the restaurant listed below. If you attend first service, please join us! We gather around noon under the name “Dayspring”. Oct. 3 - Coco’s - SW corner of Elliot and Priest. UMM Fall Retreat - The 10th Annual United Methodist Men’s Retreat will be held Oct. 22-24 at Mingus Mountain. We have a great program planned with wonderful food and fellowship. On Saturday evening, Ted Newman, western poet and singer will be our guest. Carpooling is available. Total cost of the weekend is $125. For golfers, tee time is 11:00AM on Friday, cost is approximately $60. Space is limited to 40. Contact Steve Evans, Roger Clayton or Tom McLaughlin for more info or to sign up. 50 Plus - Join us for lunch, fellowship and an interesting program at 12:00 noon on Friday, Oct. 15, at the Shalimar Country Club Restaurant. Rev. Scott Ritchey will speak about The Justa Center, a way that ecumenical churches in Phoenix are reaching out to homeless adults over age 55. Make your $12 pp reservations with Erma Dean at (480) 839-4657, or a 50 Plus caller. Everyone is welcome - bring a friend! Brown Bag Lunch - Come join us for Brown Bag Lunch every Tuesday at 12:00 noon. Bring your own lunch and socialize with people from the church. We always have a good time! Come and be part of this fun

group. Blood Drive - Give the Gift of Life! - On Sunday, Oct. 17, Dayspring will be hosting the Fall Blood Drive. The Bloodmobile will be in the church parking lot from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. To schedule your lifesaving appointment, please stop by the table between services in the Fellowship Hall today, Oct. 3rd or 10th, or call Larry Haubrock at (480) 966-5435. Koinonikos Schedule - The next deadline date for the newsletter is October 15, and will include events in the month of November.

“Character if the total of thousands of small daily strivings to live up to the best that is in us.” A. G. Trudeau

OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU THIS WEEK AT DAYSPRING SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3 - Worldwide Communion Sunday 8:30 AM - Flu / Pneumonia Immunization Clinic, Fellowship Hall 9:00 AM - Worship - Children’s Sunday School - Explorer’s Class, Adult Room 10:15 AM - Jr. High Formation, Room 110 - Sr. High Formation, Room 111 10:30 AM - Worship - Children’s Sunday School - Contemporary Issues, Adult Room 11:30 AM - New Member Orientation, Room 112 - College Age Group, Meet in Sanctuary 4:00 PM - Admin. Support Team, Office Workroom - Church & Community Team, Media Center - Discipleship Team, Room 112 - Alcoholics Annonymous, Adult Room - Alateen, Room 110 5:00 PM - Covenant Council Meeting, Media Center 5:10 PM - Al-Anon, Adult Room - Alateen, Room 110 MONDAY, OCTOBER 4 10:00 AM - Monday Morning Moms & Dads, Room 111 7:00 PM - BSA Troop 172, Fellowship Hall - BSA Troop 172 Committee, Adult Room - Church & Society, Room 203 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5 8:45 AM - Yoga, Media Center 12:00 PM - Brown Bag Lunch, Room 112 4:00 PM - “Teatime” Yoga, Room 112 5:30 PM - Dayspring Chimers, Choir Room 6:00 PM - Yoga, Media Center 6:30 PM - DayStar, Choir Room


5:30 PM - Wednesday Evening Fellowship Dinner, Fellowship Hall 5:45 PM - Esperanza Choir, Choir Room 6:00 PM - Cherub Choir, Adult Room - Sprouts, Room 201 - Sunshine Singers, Media Center 6:30 PM - Book Study, Room 110 - Celebration Singers, Choir Room - Wednesday Evening Fellowship Classes 7:00 PM - Genesis Choir, Media Center 7:30 PM - Chorale, Choir Room - Wednesday Evening Fellowship Classes THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7 8:30 AM - Stephen Ministry Leaders, Library 9:30 AM - UMW Card Circle, Room 112 6:00 PM - Yoga, Media Center 6:30 PM - M.I.S.S., Room 110 7:00 PM - Lay Leadership, Office Workroom FRIDAY, OCTOBER 8 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 10 9:00 AM - Worship - Children’s Sunday School - Explorer’s Class, Adult Room 10:15 AM - Jr. High Formation, Room 110 - Sr. High Formation, Room 111 10:30 AM - Worship - Children’s Sunday School - Contemporary Issues, Adult Room 12:00 PM - Young Adults, Room 112 4:00 PM - Alcoholics Annonymous, Adult Room - Alateen, Room 110 5:10 PM - Al-Anon, Adult Room - Alateen, Room 110

The ministers of this church are its members. Those who assist them are: Bishop Minerva Carcaño Rev. Robert Burns, District Superintendent Rev. Dr. Jane A. Tews, Senior Pastor Rev. George Smoot, Associate Pastor Rev. L. Michael Kelley, Minister of Music Carol Coleman, Minister of Spiritual Formation Jill Moyer, Church Secretary Machel Considine, Program Secretary Susie Seckel, Financial Secretary Mary Sievert, Music Associate Julie Hackmann, Director of Bell Choirs Penny Carpenter, Director of Children’s Music Jackie Miller, Director of Cherub Choir Kris Kroeger, Youth Ministries Coordinator Kay Luzaich, Children’s Coordinator Denise Uhrick, Nursery Coordinator Linda Falk, Preschool Director Ron Venturini, Facilities Maintenance Frankie Vasquez, Custodian Jeanie Carr, Bookkeeper* *Independent Contractor

Dayspring United Methodist Church is a welcoming congregation. We welcome all people, regardless of age, sex, race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic status, or ability into the full life of this congregation.

Dayspring United Methodist Church 1365 East Elliot Road • Tempe, Arizona 85284-1608 (480) 838-1446

Oct 3 Bulletin  

Bulletin for worship services at Dayspring United Methodist, Tempe, Arizona.