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• The art of Persia is the most important in the history, they have: architecture, painting, weaving, pottery, calligraphy, metalworking and stone masonry.

• Was based on the herding, cause the land was so poor. But everything changes when the gold-rich in India made an a power house in Persia.

• They was use the suit “Medo” because they thought that it was better than themselves. Each one get married with a lot of woman, they show their manliness of who has many children. Cause they thought that the number make the stronger

• They not pee or spit in the rivers, and they don’t wash their hands on them.

• The Persas was polytheists, and their divinities where associate with the nature phenomena . A person who’s influenced the religious system was the big prophet Zoroastro who’s caused changes in the worldview in Persia.


Kings of Persia unificated all the nations into a single political entity.

• The king should be the best warrior as well as the best hunter. Two of the most important rulers were "Cyrus II or Cyrus the Great" who is recognized as the founder of the Persian Empire and "Aquemenes" who is the eponymous founder of the Achaemenid dynasty; this is probably a legendary character.

• Persian society was divided into rigid social classes. At the top of the social pyramid was the king and his family, below the royal aristocracy was (priests, nobles and great merchants). Then, the middle class and the popular (small traders, artisans and soldiers). • Peasants, considered freemen, formed the basis of the social pyramid, as they lay in sustaining much of the other social classes. These lived miserably, were exploited as they were forced to give almost everything produced on the land. They were also required to serve in the construction of palaces and public works (irrigation canals, roads, etc). Finally, slaves, prisoners of military conquests, formed a large group, who performed the toughest jobs in the construction of palaces and public works

• The middle Persia can be split in two different eages. The Persia used in the eage of Empire Parto and the Persia of Empire Sasánida. • During this period, the morphology of the language is greatly simplified. • Much of Middle Persian literature, unfortunately, destroyed by the Arab invasion during the Muslim conquest of Persia. • It saw the world famous poets like Ferdowsi, Rumi, Khayyam, Hafez and Saødi. The new Persian is not very different from the average Persian grammar. The main difference is in the vocabulary, after the Arab invasion of Persia, many Arabic words entered Persian. The Persian and Spanish are similar in concept, but the Persian has words of Arabic origin.

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