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10,000 sq. ft. of Visually Open Play Space • Sand Table • Dramatic Play • Inflatables • 3 Story Play Structure Voted Best Children’s Birthday Party Place, Most Loved Indoor Playland and Best Kids Activity 9405 Cincinnati Columbus Road West Chester Township • (513) 847-1055

Let’em wish Take your birthday party

to new heights Book now at

3321 Alamo Avenue • Cincinnati, Ohio 45209

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BASIC PACKAGE - $100 {$187 VALUE) Birthday boy/girl throws out a ceremonial first pitch & keeps the autographed baseball > 8 Family Section tickets (add ons available) > 8 wristbands for unlimited access to the Kids Zone > Fans will help sing Happy Birthday to your youngster during the 5th inning > Food & beverage can be added on separately >

ALL STAR PACKAGE - $216 {$343 VALUE) Birthday boy/girl throws out a ceremonial first pitch & keeps the autographed baseball > 12 Family Section tickets (add ons available) > 12 wristbands for unlimited access to the Kids Zone > Fans will help sing Happy Birthday to your youngster during the 5th inning > Snappy Tomato Beast Pizza (feeds 12-16 guests, 1-topping) > 12 sodas (unlimited refills) >

MVP PACKAGE - $500 {$750 VALUE)

Birthday boy/girl throws out a ceremonial first pitch & keeps the autographed baseball > 20 Family Section tickets (add ons available) > 20 wristbands for unlimited access to the Kids Zone > Fans will help sing Happy Birthday to your youngster during the 5th inning > Two Snappy Tomato Beast Pizza (feeds 24-32 guests, 1-topping) > 20 sodas (unlimited refills) > 8" personalized birthday cake > Choice of > Private 30 minute autograph session with 2 players (beginning when gates open) > Superhero or Princess joins your party for >

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Additional tickets - $8 > 8" personalized cake - $40 > Additional beast pizza - $50 > Additional sodas - $2 each >

For party reservations, contact


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Sensory Friendly Birthday Parties In our Sensory Room

3 Party Packages to fit your budget!

11912 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati


It’s PARTY TIME at West Chester Academy! Party with music, dance, or gymnastics. Our state of the art facility and qualified and dedicated staff will provide the perfect party for your special child! Everyone has fun as the birthday boy or girl’s birthday is celebrated in style. Parties are 90 minutes long and may be scheduled for Saturdays at 3 p.m. and Sundays at 12:30 or 3 p.m.

8107 Market Place Drive • West Chester

513.829.2345 • 8 june 2021




to Make a Kid Feel Special Birthdays don’t have to be blow outs. Celebrate your child with a special outing or experience she’ll love by knowing her temperament. The day your child was born is a day to celebrate and to make him feel special. Birthday parties are fun, but they can be a lot of work and the costs can quickly add up. If you decide to skip the birthday party, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate big. Here are some ideas to make sure your child’s birthday is special. (please turn the page)

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Celebrate Without a Party • Go to the movies • Visit an amusement park • Have dinner out at a favorite spot • Go bowling • Take a day trip to a neighboring town • Attend a sporting event • Visit the zoo or favorite attraction • Let your child pick a place to go

How to Make a Kid Feel Special: You bake the cake

A great way to make your child feel special is to bake his cake yourself. Choose flavors and colors or themes your child loves and get siblings involved in the preparation. Kids typically don’t care about whether the cake is perfectly decorated, they are happy with a cake that is made just for them.

Balloon avalanche

When your child goes to sleep the night before their birthday, decorate the house with balloons or birthday decor. Try taping a disposable tablecloth to the outside of the door jam and fill the space between with balloons. When your child opens the door, they will be greeted with a balloon avalanche that is sure to put a big smile on his face.

Kid’s choice

When you are planning the day, consider your child’s favorites. Plan the day’s meals around your child’s favorite foods. Choose things that you typically do not serve to make the day more special. If you will go on an outing or if you will be dining out, let the child choose the location.

Document the day

Create a list of questions to ask your child on their birthday such as “Who is your best friend?” or list TV shows, songs, foods, etc. Record the answers in a safe place and repeat each year. It’s fun to look back and see how your child has changed and matured over the years.

Tell their story

Kids love to hear stories about the day they were born, the cute things they did as a baby, or how you prepared for their arrival. Spend part of the day telling favorite stories about your child, they are sure to love it. As parents, we often feel like we have to spend a lot to make our child’s birthday special when this is truly not the case. With a little extra planning, your child’s day can be just as special — if not more special — than any party you can throw.

Know Your Child’s Temperament To Plan the Day


ny parent of more than one child knows that every child is different and will react differently when faced with the same situation. While it is important to be fair to all children, adjusting your parenting style to fit the needs of each child can help with their development and behavior long term. One of your children may wish to have a small celebration such as an outing with one friend to the zoo, while another may want the whole world to know that she’s turned 6. As a mom of six, I have to constantly check myself and my interactions with each child to make sure I am using the best techniques to fit the individual child. I have one child who will almost always do what I ask, the first time I ask. I have another that needs repeated reminders to complete the same task and another that forgets to do the task, but is hurt by reminders because it makes him feel incompetent. For this child I have to wait for him to remember on his own or ask questions that prompt him to remember such as “Do you have practice today?” which causes him to

Sarah Lyons is a mom of six and a freelance writer.

22june june2021 2021 10 cincinnatifamily

remember that he needs to bring the clothes he would have otherwise forgotten. How does one go about adjusting your parenting style to fit your child? As a parent, you are the expert on your child. Take note of how they respond to different kinds of discipline, rewards, and encouragement. What types of situations are the most troubling for them and where do they excel the most? Read articles and books on parenting and discipline styles, talk to their teachers and other caregivers, and ask your child about their feelings. This will help you understand their temperament and give you an idea of what might work best when it comes to helping them face challenging situations and even celebrating them. How kids handle stress can be a great indicator of the best way to judge what type of response they need most from you. I have one child who needs a hug when he is upset, another who finds physical activity is the best way to release stress, and another who wants someone to listen while she talks about her feelings.

Social. Immersive. Challenging. Fun.

LIVE 60-MINUTE ADVENTURES Team up to follow clues, solve puzzles, and complete your mission in under 60 minutes! You might escape, you will have fun!

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BIRTHDAY BASH Celebrate your child’s birthday with us at Y’alls Ballpark! Your child will be the Y’all Star of the night!

Basic, All Star and MVP packages available. Starting at only $100.

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F L O R E N C E YA L L S . C O M

859-594-4487 june 2021 11


By Janie Walker

A Smashing 1st Birthday Party Babies don’t require a lot for their first birthday — but you might. Avoid the tendency to over-do and keep your party easy and light. 18june june2021 2021 12


he best tidbit of news you’ll hear about a first birthday party for your baby is THEY DON’T CARE! They don’t care if you knock yourself out or if you just have a few friends over. They won’t be aware if it’s a huge party or a little one, but you can guarantee if they start wail-

ing they’ve had enough. Here are tips to make his day terrific! cincinnatifamily

Top Tips for Baby’s First Party Easy does it is the modus operandi for your baby’s first birthday. It’s about HIM, afterall. • When planning, start three weeks ahead by choosing a weekend date. Jot down guests (keep it small), decorations, refreshments and activity ideas. Mail evites or snail invitations • Make sure Baby is well-rested before the party • Dress Baby in a cute party outfit • Take photos of your sweetie before guests arrive. • During the party, have someone else take photos so you can tend to your child • Inside or out, you don’t really need a theme, but if you want one, stick with something your baby loves — a story book or color can be a theme • If you can’t stand the idea of smashing a beautiful cake, opt for a cupcake instead • Play games that Baby likes to play like “Patty Cake,” and have activities she enjoys, too, like bubbles, rolling balls, a water table, a swingset or sand box, fingerpainting. Also, play children’s music (not adult rock and roll!) • Know that you may need to whisk Baby away in the event she becomes overwhelmed by people, noise and expectations




he big moment for the smash cake can be anticlimactic if Baby doesn’t want to cooperate! Of course, guests will want to watch and have ideas in their heads about Baby going to town

with the cake. To make a successful smash, follow these guidelines from local photographers: • Be aware of Baby’s mood. An energetic and happy baby is a playful baby, not a tired or grouchy (tired!) one. Know that happy baby = good photos. • Make sure your smash cake is at room temperature — Baby can’t smash a frozen cake! • Have towels, paper towels and baby wipes nearby. • Prepare Baby for the cake. Give your little one bites of cake in the days before your party to prepare her for the smash cake moment. • Do your smash cake on the floor and have guests sit, too. • Strip Baby down or put her in a t-shirt and diaper cover so she can make a mess. Don’t spoil her birthday outfit with blue icing! • Relax and prepare to have fun! • Let her get dirty! • Prepare yourself to get dirty, too, since smash cakes can be very messy. • Be sure your photographer is ready and have him take LOTS of photos. • Some babies don’t like certain colors of cakes. Try sticking with a white smash cake.

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Celebrations! Best Birthdays for Little Ones

They say the hours are long but the years are short, so celebrate your birthday kids BIG!


ne minute you’re a mom zombie and the next it feels like you’re an ultra marathoner running aimlessly at your mobile toddler. Yes, it goes by quickly, but celebrating little ones is super fun when they’re small. As we begin to crawl out of pandemic restrictions, here’s the latest on what your favorite party spots are doing these days to make your child’s special day exciting and memorable.

INDOORS Abrakadoodle Greater Cincinnati 513-297-5655 | What’s so cool about Abrakoodle’s Arty Party? The talented art

14 june 2021

teachers and age-appropriate activities and lessons made specially for your tiny artist! Each kid gets a framed piece of their original art and cool party favors, and they provide the materials and fun. Plus, they bring their Mobile Arty Party to you! Color Me Mine Crestview Choose the Kids Ceramic Party for ages 2 - 12 for two hours in the party room, setup and cleanup, a tech to assist, a commemorative signature dinner plate, glazing, firing, materials and instruction. Keep the party to 12 tots or less to meet current health and safety standards.


Dig ‘N Play 513-847-1055 9405 Cincinnati Columbus Road #8 West Chester, Oh Whether you choose to have a private party or semi-private party, the birthday kid will “dig” spending time with his closest circle of friends and family. Each package has its perks that include a private party room and clean up! From their huge custom sand table, to inflatables, and three-story play structure, this will be a party to remember. EnterTRAINment Junction 513-898-8000 7379 Squire Court West Chester, Oh This is a train-lovers dream come true. Featuring a railroad museum, an indoor children’s play area with a maze and funhouse and an outdoor kid’s train ride, your little conductor will have plenty of entertainment plus lots of party packages to choose from. Currently following up-to-date COVID-19 health and safety protocols; party rooms fit up to 30 people, masks can be taken off in the party rooms. Florence Y’alls 859-594-4487 ext. 22 7950 Freedom Way Florence, Ky Celebrate your little one’s big day with Y’all! He will love being a star for the evening - packages include family section tickets, sodas, wristbands to the Kids Zone, a special Happy Birthday shout out from his fans during the 5th inning, and to really put the icing on the cake, he will get to throw out a ceremonial first pitch AND keep the autographed baseball, too! Let’s play ball! Milk and Beans 859-360-0257 574 Buttermilk Pike Crescent Springs, Ky Four different packages can be semi-private or totally private. Bring your own decorations or add a package for a stress-free celebration. Check out all of the add-ons online and the differences between parties.

Pump It Up of West Chester 513-829-7867 7724 Service Center Drive West Chester, Oh VIP treatment with your party kid’s own bouncy house arena; a private party room, games, inflatable party playgrounds and the special blow-up birthday throne. Contactless payment options plus increased cleaning and sanitizing in between parties. Puzzle Pieces - A Sensory Sensation 513-583-1874 11912 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, Oh Throw your sensory child a birthday he’ll love. Choose between three packages (Basic; Midsize; or Premiere). Each includes two hours in the sensory room and various amenities. A magician or face painter can be added, too. Run, Jump, and Play 513-771-7529 5897 Pfeiffer Road, Suite B Cincinnati, Oh An enormous playground and fun inflatables! The new toddler addition lets tots explore with sensory adventures and educational activities. Parties include a personal party host, a private party room, invitations and paper goods. You bring the cake. They set up and clean up the mess! Star Glazers 513-474-6364 They bring the fun to your birthday kid! A pottery expert brings the supplies and offers booklets and ideas for your masterpiece. Pricing includes the cost of supplies, glazing and firing. No mess and all fun! Urban Air Trampoline Park Cincinnati 513-322-3130 3321 Alamo Ave. Cincinnati, Oh locations/ohio/cincinnati You choose your party package and Urban Air takes care of the rest - setup, hosting and cleanup - and watch your little birthday kid enjoy all of the indoor play and trampoline fun that their little heart desires. There is something for all ages, too, with

a full adventure park loaded with more than just trampolines. Packages include party necessities, balloons, 2 hours of play, socks and more! Masks are required; enhanced cleaning procedures; a sanitation team; limited capacity on attractions; temperature checks when you arrive and more health and safety protocols on their website. West Chester Academy 513-829-2345 8107 Market Place Drive West Chester, Oh Birthday party themes for ages 1 and older. Bubbles, dress up, games and more. They supply invites, party supplies, optional party bags; and 90 minutes on Saturdays at 3 p.m. and Sundays at 12:30 or 3 p.m. Lobby is currently closed; you may invite up to 15 party kids (including birthday kids); party participants can choose to wear a mask in the gym; adults required to wear masks to and from the front door and in the party area.


For picnic shelters, call well in advance and ask for pricing. Cincinnati Nature Center Krehbiel Pavilion Shelter facility-rental-9/krehbiel-pavilion-26 This roomy shelter has eight picnic tables that seat up to 50 people and is located right

outside the much-loved Nature PlayScape, perfect for little explorers. Masks are required when inside buildings and during programs but no longer need to be worn on trails. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden 513-281-4700 3400 Vine St. Cincinnati, Oh The “Zoo it Yourself” Birthday Party Package is new this month! Pick up your party package at the Welcome Center and have your own Zoo-It yourself birthday party. Enhance your party by adding extras! Gorman Heritage Farm Little ones love farm animals! Meet animals in an open space and play! For more information, e-mail Caroline at cbear@ Great Parks of Hamilton County Picnic Shelters picnic-areas Great Parks is not hosting parties for the 2021 season, however, they do offer 58 opensided picnic shelters and two non-sheltered picnic areas that are available to reserve up to a year in advance including Lake Isabella, Sharon Woods and Fernbank Park to name a few.


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