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August 2012

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Online public schooling means individualized learning for every student. Often, a one-to-one approach is what it takes to realize a child’s innermost possibilities. As the leader in K–12 online education, K12 offers tuition-free, online public schooling that adapts to fit every child.  Innovative, proven curriculum  Highly qualified, Ohio-licensed teachers  Flexible scheduling, individualized learning It’s the choice between a child trying to fit the school, or a school that fits your child.

K12 programs are available statewide for grades K–12 through Ohio Virtual Academy, which was designated as “EFFECTIVE” in the 2010–2011 State and Local Report Card by the Ohio Department of Education. We’re now accepting applications for the 2012–2013 school year. Visit our website for enrollment and event information.

VISIT K12 .com/oHsHcools CALL 866.339.9074 OHVA is an AdvancED and NCA CASI accredited school.

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Prehistoric times. An era the whole family can relate to.

At the World’s Largest Animatronic Dinosaur Park, you’ll encounter over 60 life-sized dinosaurs. Spread across 12.5 acres, they look as real and as ferocious today as they did millions of years ago. Tickets are just $5 with park admission. Available at 121541_KI_Dino_CinNKYFamMag_8.625x10.75_v1.indd 1 CF 01-03 (TOC).indd 1

6/12/121:59 9:59 PM 7/20/12 PM

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SERVING ALL OHIO STUDENTS BOSS Virtual Classroom exclusively for BOSS students

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Strategies you can employ in your parent- ing to bring out your child’s unique ideas and capabilities.

for KIDS GUIDE Our roundup of classes and activities for kids of all ages.

28 End the Hassles

with Homework

With all of the technology your kids have, knowing when to unplug is key.

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Blue Ash YMCA adds new preschool autism learning center classroom, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center dyslexia study, giveaways and more.


kids’ health


family getaway


Get in touch with nature through one of the many outdoor nature programs happening this month and more in the town’s best family calendar! Check our “Plan Ahead” section for upcoming events that require advanced registration.

Solutions to sleep problems in kids.


Family fun at Wilderness at the Smokies in Sevierville, Tenn.

31 Arts, Education & Enrichment Opportunities 60 Market Place •

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Providing SUPERIOR Pediatric Service in Mason, OH


dinos, boys & music


Let us care for those you care for the most! 513-398-5960 •

Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm | Saturday am by appointment only

4834 Socialville Foster Road | Suite 50 | Mason, OH 45040

You’re Jewish... Your partner’s not.*..

How can one Couple from two Different Backgrounds turn

Yours and Mine

into Ours?


to help you explore what role Judaism can play in your lives

Including beautiful ritual items such as candlesticks, a menorah, a Passover seder plate, recipes, books and more!

*Program is also open to couples and families in Greater Cincinnati in which one or both have converted to Judaism.

hen my Thomas was little, he had a hard time keeping up with his older brother, Tucker since he’s five years his younger. He went through a period of time where there was nothing quite as satisfying as using his fist against his favorite target — his older, competitive brother, Tucker. Of course throwing fists always landed Thomas in Time Out, so he eventually learned that hitting was not the way to happiness. I learned at about the same time that music actually was. One afternoon, my little boys were playing in a heap of sawdust in our front yard from a dead tree we’d dropped and grinded down. The minimountain became their “Jurassic Park” and they hauled their prized collection of dinosaurs out there. Sitting on that sawdust heap, the boys played, roaring and crashing the dinos together until Tucker got too rough and Thomas hauled off and slugged him. Time for a break, a round of Time Out and the suggestion that they come inside where it was cooler and where they could build a new “home” for the dinosaurs. The agreed. The boys built their habitat with blocks. They squatted in the playroom, moving around on their haunches, holding plastic dinosaurs in both hands, watching them. At that moment, admiring how they had bounced back, I thought, I love boys. I pressed play on their music player unaware of what CD it held. It was Disney’s Dinosaur ... and something magical was about to happen. The music, a wonderfully exciting and lush score, began to sweep the boys away. I dropped onto the sofa to watch. The boys love this old music — they loved the movie too, although it’s an old one now. The music took over. “The raptor, Mom!” Thomas shrieked. “This is where the raptor steals the Aladar egg!” I nodded. Tucker jumped up, topping him, “This is where the pterodactyl flies over the water fall!” Thomas shot him a warning look. Not to be beat, Thomas cried, “He’s stealing the egg! He’s stealing the egg!” The music swirled around us and the boys’ play took on an inspired feel ... Thomas started dancing to the music, then Tucker joined in. No fighting took place. Here they were, happily sharing ideas, completely enthralled, dancing. Whack! The dinosaur music pounded and the boys raised their hands fiercely above their heads, pretending to be those ancient beasts. Then suddenly, pianissimo — all quiet. “Krohn’s dead, right Tucker?” Thomas whispered. Tucker, spellbound, whispered, “Yes ...” The music started up again, pounding. “No! Not dead!” Tucker shouted and they took off again, flying around the room. Everybody knows that when you want to add fun, you turn on the music, but these days everyone’s wearing ear buds and headphones. With your children, remember that music as a shared experience is a joy. One that can distract and even protect them from squabbling. The next time your little kids have issues getting along while playing, turn on the music. And watch what happens.

Fusion is an initiative of The Mayerson Foundation

4 August 2012

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“Where Every Family Matters.”

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Summit Academy Cincinnati A free public school for students with Asperger’s Syndrome, AD/HD and related disorders. Cincinnati Community School

Grades K-7 1660 Sternblock Lane Cincinnati, OH 45237

Cincinnati Transition High School

(513) 321-0561

Grades 8-12 5800 Salvia Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45224

(513) 541-4000

Visit us on the web at Each Summit Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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By sherry hang

new at the blue ash YMCA


amilies with children on the autism spectrum will be glad to know that recent renovations at the Blue Ash YMCA (5000 YMCA Drive) will include a preschool autism learning center. When renovations are completed next month, new classrooms will be able to serve 75 special needs and typical kids from 6:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. each day. Enrollment begins this month and all teachers are degreed and experienced in working with autistic children. Find out more at 513-791-5000 or

august giveawayS!


njoy family time with a good movie, train ride and more when you register to win with us! This month’s prizes include: A family prize pack of DVDs from Universal Studios Home Entertainment, including American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars, The Lorax, and Twinkle Toes! ... A family pass on the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad, good for two adults and one child ... A classic session for up to five people with 20 images on CD (valued at $275) from Photography by Jacobson! ... A family four-pack of 3D advance movie screening passes to ParaNorman (rated PG). Screening takes place at AMC Newport on the Levee on Thursday, Aug. 16 at 7 p.m. No purchase necessary. Supplies limited. Winners will receive two (admit-two) passes. Arrive early as seating at the screening is a first come, first serve basis and not guaranteed. Winners will be notified by Friday, Aug. 10; visit To register for our random drawings, “Like” us on Facebook, then click on the “Monthly Giveaways” tab at the left. One entry per person per prize. Good luck!

a season for the arts! Families can enjoy a wealth of offerings from local arts’ groups this coming year, take a look: The Cincinnati Ballet’s season includes plenty of performances for children, including ALICE (in wonderland) Oct. 26 - 28; the timeless favorite Frisch’s Presents The Nutcracker Dec. 14 - 23; Romeo & Juliet for tweens and teens Feb. 14 - 16, 2013; and Ballet Toybox March 24, 2013, designed to introduce children and families to the world of ballet. Get ticket information at 513-6215282 or The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra adds a third Lollipops Concert to their schedule this year. Join John Morris Russell for a Barnyard Serenade on Saturday, Nov. 10; a Symphony in Space on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013; and Waiting for Wings on Saturday, April 20, 2013. Get tickets and info at 513-381-3300 or The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s upcoming season includes Seussical Jr. Oct. 19 - 27; Santa’s Toy Factory Dec. 7 - 15; The Magical Adventures of Merlin Feb. 15 - 23, 2013; and Disney’s Cinderella Kids April 12 - 20, 2013. Season and single tickets may be purchased at 513-569-8080, ext. 10 or Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park’s Off the Hill program — designed to reach families in community arts centers throughout Greater Cincinnati — features Accidental Friends for grades 3 - 6, Oct. 2 - Nov. 2; The Traveling Jekyll & Hyde Show for grades 6 - 12, Jan. 22 - Feb. 22, 2013; and Go, Dog, Go! for grades K - 3, April 9 - May 17, 2013. (please turn the page) •

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August 2012 7

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news struggling to read? new study seeks kids 8 - 12


hio and Kentucky are stepping up to help young readers with dyslexia while a new research study at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHCM) might help contribute to our understanding of dyslexia. The study — headed up by Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus, PhD., at the Pediatric Neuroimaging Research Consortium (PNRC) — will search for a biomarker in children with dyslexia, as well as explore the effect of a reading intervention program in typical and atypical readers. Horowitz-Kraus says dyslexia is highly under-diagnosed and as such, causes academic struggles, depression and social isolation for kids who have it. The study is seeking children ages 8 - 12 (with and without reading difficulties) to participate in a four-week reading training program at home on their own computers and through two visits to CCHMC. Some participants will receive an MRI as part of the study. For details on whether your child qualifies, call 513-636-0160.

mark your calendars for a meeting of the minds

be a girl scout or volunteer



oin Cincinnati Family and NKY Family magazines at the Early Childhood Education Conference and Expo, held Sept. 7 – 9 at the Sharonville Convention Center (11355 Chester Road). With keynote speakers, workshops, and a teacher/parent line dance, the conference will educate and entertain parents of children ages birth through 5 years. Says Sheena Ector, executive director for the Learning Lounge, LLC, “It doesn’t matter if you are a homeschool parent, a working parent or a single parent. This conference will help you find every resource to make those first five years count.” She adds that the conference will help parents find their way through the maze of Greater Cincinnati’s education options. Get pricing information and register at or call 513-827-6543.

8 August 2012

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t’s registration time for the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, and that means you! Adults are needed to help young girls build courage and confidence and make a difference in the world. Show them how by becoming a volunteer. Contact the office for more information for you and your daughter at 513-489-1024 or visit

“Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:06 PM

It’s Your Home. Shouldn’t It Be Cleaned Your Way?


you have ENOUGH to do!)

Open HOuse August 15, 2012 , 2-4pm The Academy provides a place for children to grow and learn the skills necessary to be productive citizens with a multi culturally diverse environment. The Academy has a fully licensed FT & PT Preschool program providing a balanced learning experience aimed at total student development. 8094 Plantation Drive West Chester, OH 45069 (513) 755-0169 •

FREE CLEAN! After your 4th regularly scheduled weekly or every other week cleaning, your 5th clean is absolutely FREE!

Not valid with any other offer or discounts.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction along with our dedication to exceeding expectations the first time around is what sets us apart from the rest. Call us today and let us prove it! (513) 203-4669



IN THE GAME! NOW WITH FOUR LOCATIONS TO BETTER SERVE YOU: Batesville, Beacon West, Beacon East, Summit Woods (513) 354-3700 •

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August 2012 9

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Sharon Hill Daycare & Preschool

• Weekly Field Trips • Kindergarten - Age 12 years • Professional Staff • Arts & Crafts • Summer Bridging • Don’t miss Summer 2012 Kidz Klub! • Call for more information! 35 Tri-County Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45246

(513) 671-7750 *


Suburban Pediatric Associates, Inc.

Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Forest Park: (513) 851-3338 1275 Kemper Meadows Dr. Tri-County: (513) 772-2666 11550 Chester Rd

We specialize in the care of infants, children and adolescents.

Cincinnati Family



DOCs 2012

Tri-County Marketplace Shopping Center


FIRST DAY JITTERS are common for children returning to school - reassure your child that they are not alone. Drive or walk your child to ease their fears. Make healthy choices and limit sugary snacks and drinks in your child’s lunch. If your child is walking to school, make sure it is a safe route with well trained crossing guards at intersections. If your child is riding his/her bike ~ they must wear a bike helmet. If their school bus has seat belts, they need to buckle up! Make good homework habits at the beginning of the year to avoid stress later on! Happy school days! LOCATIONS: Mason-Montgomery 9600 Children’s Dr., Mason, OH 45040 Liberty Township 7335 Yankee Rd., Liberty Twp. OH 45044 Forest Park 752 Waycross Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45240 10 August 2012

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Three Locations. One Number. For All Your Pediatric Needs...

513-336-6700 “Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:07 PM



ack-to-school means routines and earlier bedtimes, but that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Sarah Flora, M.D., with St. Elizabeth Physicians in Alexandria, offers tips for common sleep woes and tells how to establish a solid sleep routine.

What gives elementary schoolaged kids sleep trouble? NIGHTMARES AND NIGHT TERRORS: These are very common in the preschool and elementary school age groups. Nightmares are just bad dreams. When a child wakes up from a bad dream they are often consoled fairly easily and remember what happened. Night terrors are often scary, a child may seem awake, sit up and scream, they may be inconsolable for up to 30 minutes but they do not remember it afterwards. Both are exacerbated by stress. Providing reassurance and avoiding overly stressful environments are usually the only necessary interventions for both of these problems. If night terrors occur nightly at a certain time, waking the child before they occur can be helpful. GROWING PAINS: Growing pains affect 10 to 20 percent of children and most often affect children between 4 and 8 years old. These pains occur intermittently and usually affect the thighs and calves. They do not affect joints such as knees or ankles. Massage and pain medicine such as Tylenol or ibuprofen are effective in soothing growing pains. BED-WETTING: At 5 years of age, seven percent of boys and three percent of girls wet the bed. By 10 years old, the percentages are three percent and two percent, respectively. Each successive year about 15 percent of children who wet the bed in the prior year will outgrow it. Some good ideas for prevention of bed-wetting include limiting evening fluid intake and emptying the bladder before bed. Some success can be had with alarms and other training programs. Medications

CF 06-13 (FYI).indd 11

may be prescribed but are not always successful and do have risks of side effects. Time and patience are often the best treatments. SLEEPWALKING: 15 to 40 percent of children sleepwalk on at least one occasion and up to 17 percent do it regularly. The most important consideration when dealing with a sleepwalking child is to keep them safe. If a child sleepwalks regularly, gates and alarms can be installed and doors and windows should be locked to keep kids safe. Most children outgrow sleepwalking.

SLEEPWALKING? 15 to 40 percent of children sleepwalk on at least one occasion and up to 17 percent do it regularly.

What are the effects of sleep deprivation in children? Often children act just like adults do when tired. They act sleepy and are not as alert. However, some children show signs of sleep deprivation in ways we might not expect. They may be moody, irritable, angry, get headaches, and have trouble with behavior. This may include difficulty with memory, attention and hyperactivity. It has also been shown that sleep deprived children are more likely to become overweight than non-sleep deprived children.

How many hours a night should children in this age group sleep? Nine to 11 hours is the recommended amount of sleep for this age group.

What are tips to help get children on a healthy sleep schedule for the school year?

SLEEP APNEA: This is an important sleep disorder to detect because it can be particularly troublesome for a child’s health and often can be cured. Symptoms may include snoring, difficulty breathing during sleep, and pauses in breathing. Long-term complications may cause problems with brain development, poor growth and hypertension. The problem often is caused by large tonsils and adenoids and may be fixed by removing them. It is important to discuss this with your child’s doctor if you think your child may have sleep apnea.

Be consistent. Set a bedtime and stick to it. There shouldn’t be more than an hour difference in bedtimes and wake up times from one day to the next. For the last hour before bed avoid stimulating activities such as TV or video games. A small snack before bedtime can be helpful but avoid heavy meals. Avoid caffeine-containing food and drinks in the evenings. Make sure kids are getting lots of exercise during the day. •

August 2012 11

7/20/12 2:07 PM

family getaway

B y k iera ashford

Learn More Wilderness at the Smokies 1424 Old Knoxville Hwy., Sevierville, TN 37876 877-325-9453

splashin’ and relaxin’ in

Sevierville, TN

Wilderness at the Smokies lets you ride the waves, relax on the lazy river ... or take a thrilling ride on one of many waterslides!


id you see that drop!?” “Oh, that looks awesome!” That’s what you hear as you walk around the resort at Wilderness at the Smokies in Sevierville, Tenn. The recently opened Wild Vortex water slide provides a rush you have yet to experience: A sudden vertical 39-foot drop from the top sends your body sliding at 2.5 G’s in less than two seconds through a loop before splashing you to the end. This breathtaking slide is just one of the many attractions at this popular resort — a five-hour drive from Ohio.

PLAY Get into all the water slides in the Wild WaterDome Indoor Waterpark. On the Storm Chaser Thrill Ride, you never know which direction you’ll face as you drop through the fully enclosed slide on your raft. Slide and splash through the water to the tune of a thunderstorm complete with sound and lighting effects. If that’s not enough, grab tubes and ride down one of the two Trail Twisters Tube Slides — one is pitch black inside! There are small water slides in the toddler area or the Washout Mountain play structure, then after all that fun, sit by the wavepool and let the waves crash over you like at the beach. Or, if you want to feel what the surfers do in the ocean, take your chance on the Smokies Surf Rider. Eyeing that, I headed to the pool and hot tub — and all of this inside! Want to be outdoors? Grab your gang and head toward Lake Wilderness Outdoor Waterpark for even more splashing around in yet another wavepool at Washout Wilderness Rapids. Lazily relax on a tube on the Catalooche Creek Adventure River, then finally, dry off under a rented poolside cabana or grab a lounge chair when you’re ready for more — but dry — fun.

12 August 2012

CF 06-13 (FYI).indd 12

Wilderness Adventure Forest has lots to offer for children of all ages. For an additional cost, you can get a day pass or game card and enjoy more than 100 arcade games, laser tag, glow putt-putt golf, miniature bowling, Tree Top Towers Indoor Ropes Course, a rock climbing wall and more. There is also a Cubs Climbing Den (free) with a multi-level treehouse. If you happen to have a birthday in the family coming up rent a party room!

EAT There are a few places to choose from if you want to dine at the resort: Hidden Trail Bar and Grill for breakfast, lunch (seasonal) and dinner; Thirsty Miner Restaurant for breakfast and dinner buffets, lunch (seasonal) and dinner; Mountain Marketplace and Deli for coffee, fresh pastries, sandwiches and more, and there are also a few snack bars located around the resort for quick pickme-ups. Or, save on your food bill by choosing a room with a full kitchen. Cook meals for the family — that’s one way to save big — and shop at the grocery store, just minutes away.

SLEEP Now that you’ve had your fill of fun, take it easy in your room. Every room is equipped with TVs, a DVD player and more, and there are also suites that include a dining area, living room and gas fireplace. Having a resort with so many attractions allows you to have tons of fun, so it’s nice to be able to just slip back to your room for a nice little nap before heading for more fun! J Kiera Ashford is managing editor for this publication and mother of two, ages 6 and 2.

“Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:07 PM

Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian

Nursery School Preschool for 21⁄2 years - 5 years

2, 3, 4 or 5 day programs, mornings or afternoons Degreed staff, excellent ratios

hildren’s 40 C Meeting House

3 Star Winner

Montessori School

Creating a Legacy of Leaders for 40 Years

Step Up To Quality Top Award Winner

Megan Sprigg, M.S.Ed., Director 5950 Montgomery Road • 513.631.0170

Add Quality Healthcare to Your Shopping List • Open 7 days a week, including week nights • No appointment necessary • Family healthcare - ages 18 months and up (24 months in Kentucky)

* 35 Sports

$ Inside Select Stores

Physicals *Payment due in full price at time of service. Price expires 12/31/12.

Allergies • Colds • Flu • Sinus Infections • Sore Throat • Physicals • Ear Infections • Vaccinations • Prevention • And more •

CF 06-13 (FYI).indd 13

August 2012 13

7/20/12 2:07 PM


cre • a • tiv • i • ty The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to produce something original and useful.

14 August 2012

CF 14-15 (Creative Child).indd 14

A 2010 poll done by IBM of 1,500 CEOs identified creativity as the No. 1 “leadership competency” of the future.

“Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:09 PM

the arts

By Susan Day

How to Raise a Creative Child


hile you may want your home to look like something out of Martha Stewart’s Living magazine, seeking decorative perfection’s not in your best interests if you want to raise a creative child, says author Amanda Blake Soule in her book, The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections (Roost Books; $12.89 on Amazon). Soule says that at the heart of every mindful and loving family lie the seeds of endless creativity. She says that when we give children the space and encouragement they need to explore their creativity, they can become the most inspiring of artists, the most inquisitive scentists, the most original thinkers. Short of letting them color on the walls and paint in the carpeted living room, teach your children early how to prepare a workspace with newspaper and how to clean up after themselves. In between, encourage them to be creative without worrying about messes. No, you don’t have to let them destroy your home with wacky pursuits, but if you want to raise creative children — kids who think “out of the box” and who come up with unique solutions and fresh ideas — they need a free environment. And there are several other things you can bring into your parenting:

Unscheduled Time Busy, busy and always on the go, families are often hurrying kids out the door bound for soccer fields or dance classes, but wait a minute. All that stress actually kills creativity, Soule says. You may need to examine your decision to keep your children constantly occupied which is the trend of the last decade. The excessive schedules of today’s families create mental exhaustion. For children to be creative, down time is required. Time to read, walk, paint, skip stones, dream. Your child’s most creative ideas will come to him when he’s unwound, untethered and free to use his time the way he wants to.

Let Them Fail Jonah Lehrer, best-selling author of Imagine: How Creativity Works (Houghton-Miflin; 2012) says being creative starts with taking risks and risk taking leads to being fearless in trying new things. There will, of course, be failure. In nurturing your child’s adventurous mindset and attitude, you must allow him to fail so he can pick himself up and, as they say, get back in the saddle. Research shows that when children fail, they learn more than when they succeed. When your child fails, you can use that experience as a teaching moment rather than an admonishing one. Lehrer says many successful creative companies focus on their failures so they can learn from each other’s mistakes ... which leads to more creative ideas. Failure’s seen as a positive.

Pretend Play This one’s easy ... want to foster creativity in your child? Get in on the fun — and don’t stop just because your kids are big. According to Po Bronson, best-selling author of What Should I Do With My Life? (Ballantine; 2005), engaging in pretend play builds imagination and creativity. In early childhood, role-playing is associated with high creativity: voicing someone else’s point

of view helps develop the ability to analyze situations from different perspectives. So supply your child time, props, and ideas for pretending. Bronson’s research shows that moving into middle childhood (ages 9 and 10), children who continue to engage in fantasy play are actually displaying a high level of creativity, so keep encouraging it and be careful as children get into fourth grades and higher, Bronson adds. As schools overload kid brains with complex information, creativity can suffer. Bronson says an excellent teacher — one “tolerant of unconventional answers, occasional disruptions or detours of curiosity” — will help older children excel. Without that freedom? A kid’s curiosity can wane and his creativity diminish.

Invent and Create The term open-ended means that there is no end product expected. Openended play allows children to create whatever they can imagine. Don’t insist, for example, that your child must follow the Lego kit directions to the “T”. Sure, it’s good to build the design as the instructions show, but afterward, encourage him to create new things with those little pieces all on his own. Let him construct new, original designs — this leads to divergent thinking (generating many unique ideas) and then convergent thinking (combining those ideas into the best result). So buy blocks, paints, fabrics, open-ended types of toys for imaginative play, and let your kids figure out how to use them and create. Encourage your kids by asking questions like, “Why?” and, “What if?” and teaching them to ask those same two questions also.

Share Ideas Children can come up with things to do on their own, but parents can also offer suggestions of interesting activities. Think back to what you did as a kid. Did you write in a diary, create elaborate puppet shows, sing and dance for relatives, play restaurant? Exposure to imaginative pursuits early in life is key to helping children get motivated to do creative things as they grow, says Shelley Carson, author of Your Creative Brain: Seven Steps to Maximize Imagination, Productivity and Innovation in Your Life (Harvard Health; 2008). Be open-minded and encouraging about the interests your child genuinely displays though, rather than trying to push him in the direction YOU want him to go.

Freedom’s Essential Once you’ve encouraged your child with suggestions and supplies, step back and see which they choose and they go with them. In other words, provide freedom that allows unstructured play time so they can stretch. Chances are, if you’re a creative person, your children will be, too. Creative individuals come up with more good ideas than others and grow up to be entrepreneurs, inventors, college presidents, authors, doctors, diplomats, and so forth. So while creativity is a prized idea in America, it’s also misunderstood and often squelched in the pursuit of sports and academics. Arts stretch the imagination, so keep that in mind and know that the very essence of creativity is what gives individuals the chance to excel in whatever they pursue. Susan Day is editor in chief of this publication and the mom of four amazing kids. •

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August 2012 15

7/20/12 2:09 PM

Come to our Open House

November 10, 2012


The Cincinnati Waldorf School is a fully accredited independent school offering a Pre-school through Grade 8 classical Waldorf Education.

8179 Princeton-Glendale Rd, West Chester

Come Join us for OPEN PAINT on Sundays from 11am-2pm. No Reservations Required. Go online for schedule.

10:00am -1:00pm

A Rudolf Steiner School | 513 541 0220

HYDE PARK: 3802 Paxton Avenue, 513.321.0898 HARPER’S POINT: 11364 Montgomery Rd., 513.489.LEAF (5323) ANDERSON TOWNSHIP: 7426 Beechmont Ave., 513.232.LEAF (5323)

Find our stores on Facebook!

16 August 2012

CF 16-27 (ARTS).indd 16

“Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:11 PM

guide to the arts


2012 -13

As your child grows, an interest in the arts may arise. Find him the right place to pursue his passion!


hether your kids take joy in banging on pots and pans, or twirling across the kitchen floor, kids are natural artists. Their flair for storytelling, or even their quiet focus as they scribble their way through reams of paper, are important qualities for parents to embrace and nurture. Plenty of research over the years proves that incorporating the arts into a child’s education makes for better students. In Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement, a report released by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA), researchers discuss students who participated in school arts courses consistently outperformed their fellow students on standardized tests like the SAT. And while the arts help kids succeed academically, they also help in life. The study shows that kids who explore and join arts programs demonstrate better social skills, reasoning and problem-solving abilities, self-esteem and motivation to learn. Encourage your children to explore their imaginations through an artistic pursuit found in the following pages of our 2012 - 2013 Arts Guide (and find even more resources at our website), it won’t be long before your child truly soars. (please turn the page) •

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guide to the arts

2012 -13


Artscapade 22 N. Shaw Lane, Fort Thomas 859-443-2496 • Offers arts and drawing classes that foster creative thinking and introduces students ages 18 months - 13 years to new techniques in a positive environment. Sign up for six-week sessions or drop in for a class. Special workshops available for teens and adults.

The Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center 620 Greenup St., Covington 859-431-0020 • A non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in the community through art education and cultural enrichment, the Center serves more than 1,800 students per year, ages 4 through adult. Cincinnati Art Museum 953 Eden Park Drive 513-721-ARTS (2787) The CAM offers a wide-ranging program for children ages 2 - 12, along with a variety of arts lectures, exhibits and workshops for adults.

Color Me Mine 2874 Town Center Blvd., Crestview Hills 859-344-6463 Pottery painting for all ages, including special classes, summer programs and after-school and homeschool programs. Funke Fired Arts 3130 Wasson Road 513-871-2529 • For ages 6 and older, clay classes including all levels of wheel throwing, hand building and sculpture, as well as paint-a-pot studio, a retail shop, and a gallery shop with hand-made gifts from local and international artists. Kennedy Heights Art Center 6546 Montgomery Road 513-631-4278 • For ages 3 through adult, the center offers weekly art classes, an annual Student Art Show, the chance to work with an “Artist in Residence” in the spring, themed art camps in the summer and winter, and a number of free art events for families including performances, festivals and an art parade. My Little Red Haus Art Studio 9429 Montgomery Road 513-827-9110 • Group art instruction and open studio time for ages 2 - 18, as well as birthday parties, camps, private lessons, homeschool lessons and seasonal events.

Schain Studios 1125 Congress Ave., Glendale 513-772-3777 • For students in grades 4 - 12, Schain Studios offers a formal education in traditional representational art and conceptual thinking. All students are taught individually in drawing, painting, mixed media and three-dimensional art. Star Glazers 513-474-6364 • Turn the space of your choosing into a paint-yourown-pottery studio, bringing pieces to match a theme, and all necessary materials. Pieces are returned within two weeks.

DANCE All That Jazz Dance Centre (ATJ) 8810 Beckett Road, West Chester 513-942-0818 • Ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, tumbling, hip hop and dance team through age 18, as well as recreational dance and a regional and national competition. Currently accepting members; registration available online. Allegro Dance Arts and Apparel 502 Old State Route 74 513-528-5578 • Ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical and Scottish High Dance for ages 3 and older. Students have performed as extras in motion pictures and at venues such as the Aronoff Center for the Arts, Riverbend, U.S. Bank Arena, the Bengals’ half-time shows and more. Alexandria Dance Academy 8109 Alexandria Pike, Ste. 16, Alexandria 859-635-5700 • Tap, ballet, jazz, pointe and hip hop for ages 3 and older, as well as an annual dance recital in May and community performances throughout the year. Ballet Theatre Midwest Eastern Avenue, Columbia-Tusculum 513-520-2334 • For beginners through advanced, dance, creativity and movement in a nurturing environment. Professional faculty offer high caliber training in classical ballet and other related forms for ages 3 - adult with unique performance opportunities.

Kids can learn to make masks and more at The Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center.

18 August 2012

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“Where Every Family Matters.”

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FEB 15-17 & 23, 2013 APR 12-14 & 20, 2013

SUBSCRIBE TODAY! 513.569.8080

DEC 7- 9 & 15, 2012

2012- 2013 MAINSTAGE SEASON • All performances at The Taft Theatre


OCT 19-21 & 27, 2012

r er fo old s et H re et G ick t& nT ee aso M e st S a w lC o ia -Sh c e 4 Sp & w ho -S


The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati



Training with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati Come receive training in all aspects of Musical Theater (Drama, Vocal Music and Dance) from the faculty at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. We offer group classes to accommodate every artist’s talent level at our facility in Madisonville.

Visit for more details.

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It’s not too late to register!

Call for a Free Sample Class





it's a zoo in here 8.19.12, 1-4 p.m. Experience “Wildlife Comes to You” with live animals from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.



• Creative dance for 3-4 year olds • Classical ballet for beginners to adults • Jazz, Tap, and Musical Theatre repertoire • Unparalleled instruction • Superior performance opportunities

S u n d ay F u n d ay

For event details visit

316 Pike Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 • (513) 241-0232

(513) 520-2334

Sponsors: The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation, Charles H. Dater Foundation, and NLT Foundation ArtsWave Partner: Enquirer Media

Located in historic Columbia-Tusculum

316 Pike Street Cincinnati, OH 45202

Learn Piano, Guitar & Voice Lessons from Your Own Home!

All for one ... and one for all!

Enroll now for classes prime lesson times are filling quickly!

By Ken Ludwig

Adapted from the novel by Alexandre Dumas

Sept. 1 – 29, 2012

Highly-qualified Teachers Traditional & Suzuki Lessons

When D’Artagnan and his plucky sister Sabine aspire to join the famed Musketeers, they uncover dangerous rivalries in this action-packed adventure for the entire family.

Featuring Piano Voice & Guitar

$30,000 Lending Library Optional Recitals Flexible Scheduling Lessons for all ages

Special price for kids! Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Celebrating 15 Years!

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Sponsored by The Otto M. Budig Family Foundation

Piano Lessons In Your Home

Call 513-421-3888 or visit for tickets.

Season presented by The Otto M. Budig Family Foundation and Heidelberg Distributing Company.

(513) 860-3540

20 August 2012

for adventure.

“Where Every Family Matters.”

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guide to the arts 2012 -13

Kids of all ages can learn ballet at Cincinnati Ballet.

Broadway Bound Dance Academy 10580 Loveland Madeira Road, Loveland 513-774-9474 • Ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, tumbling, acro and musical theatre classes for ages 18 months through adult. Broadway Bound has an award-winning competition team and a dance company that performs throughout the community. Cincinnati Ballet Otto M. Budig Academy 1555 Central Pkwy. • 513-562-1111 11444 Deerfield Road • 513-530-5218 Students begin classes as young as 2, but may join at any age. The children’s division placement is based on age while the Main Division is based on ability. The newly created Teen Division offers a more flexible schedule yet still provides profes-

sional level training. Performances take place in the spring, as well as several community performances. Academy students have priority casting in Frisch’s Presents The Nutcracker, and are also chosen for other professional performances that the company stages during the season. Cincinnati Dance Academy 4122 E. Galbraith Road 513-985-0111 • Ballet and tap for ages 3 - 5, as well as ballet, character dance and contemporary for ages 6 and older. •

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Photo by Peter Muller

Contemporary Dance Theater 1805 Larch Ave. 513-591-1222 • Classes for children as young as 18 months - 2 years in “Boogie Babies” with an adult, as well as creative dance classes such as Shake & Create (3 - 4 years), Wiggle, Giggle, Imagine (4 - 5 years), Introduction to Dance I and II (6 - 9 years and 10 - 14 years), Stretch & Strengthen (10 - 14 years), Break Dancing for Kids (6 - 10 years), and Break Dance (middle school to adult). A summer camp and an end-of-session showing are also available for students. Dance Concepts Studio 8606 Market Place Lane, Montgomery and Cincinnati Sports Club, 3950 Red Bank Road 513-745-0678 • Ages 3 - high school learn ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, clogging and cheer, and may participate on an award-winning dance team or receive private lessons.

Donnelly Dance Academy 7908 Cincinnati Dayton Road, Ste. F, West Chester 513-348-4660 • Irish dance classes for ages 5 - adult instructed by Dublin-born Hazel Donnelly Vargas. Students may compete but also perform at festivals, fundraisers and other local events. The Edge Dance Studio 225 Main St., Ste. K, Florence 859-746-8009 • For ages 3 - adult, professional dance instruction including recreational and competitive dance and tumbling. Styles of instruction include preschool, ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, tumbling, competition, cheer, technique, adult and more.

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guide to the arts

2012 -13

Erickson Academy of Irish Dance 673 Wilmer Ave. 513-232-1366 • With three different programs for ages 5 - 12, 13 - 18 and 18 and older, the Academy offers fun, traditional Irish step-dancing classes. New classes for beginners begin in 2012 in a studio that offers a sprung floor, mirrors and a parent observation area. Mason Dance Center, Inc. 600 Reading Road 513-398-0353 • For ages 3 - adult, Mason Dance Center offers classes in ballet, jazz, hip hop, Modern and musical theater dance. Classes are tailored for preschool dancers and recreational dancers of all ages as well as programs for those interested in competitive dance and pre-professional ballet. Patty Pille’s School of Dance 7900 E. Kemper Road (inside Kids First Sports Center) 513-489-7575 • Programs for ages 2-and-a-half years to adult in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, modern, lyrical and musical theater. The school hosts two recitals a year and has a dance team that performs at local competitions throughout the year. SDA Studios Mary St. Romain, Director 7398 Liberty One Drive, Liberty Township 513-779-0135 • Ballet, pointe, modern, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, tap and yoga for ages 2-and-a-half to adult. Also offering an annual Nutcracker performance, a Youth Community Dancers outreach group, the Academy Competition Ensemble, a Spring Solo Showcase, and a recital for ages 2-and-a-half - 6 years and for ages 6 - 20. The Studio for Dance 10831 Millington Ct., Blue Ash 513-490-9123 or 513-793-2953 Ballet, tap, jazz and clogging for ages 3 and older in both recreational and competitive programs. All students participate in an annual recital, while some company members have the opportunity to dance with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, the Lima Symphony and more.

22 August 2012

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Children can enjoy the sounds of classical music with the Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestra.

MUSIC Academy of Music and Dance, West Chester 8374 Princeton Glendale Road 513-829-2345 Music lessons for children and adults in piano, voice, guitar, drums, strings, winds and brass, as well as Music Pups, a music and movement class for ages 0 - 4, Music for Young Children, a group keyboard program for ages 4 and older. Also the official Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy for ages 3 - 6 with tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, lyrical, and competitive and recreational classes. Free sample classes available. Arquines Music Studio 859-371-2356 • Music lessons for ages 5 and older in the Florence area. Under the guidance of an educator with a master’s degree in music, students receive individualized instruction and can participate in two recitals each year. Baldwin Music Education Center 3799 Hyde Park Ave. (inside the Hyde Park Bethlehem United Methodist Church) 513-351-1109 • A preschool music program for children ages 6 months - 4 years that includes keyboard labs, rhythm instruments, and movement and singing to learn musical concepts through everyday experiences. Trained staff also offers group instruction in piano for ages 5 and older.

Brown Music Together 513-602-7376 • Music and movement classes for ages 0 - 5 years and their caregivers. Classes are fun and highly interactive and meet once per week for 45 minutes. Activities include rhymes, songs, dancing, and instrument playing. CDs, songbooks and parent guides are provided for further enjoyment at home.


Cincinnati Boychoir 4501 Allison St. 513-396-7664 • For boys ages Kindergarten through adult. Founded in 1965, the Cincinnati Boychoir presents approximately 35 annual performances in Greater Cincinnati, and focuses on reaching under-served areas and supporting the revitalization of downtown. Boys audition by recommendation of school music teachers, and come from over 50 public and private schools in the Tri-State. Cincinnati Children’s Choir University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music 513-556-0338 • An educationally-based choral ensemble program serving grades 2 - 12 in one of six resident choirs at the University of Cincinnati and six satellite throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. CCC serves 650 children each year and offers them the opportunity to develop musical understanding, artistry and performance experience. Cincinnati Music Academy 7420 Montgomery Road 513-891-7714 • Private and group instruction in acting, music technology, and most musical instruments including piano, voice, guitar, strings, woodwinds and percussion. Well-educated and experienced teachers passionate about sharing the gift of music teach in Silverton, near Kenwood Towne Center.

“Where Every Family Matters.”

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The Gardner School, an award-winning academically focused preschool for ages 6 weeks to Private Kindergarten. Here, each child’s day includes personal attention, gentle guidance and developmentally appropriate activities, as well as a healthy dose of fun and laughter. For more information, please visit our website at or call our Executive School Director to schedule your personal tour.

Thank you

Cincinnati families for voting us your #1 child care 4 years in a row! Glenda


Raymond Walters College

E S 126

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d rR

r Ha ed Re





Kenwood Rd.

Blue Ash Golf Course

Plainfield Rd.


Pkw y.

le Milfor d Rd.


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The Gardner School of Blue Ash

9920 Carver Road Cincinnati, OH 45242 (513) 985-9444

7/10/12 4:17:04 PM 7/20/12 2:12 PM

Now offering tumbling classes in addition to our dance classes!

OPEN HOUSE: Aug 18, 1-3pm, performance at 1:30pm Fall session begins September 10th. 513-774-9474 •

Featuring the

MusikGarten is a holistic approach to teaching music to children.


Photography: Peter Mueller

Music Education from birth through age 9

REGISTER TODAY! | 513.562.1111 Call today for more information or to try a free class 240 Main St., Florence KY


Main Division ages 8 & up Classes begin August 27 Children’s Division ages 2–8 Classes begin September 16

7+,6 ,60<










rigorous preparatioN..


Joyful eNviroNmeNt. stuDeNts who fiND success iN aNy worlD.



Discover your Day November 7 & 14

6905 Given Road, Cincinnati, OH 45243 • 513.979.0220 • 20120717CincyFamily.indd 1

24 August 2012

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“Where Every Family Matters.”






Cincinnati Country Day School, founded in 1926, is a coeducational, college preparatory school serving 18 month through grade 12 students.

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guide to the arts

2012 -13

Miss Nancy’s Musikgarten 4604 Dry Ridge Road 513-702-9927 • This sequential program of music and movement classes is designed for ages newborn through 8 years. Kids will sing, dance, play instruments, explore their creative side and have fun.

The Showboat Majestic hosts the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts and Cincinnati Young People’s Theatre’s programs for kids.

Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestra 1241 Elm St. • 513-381-3300 • The CSO presents classical and Cincinnati Pops subscription concerts, Young People’s Concerts, Lollipops Family Concerts, CSO Chamber Players performances, summer performances at Riverbend Music Center, and Concerts in the Park. The CSO works to bring music education, in its many different forms, to as broad a public as possible. Education programs serve more than 60,000 individuals annually. Corryville Suzuki Project 513-231-3523 • Private instruction on violin and viola for children ages 4 - 18. Students have the opportunity to perform as ensembles in the community. Florence Music Academy 240 Main St., Florence 859-547-8765 • For ages 7 - adult, Florence Music Academy specializes in private music lessons in piano, guitar, violin and voice. All teachers are university-trained professionals with a passion for both music and children. Classes are structured to meet individual needs and goals. Indian Springs Academy of Music 9690 Cincinnati Columbus Road 513-301-0588 • Private lesson instruction for piano, voice, strings, guitar, clarinet and oboe for ages 5 and older, as well as a variety of music theory music classes. ISAM is also a founding school for the Carnegie Hall Achievement Program.

Kindermusik by Cathy Siebert 6131 Campus Lane, Mt. Washington Willis Music, Kenwood Galleria 8118 Montgomery Road 513-231-3973 Music and movement classes for families with children ages 0 - 6. Kids will sing, dance, listen, play instruments and more, while older students learn music notation to prepare them for future vocal/instrumental studies. Kindermusik with Cindy Sugarman 220 S. Fort Thomas Ave., Fort Thomas • 859-781-3054 Classes for children ages 0 - 7 explores the development of the child using music as the vehicle. Singing, dancing, storytelling, playing rhythm instruments builds language skills, expressive skills, gross and fine motor skills and group skills, such as working together in ensemble. Little Songbird Music Studio 240 Main St., Florence 859-547-8765 • Teaching very young children music in the same way they learn language, using the Musikgarten curriculum to train children’s ears and brains. During class, children will sing, play simple instruments, listen to music and move in many different ways. Classes begin at birth and continue through a piano class for elementary aged children. •

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The Music Factory 513-545-7125 • Music education classes for children 6 months to 5 years taught onsite at your preschool or day care. These 30-minute, award-winning classes include seasonal activities, creative movement, singing and the use of rhythm instruments — designed to enhance listening, language development and gross motor skills for children. Miss Amanda’s Music Garden 417 Wood Ave. 513-221-SING (7464) • A certified Musikgarten Music and Movement Program located in Clifton that allows parents, grandparents and other caregivers to participate in music class with babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Participants sing, dance and play with instruments. Musical concepts and activities grow increasingly complex through four levels of programming (infants, toddlers, preschoolers and families with multiple-aged children). Northern Kentucky University Music Preparatory Department NKU Campus Highland Heights 859-572-7737 • Education programs to students of all ages and abilities, as well as enriching the culture of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky through artistic experiences and outreach initiatives. Private lessons, ensembles, classes and summer programs in a variety of disciplines. Piano Lessons In Your Home (PLIYH) 513-860-3540 • A private school for music where all the teachers travel to the students’ homes. Serving ages 4 adult in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, PLIYH offers recitals for all participants and a concert series for advanced students, a lending library, and optional yearly evaluations from a master pianist, vocalist or guitarist.

August 2012 25

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guide to the arts

2012 -13

outreach programs. Learning the Craft Classes are six-week sessions of drama, vocal music, and dance classes or students at all levels of ability and interest at the facility in Madisonville. The staff of professionals teaches children 6 - 18 years old the techniques and principles behind the art of musical theater.

Pied Piper Music Together Classes in Mason, Liberty Township and Middletown 513-767-7134 • Using research in early childhood development that suggests all children are musical and can achieve musical competence through early experiences, Pied Piper Music Together can help children ages 0 - 6 years discover their inborn aptitude for music.

Cincinnati Landmark Productions Covedale Center for Performing Arts 4990 Glenway Ave. The Showboat Majestic: 435 East Mehring Way 513-241-6550 Through the Showboat Majestic, the Covedale Center for the Performing Arts and Cincinnati Young People’s Theatre, its summer theatre for teenagers, Cincinnati Landmark Productions provides opportunities for performers and technicians while bringing cultural and economic benefits to the community and developing young artists.

Sam Ash Music 11805 Commons Drive, Springdale 513-671-4500 • Sam Ash is a music megastore with education programs staffed with professional instructors who continue to perform in different groups and venues around the city. Private lessons are catered to individual interests and needs, and workshops range from how to string a guitar to how to audition for musical theatre. Slater Music Academy 143 N. Fort Thomas Ave., Fort Thomas 859-486-1032 • Private lessons for children and adults in voice, piano, violin, viola, guitar, mandolin, banjo and dulcimer. The Suzuki method of instruction is available for children as young as 3.

THEATRE Acting Up - Young Performer’s Community Theater of Mason 513-494-6062 • A volunteer community theater group founded to provide experiences to ages 6 - 18 in all aspects of theater arts — everything from performing on stage to working behind the scenes in a technical role. Large casts offer more children a chance on stage, whether they are interested in theater as a professional pursuit or enjoy participating recreationally. All levels of experience are invited to audition, and family involvement is encouraged. The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati/ArtReach Performance Venue at The Taft Theater 5th & Sycamore Streets 513-569-8080 • Offering professional theatrical productions for families and students with productions timed for young patrons. ArtReach offers touring productions, while WorkShops feature educational

26 August 2012

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Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park 962 Mt. Adams Circle 513-345-2242 • 513-421-3888 (box office) Programs for young actors from pre-K through high school include theatre tours, acting classes, summer day camp sessions, the annual holiday show A Christmas Carol, the Rosenthal Next Generation Theatre Series, and Off the Hill, family shows that tour to area community centers.

MUSEUMS AND MORE Behringer-Crawford Museum 1600 Montague Road, Devou Park, Covington 859-491-4003 • Behringer-Crawford Museum is the home of Northern Kentucky History. Guests can pilot a packet boat down the Ohio River, enjoy a drive-in movie while sitting in a restored 1959 Buick Electra, or soar through the development of nearby Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. BCM also offers programs for visitors throughout the year, including summer day camps, a concert series, and an annual holiday toy train display. CCM Preparatory Department University of Cincinnati campus 513-556-2595 • Provides educational instruction and performance opportunities in music, theatre and dance to students of all ages and abilities. Classes are for arts enthusiast ranging in age from 18 months to senior adults, as well as professional artists in training. CCM also offers outreach programs that connect to a variety of students through public schools.

Cincinnati Museum Center 1301 Western Ave. 513-287-7000 • A multi-museum complex housed in Union Terminal, a historic Art Deco train station and National Historic Landmark. CMC’s major offerings include the Cincinnati History Museum, the Cincinnati History Library and Archives, the Duke Energy Children’s Museum, the Museum of Natural History & Science, and the Robert D. Lindner Family OMNIMAX® Theater. Contemporary Arts Center 44 East 6th St. • 513-345-8430 The CAC offers two ongoing art-making programs for children and families. Thursday Art Play lets kids explore their imagination and express their creativity in the UnMuseum. Family Saturday invites the whole family to use exhibitions to inspire learning and creativity through guided art-making activities. Fitton Center for Creative Arts 101 S. Monument Ave., Hamilton 513-863-8873 • “To build community excellence through the arts and culture.” Families can enjoy arts education through workshops, classes and camps, along with community performances, Fitton Family Fridays and more. Rising Star Studios One Sperti Drive, Edgewood 859-344-9322, ext. 15 • A program of New Perceptions, Rising Star Studios serves youth and adults on the autism spectrum and with other communication disorders. The center is home to a full-service art studio, music studio, movement space, a lending library, parent lounge and a computer classroom. Taft Museum of Art 316 Pike St. • This fine art museum and historical landmark is home to an extensive collection of works from around the world. The Taft provides family programming with Third Sunday Fundays, youth art workshops, summer art day camps, and Artists Reaching Classrooms, an outreach program for high school students. Wyoming Fine Arts Center 322 Wyoming Ave. 513-948-1900 • This non-profit community arts center offers classes and lessons in music, art and dance, to all interested persons in the Tri-State. Classes are offered from 6 months to adults.

“Where Every Family Matters.”

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Prmrs_ 69738 _- Rdns Gen Ad #2499 B THIS AD CAN NOT BE EDITED- 3.75 x 9.75 Birthday Parties Special Occasions ut Ladies Night O kes Personalized Keepsa

Why choose Primrose ? ®

can see in the teachers, genuine interest “You and concern for the children. It is an awesome experience to have your child feel comfortable with his classmates and teachers. — John, Primrose Parent

Primrose School of Mason 5888 Snider Road Mason, Ohio 45040


Primrose School of Symmes 9175 Governors Way Cincinnati, Ohio 45249


Educational Child Care for Infants through Private Kindergarten and After School


Each Primrose School is a privately owned and operated franchise. Primrose Schools, Balanced Learning, and The Leader in Educational Child Care are trademarks of Primrose School Franchising Company. ©2012 Primrose School Franchising Company. All rights reserved.

Just ask a dad.

10-$16 Party Packages


7754 Camargo Road 513.561.1888 Minutes from Kenwood Town Center


EDUCATION CENTER Trained Group Music Teachers Family Discounts Convenient Hyde Park/Oakley Location

CF 16-27 (ARTS).indd 27


Your One-Stop Education Shop! Over 15,000 different items in stock! Florence, KY: 6914 Burlington Pike 859-283-0151 Mon-Fri 9-8, Sat 9-6, Sun 1-5


Full priced items only. Excludes special orders and clearance merchandise. Once coupon per customer; may not be combined with any other discount or coupon. expires 8/31/12

69738_Prmrs_Rdns_Ad_ID_2499_B.indd 1

CLASSES MUSIC to 4 years s 6 month CLASSES PIANO and up 5 years

Unique Curriculum 45 Years of Experience • 5/15/12 3:44 PM

Super Saturdays! 1st Saturday of every month. Free crafts and games for kids. 60% clearance!

August 2012 27

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HOMEWORK! Make your home a pleasant “school” when it comes to homework, so everyone gets in on the learning.


ometimes there’s no end to the supply of tricky spelling words that must be learned each week. That’s what you may be thinking mid year in the middle of homework with your child on any given Wednesday night. Homework’s the equal opportunity disappointment: grueling for struggling students, a time-consuming bore for the eager learners, a hassle for parents everywhere. While your kids may have a few teachers who assign homework sparingly, for the most part, you’re looking at years of at-home tutorials, so think of your homework central as your homeschool. Concentrate on improving your family’s aptitude for homework by implementing seven “DO” rules:

28 August 2012

CF 28-29 (Homework).indd 28

“Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:16 PM

HANDS ON, MOM You know your child better than anyone ... here are some ways you can positively impact his learning.

Seven “Do Rules”


DO let your kids find a comfortable study position in a central, public place at home where the work will get done faster and with less fuss.


DO allow background music for kids who get good grades if it helps them, however, avoid ear phones — a child can’t concentrate on his work if he’s concentrating on the song.


DO make it fun for your little ones. If your child needs to memorize math fractions or spelling words, instead of grinding away with a pencil, try smearing some shaving cream on a cookie tray. This smooth, silky surface is perfect for writing, erasing and writing again. You’ll be amazed at how eager your kids are to practice when the syllabus calls for fun.


DO save editing for final drafts. Don’t worry about spelling and handwriting when your child is working on a first draft of a writing assignment. Ideas and creativity flourishes outside the “rule box.” On second drafts, encourage them to root out common words and replace them with juicier images. Run becomes sprint or dart. Eat turns into gobble or nibble. Edit only after all brainwork is done.


DO let kids move, snack, sing or shoot baskets every 20 minutes between homework tasks to recharge batteries. Little breaks pump energy to the brain, driving away fatigue and boredom. Some kids may respond well to the “Beat-the-Clock” approach to homework, although this may not yield the best results.


DO avoid the word “BUT” when checking over your child’s work. Kids listen for your “BUT” and hear little else as their confidence and self-esteem plummet. Point out the positives, beginning by saying, “It’s good, especially this part. I love they way you described the dog howling.” Then ask, “What part do you think is best?” Supported by your praise, kids can assess their own work and hear suggestions without getting defensive.


DO let your kids do their own work. If your child doesn’t understand his assignment (and neither do you) send an email to his teacher. Laurel Schmidt has been in education for more than 30 years as a teacher and principal. She is also the author of Seven Times Smarter: 50 Activities, Games and Projects to Develop the Seven Intelligences in Your Child (Three Rivers Press).

BE INTERESTED Some parents enjoy taking a “we’re studying this together” approach, literally working on a subject together. Your involvement will depend on the age of your child, but no matter what, ask questions and keep up to date on upcoming projects as well as daily assignments. Check your child’s assignment book daily even when he tells you he has no homework.

Teach organization Starting at a very young age, encourage your child to keep a homework assignment notebook or folder. Often elementary grades will have assignments listed for the week on one sheet or the teacher will send an email home. Make sure you check your child’s backpack for loose papers, too. If his efforts to be organized need an overhaul, help him out with a homework folder system.

Make WORK Routine Find a plan that works for each of your kids and stick with it. With afterschool activities, you may need to hammer out routines individually, but routines are extremely helpful in completing homework with the least amount of resistance. Your child’s personality and strengths will come into play considering their best time to accomplish homework. Developing a set time will help to avoid procrastination and the power struggle everyday with “when” homework will be done.

HOMEWORK BASE Distractions for kids are endless today with cell phones, Facebooks and iPods. This is why many parents conduct homework in a central location (Dining Room table) so Mom or Dad can monitor work and be sure kids aren’t drifting off task. •

CF 28-29 (Homework).indd 29

August 2012 29

7/20/12 2:16 PM

Piano • Voice • Strings • Winds • Guitar Music Theory • Music History Home School Program Carnegie Hall - Royal Conservatory Achievement Program 9690 Cincinnati-Columbus Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45241

513-779-7373 |


Entertainment for the whole family at

fitton family fridays!

Learn something new through our classes and private lessons available for kids, teens and adults! Enjoy our galleries by participating in our creation


101 S. Monument Ave., Hamilton, Ohio

513-863-8873 • Book your next party soon!

fu n!

we build

Cincinnati’s & Columbus’ Original & ONLY Redwood Playset Company Since 1989

We bring all the supplies needed, then take the pieces to our facility to glaze/fire and return them to you for distribution.


PaRTY Swing Sets

We offer Fun, Encouraging, and High-Energy Dance Classes! Mommy & Me • Baby Ballet • Ballet, Tap, Jazz • Hip Hop BEST OF PARENTING READER’S CHOICE BEST OF AWARDS PARENTING Cincinnati Family

Magazine READER’S CHOICE AWARDS Cincinnati Family Magazine


For Girls and Boys, Ages 18 months - 12

513-578-1280 VOTED


We offer classes at various locations in Greater Cincinnati

30 August 2012

CF 30-39 arts & edu listings.indd 30

With Purchase of a hoop, swing set, trampoline.


885 St. Rt. 28

513-831-PETE (513-831-7383)



ew LibERTY TOwNSHiP West Chester Lawn Care 7267 Yankee Rd

N ! LocatioN


“Where Every Family Matters.” E3_00601_RecOut_FamilyMag_Qtr Pg_TripleCrown_CI.indd


Trainers COLuMbuS

484 W. Olentangy/ Powell Rd.


7/17/12 1:20 PM

7/20/12 2:18 PM

2012 Guide to Arts, Education and Enrichment Opportunties Help your child move ahead with these local resources. Great opportunities await to explore their creativity, increase their knowledge and expand their horizons. A Paid Advertising Directory Broadway Bound Dance Academy

The Arts

Music, Dance, Drama and more

Academy of Music and Dance, West Chester

10580 Loveland Madeira Road, Loveland 513-774-9474 Broadway Bound Dance Academy is a young, energetic and highly skilled dance academy that offers private instruction and small group classes to students of all ages. The studio offers classes that fit into almost everyone’s busy schedule. With smaller class sizes we are able to offer more personalized attention to make sure students learn good fundamentals and do not develop improper techniques.

8374 Princeton-Glendale Road, West Chester 513-829-2345 Music lessons for all ages in piano, voice, guitar, drums, strings, winds and brass. Dance classes in tap, ballet, jazz, hip-hop and lyric. Other popular programs: Music for Young Children, a keyboard program for ages 4 and up; Music Pups, for preschoolers with a caregiver; Jumbie Jam, a kid-sized steel drum ensemble; and Fun with Drums. Special one-week camps throughout the summer. Free sample classes.

CCM Preparatory Department University of Cincinnati

Baldwin Music Education Center

Cincinnati Ballet, Otto M. Budig Academy

3799 Hyde Park Ave., Cincinnati 513-351-1109 The Baldwin Music Education Center, a division of Music Learning Center, Inc., has been serving the tri-state area for more than 45 years. Specially-designed preschool group music classes are offered for students ages 6 mos. - 4 yrs. and piano classes for 5 yrs. and older. All classes are taught by trained music educators and piano pedagogues. Classes are offered 6 days a week year round. Convenient location in Hyde Park/Oakley and family discounts.

ballet tech of ohio 513-556-2595 The only nationally accredited community arts school in the area offering lessons, classes and performance opportunities in music, theater and dance. A faculty of 125 teach over 1,500 students. Programs held on UC campus at CCM as well as various locations throughout the area. Classes for all ages and levels, including pre-professional students desiring a career in the arts. 1555 Central Pkwy., Cincinnati 513-562-1111 11444 Deerfield Road, Ste. A, Cincinnati The region’s only pre-professional ballet training program combines professional instruction, performance opportunities and a strong connection to Cincinnati Ballet. Classes are held in the state-of-the-art studios where Cincinnati Ballet Company dancers rehearse. Ballet students frequently interact with company dancers, gaining insight into the life of a professional dancer.

7623 Old 3C Highway, Maineville 513-683-6860 Students travel from all over the tri-state area to Maineville for the opportunity to be taught by founding director Claudia Rudolf Barrett, and her internationally renowned faculty. ballet tech® of ohio offers classes in ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance. We provide training for those who seek a professional career as well as classes for those who just want to dance.

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

Ballet Theatre Midwest

1241 Elm Street, Cincinnati 513-381-3300 The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s community learning programs reach over 65,000 people annually In the Hall, In the School, and In the Community. The popular Cincinnati Pops’ Lollipops Family Concerts are interactive, creatively themed performances designed for children ages 3 - 10 and their families as a fun introduction to the symphonic experience. The CSO’s educational activities also include programs such as Young People’s Concerts, master classes, Musicians in Schools, adult programs and the Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestras.

3833 Eastern Ave., Spencer Township Hall, Cincinnati 513-520-2334 • Ballet Theatre Midwest provides pre-professional classical ballet training and performance program, engaging children’s curriculum, creative dance for 3 and 4 year olds, jazz and musical theater repertoire and adult ballet classes.

962 Mt. Adams Circle, Cincinnati 513-345-2242 Programs for young actors through grade 12, theater tours, Rosenthal Next Generation Theatre Series, annual holiday tradition ‘A Christmas Carol’ and Tony award winning productions.

Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestra

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August 2012 31

7/20/12 2:18 PM

Cincinnati Public Schools

21st Century


Excellent Choices, All for One Great Price — $0.00

Enroll Now! • Arts and Culture • Career Technical • College Preparatory • Foreign Language • Fundamental Academy • Montessori • Paideia • STEM

(Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

• Traditional

A great education is a right, not a privilege. And

when it comes to your child, we know you want the best. You can be proud of the choices you have in Cincinnati Public Schools — Ohio’s highestrated urban school district. Our schools offer many innovative programs — at no cost to you — that will ensure your child’s success. We’ve added more rigor and a wide variety of enrichment opportunities to keep learning fun. Our teachers work in teams so that every student makes appropriate progress. And, because of our small class sizes, students get the individualized attention they deserve.

I am cincinnati public schools

7021R_A2_BTS_2012_8.1255x10.25.indd 1 CF 30-39 arts & edu listings.indd 32

To enroll, contact our Enrollment Hotline at 513-363-0513 today!

7/19/12 3:25 PM 7/20/12 2:19 PM

673 Wilmer Ave., Ste. D, Cincinnati 513-232-1366 Go GREEN - learn Irish Dance! Traditional Irish step-dancing classes for children, teens and adults. Now accepting new students for 2012-13 classes starting the week of Labor Day. Two studio spaces with sprung floors, mirrors, parent observation area. Instructors certified by An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha in Dublin, Ireland.

Fitton Center for Creative Arts

101 S. Monument Ave., Hamilton 513-863-8873 We encourage you to experience the artistic, musical, educational and social opportunities designed with you in mind. Discover something new or cultivate your creativity in our arts classes, workshops or private lessons. Stroll through our beautiful galleries showcasing thought provoking exhibits. Join us for Celebrating Self’s enlightening luncheons, the professional performances of Fitton Family Fridays, EntertainmentPlus! and Mad Anthony Theatre Company’s off-beat plays.

Indian Springs Academy of Music

9690 Cincinnati-Columbus Road, Cincinnati 513-301-0588 We specialize in private instrumental instruction, offer a variety of music theory classes, and national merit certificates in music from the Carnegie Hall - Royal Conservatory Achievement Program. No matter your age or skill level, the Indian Springs Academy can design a program that suits your level and schedule.

Kindermusik Classes by Discover Music with Nancy Knauf 2551 Dixie Hwy. Lakeside Park, KY 859-512-7400 • Music and movement classes designed to stimulate early childhood development and instill a lifelong love of music. Free demo classes Aug. 15 and 21, 11:00 a.m. at Kenton County Library Erlanger branch. Weekly classes Sep. 4 Dec. 15 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Licensed instructor and BA in Music. Go online to search fall classes. Call or email for more information.

Kindermusik by Cathy Siebert

At our classes, you and your child will move, sing, listen to high-quality music, and explore musical instruments. Children learn music the same way they learn their native language. The earlier they are exposed to music, the more fluent they will become!

The Mad Potter Madeira

7754 Camargo Road, Madeira 513-561-1888 Pottery painting, parties and special events. Choose a piece, paint it and pick it up in a week. Special events include Kidz Nite and Ladies Nite.

Miss Nancy’s Musikgarten

4604 Dry Ridge Road, Cincinnati 513-702-9927 • Offering a sequential program of music and movement classes for children newborn - 8 yrs. Singing, dancing, playing instruments, creativity and fun!

MJM Studios Inc.

5796 Constitution Drive, Ste. C, Florence, KY 859-282-6116 • All classes are taught by caring professionals who are dedicated to providing the extra attention that insures you, as the loving parent, that your child will receive a superlative performing arts, trampoline, and tumbling education in a loving Christian setting. All instructors are fully certified. Call now. “Developing the creativity in children so they can learn that learning is fun!”

My Little Red Haus

9429 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati 513-827-9110 Artists and non-artists will enjoy our non-structured classes, private instruction, group sessions, parties, art therapy and open studio time. Come for the fun and go home with your unique creation! Ages 4 and up.

Paint by the Glass - Canvas and Cocoa

8179 Princeton-Glendale Road, Ste. G, West Chester 513-874-0806 Bring your precious little ones out for a day of painting. Weekend classes for kids are now available, cost is $17.50 and this includes: all art materials, instruction and a drink/snack. Ages 5 and up. You can schedule a class on-line or call 513-874-1101.

Piano Lessons In Your Home 513-860-3540 Offering piano, guitar and voice lessons for all ages in your own home with experienced instructors in the Cincinnati area and in Northern Kentucky. Also offers free recitals, a flexible make-up policy, an extensive music library and flexible scheduling.

Pied Piper Music Together

Mason, Liberty Township and Middletown locations 513-767-7134 • All children are musical! From birth, children make sounds and movements in response to the music around them. Our classes help you support their music aptitude. Every week, enjoy 45 minutes of singing and dancing with other musicmaking families. Then continue at home with our CDs, illustrated songbooks and parent guide DVD. Music Together is an internationally recognized music and movement program. Visit our website to view a descriptive video.

A Paid Advertising Directory

6131 Campus Lane, Cincinnati 513-231-3973 PlayDates, Summer Fun: $15 per family with children up to 4 yrs. Includes CD and instrument. Come sing and dance with us. Mon., Aug. 13, 10:30 a.m. Wed., Aug. 15, 9:45 a.m. Register in advance. Free Classes: Come and see what fun a Kindermusik class can be. Wed., Aug. 22, 10 a.m., 18 mos. - 3 yrs. Fri., Aug. 24, 9:40 a.m., 18 mos. - 3 yrs. Mon., Aug. 27, 9:45 a.m., 0 - 4 yrs. Tue., Aug. 28, 9:30, 0 - 20 mos. Thu., Aug. 30, 9:30 a.m., 0 - 20 mos. Register in advance

The Little Songbird Music Studio 240 Main St., Florence 859-547-8765

2012 Guide to Arts, Education and Enrichment Opportunities

Erickson Academy of Irish Dance

Planet Dance

2230 Gilbert Ave., Cincinnati 513-505-6340 • Dance education for all levels, children-adult. All of our staff are working directors, choreographers and professional dancers in this Industry! Dancers can enjoy all the benefits of world - class training in a low pressure, non - competitive environment, where everyone is treated as an artist and respected as an individual.

School or Rock, Mason

755 Reading Road, Ste. 1, Mason 513-770-1257 • We get you playing on stage before live audiences at real rock venues with weekly private lessons and weekly show rehearsals. We have programs for kids 7 - 18 and for adults, from beginner to advanced. We teach guitar, bass, drums, piano/keys, and vocal.

Star Glazers 513-474-6364 Star Glazers turns the space of your choosing into a paint-your-own-pottery studio, bringing pieces to match your theme, all materials, with pieces returned within two weeks.

Tippi Toes

Multiple locations in Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky 513-578-1280 Our dance season registration begins Aug. 3rd. Come join us for a fantastic year of Mommy & Me, Baby Ballet, tap, jazz, and even hip-hop!

Wyoming Fine Arts Center

322 Wyoming Ave., Wyoming 513-948-1900 From classes and lessons in music, art and dance, all interested persons in the tri-state can join. Classes are offered for 6 mos. - adult. Wyoming Fine Arts Center is a non-profit 501(c)3 Community Arts Center. Experience the difference at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center!

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August 2012 33

7/20/12 2:19 PM


A learning disorder is like a weed. You have to get to the root of the matter. At Brain Balance Achievement Centers, we tackle your child’s learning, behavioral or developmental challenge head on — with a unique, drug-free, whole-child approach that goes beyond symptoms to address root causes. Stop in or call to learn more about the Brain Balance Program® and how we can help your child succeed.

CALL 513.257.0705 LEARN MORE VISIT 12084 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45249

ages 6 weeks - 12 years




Full service daycare and preschool. Curriculum based to assist children with Autism Spectrum, ADD, ADHD, Generalized Anxiety, Sensory Integration Disorder, as well as related neurological disorders and special needs

(513) 772-5888 *

now enrolling! 2012-2013 registration toddler, preschool & pre-k programs music, science, spanish, art & yoga enrichment

open house event thursday, august 9 from 4-6pm free petting zoo, face painting, & fun!



This is a preschool, not a daycare.


Do the words “math homework” strike fear in your child…or you? What if we told you that we can change that fear into better grades and higher self-confidence, and eliminate the frustration, tears, and fights over math homework?



Imagine how much better homework time would be. Mathnasium has helped thousands of children worldwide—your child could be next! Better grades are just the beginning at Mathnasium. Discover how a better understanding of math can change your child’s attitude…and with understanding comes passion! Before you know it, your child could be crazy about math. Your neighborhood center is at The Crossings of Blue Ash, 9525 Kenwood Rd. Call or visit to learn how convenient and affordable your child’s soaring self-confidence can be.

(513) 984-1212

Student: Ryan M. Hobbies: Surfing, basketball Aspiration: Engineer Math before: Caught in the undertow Math now: Surf’s up!

“ Everything is fun at Mathnasium.


34 August 2012

CF 30-39 arts & edu listings.indd 34

I learned so much that I aced my California Aptitude Test!“


“Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:19 PM

Schools, Tutors, Educational Resources and more

Have a Science Birthday TODAY! *Hands-on Science Fun for Ages 5-12* We Come To Your House!

Brain Balance Achievement Center of Cincinnati 513-257-0705 Groundbreaking program combining sensory motor, cognitive and nutrition coaching into one solution for children ages 4 - 17 with ADD, autism, dyslexia and other learning/processing disabilities.

Buckeye Online School for Success 866-642-9237 Serving all Ohio students grades K - 12 with individualized education planned for each student’s needs and abilities. Variety of curriculum choices allows the flexibility to work with each family’s schedule. Tuition free. Enrollment ongoing.



Fun For Everyone!


Transform into


chemists as we




bring the lab to

as you explore


the properties


of flight.

Horse & Pony Lessons Ages 3-12

Private Lessons - $25

Field Trips - Preschool/Daycares & K-12 We have programs for children of all abilities

Mommy and Me Classes Earn Your Girl Scout Badge - We offer a few! Birthday Parties!


Chai Tots Early Childhood Center


7587 Central Parke Blvd., Mason 513-336-2256 Serving ages 6 wks. - 6 yrs. Infant, toddler and kindergarten. A blend of Jewish and Montessori education offering strong academics stressing life skills, interpersonal relationships skills, and nurturing a love for life-long learning. Individualized curriculum customized for each student, expansive naturally lit rooms, with low student ratio. Also offering a flexible schedule, child care, web cams, yoga, music, Hebrew, Spanish, art, Tae Kwon Do, after-school enrichment and a drop-off sitting service. Discovery Hebrew School – limited space, now enrolling.


Children’s Meeting House Montessori

927 O’Bannonville Road, Loveland 513-683-4757 Celebrating 40 years of authentic Montessori education for students 3 - 12 yrs. Offering half- and full-day programs, early bird care and after-care, as well as after school enrichment options for all ages. Located on 8 acres in which to offer an extensive outdoor education program, along with Spanish, fitness, library and music. Please attend one of our Open Houses – Oct. 21 or Jan. 27 – or call to schedule a tour.

Central Montessori Academy

Showcase Nights: Oct. 8, Oct. 18, Nov. 14 and Dec. 5 from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Open House: Sunday, October 28 from 10:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. For information about these events and more opportunities to visit St. Ursula, visit or call (513) 961-3410.

Cincinnati Country Day School

6905 Given Road, Cincinnati 513-561-7298 CCDS is a co-educational, independent, college-preparatory school for students from 18 mos. - grade 12. Located on a beautiful 62-acre campus in Indian Hill. Merit and need-based tuition assistance is available.

Cincinnati Public Schools

A Paid Advertising Directory

1904 Springdale Road, Cincinnati 513-742-5800 At CMA, children from preschool - grade 6 are all taught by Montessori-trained teachers in environments that cultivate their natural love of learning – including our new natural playground and outdoor learning environment. We offer extended day programs for both before- and after-school, and our new Montessori My Way program allows parents of preschool-aged children flexible scheduling options. Call today to schedule a tour!

2012 Guide to Arts, Education and Enrichment Opportunities

Education & Enrichment

2651 Burnet Ave., Cincinnati 513-363-0123 As Ohio’s highest-rated urban district, CPS has become a national model of excellence with innovative and rigorous academic programs, exciting enrichment opportunities, and strong community partnerships that ensure each student’s success. Choose from dozens of highly rated magnet, neighborhood and high school options.

Cincinnati Recreation Commission

Before & After School Day Camps • 513-352-4000 CRC can help with hectic mornings and those times in your child’s schedule when they are out of school, but you can’t be with them. Camp CRC offers before- and after-school camps (ages 6 - 12 yrs. and 5-year-olds enrolled in all day Kindergarten) from 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. at selected CRC centers. Dates of operation for both before- and after-school camps coincide with the Cincinnati Public Schools calendar. Please call your local recreation center for detailed information.

getsafe. getconvenient. getaffordable.

Cincinnati Waldorf School

5555 Little Flower Ave., Cincinnati 513-541-0220 Offering a classical education for children pre-nursery - grade 8. Qualified teachers dedicated to providing a rich, developmentally appropriate, experiential approach to education to inspire life-long learning and enable each student to fully develop their capacities. Observation tours at 9 a.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. Tuition assistance available. Ohio Ed Choice Scholarships available. Open Houses Nov. 10 and Feb. 9.

The Compass School

9370 Waterstone Blvd., Cincinnati 513-683-8833 Outstanding project-based curriculum. Offering full- and part-time infant, toddler, pre-school, kindergarten and afterschool programs. Degreed teachers, excellent parent communication and a welcoming family environment. Setting the standard in early care and education. NAEYC accredited. Schedule your personal tour today!

Creative Tots Mason

register today for before & after school day camps at your local CRC center




6408 Thornberry, Mason 513-770-6776 A small private preschool providing toddler, early 3’s, preschool, pre-K programs and summer camp. Spanish, music, art and yoga enrichment available. Low class ratios. We believe children flourish in a stimulating environment which emphasizes growth in intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. Committed to creating a warm, caring and supportive atmosphere. To discover a new approach to preschool, visit our website and schedule a tour.

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August 2012 35

7/20/12 2:20 PM

2012 Guide to Arts, Education and Enrichment Opportunities A Paid Advertising Directory


MONTESSORI SCHOOL Preschool, Kindergarten and Full Day Care Ages 3-6 Open 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. Garden Montessori Where Young Minds Grow!

Drake Planetarium


Now enrolling for fall 2012!


1318 Nagel Rd. Cincinnati

2060 Sherman Ave., Cincinnati 513-396-5578 • Come and let your imagination soar in our hands-on summer camps! Featuring our popular Lego camps, robotics, architecture, young builders, just to name a few. New this year are Magic Science and Medieval Times. Plus exciting space camp is back. Register online.


Miss Nancy’s Musikgarten Studio Offering a sequential program of music

The El Sewedy International Academy of Cincinnati

and movement classes for children newborn thru age 8. Singing, dancing, playing instruments, creativity and fun!

The fact that children make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that

Fruit of Zion Child Development Center

music makes beautiful children!

9180 Cincinnati-Columbus Road, West Chester 513-531-1180 • Before-/after-care. Children learn social, emotional, physical, and intellectual skills in a positive, supportive environment. Individualized homework assistance is provided. Transportation is available for select schools. 513-702-9927

8094 Plantation Drive, West Chester 513-755-0169 The Academy provides a place for children to grow and learn the skills necessary to be productive citizens with a multi-culturally diverse environment. The Academy is a licensed preschool through grade 8 program providing a balanced learning experience aimed at total student development.

Garden Montessori School

Now ENrolliNg! Brand New 10,000 sq.ft. center with large indoor play area.

1318 Nagel Road, Cincinnati 513-474-4933 • Montessori preschool in Anderson Township off of Nagel and Beechmont Roads. Established in 1973, we offer fullor half-day and Kindergarten programs. Masters degreed teachers with 7:1 ratio; small classrooms with emphasis on individualized learning. Call us for a tour. “Where young minds grow.”

First 50 enrollments receive 3 years Fixed tuition!

Gallop Again

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” ~Proverbs 22:6 513-312-5419 Are you interested in taking riding lessons? Sarah offers pony lessons starting for children 4 yrs. and up. Please contact us for more information.

• We serve children 6 weeks up to 5th grade. • Special Language Immersion Program • Early Childhood Education experienced teachers. • Online video cameras in each classroom provided by Watch Me Grow

The Gardner School

9920 Carver Road, Cincinnati 513-985-9444 An award-winning, academically-focused preschool for ages 6 wks. through private full-day kindergarten. Our early childhood education curriculum is age-appropriate and is among the highest standards in the industry. Your child will reach their full potential guided by our highly qualified, degreed teachers and may participate in such activities as sign language, the Be Smart Kids computer program, dance, gymnastics, foreign languages and music and drama.

5334 SOCIaLvILLE FOStEr rd. • MaSON, OH 45040 jaCOBSWELLLEarNING.COM • (513) 229-0223

Jacob’s Well Christian Learning Center

5334 Socialville Foster Road, Mason 513-229-0223 • Brand new 100,000 sq. ft. facility. Make new friends, keep your minds sharp and intrigued, learn about God’s love and how to extend that love to others. 2012 Summer Olympics theme. Two or three field trips every week. Swimming at a local pool every week. Grades K - 5.


Jelly Bean Junction Learning Centers


Early Childhood Center



• Small Intimate Classes

• Montessori Certified Teachers

1313 Ohio Pike, Amelia 513-753-1500 533 Clough Pike, Cincinnati 513-528-3333 5994 Winton Road, Fairfield 513-939-1876 3277 Montgomery Road, Loveland 513-683-3400 820 US Route 50, Midford 513-576-0786 Is your child on the right track? Join us for our school age summer camp beginning in June. Children will be attending 2 to 3 engaging and educational field trips each week. We also invite special guests and activities to our centers. Call the location nearest to you for further details about this exciting opportunity.

Langsford Learning Centers


• Enriching Academic Curriculum • Warm Developmental Environment • Curriculum Personalized for Your Child • Flexible Schedule and Extended Care • Secure Webcams in Each Classroom • Instilling Jewish Pride


(513) 234-0600 OR VISIT

Locations in Blue Ash and West Chester 513-531-7400 A private educational organization dedicated to developing life-long, independent learners. We have been teaching reading, spelling, comprehension, and writing in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and encouragement. Our successful model includes identifying the root cause responsible for the breakdown in reading process and then applying targeted instruction using research-validated approaches.

Montessori Academy

8293 Duke Blvd., Mason 513-398-7773 Celebrating 25 years of offering Montessori education. Providing a supportive learning environment, we focus on individualized education and offer students opportunities for self-paced acceleration. Experienced, degreed teachers committed to the success of each student intellectually, socially and emotionally. We encourage self-motivation and an excitement about learning. 7.5 acre campus. State chartered, AMS affiliated. Extended care available. 18 mos. - grade 8.

Montessori Center Room

2505 Riverside Dr., Cincinnati 513-321-3282 A child-focused, AMS-affiliated, 46-year-old program for ages 3 - 6, with a student/teacher ratio of 10:1. Beforeand after-care available. Musikgarten offered weekly. Located along the banks of the Ohio River in the St. Rose Church annex. Open House Oct. 28, 12 - 2 p.m.


CF 30-39 arts & edu listings.indd 36

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“Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:20 PM


Infants Toddlers Preschool Before/After Care Ages: 6 weeks – 12 years Hours: 6:30am – 6:30pm Diverse curriculums to meet individual needs of children Age-appropriate development programs Safe, clean, pleasant, home-like environment Experienced, professional, and nurturing staff Christian based curriculum Nutritious lunch served daily 9180 Cincinnati-Columbus Road West Chester, OH 45069 (513) 531-1180 •

CF 30-39 arts & edu listings.indd 37

August 2012 37

7/20/12 2:21 PM

ver o c

The New School Montessori

3 Burton Woods Lane, Cincinnati 513-281-7999 Our wooded playgrounds, home-cooked lunches and family-like setting in North Avondale’s Mitchell Mansion provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for learning. Students thrive in a community that values diversity, passion for learning, and creativity. 3 y rs. - grade 6. AMS and ISACS accredited. Open Houses Oct. 21 and Jan. 27, 2 - 4 p.m.

Ob s erv e



Ohio Virtual Academy/K12 866-339-9071 Serving grades K - 12, we are a tuition-free, statewide eSchool that uses curriculum from K12 — the country’s leading provider of online curriculum. With its individualized approach, the K12 curriculum lets students adjust their learning styles to meet their needs. We also offer tutoring, special needs programs and opportunities for socialization through community events and outings. Named Parent’s Choice winner for best public high school in Ohio by Business Week and Accredited by CITA and NCA CASI.

Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian

With Us! Come Soar

5950 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati 513-631-0170 Professionally qualified teachers develop programs rich in language experiences and reading and math readiness to encourage in each child a love of learning, curiosity, creativity, self-confidence, and independence as a learner.


2012 Guide to Arts, Education and Enrichment Opportunities


Primrose School of Mason

“Our family has been a part of the CMA community for over seven years… I cannot express how much my children have been nurtured, loved, challenged and most of all — educated. We love CMA.”

A Paid Advertising Directory



5888 Snider Road, Mason 513-336-6756 Our experience matters! At Primrose School of Mason, we are passionate about nurturing young children and dedicated to providing excellence every day. Our proven early childhood education is built on trust, personal character, and highly experienced and trained staff. The highest standards found in early childhood education create the genuine ”Primrose Difference.” Call or stop in today for a tour and just ask a Mom about our school.

Primrose School of Symmes

9175 Governors Way, Cincinnati 513-697-6970 From our balanced learning curriculum to our incredible teachers, we offer the best in early childhood education. Students are well rounded through the breadth of curriculum; music to math to science to Spanish and everything in between. We build the right foundation for active minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts.

Saint Louis School



250 North Broadway, Owensville 513-732-0636 Catholic elementary for students pre-K through grade 8. Includes art, music, gym, and computer classes. Beforeand after-school child care is offered. Grades K - 8 Meet the Teacher Night, Aug. 20, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. Parent Information Night for preK - 4 yrs., Aug. 29, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. Parent Information Night for preschool - 3 yrs., Sep. 4, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

St. Ursula Academy

1339 East McMillan St., Cincinnati 513-961-3410 St. Ursula is a nurturing, Catholic, educational community for girls grades 9 - 12, best known for its academic excellence. This college-preparatory high school empowers students to become thinkers, leaders, nurturers and prophets. The curriculum challenges each student at her individual academic level and offers enriching choices in fine arts, community service, athletics and co-curriculars.

St. Ursula Villa

The highest benchmark of quality in the field of early childhood education.

Family Friendly Programming: Flexible full and part-

time programs for children 6 weeks - 12 years in a warm & welcoming environment. Hours 6:30AM-6:30PM M-F.

Excellent Teachers/ Outstanding Communication: Progressive Reggio curriculum guided by talented and degreed teachers. Amazing documentation, including portfolios & journals for every child, and daily e-mails.

3660 Vineyard Place, Cincinnati 513-871-7218 Serving ages 3 yrs. - grade 8, St. Ursula Villa provides academic excellence in the Ursuline tradition. Emphasis is on the individual, family atmosphere, whole-child development, outstanding high school preparation, and championship athletics. Student:teacher ratio of 10:1, and a school enrollment of 495. Informational Coffees Nov. 7 and 15.

Summit Academy Community School (Grades K-7)

1660 Sternblock Lane, Cincinnati


Summit Academy Transition High School (Grades 8-12)

5800 Salvia Ave., Cincinnati 513-541-4000 Summit Academy is a free public school for students grades K - 12 with Asperger’s Syndrome, AD/HD and related disorders. We have smaller class sizes and two teachers in each room. Our curriculum is fully aligned with Ohio Content Standards and includes social skills training, therapeutic martial arts, and music. We offer an environment where students feel safe and nurtured.

9370 Waterstone Blvd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45249 Call 513.683.8833 to schedule your personal tour!

38 August 2012

CF 30-39 arts & edu listings.indd 38

“Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:21 PM




D n H on’t Mi ous e A ss Our ugu st 2 !






Currently seeking Men & Women ages 21-54 for upcoming research studies in June. Studies average 1 hour of your time, and compensation is $75 for your participation. Email or call Carly @ (513) 439-2372 to qualify today.

Informational Coffees: November 7, 8:30-10:00 Manor House: Montessori & Traditional Preschool November 15, 8:30-10:00 Main School: Traditional Kindergarten – 8th Grade

What Every Child Deserves

explore the villa values



Learn more • (513) 871-7218

Quality Rated Early Learning Center • 18 months – 5 years • Degreed Teachers • Cognitive, Language, and Social Development • Literary, Science, and Technological development • Safe and secure access • Across from Washington Park

2 Star Winner

Open Enrollment Now! Contact Shannon Bryers, 241-2563 ext. 18, 1308 Race Street | Cincinnati, OH •

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August 2012 39

7/20/12 2:21 PM

August 24, 25, & 26 Blue Ash Towne Square The City of Blue Ash Premier Event  featuring various types of cuisine  from local restaurants; National,  Regional, and Local Entertainment,  Festival Rides, Games, Teen Area,  and more! FRIDAY, AUGUST 24 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM 6:30 PM // Main Stage

Hollywood Nights  (Bob Seger Tribute) 9:00 PM // Main Stage

Roger Hodgson: The Legendary  Voice of Supertramp



6:30 PM // Main Stage

5:30 PM // Main Stage

Robert Eric  (Billy Joel Tribute)

Separate Ways the Band  (Journey Tribute)

9:00 PM // Main Stage

7:30 PM // Main Stage

Dennis DeYoung: The Music  of STYX

.38 Special

Noon to 11:00 PM

Free Shuttle Service available from:  Raymond Walters, Ursuline Academy, and the  Blue Ash Municipal Building. FRI: 6 PM-Midnight,  SAT: 4 PM-Midnight, SUN: 3-10 PM

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DENNIS DEYOUNG THE MUSIC OF STYX Showcasing the Greatest Hits spanning  the 70's, 80's, and 90's performed live  with Dennis and his six member band.

Noon to 9:00 PM

For updated event information and stage  schedules call the Special Event’s Hotline  at (513) 745-6259 or check online at

7/20/12 2:23 PM


PLEASE NOTE: Dates and times for certain events are subject to change. Please call the numbers provided to confirm event information.



42 daily listings | 55 now playing | 55 hands-on kids | 56 ongoing events | 58 plan ahead The all-new PLAN AHEAD is full of events requiring ADVANCED REGISTRATION.

butterflies & nature! all month long


ittle naturalists can enjoy learning about butterflies and nature through a variety of programs and activities happening this month.

Look for the activities. â&#x20AC;˘

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 41

to find nature-related

August 2012 41

7/20/12 2:23 PM


For August events requiring advance registration, turn to page 58.



tudents in The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s audition-based STAR program present this contemporary pop musical for ages 8 and older. Follow the story of Pocahontas who led a peaceful life as a young girl, but found herself having to quickly adapt to the arrival of the Europeans. Corbett Theater, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights; $15. Call 513-569-8080, ext. 10 or visit



While the little ones enjoy the water, look for the naturalist who will have some live animals for you to meet. Parky’s Wetland Adventure, Woodland Mound, 8250 Old Kellogg Road; 11 a.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521-PARK or


Ages 3 - 6 are invited to learn the ways of certain animals on a late-morning hike. Winton Centre, Winton Woods, 10245 Winton Road; 11 a.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521-PARK or


Please see “Now Playing” on page 55 for details.


Discover the world of wildlife with a free nature program featuring reptiles from the Cincinnati Zoo. Presented by Kenton County Parks and Recreation. Middleton-Mills Park, 3415 Mills Road, Covington; 10 a.m.; free but a canned good donation is appreciated; 859-525-PLAY (7529) or

2 thursday


Love wakeboarding? You won’t want to miss this opportunity to cheer on the pros as they compete in more than 20 divisions, and ranging in age from 7 to 55. The results will also determine who represents the U.S. at the 2012 Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships later this month. Voice of America MetroPark, 7850 VOA Park Drive, West Chester; Aug. 2 - 5; $13;


Parents are invited to meet with other families to discuss topics like the science of wellness, nutrition, child development, birth and pregnancy, and more. Participants will each receive a copy of Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine. Apex Chiropractic and Wellness Center, 8624 Winton Road, Ste. B; 7 p.m.; 513-931-4300 or


Bring the whole crew for a free screening of Cars 2. Boone Woods Park, 6000 Veterans Way, Burlington; 7 p.m., movie begins at dusk; 859-334-2283 or


Explore the Nature PlayScape using a variety of tools provided by the Play Facilitator. Cincinnati Nature Center, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 6 - 8 p.m.; $8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12; 513-831-1711 or



Visit new homes from builders like Fischer Homes, Maronda Homes and others. Pick up tickets at your local Remke Bigg’s. Manor Hill, Kentucky; Aug. 3 - 5 and 10 12; $6;


Bring the family for a rare joint performance, featuring the Cincinnati Pops, May Festival, Cincinnati Opera and the Cincinnati Ballet. New Civic Lawn of Washington Park, 1230 Elm St.; 7:30 p.m.

Check out the world’s largest goetta festival with music, dancing, games, and of course, plenty of the famous local dish. Newport on the Levee, Newport; Aug. 2 - 5; 859-291-1800 or


Based on the book Community Economic Literacy, American Pie for Kids! invites ages 12 - 18 to participate in an interactive discussion to understand the definition and concept of community, including community health and prosperity and how day-to-day activities contribute to, or detract from, the economic situation in the place where they live. The discussion is followed by an exercise where each student participates in a mock community. Using real money, students actively demonstrate how money comes in to the community, circulates, supports workers and businesses, funds government, benefits others, and leaks out. New Thought Unity Center, 1401 East McMillan; 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.; $25 per student, $10 per parent or guardian; 812-528-4238 or 513-961-2527 or


1 wednesday Join a family-friendly exploration of the clouds for both weather forecasts and artistic inspiration. Part of the Art for All event. Seasongood Nature Center, Woodland Mound, 8250 Old Kellogg Road; 3:30 p.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513521-PARK or

4 Saturday


Please see “Spotlight” this page for details.

Join the Library and Learning Through Art, Inc. for a live performance of the favorite book What a Wonderful World by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele and illustrated by Ashley Bryan. Symmes Township Branch, 11850 Enyart Road; 1 p.m.; 513-369-6001 or


Join in for an afternoon of all things butterfly as the Butterfly Exhibit opens. Check out crafts, tours and other activities. Seasongood Nature Center, Woodland Mound, 8250 Old Kellogg Road; 2 - 5 p.m. Aug. 4 - 5; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513521-PARK or


Make a butterfly craft, tour the exhibit, and then release your own butterfly (while supplies last). Seasongood Nature Center, Woodland Mound, 8250 Old Kellogg Road; 1 p.m.; $5 per butterfly plus a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521PARK or


Take a closer look at who is hiding under the leaves of the butterfly garden and see if you can identify who is who. Seasongood Nature Center, Woodland Mound, 8250 Old Kellogg Road; 11 a.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521PARK or


Learn some simple German vocabulary through stories and songs. Blue manatee children’s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 10:30 a.m.; 513-731-2665 or


This 10th annual women’s only 10K and 5K walk and run celebrates women’s health and fitness and directly support City Gospel Mission’s women’s recovery program, Having the Courage to Change. Special events include a BOB Stroller 5K, the Sweaty Bands Girls Power Challenge (for ages 18 and younger), a kids fun run, and a family festival. Corner of Plainfield and Cooper Roads; beginning at 6 a.m.; 513-793-8383 or

Offers for Sta 2 or m HTC O

42 August 2012

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 42

“Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:23 PM






! O G O B t ONE f

HTC One™ S 4G is



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August 2012 43

7/20/12 2:23 PM

daily listings

For August events requiring advance registration, turn to page 58. SONGS AND STORIES


Bring your baby and toddlers for a fun program featuring books, songs and finger-plays. Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center, 1301 Western Ave.; 10:15 a.m.; $5 members, $7 nonmembers plus admission (all-museums pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.40 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 toddler pass); 513-287-7000 or


ring the whole gang for a life-sized puppet performance of When You Wish Upon a Fish. Memorial Park Amphitheater, 2003 Jackwoods Pkwy., Independence; 7 p.m. Call 859-363-2934 or visit madcappuppets.


Art takes many forms in the garden — look at how humans find beauty and then create a piece of nature art of your own. Part of the Art for All event. Glenwood Gardens, 10395 Springfield Pike; 10:45 a.m., 1 and 4 p.m. Tue - Sat, 1 and 4 p.m. Sun, Aug. 7 - 12; $4 children, $5 adults plus a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521PARK or


Visit historic downtown Lebanon for eight blues bands, food, classic cars, and plenty of fun things for the kids to do. Downtown Lebanon; 11 a.m. - 11 p.m.; 513-588-0321 or


John Morris Russell leads the Cincinnati Pops through Broadway favorites, including West Side Story, On the Town and A Little Night Music. Audiences will be treated to Broadway vocal talents, including Christiane Noll, Ryan Silverman and Tony winner Debbie Gravitte. Riverbend Music Center, 6295 Kellogg Ave.; 8 p.m.; tickets start at $20, free ages 12 and younger; 513-3813300 or


Join the LM&M Railroad for a train ride during the Lebanon Blues Festival — walk through the train to the open-air gondola and listen to conductors describe railroad history. Lebanon Mason & Monroe Railroad, 127 S. Mechanic St., Lebanon; 1, 3 and 5 p.m.; $13 adults, $8 seniors and ages 5 - 16, $5 ages 2 - 4; 513-933-8022, ext. 101 or


Ages 1 - 6 and their families will enjoy hands-on music making, singing, dancing, crafts and snacks while learning about and celebrating “Buzzers, Singers and Swimmers” as well as the Musikgarten program. Miss Nancy’s Musikgarten, 4604 Dry Ridge Road; 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.;



Take a hike down a forest creek — put on some old shoes and meet up for a memory-making journey. Locust Dell Picnic Area, Winton Woods, 10245 Winton Road; 2 p.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521-PARK or


Bring the gang for a celebration of local food, farms and more, including demonstrations, farmers’ market, local music, and a chance to meet growers, suppliers, craftsmen and chefs. This is a stroller-friendly event!. Glenwood Gardens, 10395 Springfield Pike; 12 - 5 p.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521-PARK or


Explore the Nature PlayScape and enjoy a summer treat. Cincinnati Nature Center, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 1 - 3 p.m.; free members, $8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12; 513831-1711 or


6 monday


Check out 4-H shows, crazy contests, pageants, festival food and live entertainment. Boone County Fairgrounds, 5819 Idlewild Road, Burlington; Aug. 6 - 11; $8; 859-5869968 or

Enjoy live music, good food, a bake sale, games for all ages, and prizes! Remke Bigg’s at Crescent Springs, 560 Clock Tower Way; 5:30 p.m.; The Kentucky Symphony Orchestra’s Newport Ragtime Band explores 1920s Vaudeville in its ongoing summer concert series. Bring a blanket or a lawn chair. Devou Park Amphitheater, Covington; 7:30 p.m.; suggested $5 donation; 859-431-6216 or


Please see Aug. 4 for details.



Ages 5 and younger can go crazy with the color blue and create a collage inspired by Picasso’s Blue Period. Duke Energy Children’s Museum’s Celebration Room, Cincinnati Museum Center, 1301 Western Ave.; 11 a.m. Aug. 6 and 2 p.m. Aug. 9; free with admission (all-museums pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.40 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 toddler pass); 513-287-7000 or


Explore your artistic side using natural media and some crafts to take home (a small fee will be charged for each craft). Ellenwood Nature Barn, Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve, 3455 Poole Road; 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Tue - Sun, 6 - 8 p.m. Wed Aug. 7 - 12; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521-PARK or


Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry sponsors a free family concert featuring everyone’s favorite Zak Morgan! Beech Acres Amphitheater, 6910 Salem Ave.; 10 a.m.;


Explore the Nature PlayScape using a variety of tools provided by the Play Facilitator. Today, make some nature mobiles. Cincinnati Nature Center, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 6 - 8 p.m.; $8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12; 513831-1711 or


Please see “Now Playing” on page 55 for details.


Meet the Eagle Bend Alpacas in this free nature program. Presented by Kenton County Parks and Recreation. Middleton-Mills Park, 3415 Mills Road, Covington; 10 a.m.; free but a canned good donation is appreciated; 859-525-PLAY (7529) or


Crystal Clear Science will be on hand to lead young ones through some science experiments. Pioneer Park, 3951 Madison Pike, Covington; 10 a.m.; free, but a canned good donation is appreciated; 859-525-PLAY (7529) or

Bring your instrument and come jam with The Cliff Adams Trio — everyone is welcome for an evening of great music outdoors in the park. Pioneer Park, 10505 Deerfield Road; 7 p.m. Aug. 6 and 20; CliffordAdamsMusic?ref=ts.

44 August 2012

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 44

“Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:24 PM


Get your tushy to the best playdate in town!

Shalom Family’s

PARENTING On-site group READER’S CHOICE AWARDS music classes Cincinnati Family Magazine available for your preschool or daycare for children ages 6 months to 5 years

locally owned and operated by degreed teachers

(513) 545-7125

Featuring the ever engaging, always entertaining,

Classes * Private Instruction Scouting Groups Parties * Art Therapy Open Studio


The 2nd & 4th Sunday of every month at Gymboree, Mason. Snack and chance to win a $50 Target gift card every time. Advance RSVP required!



9429 Montgomery Rd. 513-827-9110

in music, dance and theatre arts for the young and young at heart ages 3 to 83. For classes and calendar of events: 513-556-2959 513-556-2595


And get lots of FREE stuff for you & your parents! Including: A Tushy Towelettes-to-Go container, books, resources and other great items just for Jewish babies, delivered right to your door 3 times a year!

Amanda Stratton, LPCC, LCDC III

Individual Counseling (Children, Teens, & Adults) Couples Counseling * Family Counseling

Both programs are initiatives of The Mayerson Foundation and are open to families with children 2 years and younger in which at least one parent is Jewish.

Group Counseling * Workshops Addictions Counseling Assessment and Evaluation Stephanie Shell, LPC

(513) 229-8386 * •

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 45

August 2012 45

7/20/12 2:24 PM

daily listings

For August events requiring advance registration, turn to page 58. SPOTLIGHT: FREE CLOTH DIAPERING CUTENESS Sunday, Aug. 12


oin an informal class on all aspects of cloth diapering, led by in-house “mama” Jamee Diver, who will tailor the discussion to your specific questions. Then, browse a selection of cloth diapers. Park + Vine, 1202 Main St.; 1 p.m. Call 513-721-7275 or visit parkandvine. com.


Explore the Nature PlayScape using a variety of tools provided by the Play Facilitator. Enjoy a late morning “Boat Float” program today. Cincinnati Nature Center, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.; $8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12; 513-831-1711 or cincynature. org.


An insect crime has been committed! Join Inspector Insector to help solve the mystery and learn a few things about insects along the way. Seasongood Nature Center, Woodland Mound, 8250 Old Kellogg Road; 2 p.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521-PARK or



Join Joel Caithamer for songs and fun on the LePage Stage! Blue manatee children’s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 7 p.m.; 513-731-2665 or


Please see “Spotlight” on page 44 for details.


Tom Angleberger, best-selling author of the Origami Yoda series, signs his newest book, The Secret of the Fortune Wookie. Illustrator Chris Reiff, who has worked on many Star Wars toys and books, will also be on site, while families who pre-order the book enjoy Wookie Cookies and meet some special guests. Blue manatee children’s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 4 p.m.; free admission, pre-orders of book are recommended; 513-731-2665 or


Please see Aug. 6 for details.


Enjoy an evening screening of Monsters, INC in the Nature PlayScape — bring snacks and a blanket (no lawn chairs, please)! Cincinnati Nature Center, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 9 - 11 p.m.; $8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12; 513-831-1711 or


Meet the staff and faculty at Creative Tots and learn about their preschool curriculum. Creative Tots, 6408 Thornberry Ct., Ste. 110, Mason; 4 - 6 p.m.; 513-7706776 or


What bats live around here and are they beneficial? Learn this and more during a walk and talk by the river. Playground, Fernbank Park, 50 Thornton Ave.; 8:30 p.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521-PARK or


Come out to the park for a free screening of The Muppets. Boone Woods Park, 6000 Veterans Way, Burlington; 7 p.m., movie begins at dusk; 859-334-2283 or

11 saturday FREE ART PARADE

Bring your family and friends to watch the Art Parade featuring kinetic art, giant puppets, themed floats, decorated bikes, samba drums and a Dixieland band. Then join a free community ice cream social with live music, hands-on art activities and of course, free ice cream from United Dairy Farmers. The Art Parade is sponsored by Kennedy Heights Art Center in association with ArtsWave, the Greater Cincinnati Foundation and United Dairy Farmers. Parade begins at the corner of Montgomery and Woodmont Roads and ends at Kennedy Heights Art Center, 6546 Montgomery Road; 12 p.m.; 513-631-4278 or


Join the Library and Learning Through Art, Inc. for a live performance of the favorite book What a Wonderful World by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele and illustrated by Ashley Bryan. Northside Branch Library, 4219 Hamilton Ave.; 12 p.m.; 513-369-4449 or Also at Norwood Branch Library, 4325 Hamilton Ave.; 3 p.m.; 513-369-6037.


Don long pants and closed-toe shoes and bug repellent before heading out to the field to observe some bugs. Bring your bug nets and containers! Gatehouse, Glenwood Gardens, 10395 Springfield Pike; 10 a.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513521-PARK or


That Cat in the Hat knows a lot, but he doesn’t know everything. Bring the gang to teach him one thing (or two). Lebanon Mason & Monroe Railroad, 127 S. Mechanic St., Lebanon; 10 a.m., 12:45 and 3:30 p.m. Aug. 11 and 12; $18.50 adults, $15.50 seniors and ages 5 - 16, $8.50 ages 2 - 4; 513-933-8022, ext. 101 or

Many local vendors, including natural and organic vendors, offer samples and education on their products. Remke Bigg’s Hyde Park, 3872 Paxton Ave.; Aug. 11 12;


Learn some simple Spanish vocabulary through stories and songs. Blue manatee children’s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 10:30 a.m.; 513-731-2665 or


Check out some amazing cars and trucks, a live DJ and refreshments available for purchase. Robert L Schuler Sports Complex, 11532 Deerfield Road; 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.; 513-792-7270.


Have fun climbing on trucks, pretending to drive and listening to their horns! Kids can check out construction vehicles, fire trucks, and more. England-Idlewild Park, 5550 Idlewild, Burlington; 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.; 859-3342283 or


“Stones and Bones” is the theme of today’s walk, designed for all ages. Join an Outdoor Educator for an hour-long hike to explore the park. Line Hill Mound Area, Rentschler Forest MetroPark, 3800 HamiltonMiddletown Road, Fairfield; 10 a.m.; a valid MetroParks motor vehicle permit (see site for rates) is required to enter the park; 513-867-5835 or


Some of the world’s best tennis players compete for prizes and prestige, including the likes of Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova. Lindner Family Tennis Center, 5460 Courseview Drive, Mason; Aug. 11 - 19; single session tickets start at $10;


Cheer on young athletes as they compete in the 2012 National Championships — kids from age 7 and older will swim, bike and run for the chance to stand on the podium (or just complete a monumental task)! Voice of America Park, 7850 VOA Park Drive, West Chester; Aug. 11 - 12;


Please see “Spotlight” this page for details.


Please see Aug. 3 for details.

46 August 2012

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 46

(the “Calendar” continues on page 48)

“Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:24 PM

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW! Advance ticket purchase recommended as tickets can sell out!

Train Ride with the Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that! Join us for an adventure in learning and exploring nature at the LM&M Junction.


Aug 11-12 10am • 12:45pm, 3:30pm

For kids ages 3–10

Train Ride with Clifford

Take a train ride to visit Clifford and Emily Elizabeth!

Aug 18-19 & 25-26 10am • 12:45pm, 3:30pm

ALL CONCERTS AT 10:30 am I MUSIC HALL Kids’ Zone pre-concert fun starts at 9:30 am! NOV 10, 2012


FEB 2, 2013

Step aboard the Spaceship Cincinnati Pops and blast off for the musical ride of your life, accompanied by NASA images! J AD UST DE D!

What’s a sure sign of spring? Robins, flowers and… butterflies! Enjoy a musical celebration of the vibrant beauty of the season.

Subscribe now to 2 or more Lollipops concerts and save! Single tickets on sale Aug 8, 2012 Tickets $7 children/$12 adults I 513.381.3300 John Morris Russell conductor


each ride ticket!

JMR (a.k.a. Old MacMaestro) kicks up some farmland fun with Flight of the Bumblebee and much more!

APR 20, 2013 * * 513 933-8022




Coming in September Day Out with Thomas!

The CSO is grateful to the George & Anne P. Heldman Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation for their tremendous support in honor of the Waiting for Wings commission. MEDIA PARTNER



READER’S CHOICE AWARDS Cincinnati Family Magazine


Every Day!

voting us Best of Parenting 2 years in a row!

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children get an orthodontic check-up by the age of 7. Our new patient visits are complimentary, so call us today for your new patient visit. Cincinnati Location

West Chester Location



9505 Montgomery Rd.

7242 Tylers Corner Dr. •

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 47

Must present coupon at time of purchase. To receive discount use access code CFM812 when ordering. Not valid on Day Out With Thomas. May not be used with any other offer or discount. Valid thru: 08/26/12.

August 2012 47

7/20/12 2:24 PM

daily listings

For August events requiring advance registration, turn to page 58.

THE CAT IN THE HAT TRAIN RIDE Please see Aug. 11 for details.


Partial picture clues lead you on a hunt through the harbor area in search of the item they are from. Pick up your clue packet at the Visitor Center. Miami Whitewater Forest, 9001 Mt. Hope Road; 1 - 4 p.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513521-PARK or


Please see Aug. 11 for details.


Bring your instrument to play or just a chair to enjoy the music. Pioneer Church Area, Indian Creek MetroPark, 3000 Indian Creek Road, Oxford; 2:30 p.m.; a valid MetroParks motor vehicle permit (see site for rates) is required to enter the park; 513-867-5835 or

YOUTH & JUNIOR TRIATHLON Please see Aug. 11 for details.


Ages 5 and younger take a look at works by graffiti artists from all over the world. Duke Energy Children’s Museum’s Celebration Room, Cincinnati Museum Center, 1301 Western Ave.; 11 a.m. Aug. 13 and 2 p.m. Aug. 16; free with admission (all-museums pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.40 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 toddler pass); 513-287-7000 or


Based on the Musikgarten curriculum, this program introduces ages 2 - 5 to basic music concepts using movement, instruments and their own imagination. Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center, 1301 Western Ave.; 10:15 a.m.; $5 members, $7 nonmembers plus admission (all-museums pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.40 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 toddler pass); 513-287-7000 or


Mike Hemmelgarn brings high-energy comedy, juggling and ventriloquism with a splash of magic and balloons in the center court near Macy’s. Keep the party going with special activities including character appearances, and special gifts for moms. Dayton Mall, 2700 Miamisburg Centerville Road, Dayton; 10 a.m.;

14 tuesday HANDS ON NATURE

Explore the Nature PlayScape using a variety of tools provided by the Play Facilitator. Today, work on building a fort. Cincinnati Nature Center, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 1 - 3 p.m.; $8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12; 513831-1711 or


History fans are invited to a presentation from the Behringer-Crawford Museum about Greater Cincinnati Civil War fortifications and the siege of 1862. Erlanger Branch, Kenton County Public Library, 401 Kenton Lands Road, Erlanger; 7 p.m.; 859-491-4003 or

15 wednesday FREE OPEN HOUSE

Learn more about the El Sewedy International Academy of Cincinnati, which offers a fully-licensed full-time and part-time preschool program. El Sewedy International Academy of Cincinnati, 8094 Plantation Drive, West Chester; 2 - 4 p.m.; 513-755-0169 or


Discover what sits at the top of nature’s food chain with Raptor, Inc. Presented by Kenton County Parks and Recreation. Middleton-Mills Park, 3415 Mills Road, Covington; 10 a.m.; free but a canned good donation is appreciated; 859-525-PLAY (7529) or (the “Calendar” continues on page 51)

Voted one of Cincinnati’s Favorite Child Care Centers At Jelly Bean Junction Learning Centers we are dedicated to teaching, encouraging and nurturing your child. Our excellent child care staff and specialized curriculum will help make sure your child is on the right track to successful learning and growth through play. BACK-TO-SCHOOL SPECIAL $50 OFF ONE WEEK 5 Greater Cincinnati Locations.

for new enrollment only with this coupon. expires 8/31/12

Jelly Bean Junction

Learning Centers Anderson (513) 528-3333 | Amelia (513) 753-1500 | Milford (513) 576-1133 Fairfield (513) 939-1876 | Loveland (513) 683-3400

48 August 2012

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 48

“Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:24 PM â&#x20AC;˘

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 49

August 2012 49

7/20/12 2:24 PM

• Visit our website to see our internationally renowned faculty • Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Tap & Tae Kwon Do • Adult classes and Musical Movement for ages 2 - 3 • Annual Nutcracker and Anniversary Gala • Early Bird Registration Discount Open House, 3:00 - 5:00 Friday, Aug. 3 & Sunday, Aug. 19

CALL NOW! 513-683-6860 or GO TO: thank you for voting us one of the best party entertainers in cincinnati and northern kentucky!



(513) 702-4400

cincinnati’s finest family magician amazing magic, audience participation and silly fun. your child is the STAR of the show! harvey the live rabbit appears.


!" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" ! Bluegrass for Babies is a charitable bluegrass concert that benefits the Perinatal Institute of Cincinnati Children’s

!" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" ! featuring


!" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" ! SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 4pm - 9:30pm SAWYER POINT, DOWNTOWN CINCINNATI


!" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" !" ! For ticket sales, donations, and additional information go to:


CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 50

“Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:25 PM

For August events requiring advance registration, turn to page 58.


Kids are invited to experiment with physical science with Cincinnati Museum Center. Pioneer Park, 3951 Madison Pike, Covington; 10 a.m.; free, but a canned good donation is appreciated; 859-525-PLAY (7529) or


Please see Aug. 13 for details.


Support the Jovante Woods Foundation with Bengals’ star, Ickey Woods. Check out autographs and photos from 12 - 3 and 5 - 9 p.m., play some corn hole, get your face painted, and join an Ickey shuffle contest for prizes and fun. Orange Leaf Hyde Park, 3802 Paxton Ave.; 12 - 9 p.m.; 513-321-0898 or


Enjoy a free screening of The Smurfs with your little ones. Boone Woods Park, 6000 Veterans Way, Burlington; 7 p.m., movie begins at dusk; 859-334-2283 or


Explore the Nature PlayScape using a variety of tools provided by the Play Facilitator. Learn about solar prints today. Cincinnati Nature Center, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 6 - 8 p.m.; $8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12; 513831-1711 or


Ages 4 and older can hear the book Clink by Kelly Dipucchio, then create a robot from found objects. Blue manatee children’s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 2 p.m.; 513-731-2665 or


Go back in time with a free screening of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs . Walton Community Park, 35 Old Stephenson Mill Road, Walton; 7 p.m., movie begins at dusk; 859-334-2283 or


Kids are invited to create a Klutz Craft that they can take home. Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 7800 Montgomery Road; 11 a.m.; 513-794-9320.


Celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Nature PlayScape by helping to decorate a permanent mural. Cincinnati Nature Center, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 9 - 11 p.m.; $8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12; 513-831-1711 or


The Cincinnati Shakespeare Company offers a performance of The Tempest this afternoon. Boone Woods Park, 6000 Veterans Way, Burlington; 1 p.m.; 859-334-2283 or


Explore the night sky with trained staff from the Cincinnati Observatory who teaches about the planets and the stars, answer your questions and let you have a look through their telescopes. Bring some blankets. England-Idlewild Park, 5550 Idlewild Road, Burlington; 7:45 p.m.; 859-334-2283 or


Take a train ride to see Clifford the Big Red Dog and Emily Elizabeth. Play on the LM&M play set, enjoy some favorite Clifford stories, and make a craft. Parents, be sure to bring your cameras! Lebanon Mason & Monroe Railroad, 127 S. Mechanic St., Lebanon; 10 a.m., 12:45 and 3:30 p.m. Aug. 18, 19, 25 and 26; $18.50 adults, $15.50 seniors and ages 5 - 16, $8.50 ages 2 - 4; 513933-8022, ext. 101 or


Explore some insects in the Nature PlayScape using a variety of tools provided by the Play Facilitator. Cincinnati Nature Center, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 1 - 3 p.m.; $8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12; 513-831-1711 or


Bring the whole family for an afternoon of art, fun and performances. Take a self-guided tour to find animals in art, experience new textures at the Art Cart, make an animal puppet and get your face painted. At 2 p.m., meet some live animals from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. Taft Museum of Art, 316 Pike St.; 1 - 4 p.m.; 513-684-4515 or

TRAIN RIDE WITH CLIFFORD Please see Aug. 18 for details.


The history of Winton Road reads like a good novel — visit during the annual historical celebration and venture back to simpler times, pioneer food, stories and more. Winton Centre, Winton Woods, 10245 Winton Road; 2 - 4 p.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521-PARK or


Please see Aug. 6 for details.


Eliana Corredor, a registered Music Together teacher, leads a workshop that lets parents and children explore music together through song, dance and instruments. Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center, 1301 Western Ave.; 10:15 a.m.; $5 members, $7 nonmembers plus admission (all-museums pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.40 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 toddler pass); 513-287-7000 or


Ages 5 and younger create an abstract work of art inspired by the artist Frank Stella. Duke Energy Children’s Museum’s Celebration Room, Cincinnati Museum Center, 1301 Western Ave.; 11 a.m. Aug. 20 and 2 p.m. Aug. 23; free with admission (all-museums pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.40 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 toddler pass); 513-287-7000 or

daily listings

21 tuesday TATER TOTS

Bring the little ones to learn all about potatoes — where they come from, how they grow and their many uses. Glenwood Gardens, 10395 Springfield Pike; 10:45 a.m., 1 and 4 p.m. Tue - Sat, 1 and 4 p.m. Sun Aug. 21 - 26; $4 children, $5 adults plus a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521-PARK or


Explore the world of bugs with your little one! Enjoy a fun tale about creepy crawlies, then crawl over to make a buggy craft. Behringer-Crawford Museum, 1600 Montague Road, Devou Park, Covington; 10:30 a.m.; free with admission ($7 adults, $6 seniors, $4 ages 3 - 17); 859-491-4003 or

22 wednesday HANDS ON NATURE

Explore the Nature PlayScape using a variety of tools provided by the Play Facilitator. Cincinnati Nature Center, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 6 - 8 p.m.; $8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12; 513-831-1711 or

23 thursday ANIMAL TALES

Families are invited for some nature-themed stories from the naturalist. Seasongood Nature Center, Woodland Mound, 8250 Old Kellogg Road; 11 a.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513521-PARK or


Please see Aug. 20 for details.


Bring the whole gang for a free screening of Happy Feet 2. Boone Woods Park, 6000 Veterans Way, Burlington; 7 p.m., movie begins at dusk; 859-334-2283 or


Enjoy everything German, including food, music, dancing. There will also be games, rides, contests and more. Germania Park, 3529 West Kemper Road; 6 p.m. - midnight Aug. 24, 2 p.m. - midnight Aug. 25, 12 - 10 p.m. Aug. 26; $3;


Cheer on employees from the corporate sponsors of this year’s Rubber Duck Regatta as they compete in silly races and events, all while decorated in duckthemed costumes. The festivities are designed to raise awareness of the Regatta, which benefits the Freestore Foodbank, and take place on Sept. 2 along the riverfront. Fountain Square, downtown; 11:30 a.m.;

(please turn the page) •

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 51

August 2012 51

7/20/12 2:25 PM

daily listings

For August events requiring advance registration, turn to page 58. FREE FRENCH STORY TIME


Sample various cuisine from local Blue Ash restaurants while enjoying live music, rides for the little ones and more. Towne Square, Blue Ash; 6 - 11 p.m. Aug. 24, 12 11 p.m. Aug. 25, 12 - 9 p.m. Aug. 26;



Sit back and watch a Union Army detachment protect the US Government Payroll on this train ride through the scenic Whitewater Valley. Enjoy a two-hour layover before your return trip. Whitewater Valley Railroad, Grand Central Station, Connorsville, IN; 12 p.m.; $25 adults, $14 children round trip, $15 adults, $8 children one-way; 765-825-2054 or


Join the Library and Learning Through Art, Inc. for a live performance of the favorite book What a Wonderful World by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele and illustrated by Ashley Bryan. Price Hill Library, 3215 Warsaw Ave.; 12 p.m.; 513-369-4490 or cincinnatilibrary. org. Also at West End Library, 805 Ezzard Charles Drive; 3 p.m.; 513-369-6026.


Learn some basic French vocabulary through stories and songs. Blue manatee children’s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 10:30 a.m.; 513-731-2665 or

Bring chairs, blankets and snacks for a free concert featuring Johnny Combs: The Man in Black, a tribute to Johnny Cash. Boone Woods Park, 6000 Veterans Way, Burlington; 7 p.m.; 859-334-2283 or

Learn more about the Girl Scouts during a fun afternoon of food, games, live entertainment, canoeing, face painting, clowns, a petting zoo, and bounce houses. Pony rides available for $5. Erlanger Girl Scout Office, 607 Watson Road; 1 - 4 p.m.;

GERMANIA SOCIETY OKTOBERFEST Please see Aug. 24 for details.


Find out what makes Musikgarten a great introduction to music for young children. Kids can enjoy activities and crafts, sample a “mini lesson,” explore instruments, and have some snacks, while parents learn about the program and enter a raffle. Little Songbird Music Studio, 240 Main St., Florence; 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.; 859-547-8765 or


Deerfield Township and the Mason-Deerfield Arts Alliance presents this 5K trail race that explores the trails of the historic Kings Mansion. Proceeds benefit arts programming at the Mason-Deerfield Arts Alliance. Stick around after the race for kids’ activities and refreshments. Kings Mansion, 1840 King Ave.; 9 a.m.; $10 pre-registration;


Head over to Lolli Bean’s specialty baby boutique to check out products supporting healthy, safe and sustainable practices and enjoy a bag of free samples. Lolli Bean’s, 6860 Wooster Pike; 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; 513549-7204 or


Amateur and professional astronomers are invited to view the stars after an indoor planetarium-styled program — check out the moon, Saturn and Mars, as well as some constellations through telescopes provided by the Mid-Western Astronomers and Cincinnati Observatory. Lincoln Ridge Park, 420 Independence Station Road, Independence; 8 p.m.; 859-525-PLAY (7529) or


Please see Aug. 24 for details.

TRAIN RIDE WITH CLIFFORD Please see Aug. 18 for details.


Enjoy some blues music with Lisa Biales. Snacks, soda and adult beverages will be available for purchase. Voice of America MetroPark, 7850 VOA Park Drive, West Chester; 5 - 7 p.m.; a valid MetroParks motor vehicle permit (see site for rates) is required to enter the park; 513-867-5835 or (the “Calendar” continues on page 55)

Buy more, save more at

SPEND $75 ANY DAY IN AUGUST AND RECEIVE A COUPON FOR $25 OFF A $50 PURCHASE TO USE IN SEPTEMBER! LOCATIONS: Anderson, Beaver Creek, Colerain, Dayton Mall, Fields Ertel, Huber Heights & West Chester

make beautiful music together. Come spend time with your kids in our exciting family classes —a rich musical environment that encourages your child to explore the joy of music. Join infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and the grownups who love them in the fun of moving, singing, and playing instruments. Find out what beautiful music you and your family can make together.

Come spend time with your kids in our exciting family classes - a rich musical environment that encourages your child to explore the joy of music. Join infants, toddlers, preschoolers and the grownups who love them in the fun of moving, singing and playing instruments. Find out what beautiful music you and your family can make together.


( 8 0 0 ) 7 2PIED 8 - 2 6PIPER 92 . m usict MUSIC TOGETHER

52 August 2012

Centerville / Dayton

“Where Every FamilyCincinnati/Pleasantridge Matters.” (513) 531-7742

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 52

Oakley / Burlington KY Mason / Middletown

7/20/12 2:25 PM

Meet Ickey Woods August 17th Orange Leaf Hyde Park Support the Jovante Woods Foundation 12-3pm and 5-9pm

The entire day will consist of cornhole competitions, face painting and of course Ickey Shuffle Contests. Come join us for a great cause, great fun, & great yogurt!

Weekly private lessons plus weekly show rehearsals get you onstage before live audiences at real rock venues Programs for beginner to advanced, ages 7-18 and adults


School of Rock Mason 755 Reading Road, Suite 1 Mason, OH 45040 513-770-1257

“Our son Jovante was taken too soon from an asthma attack. We’ve made it our mission in life to keep other parents from experiencing this tragedy. Join us in changing the way we treat asthma—the most common chronic disease of childhood; and honoring his gift of life to others by supporting organ donation”. - Chandra & Ickey Woods •

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 53

August 2012 53

7/20/12 2:25 PM







3 years in a row!

GREATER CINCINNATI: Anderson 513-474-5105 • West Chester 513-860-0770 Fields Ertel 513-677-5700 • Colerain 513-385-3034 Western Hills 513-451-7600 DAYTON: Beavercreek 937-427-2744 Dayton Mall 937-312-1294 • Huber Heights 937-235-2125

like us on Facebook

HOURS- Monday- Saturday 9:30am – 9pm Sunday: 11am – 6pm

54 August 2012

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 54

“Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:25 PM


For August events requiring advance registration, turn to page 58. FREE WEDNESDAY CRAFTERNOON

Share some favorite dino stories and songs, then ages 3 and older can make a special dinosaur craft. Blue manatee children’s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 2 p.m.; 513-731-2665 or

Ages 6 - 12 can make a special “Keeping Box” to hold all their school memories. Erlanger Branch Library, 401 Kenton Lands Road, Eranger; 4 p.m.; 859-962-4000 or


30 thursday

Please see Aug. 24 for details.


Join an old-fashioned neighborhood band concert and ice cream social! Firelytes Steel Drum Band keeps you grooving to their explosive, cross-cultural music. Taft Museum of Art, 316 Pike St.; 2 - 4 p.m.; 513-684-4515 or


Ages 7 - 11 are invited to join open auditions for the Cincinnati Ballet’s upcoming production of Frisch’s Presents The Nutcracker. Cincinnati ballet, 1555 Central Pkwy.; 12 - 4 p.m. (registration begins 30 minutes prior to audition time);


Please see Aug. 24 for details.

TRAIN RIDE WITH CLIFFORD Please see Aug. 18 for details.


Bring little ones ages 9 months to 3 years to learn some easy sign language. Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center, 1301 Western Ave.; 10:15 a.m.; $5 members, $7 nonmembers plus admission (all-museums pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.40 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 toddler pass); 513-287-7000 or


Ages 2 - 5 and their grownups are invited for fabulous stories and colorful crafts. Conservancy Park Belleview, 5820 Burlington Pike, Burlington; 10 a.m.; 859-342BOOK (2665) or


Please see Aug. 27 for details.


Time for a movie! Bring the kids for a free screening of Puss in Boots. Boone Woods Park, 6000 Veterans Way, Burlington; 7 p.m., movie begins at dusk; 859-334-2283 or


Make a nature collage in the Nature PlayScape using a variety of tools provided by the Play Facilitator. Cincinnati Nature Center, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 6 - 8 p.m.; $8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12; 513-831-1711 or


Ages 2 and older are invited for a story time with friends from Imago Earth Center that’s all about nature, followed by songs and other fun activities. Blue manatee children’s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 10:30 a.m.; 513-731-2665 or


Ages 5 and younger learn about constellations and create a work of art that truly glows. Duke Energy Children’s Museum’s Celebration Room, Cincinnati Museum Center, 1301 Western Ave.; 11 a.m. Aug. 27 and 2 p.m. Aug. 30; free with admission (all-museums pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.40 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 toddler pass); 513-287-7000 or

NOW playing

28 tuesday



Explore insects in the Nature PlayScape using a variety of tools provided by the Play Facilitator. Cincinnati Nature Center, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 1 - 3 p.m.; $8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12; 513-831-1711 or


Ages 9 - 12 step into the life of a kid from a favorite book and do all the fun things they do in their tales. Main Library, 800 Vine St.; 7 p.m.; 513-369-6900 or


Please see “Spotlight” on page 42 for details. Meet two coaches, one a veteran and the other a newbie, and their different approaches to a classic game. This battle of wills goes beyond baseball, however, and touches on all the bumps of being a father. Showboat Majestic, Riverfront; Aug. 8 – 26; $18 adults, $17 seniors and students; 513-241-6550 or


Cincinnati Young People’s Theatre presents this musical comedy. It’s 1985 and rock-star wannabe Robbie Hart is a wedding singer who gets dumped at the altar. Enjoy a brand-new score that pays homage to the pop songs of the 80s, along with big hair, upturned collars and more good fun. Covedale Center for the Performing Arts, 4990 Glenway Ave.; July 27 – Aug. 5; $10 - $20; 513-241-6550 or •

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 55

hands-on kids Olympic Rings Here’s a simple and fun Olympic rings craft. This collage craft is made from tissue paper

What You’ll Need • Olympic rings cut from card stock • blue, yellow, black, green, and red tissue paper • glue • thin brush or Q-tip

What You’ll Do 1. Make the Olympic rings template onto white card stock and cut out five identical rings. 2. Cut the tissue paper colors into 1 inch square pieces. 3. Paint glue on the rings one by one with a brush or Q-tip. 4. Crumple up tissue squares and glue on the rings one by one. Be sure the ring colors overlap correctly.

— activity provided by the Parent-Teacher Store

August 2012 55

7/20/12 2:25 PM

For August events requiring advance registration, turn to page 58.

ongoing events Cincinnati Museum Center Union Terminal 1301 Western Ave. 513-287-7000 • Hours: Mon - Sat 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sun 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.; All museum pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.50 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 toddler pass, $6 parking 100 DAYS OF FUN

Stop by for a different activity every day. Visit the web site for a complete schedule of events. Through Sept. 4.



Mothers who plan to breastfeed or are already breastfeeding are invited to attend this support group to meet other moms and have their questions answered. Eastgate Community Church Office Building, 3235 Omni Dr.; 9:30 a.m. on the third Mon of each month; 513-232-5853.


Ages 6 - 12 can learn about the beauty and strength behind African dance. Bi-Okoto Cultural Centre, 7030 Reading Road, Ste. 662; 11:15 a.m. Sat; 513-6962112 or

This special exhibit explores the mysteries of the city frozen in time by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Explore archeological treasures, sculptures, jewelry and hundreds of priceless artifacts. Through Aug. 12. Ticket prices vary.




Explore the Arctic Circle in this new OMNIMAX film from the award-winning director of Everest and narrated by Meryl Streep and featuring songs by Paul McCartney.

Cincinnati Art Museum 953 Eden Park Drive 513-721-ARTS (2787) Hours: Tue - Sun, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.; free admission, $4 parking ARTWORLD

Stop by the CAM between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays for hands-on activities and art-making inspired by current exhibitions. Now through Aug. 19, kids can explore “How Instrumental,” including instruments from around the world or from just down the street!


These weekend tours led by CAM docents feature touchable objects and hands-on ARTSTOPS. Meet at 1 p.m. on Saturdays; 3 p.m. on Sundays.

Contemporary Arts Center 44 East Sixth St. 513-345-8400 Hours: Mon 10 a.m. - 9 p.m., Wed - Fri 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sat - Sun 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Admission: $7.50 adults, $6.50 seniors, $5.50 students, $4.50 ages 3 - 13

Ages 6 - 12 are invited to build confidence, listening skills and discipline through African drumming. Bi-Okoto Cultural Centre, 7030 Reading Road, Ste. 662; 10 a.m. Sat; 513-696-2112 or Moms in Greater Cincinnati are invited to join this networking group and participate in monthly gatherings like the New Member Meet and Greet. RSVP to for meeting locations and times.



Enjoy a cup of coffee from the decafe while your little one enjoys a preschool story time, songs and snacks. Blue manatee children’s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 9:30 a.m. Sat; 513-731-2665 or


Moms are invited to meet other moms, get answers to their questions, and make new friends. Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center, 4244 Hamilton Ave.; 10:30 a.m. Mon (birth to 15 months) and Thu (16 months and older); 513-591-2332 or



Join an indoor celebration of kid’s favorite - Thomas the Train! This exhibit features several layouts, Thomas videos, a scavenger hunt and crafts, and two outdoor train rides. EnterTrainment Junction, 7379 Squire Ct., West Chester; through Sept. 10; ticket prices start at $9.95 per child; 513-898-8000 or


Kids can enjoy a free craft or activity along with a free kids’ meal, with the purchase of an adult combo meal. Visit the web site for weekly themes. Chickfil-A, 4980 Houston Road, Florence; 5 - 8 p.m. Tue;



CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 56

Bring your little ones to hear favorite stories and listen to new tales each week. Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 2692 Madison Road; 10:30 a.m. Mon, Wed and Fri; 513-396-8960 or Also at 10:30 a.m. on Tue, Thu and Sat at Crestview Hills, 2785 Dixie Hwy., Crestview Hills; 859-912-7860.



56 August 2012


New and established patients who arrive between 8 and 9 a.m. will be seen for a wellness or problem visit with the nurse practitioner, no appointment necessary. Please bring your insurance card and co-pay (20 percent discount for self-pay patients). Seven Hills Women’s Health Center, 9312 Winton Road; 8 - 9 a.m. Mon; 513-922-0009 or womenshealthcenters. com.


Ages 3 - 7 and a caregiver can explore their imaginations and express their creativity in the UnMuseum. Meet at 10:30 a.m. each Thursday. Free with admission.

Tour the 1795 cabin and historic stone school building and enjoy select activities throughout the summer. Shawnee Lookout, 2008 Lawrenceburg Road; 2 - 5 p.m. Sun, through Sept.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521-PARK (7275) or

Celebrate the life and art of Dr. Wolfgang Ritschel and explore his visionary blending of color, sight and perception in his paintings, stained glass pieces, and sculpture. Behringer-Crawford Museum, 1600 Montague Road, Devou Park, Covington; through Aug. 12; free with admission ($7 adults, $6 seniors, $4 ages 3 - 17); 859-491-4003 or

Bring family and friends and enjoy an evening of freshly grilled meals and live music on the dock. Lake Isabella, 10174 Loveland-Madeira Road; 5 - 8 p.m. Fri through Aug.; visit web site for pricing; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521-PARK (7275) or

An artist joins families to help create art projects in the UnMuseum. Meet from 1 - 4 p.m. on the fourth Saturday of each month.


Time to sign up to be a Girl Scout, and parents, now’s a great time to become a Girl Scout Volunteer. Help impact the lives of girls with the Girl Scouts, as they build girls of courage, confidence and character, and who strive to make the world a better place. Call 513-489-1024 or 800-437-6241 or visit

Bring your blankets, chairs and pillows for a free feature film on the Square’s big screen. Snacks and beverages available for purchase; visit web site for a list of scheduled films. Fountain Square, downtown; 7 p.m. Sun through Aug. 26;


Join Ms. Gail for a fantastic story time, easy laughs and sweet songs. Blue manatee children’s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 10:30 a.m. Wed; 513-731-2665 or


Experience sightseeing from a duck’s eye view down the Ohio River and along city streets. Buy tickets at the Welcome Center kiosk on the Levee Plaza, and board at the loading area on Third Street. Newport Aquarium, Newport on the Levee, 1 Aquarium Way, Newport; 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily through Sept. 3 (check web site for blackout dates); $17 adults, $12 children, free ages younger than 2, combination Aquarium/ Ride tickets $32 adults, $21 children; newportducks. com.

For more miscellaneous events happening this month, visit us online at cincinnatifamilymagazine. com or

“Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:26 PM

It’s Time for The 2012

Best of Parenting Awards

Each year, you tell us who you think provides the best-of-the-best in the Greater Cincinnati area. The 2012 Best of Parenting poll goes live Wednesday, August 1, 2012! The poll will be open for voting through September 30, 2012. The results will be announced in the December issue. Remember – only one ballot per household, please. See additional rules on the website. •

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 57

August 2012 57

7/20/12 2:26 PM


1600 Montague Road, Devou Park, Covington 859-491-4003 or • Jr. Grand Discovery Register by Aug. 1. Ages 4 - 6 and a grandparent are invited to join some activities that center around Frontier Life. 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Aug 7 - 8; $40 members, $60 nonmembers. • Sr. Grand Discovery Ages 7 - 10 and a grandparent can join some fun activities centering around Frontier Life. 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Aug. 9 - 10; $40 members, $60 nonmembers. • Yoga Classes Ages 4 - 7 and a parent can spend some time stretching and relaxing. Aug. 3, 10, 17 and 24; $32.

BETHESDA NORTH HOSPITAL 10500 Montgomery Road 513-475-4500 or

• Happiest Baby on the Block Learn how to turn on your newborn’s “calming reflex” for better nights and less stressful days. 6:45 p.m. Aug. 20; $50 per couple (includes Parent Kit and DVD). • Hypnobirthing Join a series of classes designed to make the birthing experience the beautiful, peaceful one that nature intended. 5:45 or 8 p.m. Aug. 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29; $200 per birthing team.

BLUE MANATEE CHILDREN’S BOOKSTORE 3054 Madison Road 513-731-2665 or

• Make a Mess at the Manatee Ages 2 - 4 can explore their creative side while listening to a good book and making some art. 10 a.m. Aug. 6, 13, 20 and 27; $5. • Music With Ms. Meghan Ages 4 and younger and their grownups are invited for songs, dancing and time together. 9:45 and 10:30 a.m. Aug. 9 and 23; $8. • Arty Tea Party Join artist Lisa Merida-Paytes for an afternoon art event inspired by Rosemary Well’s Max and Ruby books. Sip on tea and have a snack while listening to a story, then create a self-portrait as a bunny rabbit. 2 p.m. Aug. 5; $10. • Yoga for Youngsters Bring your yogi masters ages 3 - 5 to learn traditional yoga poses while having fun and playing games. Bring a mat if you have one. 10 a.m. Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28; $5.

BRAIN BALANCE ACHIEVEMENT CENTER 12084 Montgomery Road 513-257-0705 or

• FREE Parent Lecture Learn about the Brain Balance program and how it can help your child succeed academically, socially and behaviorally, as well as receive a copy of founder Dr. Melillo’s book, Disconnected Kids. 7 p.m. Aug. 7.


4426 Brazee St. 513-321-0206 or • Glass Art Story Time Ages 3 - 6 can enjoy a story read by a member of blue manatee children’s bookstore, then make a fused glass art project. 1:30 p.m. Aug. 16; $18.

58 August 2012

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 58

These events require advanced registration. Registration is ongoing until event is filled or otherwise noted.

CINCINNATI FAMILY ENRICHMENT CENTER 4244 Hamilton Ave. 513-591-2332 or

• CFEC Classes Register for the center’s classes for ages birth to 5 years, including Tummy Time, Little Sprout Yogis, Tiny Tunes, Head & Shoulders Knees & Toes, Movers & Shakers, Crawlers and Climbers, The Next Step, Silly Science, Jitterbugs, Wiggle Worms, Crazy Maze, Tip Tap Toe, and new classes Music Express Jr., Preschool Prep, and Expressive Adventures. Class packages range from $50 - $150. • Family Classes Register for classes for the family including Whale of a Tale, Imagination Station, Family Fiesta, Animal Action, Cupcake Kids, PeaWee Patch, Cultural Club, Yoga Adventures, Rise & Shine, DRUMatic, Hands Up, and new classes Grossology and Music Express. Class packages range from $50 - $110. • Parent Classes Register for parent workshops including BellyRobics, Signing Safari and more. Class package prices vary. • What I Didn’t Learn in My Breastfeeding Class Learn some interesting facts about the benefits of breastfeeding and meet other moms to talk about self-weaning, tandem nursing, co-sleeping and more. 12:45 p.m. Aug. 4; a $5 donation is appreciated. • FREE These Aren’t Your Mom’s Cloth Diapers Learn about the benefits and ease of using cloth diapers. 12:45 p.m. Aug. 11. • The Toddler Tantrum Survival Guide Why do toddlers have tantrums and how can you cope? Find out in a one-hour workshop that will also teach you some sign language to more effectively communicate with your little one. 12:45 p.m. Aug. 18; a $5 donation is appreciated. • Attachment Parenting Meet parents who practice attachment parenting to learn what the philosophy is all about. 4 p.m. Aug. 11.


1301 Western Ave. 513-287-7021 or • Back to School Bento Make lunchtime fun! Explore healthy food with a bento box you will make yourself. 2:30 p.m. Aug. 11; $5 members, $7 nonmembers plus admission (all-museums pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.50 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 toddlers). • Bookmaking Love to read, write or draw? Learn some basic bookbinding techniques and create a hand-made book of your own. 3:30 p.m. Aug. 12; $5 members, $7 nonmembers plus admission (allmuseums pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.50 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 toddlers).

CINCINNATI NATURE CENTER 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford Long Branch Farm and Trails 6926 Gaynor Road, Goshen 513-831-1711 or

• Full Moon Walk Ages 8 and older are invited to take an evening hike under the light of the full moon. 9 p.m. Aug. 1, 8 p.m. Aug. 30; $8. • Creek Romp at Long Branch Farm and Trails Wear some closed-toe shoes and bring an old towel for an in-depth look at the creek. Best for ages 5 and older. 1 - 3 p.m. Aug. 25; $6 adults, $3 children.


3 S. Sycamore St., Lebanon 513-477-2368 or • Enchanted Village Princess Tea Parties Join the folks at the Enchanted Village for crafts, dress-up, a tour through five whimsical rooms, and or course, tea. 10 a.m. or 1 p.m. on the third Wed of each month; $30 per child, $20 per sibling.

JOSEPH BETH BOOKSELLERS 2785 Dixie Hwy., Crestview Hills 859-912-7860 or

• Create Your Own Book Write and illustrate your own book and make your own best seller! 2 p.m. Aug. 2; $20. • FREE World Record Airplanes Ages 7 and older discover how to make different kinds of paper airplanes and then put your creations to the test. 2 p.m. Aug. 9.


6131 Campus Lane, Mt. Washington Willis Music, 8118 Montgomery Road, Kenwood 513-231-3973 or • FREE Kindermusik Classes Take a sample Kindermusik class and see how fun they can be. 10 a.m. Aug. 29 at Mt. Washington (ages 18 months - 3 years); 9:40 a.m. Aug. 24 at Mt. Washington (ages 18 months - 3 years); 10 a.m. Aug. 24 at Kenwood (ages 18 months - 3 years); 9:30 a.m. Aug. 28 at Mt. Washington (ages 0 - 20 months); 9:30 a.m. Aug. 30 at Mt. Washington (ages 0 - 20 months).

LANGSFORD LEARNING ACCELERATION CENTER 7616 Cox Lane, West Chester 513-531-7400 or

• FREE What Parents Should Know About Reading and Comprehension Learn about current national research focused on successful readers and how to better follow your child’s reading development, including a discussion of the five critical literacy skills of successful reading. 5:30 p.m. Aug. 13.


3187 Western Row Road, Deerfield Twp. 513-339-1030 1335 Donaldson Road, Erlanger, 859-371-5729 • FREE The Reptile Guy Join Peter from P.T. Reptiles at Lazer Kraze for an opportunity with your kids to get up close and personal with some of earth’s coolest creatures. He’ll share an educational program about reptiles, amphibians, arachnids and more. Space is limited! 12 p.m. Deerfield Township, 2 p.m. Erlanger, Aug. 4.


9001 Mt. Hope Road 513-321-PARK (7275) or • Night Bike Register by Aug. 2. Join a 7.8 or 15.6-mile bike ride around the Shaker Trace Trail, then celebrate with some light refreshments. Helmets and front/back lights are strongly recommended. 8 p.m. Aug. 4; $6 plus a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park.

“Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:26 PM

call ahead to reserve your child’s spot! (These events require advance registration!)

MUSIKGARTEN/CENTER FOR THE ARTS, WYOMING 322 Wyoming Ave. 513-948-1900 or

• Muskgarten Training Workshops Musikgarten teacher trainer Amy Rucker will lead a week-long series of workshops for educators, featuring Cycle of Seasons (Aug. 1 - 3) and God’s Children Sing (Aug. 1 - 3); $80 - $265; 800-216-6864 or


Axis Christian Church, 4503 U.S. 42, Mason 513-767-7134 or • FREE Music Together Demo Class Enjoy a preview of a research-based Music & Movement class for ages 0 - 6 at the Mason location. 10:15 a.m. Aug. 21. • FREE Music Together Demo Class Take a Music Together demo class for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and the adults who love them. 9:45 a.m. Aug. 27. • Free Music Together Demo Class Sing, dance and support music development in your young child and learn about Music & Movement in a free class. 6:45 p.m. Aug. 28.


560 Clock Tower Way, Crescent Springs • FREE A Taste of Health Gather some information on starting back to school on the right foot, including stress management tips and ideas for a healthy breakfast. 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.


1 Sperti Drive, Edgewood 859-344-9322, ext. 15 or • Arts and Socialization Series Register by Aug. 16. Families with children on the autism spectrum are invited for an evening of arts and social opportunities, with a performance from My Nose Turns Red Theatre Co., who offers a hands-on workshop in clowning. 5:15 p.m. Aug. 20; $10 per family.


Medical Village Drive, Edgewood Room 249, Doctor’s Building 859-750-3430 or • FREE La Leche League Meeting Join the La Leche League of Northern Kentucky for support and conversation for breastfeeding mothers. 6:30 p.m. second Thu each month.


5580 Elk Creek Road, Middletown 513-867-5835 or • Discovery Kids Register one day prior. Explore the wonders of the natural world through stories, crafts, songs and activities. Today’s theme is all about water. 10:30 a.m. or 1 p.m. Aug. 15; $2 per child plus a valid MetroParks motor vehicle permit (see site for rates) is required to enter the park.

SHALOM FAMILY • FREE Sensory Sunday: Stories, Songs and Fun For You and Your Little One These private interactive playgroups feature Miss Meliss, who keeps both parents and their little ones engaged with her unique brand of fun. Play dates include a snack and are open to families in the Jewish community with children ages 2 and younger in which at least one parent is Jewish. Two families will each win a $50 Target gift card at each event. Presented by Shalom Family, an initiative of The Mayerson Foundation. The Gymboree, 6209 Snider Road; 2 p.m. Aug. 12 and 26.


859-640-1636 or • Sign Baby Sign Learn to communicate with infants as young as 8 months through sign language in a two-week course that will enhance your bond with your baby, lower frustration and more. Enjoy handson learning with handouts and resources. Class size is limited. Vineyard Norwood Ohio, 1757 Mills Ave.; 6:30 - 8 p.m. Aug. 2 and 9; $30 for two classes.


513-474-6364 or • Hand Building Clay Build a clay creation from hand using air-dry and toaster-fired clay. Best for ages 6 - 12. Held at the Wyoming Rec Center, 9940 Springfield Pike; 10 a.m. Aug. 6, 8 and 10; $42; RSVP to 513-821-5200. • Family Hand Building Bring ages 6 - 106 for some family time while make a hand-built clay creating with kiln-fired clay. Held at Miami Township Civic Center, 6101 Meijer Drive; 1 p.m. Aug. 9 and 16; $15 adults, $30 children; RSVP to 513-248-3727.


234 Goodman St. 513-584-2230 or • Childbirth Classes Expecting moms are invited to sign up for a range of childbirth education classes, including Infant CPR and a maternity tour on Aug. 7; Baby Care Basics and a tour on Aug. 8; Breastfeeding on Aug. 9; Sibling Class and Early Pregnancy on Aug. 15; Prepared Childbirth on Aug. 18; tours on Aug. 20 and 22; and Baby Care Basics (West Chester location) on Aug. 23. Meet in the lobby; prices range from free maternity unit tours to $80.

5805 Deerfield Blvd., 513-398-9358

• FREE Summer Refreshment Kids ages 3 - 12 will learn how to make their own smoothies. 10 a.m. Aug. 7. • FREE Back to School Fun Ages 3 - 12 can make some easy crafts and get a few healthy lunch ideas to start the school year off right. 10 a.m. Aug. 21.


10245 Winton Road 513-521-PARK (7275) or • Pen Pals Register two days in advance. Meet some of Parky’s Farm animals and help the farmer care for them. 9 a.m. Aug. 1 or 2; $2 plus a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park. • Barn Buddies Fun Package Register by Aug. 2. Birds, reptiles and mammals are all around — meet them in an interactive puppet show, followed by the real thing. Program includes Playbarn visit and wagon ride. 9 a.m. Aug. 7; $6 per child, $4 per adult plus a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park. • Barn Buddies Register two days prior to event. Join a puppet show to meet some animals, then meet the real deal afterwards. 9 a.m. Aug. 8 and 9; $2 per person plus a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park. • Friday Night Float: Kayak Basics Register by Aug. 9. Ages 8 and older who fit properly in provided personal flotation devices can get some pointers on kayaking while learning a little natural history of the lake. 7:30 p.m. Aug. 10; $12 plus a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park.


8250 Old Kellogg Road 513-521-PARK (7275) or great • Butterfly Tea Party Register by Aug. 7. Ages 3 - 5 are invited to discover the world of butterflies through crafts, games, tea and snacks. 10 a.m. Aug. 10; $5 plus a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park.

VOICE OF AMERICA METROPARK 7850 VOA Park Drive, West Chester 513-867-5835 or

• Discovery Kids Register one day prior. Kids can explore the natural world through stories, songs, crafts and activities with their adult companions. 10:30 a.m. or 1 p.m. Aug. 16; $2 per child plus a valid MetroParks motor vehicle permit (see site for rates) is required to enter the park. •

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 59


Be in the Calendar! To have your events listed in our September calendar, send details by Wednesday, Aug. 8 to Sherry Hang at or fax to 513-252-0081.

August 2012 59

7/20/12 2:26 PM

Marketplace CLASSES/EDUCATION/SCHOOL Located in Montgomery

Music classes for children Ages 9 mos. - 5 yrs.

Classes now available on-site for your Preschool or Daycare




Arquines Music Studio

Individually Tailored Piano Instruction CHRISTY ARQUINES Master of Music Degree Over 15 Years Experience Florence, KY 859-371-2356 *

Breastpump Rental Medela Nursing Bras Mom and Baby Gifts Nursing Clothing (513) 791-1089 9393 Montgomery Road Montgomery


Music Pups B-day Party!

8179 Princeton-Glendale Rd West Chester OH

(513) 874-1101


Reservations Required. Visit

Parent & Child Classes at

Pleasent Ridge Presbyterian Nursery School Enrichment classes for infants and toddlers to enjoy with a parent or caregiver. Each session includes facilitated play, music & movement, art explorations and informal parenting discussions. Come join the fun!

Call (513)631-0170 for more information.

DENTAL, VISION, AND PRESCRIPTION DRUG DISCOUNT PLANS FOR YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY • Starting at $9.95 per month • 20% to 60% savings • No limits on usage and no waiting

Have a Music Pups Birthday Party for your 1 to 4 year old. Singing, dancing, music instruments, parachutes, bubbles, puppets, & more.



Have a SCIENCE Birthday TODAY! *Hands-on Science Fun for Ages 5-12* We Come To Your House!


Chemistry Magic Transform into chemists as we bring the lab to you!

Join Today! 866-213-5387

Fun For Everyone!

Fantastic Flight Blast off to another world as you explore the properties of flight!





FOR ALL LEVELS Private Lessons – Various Instruments Suzuki Violin, Suzuki Piano, Musik Kids Art Classes & Dance Classes 322 Wyoming Ave., 45215 Not-for-profit Community Arts Center 513-948-1900

let your creativity soar

Music for All Ages Piano, Voice, Guitar, Drums, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Harp, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Oboe, and Acting Classes!

Call for a free sample lesson!



COME PLAY WITH US! 513-396-5578 * PAYMENT & CONTACT Payment : All ads must be prepaid prior to print and/or placement on website. MA IL Materials To: Sherry Hang Cincinnati Family Magazine 10945 Reed Hartman Hwy., Ste. 221 Cincinnati, OH 45242 EMA IL:

FALL CLASSES NOW ENROLLING! Kindermusik by Cathy Siebert Mt. Washington, Kenwood/Madeira

CA LL: (513) 252-0077 ext. 101 FA X: (513) 252-0081

RATES PRINT CLASSIFIED (2.25” x 1.125”) 1 Month $75 3 Months $65 per month 6 Months $50 per month Bundle an online classified with your print classified for $25 per month.

ONLINE CLASSIFIED (purchased alone) 1 Month $50 3 Months $40 per month 6 Months $35 per month



Reading Tutor!

Tess Wulsin

7549 Shawnee Run Rd. Madeira, OH 45243

(513) 561-8677 *

60 August 2012

CF 40-56 (Aug-Cal).indd 60

1. Ads may be edited for length, content and language.

5. No refunds will be made after payment has been processed.

2. Publication of ad does not constitute endorsement by this publication.

6. This publication reserves the right to refuse any ad at any time .

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7. Classified ads that offer products or services competing with display ads in the main body of the magazine are not accepted, and may be rejected by the publisher.

Deadline for the September 2012 issue is August 10, 2012. “Where Every Family Matters.”

7/20/12 2:30 PM

PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY Back To School Checklist: Your Child’s Best Smile Cincinnati


Family’s 2012

DOCs nominee

Contact these Pediatric Dentists to care for your child. “This office is so fun. I love getting my teeth cleaned in the glow-in-the dark rooms. Plus. I get to watch cartoons and play video games” Luke


John Gennantonio, D.D.S. Katie Lubitz Stewart, D.D.S. 1319 Nagel Road, Anderson 513-407-5441*

“The Best Dentist in the USA! That’s why you deserve a gold medal!”



Dr. Richard W. Kennedy 1246 Nilles Road, #3, Fairfield 513.858.6576

“I like that comfy ‘down’ chair.” Noah, age 4 Hebron, KY


David Sullivan, D.D.S., M.S.

Dr. William Greenhill, D.M.D.


2012 Callie Way, Suite 202, Union, KY 859.384.6050

5177 North Bend Rd, Cincinnati

coverads0812.indd 3

“Dr. Kennedy’s office has a very warm, friendly feeling from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you walk out. My son is very comfortable, that makes me comfortable. Love the staff and service! Thanks to you all.”

7/20/12 1:55 PM


• Keynote: Diane Trister Dodge - President of Teaching Strategies & author of The Creative Curriculum • University Of Cincinnati - 2 CEUs • Preschool Open House/Meet and Greet • Up to 24 hours In-service Training • High Caliber Speakers From Ohio • City Manager Milton Dohoney • World Largest Teacher/Parent Line Dance • Extensive Education Exhibit Hall • Family Fun And So Much More….

THE THREE DAY CONFERENCE FOR PARENTS AND ALL EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATORS To showcase your preschool call (513) 827-6543 To register for Teacher Training visit:

coverads0812.indd 4

7/20/12 1:56 PM

Cincinnati Family Magazine - Aug 2012  

Cincinnati Family Magazine - Aug 2012