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What kind of media institution might distribute your media Product and why?

I think that my magazine would best be suited to be published by Bauer Media Group. The first reason why is because they have a great variety of other media platforms which would be great along side my magazine. For example Kiss fm, they are the the radio station which most of my teenage audience would listen to. They hear things about their favourite artists and listen to all the new top hits. Bauer Media Group have magazines for a very wide age range including all their media platforms. I believe that there would be no difficulty in fitting my magazine in with them. I think that Bauer would benefit from having a new up to date version of a fashion and music magazine as you can never have enough as the genres are widening all the time. I wouldn't consider self publishing my magazine. Unless my magazine was perfect i think it would struggle to get going. The expenses would also be extautionate. Looking at all the statistics only 7/10 mags go further than 4 years in the industry. However from being with a major publishing industry there is a downside to it. You would loose quite a bit of control over the magazine. I would want my magazine to be distributed on a range of digital devices ranging from computers to mobile phones.

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