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New water toys can make the heat less hot and pool play more pleasing. 1. SWIMSADDLE Swimline | | $49.99 For the older kids who know how to swim but like sitting in the water, too, the SwimSaddle is the thing to have. It allows your legs to rest easily while straddling a foam cushion that provides your body buoyancy. —ka


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2. PIRATE ISLAND ADVENTURE SET Swimline | $105 at Create a fun-filled adventure in your pool with this floating castle of sorts, featuring a center hole for swimming through, a moat slide and three inflatable shields and swords. Two escape windows help kids dodge approaching pirate parents! —ka 3. FLOOD FORCE WATER CANNON SwimWays $14.95 Hold this water cannon in the water as you blast your friends from up to 30 feet away and you’ll have continuous flow. For a mobile attack, cap the opening. The water shoots farther the faster you crank! —ka

4. FUZE CYCLONE WATER BLASTER Skyrocket Toys | $20 Kids love bike races and riding around with friends. The Fuze Cyclone lets’em add a little water action in, too. Shoot a stream of water up to 25 feet away while on the move with this motorized blaster that attaches to your handlebar. It’s a hands-free water attack! —ka



Nashville Parent magazine July 2014


Nashville Parent magazine July 2014