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May, 2010 Vol. 16, Issue 5

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Julie Song, award-winning Kyrene Middle School student, captivates the audience at the Dayspring Festival of the Arts.

FROM OUR DAYSPRING PATIO TEAM Follow the Yellow Brick Road to our New Patio. We are on our way. Imagine a patio that invites members and visitors to a lovely shaded area with seating and room to enjoy many outdoor fellowship activities. Can you picture it? Dayspring’s patio is the center of our campus and the location of so many of our church activities and it needs an Extreme Makeover. We are starting a campaign to raise funds so that we can renovate our patio area and bring needed repairs to water and electrical systems as well as leveling the red brick surface and extending the patio area into the former playground. Safety of our members and visitors is central to this plan, and updating this outdoor space will provide us room to expand programs in a safe and beautiful outdoor area. Current estimates are for a budget of about $150,000. We have about $30,000 in designated funds for this project already, but will need to raise the balance above and beyond our current operating budget. The trustees and a patio planning team have been working for many months to prepare drawings and start bringing this dream to reality. Now we need your additional financial support to move this from dream to reality. There will be a congregational meeting after second service on Sunday, April 25th where we will provide more details on the patio design and fundraising plan. You will have a chance to ask questions and make a contribution. Please prayerfully consider this, attend meetings and participate if you can. Pastor Jane and the Covenant Council have approved our moving forward with this, and now we bring it to you for help in making this happen. Dayspring’s Campus has gone through major upgrades in the last few years. This is the next step of maintaining our beautiful campus. Please follow us to our new patio. The Dayspring Patio Team Koinonikos

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DAYSPRING YOUTH MINISTRY What’s Happening at DYM? Every Week: Formation: Every Sunday at 10:15 a.m. Senior High Formation in Room 111 Junior High Formation in Room 110

Upcoming Events May 2: Confirmation Sunday & Banquet May 16: Graduation Banquet Sierra Service Project This year, 37 youth and adults will travel to Teec Nos Pos, Arizona, for Sierra Service Project. They will perform repairs for homeowners in the area. Repairs in the past have included re-roofing houses, installing floors, and repairing drywall and stucco. Week 2: July 4 - 10 Week 3: July 11 - 17 Sr. High Youth/Parent Meeting Follow-Up On Sunday, April 11, we had a great meeting with Dayspring staff, youth, and parents to discuss the current state of DYM, as well as to communicate our rules and policies. Please contact Kris for a copy of these policies.

Rent-A-Youth Part 2 – MAY 1, 2010! Do you need help with projects around your house? Rent a youth (or two)! Donations will help fund our Sierra Service Project mission trip. Please contact Kris at or (602) 684-7765 for more information or to set an appointment.


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ADULT EDUCATION Explorer's Class:

Contemporary Issues Class

“THE ORIGINS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT Beginning April 25, the class will discuss Through the Eyes of a Modern Biblical for five weeks the topic “Exploring the Scholar" Future of Christianity.” To understand Western civilization, one has to understand This four-part series examines the formation of Christianity--and yet for tens of millions of the New Testament writings from the viewpeople, Christianity is a religious tradition that point of Bishop John Shelby Spong, a modern is antiquated, perhaps even obsolete or irrelebiblical scholar and lecturer. His vant to the challenges of the 21st Century. discussions of controversies within the ChrisIn the “Exploring the Future of Christianity” tian Church are a source for new understand- series, best-selling author, Ken Welber, and ing for progressive and orthodox Christians. Christian contemplative Father Thomas KeetEach session will feature video segments from ing offer their visions of hope for the future of Dr. Spong followed by class discussion. the world’s largest religion, helping it to fulfill its potential as one of the world’s most powerThis class, led by Dr. Bob Hall, began ful paths of human development at a time Sunday, April 11, continues through May 2, at when it is so badly needed. These luminaries 9:00 a.m. in the Adult Room. envision the Christian journey in a new way, with radical implications for our spiritual lives April 18: A look back at the dating of the life and for the world as a whole. of Jesus, separating probable history from my- Meet at 10:30 in the Adult Room. thology. April 25: Placing the New Testament onto the framework of history. Who were and who are the historians? May 2: How important were the oral history years prior to the written books about Jesus? May 9: Critique of Spong series--Informal dis- Bible Study Class cussion, food & fellowship and plans for next year. The class meets in Room 112 at 9:00 a.m. and is facilitated by Josie Teter. This is a schedule Sunday Morning Book Study of our final classes and topics: This class meets in the Library at 9 a.m. The current study is The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. For information call Mary Conover at 602-301-8022. Koinonikos

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CHILDREN’S COUNCIL Dayspring’s Children’s Council mission is to support the children from birth to sixth grade in their spiritual growth with God.

Choir May 5th is the last day for choir rehearsals.

Sunday School May 23rd is our last regular Sunday School class and Summer Sunday School begins June 6th (no Sunday School May 30th). During Summer Sunday School, we will be showing movies every Sunday except July 4th (no Sunday School). We are looking for teachers to help out this summer. If you are available, please contact Kay Luzaich at or 480-219-9696.

Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Breakfast The Children’s Council would like to invite Dayspring’s wonderful Sunday School teachers and their families to breakfast on Sunday, May 23rd after each service. You’re such a valuable asset to our community and we’d like to express the church’s heartfelt thanks. Please plan to be there!

Vacation Bible School June 13th – 17th, 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. Learn about outer space, experience God’s love, meet new friends, and understand the importance of being green and taking care of the Earth that God has given us. We need about 50 volunteers in all kinds of capacities. Please contact Christi at or 602-689-0662 to volunteer. Here are some of the areas we still need help: preschool leader and assistants, snack assistants, decorations leader and assistants, set up and clean up, Bible story assistants, science assistants, recreation leader and assistants, craft assistants, crew leaders and assistants, and photographer.

VBS MISSIONS FOCUS THIS YEAR IS TO REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE Start recycling now for VBS Missions! We will be collecting these recyclables starting in May: newspapers, magazines, paper, twist on plastic bottle caps from bottles or containers, aluminum cans, pull tabs from aluminum cans, and gently used adult and children’s shoes. These things will be recycled to benefit Dayspring Sprouts, UMOM, Ronald McDonald House and Soles4Souls. Look for the collection bins in the Narthex! Contact Meredith with any questions at Koinonikos

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United Methodist Theology and Beliefs So, what is United Methodist theology? What do United Methodists believe? Confusing as it may sound, we believe that we have no absolute set of beliefs. Let’s put that another way. Some denominations are known as creedal or confessional denominations. What the denomination believes is contained in a list of statements or propositions called creeds or confessions. United Methodism is not a creedal or confessional denomination; we do not have a single statement of beliefs or a creed to which every member must subscribe. (We use the historical creeds of the church, such as the Apostles’ Creed, but only as a way of affirming our faith, not as a test of our inclusion within the denomination.) Why are we not a creedal church? Because our denomination has always found creeds or confessions to be exclusive rather than inclusive. In other words, if a person disagrees with even so much as a word or a line of a creed, then that person is excluded from the fellowship of the church. A creed forces an all-ornothing theology. But perhaps the predominant reason why we are not a creedal denomination is that we do not believe that we can say all that needs to be said about God in a creed or a confession. No matter how much we say, there is still more to say. We cannot contain or capture God within the words of a creed or confession. Again, creeds can point us toward God, but they do not encompass all there is of God. So if we are not a creedal church, then we can believe anything we want, right? Wrong! We are not free to believe whatever we want, but we are free to work out our own understanding of God within some very specific guidelines. These guidelines are contained within The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church2008. The Discipline is created by the General Conference of The United Methodist Church, the only body that can speak for the whole church. Parts II and IV of the Discipline are the sections that describe what we believe and how we live out those beliefs. It is to these sections that we look for the parameters of our beliefs and clear guidelines. Here is a way to envision that: Suppose you had a huge field filled with everything anyone has ever believed, currently believes, or ever could believe about God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the church, and the Christian faith. If a church is a confessional or creedal church, it plants a stake at one spot in that field of beliefs and says to its members, “You have to stand right here, nowhere else!” Or if a church is doctrinally indifferent, it says, “Roam all over the field, believe whatever you wish from anywhere at all.” But The United Methodist Church views that field, fences in a section, and says, “Believe what you discover in your own life about God, but those beliefs must be contained within this fenced-in area to be United Methodist.” ~continued on page 7~ Koinonikos

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United Methodist Theology and Beliefs The curious thing about this United Methodist fenced-in area is that it is three-sided like a triangle. The Discipline is specific about the fences that make up those three sides. One side of this triangular area consists of what has sometimes been called the common core of Christian beliefs. These are beliefs that United Methodists hold in common with most other Christians: the authority of the Bible; the reality of God; God’s act of salvation through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ; the reality of the Holy Spirit as the divine presence in our lives; and the role of the church as the body of Christ. Suppose you were to say, “I don’t think I accept the authority of the Bible, and I just can’t buy that Holy Spirit stuff.” Fine. That is your business. But you are outside the United Methodist fence, so we wish you Godspeed as you seek a church that supports you in your beliefs. A second side of that fence is what has been called the distinctive United Methodist beliefs. The hallmarks of United Methodism, these beliefs set us apart from other denominations. Included are an emphasis on the primacy of God’s grace, the belief that faith and good works must exist side by side, and our distinctive United Methodist approach to organization, church structure, and polity. One of the major hallmarks of this last belief is our connectionalism, the way in which each United Methodist congregation is connected to every other United Methodist congregation through annual conferences, jurisdictional conferences, and the General Conference. Connectionalism is our way of doing together what we could never do separately, such as our mission outreach, our denominational response to disasters, and our efforts to call our culture to become accountable to God. The third part of the fence completes the triangle. Sometimes called the Wesley quadrilateral, this side provides guidelines as we ponder a decision, an action, or a belief. The four guiding questions included in the quadrilateral are: Is it disclosed in Scripture? Is it illumined by tradition? Is it realized in experience? Is it confirmed by reason? In summary, then, we United Methodists do not hold to a single statement of our beliefs, but we are called to the task of theology. That is, we are called to the task of identifying and testing our philosophies by the common core of Christian beliefs, the distinctive United Methodist emphases, and the fourfold guidelines of Scripture, tradition, experience, and reason. This does not mean we United Methodists have a firm belief on every detail of the Christian faith. As Wesley himself said in his sermon “The Character of a Methodist”: “As to all opinions which do not strike at the root of Christianity, we think and let think.” In part, this is why we do not prescribe a precise method for the sacraments: Baptism can be by sprinkling, pouring, or immersion; the Lord’s Supper can be served at the communion rail or passed in the pews using individual cups or a common cup and using wafers or a common loaf. Participation in the sacrament is more important than the outward form of the sacrament. ~excerpts from the United Methodist Layspeakers Basic Manual, chapter 2~ and from Rev. George Smoot’s sermon on April 11 Koinonikos

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FELLOWSHIP UNITED METHODIST MEN UMM May Meeting Our last meeting of the spring will be Saturday, May 1, at our usual 8:00 a.m. time with a great breakfast planned. Our featured speaker will be Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman focusing on education in Arizona and his new role as Headmaster of Tempe Academy. We'll also have updates on all our service projects and plans for the fall which include the DaySpring Golf Outing on September 11 and the Men's Retreat on October 22-24 at Mingus Mountain. Please put these dates on your calendars and let's close out a great year together on May 1.

Dinner and Song--An Old West Barbecue For our final event of the the spring, UMM is planning a family barbecue under the stars on the church patio. The date is Saturday evening, May 8, with great barbecue and lots of western music. Plan to join your friends--tickets will be on sale next week.

_______________ BROWN BAG LUNCH The Brown Bag Lunch group meets every Tuesday from 12:00 to 1:30 in room 112. Bring your lunch and have some fun and fellowship. Call Alita at 480-491-2414 or Bonny Sloane at 480-839-2696 if you have questions. _____________________

SPECIAL ELECTION FACT SHEET The Church & Society team will be distributing a fact sheet about the special election to be held on May 18 on the proposed one cent tax increase. There will be a table on the patio and information on the Welcome Table on Sundays, May 9 & 16 regarding this important election. Please take the time to pick up one of these sheets so you will be an informed voter!


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FELLOWSHIP UNITED METHODIST WOMEN UMW will meet on Thursday, May 20th at 7 p.m. in the Adult Room. Join us for an interesting session of Yoga and Tea led by Sally Y. We continue to collect items for emergency packets to donate to the UMCOR Depot. This month please bring a nail file and/or nail clipper, plastic Band Aids, and $1. Join us for healthful exercise, fellowship and service to others. The Greeting Card Circle, will meet on Thursday, May 6th at 9:30 in Room 112. This circle makes recycled greeting cards using flowers, quilt pieces, and painting, artistically creating beautiful cards for sale to support UMW missions. Cards are available from circle members. At this time, no donations of used cards are needed. The Connie Reading Circle meets on Thursday, May 13thth at the home of Sally Jarus (480792-1297) at 9:30 a.m. Blanche Berreman will review the book The Undertaker’s Wife, Wisdom and Musings: Life in a Small Town Funeral Home, by Celia Hastings. It is from the Nurturing for Community category of the UMW Reading Program.


SINGLES, ETC. Sunday Lunches: Each Sunday, after the second service, those who want to go out for lunch as a group meet at the restaurant listed below. (If you attend the first service, please join us.) We gather under the name "Dayspring" around noon at the following restaurants: May May May May May

02 09 16 23 30

– Golden Gate – NE corner of Baseline and Price (101 Freeway) - My Big Fat Greek Restaurant – 3305 W. Chandler Blvd., just west of the 101 - Crackers & Co. – 1285 W. Elliot Rd., between Priest and Hardy, on the south side - RigaTony’s – NE corner of McClintock and Warner - Red Lobster – NE corner of Ray Road and 54th Street ________________

DIAMONDBACKS BASEBALL The Dayspring family is invited to watch the D’backs play the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday, June 8, at 6:40 p.m. We have reserved a block of tickets in Section 311 at the half-price group rate of $8/ticket. Sign-up on the patio on May 9 or 16. For more information, contact Carol Coleman at 480-838-1446 or


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DAYSPRING FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS A Local Art and Music Showcase Dayspring celebrated its first Festival of the Arts April 16-17 on the campus. Friday evening was beautiful with clarinet and piano performances by Michelle Von Haugg and Jessica Yam before a catered dinner by UMOM on the patio. Soft jazz by Denise Martin floated in the air while dinner was served. Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman mentioned his appreciation for Dayspring’s outreach to the community with this event. To close the evening, guests were graced with a beautiful concert by Cantilena, which included Opera Choruses and several piano pieces by Dian Baker and Eckart Sellheim. This was a delightful and entertaining end to the evening. Saturday morning began with Kyrene de las Brisas Elementary Mallet Masters and the Kyrene Middle School Scorpion Bells, and fresh cinnamon rolls were available. The lively performances were followed by the Irish group Black Velvet Band and Charles Szczepanek playing several powerful piano pieces. After lunch served on the patio, the afternoon moved toward more classical performances with music drifting from both the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall. Desert Breeze String Quartet was moving; Steven Cook on piano played Rachmaninoff. Trish Sewell’s soprano pieces were followed by the Tomano String Quartet, Tess Epperson on harp, and Joseph Kluesener on bassoon, with Andrew O’Brien on piano and the Paradise Winds. They played pieces from Mozart and Milhaud. The evening closed with the Dayspring Chorale, Soloists and Orchestra performing the Faure Requiem. The 90-member Chorale and 25-piece Orchestra did a masterful performance to end the Festival. The time and dedication to musical performance is such a gift by all of our musicians and choir members. Thanks to Rev. Michael Kelley and all of the music program members. A full day and a half of incredible performance under the trees and inside the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall was a true celebration of the talent living and working in our community. To see so many Dayspring members in leadership, as group members in many of the performing groups and as artists, really showed how broad our music and art connections extend into the community and how important and enriching music and the arts are to Dayspring and the southeast valley. This weekend was a rare opportunity to truly appreciate the value of music and the arts that surround us. Special thanks to all who attended, performed or showcased their work. Thanks also to Dayspring’s United Methodist Men for their support and chef services and to the Communication Team. We do special events at Dayspring with style and talent in abundance. Dayspring Communication Team Koinonikos

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DAYSPRING TOCHI MEDICAL MISSION Dayspring UMC Tochimilzoco Medical Mission Trip 2010 The mission team from Dayspring UMC returned last week from our 21st annual medical mission trip to Tochimilzoco, Mexico. Tochimilzoco is a small village of about 1200 inhabitants located about four hours south of Mexico City in the foothills of the Volcano Popocatepetl where we have served five generations of our brothers and sisters. Seventeen team members of our partner church Grace UMC from Olathe, KS, and around 40 individuals from Mexico joined the Dayspring team of 15 people. The Dayspring team members are listed below along with the work that they did. Note that a Mil Uso is “a person of a thousand talents” or a “Jack of all trades.” Bev Engelsman – RN – Medical Clinic intake Krista Kappas – Mil Uso – Medical Clinic intake Cathy Smoot - RN – Medical Clinic intake Jim Baker – Mil Uso – Dental Clinic Betty Choe MD – Pediatrician Michelle Choe – Interpreter Dale Bowen - Pediatrician Valeria Brieten NMD – Naturopathic MD Cheryl Anderson – Respiratory Therapist – Dental Clinic Kathy Hamilton – RN – Medical Clinic intake Hal Hamilton – Mil Uso - Medical Clinic intake Skip Hughes – Spiritual Advisor – Patient management Katie Bosanquet – Nursing Student - Medical Clinic intake Sally Butler – Mil Uso - Patient management Larry Butler – Mil Uso – Interpreter, Public Relations During the four days in the village the medical team saw over 550 patients and the dental team performed over three hundred procedures including extractions, fillings and teeth cleanings. In addition 180 people were provided with reading glasses. We were assisted in the village with a team of health workers from the Give ye Them to Eat (GYTTE) program from Tlanculpican, Mexico. They gave presentations on health issues such as nutrition, sanitation and dental care to the people waiting to see the doctors and dentists. Another group of youth and teachers from GYTTE held vacation Bible school for over 40 children. GYTTE is a mission that is also supported by Dayspring. If you are interested in joining our team next year, please contact Larry Butler at Koinonikos

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OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE FAMILY PROMISE Thank you to all who helped host 14 people (3 families) during Family Promise from April 4-11. They told me they really liked it at our church and felt sad to go. Thank you again for all you did to make the families feel welcome, special, respected, and loved. Our next turn to host is August 8-15. We are always looking for new team members, are grateful for our newbies, and love our seasoned teammates, too! Maria (

MARCH BLOOD DRIVE RESULTS The Blood Drive had 21 people sign up, and 17 were able to donate. Those 17 donations can impact some 51 patients who may be in need of 'The Gift of Life.' Thank you to all who donated or tried to donate for this effort. You were much needed and appreciated. Larry Haubrock

OTHER HANDS MINISTRY Stories from our Other Hands Team: From Dorothy Young: “I met ‘Letty’ the first time I volunteered with Other Hands. Letty and I connected when she told me about her birthplace....a small town in Appalachia called Uniontown. What a coincidence! I had just visited Uniontown several months earlier when I was doing genealogy research with my sister. That day I learned about Letty’s childhood in Uniontown. I enjoyed listening to her reminisce about her early years, particularly since I had been to her hometown only months before and could picture everything in my mind so vividly. We had such a good time that morning working on the craft project together and chatting. As I was preparing to leave, Letty mentioned that she would one day like to go back home to West Virginia. West Virginia?? I realized then that all along I had been thinking Letty was from Uniontown, Pennsylvania! A silly error on my part, but Letty and I certainly enjoyed some great conversation about Uniontown!! I looked up the two Uniontowns later in an atlas and discovered that they are only 65 miles apart! I have been back to see Letty numerous times since our first meeting and we continue to connect on many levels. Other Hands has been a blessing to both of us.” For more information about the Other Hands Ministry contact Suzanne Petticrew at 480-8991347 or Koinonikos

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DAYSPRING NOTES The Dayspring Chorale & Orchestra in the Faure Requiem at the Dayspring Festival of the Arts

Church & Society's "Prophetic Focus" The newly formed Church & Society team has written a new mission statement. In the next several months, we will be trying to define this statement to the congregation at Dayspring. The first component of Church & Society is its "Prophetic Focus." What does this mean? It does NOT mean predicting the future which could be one meaning of the word "prophetic." It DOES mean trying to follow in the footsteps of the Hebrew prophets who felt called to right the wrongs of society and to bring justice and equality to the disenfranchised--those who cannot fend for themselves. This is what we mean by "prophetic focus." Visit the Dayspring UMC website at for Sunday bulletin, newsletter, meetings, events and the calendar.


NEXT KOINONIKOS DEADLINE: May 15, 2010 Time Frame: Month of June, 2010 Place in box in lower right corner in the church office or e-mail Page 13

KOINONIKOS JOYS AND CONCERNS Rev. Jane Tews, healing at home following hospitalization for a stroke. Wilma Bennett and Family, at the death of her husband, Bruce Bennett, on March 24. Marge Piper and Family, at the death of her husband, Gene Piper, on March 25. Jane Ressler and Family, at the death of Jane’s son, Charles Mascari, Jr. Lisa Reed, daughter of David Benton, hospitalized at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Maxine Hansen, healing at home following hospitalization. Chris & Liz Smith, as Chris is undergoing cancer treatment. Christin Franco, friend of Ayssa Anderson, who is going through an emotional battle. Vanessa, single mom of 2 sons, friend of Charlotte & Chuck Barnes, has an inoperable brain tumor. Becky Quick, friend of Carole Sante, who is under hospice care. Charlotte & Chuck Barnes, requesting prayers for God’s leading in their daughter’s divorce. Judy, dear friend of the Ellis Family, struggling with terminal cancer in Minnesota. Laura Hiltz, healing from a fall and broken hip in California. Becky Schnurman, who is under hospice care struggling with cancer. Juan & Angel Gallego, whose mother, Guadelupa, is at the end stages of life. Suzanne Roosen, healing following surgery for a torn retina. Bob & Pat Carl, as Bob is healing from triple bypass surgery. Kati Crane, a 40-year-old mother of 2, who died unexpectedly. Fred Miles, healing at home following hospitalization. Gladys Lambert, mother of Larry & Pam Lambert and grandmother of Julie Hector, who is healing at a rehab center following hospitalization.

Ongoing Health Concerns: Chris Hauser, Marc Homan, Teresa Webb, Duane Carr, Marge Sydell, Kristen Stegeman, Susan Chesnut, Maggie Siegel, Janie Anderson, Pam Narcy, and Joan Venturini. *Remember all those, known and unknown to us, who are in special need of prayer. Dayspring rejoices in the baptism of Sarah Anne Ingram (12-9-09) on March 21. Congratulations to George & Donna Hofer in celebration of their 40th anniversary. Congratulations to Ed & Frances Brown in celebration of their 65th anniversary on April 13, 2010. They were married in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tom and Josie Teter are moving to Texas in May. “A big thank you to Dayspring for letting us be a part of adult education during the brief time we have lived in Arizona. It has been a blessing to become acquainted with the people of Dayspring through choir, Sunday School, United Methodist Women, Wednesday Evening Fellowship, the Tochi Mission group, and the finance committee.”


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MAY CALENDAR MONTHLY CALENDAR Sundays …9:00am Worship, Sanctuary …Sunday School …Sunday Morning Book Study, Library ...Explorers Class, Adult Room ...Bible Study Class, 112 …10:15 Sr. High Formation, 111 …10:15 Jr. High Formation, 110 …10:30am Worship, Sanctuary …Sunday School ...Contemporary Issues, Adult Room ...4pm Alcoholics Anonymous, 116, Adult Room ...4pm Alateen, 110 ...5:10pm Al-Anon, Adult Room ...5:10pm Alateen, 110 Mondays ...10am Monday Morning Moms & Dads, 111 ...6:45pm Boy Scout Troop 172, Fellowship Hall ...7pm Disciple Bible Study IV, 203 Tuesdays …8:45am Yoga Class, Media Center ...12:00pm Brown Bag Lunch, 112 ...4pm Teatime Yoga, 112 …6pm Yoga Class, Media Center Wednesdays ...6:30pm H&W Caregivers Support, Library ...6:30pm Celebration Singers, Choir Room * ...7:30pm Chorale, Choir Room * * May 5, 12, & 19 only Thursdays ...8:30am Stephen Leaders, Library …6pm Yoga Class, Media Center


MEETINGS & EVENTS May 1 8am United Methodist Men, Adult Room May 2 11am Confirmation Banquet, Fellowship H ...11:30am College Age Group, Sanctuary May 3 7pm BSA Troop 172 Committee, Adult R May 5 5:45pm Esperanza Choir, Choir Room ...6pm Cherub Choir, Sanctuary ...6pm Sunshine Singers, Sanctuary ...6:30pm Book Study, 110 ...7pm Genesis Choir, Sanctuary May 6 9:30am Greeting Card Circle, 112 ...6:30pm M.I.S.S., 110 ...7pm Unnamed Women of the Bible Study, 112 ...7pm SSP Training, 111 May 7 7pm PFLAG, 112, Adult Room May 8 9:30am Ribbons of Support Group, Library ...6pm United Methodist Men, Dinner & Song, Patio May 10 6pm Girl Scout Troop 875, 201 ...6:30pm Cub Scout Pack 275, 202 ...7pm Foundation, Adult Room ...7pm Trustees, Office Workroom ...7pm BSA Troop 172 Parents, Media Center May 12 11am Prayer Shawl Ministry, 112 May 13 6:30pm Stephen Ministry Super., 201,202 ...7pm Unnamed Women of the Bible Study, 112 May 15 5pm Parents’ Night Out, N,116,110,MC May 16 11:30am Communications, Adult Room ...11:45am Graduation Banquet, Fellowship Hall ...12pm Young Adults, 112 May 17 6pm Missions Team, Adult Room May 18 7pm Finance Team, Adult Room May 20 7pm United Methodist Women, Adult R May 23 11:30am Teachers Appreciation Reception, 112 May 24 5:30pm Girl Scout Troop, 201

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Dayspring United Methodist Church A Stephen Ministry Congregation 1365 East Elliot Road Tempe AZ 85284-1608




Koinonikos May, 2010 Volume 16, Issue 5 FREE * Published Monthly

Dayspring United Methodist Church is a welcoming congregation. We welcome all people regardless of age, sex, race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic status or ability into the full life of this congregation. Dayspring Mission To create disciples of Jesus Christ who touch and inspire people through an open and diverse community.

DAYSPRING UNITED METHODIST CHURCH A Stephen Ministry Congregation 1365 East Elliot Road Tempe, AZ 85284-1608 Church Office Telephone: 480-838-1446 Email: Office Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 窶「 8:00am-4:00pm Fri. 窶「 8am窶年oon Web Site: Preschool Telephone: 480-838-9097

May Koinonikos  

Monthly newsletter for Dayspring United Methodist Church, Tempe, Arizona.

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