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It’s A Do-It-Yourself First Birthday A child’s first birthday is always something to celebrate! Some people even hire professionals to conceptualise and plan the whole party. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money. With the help of internet and little research, you can set up a party on your own. There are so many things which can run through your mind when it comes to parties. Where do you hold the event? What time will it start? How long does it take? What kind of food are you going to serve? And most especially, what theme would you choose? You as parents are tasked to select the theme for your child since your little one can’t voice out what they want. Make sure that it’ll be right and appropriate since the decorations will revolve around the theme. There are so many motifs that you could think of! You can use characters from storybooks, movies or cartoons. If you like sports then you can have basketball or soccer theme for your little boy. For sure fairies and princesses will be your little girls’ favourite. There are so many concepts that can be used, so let’s categorise some ideas for you. 1.Madhatter Tea Party - This theme can let you play with different colours. You can use a variety of vibrant Perth painting colours to decorate the party place. Set up long tables with colourful tablecloths, mismatch large teacups with the small ones. Scatter anything that relates to this movie, like keys, chess pieces and cards. 2. UP – Who doesn’t love balloons? Fill your event with balloons, lots of it! Every child would surely be happy. If you plan to put a candy buffet, a good painter in Perth would recommend that you paint a dollhouse that will look like the house in a movie. The food table can have lollipops that would actually look like mini balloons and those badges of Ellie can be your sugar cookies. 3.Safari or Jungle Theme - It would be nice to incorporate animals in the party. Use stuffed lions, giraffe and elephant to adorn the tables. You can even hang toy monkeys on the wall for an added effect. It would even be nice if there are different animal patterns used to cover the tables. 4.Princess - This theme is perfect for your little girl. Use a lot of pink with your designs, start with the wall! A well-known company in Australia, Painter Perth, suggests you combine different hues of pink to coat the walls. Then beautify it using glitters and crowns. 5.Thomas the Train- All aboard everyone! It’s time to ride our favourite train! To enhance this theme, create a train track on the floor using a black tape. Let the kids wear engineer hats and cardboard-box train costumes with suspenders. They will surely enjoy their Choo-Choo trip!

6.Sesame Street – This is an all-time favourite series. You can choose colours from the characters, like blue, yellow, red, green and violet. You can buy ready-made pom-pom balls then put eyes and mouth. Do they look Elmo and Big bird? Yes! Now hang these balls on the ceilings. Perth House Painters agrees that you don’t need to pressure yourself when deciding a theme for the very first birthday of your beloved one. You just have to keep in mind that it should be fun and enjoyable to the kids. And of course, don’t forget to take pictures and video of this memorable occasion!

It’s A Do-It-Yourself First Birthday  

Perth House Painters agrees that you don’t need to pressure yourself when deciding a theme for the very first birthday of your beloved one....

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