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Pediatric cancer. Congenital heart defects. Beans in ears. Children, you may have noticed, are unpredictable. But when you spend fifty years building a hospital dedicated to children, you learn to expect the unexpected. As a result, there’s nothing we haven’t seen. And there’s nothing we can’t treat. So whether your child is facing one of childhood’s routine mishaps or something far more serious, we have everything necessary to be your child’s very own hospital.





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Kurt R. Swauger, D.D.S. L. Suzanne Parham, D.M.D.

Members American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry Proud member of “The Summit Institute”, group of dental professionals 2 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Hendersonville: 824-5047 100 Springhouse Ct., Suite 110 Madison: 868-9057 500 Lentz Dr., (Next to Goodpasture H.S.)

• treating children of all ages and needs! • most insurances accepted & filed • kid-friendly atmosphere • new patients welcome • gentle and caring staff • tenncare provider





The Gardner School, an award-winning academically focused preschool for ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Here, each child’s day includes personal attention, gentle guidance and developmentally appropriate activities, as well as a healthy dose of fun and laughter. For more information, please visit our website or call us to schedule your personal tour.


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Williamson Parent

Tooth Talk

Q Dr. ASnodgrass and Dr. King, does swallowing toothpaste harm or help my child’s teeth? Q A David J. Snodgrass Pediatric Dentist

It is not good for any child to swallow toothpaste. Most toothpastes have fluoride. Fluoride is meant to inhibit bacterial formation on the outside surfaces of the teeth. It is not meant to be ingested as a food source because it is toxic. Many parents and children simply place far too much toothpaste on the toothbrush. It has the effect of gagging the child and makes the whole brushing experience more difficult for the parent and the child.

King, my child has recently developed a nickel allergy. Q Dr. A Do braces contain any nickel?

Q A John T. King Pediatric Dentist

Peter Wojtkiewicz Orthodontist

✽ Pediatric dentistry ✽ Free video arcade ✽ Kid-friendly atmosphere ✽ Nitrous oxide sedation ✽ TV’s above every dental chair ✽ Comprehensive braces ✽ Most insurances accepted ✽ Emergencies accepted ✽ Interceptive orthodontics ✽ Adult services available

This is an important question that I honestly do not often get. Yes, stainless steel (or silver) braces do contain trace amounts of nickel. However, a true allergic reaction to nickel is rare. Most often patients with nickel allergies are female. The reason that this is so is due to the fact that most nickel exposure is encountered through jewelry (i.e. earrings) wear. This trend may change with more males beginning to wear jewelry and other objects containing nickel. Even when a patient exhibits an allergic reaction to nickel containing objects a reaction to nickel in braces does not always occur due to the limited amounts contained in stainless steel braces. Patients seeking orthodontic treatment who might be hypersensitive to nickel can be tested for a true nickel allergy prior to treatment or seek treated with alternative materials such as ceramic or clear braces which do not contain nickel. Nickel free wires can also be used during treatment.

email to get your questions answered

COOL SPRINGS: 771-1111

125 Cool Springs Blvd., Ste 140

HERMITAGE: 885-3525

4761 Andrew Jackson Pkwy.

SPRING HILL: 302-4200 5073 Main St., Ste 240


1747 Medical Center Pkwy., Stespecial 300 advertisement a paid advertisement

editor’s note “dada with water” and other tales about bedtime


hile you may look forward to “magic hour” — that glorious “justthe-two-of-us time” when the kids are finally asleep for the night, you’re wise not to rush it with children. Sleep issues plague many a home, but I’m convinced that a good bedtime routine that begins when kids are babies can solve a lot of future battles. Without a routine, all kinds of things can come up — but mostly it will be little bodies on the hunt for comfort in the way of you, or another story, or more water, or ... or ... or. And so it goes. Think about it: A sleeping house is a trusting house. Moms, dads and kids go to sleep each night in the dark and everyone becomes completely unconscious for a good stretch of time. It’s true that parents are masters of sleeping in the half state — the first foreign sound to erupt in your home in the middle of the night sends your eyelids flying open, or in my case, it’s the click-click-clicking of my golden retriever’s nails on the wooden floor signaling she needs to go out. At 13-and-a-half and winding down in years, whenever my sweet Cody wants anything, she gets it. Mostly what she wants is to sleep, though. Falling asleep for me means reading, doesn’t matter what, and I always have plenty of things on my Kindle. My problem isn’t getting to sleep, it’s getting to read, since no sooner do I begin on a page that I’m jerking my head and blinking. For Dada, his routine includes a bath. Doesn’t matter how late he stays up, if it’s 1 a.m., I might waken to the sound of his drawing a bath, and soon enough I’ll hear his cupped hands gently lifting the water from the surface as he thinks things through ... this is when he unwinds and gets ready for sleepy town ... and From the time my kids were teeny-weeny, I insisted on nightly baths for them. Even if I didn’t think I could wash another face or blow another bubble, I knew the bath was like a small miracle for their little bodies. They were happy, warm and secure in the water and owned my undivided attention. I’d play with them, chat or just hang out as though nothing mattered more than this simple time together. Nothing did. Reading a bedtime story was mandatory, too, and I was forever bringing out my favorite storybooks to share with them until they started discovering favorites of their own. For young children, an e-reader cannot replace the wonder of turning pages together, holding the book, pointing at things, snuggling deep in the pillow until it’s too low on the back and you have to wiggle your body to get up! With my boys, we’d say a funny little ditty as I turned out the light at the door, after the bath and the story and the prayers and the kisses. I’d sing, “See you in the morning!” and they’d reply, “Not if I see you first!” My 9-year-old Thomas does this with me now, although he’s added onto it. I’ll say, “See you in the morning!” and he’ll say, “Not if I see you first!” ... and then, after a moment, he’ll add, “Dada with water!” Which means he’s ready for Dada to come in with a goodnight kiss and a glass of water. So I’ll turn out the light, shut the door and call out to my husband, “Dada with water!” And he will go. Whether our little guy’s still awake or not. Make a nice, slow bedtime routine a part of your child’s nightly life — and yours. Everyone will sleep better for it!


10 july 2012

6 F N C C A D S A I C M O C N A N E P C


Lancaster Christian acaDeMY

6 Weeks - 12th Grade Fully Accredited Nationally Certified Curriculum Challenging Academics College Preparatory ACT Prep Dual Enrollment at University Level Small Student Teacher Ratio Annual National Testing Individual Attention Celebrating the Arts Music, Drama, Sports Outside Classroom Experience Contemporary Non-Denominational An Atmosphere Where Innocence is Not Stolen Encouraging Students to Have a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ and of course ... So Much Fun

$1,066,000 in College Scholorships Offered to our 35 Graduates!

Preparing Your Child for College

We offer Homeschool, too!


615.223.0451 150 Soccer Way, Smyrna, TN

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feed back

2270 Rosa L. Parks Blvd., Nashville, TN 37228 256-2158 •

Like us on Facebook ... Tweet us ... E-mail us ... we’ll share with you! Handwritten or e-mailed letters become the property of this publication and may be edited for length and clarity. Facebook postings are edited for clarity.

how are the cover kids chosen? Dear Editor, Please explain to me how the Cover Kid winners are chosen. I think it is ludicrous that a parent can go online and get total strangers to vote for their child to win. It is not going to be productive for your magazine if it is conducted this way. If one of the contestants has twice as many votes as the one behind them, it is obvious that the parent is soliciting votes from complete strangers and bartering for votes with other people that are in other contests around the world! It’s almost like cheating! And then it becomes a matter of “whose mommy has more time on their hands?” None of these people that are voting for this child are going to pick up your magazine and read it because she is on the front (because they are strangers and don’t even live here)! However, if a child wins that has family/friends voting then they will most likely pick up the magazine. It already stinks to have to solicit votes from friends and relatives and make everyone feel like they have to vote every

a note from the editors Dear Readers, Thank you to those of you who participated in our 2012 online Cover Kids contest. For the first time ever, Nashville Parent conducted the contest on its website and discovered — along with participants — the power of social media. We had more than 300 children entered into our contest and some children — through their parents’ savvy social networking techniques — successfully delivered thousands of votes. Some registered parents were unhappy with this. Taking this into account, and because life is often imperfect, next year’s online Cover Kids contest will be done through our Facebook page where viewers will be able to vote for their Cover Kids by “Liking” them, with only one vote per person per child. We appreciate all of the letters, comments and calls we received about this year’s contest and congratulate our four winners — see them on page 23!

eight hours every day! Please don’t allow the “the mom with the most time and connections” to get her child on the front.

12 july 2012

Keri G.

Nashville Parent is happy to announce that a $500 check will be delivered to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Middle Tennessee thanks to the proceeds from Cover Kids 2012.



cover kids 2012

Nashville Parent’s



Does your child love his doctor? Does your doctor take time to listen and respond to your concerns or go “above and beyond” in some ways? Has your child’s medical care exceeded your expectations? ­­———————————————

WHO HAS BEEN NOMINATED SO FAR? Christina Lohse, M.D. Brentwood Children’s Clinic, Franklin Dr. Lohse is very down to earth. She is very good with the kids and makes them feel at ease during the appointment. My girls, ages 3 and 1, have been going to her since birth, and they love her. Julie Crotzer

Jennifer Ray, M.D. Centennial Pediatrics, Spring Hill My daughter loves her! She has been with her since she was a baby, and she is like a second mom to her. I am more than thankful for her constant support and help. She is available, she is very competent. My daughter feels she can talk to her like she is family, and she is very understanding and a great doctor! Joan Pennington

Joel Gluck, D.D.S. A. Joel Gluck Orthodontics, Nashville Dr. Gluck is wonderful with his patients. He is attentive to their needs, and both my older boys now have beautiful straight teeth. He is friendly and always takes time to say hello to me. Helen Crowley

William Davidson, M.D., F.A.A.P. Pediatric Associates, Nashville He is always willing to take time to discuss whatever is a concern. He is so friendly and easy going. He has been my daughter’s favorite for her whole nine years of all the doctors in the practice. Candace Young

Alice Rothman, M.D., M.P.H. University Pediatrics, Nashville Dr. Rothman is always looking out for us. If we get scheduled with someone else, and she can figure out a way to see my kids she does. One day she was just passing through the office on her day off and we were there, and she came in to do the sick visit, even with her daughter in tow. We always feel taken care of and confident in the kids’ care. Rebecca Dickinson

Charles Glenn Chandler, M.D. Murfreesboro Medical Clinic He’s just great. He takes time with you and is so friendly and patient. He’s so busy he can’t even take new patients now as everyone that goes to him stays with him! He’s wonderful! Shelley Foster

Daniel B. Kalb, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.F.P. Cool Springs Family Medicine, Franklin Takes a holistic approach towards healthcare. Great when raising your child to be healthy and not dependent on medicine! Autumn Bruner

These are just a few of the doctors that have been nominated for Favorite Docs. Nominations are still open, and we want to hear who you would choose. Cast your vote today for our 2012 list at

On OUR Cover: Cover Kid 2011 Drew, photographed by Rebekah Pope Photography in the studio.

july giveaways This month, we’re giving away a game of SPINNERZ and tickets to Olde World Theatre’s production of The Little Mermaid.


njoy a great game of spinning fun with SPINNERZ by Zume Games, the original gripping disc target game. The object of the game is to lock your disc in place and knock your opponent’s off with the one-of-akind SPINNERZ grip disc. This game is lightweight, portable, sets up quickly and comes with six SPINNERZ grip discs, a target goal, ground stakes and carrying. Appropriate for ages 8 and older. Zume Games are also available for purchase at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods. Available for $99.99. Visit Take the family out to enjoy The Little Mermaid performed by Olde World Theatre at The Belcourt on Saturdays, July 21 and 28 and Aug. 4 and 11 at 10 a.m. We’re giving away four tickets for each performance. Learn more about the show at Due to THE BIG GIVEAWAY in this month’s issue (see page 47), our weekly Nashville Parent WINSday Facebook contest is on hiatus until August. To register for our random monthly drawings, log on to and click on “Giveaways” under the Contests tab. One entry per person, per prize. Good luck!|| Visit us online for our Digital Edition, Family Calendar, current poll

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Abintra Montessori School NOW ENROLLING FOR 2012-2013

14 july 2012

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parent talk we ask, local parents answer

Your child prefers sleeping on the floor instead of his bed. Would you allow it? NIKI AN KEVIN CAMPBELL Let him, what’s the problem? As long as he’s safe and secure it’s no harm; pick your battles — you will win some and you will lose some. JENNY WOOD Put his mattress on the floor. My daughter is 9 and still doesn’t appreciate a bed at all, but she loves a mattress on the floor! We tried bunk beds, day beds, a trundle, simple frames, a captain’s bed (and still have ALL of them!), but she never liked any of them. KRISTA HUGHES My daughter is 2 and she does that, too! She gets out of bed and sleeps by the door. I think it’s so she can hear what’s going on. I moved her bed over by the door and now it’s 50/50 on whether she sleeps in bed.

KIRSTEN HOLLEY My son often sleeps on his floor. I don’t care as long as he’s sleeping. REBECCA MCROBERTS WELLS Our pediatrician told us that as long as our son was safe and was still sleeping it didn’t matter if he was in his bed or not. Our son randomly asks to sleep on the floor with his stuffed animals, and at first we weren’t sure. If he’s happy and resting, we go for it. COURTNEY HAMMONS Some of the best runners in the world come from third world countries where the only option is to sleep on a dirt floor. Look at it this way, you may have an Olympic athlete in training!

PENNY RAY The solid, hard surface of the floor may provide more input to his nervous system so that he feels more secure. Some kids with an immature sense of proprioception (sense of where they are in space) may feel like they’re falling or not secure in a soft bed, while the sense of that hard floor underneath them is a secure feeling. ERIN HUSKEY It’s likely a control issue. Let him sleep on the floor and when he realizes it’s not an issue with you he may start sleeping in the bed. — compiled by Kiera Ashford

(for more “Parent Talk,” please turn the page)

july 2012 15

parent talk Off to the Movies

When will you allow your child to go without you? THERESA WORRELL MORROW With a group of friends, maybe age 12. But, I know some kids this same age that I wouldn’t trust to walk into the next room alone. Just depends on the child. AMBER HAAS WADE Teen years ... maybe 13. JONI LOVELETTE Maybe 14 or 15, with adult supervision somewhere close by. But age 16 if they are totally on their own. VALARIE DENISE BROWN My 14-year-old started doing it last year with friends. TISHA MARIE Totally depends on the kid. My son is 11 and I would let him, but my daughters just aren’t as mature. SARAH LASOTA MOORE With a group, 10 years old. EDYIE STALLINGS Age 14 or 15 with a group of friends and parents dropping off and picking up ... by themselves just isn’t safe anymore — at any age. FRANCES WHITE If he can tell me what he thinks it’s about, any age. I’ll just sit in the back. Aren’t you glad you’re not my kid? WENDY WILLIAMS WASHINGTON Age 13 is good but with same-sex friends only!

16 july 2012

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TRIM: 3.75” X 4.75”



BUNT1132_Mjw_DogCouch_NashParent_3.75x4.75.indd 1

6/15/12 10:32 AM


• Open 7 days including evenings Mon. thru Fri. • On-site prescription service • Newborn classes • Certified lab with walk-in throat cultures available • Interactive web site • Electronic medical records

We pledge to continue to earn that trust one family at a time. Call 615-352-2990 or visit

18 july 2012

• Annu ent a ar

ders Pol ea l lR

Thank you for voting us Nashville’s best pediatric practice 8 years in a row!

Nashville P


DATE PRODUCED: 6/12/2012


SOMETIMES IT’S HARD TO TELL WHO’S BEING ADOPTED. Adopt a pet from the Nashville Humane Association and find a faithful friend. Visit to learn more.

By Mark Rawls, M.D. and Tara Huss, M.D. Assistant Professors of Clinical Pediatrics at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt

kids and

Ask your pediatric health questions on Facebook, and we’ll get the answer.

on call

swimmer’s ear


My 13-year-old encounters several bouts of swimmer’s ear. What causes it and what can we do to prevent it? Swimmer’s ear is caused by a change in the environment of the ear canal that leads to inflammation and infection of the skin. Water that doesn’t drain well from the ear often causes this change, but it can also come with cleaning the ears too aggressively or too frequently. Anything that cleans away too much of your protective ear wax can lead to swimmer’s ear. It is true that nothing smaller than your elbow should go in your ear! Prevention is focused on keeping healthy wax in the canal and keeping the ears as dry as possible. After swimming, you can dry the outer ear with a towel and then use a hair dryer on low heat to help facilitate the drying. You can also mix equal parts white vinegar and rubbing alcohol and place a few drops in the ears after swimming to help decrease bouts of infection. These drops would not be recommended if your child has had a recent ruptured ear drum and/or past ear surgery. Lastly, when an infection has been diagnosed, make sure to finish the full course of treatment and refrain from water activities during that time. You may also want to use a cotton swab covered with Vaseline when in the shower to keep water out while being treated.

baby’s runny nose: cold or allergies?


How do I know what’s causing my baby’s runny nose?

Sometimes it can be tough to distinguish between a runny nose due to a cold and one due to seasonal or environmental allergies. In Middle Tennessee, allergies peak during the spring but can happen year round. Often, children with runny noses due to allergy will have watery and itchy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, clear nasal drainage, itchy nose and frequent sneezing. Kids with allergy symptoms alone usually don’t have fever. Cold symptoms, on the other hand, are most common from late fall through early spring. Mucus drainage with colds tends to be thicker and is more likely to be yellow or greenish. Children will often have fever with colds. Another important difference is that colds are contagious, so if all the children in your baby’s play group or day care have a cold, then your baby may have a cold as well. The younger your child is, the more likely it is that his runny nose is a cold rather than allergies because allergies develop over time. One thing that confuses matters is that kids sometimes have both allergy symptoms and cold symptoms at the same time. Also, many symptoms such as sore throat, cough and fatigue can go with either colds or allergies. Your pediatrician should always be happy to help you sort things out if you have any uncertainty and can help guide you toward age-appropriate treatment options.

july 2012 19

kid’s health

love me tender at home


ith the lazy days of summer come the pesky sting and itch of sunburns and bug bites. Try these home remedies recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and to cure and fend off minor irritations.


summer cold? steam it out! Inhaling steam flushes out your child’s nasal passages and relieves sinus pressure, doctors say. Add a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil to make it more potent. Another natural alternative: Using a neti pot to irrigate the nostrils with saline solution, which can also ease sinus symptoms.

An oatmeal bath can help soothe several ailments, including sunburn, rashes and bug bites. Grind a cup of regular or quick-cooking oatmeal until it’s pretty fine and then dump it into a bath of lukewarm water. Rinse off thoroughly and pat dry.


Did you know that baking soda has astringent qualities? Next time a bug takes a bite out of your crew, make a paste of baking soda and water and gently apply. Baking soda is also great for those suffering from a heat rash — just add a few tablespoons to the bath.


When kids are itching from exposure to poison ivy, a compress soaked in cold milk rather than plain old water might be just the ticket. Or, try applying a moistened tea bag to itchy skin (use black or green tea). A green tea compress also works well for relieving sunburns.


Enjoy a bit too much summer barbecue? Ginger, whether fresh or brewed into a tea, can help settle a tempestuous tummy.

20 july 2012


Honey can act like an antibiotic cream if you don’t have any handy. Just dab on a bit of the sweet stuff and cover with a bandage.


For a bee sting, use the edge of a credit card (or fingernail) to scrape out the stinger. Once that’s done, soak the area in apple cider vinegar to relieve swelling, or just apply an ice pack for about 20 minutes.


Take a few steps to prevent common summer ailments: • For heat rash, limit physical activity on super hot and humid days, wear loose cotton clothing and stick to the shade. • Keep little ones’ fingernails short to prevent infection from scratching at bites and rashes. • If kids have been in the woods, check them for ticks. If you find one, remove it with tweezers but save it in a plastic sandwich bag. If a rash develops at the tick bite, your doctor can analyze that bad boy to see if it carries Lyme disease.



Online public schooling means individualized learning for every student. Online public schooling means individualized learning for every student. Often, a one-toone approach is what it takes to realize a child’s innermost possibilities. As the leader in K–12 online education, K12 offers tuition-free, online public schooling that adapts to fit every child.  Innovative, proven curriculum  Highly qualified, California-credentialed teachers  Flexible pacing, individualized learning It’s the choice between a child trying to fit the school, or a school that fits your child.

K12 programs are available statewide for grades K–8. We’re now accepting applications for the 2012–2013 school year. Visit us online for enrollment information and a complete list of upcoming events.

VISIT schools CALL 855.629.4775

Sumner P

aders Poll Re

t • Annua en l ar



KARATEFORKIDS! * 639 S. Mt. Juliet Rd. (Publix Shopping Center) 615.587.7903

confidence * self-esteem * self-discipline * respect



Taylor Hayden • Goodlettsville

859-9473 Ages 3 and Up



Steven O'Riley • Antioch & Smyrna

399-3992 Ages 4 and Up

expires 07/31/12


KIDS Is Our Job

VIP MidSouth, LLC

Portland Children’s Clinic 105 Redbud Drive, Ste D

specializing in the care of Pediatric and Adolescent Patients for over 26 years


Lafayette Children’s Clinic 306 West Locust Drive


Fun, state-of-the-art kid-friendly atmosphere!

Springfield Children’s Clinic 426 22nd Ave. East


Hendersonville Children’s Clinic 105 Glen Oaks Drive, Ste 102


Gallatin Children’s Clinic 648 Hartsville Pike


Associated Children's Dentistry

White House Children’s Clinic 128 Raymond Hirsch Pkwy., Ste 1


of Mt. Juliet


Now Accepting New Patients

22 july 2012

e l i m S

we make children in Mt. Juliet!

Taking Excellent Care of Your

Most Insurnce Plans Accepted, including TennCare

Asso Ch

Preventative, restorative, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), general anesthesia, digital radiographs & emergency care

Accept most insurances including TennCare


GREAT LOCATION across from Providence Marketplace | Dr. Eric Wood 553-4125 | 5003 Crossing Circle

Most Insurnce Plan


what’s news

24 local briefs | 31 giving back | 33 family getaway

Announcing the 2012 Cover Kids winners! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Eli (0 - 12 months division)

Samantha (13 - 24 months division)

Amelia (3 - 6 years division)

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local briefs

science center opens playful exhibit


ids can explore a variety of scientific properties through hands-on play at the Adventure Science Center’s (ASC) new traveling exhibit, Science in Toyland. Seven specific areas allow children to learn about inertia, acceleration, gravity and centrifugal forces while playing with toys in the exhibit. The themed areas are: Kids Construction Co., Tournament of Tops, Roller Coaster, Domino Challenge, Bridges and Cranes, Catch the Wind and Food Webs. “This exhibit combines toys and games with problem solving, discovery and experimentation to remind us that, yes, science is fun,” says Susan Duvenhage, CEO of ASC. Science in Toyland, developed by the California Science Center, is on display through Monday, Sept. 3. ASC is located at 800 Fort Negley Blvd., Nashville. Hours are Mon - Sat 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sun 12:30 - 5:30 p.m. Admission is $12 adults, $10 ages 2 - 12. Call 8625160 or visit

first lady encourages family reading

swift gives $4 million to hall of fame

franklin on foot tour fun for kids

Tennessee First Lady Crissy Haslam encourages family togetherness through reading via her statewide campaign, First Lady’s READ20 Book Club. Each month, a different book is selected, and families are encouraged to read together for 20 minutes every day. In addition, weekly activities are provided on the website that are themed to the month’s book selection. Among the program’s goals are promoting reading efficiency, encouraging reading for enjoyment and comprehension, and promoting school readiness. Learn more at http://

Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift has pledged $4 million to fund a new education center at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. The 7,500 square foot space will feature three classrooms and a state-of-the-art children’s exhibit gallery which will be filled with hands-on, interactive stations. The classrooms will allow the museum to expand it’s educational activities to potentially include after-school programs, teen progams, multiweek youth workshops and more. The Taylor Swift Education Center, part of the museum’s current expansion project, is set to open in early 2014. Learn more at

Franklin on Foot offers a children’s tour, “I Spy Downtown Franklin,” every Tuesday and Friday at 9 a.m. through July 27. The tour takes kids behind the scenes of the events that shaped Franklin into the city it is today with a scavenger hunt mixed in with education. “The kids really do love the ‘I Spy’ aspect the best,” says Margie Thessin, owner of Franklin on Foot. “Searching for something and finding it gives them a sense of accomplishment!” The children’s tour is designed for ages 6 -12, and ages 3 - 5 can take part in a preschool version. Tickets are $9. Call 400-3808 or visit — julie wilson

24 july 2012

Nashville P

ders Pol ea l lR

• Annu ent a ar

NEW Merchandise

arriving daily including

children’s clothing

Newborn-Size 8, Furniture, Bedding, Gifts, Accessories and More! Visit us on Facebook for new merchandise photos amd

store promotions.

Bandywood Dr., Green Hills | Mon- Sat: 9:30- 5:30 615-298-2323 |

OPEN HOUSE: July 7th & July 28th 10 - Noon

Allison J. Gunne, Ph.D. Licensed Psychological Examiner Certified School Psychologist

Mt Juliet Montessori Academy

Comprehensive or Partial Evaluations

• Reading (Dyslexia) • Math (Dyscalculia) • Writing (Dysgraphia) • ADHD & Learning Disability • Developmental Evaluations • Intellectual Functioning • Educational Planning/ Intervention

Vanderbilt Kennedy

Clear Talk Project

The Source for Learning Differences

Language intervention for children with Down syndrome, 5-12 years, whose speech is difficult to understand

504 Autumn Springs Ct., Suite 1B Franklin, TN 805 S. Church St., Murfreesboro, TN


s ri



r Ou

(615) 343-1725


(931) 273-7119



• 1-hr therapy sessions, 2 per week for 6 months • No cost for intervention or assessments



Testing & Evaluation Services

Toddlers, Preschool & Elementary Call 615-758-0819 for tours and info! * CTP_ad.qxp:Layout 1 8/12/10 1:06 PM Page 1


Is Our

t Pa

Jill Forbess, M.D. Lori Breaux, M.D. Patricia Williams, M.D. William Sanders, M.D Most Insurances Accepted. Welcome New & Established Patients!

5111 Maryland Way, Suite 301, Brentwood, TN | 615.661.4256 july 2012 25

local briefs


can you fathom it? fun fare on the silver screen this month

ummertime brings blockbusters to the big screen, and thanks to Fathom Events, your family can catch some cool classic fare and get a taste of the Big Apple this month at Regal Green Hills 16 and Opry Mills 20. Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Monday, July 23 with a screening of two of the show’s most popular episodes along with never-before-seen interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. Musical lovers, take note: You can see the 60th anniversary remastered version of Singin’ in the Rain, featuring an interview with Debbie Reynolds sharing memories of working on the movie. In addition, Fathom brings New York’s Metropolitan Opera to local theaters in high definition this month, so grab the kids and experience a little artistic culture with showings of Les Contes D’Hoffman (Wednesday, July 11), Lucia di Lammermoor (Wednesday, July 18) and Der Rosenkavalier (Wednesday, July 25). Tickets for all shows are $12.50. Find more info and get tickets at


hosts a free grand opening event on Saturday, July 7 from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. The studio offers a wide range of photo options, including maternity and family portraits. The grand opening will feature door prizes, games, food and music. Learn more at 200-7427 or

26 july 2012

art-making in the lobby is a free, hands-on

program at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts taking place from 6 - 8 p.m. every Thursday and Friday through July 27. “The Simple Life” lets visitors of all ages create cardboard drawings using the materials of artist Bill Traylor. Learn more — including info about the exhibit, Bill Traylor: Drawings from the Collections of the High Museum of Art and the Montgomery Museum of Find Arts — at

the dan talent group hosts an open house on Sunday, July 15 for models and actors ages 4 and older. The event takes place from 2 - 4 p.m. at 1746 General George Patton, Ste. 103, Brentwood. Learn more at

the vanderbilt farmers’ market is open every Thursday from 3 - 6 p.m. Get fresh fruits, vegetables, locally farmed meat, cheeses and more at Medical

Center Plaza across from Langford Auditorium. Cash, checks, credit and debit cards are accepted, though a few farmers only take cash or checks.

WILLIAMSON Parent’s back-to-school fair is Saturday, Aug. 25 at CoolSprings Galleria. Find tons of educational and enrichment resources. Booth space is available. Call 256-2158, ext. 132.


Your child’s good health




is our priority Located across I-65 from Cool Springs Galleria in Franklin (near the Marriott Hotel), Southern Pediatrics provides the best in pediatric care. We’re taking new patients, have sick and well waiting areas and accept virtually all insurance plans.

Dr. Garbriela Morel, FAAP Dr. Gordon B. Davis, FAAP Dr. Mark D. Hughs, FAAP

t • Ann ren u Pa

aders Po Re ll al



(Expires 7/31/12)

(615) 771-0707

430 Cool Springs Blvd., Franklin, TN 37067 Call (615) 778-1840 now for an appointment. 740 Cool Springs Blvd. • Suite 140



Arts * Drama * Home Ec * PE Science * Foregin Language & Many More Fun Things!


Water Days Every Week Kona Ice Truck * Bounce House

216 Jamestown Park Road Brentwood, TN 37027


for Ages 6 weeks –5 years

Thank you for voting us one of the best child care facilities/preschools in Williamson County.

Call today to schedule a tour. 615-373-3110 or visit july 2012 27



LITTLE COTTAGE TOYS 595-7874 Our Heritage Pediatric Team Keeps Growing.

Green Hills

Pediatrics 2325 Crestmoor Road • 615.284.2260 Lawrence Klinsky, MD Robert Mallard, MD Chetan Mukundan, MD Lindsay M. Rauth, MD Paige J. Smith, MD

cool sPrinGs

Pediatrics 1909 Mallory Lane • 615.503.2947 Elizabeth W. Bailes, MD Elizabeth P. Dykstra, MD

Grassland TN-SPAD0413114000

28 july 2012

Pediatrics / internal Medicine 2339 Hillsboro Road • 615.791.9300 Samuel R. Bastian, MD Cindy Calisi, MD Amy D. Gandhi, MD Daniel B. McGinley, MD Tad Yoneyama, MD

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Coach of the Year Award go to to

nominate your favorite coach!


t’s time to submit online nominations for Nashville Parent’s 2012 Coach of the Year award! All coaches currently coaching a youth sport (who are in at least their second year with the same organization) are eligible to be nominated for this honor. The recipient will be selected by our panel of editors. When making your nomination, please consider the following: • Sportsmanship of the nominee as well as the players • Team performances during the coach’s year • Past honors and contributions made to sports by the coach


The 2012 Coach of the Year will be announced in our October 2012 issue and will be honored with a special plaque presentation.

july 2012 29

giving back non-profit news

glam out for the dogs


anines strut their stuff on the runway during Glitter and Glam, the annual benefit for Nashville’s Agape Animal Rescue, taking place Sunday, July 8 at Loews Vanderbilt Hotel (2100 West End Ave., Nashville). The event raises funds for the nonprofit whose mission is to find “forever homes” for abandoned or displaced dogs while educating the public on responsible pet ownership. Actress and recording artist Jana Kramer hosts the event that includes a fashion show with human attire by fashion mogul Manuel. More than $10,000 in gifts are up for grabs in live and silent auctions, and complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres come with the $60 ticket. Glitter and Glam takes place from 5 - 8 p.m. Learn more at 406-7799 or We are giving away two tickets to this event on our Facebook page on Monday, July 2!

high hopes breaks new ground High Hopes Inclusive Preschool and Pediatric Therapy Clinic, the non-profit facility that provides physical, occupational, speech, feeding and listening therapies to special needs children is building a new 13,000-square-foot facility at 301 Normand Court, Franklin. High Hopes will offer improved accessibility, an expanded playground and the stability of one permanent home. “We are so excited about the opportunity to educate and provide therapy to children with and without special needs in one self-contained building,” says Gail Powell, High Hopes’ executive director. Construction is due for completion in spring 2013. Learn more at 661-5437 or

move toward a cure All ages can participate in a 5K walk/run during Move Toward a Cure on Saturday, July 7, hosted by Miles for Hope, a national nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness and funding for brain cancer. Proceeds from the event will go to brain tumor research and provide travel assistance to brain cancer patients. The walk/run takes place at Shelby Bottoms, 1900 Davidson St., Nashville. Registration begins at 8 a.m. and the walk/run starts at 9 a.m. Registration is $25 ages 6 and older, and participants are encouraged to garner donations. For more info, visit


july 2012 31

a baby is...

Let Nashville’s best photographer capture your joy! 615.248.7815



NOW OPEN! Discover just how much you learn while playing with your toys as a child. Experiment with spinning tops, toy boats, roller coasters and more in this delightful new exhibit for the whole family to enjoy.

Science in Toyland was developed by the California Science Center

32 july 2012


By Kiera Ashford


wild family fun on the

Crystal Coast

This family destination is full of natural awe, great food, ocean-front homes, activities and wild horses!

the beach’s

merely sand and ocean, right? If you think that, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. The Crystal Coast — North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks ( — offers much more than just soaking up the sun. Let your mind explore all the goodness of nature with tours, adventurous activities, dining and more. Plan the most invigorating vacation for your family to remember and cherish.

Much to See and Do Kayaking is an activity that’s sure to get everyone’s energy revved up. Having never done it before, I now know it’s actually pretty easy. Barrier Island Kayaks (160 Cedar Point Blvd., Swansboro; 252-393-6457; offers several kayaking options. I chose the Eco Adventure ($40 per person) — a two-and-a-half-hour guided tour through salt marsh and tidal creeks. Tour guides are adventurous and well informed, which makes for a fun trip. Or, rent a single or double kayak and explore on your own (rates are determined by kayak and length of trip). There’s no age restriction, so everyone in the family can kayak if you like — children ride in a double with one or two adults.

Learn more about area marine wildlife at the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores (1 Roosevelt Blvd., Pine Knoll Shores; 252247-4003;; $8 adults, $6 ages 3 - 12; free for ages 2 and younger). This aquarium lets you see sharks, fish of all kinds, playful river otters, endangered marine creatures like the white loggerhead sea turtle, Nimbus, and so much more. You can also see a “Living Shipwreck” featuring a life-sized replica of a German U-352 submarine and Blackbeard’s infamous ship, The Queen Anne’s Revenge! Kids love the aquarium’s hands-on elements as well as the newly opened Penguin Plunge (on exhibit through Sept. 30) with African penguins swimming fast in the water. Explore the outer islands. We grabbed a ferry from Local Yokel Ferry & Tours (516 Island Road, Harkers Island; 252-728-2759; $15 per person or $10 each for seven or more people) and headed out to the lighthouse. The ferry runs every hour and takes you on a quick tour along the nine-mile long, one-mile wide Shackleford Banks. From the ferry, you’ll be amazed to see the beauty of the majestic Shackleford Horses — the island’s home to more than 110 of them — and words can’t do the sight of them justice, so be ready with your camera. Learn the history behind these magnificent creatures at the Foundation for (please turn the page)

july 2012 33


family fun on the

Crystal Coast

Castle in the Sand

Cape Lookout Lighthouse Shackleford Horses (306 Golden Farm Road, Beaufort; 252-728-6308; The ferry drops you off at Cape Lookout National Seashore (131 Charles St., Harkers Island; 252-728-2250; Head to the Cape Lookout Lighthouse (252-728-0708; $8 adults, $4 ages 12 and younger and at least 44 inches tall), which is open for climbing Wednesday - Saturday, May 16 - Sept. 22. Careful, though, as the top is very windy — it’s 207 steps up but the view from above is spectacular!

oceanfront home has seven bedrooms, six-and-a-half baths, a laundry room, a spacious full kitchen, dining room with more than enough seating, living room, den, pool, hot tub, an elevator to all levels, TVs in every room and it’s own boardwalk right to the beach. Cooking in helps you save on your food bill and since you’re right next to the water there’s no need to drive and park at a beach! So, plan now for your next vacation. The Crystal Coast has so much to offer that you may need to come and visit more than once. After one time, you know this will be the place you will want to bring your family every summer or fall and spring break. Kiera Ashford is associate editor for this publication and mother of two children, ages 6 and 2.

Yummy for the Tummy After spending the day exploring the area, enjoy the delicious food prepared at Amos Mosquito’s Restaurant and Bar (703 E. Fort Macon Road, Atlantic Beach; 252-247-6222; This family-owned restaurant has an intriguing variety of food. The owner’s wife is also the head chef, and she whips up delicious masterpieces. Choose from fresh caught seafood, steamed pork dumplings — which are to die for! — soups, chicken, meatloaf, burgers, salads and more! Top everything off with Amos’s Famous Cheesecake and something fun for the kids — s’mores! Toast them right at your table!

Wild Shackleford Horse

Home Away from Home With your entire family — and perhaps extended family and friends — renting a beach house is the way to go. A variety of homes are available through Emerald Isle Realty (866- 586-6980; including the beautiful “Castle in the Sand,” which is available for weekly rentals only. This

34 july 2012

Read more and view lots of photos online by visiting us at and clicking on “Wild Family Fun” under the “Things to Do” tab.

Speech, Language, and Occupational Therapy





Franklin, TN 615 Baker’s Bridge Rd.,


Favoritreent’s D Pa



SUMMER CAMPS! Parent’s Night Out 1st & 3rd Saturday Drop Off Childcare!

We offer: • Free Speech and Language Screenings • Evaluations • Individual and Group Treatment • Consultations and Screenings • School In-services • Classroom Consultations • Tutoring Visit our website for helpful information and tips on speech and language development.



(615) 614-8833 • Franklin/Cool Springs • Murfreesboro • Nashville Bellevue • Crossville •Shelbyville

The Weight is Over! Kelly lost 86 lbs.* • LipoB Injections • One-on-One Nutritional Counseling • Eat Healthy, Everyday Foods

First time customers receive 30% off** Find out why our team makes all the difference! 615-867-8100

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*Individual results may vary. These are typical results, but results may vary and cannot be guaranteed. Rapid weight loss may be associated with certain medical issues and should only be considered by those who are medically appropriate. David McKnight, M.D., nexSlim @ MMC Medical Director, Brian Beatty, M.D., nexSlim Hermitage Medical Director. **Initial medical exam with the purchase of a one month program. Expires 07/31/12

july 2012 35

By Susan Day


Baby Bits

If you wait until you can actually afford a baby you’ll never have one, so careful financial planning is in order ... Here’s what you should pay attention to: Health Insurance Your employer’s health insurance will be the most cost-effective option available to you for your baby’s pediatric care. Research the benefits covered in your plan, such as the delivery of the baby, hospital stay, doctor fees and well-baby checkups, etc. After the baby is born, fill out the necessary papers to add your child to your group health plan. Most insurance plans require that you add your child to the plan within 30 days of birth.

There are so many things to tend to with a baby — feeding, sleeping ... oh, and all that stuff!

Pre-Baby Budget Beyond your rent or mortgage, car payment and utility bills, what do you spend on a weekly basis? Keep an expense journal for 30 days. You may have to eat at home more often to pay for all those diapers and tweak your budget to adjust for other needed items. Pre-Baby Expenses What do you REALLY need for your baby? Check on Craigslist or eBay for hardly used items (but be aware of recall items). Also, keep in mind that babies grow fast, so don’t overspend on infant wear. Money Tip Think about it: If you can resist spending $25 a month and invest it instead, you’ll have $10,855 when the baby turns 18 (assuming a rate of 7 percent!).

Nest Egg


ith a baby on the way, everything will soon be more expensive than you

think, says Katina Z. Jones, author of The Everything Get Ready for Baby Book. So start creating a nest egg. With just $20 a paycheck, you’ll feel better knowing you have some type of cushion set up. The hard part is in NOT SPENDING IT.


36 july 2012

Protect my skin from the sun with a 50 or higher SPF sunscreen that’s labeled “BroadSpectrum” and plop a hat on my head, too. Please don’t ever, ever leave me by myself in a car or in water.

Most Popular Baby Names 2011 Boys


1. Jacob 2. Mason 3. William 4. Jayden 5. Noah 6. Michael 7. Ethan 8. Alexander 9. Aiden 10. Daniel

1. Sophia 2. Isabella 3. Emma 4. Olivia 5. Ava 6. Emily 7. Abigail 8. Madison 9. Mia 10. Chloe

Source: Social Security

The Halo SleepSack In 1991, prior to the Back-to-Sleep Campaign that launched in 1992, William Schmid and his wife lost their firstborn to SIDS. Bill Schmid went on to develop the wearable sleep sack to encourage safer sleep for infants and to bring peace of mind to parents. The HALO SleepSack is now the number one choice of hospitals across the nation. Learn more and shop for one at

top10 new parent issues CRYING

While hunger is the most obvious reason for a newborn’s cry, it’s not always the reason. Often, infants just need to be held or are uncomfortable in some way. Many techniques can help soothe a baby including singing, walking, cuddling or changing the environment. Discover the “5 S’s of Soothing” developed by Harvey Karp, M.D., in his bestseller, The Happiest Baby on the Block, and search it on You Tube for valuable videos.


At some point during your baby’s first 3 months, he’ll be able to raise his head, follow moving objects with his eyes, focus on faces, begin to notice his own hands and even learn to give his first social smiles. Check out the American Academy of Pediatric’s (AAP) developmental milestones from birth to 3 months at healthychildren. org.


The amount of wet diapers your newborn has depends on whether he’s formula or breastfed, but on average, newborns will have 8 to 10 wet diapers per day. Baby’s stool will change significantly from the first meconium stools to a seedy yellowish stool for breastfed babies and greenish stools for formula-fed babies. Prevent diaper rash by keeping baby’s skin clean and dry and applying petroleum jelly after each change.


Your baby will be examined in the hospital first then at the doctor’s office around 2 - 4 days old, then again at 1 - 2 weeks old, 1 month old and 2 months old. Baby will be monitored for length, weight and head circumference on a growth chart and an immunization schedule will be established.



From birth, formula-fed babies will eat every three hours while breastfed babies will eat more often at every two-and-a-half hours. Breastmilk is easier for babies to digest, so their stomachs are ready for more sooner. Anticipate an average of eight - 12 feeding sessions per day for newborns.

General Care

Only sponge bathe newborns until the umbilical cord falls off and (for circumcisized boys) until the circumcision has healed. Keep the umbilical cord clean and dry and gently clean around the base area with rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab a few times a day. You’ll be given instructions for care following your baby’s birth. In general, for Baby’s good health, be sure that anyone who handles him washes his hands first.


According to William Sears, M.D., author of more than 30 parenting books and a leading proponent of the attachment parenting philosophy of parenting, the key attribute of a good parent is responsiveness. If you are responsive to your baby’s cues, even if you sometimes can’t figure out what he wants or needs, you’ll be a good enough parent, as long as you care and try.


The incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) has decreased more than 50 percent with the AAP’s “Back to Sleep Campaign.” Always place Baby on his back to sleep, use a firm sleep surface, keep loose bedding and other soft objects such as stuffed animals and toys out of the crib, and schedule and attend all well-child visits.


According to the AAP, the average newborn spends about 16 hours a day sleeping, but it varies by baby. Full feeding sessions help babies sleep longer. New parents are advised to follow an eat, wake, sleep pattern for their newborns. The first three months of a new baby’s life will cause sleep deprivation for new parents since newborns require around the clock feeding sessions.


When you’re concerned that your baby feels feverish, the AAP advises obtaining a rectal temperature with a digital thermometer for accuracy. Other options are not as accurate and accuracy is important with infants. Call the doctor for a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher.

july 2012 37

voted best place to

Have a BaBy

in Nashville 11 years straight We are honored to be voted Best Place to Have a Baby for the 11th year in a row. From our expert physicians and staff to the quality care we offer, we aim to provide you with comfort and support so you can focus on your new arrival. The amenities our program offers are there to support you through early pregnancy, delivery and beyond:

We want your experience to be the best possible. Visit us online to see our new class offerings and tour schedule. 284.BABY (2229) Nashville P

Free parent email program A wide range of childbirth education classes In-room dining Expert photography

• Annu ent a ar

ders Pol ea l lR

• • • •

By Sandra Gordon

amazing arrivals!

By all means, prepare! But sometimes ... Mother Nature has other plans in mind!


ost women plot out their pregnancies to the T, but ultimately, Mother Nature — or whatever you want to call her — is truly in charge. Take it from these new moms, whose birth plans took a last-minute detour to a tunnel, a fire station and other weird places:

JOANNA NEAL: I went into labor on my kitchen floor.

When Joanna Neal started having painful contractions two weeks shy of her due date, the mom of two visited her ob/gyn. The doctor assured her that she had plenty of time before her baby’s arrival. So Joanna got some work done (she’s an online social sciences professor), took care of her daughters, Mia, 5, and Morgan, 2, and went to bed. At 4:35 the next morning, her water broke. “I ran to the bathroom, shouting to my husband, David, that

we needed to leave for the hospital,” Joanna says. But then contractions began coming one right after another and she felt the urgent need to push. She changed her mind. “Forget the hospital!” Joanne shouted. “Call 911!” The wait felt like forever. Joanna made her way to the kitchen floor and lay down on her left side (she’d read that this position could slow down labor, though experts say it’s an old wives’ tale). “But after a couple of minutes, the baby’s head started to emerge and I realized he was coming no matter what,” she says. Fortunately, Joanna had read about delivering one’ own baby (see “The Art of DIY Delivery” on the following page). With David at her side, she told him to guide out the baby’s shoulders one at time, but David was stockstill frozen. Joanna did it herself. Finally, snapping out of his shock, David came to and finished delivering the baby. Then, following the directions of the 911 dispatcher, he tied the umbilical cord with a shoelace to separate the baby from the placenta. The ambulance (which initially went to the wrong house!) showed up 10 minutes later and took Joanna, David and their newborn,

Ethan, to the hospital. The Neals estimate that he was born at 4:56 a.m.., a mere 21 minutes after Joanna’s labor began. “Delivering Ethan was scary, and we know that we were lucky there were no complications,” Joanna says. “But it was an absolutely incredible experience we will never forget.”

JENNY KOMENDA: The whole family delivered my baby.

Jenny Komenda woke up last December 24 and whispered to her husband, Michael, “This is going to be the day.” Her third child was already a week overdue. “I felt guilty that my mom, dad and sister had come to visit and were leaving soon,” says Jenny, an interior designer. “We all wanted this baby to come out.” They got their wish. Five minutes later, Jenny started having contractions about seven minutes apart. Still, the hospital was only two blocks away, so she took a shower and chatted with her family before leaving — by then it was too late. They barely made it out the front door when her water broke. Frozen in pain on the porch, (please turn the page)


amazing arrivals! Jenny blurted out, “I need to push — now!” “It looks like we’re having this baby right here,” announced her dad, Alan DeWitt, a family doctor who has done his share of deliveries. He and Michael laid Jenny down on the living room ottoman. As she pushed, her sister, Heather, supported her back, while Jenny’s mom, Linda helped Michael with her legs. Within a few minutes, Evelyn Jane (Evie), arrived. Then the crew drove to the hospital. Within three hours, Jenny and Evie were given the all-clear to return home. Her family spent Christmas Eve playing games with Jenny and Michael’s other kids, Grace, 5, and Claire, 3, and getting to know the child they had all helped deliver. “I’m not a home-birth kind of gal,” Jenny says, “but there was something special about being with everyone as Evelyn Jane arrived. We all felt a special connection to her — and to each other.”

ALICIA WENTRAUB: A funny thing happened on the way to the hospital.

She knew the five-mile drive from her new home to the hospital where she was scheduled to give birth to their second child might be a super-slow ride. After all, it was rush hour. But as she and her husband, Adam, got in the car at 5 p.m., her contractions were still six minutes apart. “We thought my delivery was hours away,” says Alicia, a public-policy project manager. Alicia and Adam were wrong — about the traffic (there was none) and the timing. As they reached the freeway, her contractions narrowed to every three minutes. Adam opted to take a back way through their old neighborhood. “I drove as fast as I could without getting into an accident,” he says. But Alicia, in excruciating pain, told him she wasn’t going to make it. She remembered that a fire station was coming up. Adam spotted it, pulled into the parking lot and ran for help. Firemen and paramedics rushed out with a stretcher and helped Alicia onto it, but they didn’t have time to move her inside. With their assistance, she delivered her daughter, Lauren, in the driveway. “There was almost no coaching,” she says. “It happened that fast. Right after the birth, the paramedics rushed Alicia and Lauren to a nearby hospital. Although

40 july 2012

Lauren was born four weeks premature and weighed only 4 pounds, 14 ounces, she was given a clean bill of health and left the hospital five days later (Alicia went home after two nights). About a week later, the Weintraubs visited the fire station to thank the battalion. It was only then that they learned this fact: The men on duty that evening had never before delivered a baby. “I’m glad I didn’t know that at the time,” says Alicia, “but they did an amazing job of keeping everybody calm, including me.”

MAYA POLTON: I gave birth in a taxi!

Awakened by contractions at 12:30 a.m. last March, the soon-to-be first-time mom recalled what she’d been told in childbirth class: Don’t show up at the hospital too early because you’ll be sent home. So she went back to sleep. Finally, at 5:30 a.m., she nudged her husband, Eric. Since the pain wasn’t awful, they decided to wait another two hours. Then her contractions intensified. Maya’s water broke as Eric was on the phone with the ob/ gyn. “Come to the hospital now,” the doctor said. Thinking a shower would slow down labor, Maya stepped into the tub. “Then I reached down and felt the crown of my baby’s head between my legs,” she says. Eric phoned for a taxi, which arrived within minutes. The fastest route to the hospital was to take a tunnel that goes under a major river. But it didn’t turn out to be fast enough. “By 8:30 a.m., I was in the back of the cab trying not to push, and Eric was on the phone asking the doctor if there was any way to slow down my labor,” Maya says. Then they lost cell service. With Maya crouching in the backseat, Eric calmly took over, delivering the baby in the still-moving vehicle. “It’s a boy,” he said. Once they exited the tunnel, Eric spotted a fire truck and waved to the driver. The fireman gave Maya oxygen and wrapped up the baby. EMTs then arrived, cutting the cord and taking the couple to the hospital. It wasn’t exactly how Maya planned her child’s birth, though, as she points out, “I did want Eric to catch the baby and announce his sex all along.” J Sandra Gordon is a freelance writer.

The Art of DIY Delivery Labor generally takes a few hours (and often longer than that — enough time for the vast majority of women to get to the hospital or a birthing center. But in case you don’t make it, you should know the drill. • Call 911. EMTs are trained in childbirth and the dispatcher can talk you through the basics. • Stay calm. Remember, giving birth is natural. “When things go quickly, everything is usually fine,” says Marjorie Greenfield, M.D., author of The Working Woman’s Pregnancy Book. • Check the ABCs (airway, breathing and circulation). If your baby isn’t crying, put your hand near his nose to feel whether he’s breathing and check for a pulse by putting your hand on his chest. If any of these signs are negative, try rubbing his back or flicking his feet with your finger. “That’s will often get a newborn crying,” says Greenfield. • Grab clean blankets, towels or sheets. You’ll need at least one to catch the baby and wipe away the blood and one to keep you and your newborn warm. • Forget about the cord. Wait for trained professionals — with sterilized instruments — to do the clamping and cutting. If you deliver the placenta, place it in a bowl or a plastic bag, and take it to the hospital so doctors can check that there’s none remaining inside you.


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By Kara Ferraro

SUMMER BOREDOM BUSTERS! We can’t promise you they’ll never say, “I’m bored,” but at least we’ve got you covered. Read on!


things to make: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Build a fort — chairs, towels and old sheets work fine. Draw, paint or create something! Plan a meal, pick out the ingredients and cook together. Bake and decorate cookies, a cake or cupcakes — yummy! Make something together — sew, glue, nail, paint. Make up jokes. Create a time capsule together. Create a chore chart. Create a family tree and spend time researching it together. Start a scrap book. Make homemade potato chips or fries. Make some instruments — rice in a cup with tape, sandpaper and blocks, or spoons. Learn to make a beaded bracelet or necklace. (Macaroni works great!) Learn Macramé. Make homemade pizza. Learn how to make compost. Make homemade paper. Make a collage of all the things you would like to do — or all the things you have done. Freeze some orange juice or bananas for yummy cool treats. Make a movie! Pull out the video recorder collecting dust. Learn Origami. Make some beautiful art with sidewalk chalk. Paint a piece of furniture. Make fresh squeezed orange juice. Make a bird feeder. Make homemade ice cream. Make smoothies or a milkshake. Make paper airplanes and have races. Make JELL-O. It’s just as much fun as it was when you were a kid. Learn how to knit or croquet. Press flowers and create your own cards. Paint jeans or a T-shirt. Tie dye something. Make a pretend camp and make s’mores. Write a book — it could become a best seller. Start a journal. Write a play or musical. Create a lemonade stand. Start making holiday gifts or ornaments—it’s never too early! Build a sandcastle. Break out the old rug hook project you never finished in the ’70s. Put together a first-aid kit for your home and automobile. Make birthday and holiday cards for the upcoming year. Make puppets out of paper lunch bags. Make mud pies. Invent something.

places to go: • Go to the beach or a nearby lake. • Go to the park or a playground. • Go for a walk. • Go fishing. • Go swimming. • Go on a picnic — even if it is on the living room floor! • Go fly a kite. • Go play miniature golf. • Go to a museum. • Go to a botanical garden. • Go berry picking. • Go for a boat ride. • Go bowling. • Go for a hike. • Go to an ice-skating rink. • Go to a skate park — even if it’s just to watch. • Go on a scavenger hunt. • Go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt. • Go to a local gymnasium or community center. • Go play in a fountain. • Go to the local library. • Go horseback riding. • Go to the zoo or nature center. • Go to a local farmers’ market or roadside produce stand. • Go to a baseball game. • Go to an environmental learning center. • Go consignment shopping and stock up on school clothes. • Go on a camping trip — the backyard will do! • Go to a waterpark. • Go to a movie.

family life


to play:

• Catch up on your favorite video games or learn some new ones. • Play charades. • Play some ball — any ball — kick ball, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, etc. • Play patty cakes. • Play dress up. • Play in the rain — jump in some puddles. • Play the freeze dance game. • Play Simon Says. • Play school — go ahead, break out the dry erase board. • Play with Barbies, dolls, trucks, trains, Legos or any of the games they want to play. • Play hide and seek. • Play cards. • Play hopscotch. • Play any board game. • Play eye spy. • Play tag or freeze tag. • Learn how to play jacks. • Play pick-up sticks. • Play checkers or chess. • Play Tic-Tac-Toe. • Play in a sprinkler. • Play jump rope. • Play Frisbee. • Thumb wrestle. 1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a thumb war! • Have a staring contest. • Find age-appropriate websites with learning games. • Have a limbo contest. • Make up your own game.

(please turn the page)

july 2012 43


things to do: inside • Read a book. • Watch a movie. • Teach the kids to bob for apples. • Sing songs together — introduce them to your favorite music! • Sing songs together — learn their favorite music! • Read the Sunday comics together. • Send a post card to an old friend or make one with a photo/drawing. • Learn CPR. • Learn yoga together. • Teach your child to sew on a button. • Teach your child to set a table. • Learn some sign language or a foreign language. • Have a backwards day. Have dinner for breakfast, desert before dinner and so on. • Learn how to surf — you can even learn on the living room floor with a towel! • Collect all the change in the house and cash it in. • Teach your child to write in cursive. • Learn calligraphy. • Teach your child how to handwrite a letter and send it off via snail mail. • Start a recycling plan/system in your home. • Adopt a street. Contact your local Keep America Beautiful office ( • Donate your time at a local food bank or back-to-school supply drive.

44 july 2012

• Talk about ways you can do things together — like go green, save energy, grocery shop — anything! • Start an exercise program with the kids and stick to it. • Spend time learning about the non-profit organizations in your area and choose at least one to devote some time for volunteering together. • Talk about yourself — tell them stories about what it was like when you were their age … old pictures and yearbooks work great! (They don’t care that you had “big” hair!) • Take silly pictures. • Take family photos. • Teach your child to take, edit and upload photos. • Teach your child to sew, braid, tie shoes or make a knot, use the dishwasher, dryer, change a tire or any other life-long skill worth learning. (Age-appropriate of course!) • Do a puzzle — go ahead, get a huge 1,000-piece puzzle and have fun with it. • Have a mini-makeover session, mud mask, bath, makeup, style hair or paint nails. If you can get them to rub your back — even better! • Invite over a few friends for a sleepover — why not!? • Have a pillow fight. • Take a cooking class. • Clean out the closets and donate stuff to a favorite charity or cash in on consignment. • Try to learn to juggle. • Teach your child how to look for the expiration dates on foods or how to read the labels. • Sing karaoke. • Crank up some tunes and create an air band. • Host a hula hoop contest.

• Plan and a host a party — come as you are, potluck or anything! • Practice fire safety and create an escape plan. • Have a tea party. (Hot cocoa will do, too!)

Have a water fight!

• Have your child teach you how to text or use an iPod if you don’t know how. • Come up with a business plan for babysitting, lawn mowing, lemonade stand or anything your child has interest in. • Put together a bag of things for your kids to do when you have to run errands or wait in a waiting room. • Talk to them about what they want to be when they grow up and research what they need to do to accomplish that goal. • Change your voicemail greeting together. • Write down a list of all the things you can do when you have nothing to do!


• Prepare for a hurricane, tornado or disaster — check batteries in flashlights and organize a list of what you will need. • Bang on the pots and pans. • Plan a road trip and map out the course — even if it is across town! • Plan a week’s menu and go grocery shopping. • Cook a week’s worth of dinners and freeze them. • Teach your child to do something you love doing. • Plan the next week’s worth of outfits. • Schedule all your child’s doctor and dentist appointments. • Read the paper together and talk about the news. • Redecorate a room.

• Teach your child to weed, mow a lawn or garden. • Dance together — go ahead, get funky. • Watch the clouds together. • Plant something! Kids love getting dirty, so get out there and create a garden. • Wash the car. • Give the dog or family pet a bath. • Hunt for four-leaf clovers or bugs. • Have a water fight with balloons or water guns. • Blow bubbles. • Collect rocks. • Teach your child to row or sail a boat. • Collect pine cones. • Collect shells. • Hold a watermelon seedspitting contest. • Teach your child to skip rocks. • Wash a bike, scooter or skateboard. • Go downtown to walk around and window shop.

Kara Ferraro is a publisher and freelance writer with two elementary aged children. She is always looking for clever, budget friendly activities to do with her family.

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Rutherford Family YMCA 205 North Thompson Lane, Murfreesboro 895-5995 • $50 gift card good towards any Rutherford Family YMCA aquatic program (swim lessons, lifeguard training, etc.)

Children’s Dentistry of Gallatin James A. Reed, D.D.S., M.S.D. 200 South Westland Ave., Ste. 2, Gallatin 461-7491 • Preventive and restorative dental care in a kid-friendly and fun environment. Win a Sonicare for Kids, a gentle teeth cleaning system designed just for children.

BFF4URSKIN Rodan and Fields Dermatologists Independent Consultant 767-9751 • Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the creators of Proactiv® Solution, launched Rodan + Fields Dermatologists to extend their vision of bringing dermatology based skincare solutions to everyone. Win an Essentials Daily Body Moisturizer and Lipshield SPF 25 gift pack.

52 july 2012


Lanes, Trains, and Automobiles Depot 450 Butler Drive, Murfreesboro 890-3999 • Win a Family Fun Pack, for up to four people (includes two hours of bowling, four shoe rentals, one large pizza, and four drinks). Value: $80

Smile Team Orthodontics — Dr. David Sain & Dr. Clay Fulks 1849 Memorial Blvd., Murfreesboro 890-7246 • Ultrasonic toothbrush that removes up to 99.7 percent of plaque with five brushing modes and floss-action technology. Also includes free initial exam, records and consultation. Value: $140

AB Recycle 574-0314 • Since 2008, AB Recycle has been providing weekly curbside pick up of recyclable materials to residents and businesses in Hendersonville. If you have been thinking of going green, we make it easy for you. Win six months of curbside recycling service in Hendersonville.

Dave & Busters 540 Opry Mills Drive, Nashville 615-978-3800 • Win a kid’s birthday party that takes the cake! Food, unlimited soda, $10 game card, birthday gift all in shared space! Value: $200

Grand Central Grand Central Party Rental Party Rental Serving Middle Tennessee

Nashville • 868-3747 Brentwood • 915-0369 Grand Central Party Rental offers one “really fun” inflatable bounce for your next party. Value: $200 (delivery included)

Monkeynastix 336-3354 • A different kind of birthday party for kids 3 - 8. Fun, games, music and action with Monkeynastix specialized equipment. $50 gift certificate toward any Monkeynastix party at your location.

“LIKE US ON FACEBOOK TO BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN! Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental Associates 125 Cool Springs Blvd., Ste. 140, Franklin • 771-1111 4761 Andrew Jackson Pkwy., Hermitage • 885-3525 1747 Medical Center Pkwy., Murfreesboro • 225-0700 5073 Main St., Ste. 240, Spring Hill • 302-4200 A free exam, cleaning and full X-rays from Nashville’s award-winning pediatric dental and orthodontic office. Giving them a smile to build their future on.

A Moment’s Peace Salon and Day Spa SALON & DAY SPA

9050 Carothers Pkwy., Franklin 224-0770 • Half a day of peace! Choose from either our signature customized European facial or an hour-long Swedish massage. Also included with either choice is a spa manicure and pedicure and a delightfully sinful snack in our tranquility room. Value: $185

Enchanted Entertainment 615-513-1418 Win a free half-hour princess or pirate/knight birthday party or upgrade to a two-hour party. Must book prior to July 2013. Value: $120

Sal’s Pizza

No idea how to word prize with info given below... 214 Ward Circle, Brentwood 661-0032 • New York’s best pizza maker in Nashville is offering two large specialty pizzas and a large order of chicken wings for your family to enjoy. Value: $53 (tax included)

Frist Center for the Visual Arts 919 Broadway, Nashville 244-3340 • One annual family membership to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. A membership to the Frist Center is more than just free admission, it’s a passport to some of the greatest art collections in the world. Value: $65

Flight Park 534 Donelson Pike, Nashville 695-7275 Win one of five $50 gift certificates to Flight Park. Convenient parking for your next flight out.

Thank you to all the participants for your generosity in our





No purchase necessary to enter or win. Contest runs July 1 - 31, 2012. Entrants must be at least 18 years of age to enter and a resident of Bedford, Coffee, Davidson, Dickson, Marshall, Maury, Montgomery, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson or Wilson Counties. One winner per household. “Like” us on Facebook then enter at or by mailing a 3x5 postcard with the prize you wish to register for, your name, mailing address and phone number to Big Giveaway, Nashville Parent Magazine, 2270 Rosa L. Parks Blvd., Nashville, TN 37228. Winners will be drawn at random and notified no later than August 15, 2012.

july 2012 53

54 july 2012


Horton Haven Christian Camp

3711 Reed Harris Road, Lewisburg 931-364-7656 • FB: HortonHavenChristianCamp Affordable and conveniently located one hour south of Nashville. One-week sessions for ages 8 - 11, 12 - 14 and 15 - 18. Campers participate in horseback riding, archery, air rifles, canoeing, crafts, swimming and many other exciting activities. Teens can experience our 45 ft. high zipline that spans 600 ft. Bible lessons are taught daily. see our expanded listing online at

Riverview Camp for Girls

757 CR 614, Mentone, AL 800-882-0722 • Voted #1 sleep-away camp seven years in a row in the Best of Parenting reader’s poll. Only two hours away from Nashville. One- and two-week sessions available for girls 6 - 16. Members of Christian Camping International and accredited by AEE and ACA. Traditional camp activities offered and facilities include a heated pool, tennis courts, climbing tower, horseback riding, bathrooms and showers in all cabins and more. Campers select six activities to take daily. 5:1 camper-to-counselor ratio. see our expanded listing online at

TPGA Junior Golf Academy

400 Franklin Road, Franklin 790-7600 • The TPGA Junior Golf Academy is an overnight camp for ages 10 - 17. Located at the Golf House TN Learning Center, the Academy is for players of all ability levels. The Golf House TN Learning Center also offers day clinics for ages 4 - 17. see our expanded listing online at

YMCA Camp Widjiwagan

3088 Smith Springs Road, Antioch 360-2267 • Voted #1 overnight camp by Nashville Parent magazine readers. Offering one- and two-week sessions for campers rising grade 3 - grade 9. Serving young men and young women. At Widjiwagan campers will strengthen confidence, forge friendships and sharpen character through programs and activities that build independence and social skills. Activities include: water skiing, Wet Willy water slide, The Blob, sailing, soccer, basketball, alpine tower, zip line, archery, horseback riding and much more. see our expanded listing online at

LOCAL/DAY CAMPS Academy Child Development Centers and Preschools 201 Westwood Place, Brentwood 221-5155 1401 Baffin Lane, Franklin 771-1131 104 Prospect Ave., Franklin 790-6737 270 Seaboard Lane, Franklin 771-2898 151 Saundersville Road, Hendersonville 824-1159 1404 Gateway Blvd., Murfreesboro (coming soon) 890-5885 7836 Old Harding Pike, Nashville 646-6171 4615 Thompson’s Ridge Road, Thompson’s Station 591-4040 This summer your kids can GROW, LEARN, PLAY! The Academy “wows” with a non-stop summer program that includes special weekly guests, adventurous themes and our exclusive Kindergarten Boot Camp. Well-known for our incredibly creative seasonal activities, Summer at The Academy is no exception! Voted Best Child Care Centers in Williamson County for ‘08, ‘09, ‘10 and ‘11.

The Arts Place

15354 Old Hickory Blvd., Nashville 294-1041 • At The Arts Place, experience ways to unleash your creativity! Join us for workshops, camps, productions and more. “Punchinello” an original musical based on Max Lucado’s Wemmicks books, Mar. 16 and 17, 7:30 p.m. at Christ Church Nashville, Wallace Chapel. Tickets are $10, children under 12 $5.

Bill Taylor’s Bushido School of Karate

1911 Business Campus Drive, Murfreesboro 890-6755 1820 NW Broad St., Murfreesboro 893-6003 • We have been holding summer karate programs in Murfreesboro since 1973. Our summer program will use your child’s natural enthusiasm about martial arts training to teach focus, discipline and listening skills. Register early and ask how to get our summer program absolutely FREE! Martial arts is ideal for your whole family. see our expanded listing online at

Carpe Artista

506 Legacy Drive, Smyrna 378-7845 • Need a place where you can be active, creative and dramatic? Spring Break and Summer Arts Camps by Carpe Artista/Actors Point Theatre, located in Smyrna and Hendersonville. Children grades 3 – 12 will experience dramatic theater, visual arts and a rock band experience. Registration information is available online.

continued on page 56 ...

july 2012 55

A Paid Advertising Directory

3845 Perkins Road, Thompson’s Station 794-2918 • On 100 wooded acres just south of Franklin. Campers grow in character, respect, leadership and build life-long friendships. Six nights (Sun. p.m. - Sat. a.m.). Preteen to high school (completed grades 3 - 12). Activities include horseback riding, aqua park, kayaks, zip line, ropes course, climbing tower, paintball, night hiking, BB guns, archery, wiffle ball, wild water games, skits, worship, small group Bible study. Campers receive a t-shirt and DVD of their week. see our expanded listing online at

2012 Guide to Summer Activities & After-School Programs

2012 Guide to Summer Activities & After-School Programs

2012 Guide to Summer Activities & After-School Programs

• Individual Music Therapy • Music Together™ (ages 0-5) • Social Skills Groups • Regular and Adaptive Piano and Guitar Lessons • Birthday Parties


Cheekwood Summer Camps

1200 Forrest Park Drive, Nashville 353-9827 • Give an experience of a lifetime in Cheekwood’s museum of art, botanical garden and art studios. Cheekwood brings hands-on fun into our educational programming. Make creative artwork or get your hands dirty gardening. Our staff provides interactive projects and quality materials for your camp to explore and have fun.

Swimming Lessons taught by a Certified Red Cross Instructor at

Mt. Juliet/Smyrna area. Register at:

Creekside Riding Academy Horse Camp

Now enrolling for summer dance and drama online.

(615) 377-9606



Life-changing, Bonding ExpEriEncE & Some High-powered owered guy Stuff! Stuff 3-D ARcHERy tournament & archery practice


Dance and Drama at Franklin School of Performing Arts

1885 Gen. George Patton Drive, Franklin 377-9606 • Featuring one week summer camps: Ballet Princess (ages 4 - 8); Dance Sampler (ages 6 - 10); Jazz and Tap (ages 7 - 12); and Hip-Hop and Street Dance (age 6 - 13). Also offering weekly classes in acting, creative movement, ballet, jazz, tap, modern, fitness for kids (ages 8 - 12) and stretching (ages 10 - 18). Celebrating our 21st year! View our website for camp details.

The Dancer’s School

2159 N. Thompson Lane C-5, Murfreesboro 907-1155 • June/July Summer Dance dates TBA April 2. Email or call to request registration information. Ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip-hop, modern, contemporary. Ages 3 - adult. Disciplined, fun classes. 40 year tradition of stellar service.

Discovery Center at Murfree Spring

502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro 890-2300 There’s something for everyone at our hands-on summer camps! From science survival to art to game show camps, there’s something for every child. Member registration begins Feb. 1. Non-member registration begins Mar. 1. Call or visit our website for more information. Brentwood 377-1100 Hendersonville 824-9111 Mt. Juliet 754-6878 Martial arts summer camp! Three four-week sessions will be held in June, July and August. Free tuition. Act now!

FOOTbALL ALL challenges & flag football

WiFFLE bALL home run derby & father-son game


E noW to Reserve Your Space! inE rEgiStEr onLin ingEvents PSALM 42:1


56 july 2012

2359 Lewisburg Pike, Franklin 595-7547 • Offers summer riding day camps, Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. every week during June and July. Lessons and family trail rides also available. Lessons and camps teach proper riding techniques, grooming, safe handling and tacking up. Fun and adventure for ages 5 and up.

David Deaton Karate Studios



3139 Blue Buck Creek Road, Duck River 383-0589 • A unique day camp to inspire children with a love for nature. Eco-science and nature-based programs as well as traditional summer activities. Learn about animal habitats and ecology. Arts and crafts, organic gardening, archery, wall climbing, rappelling, pottery, wood and leather working, and caring for the camp’s three Alpacas. Bus transportation from Nashville and Franklin. see our expanded listing online at 855 Hwy 46 S., Dickson 740-5600 • Located at historical Ruskin Cave in Dickson County, Camp Renaissance adventure camp features Yellow Creek and natural caves. Campers enjoy rappelling, wall climbing, zip lining, swimming, skeet shooting, riflery, archery, fishing, rafting, nature hikes, arts and crafts, and more. Ages 6 - 14. Roundtrip bus from Bellevue, Kingston Springs and The Renaissance Center.

guppies &dolphins

Camp Idyllwild

Camp Renaissance - The Renaissance Center

Serving children of all ages with special needs


A Paid Advertising Directory

Franklin School oF PerForming artS

Deer Run Christian Camps

3845 Perkins Road, Thompson’s Station 794-2918 • Grades K - 5 and Adventure Day Camps grades 6 - 8. On 100 wooded acres just south of Franklin. Mon. - Fri., 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., extended care available. Bus service from six locations. Aqua park, kayaks, zip line, kickball, BB guns, archery, crafts, climbing tower, creek wading, worship, interactive Bible study. Adventure Camps include 3-D archery, Leap of Faith, paintball, tree climbing with ropes and harnesses, outdoor education and survival skills. Campers receive a t-shirt and DVD of their week. see our expanded listing online at

sUmmer CAmP! 9Am-3Pm

7177 Nolensville Road, Ste. B-1, Nolensville 776 - 4202 Voted one of the top three studio’s in Nashville! Classes in tap, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, acrobatics and musical theater for ages 2 - 18. Adult fitness program: Zumba, piloxing and bootcamp six days a week, morning and evening classes. Summer camps, competitive dance team, performance troupe, birthday parties. First class free!

JULY sessions: July 9th – 13th July 23rd– 27th

Fellowship School of Dance

1210 Franklin Road, Brentwood 277-9434 Dance this summer at Fellowship School of Dance! We are pleased to offer a variety of dance camps and intensive training opportunities for students ranging from ages 3 - 20. Class size is limited, so register early.

Goofballs Summer Camp

1113 Murfreesboro Road, #360, Franklin 861-3668 Your camper will have a blast at our one-week day camps. Sessions run Jun. 11 - 15, Jun. 25 - 29, Jul. 9 -13, and Jul. 23 - 27 from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Activities include arts and crafts, Nerf battles, tie-dye tshirts, trampoline, bumper cars, lazer frenzy, arcade fun, make your own pizza, movies, goofball olympics and much more.

Harpeth Youth Soccer Association

7385 Old Harding Road, Nashville 662-1466 HYSA has an array of camps and clinics available to soccer players of all ages and skill levels. Great coaches and great facilities.

Holly Tree Christian Preschool Summer Quest

Horton Haven Christian Camp

3711 Reed Harris Road, Lewisburg 931-364-7656 • Come out and explore! Each day is filled with laughter and adventure. Activites include inflatable water slides, bible lessons, crafts, guided horseback rides, swimming and much more. Choose from these oneweek sessions: Jul. 9 - 13, or Jul. 16 - 20. Space is limited. see our expanded listing online at

1113 Murfreesboro Road, #360, Franklin

861-3668 •

Celebrate our 5th Annual


Art Camp!

Summer Camps now through September 15th

c r e at e ®



BounceU of Nashville

(615) 255-1422

Reserve a spot today!

2990 Sidco Drive Nashville, TN 37204

Equipping students in the art of dance to the glory of God.

Jan Williams School of Music and Theatre

500 Wilson Pike Circle, Ste. 104, Brentwood 371-8086 Serving Middle Tennessee since 1984. Kindermusik Adventure Camps for ages infant - 5 yrs. Keyboard camps for ages 4 - 8 yrs. Music theater camps for ages 4 yrs. - teens. Partnership/performances with beautiful Town Centre Theatre in Brentwood. Programs performed at the end of each camp.

Let it Shine Gymnastics

1892 Gen. George Patton Drive, Franklin 369-3547 • We offer a super funtastic summer camp. Ages 3 - 12. Camp is 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. with extended care available from 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. Kids will have a funtastic time on our trampolines, zip line, rocket blaster, star castle and rock wall, as well as participating in volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, swimming and gymnastics. see our expanded listing online at

Mr Bond the Science Guy Summer Camps

Multiple locations including MPA, Harding Academy, GJCC and BGA 573-2702 Energy Camp, CSI-Nashville, Space Camp, Crazy Chemistry Camp, Bizarre Science, Mini Bizarre Science (perfect for 4 - 5 year olds) and Environmental Science. Come have fun and learn. As Mr. Bond says, “Just Goo It!” REGISTER NOW for Fall Classes or call 277-9434 continued on page 59 ...

Claire Quint, In Motion Dance Company Photo courtesy of Creative Sync

REGISTER NOW for Fall Classes online or call 277-9434 july 2012 57

A Paid Advertising Directory

3421 Old Anderson Road, Antioch 366-1750 1384 Holly Tree Gap Road, Brentwood 377-6636 122 Seaboard Lane, Franklin 371-8091 Holly Tree schools are about faith, family, and summer fun. Featuring cool fun for hot days as well as special guests and water fun too. Summer themed weekly chapel and JAM classes (Jesus and Me!) with experienced children’s minister on staff. The summer is no time to slow down at Holly Tree where they kick into overdrive to make the most of the summer season.

For more inFo visit

2012 Guide to Summer Activities & After-School Programs

Elite Dance and Fitness

2012 Guide to Summer Activities & After-School Programs

Parent & Child Classes Ages 1-3 & Pre-School Ages 3-5

FREE TRIAL CLASS with this ad.

Must present coupon. Expires June 10, 2012

Cool Springs 1892 Gen. George Patton Franklin, TN

369-3547 NOW

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more information at • 615.383.4848


7177 Nolensville Road Suite B-1 Nolensville 615-776-4 202 NOW REGISTERING FOR FALL CLASSES. Early Registration Dates July 7 & 14 - Receive 15% OFF tuition when semester paid in full by August 1st”

NEW! TALENTED TOTS Mother’s Day Out Program Wednesdays & Fridays 9am-12pm, ages 3 & 4 Competitive Team Auditions July 12th


Zumba, Bootcamps & Piloxing 58 july 2012

Adult Zumba 6 Days a Week



Save gas. Save time. Save mom.

In-home Music Lessons.

School, sports, play dates, shopping and doctors' appointments Isn't that enough driving for one day? Be the hero with in-home music lessons. Learn more at

Any instrument, any skill level. All teachers background checked Accredited, friendly instructors.

Montessori School of Franklin

Our Savior Lutheran Academy Camps

5110 Franklin Road, Nashville 833-1500 Weekly camps begin Jun. 11. More than 20 camps (both half- and full-day options) in a great Christian environment at an affordable price.

School of Nashville Ballet

3630 Redmon St., Nashville 297-2966 ext. 33 • Dance camps and junior intensives for students ages 3 - 15. Half- and full-day options are available with locations in both Nashville and Brentwood. Students bring their own sack lunch and drink. Have fun, make new friends and learn from the best.

Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp/ TN Teens Rock Camp

Tap Root Farm

4104 Clovercroft Road, Franklin 794-3358 Children will learn about farm life, where real food comes from and how it grows. They will work with large and small animals, understanding what it takes and how to care for them. Campers will be a member of a farm family team in which they will have responsibilities. Tap Root Summer Farm Camp is about young people taking an opportunity to get back in touch with themselves.

Tennessee PGA Junior Golf - Golf House Tennessee

Ages 4-12

MP OPEN CA ILL SPACE STLE! AVAILAB Classes offered year-round!

t • Ann ren u Pa

1647 Mallory Lane, Ste. 102, Brentwood, TN 615-377-3444


Summer Program

The exceptional summer program at The Goddard School® includes: • • • • • • • • • •

Arts and Crafts Computers and Technology Cooking Drama Literature and Language Manners Music and Movement Science and Nature Special Visitors Sports and Games

400 Franklin Road, Franklin 790-7600 The TPGA Junior Golf Academy is an overnight camp for ages 10 - 17. Located at the Golf House Tennessee Learning Center, the Academy is for players of all ability levels. The Golf House Tennessee Learning Center also offers day clinics for ages 4 - 17.

Travellers Rest Plantation

636 Farrell Pkwy., Nashville 832-8197 • Travellers Rest’s summer camps are one of Nashville’s best hidden treasures full of adventure, creativity, mystery, and fun! Learn the mysteries of the past with History’s Mysteries camp. Put a stitch in time with our great sewing camp. Become a museum leader in the Junior Docent program. Or embark on an adventure with Civil War and Frontier Adventure camp! see our expanded listing online at

USN Summer Camps (University School of Nashville)

2000 Edgehill Ave., Nashville 566-7046 • Make USN Summer Camps your choice for a fun and enriching experience this summer. Many of the camps are led by members of our talented faculty who bring their expertise and varied passions to diverse programming in sports, academics, the arts and technology. Flexible morning and afternoon scheduling allows either full- or half-day experiences. After-care available from 4 - 5 p.m. see our expanded listing online at

continued on page 60 ...

NOW ENROLLING! FRANKLIN • 615-595-2525 HENDERSONVILLE • 615-822-9300 Goddard Systems, Inc. program is AdvancED accredited.

The Goddard Schools are operated by independent franchisees under a license agreement with Goddard Systems, Inc. Programs and ages may vary. © Goddard Systems Inc. 2009

july 2012 59

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Murfreesboro and Nashville • Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp is a summer day camp for girls ages 10 - 17. SGRRC’s mission is to support a culture of positive self-esteem and collaboration among girls while building community through music. SGRRC recognizes the potential of every young woman to be a strong, talented, creative and empowered individual while providing a safe space where all girls rock.


aders Po Re ll al

244 Noah Drive, Franklin 794-0567 • Offering a summer program open to all students. Children ages 2.5 to 12 yrs. can participate in a program that maintains the elements of a traditional Montessori atmosphere while enjoying enrichment activities such as music and movement, Spanish lessons, yoga, cooking, and art.

allergy-friendly camp


330 Franklin Road, Brentwood 371-5437 204 N. Anderson Lane, Hendersonville 824-8002 • Morning and afternoon camps for ages 2.5 - 7 yrs. Age-appropriate activities include gymnastics, arts and crafts, story time, music, sports, and more. Weekly themes keep things fresh. Ask about our drop-off program to help make things easier on you. Camp schedules available online. Space is limited.

2012 Guide to Summer Activities & After-School Programs

My Gym

2012 Guide to Summer Activities & After-School Programs

MS. SUE'S SWIMMING LESSONS Heated Saltwater Pool

• evening and Only day classes • ages 6 mos. per thru adult session • 2 week sessions • 20 yrs experience • preschool classes




find us on

Watkins College of Art and Design

2298 Rosa L. Parks Blvd., Nashville 383-4848 • Watkins’ Summer of the Arts programs provide art-making experiences that engage and inspire youth ages 5 - 18 to find their inner artist. The fundamentals of art are taught while individual creativity and self-expression are encouraged. Class topics include clay, cartooning, bookmaking, printmaking, painting, fiber arts and more.

YMCA Camp Widjiwagan

3088 Smith Springs Road, Antioch, TN 37013 360-2267 • Voted #1 Day Camp by Nashville Parent readers 14 years in a row! Serving boys and girls rising grade 1 - grade 8. Camp Widjiwagan is just minutes from downtown Nashville. Bus transportation is available. Activities include water skiing, banana boating, swimming, canoeing, sailing, kayaking, Tom Sawyer swing, The Blob, 150 ft. Wet Willy water slides, equestrian school, street hockey, alpine tower, zip line, fishing, tennis, basketball, soccer, crafts, lacrosse, archery and much more. see our expanded listing online at

YMCA Day Camps 259-9622 Camping at the Y is about learning skills, developing character and making friends. Our camps are also places where kids become a community as they engage in physical, social and educational activities that teach how to be more independent and contribute to a group. Each week includes swimming and field trips.

A Paid Advertising Directory

YMCA Summer Adventure


Fall dates: Aug 25-Oct 27 Visit our website for registration locations, dates and times or to register online!

• Recreational Divisions for Ages 3 - 18 (Birth certificates required for U8 and above) • $90 Registration Fee until July 28 ($25 late fee after July 28) • Complete uniform and 10 week season included in fees

Middle Tennessee’s Best Value for Youth Soccer 615-944-4271 60 july 2012

Camps offered at participating school locations 259-3418 The summer component of the YMCA’s Fun Company out-of-school time program, Summer Adventure offers campers daily fun in a safe, supervised environment. Offering full-day excitement, campers will learn skills, develop character and make new friends, all while engaging in physical, social and educational activities.


845 Bell Road, Ste. 115, Antioch 656-3532 • Discover your child’s math potential through a unique, fun learning tool, the abacus. Children learn to do math operations on an abacus and then in their own minds ... without a calculator! Children learn math in an intuitive, tactile way. They will develop mental math skills and right brain thinking all while having fun! 10 classes meet once per week for two hours in the evenings or on Sundays. Ages 5 - 12.

Above The Rim Basketball Academy

Holloway High School, 619 S. Highland Ave., Murfreesboro 390-0982 Offering year-round after-school basketball programs for individuals and groups ages 6 - 17. We take skills to a higher level, stressing fundamentals and shaping character. Developmental program for boys and girls ages 7 - 16. All skill levels welcome. Travel basketball program also available. AAU Member.

Barfield School of Dance

2298 Barfield Road, Murfreesboro 896-3118 • We offer dance instruction in ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, hip-hop, Irish, Kinderdance and Kindermusik, ages newborn - adult. All programs are developmentally appropriate and designed to meet the needs of each dancer. Our goal is to develop within each dancer a love for and a skill in the art of dance providing a sound dance education.

Bolton Music Therapy

Serving All of Middle Tennessee 715-1232 Offering individual and group music therapy services, regular and adaptive guitar and piano lessons, parent-child music classes and musical birthday parties. Drumming classes designed to improve communication and leisure skills for children with developmental disabilities starting soon in Murfreesboro and Franklin. Our mission is to use music to look beyond limitations and discover the ability of each child. see our expanded listing online at

continued on page 63 ...


LIGHT A SPARK IN YOUR COMMUNITY Celebrate Independence Day with the Y at the Andrews Cadillac Firecracker 5K and Luken Kid’s Fun Run.













WEDNESDAY, JULY 4 5K starts at 7 a.m. Kid’s 1-mile Fun Run starts at 8 a.m. MARYLAND FARMS YMCA 5101 Maryland Way - Brentwood, TN 37027 To learn more, call 615-373-2900 or visit

LEARN. LAUGH. GROW. Fill your child’s out-of-school hours with opportunities to explore, create, play, contribute and belong. The YMCA’s Fun Company out-of-school program is designed to accommodate family work schedules and wrap around the school day schedule. Now registering for Fall. To learn more or register, call 259-3418 or visit

Our Mission: A worldwide charitable fellowship united by a common loyalty to Jesus Christ for the purpose of helping people grow in spirit, mind and body.

july 2012 61


Half off tickets with a church or community bulletin. Redeemable only day of game. Limit 8 tickets per bulletin. _________________________________________

Dollar Hot Dog Nights

Monday, July 2nd, 16th and 30th _________________________________________


With proof of Tornado purchase. or (excludes July 3) *July 24: Corey Hart Bobblehead Giveaway presented by Principal Financial Group Financial Dreams Tour (First 1,000 fans)


#WEBWEDNESDAYS _________________________________________


$2 selected concessions. $5 GA ticket with Taco Bell receipt or College ID.


*July 19: Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys Bobblehead Giveaway (First 2,000 fans)

sounds birthday packages available ! CALL a Sounds Sales Representative today! 615-690-HITS(4487)

FRIDAY FIREWORKS!!! _________________________________________ SATURDAY FIREWORKS!!!

*July 14: Youth Jersey Giveaway presented by McDonald’s (First 2,000 fans) *July 28: Paintable Ozzie Bobblehead presented by PPG Porter® Paints (First 2,000 fans)

Tuesday - July 3rd

62 july 2012

INDEPENDENCE DAY FIREWORKS CELEBRATION Presented by Nashville International Airport Fireworks to follow the game!!

7982 Coley Davis Road, Bellevue 662-4819 • Located just off I-40 and Hwy. 70 in Bellevue, Dance in Bloom offers excellent classes for ages 2 and up. Quality training (with an emphasis on proper technique and terminology) is offered in a fun and upbeat environment. Classes available in creative movement, ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip-hop, pom and tumbling. Fun and affordable birthday party packages are also available!

E.T.C. Gymnastics

1137 Haley Road, Murfreesboro 867-6900 1932 Almaville Road, Smyrna 617-7644 • E.T.C. Gymnastics is dedicated to bringing a new standard of excellence in gymnastics through Him. We offer classes in gymnastics for boys and girls ages 2 years and older. We also offer cheerleading and tumbling, as well as competitive teams. Call and ask about our free trial class. We also do parties, field trips and parents’ nights out. see our expanded listing online at

Tara Brown

Teen Life Coach she’s been called

“Teen Whisperer & Tara the Tiger” regardless of the title...Tara gets results...because she ‘gets’ teenagers

EBDT Dance and Arts Center - Eccentrique Backbone Dance Theatre

103 Confederate Drive, Ste. 1, Franklin 599-7003 • Promoting adult dance, fitness and the performing arts for ages 2 - 70+. Small classes, economical fee, workshops and loft-style classrooms with sprung floors. Faith-based, non-recital school.

Connecting with Teens to Unleash their potential 615.330.8575 *

The Goddard School

Mobile Music Academy • 301-8589 We bring high-quality music instruction from fun, energetic, qualified teachers directly to you. We provide lessons throughout the day and evening for piano, guitar, bass, drums, voice, band and orchestral. Special rates available for lessons before 3 p.m. We teach all ages.

Mpact Sports

1647 Mallory Lane, Ste. 102, Brentwood 377-3444 MPACT your child’s school year with the right balance of athletic training, character building and social/ team outlets. Gymnastics for 10 mos. - adult, cheer for 5 - 18 yrs. and martial arts for ages 4 - 104. Competitive teams and proper training. Low teacher/student ratios. Our goal is to help your child develop to their fullest within their sport of choice and encourage learning. Come see why Mpact is the best kept secret in Cool Springs!

Music Together Now at Bolton Music Therapy 796-6162 Bolton Music Therapy is now offering Music Together®, an early childhood music program for children ages birth to five years. Our mixed-age, inclusive classes provide a rich, active music making experience. Each family receives a songbook and two recordings each semester. Contact us to attend a free demo class! Please call for locations or visit our website.

School of Dance and Music

2001 Blair Blvd., Nashville 298-5271 2228 N. Mt. Juliet Road, Mt. Juliet 754-9186 Over 40 years of dance history. Now offering top quality music instruction. A focus on quality instruction, and customer service. Dance classes available in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, lyrical, gymnastics, and more. Ages 18 mos. - adult, boys and girls. Music instruction on all popular instruments, private and group. Voted #1 dance studio by Nashville Parent readers for 10 consecutive years! see our expanded listing online at

Smartt Steps

123 Stadium Drive, Hendersonville 824-7400 Best of Parenting award winner. Tap, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, pointe, modern ballroom and music theater classes for ages 3 and up. All boys hip-hop classes. Call for more information.

Excellence in Pediatric care for over 30 years

Thanks for voting us one of the best again! • • • •

Board Certified Pediatricians Prescriptions filled in our office Full-time triage nurse Extensive range of services including: digital radiology; certified lab; minor procedures done in office • Electronic medical records • “Is your child sick?” online parent education on our web site 615-261-1210 95 Seaboard Lane, Ste. 201 • Brentwood

Fall REGISTRaTION bEGINS July 9 Fall classes begin August 6th • Award winning programs for children 3mos.-9yrs. • Enhance strength, flexibility and self-esteem • Unparalleled student to teacher ratio • Over 150 safe and immaculate facilities worldwide • Awesome Birthday Parties! My Gym of Brentwood

My Gym of Hendersonville

330 Franklin Road (Near TJ Maxx)

204 N. Anderson Lane (Near Wal-Mart)

(615) 371-KIDS / 5437 continued on page 64 ...

H. Brian Leeper, M.D. Charles Moss, III, M.D. Andy Lee, M.D. Bram Pinkley, M.D. David White, M.D. Christina Lohse, M.D.

(615) 824-8002

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A Paid Advertising Directory

1101 Moher Drive, Franklin 595-2525 108 Cinema Drive, Hendersonville 822-9300 The summer program at The Goddard School is a unique blend of fun and learning. Energetic teams of teachers plan summer days filled with developmentally appropriate activities to foster children’s skill building, self-confidence, and cognitive development. Children learn about creepy crawlers, send letters to pen pals, and ‘travel’ to the stars in a positive atmosphere that offers the ideal balance to the school year.

2012 Guide to Summer Activities & After-School Programs

Dance in Bloom

2012 Guide to Summer Activities & After-School Programs

Stevens Family Taekwondo

440 Rice Street, Murfreesboro 893-5304 805 Commercial Court, Murfreesboro • Offering day and evening classes for children and adults. Classes include traditional taekwondo, yoga, cardio kickboxing, Krav Maga and tumbling. Home of the area’s only structured Martial Arts After School Program. see our expanded listing online at

Sylvan Learning Centers

1227 Lakeview Drive, Unit 4, Franklin 790-8775 2000 Richard Jones Road, Ste. 178, Nashville (Green Hills) 292-3900 110 Glancy St., Ste. 211, Nashville (Rivergate) 860-9111 810 Medical Center Blvd., Ste. C, Murfreesboro 893-3542 Sylvan Learning is the leading provider of tutoring and supplemental education services to students of all ages and skill levels. Our tutors tailor individualized learning plans that build the skills, habits and attitudes students need to succeed in school and in life. Affordable tutoring instruction in math, reading, writing, study skills, homework help and test prep. Visit one of our centers or call for a free consultation.

Trevecca Summer Institute

333 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville 248-1545 • College pre for high school students featuring Brian Balmages. Performance in a large ensemble. Group instruction. Private instruction. College prep symposium in: building a resumé; and preparing for an audition; identifying and applying for scholarships. Electives in composing, theory, and music technology.

Wado Karate Centers A Paid Advertising Directory

2444 Morris Gentry Blvd., Antioch 399-3992 406 Two Mile Pike, Goodlettsville 859-9473 667 Presidents Place, Smyrna 399-3992 • Two-week “Quick Start Program” for $19.95. For ages 3 - adult. Designed to instill self-control, selfconfidence and boost self-esteem. Our classes are the product of more than 40 years of refinement and offer life skills along with karate skills. Call or email for more information or to register.

64 july 2012

presented by

It’s FREE!

AUGUST 25, 2012 • 10AM – 3PM COOL SPRINGS GALLERIA • back-to-school fashion show • after-school enrichment programs including music, dance, tutoring, sports & more! • performance by local arts & dance schools • Mom stuff including beauty, health & wellness & work-from-home opportunities • thousands of dollars in giveaways sponsored by:

For booth registration call 256-2158 x 130

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party pages

join us for your next

BIRTHDAY PARTY! We Bring the Party to You! You’ll have fun with

 16 Players explosions! Bubbling potions! rocket launch! Cotton  Wii, XBox 360, PS3 Candy! Silly putty, volcano cake &Surround Sound Giant Size Bubbles  Rumbling Seats Super Science TN  Climate Controlled 615-589-1968

a festive advertising section

Wet and Dry Slides Party Packages Obstacle Courses Bounce Houses

We Bring the Party to You!

Splash into



615-669-6249 www.RollingVideoGamesNashville.c

We Bring the Party to You!

 16 Players  Wii, XBox 360, PS3  Surround Sound 615-669-6249  Rumbling Seats  Climate Controlled  16 Players  Wii, XBox 360, PS3  Surround Sound  Rumbling Seats  Climate Controlled

Inflatables and Concessions MURFREESBORO 867-3422 NASHVILLE / MT. JULIET 884-2727


We Bring the Party to You!

Valid through Aug., 2012

reserve your party today

large groups welcome

create your own masterpiece • ages 5 & up

Painting Parties!


46 White Bridge Road • • (615) 915-0764 Kids love painting parties, Big groups welcome! FAVORITE CHARACTER LOOK-alIKES!

 16 Players  Wii, XBox 360, PS3  Surround Sound  Rumbling Seats WWW.JUMPFORFUN.COM  Climate Controlled



CHECK ONLINE FOR OUR CURRENT SPECIALS 24/7 Easy Online Ordering; Inflatable Licensed Jumpers, Combos, Slides and Many More! Se Habla Espanol



6 1 5 - 6 6 9 - 6 2 4 9PRINCESS CARS















is... This Party

! U t u o b A all & BOUNCE


face painting clowns * magic * ging telegrams sin * Barbie parties animals balloon

66 july 2012


t Restrictions apply, packages mus ils. deta for Call ble. be compara

BounceU of Nashville

(615) 255-1422

2990 Sidco Drive Nashville, TN 37204

the party pages • a festive advertising section


★ Ladies/Mom’s Night Out

POTTERY PAINTING You have the fun - we do the cleanup! Voted Nashville’s # 1 Party Spot! green hills court 4004 hillsboro pike Pottery Studio


School Field Trips


★ Youth/Adult Groups ★ Church Groups ★

★ Bridal & Baby Showers ★ School Field Trips ★

B-day Parties

We come to you!

parties - events - groups

(615) 513-1466

Scout Outings


Abbey Blake at (615) 513-1418 www.enchantedentertainmentnash


spa parties in


Grand Central Party Rental Rent Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

GET 10% OFF!

Birthday Parties, Mothers’ Day Out, Girls’ Night Out, Bachelorette Parties Bring your balloons & cupcakes and pamper your guest of honor and friends. Manicure & Pedicure Parties are all the rage!



1233 Commerce Park Drive | Murfreesboro All services performed by students under supervision of instructors.

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the party pages • a festive advertising section


parties! Pirate birthday Boats, treasure maps & pirates! Smashbucklin Birthday party on Westhaven lake.

My Gym of BRENTWOOD (615) 371-KIDS 5437 My Gym of HENDERSONVILLE (615) 824-8002


(615) 975 0732

Front Street and Westhaven Blvd Franklin

COpyCats for kIkIDS BEST OF PARENTING 2011 WINNER Costume Rentals only $59! BOUNCES AND SLIDES TOO!

865-5336 •



• Multi-player gaming • Premium Sound • Five 47 inch LCD TVs • Rumble Seats • XBox 360, PS3, Wii • Custom Lighting • 30 Foot, Climate Controlled Trailer

(615) 392-0619

Nashville’s Original and Largest Game Theater









Franklin, TN 615 Baker’s Bridge Rd.,

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the party pages • a festive advertising section

#1 Party Destination

Where Imagination and Adventure Begins...

7 YEARS IN A ROW! Where all your events are totally private.

Brentwood 615-373-8340 Mt. Juliet 615-758-5126

• Open play daily • One of a kind birthday parties with an “open” food policy (outside food is welcome) • 30 foot wooden pirate ship with tube slides and much more for the Imagination

866.9358 M-Fri 9:30-4:30 Sat 9:30-12

MOBILE Spa Parties for Girls

Ask about our Sunday Specials!



Nashville’s Only 12 Screen Gaming Bus 754-2221 *





RSVP FOR THE BIG DAY TODAY! & CIRCUS WORLD Middle Tennessee’s Indoor Amusement Parks!

Bellevue: 615-646-5002 Cool Springs: 615-942-7911

Roller Skating Bowling Laser Tag Bumper Cars & Much More! Hendersonville Strike & Spare 90 Volunteer Drive 824-5685


Check out our new games including Ball Blaster Air Cannons The Glow in the Dark Party Extravaganza

The Best Birthday Party Your Kid Will Ever Have! 121 Seaboard Lane, Suite 8, Franklin (615)

370-4FUN (4386) GLOWGALAXY. COM july 2012 69





one color process, hot towel wrap, scalp massage, cut & style

With this coupon, a $99 value. Not valid with other offers or prior services. Expires 7/31/12.

EAT ... DRINK ... PLAY ... SHOP ... SAVE!



157 Old Shackle Island Road (Next to Whitt’s Barbecue) Hendersonville • 265-8804

Kids Eat



Includes up to a 2 hour session and a Hi-Res CD with 100 images and reprint rights. Subject to availability, some restrictions apply, call for details. Ask about Special Print and Editing prices.

1/2 OFF Jenn Cady Photography 265-8804 With this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior services. Expires 7/31/12.

expires 7/31/12



ages 4 & under * expires 7/31/12


Ear Piercing expires 7/31/12

430 Coolsprings Blvd. Franklin,TN 37067 615.771.0707

The Children’s Playroom Drop-In Childcare By People You Trust

Join Us For





2 hour minimum expires 7/31/12

Brentwood 330 Franklin Road


Belle Meade 5133 Harding Pike




w/one topping

Equal to 3 lg. pizzas. Drinks not included. At participating locations only. exp. 7/31/12

493 Old Hickory Blvd Ste 103,Brentwood


7073 Hwy. 70 South

(Bellevue Kroger Shopping Center)

730-6400 70 july 2012


Offer valid at Brentwood location only! exp. 7/31/12

Located in Maryland Farms


B12 InjectIons

(reg. $10)

With coupon. Not valid with any other offers. Expires 7/31/12

133 Indian Lake Road, Ste. 204, Hendersonville

(615) 822-9002



Weekday parties only. Expires 07/31/12. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.






Monday-Saturday 11am - 9pm, Closed Sunday

2 hour minimum expires 7/31/12



(excluding quesadilla’s) Evenings 4 to close & all day Saturday

Jefferson’s (615) 661-9464





with the purchase of 2 entree’s Limited to 2 kids WINGS BURGERS meals per visit. Evenings 4 OYSTERS to close & all day Saturday Offer valid at Brentwood location only! exp. 7/31/12

Brentwood: 615-373-8340 | Mt. Juliet: 615-758-5126





Valid for July Premier or Spectacular parties only. No other discounts apply. Must present coupon when booking. Not valid for previously booked parties. Expires 7/31/2012.

The Ultimate Party and Play Experience


(615) 255-1422 BounceU of Nashville 2990 Sidco Drive Nashville, TN 37204




Use a smart phone? Get your coupons online with this QR code!

EAT ... DRINK ... PLAY ... SHOP ... SAVE!

Tennessee’s Best Indoor Inflatable Party & Play Center Rivergate Cool Rivergate Cool Springs Springs 1580 Gallatin Pike North 1648 Westgate Circle Madison, TN 37115 Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 915-0561 615-377-5900


Double up to $10 on Goofballs Game carD with a $5 or more fooD purchase on sunDays. one bonus per person.


For Any 8 Kid Party

Wild Wednesday Offup Admission $5 Admission & Free Popsicle to 4 kids

Discount off of regular price admission. May be used any day. Not valid with other offers or with under 3 pricing. Coupon good exclusively at Cool Springs and Rivergate, TN locations. Expires 7/31/2012.

doublE up sundays

(valid up to 4 kids)

Discount off of price admission. May be used Not Discount offregular of regular price admission. Mayany be day. used valid with other offers or with under 3 pricing. Party must be any day. Not valid with other offers or with under 3 booked by 7/31/12 and held by 10/31/12. Upgrades to party pricing. good exclusively at Cool Springs and size are Coupon available for a fee. Coupon good exclusively at Cool Rivergate, TN locations. Expires 7/31/2012. Springs and Rivergate, TN locations. Expires 7/31/2012.

Not valid with other offers or with under 3 pricing. Coupon good exclusively at Cool Springs and Rivergate, TN locations. Expires 7/31/2012.

1113 Murfreesboro Road #360, Franklin Limit one coupon per visit. Not valid with any other offer or discount. Expires 07/31/12.


gamE caRd FoR $10 whEn you spEnd $5 on Food


Limit one coupon per visit. Not valid with any other offer or discount. Expires 07/31/12.


gamE oF bowling oR lazER FREnzy

w/ purchase of any Value meal ($4.99 min purchase) Limit one coupon per visit. Not valid with any other offer or discount. Expires 07/31/12. 861-3668


Furniture Disposal • Appliance Recycling • Garage/Attic Cleanout • Yard Waste • Construction Hauling

25 Off $50 Off


Licensed Bonded insured OThER SERvICES: Remodeling * Renovation Decks * Gutters * Hardwood Ceramic Tile * Roofing Painting * Wood Replacement


Parking 534 Donelson Pike • Nashville 615.695.Park (7275) I-40E to Exit 216C to 2nd light (.3 mi.) Behind FedEx Office/Shoney’s

Not valid with any other offers. One discount per stay. Expiration 7/31/12.




CARPET CLEAnInG PLUS FREE HALL Includes: vacuuming, spot treatment, buff & extraction (3 room minimum)

exp. 7/31/12


Cannot be combined. Redeem at Nashville, TN location. Expires 07/31/12

HousewasHes: starting at $189 up to 2,000 sq ft




up to 1500 sq ft. Includes mold, mildew & algae treatments

exp. 7/31/12

ericAn M A r Vi c e s e s oF T n




up to 1,500 sq ft. Includes downspouts and full inspection of gutters & fascia

exp. 7/31/12


EXCEPT MINIMUM CHARGE. Cannot be combined. Redeem at Nashville, TN location. Expires 07/31/12

20% Off

use online reservation at and code PARENT for discount



Must present coupon. Not valid with any other offer. exp. 7/31/12

FREE! Elite Dance 615-776-4202 7177 Nolensville Road, Suite B-1 Nolensville

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at C h e e k w o o d SPONSORED BY:


M AY 2 6 – S E P T E M B E R 3 The magic of some of literature’s most beloved works comes to life in Cheekwood’s stunning botanical gardens this summer. Treehouses features seven imaginative, life-sized structures artfully designed to transport visitors of all ages to fantastic settings from our favorite books.


Every Tree Tells a Story M AY 26 – SE P TE M B E R 3 | C O U RT YA R D GA L L E RY Organized by The Cultural Landscape Foundation, this fascinating photography exhibit focuses on trees associated with historically important people and the events that have shaped communities and cultures. Twelve prizewinning and renowned photographers capture these seminal trees and tree groupings in a collection of 25 images. Río Piedras Ficuses, San Juan, PR. Photo © Juan Pons, courtesy the Cultural Landscape Foundation.

By Chad Young


74 fireworks festivities |76 the dailies | 91 ongoing | 93 on stage | 95 chadderbox | 97 plan ahead

Play skill games, bounce on inflatables, meet costumed characters and more in the Family Fun Zone during the Music City July 4th celebration.

music city’s july 4: let freedom sing!


elebrate America’s independence with your family during the Music City July 4th extravaganza on Wednesday, July 4 at Riverfront Park in downtown Nashville. The free day of fun kicks off at 12 p.m. when the Family Fun Zone opens, featuring a rock-climbing wall, interactive displays, games, food vendors, live music and more. Main Stage entertainment begins at 6:45 p.m. with the Nashville Symphony, The Mavericks, Craig Morgan, Sarah Darling and Music City Hit Makers. Fireworks with the symphony start at approximately 9:30 p.m. Get there early to get a good spot! For more info, call 259-4730 or visit musiccityjuly4th. com. Find more Fourth of July fireworks festivities on page 74.


fireworks festivities All events are free unless otherwise noted. saturday, june 30 white house All American Fourth of July Municipal Park on Highway 76 672-3937

Kick-off the day with a pancake breakfast from 7 - 9 a.m. followed by crafts, food, live music, auctions, a tractor show, children’s games, inflatables and more. Fireworks begin at 9 p.m.

franklin Franklin on the Fourth Harlinsdale Farm, 239 Franklin Road 791-7554 •

This family-friendly event starts at 11 a.m. and features an expanded children’s area with activities including pony rides, inflatables, crafts, vendor booths, live bands, a hot dog eating contest and more. The popular children’s parade is at 5:30 p.m. Fireworks begin at 9 p.m.


Civic Center, 210 Albert Gallatin Blvd. 451-5893

tuesday, july 3

The WannaBeatles perform from 6 - 9 p.m. Fireworks begin at 9 p.m.

hendersonville Freedom Festival at Drake’s Creek Park 130 Cherokee Road N. 824-2818

Celebrate America’s freedom starting at 5 p.m. with food, live music, craft booths and a children’s area featuring inflatables. KidsZone tickets are $1 per ride, $5 for the first armband, $15 for a family of five. Fireworks begin at dark.

la vergne

Veteran’s Memorial Park 115 Floyd Mayfield Drive 793-3224 •

Free children’s activities and food vendors begin at 5 p.m. Enjoy the music of Missy Garnett and the Six Pack Pretty. Fireworks start at dark.



Lee Victory Recreation Park 110 Sam Ridley Pkwy. 459-9742, ext. 2612 •

Enjoy live music, soft play areas, inflatables, a dunk tank, games, concessions, more than 30 vendors and fireworks. Festivities begin at 5 p.m.; fireworks start at 9 p.m.

wednesday, july 4 brentwood Eddy Arnold Amphitheater at Crockett Park 9025 Crockett Road 371-0060 •

Enjoy an evening of live music featuring The Kadillacs at 7 p.m. followed by fireworks.

activities, music and more. Activities start at 5 p.m., fireworks begin at 9:30 p.m.

nashville Adventure Science Center 800 Fort Negley Blvd. 862-5160 •

Bring your blankets and picnic dinners and enjoy entertainment and DJ services, explore the science center and patriotic laser show, Spirit, in the planetarium (for an additional $4), and watch the downtown Nashville fireworks from the lawn. 6 - 11 p.m. Admission is $35 per person ages 3 and older. A $75 rooftop ticket includes dinner and drinks. Ticket sales close Monday, July 2 at 5 p.m.

Music City July 4th Spectacular: Let Freedom Sing Please see page 73.

nolensville Nolensville Ball Park 2310 Nolensville Park Road 776-3633 •

Live music, family games, free inflatables, food court and community stage open at 5 p.m. Fireworks begin at dusk.

James E. Ward Agricultural Center 945 E. Baddour Pkwy. • 453-8500


mt. juliet

A pancake breakfast is served from 6 - 9 a.m., and a parade starts marching at 10 a.m. All day, families can participate in games, contests, children’s activities and more. Live music takes over the evening prior to the fireworks at 9:30 p.m.

Activities begin at 4:30 p.m., including five stages of live music, food vendors, inflatables, pony rides, children’s games, merchants and more. Fireworks begin at 9 p.m.

Providence Marketplace 401 S. Mt. Juliet Road 758-6522 • Fireworks commence at 9 p.m.

murfreesboro Celebration Under the Stars McKnight Park, 120 DeJarnette Lane 890-5333 or

Bring your lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy games, children’s

Pegram Park 480 Thompson Road 646-0731

watertown Stars, Stripes and Squirt Guns Watertown Public Square 237-0270 •

A parade begins at 4 p.m. at Watertown Elementary, followed by activities including a squirt-gun battle, concluding with fireworks at 9 p.m.

The Dailies begin on page 76. 74 july 2012

Soar Higher

Gifted children thrive in a Montessori Environment

Call for a Tour Today! Toddlers - 8th Grade p 615-833-3610 6021 Cloverland Dr. Brentwood, TN 37027 Accredited by AMS & AdvancEd (SACS)



Tickets available at all Ticketmaster locations, the Ryman box office and For each ticket sold, a 50 cent donation will be made to Reach out and Read.

Š 2012 The Wiggles Pty Ltd. Individual artists may be substituted.

july 2012 75


For July events requiring advance registration, turn to page 97.

summer saturdays at the ag museum


ilking goats, grooming and riding miniature donkeys, working with a blacksmith and observing an active bee hive are just a few of the activities awating your family during the Tennessee Agricultural Museum;s Summer Saturdays this month. Each Saturday has a different theme and activities: Hold Your Horses (July 7); Flying High: Wild Wings & Creeping Things (July 14); All About Goats! (July 21) and Old MacDonald’s Farm (July 28). The museum is located at the Ellington Agricultural Center, 440 Hogan Road, Nashville. Activities take place from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Admission is free, but certain attractions like miniature donkey rides and face painting require small fees. Call 837-5197 or visit

76 july 2012

sun 1 Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Iowa Cubs. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 6:35 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 690-4487 or

mon 2 FREE Movies on the Big Screen All ages can watch a

screening of Madagascar: Escape to Africa. Incredible Dave’s at RiverGate Mall, 1000 RiverGate Pkwy., Goodlettsville; 6 and 8 p.m.; 543-2906 or

the dailies

For July events requiring advance registration, turn to page 97.

Parents & Tots Preschoolers and parents can participate in a “red, white and blue” program. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 9 a.m.; $6; 890-2300 or Snack Attack! All ages can make patriotic parfaits. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3:30 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Iowa Cubs. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 7:05 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 690-4487 or

tue 3

provided by La Leche League. Grace Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1153 Lewisburg Pike, Franklin; 10 a.m.; 834-3287.

Parents & Tots Please see Monday, July 2 listing. Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Iowa Cubs. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 7:05 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 690-4487 or FREE Turning of the Pig Enjoy carnival games, pony rides, face painting, craft vendors, a dunking booth, inflatables, live music and more. Greenbrier City Hall Park, 202 W. College St., Greenbrier; 5 - 10 p.m.; 528-1260.

Zumbatomic All ages can participate in a zumba class. Discov-

ery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3:30 and 4 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

Def Leppard & Poison Enjoy an evening of ’80s hairband music. Bridgestone Arena, 501 Broadway, Nashville; 7 p.m.; $47.50 - $97.50; 770-2000 or FREE La Leche League of Williamson County Expectant mothers can learn more about breastfeeding and the services

summer reading continues


our local library wants to keep kids reading during the 2012 Summer Reading Program this month. Readers can set goals and earn prizes for reaching them. This year’s theme is “Dream Big — Read.” Area libraries host hundreds of events ranging from storytime and craft workshops to puppet shows and guest appearances by local children’s entertainers, including Rachel Sumner, magician Scott Cantrell, Safari Greg and Mr. Bond, Science Guy. Participation in the program is free. For a complete list of events, visit one of the websites below: Davidson County Rutherford County La Vergne • Linebaugh, MGL, Smyrna, Eagleville • Sumner County Gallatin • Hendersonville • Williamson County Bethesda, College Grove, Fairview, Franklin, Leiper’s Fork, Nolensville Spring Hill •

wed 4

Happy Independence Day! Find a list of fireworks

festivities on page 74.

4th of July Barbecue Plate Lunches Enjoy barbecue sandwiches or platters with baked beans, coleslaw, cornbread and dessert. Proceeds benefit the Greenbrier High School Band. Greenbrier High School, 126 Cuniff Drive, Greenbrier; 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.; 528-1260. Andrews Cadillac Firecracker 5K & Luden Kids Fun Run This family-friendly race includes a costume contest, pool

party, inflatables and face painting. Maryland Farms YMCA, 5101 Maryland Way, Brentwood; 7 a.m. 5K ($35), 8 a.m. fun run ($5); 373-2900 or

Rock the Pool All ages can hang at the pool, play games, compete in contests and more. Sports*Com, 120 DeJarnette Lane, Murfreesboro; 10 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.; $4 adults, $3 kids; 8955040 or

thu 5 Family Night Out: Conductor Jack, DJ Kitty and Coconuts the Kangaroo from the Zinghoppers All ages can

enjoy an evening of music. Cheekwood, 1200 Forrest Park Drive, Nashville; 6:30 p.m.; $12 adults, $5 ages 3 - 17, free ages 2 and younger; 356-8000 or

The Gibson Brothers, Steep Canyon Rangers & The Roys Enjoy an evening of live music. Ryman Auditorium, 116

Fifth Ave. N., Nashville; 7:30 p.m.; $26.50; 889-3060 or ryman. com.

FREE Live at The Avenue Families can enjoy music by the Stones River Pilots. The Avenue Murfreesboro’s central park, 2615 Medical Center Pkwy., Murfreesboro; 7 - 9 p.m.;

FREE Movies in the Library All ages can

watch a spooky family film. Gallatin Public Library, 123 E. Main St., Gallatin; 10:30 a.m.; 452-1722 or

Nature Nuts All ages can learn about invertebrates. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 4 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or Thursday Crafternoon All ages can

create cartoons. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3 - 4:30 p.m.; $6; 8902300 or

fri 6 Beauty and the Beast This musical opens today at Actor’s Point Junior Theatre. Please see “On Stage,” page 93 for details.

Wilson County Lebanon • Mt. Juliet • (please turn the page)

july 2012 77

DYSLEXIA? Take the Dyslexia Quiz Is your child smart, but falling behind in school? Does he or she reverse letters? Does he or she struggle to find the right words? Does your child read slowly yet still not comprehend what he or she reads? Does your child seem to quickly forget how to spell or read words he or she has just learned? Summer Camps Available If you have answered "yes" to two or more of these questions, then dyslexia could be a problem.

Call for a free consultation.

221-3941 Dyslexia Centers of Tennessee

Brentwood, TN

a testing & therapy center

78 july 2012 NParent.indd 1

6/19/2012 4:43:28 PM

the dailies

For July events requiring advance registration, turn to page 97.

FREE Main Street’s Friday Night Live Concert Series Families can enjoy music by The Stones River Pilots. Public Square, downtown Murfreesboro; 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.; 895-187 or

Pippin This production opens today at the Boiler Room Theatre. Please see “On Stage,” page 93 for details.

FREE Stories to Tell in the Dark All ages can enjoy listening to scary stories. Gallatin Public Library, 123 E. Main St., Gallatin; 10:30 a.m.; 452-1722 or

Wetland Walk All ages can explore the wetlands with a naturalist. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 4 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

sat 7 FREE Dance of the Medieval Knights and Ladies

All ages can watch a performance by the Society for Creative Anachronism. Gallatin Public Library, 123 E. Main St., Gallatin; 10:30 a.m.; 452-1722 or

FREE Family Program: The World of Mother Goose

The Nashville Public Library Puppet Truck presents an interactive exploration of nursery rhymes with dancing, singing and the Tom Tichenor marionettes. Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, 222 Fifth Ave. S., Nashville; 10 a.m.; 416-2001 or

cheekwood’s treehouses


heekwood’s Treehouses exhibit (continuing through Monday, Sept. 3) features seven custom-built treehouses each representing a great work of literature: The Giver; Walden; Lord of the Flies; Haroun and the Sea of Stories; The Rainbow Fish; The Hobbit; and Peter and Wendy (Captain Hook’s pirate ship, pictured). The Lord of the Flies — one of my favorite houses — brings to life on of the biggest symbols in the book: the conch, which served as an aid of sorts to Ralph as he tried to lead a group of boys on a desert island. While the book is rather dark, The Conch House is a bright structure built in the shape of a giant shell with planks inside for kids to climb on. Animal masks hang outside, pulling in the animalistic nature of the novel. The Jolly Roger looks like Captain Hook’s pirate ship, complete with rope ladders and a skull and crossbones flag. Kids have fun pretending to steer the ship and peering out the telescopes. Treehouses is full of gorgeous structures to entertain both adults and children. Kids will see favorite books come to life in an interesting way. This is certainly an outing to share with your children! — Julie Wilson

Dive-In Movie Catch an outdoor screening of Captain America. Nashville Shores, 4001 Bell Road, Hermitage; movie begins at dusk; free with park admission ($26.99 - $31.99); 889-7050 or FREE Family Movie Night Enjoy a family-friendly movie

outdoors. Lawnchair Theatre, 4401 Hillsboro Road, Leiper’s Fork; 8 p.m.; 477-6799 or

FREE Friday Night Cruise-In View a variety of hot rods. The

Full Moon Pickin’ Party All ages can enjoy live bluegrass

music under the light of the full moon. Steeplechase Barn at the Equestrian Center, 2500 Old Hickory Blvd., Nashville; 7 - 11 p.m.; $15 in advance/$20 at the gate adults, $10 ages 7 - 15, free ages 6 and younger, $5 pickers with an approved instrument; 370-8053 or

Legally Blonde the Musical This Arts Center of Cannon

County production opens today. Please see “On Stage,” page 93, for details.

FREE Home Depot Kids Workshop Ages 5 - 12 can build a moving truck from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Find a location near you at Murder Mystery Excursion Train Ride the rails to Water-

town with a murder mystery play taking place on the train, and enjoy the Watertown Music and Arts Festival during the two-hour layover. Tennessee Central Railway Museum, 220 Willow St., Nashville; 3:30 p.m. boarding, 4 p.m. departure, 10 p.m. return; $21 - $75; 244-9001 or

FREE Super Saturday All ages can play on the kids’ activity table, participate in craft projects and enjoy cookies and lemonade. Parent-Teacher Stores: 2214 Bandywood Drive, Nashville (292-3533); 203 Williamson Square, Franklin (599-3477); 131 John Rice Blvd., Murfreesboro (895-6131); and 780 RiverGate Pkwy., Goodlettsville (859-3007);

FREE Super Saturday: Hold Your Horses! Families can enjoy wagon rides, live horses, stick horse races, face painting and more. Tennessee Agricultural Museum, 440 Hogan Road, Nashville; 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.; face painting requires a small fee; 837-5197 or FREE Watertown Music and Arts Festival Enjoy music by Dara Tuker, Annie Sellick, Michael Vance Trio and Blues Brokers along with local artisans displaying and selling their work. Watertown Square; 4 - 11 p.m.; 237-0270

sun 8 Country Throwdown Tour Enjoy a day of music featuring Gary Allan, Corey Smith, Sunny Sweeney, Eric Paslay and more. The Woods Amphitheater at Fontanel, 4225 Whites Creek Pike, Nashville; 2 p.m.; $24.50 - $51.50; 800-745-3000 or ticketmaster. com.

Avenue Murfreesboro’s Belk parking lot, 2615 Medical Center Pkwy., Murfreesboro; 5 - 9 p.m.;

(please turn the page)

july 2012 79

the dailies

For July events requiring advance registration, turn to page 97.

FREE Foster Parent Recruitment/Fundraiser The Dickson, Humphreys and Houston Foster Parent Association hosts this event to support children in foster care. The day features family activities and raffles to raise money for Dickson County’s foster children for Christmas. Montgomery Bell State Park, 800 Hotel Ave., Burns; 12 p.m.; 818-4655.

mon 9 FREE Movies on the Big Screen All ages can watch a

screening of Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. Incredible Dave’s at RiverGate Mall, 1000 RiverGate Pkwy., Goodlettsville; 6 and 8 p.m.; 543-2906 or

Parents & Tots Preschoolers and parents can discover shapes. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 9 a.m.; $6; 890-2300 or Snack Attack! All ages can make pineapple coconut smoothies. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3:30 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

tue 10 FREE La Leche League of Rutherford County Get support and answers about breastfeeding. Crossway Baptist Church, 4194 Shelbyville Hwy., Murfreesboro; 6 - 8 p.m.; 931-308-9817. Parents & Tots Please see Monday, July 9 listing. Zumbatomic All ages can participate in a zumba class. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3:30 and 4 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

wed 11 FREE Arts and Crafts Ages 3 and older can spend an

afternoon with craft activities. Gallatin Public Library, 123 E. Main St., Gallatin; 2 p.m.; 452-1722 or

FREE Open House Day Tour the observatory and speak with

The Nashville Public Library Puppet Truck presents The World of Mother Goose at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum on Saturday, July 7.

Parents & Tots Please see Monday, July 9 listing.

James Taylor Enjoy an evening of folk/pop music. Bridgestone

astronomers. Dyer Observatory, 1000 Oman Drive, Brentwood; 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.; 373-4897 or

Snack Attack! All ages can make pineapple coconut smoothies. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3:30 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

thu 12 Family Night Out: Nashville Public Library Puppet Truck All ages can enjoy an evening of entertainment.

Cheekwood, 1200 Forrest Park Drive, Nashville; 6:30 p.m.; $12 adults, $5 ages 3 - 17, free ages 2 and younger; 356-8000 or

Into the Woods This musical opens today at The Larry Keeton Theatre. Please see “On Stage,” page 93 for details.

Arena, 501 Broadway, Nashville; 8 p.m.; $62 - $82; 770-2000 or

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat This Bravo Creative Arts production opens today. Please see “On Stage,” page 93 for details.

Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Albuquerque Isotopes. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 7:05 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 690-4487 or Thursday Crafternoon All ages can create cartoons. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3 - 4:30 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

FREE Movies in the Library All ages can watch a family

film. Gallatin Public Library, 123 E. Main St., Gallatin; 10:30 a.m.; 452-1722 or

Nature Nuts All ages can meet at the pond to catch critters. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 4 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

fri 13 13 This musical opens today at the Center for the Arts. Please see “On Stage,” page 93 for details.

Rhonda Vincent with Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers Enjoy an evening of live music. Ryman Auditorium, 116

Fifth Ave. N., Nashville; 7:30 p.m.; $26.50; 889-3060 or ryman. com. (please turn the page)

80 july 2012

Createaalegendary legendarygetaway getaway with Shrek & Friends! Create

DreamWorks Experience

Resort Pool

Delta Boat Ride

Summer Fun with Shrek & Friends Select Weekends through September 2, 2012 Create the vacation tale of a lifetime when you meet favorite characters from DreamWorks Animation films like Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda at Gaylord Opryland® Resort. Become an honorary ogre at the scrumptious ShrekFeast and train in the art of awesomeness at the Kung Fu Panda Academy of Awesomeness. Enjoy DreamWorks-themed games, treats and surprises for the entire family. Summer Fun with Shrek & Friends: It’s epic!

Book your getaway today!

Other LOcatiOns

or call (888) 677-9872

Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, and all related characters and properties © 2012 DreamWorks Animation L.L.C.

Gaylord National® National Harbor, MD (Washington, D.C. area)

Gaylord Palms® Kissimmee, FL (Orlando area)

Gaylord Texan® Grapevine, TX (Dallas / Ft. Worth area)

the dailies

For July events requiring advance registration, turn to page 97.

She Loves Me This production opens today at Murfreesboro Little Theatre. Please see “On Stage,” page 93 for details.

Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Albuquerque Isotopes. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 7:05 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 690-4487 or Wetland Walk All ages can explore the wetlands with a naturalist. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 4 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

sat 14 35th Annual Uncle Dave Macon Days Please see Friday,

July 13 listing.

Big Band Dance All ages can enjoy dancing and music with Jazz Alliance. Centennial Park Event Shelter, 2500 West End Ave., Nashville; 7 p.m.; 862-8400 or

Ranch Rodeo All ages can enjoy rodeo competitions and participate in activities like sack races, wheelbarrow races, horseback riding, apple bobbing, stick pony races and more. Tap Root Farm, 4104 Clovercroft Road, Franklin; 5 p.m.; $5 ages 4 and older; 594-3210 or FREE Sci-Fi Day All ages can don costumes and enjoy Star Wars fun with costumed characters, games, crafts and prizes. Gallatin Public Library, 123 E. Main St., Gallatin; 10:30 a.m.; 4521722 or FREE Second Saturday Celebration at Fiddlers Grove

All ages can step back in time and enjoy demonstrations of life at the turn of the 19th century, including guided tours, food and live bluegrass music. Fiddlers Grove Historical Village, 945 E. Baddour Pkwy., Lebanon; 4 - 9 p.m.; 443-2626 or

FREE Shakespeare Allowed All ages can participate in (or just listen to) a complete reading of The Taming of the Shrew. Nashville Public Library, 615 Church St., Nashville; 12 - 3 p.m.;

Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Albuquerque Isotopes. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 6:35 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 690-4487 or FREE Super Saturday: Flying High: Wild Wings & Creeping Things Families can explore butterflies, birds, bees,

Lindsay Mapes stars in Legally Blonde the Musical at the Arts Center of Cannon County, July 6 - 21. 35th Annual Uncle Dave Macon Days Families can enjoy southern-style music and dance, children’s activities, hand-crafted arts, trades demonstrations, storytelling and more. Cannonsburgh Village, 312 S. Front St., Murfreesboro; Fri 5 p.m., Sat 9 a.m., Sun 12 p.m.; $5 adults ($8 for two-day pass), free ages 12 and younger, Sun is free for everyone; 893-2369 or

FREE Friday Night Cruise-In View a variety of hot rods. The

FREE Family Movie Night Enjoy a family-friendly movie outdoors. Lawnchair Theatre, 4401 Hillsboro Road, Leiper’s Fork; 8 p.m.; 477-6799 or

FREE Movie in the Park Bring blankets, chairs and snacks for a family-friendly movie outside. Pinkerton Park, 405 Murfreesboro Road, Franklin; 8 p.m.; 550-6947 or

Fiona Apple Enjoy an evening of live music. Ryman Audi-

torium, 116 Fifth Ave. N., Nashville; 8 p.m.; $34.50 - $59.50; 889-3060 or

Avenue Murfreesboro’s Belk parking lot, 2615 Medical Center Pkwy., Murfreesboro; 5 - 9 p.m.;

FREE Magic Class Magician Bruce Amato shares magic trick secrets with kids of all ages. Gallatin Public Library, 123 E. Main St., Gallatin; 2 p.m.; 452-1722 or

The Secret Garden This youth production opens today at

insects and more. Visit the butterfly hotel, observe a beehive, touch an owl, make crafts and more. Tennessee Agricultural Museum, 440 Hogan Road, Nashville; 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.; 837-5197 or

FREE Williamson County Community Band Families can bring picnic baskets, blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy live music. Aspen Grove Park, 3200 Aspen Grove Drive, Franklin; 6:30 p.m.; 790-5719, ext. 30, or

sun 15 35th Annual Uncle Dave Macon Days Please see Friday,

July 13 listing.

Street Theatre Company. Please see “On Stage,” page 93 for details. (please turn the page)

july 2012 83

For July events requiring advance registration, turn to page 97.

the dailies FREE Artful Tales: The Woman Who Ate all the Cakes

All ages can listen to story about simplicity, sharing and how a certain little bird came to be, followed by a group art-making project. Frist Center for the Visual Arts, 919 Broadway, Nashville; 2 - 3 p.m.; 244-3340 or

Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Albuquerque Isotopes. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 6:35 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 690-4487 or

mon 16 FREE Movies on the Big Screen All ages can watch a

screening of John Carter. Incredible Dave’s at RiverGate Mall, 1000 RiverGate Pkwy., Goodlettsville; 6 and 8 p.m.; 543-2906 or

Parents & Tots Preschoolers and parents can learn about letters. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 9 a.m.; $6; 890-2300 or Snack Attack! All ages can make microwave chips. Discovery

Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3:30 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Round Rock Express. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 7:05 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 690-4487 or

tue 17 Death Cab for Cutie Enjoy an evening of live music. Ryman Auditorium, 116 Fifth Ave. N., Nashville; 7:30 p.m.; $37; 8893060 or

FREE La Leche League of Williamson County Expectant mothers can learn about breastfeeding and the services provided by La Leche League. Grace Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1153 Lewisburg Pike, Franklin; 6:15 p.m.; 834-3287. Parents & Tots Please see Monday, July 16 listing. Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Round Rock Express. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 7:05 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 690-4487 or Zumbatomic All ages can participate in a zumba class. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3:30 and 4 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

wed 18 Jackson Browne with Sara Watkins Ryman Auditorium, 116 Fifth Ave. N., Nashville; 7:30 p.m.; $39.50 - $69.50; 8893060 or Parents & Tots Please see Monday, July 16 listing. Snack Attack! All ages can make microwave chips. Discovery

Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3:30 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

(please turn the page)

84 july 2012

regal summer movie express


hill out during the summer months with Regal Entertainment Group’s Summer Movie Express, running through Wednesday, Aug. 1. Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 a.m. (at participating theaters), you and your kids can enjoy G- and PG-rated movies for only $1. Among the offerings are Puss in Boots, Smurfs, Happy Feet Two, Dolphin Tale, Rio, Chimpanzee, Cats & Dogs: Revenge and more. Participating theaters are Green Hills Stadium 16 (3815 Green Hills Village Drive, Nashville), Opry Mills Stadium 20 (570 Opry Mills Drive, Nashville), Providence Stadium 14 (401 S. Mt. Juliet Road, Mt. Juliet) and Streets of Indian Lake Stadium 16 (300 Indian Lake Blvd., Building T, Hendersonville). For a detailed list of movies at each location, visit

murfreesboro’s movies under the stars continues through july 28 Your family can enjoy fives nights of free family films this month courtesy of Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation. Bring blankets and lawn chairs, and obtain the list of movies by calling the parks’ office or by visiting any of their facilities. Movie locations are: • Mondays: Cason Lane Trailhead, 1100 Cason Trail • Tuesdays: Cannonsburgh Village, 312 S. Front St. • Thursdays: Siegel Neighborhood Park, 515 Cherry Lane • Fridays: Mitchell Neilson Primary, 1303 Jones Blvd. • Saturdays: Hobgood Elementary School, 307 S. Baird Lane Movies begin at 8:30 p.m. For more info, call 890-5333 of visit murfreesborotn. gov/parks.



Drills &Shots!


with the Waterlase MD Laser exclusively at:

• more effective • less painful • takes the fear out of going to the dentist Voted one of the top 3 Pediatric Dentists in Williamson County! Dr. Ryan Cregger, D.D.S., M.S. Brentwood Pediatric Dentistry 615.377.3080 95 Seaboard Ln. Suite 102, Brentwood, TN 37027

See the video on our website about lasers for kids.

july 2012 85

the dailies

For July events requiring advance registration, turn to page 97.

Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Round Rock Express. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 7:05 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 690-4487 or

thu 19 Dailey & Vincent Enjoy an evening of live music. Ryman

Auditorium, 116 Fifth Ave. N., Nashville; 7:30 p.m.; $26.50; 8893060 or

Family Night Out: Nashville Ballet All ages can watch a

performance of Aesop’s Fables. Cheekwood, 1200 Forrest Park Drive, Nashville; 6:30 p.m.; $12 adults, $5 ages 3 - 17, free ages 2 and younger; 356-8000 or

FREE Movies in the Library All ages can watch a family

film. Gallatin Public Library, 123 E. Main St., Gallatin; 10:30 a.m.; 452-1722 or

Nature Nuts All ages can discover the differences between

herbivores and carnivores. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 4 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Round Rock Express. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 7:05 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 690-4487 or FREE Splash Out Ages 12 and younger with a parent can

enjoy wet fun under the spray from the Murfreesboro Fire and Rescue Department. Old Fort Park Pavilion 1, 1025 Old Fort Pkwy., Murfreesboro; 1:30 - 3 p.m.; 893-2141 or murfreesborotn. gov/parks.

Thursday Crafternoon All ages can create watercolor wonderlands. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3 - 4:30 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

fri 20 Anne of Green Gables This production opens today at Encore Theatre Company. Please see “On Stage,” page 93 for details. Bethlehem UMC Fish Fry All ages can enjoy an afternoon

of bluegrass music, all-you-can-eat farm-raised catfish, a children’s play area and more. Bethlehem United Methodist Church, 2419 Bethlehem Loop Road, Franklin; 4:30 - 8 p.m.; $10 in advance/$13 day of adults, $6 ages 3 - 10, free ages 2 and younger; 794-6721 or

Kids can play on inflatables during the Bethlehem UMC Fish Fry on Friday, July 20.

FREE Family Movie Night Enjoy a family-friendly movie

outdoors. Lawnchair Theatre, 4401 Hillsboro Road, Leiper’s Fork; 8 p.m.; 477-6799 or

House Museum, 900 N. Maney Ave., Murfreesboro; 1 p.m.; 893-0022 or

FREE Friday Night Cruise-In View a variety of hot rods. The

FREE Third Friday Night Concert Series All ages can enjoy live bluegrass music and dancing. Cannonsburgh Village, 312 S. Front St., Murfreesboro; 7 - 9:30 p.m.; 890-0355 or

Avenue Murfreesboro’s Belk parking lot, 2615 Medical Center Pkwy., Murfreesboro; 5 - 9 p.m.;

The Miss Firecracker Contest This production opens today at Lakewood Theatre Company. Please see “On Stage,” page 93 for details. FREE Nathan Bedford Forrest Surrender Ceremony

The Sons of the Confederate Veterans Camp #33 presents a living history of the surrender of the Forrest Raid. Oaklands Historic

86 july 2012

sat 21 Big Band Dance All ages can enjoy dancing and music with Debbie Bailes. Centennial Park Event Shelter, 2500 West End Ave., Nashville; 7 p.m.; 862-8400 or

Wetland Walk All ages can explore the wetlands with a naturalist. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 4 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

(please turn the page)

25 minute ride with a full size Thomas the Tank Engine Meeting Sir Topham Hatt Storytelling, Live Music, Build with Mega Bloks® and Much More! TM

Tennessee Central Railway Museum 220 Willow Street, Nashville

September 1-2 & 8-9 For tickets and information, visit or call 866.468.7630 Tickets are $18 for ages 2 and up. Advance purchase is recommended. Ticket sales are final. Events are rain or shine.

Find us on


Day Out With ThomasTM Thomas the Tank Engine & FriendsTM Based on The Railway Series by The Reverend W Awdry. © 2012 Gullane (Thomas) Limited. Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, Thomas & Friends and Day Out With Thomas are trademarks of Gullane (Thomas) Limited. Thomas & Friends and Design is Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off. HIT and the HIT logo are trademarks of HIT Entertainment Limited. © 2012, MEGA Brands Inc. All Rights Reserved. MEGA BLOKS and the MEGA BLOKS logo are registered trademarks of MEGA Brands Inc.

the dailies

For July events requiring advance registration, turn to page 97.

FREE Family Program: Musical Petting Zoo Kids of all ages can try their hand on a variety of instruments. Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, 222 Fifth Ave. S., Nashville; 1 p.m.; 416-2001 or FREE Gaming Day Ages 8 - 12 can play Wii and board games. Gallatin Public Library, 123 E. Main St., Gallatin; 12:30 2:30 p.m.; 452-1722 or In the Artist’s Studio All ages can join artist Leslie Roberts to make mosaic candlestick holders. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 2 - 4 p.m.; $6; 8902300 or The Little Mermaid This Olde Worlde Theatre production opens today. Please see “On Stage,” page 93 for details. FREE Murfreesboro Bird Club Hike Ages 6 and older can walk in search of Tennessee’s resident birds. Murfree Spring at the Discovery Center, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 9 a.m.; 217-3017 or FREE Screen on the Green Families can watch a screening of The Muppets. The Avenue Murfreesboro’s central park, 2615 Medical Center Pkwy., Murfreesboro; 8 p.m.; shoptheavenue. com.

FREE Super Saturday: All About Goats! Families can

feed and milk goats, learn about beekeeping, test weaving skills and more. Tennessee Agricultural Museum, 440 Hogan Road, Nashville; 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.; there is a small fee for face painting; 837-5197 or

Watermelon Festival All ages can participate in a watermelon crawl, a melon carving and seed-spitting contest, melon toss and more than 70 activities. Lucky Ladd Farms, 4374 Rocky Glad Road, Eagleville; 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.; $9 ages 2 and older; 274-3786 or

mon 23 FREE Movies on the Big Screen All ages can watch a

screening of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Incredible Dave’s at RiverGate Mall, 1000 RiverGate Pkwy., Goodlettsville; 6 and 8 p.m.; 543-2906 or

Parents & Tots Preschoolers and parents can listen to a reading of The Rainbow Fish. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 9 a.m.; $6; 890-2300 or Snack Attack! All ages can make banana pudding. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3:30 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

tue 24

Olde Worlde Theatre Company presents The Little Mermaid, July 21 - Aug. 11, at The Belcourt Theatre. St., Nashville; 7:05 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 6904487 or

1566 W. McEwen Drive, Franklin; 9:30 a.m.; 550-5660 or

Zumbatomic All ages can participate in a zumba class. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3:30 and 4 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

Parents & Tots Please see Monday, July 23 listing.

The Nutty Professor The world premiere of this new musical opens today at TPAC’s Polk Theater. Please see “On Stage,” page 93 for details.

Parents & Tots Please see Monday, July 23 listing. Rod Stewart & Stevie Nicks Take in a night of live music by two legends. Bridgestone Arena, 501 Broadway, Nashville; 7:30 p.m.; $52 - $152; 770-2000 or

Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Memphis Redbirds. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut

88 july 2012

wed 25 FREE Arts and Crafts Ages 3 and older can participate in craft activities. Gallatin Public Library, 123 E. Main St., Gallatin; 2 p.m.; 452-1722 or FREE Kids Hour Children’s artist Rachel Sumner entertains kids ages 10 and younger with interactive music. Whole Foods,

Snack Attack! All ages can make banana pudding. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3:30 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Memphis Redbirds. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 7:05 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 6904487 or

the dailies

For July events requiring advance registration, turn to page 97.

thu 26 Family Night Out: Farmer Jason All ages can enjoy an evening of music. Cheekwood, 1200 Forrest Park Drive, Nashville; 6:30 p.m.; $12 adults, $5 ages 3 - 17, free ages 2 and younger; 356-8000 or FREE Movies in the Library All ages can watch a screening of Tangled. Gallatin Public Library, 123 E. Main St., Gallatin; 10:30 a.m.; 452-1722 or

Garden Tales Children’s entertainer Rachel Sumner explores

Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Albuquerque Isotopes. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 7:05 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 690-4487 or

Ice Day All ages can enjoy ice cream samples, participate in an ice cream eating contest, cool off in the winter wonderland snow tent or jungle water slide and see animals receive popsicle treats. Nashville Zoo, 3777 Nolensville Road, Nashville; 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.; $15 adults, $10 ages 2 - 12; 833-1534 or

Trespass America Festival Tour Experience a night of heavy metal music. Bridgestone Arena, 501 Broadway, Nashville; 5 p.m.; $36 - $40.50; 770-2000 or

the world of bugs through songs, stories and dance. Cheekwood, 1200 Forrest Park Drive, Nashville; 11 a.m.; $12 adults, $5 ages 3 - 17, free ages 2 and younger; 356-8000 or

Nature Nuts All ages can meet the resident animals. Discovery

FREE Lego Play Time Ages 3 and older can make Lego creations. Gallatin Public Library, 123 E. Main St., Gallatin; 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.; 452-1722 or

Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder Enjoy an evening of

live music. Ryman Auditorium, 116 Fifth Ave. N., Nashville; 7:30 p.m.; $26.50; 889-3060 or

Runs with Scissors All ages can raise money for Project Go by participating in a 5K race. Siegel Soccer Park, 515 Cherry Lane, Murfreesboro; 7 a.m.; $25 plush school supply donation; 895-5040 or

Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they

Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when

Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 4 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

challenge the Memphis Redbirds. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 7:05 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 6904487 or

they challenge the Albuquerque Isotopes. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 6:35 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 690-4487 or

Thursday Crafternoon All ages can create watercolor wonderlands. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3 - 4:30 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

FREE Super Saturday: Old MacDonald’s Farm Families can visit with, feed and groom pint-sized donkeys, a spotted mule and baby goats. Kids can participate in a pig-snorting contest and enjoy miniature donkey rides. Tennessee Agricultural Museum, 440 Hogan Road, Nashville; 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.; donkey rides are $3; 837-5197 or

fri 27 Crosby, Stills & Nash Enjoy an evening of live music. Ryman Auditorium, 116 Fifth Ave. N., Nashville; 8 p.m.; $65 - $115; 8893060 or

FREE Family Movie Night Enjoy a family-friendly movie

Creed Enjoy an evening of live music. Ryman Auditorium, 116 Fifth Ave. N., Nashville; 7:30 p.m.; $29.50 - $75; 889-3060 or

FREE Friday Night Cruise-In View a variety of hot rods. The

Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Albuquerque Isotopes. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 6:35 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 690-4487 or

Avenue Murfreesboro’s Belk parking lot, 2615 Medical Center Pkwy., Murfreesboro; 5 - 9 p.m.;

Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Memphis Redbirds. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 7:05 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 6904487 or Wetland Walk All ages can explore the wetlands with a naturalist. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 4 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

sat 28 Barry Manilow Experience a night of pop music. Bridgestone Arena, 501 Broadway, Nashville; 7 p.m.; $9.99 - $129.99 ; 7702000 or

Big Band Dance All ages can enjoy dancing and music with Radio Daze. Centennial Park Event Shelter, 2500 West End Ave., Nashville; 7 p.m.; 862-8400 or

Parents & Tots Please see Monday, July 30 listing. Sounds Baseball Cheer for the Nashville Sounds when they challenge the Albuquerque Isotopes. Greer Stadium, 534 Chestnut St., Nashville; 7:05 p.m.; $12 in advance, $14 game day; 690-4487 or FREE The Whole Woman Revolution’s Fourth Annual VBS for Women Please see Sunday, July 29 listing. Zumbatomic All ages can participate in a zumba class. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3:30 and 4 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

Carnton Summer Concert Series Bring a picnic dinner and enjoy live music from the 1970s on the lawn. Carnton Plantation, 1345 Carnton Lane, Franklin; 6 - 8 p.m.; $10 in advance/$12 at the gate adults, $5 ages 6 - 12, free ages 5 and younger; 7940903 or

outdoors. Lawnchair Theatre, 4401 Hillsboro Road, Leiper’s Fork; 8 p.m.; 477-6799 or

tue 31

sun 29

Dive-In Movie Catch an outdoor screening of Soul Surfer.

Nashville Shores, 4001 Bell Road, Hermitage; movie begins at dusk; free with park admission ($26.99 - $31.99); 889-7050 or

FREE The Whole Woman Revolution’s Fourth Annual VBS for Women Please see Sunday, July 29 listing.

FREE The Whole Woman Revolution’s Fourth Annual VBS for Women This faith-based event features speakers, entertainment and activities. Liberty Hall at The Factory, 230 Franklin Road, Franklin; Sun - Tue 6:30 - 9 p.m.; 636-5635.

mon 30 FREE Movies on the Big Screen All ages can watch a

screening of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Incredible Dave’s at RiverGate Mall, 1000 RiverGate Pkwy., Goodlettsville; 6 and 8 p.m.; 543-2906 or

Parents & Tots Preschoolers and parents can participate in Water Day. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 9 a.m.; $6; 890-2300 or discoverycenteronline. org. Snack Attack! All ages can make strawberry banana wraps. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, 502 S.E. Broad St., Murfreesboro; 3:30 p.m.; $6; 890-2300 or

carmike’s summer kid series


very Thursday through Aug. 9, your family can take advantage of the Summer Kid Series hosted by two local Carmike Cinemas. For $2 per person, see a family-friendly film along with popcorn and a drink. Movies include Shark Tale (July 5), How to Train Your Dragon (July 12), Madagascar 2 (July 19), Bee Movie (July 26), Monsters vs. Aliens (Aug. 2) and Megamind (Aug. 9). Movies run at 10 a.m. each Thursday. Participating theaters are Thoroughbred 20 (633 Frazier Drive, Franklin) and Wynnsong 16 (2626 Cason Square Blvd., Murfreesboro). Learn more at

july 2012 89



Now Enrolling for the Fall • Full and half day programs available. • Montessori School of Franklin serves children ages 30 months to 12 years. • Limited availability for July.

Robert F. Caldwell, DMD Mirna A .Caldwell, DMD Convenient


Board Certified Pediatric Dentists

Teach Your Child To Love Learning.



5505 Edmondson Pike, Suite 204 Nashville, TN 37211 (615) 834-1383

Scan to learn more about Montessori

244 Noah Drive, Franklin, TN 37064 • 615.794.0567


Mark Hazel, M.D.



Warren Clayton, Jr., M.D. ENDOCRINOLOGY

Aaron Ward, M.D. MMC utilizes Electronic Health Records, improving accuracy and quality of care... Your Health is Our Mission




Troy Sofinowski, M.D. UROLOGY

John T. Kolisnyk, D.O. ALLERGY

We accept all major insurances, including Tenncare. Go to patient resources for specific details.


1272 Garrison Drive, Murfreesboro, TN

90 july 2012




CLASSES & ACTIVITIES cheatham county

activities for all ages every Mon and Sat at 11 a.m. at 2615 Medical Center Pkwy., Murfreesboro; 895-8580 or

williamson county

Adventureworks The Eco-Zip Line Adventure allows

FREE Books-A-Million Preschool storytime for ages 2 - 7 is every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. at 1720 Old Fort Pkwy., Murfreesboro; 995-7112.

FREE Barnes & Noble Storytime Stories and related

BounceU Bounce on inflatables at 1222 Park Ave., Murfreesboro; 893-8386 or Call for open bounce and preschool play date times.

FREE Books-A-Million Preschool storytime is every Tue and Sat at 10:30 a.m. at 1040 Crossings Blvd., Spring Hill; 931486-0113.

Jumper’s Playhouse Inflatable fun at 6600 New Nashville Hwy., Smyrna; 220-7575 or Call for open bounce and toddler storytime information.

Bowie Park and Nature Center Nature programs and

Lucky Ladd Farms Tennessee’s largest petting farm with more than 70 activities for all ages is located at 4374 Rocky Glade Road, Eagleville; Tue - Thu 9 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., Fri 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Sat 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.; $9; 274-3786 or

Franklin on Foot Kids can participate in the “I Spy

Patterson Park Community Center 521 Mercury Blvd.,

mini-golf, air hockey, an interactive game floor, football toss, soccer kick and basketball in a glow-in-the-dark setting at 121 Seaboard Lane, Ste. 8, Franklin; $8 per child (adults are free); for times, call 370-4386, opt. 2.

participants to glide through the forest on nine zip lines. Guides point out native trees, plants and wildlife during the hour-and-ahalf tour at 1300 Narrows Road, Kingston Springs; $54 adults, $42 ages 17 and younger (family discounts available); to make reservations, call 297-2250 or visit

davidson county Bellevue Community Center Ongoing art and recreation

take place at 656 Colice Jeanne Road, Nashville; 862-8435.

BounceU Bounce on inflatables at 2990 Sidco Drive; 255-

1422; Open play times are Tue - Fri 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. or 3 - 6 p.m., Sat 8:30 - 10 a.m. Cost is $6.95 ($5.95 siblings); cosmic glow-in-the-dark bounces are Mon 3 - 6 p.m. and Fri 6:30 p.m. Cost is $8 ($7 siblings).

Centennial Sportsplex Fitness, ice skating, swimming and

more at 222 25th Ave. N., Nashville; times and prices vary; 8628480 or

Cheekwood Fitness Fridays take place in June. Choose Yoga

in the Gardens at 7:30 a.m., Sculpture Trail Hike at 8:30 a.m. or Stroller Strides at 9:30 a.m. Located at 1200 Forrest Park Drive, Nashville; free with gate admission ($12 adults, $5 ages 3 - 17); 356-8000 or

FREE Fairytales Storytime Stories and crafts every Saturday at 11 a.m. at Fairytales Bookstore and More, 114-B S. 11th St., Nashville; 915-1960 or FREE Family Bike Ride Enjoy an hour-long bike ride

through East Nashville every Saturday at 9 a.m. Depart from Eastside Cycles, 1012 Woodland St., Nashville; 469-1079 or

Metro Parks Cultural Arts Classes Visit

parks/classes for a complete listing of visual art, music, theater and dance opportunities.

Monkey Joe’s This inflatable play center is located at 1580 Gallatin Pike N., Madison; Mon - Thu 10 a.m. - 7 p.m., Fri - Sat 10 a.m. - 9 p.m., Sun 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.; $9 Mon - Thu, $10 Fri Sun (ages 2 and younger are $5.50); 915-0561 or monkeyjoes. com. Monkey’s Treehouse An indoor play center located at

Murfreesboro; 893-7439. Ongoing programs: • Busy Bees: Ages 3 - 5 can learn to follow directions, participate in a group environment, improve coordination and practice good sportsmanship Tuesdays and Thursdays; 10:45 - 11:15 a.m.; $3 • Gymboree: Ages 3 - 5 with a parent can enjoy playtime and energy-burning activities every Monday; 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.; $3 • Wee Play: Ages 1-and-a-half to 2 can enjoy a variety of activities like puppets, crafts and stories every Monday; 10 - 10:45 a.m.; $3

Sports*Com 2310 Memorial Blvd., Murfreesboro; 895-5040. Ongoing programs: • Toddler Time with Thomas: Ages 5 and younger can participate in motor-skill development activities every Friday; 10 - 11 a.m.; $3 • Water Polo: Ages 13 and older can play every Tuesday; 7 8:45 p.m.; $3 adults, $2 youth • Youth Volleyball Class: Ages 8 - 15 can learn volleyball skills every Thursday; 4:30 - 6 p.m.; $3 FREE Stones River National Battlefield Ranger-led

bicycle tours take place every Saturday at 11 a.m. at 3501 Old Nashville Hwy., Murfreesboro; 893-9501 or

sumner county

activities for all ages every Mon and Sat at 11 a.m. at 1701 Mallory Lane, Brentwood; 377-9979 or

events at 7211 Bowie Lake Road, Fairview; Tue - Sat 9 a.m. 4:30 p.m., Sun 12 - 4 p.m.; 799-5544.

Downtown Franklin” scavenger hunt every Tue and Fri at 9 a.m. on Franklin’s Public Square; $9; 400-3808 or

Glow Galaxy Weekly open play times feature inflatables,

Inside Out Several indoor play structures mimic an outdoor

environment at 615 Baker’s Bridge Road, Franklin; open play hours are Mon - Fri 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sat 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sun 12 - 5 p.m.; $9 (pre-walkers are free with paying sibling), $5 pre-walkers without sibling, free for parents; 778-8733 or

FREE Lifeway Christian Store Ages 2 - 8 can enjoy stories and songs every Friday at 10 a.m. at 1725 Galleria Blvd., Franklin; 771-9050. Monkey Joe’s This inflatable play center is located at 1648 Westgate Circle, Brentwood; Mon - Thu 10 a.m. - 7 p.m., Fri Sat 10 a.m. - 9 p.m., Sun 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.; $9 Mon - Thu, $10 Fri - Sun (ages 2 and younger are $6); 377-5900 of monkeyjoes. com. Monkey’s Treehouse An indoor play center located at 91

Seaboard Lane, Brentwood; open play times are Mon - Fri 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sat 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.; $7 ages 1 - 11; 646-5002 or

My Gym Brentwood For pay-to-play, open gym and

Saturday morning class times and fees at 330 Franklin Road, call 371-5437 or visit

Pump It Up Play Time Pop-in playtime Tue, Wed and Fri

8074 Hwy. 100, Nashville; open play times are Mon - Fri 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sat 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.; $7 ages 1 - 11; 646-5002 or

FREE Barnes & Noble Storytime Stories and related

from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. for preschoolers, Tue 6 - 7:30 p.m. and Thu 1 - 3 p.m. for ages 2 - 12. Pump It Up, 7104 Crossroads Blvd., Ste. 128, Brentwood; $7 per child; 373-7867.

FREE Musicians Corner Outdoor music and a children’s activity area every Saturday through June from 3 - 6 p.m. at Centennial Park, 2500 West End Ave., Nashville;

FREE Delmas Long Community Center Tot Time for ages birth - 5 to enjoy social time and gym play takes place every Thursday from 10 - 11 a.m. at 200 Memorial Drive, Goodlettsville; 851-2253 or

Nashville Ghost Tours All ages can embark on a walking tour of downtown Nashville’s haunted history. Tour begins at the corner of Sixth Avenue North and Union Avenue across from the Hermitage Hotel; daily 7:45 p.m.; $15 adults, $8 ages 7 - 11, free ages 6 and younger; 884-3999 or

Drakes Creek Activity Center Laser Adventure, mini golf,

Shipwrecked Playhouse An indoor play area for ages 1 - 9, featuring a 30-foot wooden pirate ship at 99 Seaboard Lane, Cool Springs. Open play hours are Mon - Fri 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Sat 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. Admission is $7. Call 866-9358 or visit

FREE Pottery Barn Kids Preschoolers can participate

at 511 RiverGate Pkwy., Goodlettsville; Mon - Thu by reservation only, Fri 3:30 - 10 p.m., Sat 10 a.m. - 10 p.m., Sun 12 - 9 p.m.; prices vary; 859-7753 or

in Book Club every Tuesday at 11 a.m. at 2126 Abbott Martin Road, Nashville; 385-2567 or

FREE Radnor Lake Natural Area Nature programs at

1160 Otter Creek Road, Nashville. See complete schedule at or call 373-3467.

rutherford county FREE Barnes & Noble Storytime Stories and related

activities for all ages every Mon and Sat at 11 a.m. at 300 Indian Lakes Blvd., Hendersonville; 264-0183 or

batting cages, game room and more at 130 Cherokee Road N., Hendersonville; Mon - Fri 10 a.m. - 10 p.m., Sat - Sun 10 a.m. 11 p.m.; 822-0232 or

Laser Adventure Laser tag, aeroball and a rock-climbing wall

My Gym Pay-to-play, open gym and Saturday morning classes take place at 206 N. Anderson Lane, Hendersonville; call 824-8002 or visit for a complete schedule and fees.

Sodium Located at 1725 Columbia Ave., Ste. 100, Franklin, the facility includes a children’s indoor play area, and a variety of classes and workshops for kids and families. Call 260-5916 or visit Storybook Village This indoor play center features storybook themes. Located at 3015 Belshire Village Drive, Ste. 114, Spring Hill, open play hours are Mon - Sat 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sun 12 - 5 p.m.; $7 ages 1 - 12, free ages 11 months and younger along with parents and kids 13 and older; 614-1424 or

FREE Taekwondo for Preschoolers Ages 3 - 5 can learn self-defense, self-discipline and safety during an introductory lesson the second Tuesday and fourth Thursday every month at 11 a.m. Robinson Taekwondo at The Factory, 230 Franklin Road, Bldg. 8, Ste. 809, Franklin; 791-6655.

july 2012 91


Take in some theater with your children this month, and don’t forget to read reviews online at Click on “Things to Do”.

Bravo Creative Arts Center presents Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Father Ryan Center for the Arts July 12 - 15. 13 (July 13 - 29; All ages) Center for the Arts, 110 W. College

St., Murfreesboro; Fri 7 p.m., Sat 2 and 7 p.m., Sun 2 p.m.; $15 adults, $13 students, $11 ages 12 and younger; 904-2787 or

Anne of Green Gables (July 20 - Aug. 4; Ages 8 and older) Encore Theatre Company, 6978 Lebanon Road, Mt. Juliet; Thu - Sat 7:30 p.m., Sun 2:30 p.m.; $15 adults, $10 ages 11 and younger; 598-8950 or

Beauty and the Beast (July 6 - 7; All ages) Actor’s Point Junior Theatre, 100 God Why Court, Hendersonville; 7 p.m. (there is an additional 10 a.m. show on Friday); $10 adults, $7 ages 5 - 12, $4 ages 4 and younger; 431-9620 or Fiddler on the Roof (continues through Sunday, July 8; Ages 8 and older) Chaffin’s Barn Dinner Theatre, 8204 Hwy. 100, Nashville; Thu - Sat 6 - 7:30 buffet (8 p.m. show), Sun 12 - 1:30 p.m. buffet (2 p.m. show); $60 adults, $45 ages 13 - 18, $35 ages 12 and younger; 646-9977 or Into the Woods (July 12 - 28; Ages 8 and older) The Larry

Keeton Theater, 108 Donelson Pike, Nashville; Thu - Sat 7 p.m., Sun 2 p.m.; $12 - $15; 883-8375 or

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (July 12 - 15; All ages) Bravo Creative Arts Center at Father Ryan Center for the Arts, 700 Norwood Drive, Nashville; Thu - Sat 7 p.m., Sun 2 p.m.; $10 reserved, $8 at the door; 599-5314 or

Parallel Lives (continues through Tuesday, July 3; Ages

Legally Blonde the Musical (July 6 - 21; Ages 8 and older)

230 Franklin Road, Franklin; Tue, Fri and Sat 8 p.m. Thu 8 p.m. (dates TBD), Sun 2 p.m. (dates TBD); $27 adults, $25 students, $21 ages 11 and younger (Tuesdays are two-for-one nights, Thursdays are $17 all tickets, Sundays are $2 off); 794-7744 or

The Arts Center of Cannon County, 1424 John Bragg Hwy., Woodbury; Fri - Sat 7:30 p.m., Sun 2 p.m.; $12 adults, $10 students; 563-2787 or

The Little Mermaid (July 21, 28 and Aug. 4, 11; All ages)

Olde Worlde Theatre Co. at The Belcourt Theater, 2102 Belcourt Ave., Nashville; 10 a.m.; $8; 383-9140 or Win tickets! See page 13.

The Miss Firecracker Contest (July 20 - Aug. 4; Ages 10

12 and older) Street Theatre Company, 1933 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville; Tue 8 p.m.; $18 adults, $16 students; 554-7414 or

Pippin (July 6 - 28; Ages 10 and older) Boiler Room Theatre,

The Secret Garden (Youth Production) (July 13 - 28; All

ages) Street Theatre Company, 1933 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville; Fri 7 p.m., Sat 2 and 7 p.m.; $6; 554-7414 or streettheatrecompany. org.

and older) Lakewood Theatre Company, 2211 Old Hickory Blvd., Old Hickory; Fri - Sat 7:30 p.m., Sun 2:30 p.m.; $14 adults, $10 students; 847-0934 or

She Loves Me (July 13 - 29; Ages 10 and older) Murfreesboro Little Theatre, 702 Ewing Ave., Murfreesboro; Fri - Sat 7 p.m., Sun 2 p.m.; $10 adults, $5 students; 893-9825 or

The Nutty Professor (July 24 - Aug. 12; Ages 8 and older) TPAC’s Polk Theater, 505 Deaderick St., Nashville; Tue - Thu 7:30 p.m., Fri 8 p.m., Sat 2 and 8 p.m., Sun 1 and 6:30 p.m.; tickets start at $40 July 24 - 29 (previews); tickets start at $45 July 31 - Aug. 12; 782-4040 or

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (July 27 - Aug. 5;

All ages) Cheatham County Community Theater at the Jean Downey Theater, 170 E. Kingston Springs Road, Kingston Springs; Fri 7:30 p.m., Sat 2:30 and 7:30 p.m., Sun 2:30 p.m.; $12 adults, $6 children; 259-2001 or (please turn the page)

july 2012 93

It’s Time for The 2012

Best of Parenting Awards

Each year, you tell us who you think provides the best-of-the-best in the Middle Tennessee area. The 2012 Best of Parenting poll goes live Monday, July 2, 2012! The poll will be open for voting through August 31, 2012. The results will be announced in the November issue. Remember – only one ballot per household, please. See additional rules on the website.

By Chad Young


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my top10 family flicks


his summer’s a big deal in Hollywood as motion picture companies release summer blockbusters for big box office takes. The Avengers is now the country’s highest grossing film ever taking in a whopping $200 million on its opening weekend alone. Among the big movies out now or soon to hit theaters are Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, Snow White and the Huntsman, Brave, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises. While a trip to a movie house makes for a fun outing, it’s also an expensive one. So, why not stay home, pop your own corn, pour your own drinks and enjoy an outstanding goodie that you can rent or buy on DVD? My top 10 picks of great summer movies will not disappoint. Which ones, you say? So glad you asked! • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial What boy doesn’t want an alien for a best friend? Personally, if I had been Elliott, I would’ve gotten on the space ship at the end and never looked back! E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial hit the big screen on June 11, 1982 and has garnered $792,910,554 to date.

• The original Star Wars trilogy Hands down, the most incredible movie series of all time. A true, timeless classic.

• Raiders of the Lost Ark The first of the Indiana Jones series with a great score by John Williams. Indy and I have one thing in common: a terrible fear of snakes!

• Toy Story Pixar’s first feature film was also the first made entirely with computer-generated imagery. I’ve kept a close eye on my action figures ever since.

• Jurassic Park The coolest dinosaur movie ever made with amazing special effects.

• Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Ferris is every high-school student’s hero. “Bueller ... Bueller ...”

• The Wizard of Oz Despite how many times I’ve seen it since childhood, I still cry when Dorothy leaves Oz.

• Pee-wee’s Big Adventure Watching Pee-wee’s quest to find his missing bike makes me feel better about my OCD.

• Fantasia This 72-year-old animated film marked Disney’s first absolute classic masterpiece.

• The Muppet Movie Wocka, wocka! I love the era when Kermit, Fozzie and Miss Piggy ruled.

Whatever flick tickles your family’s fancy, I hope your summer is a blockbuster one!

july 2012 95



96 july 2012

Nashville Public Television

Call ahead to reserve your child’s spot! (These events require advance registration.)


Unless otherwise noted, registration is ongoing until programs are full. Beaman Park Nature Center 5911 Old Hickory Blvd., Ashland City; 862-8580 or

• FREE Family Night Hike Friday, July 6. All ages. Embark on a walk in the woods and get to know the park after dark. 7:30 - 9:30 p.m.

Belle Meade Plantation 5025 Harding Pike, Nashville; 356-0501, ext. 26, or • America the Beautiful Monday, July 30. Ages 2 - 5. Make red, white and blue stars, create “fireworks” out of paint and bubbles, participate in flag relays, work on a giant flag puzzle and more. 10 - 11 a.m. $5

Blue Heron Nature Cruises at Riverbluff Park 175 Old Cumberland St., Ashland City; 385-7007 or

• Fourth of July Cruises Wednesday, July 4. All ages. Enjoy bird watching while floating down the Cumberland River. 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. $11 adults, $9 ages 2 - 12 • Kids Adventure Cruise Wed - Fri. All ages. Float down the Cumberland River while playing with water toys and games. 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. or 1 - 4 p.m. $11 • Nature Cruise Wed - Sun. All ages. See wild birds, boats and waterfront homes during a 90-minute cruise on the Cumberland River. Wed - Fri 5 p.m., Sat 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., Sun 1 and 4 p.m. $11 adults, $9 ages 2 - 12

Brentwood Library 8109 Concord Road, Brentwood; 371-0090 or

• FREE Movie Matinee Saturday, July 14. All ages. Watch a screening of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, starring Humphrey Bogart and Walter Huston. 1 p.m.; ext. 851, to register

Cannonsburgh Village 312 S. Front St., Murfreesboro; 893-2141 or

• It’s Macaroni Day Wednesday, July 25. Ages 4 - 7 with a parent. Make pictures with various types of macaroni. 1:30 - 4 p.m. $3 • Thread the Needle Day Wednesday, July 25. Ages 12 - 15 with a parent. Learn and practice three embroidery stitches. 10 - 11:30 a.m.

Carnton Plantation 1345 Carnton Lane, Franklin; 794-0903 or

• Hands on History Wednesday, July 18. Ages 5 - 10. Learn about 1860s attire and the different parts of a soldier’s uniform. 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. $10

Kids can have fun with bubbles aboard Blue Heron Nature Cruises. Cheekwood 1200 Forrest Park Drive, Nashville; 356-8000 or

• Annotations: Authors @ Cheekwood Sunday, July 22. All ages. Marshall Chapman, author of They Came to Nashville, discusses his stories, offering behind-the-text accounts of his work. 3 p.m. $12 adults, $5 ages 3 - 17. Call 353-9827 to register • Lunch and Lecture Thursday, July 19. All ages. Enjoy lunch while learning about lawn care. 12 - 1 p.m. $15 members, $25 non-members. Call 353-9827 to register

Dyer Observatory 1000 Oman Drive, Brentwood; 373-4897 or

• Bluebird on the Mountain Saturday, July 21. All ages. Local singer-songwriters perform an outdoor concert. 8 p.m. $95 per car • FREE Second Friday Telescope Night Friday, July 13. All ages. View the night sky through the giant telescope. 9 - 11 p.m.

Fairview Recreation Complex 2714 Fairview Blvd., Fairview; 799-9331 or

• American Red Cross Babysitter’s Training Saturday, July 28. Ages 11 - 15. Learn to become good babysitters. 9 a.m. 2:30 p.m. (bring a sack lunch). $85. Call 585-9055 to register • Children’s Pottery Tuesdays, July 3 - 17. Ages 6 - 12. Build projects using slaps, coils and pinch pots. 4:30 - 6 p.m. $45 • Customized Picture Frames Friday, July 6. Ages 12 and older. Transform old picture frames into creative, unique pieces. 5 - 6 p.m. $10 • DJ on the Deck Friday, July 20. Registration deadline is Wednesday, July 18. All ages. Wear pool attire and enjoy dancing with a live DJ and dinner from Sonic. 6 - 10 p.m. $5

The Fellowship at Two Rivers 2800 McGavock Pike, Nashville; 924-7496 or

• FREE Buddy Break Friday, July 27. Ages 5 - 18 with special needs. Parents of special needs kids can drop off their children for fun and recreation to enjoy respite time. 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.

(please turn the page)

july 2012 97

Call ahead to reserve your child’s spot! (These events require advance registration.) Franklin Recreation Complex 1120 Hillsboro Road; 790-5719, ext. 10, or

• Children’s Pottery Tuesdays, July 10 - 24. Ages 6 - 12. Create pottery projects using coils, slabs and pinch pots. 1 - 2:30 p.m. $50 • Family Fiesta Spanish Class Fridays, July 11 - Aug. 1. Ages 5 and older. Parents and kids can learn Spanish using physical activity as a learning tool. 6 - 7 p.m. $40 adults, $10 kids • Guitar or Bass Guitar Lessons Mondays, July 2 - 30. Ages 5 and older. Learn to play the guitar or bass via private instruction. Choose a 30-minute session between 1 and 8 p.m. $110 • Piano Lessons Fridays, July 6 - 27. Ages 5 and older. Learn to play the piano with private lessons. Choose a 30-minute slot between 12 - 8 p.m. $88. Call 268-2296 to register • Rocket Science Club July 9 - 13 (ages 4 - 7), July 16 20 (ages 8 - 12). Explore rocket propulsion using water and paper, aerodynamics using paper airplanes and fluid dynamics using boats and water. 1 - 3 p.m. $80. To register, call 321-693-9105 • Sticky Fingers Preschool Club Fridays, July 13 - 27. Ages 3 - 6. Participate in crafting experience that enhance fine motor and development skills. 9 - 10:30 a.m. $18 • Voice Lessons Fridays, July 6 - 27. Ages 5 and older. Private studio lessons stress notation reading skills, artistic interpretations, proper breathing and phrasing. Choose a 30-minute slot between 12 - 8 p.m. $88. Call 268-2296 to register

Frist Center for the Visual Arts 919 Broadway, Nashville; 744-3357 or • FREE Kids Club: Quilting Abstraction Saturday, July 14. Ages 5 - 10. Create a mixed media weaving project. 10:30 a.m., 1 or 3 p.m.

Gaylord Opryland Resort 2800 Opryland Drive, Nashville

• Kung Fu Panda Academy of Awesomeness Sat and Sun through Sept. 2, plus July 4 - 6 and Monday, Sept. 3. All ages. Embark on a Kung Fu Panda adventure with live theater, character interaction, team games and crafts. 1 p.m. $35 per child, free for parents (must accompany child) • Princess Fiona’s Cookie Castles Sat and Sun through Sept. 2, plus July 4 - 6 and Sept. 3. All ages. Join Princess Fiona and decorate a sugar cookie castle with candy and royal icing. 1:30, 3 and 4:30 p.m. $29.95 per family • ShrekFeast Interactive Character Meal Sat and Sun through Sept. 2, plus July 5, 6 and 9, and Sept. 3. All ages. Join Shrek, Princess Fiona and Puss in Boots for breakfast, character photos and more. 7:30 - 11:30 a.m. (8 - 11 a.m. July 5, 9 and Sept. 3). $29.95 adults, $19.95 ages 4 - 11

Indoor Sports Complex 920 Heritage Way, Brentwood; 268-2296 or

• Piano Lessons Thursdays, July 5 - 26. Ages 5 and older. Learn to play piano through private lessons. Choose a 30-minute session between 1:30 and 8 p.m. $88 • Voice Lessons Thursdays, July 5 - 26. Ages 5 and older. Learn to play piano through private lessons. Choose a 30-minute session between 1:30 and 8 p.m. $88

98 july 2012

Celebrate hummingbirds at Shelby Bottoms Nature Center on Friday, July 27. The Knaughty Knitter 202B N. Thompson Lane, Murfreesboro; 217-4966 or

• Broomstick Lace Class Saturday, July 14. Ages 16 and older. Learn to do broomstick lace and start a baby blanket. 10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. $20 • FREE Christmas in July Classes Thursdays, July 5, 12, 19 and 26. Ages 16 and older. Do a new project each week ranging from coasters to bookmarks. 5 p.m. Class is free, but participants must purchase class kit • Intro to Needle Tatting Saturdays, July 7 and 14. Ages 16 and older. Learn the art of needle tatting. 1 p.m. $60 plus materials • FREE Summer Lunch Bunch Fridays, July 6, 13, 20 and 27. Ages 16 and older. Bring your lunch and knit while watching Knitting Daily. 12 - 1 p.m.

Life Assembly 555 Pleasant Grove Road, Mt. Juliet; 758-7779 or

• FREE Buddy Break Friday, July 20. Ages 2 - 16 with special needs. Parents of special needs kids can drop off their children for fun and reaction to enjoy respite time. 6:30 9:30 p.m.

Longview Recreation Center 2909 Commonwealth Drive, Spring Hill 302-0971, ext. 10, or

• American Red Cross Babysitter Training Saturday, July 28. Ages 11 - 15. Learn the skills and confidence to become a great babysitter. 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. (bring a sack lunch). $85. To register, call 585-9055 • Children’s Pottery Workshop Mondays, July 2 - 16. All ages (ages 4 and younger require parent participation). Create a pottery piece. 4 - 5:30 p.m. $45 • Deb’z Kid’z Art Thursdays, July 5 - 26. All ages. Create art using a variety of methods, including markers, colored pencils, pastels and watercolors. 6 - 7:30 p.m. $45 per month or $11.25 per class • Dive In Movie Friday, July 27. Ages 11 - 15. Hit the outdoor pool, enjoy pizza and watch a teen-oriented movie. 7:30 p.m. $5 • Judo Karate Mondays, July 9 - 30. Ages 8 and older. This exercise program combines Judo and Karate. 5:15 - 6:15 p.m. $30

• Kid’s Crochet Workshop Saturdays, July 7 and 28. Ages 8 and older. Create a crochet bracelet, hair scrunchi and wrist band. 10 - 11:30 a.m. $14 • Martial Arts Fitness Mondays, July 9 - 30. Ages 8 and older. Participate in a kick boxing, karate and judo fitness program. 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. $30 • Picking Strings Saturdays, July 7 - 28. All ages. Learn the musical alphabet, basic chord shapes, strumming patterns and finger picking. 1 - 4 p.m. $30 • Polynesian Dancing Wednesdays, July 11 - 25. All ages. Learn to dance like the island natives of Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand and Tahiti. 5:15 - 6 p.m. beginners, 6 - 7 p.m. intermediates. $31.25 ($25 each additional family member) • FREE Teen Summer Games Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, July 2 - 27 (skip July 2 - 6). Ages 10 - 14. Have fun playing kickball, wiffle ball and corn hole outdoors. 2 p.m.

Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary 545 Beech Creek Road, Brentwood; 370-4672 or

• Knee High Naturalist: Summer Series July 12 and 26. Ages 3 - 5 with a parent. Enjoy an outdoor nature program. 10 - 11:30 a.m. $10 per child/adult in advance, $15 at the gate • Moth Night Tuesday, July 24. Ages 5 and older. Celebrate National Moth Week by learning about these mostly nocturnal cousins of the butterfly while searching for them at feeding stations. 7 p.m. $7 in advance/$10 at the gate • Music in the Meadow Saturday, July 14. All ages. Pack a picnic, meet the owls and enjoy an evening of live music outdoors. 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. $75 per carload of six • Summer Nights at the Hill Tuesday, July 10. Ages 5 and older. Bring a picnic and learn about the sounds of a southern summer night, then hike in the twilight. 6 - 8:30 p.m. $10 in advance/$15 at the gate

Patterson Park Community Center 521 Mercury Blvd. Murfreesboro; 893-7439 or

• A, B, C, 1, 2, 3 ... Let’s Go Every Tue and Thu. Ages 2 - 5. Sing songs, play games, listen to stories and do crafts. 10 10:45 a.m. $3

Shelby Bottoms Nature Center 1900 Davidson St., Nashville; 862-8539 or

• FREE Biking the Bottoms Saturday, July 21. All ages capable of a six-mile bike ride. Explore the greenway at dusk on a bike. 6 - 8 p.m. • FREE Don’t be Wishy-Washy about Water Conversation! Saturday, July 7. All ages. Learn about the water cycle, the watershed and how to conserve water. 10 - 11 a.m. • FREE Fairytales and Nature Picnic Saturday, July 21. All ages. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy puppet shows, face painting, crafts, hikes and more. 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. • FREE Hummingbird Sip and See Friday, July 27. All ages. Sip lemonade while watching hummingbirds. 5 - 6 p.m. • FREE Light Up the Night Saturday, July 14. All ages. Learn about fireflies, play firefly games, and bring a flashlight and empty jar for capture-and-release fun. 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. • FREE Painting on the Back Porch Saturday, July 28. All ages. Bring your love of nature and art to participate in a beginner level painting lesson (supplies provided). 2 - 3 p.m. • FREE Pups in the Park Saturday, July 28. All ages. Bring your leashed dog to explore the greenway. 5 - 6 p.m. • FREE Student Art Opening Reception Saturday, July 7. All ages. View student nature journals and murals. 1 - 3 p.m.

Sports*Com 120 DeJarnette Lane, Murfreesboro; 895-5040 or

• Summer Strength Series Mondays and Wednesdays, July 9 - 25. Ages 14 - 17. Learn fundamental total body exercises using weight machines. 10 - 11 a.m. $15 • Tumbleweeds Mondays and Wednesdays. Ages 3 - 5. Learn tumbling basics. 10:30 - 11:15 a.m. $3

St. Clair Senior Center 325 Saint Clair St., Murfreesboro; 848-2550 or

• FREE National Lollipop Day Friday, July 20. Ages 3 - 9 with a grandparent. Decorate lollipops with Jolly Ranchers. 2 - 2:45 p.m. or 3 - 4 p.m.

Warner Parks Nature Center 7311 Hwy. 100, Nashville; 352-6299 or

• FREE Community Campfire Friday, July 20. All ages. Enjoy campfire activities around the new Indian Springs picnic area. 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. • FREE Creek Creeping Wednesday, July 18. Ages 6 - 12. Explore the Little Harpeth River and discover insects, crayfish, snakes and more. 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. • FREE Family Fresh Feast Friday, July 27. All ages. Gather round the table to pick, chop and toss a summer supper. 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. • FREE Garden Cooking Wednesday, July 25. Ages 6 - 12. Pick and prepare a fresh garden feast. 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. • FREE Incredible Insects Wednesday, July 11. Ages 6 - 12. Explore the world of insects with games, crafts and a hike. 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. • FREE Insects of the Night XIX Friday, July 13. All ages. Enjoy games, crafts, puppet shows, night hikes and more celebrating insects. Wear an insect costume and take part in the insect parade. 7 - 9 p.m. • FREE Summer Saturdays: The Colors of Summer Saturday, July 7. All ages. Participate in activities that explore the color wheel. 9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

• FREE Summer Saturdays: Garden Investigation Saturday, July 28. All ages. Tour the organic garden, explore for insects and spiders, and enjoy vegetable snacks. 9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. • FREE Summer Saturdays: Insect Investigations Saturday, July 14. All ages. See insects on display and learn more about their habits, life cycles and classification. 9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. • FREE Summer Saturdays: Water Wonders Saturday, July 21. All ages. Splash in the water and learn about the species that spend most of their time there. 9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

The Wellness Center at Baptist Hospital 2021 Church St., Nashville; 284-2348 or • Great Expectations: An Early Pregnancy Class Friday, July 27. Expectant moms up to 15 weeks or women planning a pregnancy. Discussions include nutrition, physical and emotional changes, fetal development, prenatal healthcare and more. 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. $30 • Strong Mommy Tuesdays and Thursdays. Expectant moms. This pre-natal fitness/wellness program includes water aerobics, personalized fitness coaching sessions, preand post-natal massages, fitness workshops, a three-month center membership and more. 5:30 p.m. $125

The Wilderness Station 697 Barfield Crescent Road, Murfreesboro; 217-3017 or • FREE Bats in the Belfry Saturday, July 21. All ages. Embark on a hike in search of bats. 7 p.m. • FREE Creatures of the Night: Summer Night Hike Tuesday, July 24. All ages. Embark on a hike while discovering creatures that come out at night. 7:30 p.m. • FREE Geocaching 101 Saturday, July 21. All ages. Learn the basics of outdoor treasure hunting using GPS devices. 2 p.m. • FREE Introduction to Beekeeping Saturday, July 28. All ages. Discover the process of acquiring bees and managing them through the seasons. 10 a.m. • Wild Things Every Wednesday (no program July 11). Ages 1 - 4 with a parent. Toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy programs to spark a love for the wilderness. 9:30 a.m. $3

Send us Your Events! Deadline for the August Calendar is Thursday, July 5. All events must be submitted in writing. Submit event info to: Please include the following info: Event Name • Date • Time • Venue (with street address and ZIP) Age-appropriateness Brief description of event/activities Admission fee • Is advance registration required? • Contact info for publishing

hands-on kids July Fourth Fireworks This Fourth of July handprint fireworks craft is a lot of fun to do and will look great hanging on your wall. What You’ll Need

• white paper • red and blue paint • sheet of black construction paper • glitter or glitter glue • glue • scissors

Here’s What To Do

1. Dip one hand in red paint and make two hand prints on white paper. Do the same with blue paint on the other hand. Allow hand prints to dry. 2. Cut out hand prints. 3. Glue on black paper to look like fireworks. 4. Draw curly, swirly lines with white glue on paper and hand prints. Sprinkle with glitter and pour off the excess, or use glitter glue. — activity provided by the Parent-Teacher Store

july 2012 99

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615-269-4150 Low Student/Teacher Ratio

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100 july 2012

dr um


Ages 18 months-5 year olds T/Th or M/W Program Ask about our extended hours. 893-8972

Call (615) 419-5725


Fun, AFFordAble

Christian base structured environment.

Located behind Rock Springs Elem. in LaVergne

Pilates equipped studios offer individual & mat classes. We also offer Yoga! 579-3959

ANISRH P S UTO Andrea (662) 207-2861 (m) T

King’s Kids Preschool

Mother’s Day Out Program

The Pilates Place

evenings & weekends We come to you! (901) 308-8712

MAIL Materials To:


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Sylvan Park, West End area, Beautiful Victorian House ✯✯✯ TN 3 STAR RATING OPENINGS 3 mos. - 5 yrs. • Focus on music, arts & sociodramatic play • Musical & hand drumming workshops • great outdoor play area


3 Months 6 Months

• Paisley Hall Childcare •


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Presbyterian Day school

The Rocking Horse Has Moved

Developing the Whole Child for 40 years

We Are Now Located at 143 West Northfield Blvd.

TN 3 Star***Rated School

Part Time/ MDO- 1 & 2 yr olds, Preschool - 3 year olds, PreK 4 and 5 yr olds Hendersonville, 615-824-3004

(The Northfield Court Shopping Center)

Thanks For Growing With Us! (615)867-0339 ‘Like’ Us on Facebook for Coupons


T R E ND Y Little Ones Boutique

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We only sell boutique/upscale clothing. Consignors make 85%! Intake August 3 & 4th Sale August 9-11

Southern Pride reStorationS Specializing in kitchen and bath renovations, all household repairs.

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Snaps — Yours is sponsored by Incredible Daves. Incredible Daves will award a $10 Player’s Card to each of the monthly photos that appear in the Snaps — Yours or Snap to Remember pages (one award per photo). Incredible Daves will also host a pizza party once every six months for the finalists from the previous six months and award a FREE birthday party (for 10 guests) to one winner drawn at random. For complete rules, visit Nashville Parent magazine on Facebook.

snaps — ours

Lots of families came out to get up close to big trucks, tractors, police cars and more.

Pinkerton Park’s annual Touch A Truck event in Franklin was a hit with kids of all ages.

Annie Cooper

Brody Peck

Chris, Ann, Deacon and Cooper Howell

Drew Jennings

Kerry and Russell Truell

Matthew, Melissa and Rick Melamed

Michael Mosiej

Sarah, Joshua and Rebekah Comer

Vonda, Eli, Will and Chris Rhodes

july 2012 103

snap to remember

Jamisyn loves playing outside and popping bubbles. 104 july 2012

a paid advertisement

Belle Meade Office Park | St. Thomas Hospital Area 4515 Harding Rd., Suite 114, Nashville, TN 37205

(615) 297-7597

meet the doctors...

A Father-Son Team Caring for Kids Since 1977

Dr. George Adams Sr. has been practicing pediatric dentistry in the West Nashville/Belle Meade area for 35 years. He has provided care for more than 300,000 Middle Tennessee kids. In addition to providing great care for the kids, Dr. Adams has served as a consultant for the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, and on the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry Committee on Sedation and Anesthesia, and Examination Committee. He also serves as a pediatric consultant for the Tennessee Board of Dentistry, and on the Tennessee Board of Dentistry Committee on Medicaid, TennCare Advisory Panel and Committee on Sedation and Anesthesia. He’s a father of two and has been very active in the community, loves physical fitness, running and playing golf.

George Adams Sr. D.D.S., M.S.D.

Dr. George Adams Jr. has been practicing pediatric dentistry for 11 years with his father at Adams Pediatric Dentistry. His focus, in addition to providing care for his patients, is education and information. He gives children’s dental health presentations in area schools to promote good health. He is an active member at St. Mathews Catholic Church and very active in community service and mission work. He is part of the yearly Medical and Dental Mission with his church to help families in Haiti. He is the father of three – Olivia, Meg and William Austin. He enjoys exercise and tennis. George Adams Jr. D.M.D.

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Active Minds, Healthy Bodies, and Happy Hearts


At Primrose, we believe that With the Right Foundation, Anything is Possible . That’s why we offer a complete approach to early childhood education. Our proprietary, accredited program nurtures emotionally, physically, and intellectually. ®

Proprietary Balanced Learning curriculum ®

Music, Spanish, Computer Technology

Primrose School of Brentwood (615) 370-8305

Primrose School of Hendersonville (615) 338-4361

Dietician-approved meals and snacks provided

Primrose School of Cool Springs (615) 771-3001

Primrose School of Murfreesboro (615) 848-5301

Integrated Thumbs Up! physical education program ®

Exclusive Safe School Plan (strict health, safety, and security standards) Each Primrose School is a privately owned and operated franchise. Primrose, Primrose Schools, Balanced Learning, Thumbs Up!, and The Leader in Educational Child Care are trademarks of Primrose School Franchising Company. ©2012 Primrose School Franchising Company. All rights reserved.

70109_Prmrs_LocalAd_ID_2609.indd 1

6/6/12 8:55 AM

Giving your child... A smile to build THEIR future on!


! Y A D TO


5073 Main St., Ste 240



4761 Andrew Jackson Pkwy.


Voted Best Pediatric and Orthodontic Dentist by Williamson Parent Readers 8 Years in a Row!


125 Cool Springs Blvd., Ste 140



1747 Medical Center Pkwy., Ste 300


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