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MAY 2022


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at YMCA Camp Ernst Y campers come away with new skills, confidence, and friendships that broaden their perspectives and strengthen their character. Start building memories that will last a lifetime.

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Ready, Set, Summer Camp!


EDITOR IN CHIEF Susan Swindell Day

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hile the summer of 2022 promises to be a more typical camp season as far as the pandemic goes, many programs are reducing the number of participants they are taking, so be sure to sign up soon. Also, be sure to check camp participation guidelines carefully; individual camps may still require verification of vaccination status and/or still have COVID-19 testing protocols in place. The world is in an unprecedented moment, but kids are still kids and they deserve to have fun experiences away from adult troubles. So let’s talk camps! Find everything you need for making an informed choice in our guide. From STEM camps and creative camps to nature and adventure programs, traditional camps to specialized options, read on to find a camp to suit your child!

— Susan Day, editor

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A young girl swims during a summer camp session at the Mayerson Jewish Community Center.

SUMMER AT BAKER HUNT ART AND CULTURAL CENTER Baker Hunt offers art and cooking classes for ages 7 - 15. Camps are Monday – Friday 9a-3p in June and July. Topics range from space, comic books, animals, and more!

Learn more and register online. Are you purchasing more than one camp? Use code YCAMPS22 to save $25 on each camp.

4 may 2022

Unlimited access to all Ultimate attractions 2 hours of play Urban Air Socks Add 2 slices of pizza and a bottle of water for $5 per student


trips Take your class field trip to new heights at Urban Air Adventure Park. Let ‘em spin, bounce, score, chase, race, climb- we’ve got you covered to let ‘em have an awesome time! Let ‘em have the adventure-filled field trip they will be talking about all year long.

Make Urban Air your next field trip destination today! Contact us at 513.322.3130 ext. 4 for pricing

3321 Alamo Avenue // Cincinnati, Ohio 45209 Group minimums may apply.

Ohio’s Best Sleepaway Summer Camp

Now Registering for Summer 2022

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Our kids deserve to feel powerful, included, and have fun doing it. At Camp Roosevelt Firebird we create an amazing community every summer where kids play, learn, and make lifelong friends. We grow together through sports, art, laughter, swimming, and so much more. 6 may 2022

(740) 269-0137

STEAM SUMMER CAMPS Scientists/Jr. Scientists Engineers/Jr. Engineers Stop Motion Animation Robotics/Jr. Robotics Video Game Design Brick Art & Design Mining & Building Ninjas & More

Snapology offers the best S.T.E.A.M. camps in the area. We offer camps and workshops year-round, including spring break camps, summer camps, holiday break camp and camps during teacher in-service days. Your kids will love our fun camp topics and themes. Shh, don’t tell them it’s educational!

Half- and Full-Day Camps 51 3- 988 - 7 3 6 3 w e s tc h e s te rtwp . s n a p o l o g

may 2022 7

summer of ‘22


Is a sleep-away camp in the cards for your child this summer? Get set for adventures ahead! A young camper holds a pal at YMCA Camp Ernst in Kentucky.


he summer of 2022 will be here before you know it, so be a smart cookie and get hopping on your child’s adventures now. Is a sleep-away camp in the cards for your child this summer? Many kids beg to return to their beloved camp and their summer friends each year, so it’s important not to wait until it’s too late for your child. Talk to your child’s friends’ moms to plan together for the kids! Next, plan to attend Cincinnati Family’s Summer Camp Adventure Fair 2022 on Saturday, March 19 at the Blue Ash Recreation Center sponsored by Cassinelli, Shanker & Baker Orthodontics ande Urban Air. Camp representatives will be in attendance to provide information about their special programs for potential campers and their parents.

SLEEP-AWAY CAMP If you decide on a residential camp, keep in mind that readiness varies by child. Know

8 may 2022


that children who are adamantly opposed to summer camp should not be forced into going. “The number one sign of readiness is being excited about it!” says Elizabeth Cochran of YMCA Camp Ernst in Burlington, Ky. Most camps take children by the time they’re 7 or 8 years old. “At ID Tech, we allow kids 10 and older to spend the night at our summer camps,” says Tracey Price, regional manager for ID Tech, which offers overnight camps for kids interested in computer programming, web design, robotics and more. “We feel that at this age kids are responsible enough to handle their own sleeping and wake-up routines and likely have the emotional strength needed to stay away from home.” Cochran says, “Parents should always inquire about whether a camp is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). ACA is the standard of the camping industry and a critical component to keeping camps and their staff accountable to best practices in health, safety and programming.” Other considerations include the camper-

to-counselor ratio. Depending on the age and ability of the campers, the median range is one staff member to every seven or eight campers. Of course, cost is the big consideration. Overnight camp fees vary widely, but many camps offer some scholarships. When making initial inquiries, be sure to find out what’s included in the basic fee and what other costs will be incurred along the way. Is there a deposit? Is there a camp store? Are the campers required to wear camp T-shirts, and if so, what’s the cost? If the bottom line is beyond your family’s means, be sure to inquire about financial assistance — some camps offer it to families who cannot afford to pay the full amount that camp costs. Find out about the director’s background. Learn what kind of training the counselors receive. What percentage of counselors return each year? How are disciplinary issues handled? Also, make sure to get references. Talking to others who have first-hand experience is the best way to learn the true colors of various camps. Finally, once you zero in on a few camps you really like, it’s time to set up visits to get an up-close-and-personal look.

Open house dates pop up in late winter and early spring when families can visit and explore the camp’s amenities. “Parents can often schedule an on-site visit the week prior to their scheduled camp week,” Price says. “If their kids are concerned about the overnight experience, it might be good for them to see the space prior to arrival.”

PREPARING YOUR CHILD FOR AWAY CAMP It’s normal for children to feel slightly apprehensive about going to camp — day or residential — for the first time. Give your child the opportunity to discuss some of his fears while remaining positive yourself. Make sure you communicate your confidence in his ability to successfully handle the experience. Turn nervousness into excitement! “The most important thing parents can do is to communicate to their camper that they believe in him or her,” says Cochran, adding parents should never arrange a “pick-up deal,” meaning parents shouldn’t promise to pick up kids early. “Kids need to know that their best cheerleaders (their parents) are confident in their ability to express independence and overcome difficulty. “Often summer camp is tougher on the parents than the kids,” says Price. She says at ID Tech, the on-site director’s phone number is available for check-ins, and scheduled phone calls can be arranged once or twice during the weeklong stay. “We want parents to feel as comfortable as possible.”

HEADING OFF HOMESICKNESS Kids get their first taste of independence at summer camp, and for some, it’s also their first encounter with homesickness. “Homesickness can strike any kid at any time,” says Price. When it happens, camp staff at ID Tech will try to redirect the child, she explains, and if that doesn’t work, sometimes a phone call home will do the trick. And since ID Tech is a technology camp, a Skype or Facetime chat is available, too. Cochran says parents should teach kids it’s OK to miss home, but they will be excited to hear about their child’s adventures when they get back. Journals or letters home sometimes help, but she advises parents to keep their own letters light and positive, and to avoid talking about how much they miss their kids.

5 W


ith the pandemic, there are many questions you may have about camps this year. Be sure to ask the following:


What is your camper drop-off/pick up policy this year? (To limit exposure, camps may have new policies in place regarding how many people can be at drop-off/pickup.)

Boys can learn to sail at Falcon Camp, located in Carrollton, Ohio.


All camps have had to look at ways to reduce exposure to COVID-19 at their camps. There may be limited group activities, changes to mealtimes and how kids are spaced in meal halls; some special events may not be possible due to local restrictions or safety concerns.


Riding at YMCA Camp Ernst, located in Burlington, KY.

Camps should be following guidance from organizations like the American Camp Association, State agencies or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Camps should have a communicable emergency action plan that covers topics like facilities for isolation of individuals, medical treatment and communication with families if illness arises or protocols change. Camps should be able to explain who will be conducting testing (for example, a private lab). They should also have a backup plan if a staff member needs to quarantine.


Canoeing at Camp Kern, located in Oregonia, Ohio.

Soccer is one of the many activities available to boys at Camp Rockmont in Black Mountain, N.C.

may 2022 9

TCT Summer Camp offers performing arts instruction from a professional theatre company, introducing children to all elements of live theatre, incorporating educational aspects as well as important life skills and milestones.

Registration closes May 15 Camps run weekly from May 31 - July 1

may 2022 11

summer of ‘22

Parent’s Guide to




ending your child to summer camp for the first time is exciting, and there’s a lot to consider. Greater Cincinnati boasts myriad day camps, several with options for little ones as young as 3 years old. CAMP IS GREAT BECAUSE There are many benefits that kids get from day camp experiences. Camp nurtures social skills, enhances selfconfidence, models healthy living, fosters teamwork and encourages personal growth. Camp also helps

12 may 2022

ease the summer academic slide by keeping kids thinking and doing new things, learning new skills and building new friendships. But when is your child ready to go to camp? Read on! GETTING STARTED It’s a no-brainer that your child’s temperament and interests are the first things to consider when thinking about your child going to camp. Start by making a list of camp features that may be most important to your child (and you) by including your child in the list-making. “We went solely based on her interests and with what sounded like

the most fun,” says local mom Shalene France Gray, recalling her daughter’s first camp experience at age 5-and-ahalf. “As it was her first camp, it was most important to pick something she wanted to do, because she did feel a little nervous about it at first,” Gray adds. Your first point of reference is going to be other moms and dads who have had kids in camps, so ask around. “There is no better way to zero in on great programs than word of mouth from other parents,” says experienced camp mom Ginger Hartsock. “The experience behind those recommendations is priceless.” Gray offers another suggestion:


“Every child is different, so being sensitive to the type of child you have is incredibly important. If they have a say in where to go and what type of camp, it seems that they’ll be more excited when the big day comes and less likely to chicken out,” she says. STARTING OUT MAY BE BETTER WITH A FRIEND “At least he’ll know one person” is the thinking behind the shouldI-send-my-child-to-camp-witha-friend question. The answer is always: it depends upon your child. Seasoned camp directors say not to panic about sending your child solo. The right camp for your child will be nurturing, and new friendships will be made. Counselors are skilled at sewing relationships between kids. The best reason to send a first-time day camper with a friend is for the parents who need to carpool. If you pick the right camp, your child will make new friends through the fun experiences they have together.

IS IT SAFE TO SEND YOUR CHILD TO DAY CAMP DURING THE PANDEMIC? • How many children will be in groups for activities? • How does the camp intend to keep kids distanced during meals and activities? • Will children be screened before entering camp? • Will staff members be screened? • How will the camp monitor kids and counselors throughout the day? • What are the hand-washing policies? • Will kids need to wear masks? • How will the camp be cleaning surfaces and equipment used by many kids? • What “official” protocols will the camp be following?

START TALKING IT UP So much of what young children do now is indoors, in climatecontrolled environments with technology at the ready. For healthy development, kids need to be with others and to round out their days with a variety of experiences. If you can get kids outdoors with others in the wind, in the sun, and in the water, it will open up an entirely new way for them to look forward to each day. Getting out of the house and going to camp will fill your child up with energy and excite him about learning more. Summer camps give kids every opportunity to create connections and relationships with the natural environment and with others. The upside of enjoying day camp experiences away from home will lay the groundwork for their independence and confidence as they grow and give them a heart for delving in to new activities they learn. Susan Day is editor of this guide and the mom of four kids.

may 2022 13

Let your child run away and join the circus – without leaving home!

SUMMER CIRCUS CAMPS In-Person Spring Break and Summer Circus Camps Ages 5-7 and 7-18 Summer Circus Camps Beginning June 20 August 12, 2022


For more information:


may 2022 15


Y campers come away with new skills, confidence, and friendships that broaden their perspectives and strengthen their character. Start building memories that will last a lifetime.

Join today at



SUMMER EVER starts here!

Offering Overnight and Day Camp from Jun. 12 - Aug. 13 for campers ages 6 - 15. Campers stay in cabins with top notch counselors and enjoy the lake, ropes course and activities like archery, team building and biking. Ranch camps available for horse lovers ages 7 - 15. Call or visit our website for full details.

7615 Camp Ernst Road, Burlington, KY 859-586-6181 |

CAMP ROOSEVELT FIREBIRD 4141 Dublin Road SW, Bowerston 740-269-0137 •

THE CHILDREN’S THEATRE 4015 Redbank Road, Cincinnati 513-569-8080 |

Our focus is: fun, growth, community, and diversity. Campers develop close friendships, gain confidence and develop leadership. Activities: sports, swimming, arts, boating, farming, climbing, zip-line, mountain biking, tennis, camping, wacky games, campfires and more. Two- and four-week sessions plus family camp and wilderness adventure programs. Ages 7 - 16.

Enjoy a variety of themes for ages 7 - 18. Focus on music, dance, drama, or all three. All levels welcome. Camps run weekly from May 31 – Jul. 1, from 9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. AcademyLive! Summer Camp: Disney’s Winnie the Pooh KIDS. Performances Jun. 10, 17, 24, and July 1.

OVERNIGHT CAMPS – THE place for your preteen and youth (grades 3 - 10) to have a fun and a memorable camp experience. One and two-week camps. Campers discover strengths, complete challenges, create life-long memories, and form deeper friendships when they unplug and connect with others. Lake activities, zip lines, games, and more.


3845 Perkins Road, Thompson’s Station, TN 615-794-2918 |

FAMILY CAMPS – Year-round adventures for all ages. Customize your experience by choosing recreational activities your family will enjoy: zip lines, giant swing, pedal karts, and more. All-inclusive: upscale accommodations, recreation, games, movie night (outdoor when weather permits), meals. Spend focused time together, create long-lasting memories, share adventures, explore nature, and become powerfully united.

may 2022 17




4251 Delta Road SW, Carrollton 800-837-CAMP (2267) |



7900 E. Kemper Road, Cincinnati 513-489-7575 |

RONNIE GRANDISON SPORTS ACADEMY 7950 E Kemper Road, Cincinnati 513-605-3836 |

Widely recognized as Ohio’s premier summer camp since 1959. Beautiful lakefront setting with wide range of activities. Boys and girls ages 6 - 16 choose their own schedule within general framework, separate activities with planned coed events. 1:4 staff/camper ratio. Most of all, it’s a great time! ACA accredited, many references.

Campers get the very best! 108,000 sq. ft. of everything kids love: basketball, karate, gymnastics, dance, cheer, swimming, volleyball, you name it! Field trips every week outside Kids First and in-house entertainment brought in throughout week. Leaders in Training course for teens ages 13 - 15 covering topics like leadership, communication, and group dynamics. Teens can look forward to excursions, service opportunities, and more. Give your young athlete the best opportunity to compete with instruction from experienced coaches and proven training methods used by professional athletes. Students as young as 3 years old can participate in our volleyball and basketball programs, enabling them to build a strong foundation from an early age. We are a family-oriented, multi-sport complex based in Cincinnati. We’re proud to have built a tight-knit community here at RGSA and we’re excited to continue to serve the athletes of the Cincinnati area.

SUMMER CIRCUS ARTS CAMPS MY NOSE TURNS RED YOUTH CIRCUS Evendale Cultural Arts Center, 10500 Reading Road 859-581-7100 |

YMCA DAY CAMP Multiple YMCA Locations

Stretch your child’s creative muscle. For ages 4 - 6 yrs. and 7 - 18 yrs. Skills for ages 7 18 include gym (German) wheel, aerial silks, unicycle, Diabolo, physical comedy, and more. Camps for ages 4 - 6 include circus games and activities just right for their age. Circus classes build your child’s perseverance, confidence and creativity. Each skill helps your child develop hand-eye coordination and balance.

Week-long camps are offered Jun. 1 - Aug. 13 for campers ages 5 - 15. Your child will grow confident, make friends and create amazing memories by being included in all the fun. Campers rotate with a small group visiting the swimming pool, S.T.E.M. activities, group games and more. 11 Camp Sites serving Anderson, Batavia, Blue Ash, Burlington, Colerain, Ft. Thomas, Hillsboro, Springfield Township, West End, and Western Hills.

ABRAKADOODLE 513-297-5655 ext. 3 Our campers look forward to Abrakadoodle summer programs year after year! Whether they will be exploring a variety of art techniques while making connections with STEAM concepts, going on an arty Treasure Hunt or making marvelous Movie Art, campers will be immersed in activities specifically designed for them by experienced educators. Abrakadoodle offers a number of different summer camp themes across greater Cincinnati. ARTS FOR ALL, SUMMER AT CCM 290 CCM Blvd., Cincinnati 513-556-2595 | CCM Preparatory at UC offers summer programming in music, dance and theater and gives students the best of all worlds: high quality instruction in a first-class setting that is both challenging and fun. Whether it’s trying something new or further exploring an arts passion, CCM Prep has something for everyone!

18 may 2022

BAKER HUNT 620 Greenup Street Covington, KY 859-431-0020 | Baker Hunt offers art and cooking classes for ages 7 - 15. Camps are Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. in June and July. Topics range from space, comic books, animals, and more! Are you purchasing more than one camp? Use code YCAMPS22 to save $25 on each camp. BRAIN BALANCE 12084 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati 800-877-5500 | Help Your Child Reach Their Potential. Our program focuses on helping kids overcome their challenges by improving their cognitive performance. Brain Balance is like exercise but for the brain. Where exercise builds muscles, the Brain Balance Program helps kids build information pathways in the brain. We offer ongoing enrollment and summer bridge programs.

may 2022 19



BUCKNER MARTIAL ARTS 8216 Highland Pointe Drive, West Chester 513-779-2413 | Voted one the best martial arts studios in Cincinnati, we combine defense skills with personal development. Students progress quickly while learning leadership and strong values under the teaching of master instructors. Free uniform with class sign-up. CAMP AT THE J 8485 Ridge Road, Cincinnati 513-722-7245 | Presenting Camp at the J – voted Cincinnati’s Best Day Camp in the 2020 Best of Parenting poll! We cannot wait for another magical summer filled with memories and friendships that last a lifetime. Give your child a summer to remember at Camp at the J! Activities include archery, sports, arts and crafts, drama, music, Israeli culture, and swimming. Jun. 13 - Aug. 12. 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (extended care available). Grades K - 10. CAMP INVENTION 3701 Highland Park, North Canton 800-968-4332 | Spark your kid’s creativity and confidence with our new Camp Invention® program, Recharge! Campers in grades K - 6 will team up to take on fun, hands-on STEM challenges. From taking apart their own microphone to exploring solar-powered crickets and creating duck-launching devices, each activity is designed to give your young innovator an unforgettable summer experience. Secure your spot and save on our website.

CHILDREN’S MEETING HOUSE 927 O’Bannonville Road, Loveland 513-683-4757 | Visit our website to see all the camps we are offering this year. Our camps offer a variety of arts, crafts, nature, science, drama, and fun activities for children ages 3 - 12 on our beautiful 7+ acre campus. Camps are led by experienced CMH staff who are eager to share their passion for learning and having fun with our campers. Reserve your space NOW! CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM 953 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati 513-721-2787 | The Cincinnati Art Museum is the place for summer fun and creativity. Jump into art with eight weeks of exciting projects, gallery games and more! Explore a different theme each week with activities taught by skilled museum educators. Themes include Earth Encounters, Make It Mini, Paint Party, Inspiration and Imagination, Geek Out, Art Lab, Decorate It, and Creepy Creations. Convenient before- and after-care available. Member discount available. Camps run Jun. 13 - Aug. 12. Ages 6 - 12. Camps will follow all CDC and Ohio guidelines for COVID-19 prevention. CLASSROOM ANTICS - STEAM SUMMER CAMPS Camps in Anderson, Bridgetown, Madeira, and Mason 800-595-3776 | Classroom Antics is an educational enrichment provider offering fun, educational STEAM-focused programs for kids 7-13 years old. Weeklong summer camps are offered in a variety of STEAM activities, including video game design, robotics, animation, video production, and coding. Attend half-day or full-day in a location close to home – Anderson, Bridgetown, Madeira, and Mason.

GREAT PARKS OF HAMILTON COUNTY 10245 Winton Road, Cincinnati 513-521-7275 Great Parks of Hamilton County Day Camps are a break from school, not from learning! The camps keep kids active, healthy and focused while enjoying the great outdoors. Children ages 2 - 17 can explore nature through hands-on activities, hikes, games, crafts and much more with these full and half-day camps. Offerings include two-day to week-long nature, adventure, farm, fishing, golf and horse camps. HERITAGE VILLAGE 11450 Lebanon Road, Sharonville 513-563-9484 | Tucked away in lovely Sharon Woods Park, Heritage Village Museum is a unique setting for this exciting hands-on experience for the “19th century” student. Campers will discover the past and how kids lived in the 1800s through games, chores, toys, and hands-on activities. Early Cincinnati Camp, Jun. 6 - 10; Archaeology Camp, Jun. 20 - 24; Immersive History Camp 1, Jun. 27 - Jul. 1; Immersive History Camp 2, Jul. 11 - 15.

MASON DANCE CENTER 600-B Reading Road, Mason 513-398-0353 | We provide an opportunity for anyone ages 3 - adult to discover the joys of dance. Ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, modern, pre-professional ballet, pre-dance combos, adult classes. We offer summer and mini-camps!.

MCGING IRISH DANERS 8962 Blue Ash Road, Cincinnati 513-891-6066 | Join us for one of our ever-popular Summer Try It Out Camps! Dancers will learn the basics of Irish Dance, participate in a daily craft activity, enjoy some tasty snacks and have tons of fun while making new friends! Children ages 4 - 10 are welcome and dancers will be grouped by age when applicable. Register today. SNAPOLOGY 513-988-7363 We are the premier partner for STEAM programs, offering year-round programs in schools, community facilities, local businesses and homes. Kids have so much fun in our programs that they don’t even realize they’re learning! Offering a variety of half- and full-day STEAM-based summer camps. Camp themes include: Scientists/Jr. Scientists; Engineers/Jr. Engineers; Stop Motion Animation; Robotics/Jr. Robotics; Video Game Design; Brick Art & Design; Mining & Building; Ninjas and more! STAR GLAZERS 513-474-6364 | Paint pottery at your location. Pottery experts will bring all the supplies and offer booklets and ideas for your masterpiece. Pricing includes the cost of supplies, glazing and firing. No mess!

CODE NINJAS – ANDERSON TWP 7426 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati 513-233-2633 Transform your child’s love for technology into an exciting learning adventure. Guided by our team of Code Senseis, Code Ninjas Camps empower kids to gain valuable tech skills and make new friends. It’s an unforgettably fun learning experience! This year we will be offering week-long summer camps. We will offer different sessions each week featuring some of the most popular games/ activities among kids. Camp themes will include Minecraft, Roblox, YouTube, Legos, 3D printing and more.

TAFT MUSEUM OF ART 316 Pike St., Cincinnati 513-241-0313 Our small classes and hands-on activities with experienced teachers will make this a summer of fun. Campers will enjoy painting, sculpting, drawing, and a hybrid of experiences thanks to the great art the Cincinnati area has to offer including right here at the Taft.

CODE NINJAS – GREEN TWP 6507 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati 513-878-1338 Unleash your child’s inner Ninja! Transform your child’s love for technology into an exciting learning adventure. Guided by our team of Code Senseis, Code Ninjas Camps empower kids to gain valuable tech skills and make new friends. Our camps offer an immersive environment for kids to explore and develop new skills, gain confidence, and have fun with friends. From coding and game building, to STEM and robotics - it’s an unforgettable experience!

WEST CHESTER ACADEMY MUSIC, DANCE, ACTING AND GYMNASTICS 8107 Market Place Drive, West Chester 513-829-2345 | From a child’s very first lesson to the experienced adult, West Chester Academy has something for everyone in music, dance, acting, and gymnastics. Located in West Chester, we specialize in beginners of all ages and offer training through pre-professional levels. We also have camps for all ages.

may 2022 21

Whatever Summer Looks Like This Year, We’re Here for You We Reverse Math Learning Loss

No matter what next school year looks like for your student, Mathnasium’s got their back-- and yours! Our Summer Kickstart Program is built to help combat the summer slide in mathematics education. We work to ensure there is no loss in a student’s math understanding so that they can start the new school year out ready to tackle all of the new challenges. With live, face-to-face instruction online and in our centers, we’ll catch them up and keep their math skills strong for this year and beyond! You’ve got a lot on your plate right now. With Mathnasium, you and your child can take on the new school year with confidence and determination. Join the tens of thousands of parents in transforming their student’s math skills. Call us today to schedule a complimentary assessment for your student!



Building Confidence & Developing Leaders

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June 6 - August 1

Samurai and Ninja Camp Options

Buckner Martial Arts

8216 Highland Pointe Drive West Chester Township, OH 45069

513-779-2413 may 2022 23

CAMP, MORE THAN EVER. A child and adolescent therapist weighs in on why kids need camp today like never before.



the pandemic has reminded us of anything, it is that virtual connections — including social media — leave something vital out of things for us human beings. The pandemic has made it abundantly clear that we listen with more than just our ears and we talk with more than just our mouths. The way we touch, our physical presence, the look in our eyes and the way we hold ourselves communicates with a subtle, yet essential richness we don’t miss until we don’t have it. This applies equally to our children, who need the social

24 may 2022

stimulation of other kids; the attention of interesting, appropriate and caring adults, and the sense of belonging that comes from being immersed in a supportive community — all of which is what a positive camp experience does when it is at its best! As I’ve thought about all the kids I’ve seen at camps across the country in the last 40-plus years, and all the children and teens I’ve seen in my psychotherapy practice, I realize that we have it exactly backwards. Most people think of school as essential and camp as elective. What I have come to realize is that camp gives

kids that deep drink of connection, of creativity and of inspiration that grounds them and fortifies them for the demands of the rest of the school year. Socialization and deep relationships are not a frivolous add-on for kids — they are not “electives.” They are essential core ingredients that are the key to all other kinds of growth and maturation young people experience throughout the rest of the year. — Bob Ditter Child and Adolescent Therapist, National and International Camp Consultant and Trainer

Summer of ‘22 Successful Summer CAMP Send-Offs


ave a child heading off to an away camp this summer? Are you wrestling with a touch of anxiety about “what-if” situations? Here are tips to help you confidently send kids off for fun at camp this year: • STEP BACK What exactly are your worries? Write them down and face them head on; get the answers you need so you can mange them in order to instill your child with a can-do attitude. • KEEP GOALS IN MIND Camp allows kids all sorts of new adventures and freedom. If your goal is for your child to grow in confidence and independence, you’re making the right choice by sending him to camp. • SHARE STORIES Remember to tell the fun stories you can recall about your camp experiences with your kids. Tell them where you went and what you loved most. • STAY CONNECTED Write fun postcards, print pictures of family pets and even send care-packages to your campers (if permitted). Check out your camp’s online photo gallery each evening — it’s fun to look and find your child! Pack supplies for kids to be able to send letters home (although they probably won’t, because they are having too much fun!) Anxiety about sending kids to camp is understandable, but it shouldn’t stop you from giving your child new adventures. It’ll be OK if they get dirty, eat too many donuts and lose their water bottles somewhere along the way — really. It’s OK for them to miss you, too. It reminds them of how much they love you! — Heidi Smith Luedtka, Ph.D.

may 2022 25

Fun for now. Skills for life. Celebrating camping excellence since 1959.

Falcon creates opportunities for young people to grow and learn in a healthy, safe environment – all while having a great time. Horseback Riding • Sailing • Archery • Riflery Drama • Mountain Bikes • Nature • Fishing • Sports and much more! Special One-Week Program for First Time Campers Ages 6-10 2,4,6 or 8-week sessions • Boys & Girls • Ages 6 - 16 The coolest camp in Ohio – One of the Top 10 camps in the country –


800-837-CAMP 2267 Conveniently Located, Just a Short 4 Hour Drive from Cincinnati

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summer camps ‘22


Letting go helps kids grow ...


uring this era where many of today’s parents manage their kids’ lives to the


extent they’re accused of

Kids get the chance to make their own

“overparenting,” resulting

decisions in a safe, caring environment. Kids

in overly dependent kids, experts say sleepaway camp may be just what’s needed for your child to gain independence and confidence away from you. Time away from parents helps kids learn how to make their own decisions without checking with parents first, and residential camp provides the perfect training ground, says Michael

benefit from new relationships with camp counselors who care about them and want to help them with everyday experiences.


Thompson in his book, Homesick and Happy:

Through outside activities, kids find new

How Time Away From Parents Can Help a Child

hobbies without academic pressures or

Grow (Random House; 2012). If you’d like your kids to develop maturity and gain independence (and if you’d like to begin learning to let go yourself) it’s

expectations. Kids gain self-confidence through trying new things and discovering talents they didn’t know they had.

time to start researching sleep-away camps. Week- or month-long adventures away from home give kids opportunities to experience unique adventures they’d never find at home. Looking into camps now gives you plenty of time to talk with friends and see if one of your child’s friends might like to go as well; sometimes having a friend go


too is a beautiful thing for parents leery of

Team activities teach kids how to cooperate


with each other and the value of getting

To find a camp that fits your child’s needs, seek out opinions from friends and neighbors, ask teachers and church counselors, attend camp fairs and explore options on your own. Residential camps of all kinds and sizes are located all across the country, so there’s sure to be one your child can love and from which he can gain valuable skills. Camp counselor, Jamie Newman, expresses enthusiasm for sending kids to camp. “Camp encourages kids to try new things and teaches them confidence through new experiences. They learn valuable life lessons when encouraged to work through their fears to try something even if it doesn’t feel comfortable to them. Also, when kids

along with others through working together and supporting one another.

4) CAMP FOSTERS NEW FRIENDSHIPS Kids gain an understanding of how others live outside their community. In a relaxed atmosphere, kids easily make friends while they play, sing, work, eat and bunk together.

5) CAMP CREATES LIFELONG MEMORIES OF NEW ADVENTURES Camp offers carefree days where kids can

are thrown together in a cabin for a week,

learn how to thrive outside the structure of

they’re forced to learn how to get along with

over-scheduled days.

others and often build lasting relationships that can continue when they return home.” Need more convincing? Here are a few thoughts to consider:

30 may 2022

Gayla Grace sends her kids to camp every summer and always looks forward to hearing new stories when they return.

Parents & “Childsickness”


he’s ready for camp, but I’m not ready for her to leave!” The antithesis of “homesickness,” childsickness strikes wellmeaning, devoted parents who don’t like being away from their kids. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, homesickness is defined as “distress and functional impairment caused by an actual or anticipated separation from home and attachment objects such as parents.” For childsickness, the same can be true except it pertains to what parents experience when their child is away. Share your concerns with camp directors — they should respond with responsible, informed answers.

Ideas On Letting Go • The greatest gifts you can give your kids are confidence and independence. • Let your kids have trial runs away from you by permitting sleep overs. • Don’t show anxiety to your kids — it will make it hard on them. • Have a plan for yourself: Get a project done that you’ve never had time for, go on a trip with your spouse, etc.

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