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Dance is fantastic for all kids and the technique's foundation is ballet. Read more on page 12.








Editor's Note The arts for kids.

Feedback Check out our Reser bicycle giveaway! Plus, parents share on kids and the age when they start getting breakfast for themselves.

Competitive Dance for Kids Creative movement gives outlet for selfexpression and more. Get them

PRISMATICA comes to Krohn Conservatory; Shakespeare in the Park is free at more than 40 parks; parent news briefs.

started early on

Educate your kids about the three poisonous ivies — how to spot and avoid them — and learn a bit more about the newest local predator: poison hemlock.

"It's the Fourth of July, or as I call it, Exploding Christmas." — Stephen Colbert, comedian

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the little things

By Amanda Hayward

Kids and the Arts -


danced as a kid and I’m still dancing now. It’s wild how talents from your childhood can continue to be a part of you later in life. It’s embedded in me; I teach it, I perform and I love it. Without it I feel like a piece of me is missing. This all stemmed from studio and competition dance in my early years and full support from my family. Now there goes my daughter - dancing away. So you can say I’m experiencing the other end of the spectrum now. She began with ballet at West Chester Academy, then it expanded to tap and here we are going down the hip-hop path. My kids love hip-hop like most kids do - the songs they listen to on Kidz Bop are so upbeat and they can’t help but move their little bodies (OK, I can’t resist shrugging my shoulders and bobbing my head to the beat during our mini outings. My kids don’t love that so much). When I watch my daughter out there on the dance floor, it’s so mesmerizing. I tear up every time. Words can’t explain how proud I am of her and even better, she chose this path all on her own. I supported her as she asked me if she could do ballet and on to the next styles of dance she wanted to try. I thought it would be a good thing trying out different styles so she could decide for herself which she loved best. Which does she love the most, you ask? We are still uncertain but that’s OK and all part of this exciting dance journey. My oldest likes to dance, too, but not in front of anyone. I don’t care, I just love that he loves it. That’s where it’s at; if they love it that is all that matters. It makes me so happy to see them expressing themselves through dance moves and being so confident about it. They want to dance around. Dance, or the arts you could say, pulls kids away from whatever is happening in the world and it’s their time to unwind and be creative. It truly is an art, you know? What is art? Art is a way for someone to express themselves no matter the genre. They are the ones deciding and creating, and I think that is what kids really need these days; a break away from it all and time to just be themselves. Even if it means they only do it when no one is watching. Trust me, sometimes my kids make me turn away so they can take over the dance floor and I’m OK with that. It’s kind of cool actually - me not videotaping or feeling the need to take a photo for once. Just holding that memory close, although I'm not actually seeing it. I’m hearing and feeling my kids’ enjoyment, and that means the world to me. Maybe your kids prefer singing, drawing, coloring, music, painting, playing in nature, whatever it is, they need that time to be creative. My whole point being, is for all kids to get that opportunity to move or think freely just once a day. This is where they grow, and you watch them grow. So go ahead and sign them up, let them be and give them the opportunity to try something new that could in turn become something essential to their future.

EDITOR 2 july 2022

Your #1 Hometown Family Resource


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When did your kids start waking up and making breakfast on their own? “Our youngest started making family dinners for us at 3 years old! He liked to make us chicken parm, with no help from us. He's 14 now and still plans to be a chef."


Karie Powell

We're giving away a Reser Bicycle — a $499 value!


“Around age 7. That’s when my kids both packed their own lunches as well." Melanie Novosel

ou can win a Specialized Hotrock 24- inch bike equipped with plenty of gear range to tackle the neighborhood hills, and enough front end travel to ride begin-

ner's trails confidently for your little rider. This smooth ride also

“My daughter did at 8. My son at 5 would get food … I wouldn’t exactly call it breakfast, but he would scrounge in the pantry and find something!"

features a lightweight, yet durable, A1 Premium Aluminum frame designed to take a hit while your kiddo finds their legs

Christie Scholl

will have you spending more time riding with your kid and less

“Super proud of my 5 now 6 year old. He gets up on his own, gets ready for school, brushes his teeth and let's the dogs out."

time worrying and waiting in line at the repair counter. The bike

Sandy Wessel

on the pump track. Rest assured, this safe and easy-to-ride bike

smooths out bumpy and rough terrain. As an eight-speed bike, it shifts smoothly and can take a lot of wear and tear. Learn more at

“All my children learned to get themselves up, fed, lunches packed and breakfast eaten by the age of 8."

“My 12-year-old son won’t even get his own cereal." John Horton “My kids won't wake themselves up for school. But on weekends wake up and get their own food, they've been doing it for years. They're 13 and 10 now." Laura Young “My 6 year old can and enjoys it … he will make an Eggo waffle or pour cereal or milk. I usually still do it for him, but he likes to for himself on weekends." Ariel Silvestry “Eight. I was more than 7 months pregnant with full-size twins. I'm 5-feet tall and it was brutal. I couldn't get off the couch, so I coached my 8 year old on how to make his own meals. He also learned to do his own laundry. Two years in, and now we are going to start teaching him how to cook instead of reheat this summer and also mow the lawn." Katie Wright

Delayne Mason Thornburg Enter to win at under the "Contests" tab through Friday, July 15. The winner will be announced the following week on our Facebook page.

Yes, Kids Can Cook!

A ON THE COVER Cover Kid, Abby, photographed by Holly Burkholder Photography at West Chester Academy.

ccording to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics — which staffs doctors and nurses — cooking is a valuable life skill for kids to pick up as early as age 3. Little ones love helping out in the kitchen, by your side, with simple tasks, and yes, it takes a lot of patience. Next, on a case-by-case basis, you can determine what your child is ready for developmentally. For the most part, kids ages 10 -12 can work independently in the kitchen (with you within earshot) at scrambling eggs, boiling pasta, baking and microwaving.

july 2022 3

Love Where You Live 513.290.6216 2716 Observatory Avenue Cincinnati


The Science of Color Featuring PRISMATICA is at the Krohn Conservatory July 2 - October 16.

Art Meets Nature in New Krohn Exhibit


he Krohn Conservatory's new interactive art show — The Science of Color Featuring PRISMATICA — opens July 2 and promises to wow visitors of all ages. The

exhibit showcases interactive, pivoting prisms that will turn the Krohn into an interactive kaleidoscope of color. The whimsical and colorful display runs through October 16. Prismatica is comprised of 25 pivoting prisms made of panels laminated with a dichronic film that transmits and reflects every color in the visible spectrum, varying with the position of the light source and the observer. Mounted on bases containing projectors, visitors can wander among and manipulate the prisms to rotate while a soundtrack of bells plays. Krohn Conservatory is located at 1501 Eden Park Drive, admission is $10 for adults, $7 for youth 5 - 17 and free for children 4 and younger. Visit or call 513421-4086 for more information.

Shakespeare in the Park Brings Twelfth Night to More Than 40 Parks


incinnati Shakespeare Company brings one of the bard's most beloved romantic comedies to more than 40 parks starting July 15. The fun (and free!) play is well suited for outdoor performances: the setting is Illyria — the ancient name for the coast on the Adriatic Sea. Plenty of families will enjoy the story of Viola, separated from her twin brother, Sebastian, and the comedic events caused by mistaken identities and romance. Performances take place through September 2. Head to to find a performance at a park near you.

Return to the '20s at the CAM


he roaring twenties is back at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Unlocking an Art Deco Bedroom features the work of architect, Joseph Urban, with a lavish bedroom display, drawings, paintings and costumes from the period. Tickets for the exhibit are $12 each, with discounted rates for students, children and seniors. Members are free. Cincinnati Art Museum is located at 953 Eden Park Drive in Cincinnati. Call 513-721-2787 or visit cincinnatiartmuseum. org. (please turn the page)

july 2022 5

local news

New Petting Zoo at Blooms and Berries Family-favorite farm destination, Blooms and Berries, has added another reason to visit this summer. A new, permanent petting farm includes two Scottish highland cows (Scotty and Merida), two white alpacas (Anna & Elsa), two ponies (Butter and Cisco), two llamas (TJ and Fergie) and a happy herd of goats! Kiddos can enjoy the play yard and meet the petting farm friends for only $4.95 each (adults are free). Plan the perfect play date or treat the family to a festive day at the farm, located at 9669 S. St. Rt. 48 in Loveland. Learn more by visiting or give 513-697-9173 a call.

NEWSY BITS KSO Performs Free Shows

New Martial Arts Academy

Monet & Friends in Indianapolis

Baby Crocs in Newport





he Kentucky Symphony Orchestra brings free Saturday

ids can develop discipline and create lasting friend-

he Lume's newest immersive exhibit features Monet &

ewport Aquarium is doing its part to help a rare,

performances to Devou Park and

ships at Budokai Academy of

Friends Alive! Opening July 3, the

endangered species. Gator Alley

Sunday shows to Tower Park start-

Martial Arts’ new location in

museum’s fourth floor is trans-

is currently home to three baby

ing this month. The series kicks off

West Chester. All ages — includ-

formed into a three-dimensional

Orinoco crocodiles; visitors can

July 9 and 10 with award-winning

ing family-parent teams — can

masterpiece with nearly 30,000

watch the crocs grow big over

marches from 20th-century film

practice skills at the new training

square feet of French impression-

the next two years. Once the

scores. Performances on August

facility located at 8938 Beckett

ist artwork from Oscar-Claude

crocodiles reach approximately

6 and 7 will pay tribute to Stephen

Road. Budokai also offers compe-

Monet. Walk through a sensory

three feet in length, they will be

Sondheim with selections from

tition teams for those looking to

experience showcasing the brush-

transported to Venezuela in hopes

Sweeney Todd, West Side Story

elevate their skills to the next level

strokes of Monet’s famous water

of repopulating the dwindling spe-

and more. Finally, September 3

in addition to Olympic Taekwondo

lilies and sensational sunrises.

cies in the wild.

and 4 will spotlight crooning tunes

Sparring; Jiu Jitsu; Hapkido and

from The Rat Pack.


The Lume is located at 4000

Learn about the crocodiles

Michigan Road in Indianapolis

at the Newport Aquarium (1

(approximately two hours from

Aquarium Way, Newport); visit

Visit or call 859-

Learn more by calling 513-

431-6216 for more information

433-1814 or visit budokaiacad-

Cincinnati). For more informa- to get

about the KSO’s Summer Series

tion, visit

your tickets today or call 1-800-

or call 317-923-1331.

406-3474 for more information.


6 july 2022

Your #1 Hometown Family Resource

july 2022 7

A Voice for Northern Kentucky Families Northern Kentucky CAC’s Head Start prepares children for academic success with Center-Based, Home-Based, and Early Head Start Services. Head Start provides quality preschool education for children ages 0 to 5. Combining Early Head Start Services and resources with traditional childcare and family childcare settings creates opportunities to improve outcomes for infants, toddlers, and their families.

Childcare centers and family childcare providers respond to the needs of working families by offering flexible and convenient full-day and full-year services. Early childhood classroom instruction promotes positive socialization and creates a supportive network for parents.

• • • •

For more information, visit our website at

Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission

717 Madison Ave., Covington, KY 41011


JEWISH FERTILITY FOUNDATION Providing financial assistance, emotional support, and educational programming to families and individuals with medical fertility challenges. 8 july 2022

Your #1 Hometown Family Resource


By Amanda Hayward

The dog days of summer reach a whole new level when you notice a strange rash on your kid’s skin. Here’s what it could be and what you should do.

What to Know About T

The Three Ivies

he best summer memories consist of catching lightning bugs, the smoky aroma of grilled hot dogs, kids playing outside until sunset and limitless popsicles. In opposition, summer can have you worried sick when your kids run inside the house with unrecognizable rashes. The best thing to do is not to panic and learn to recognize and treat it, whatever it is. Here is what you need to know.

Kids and Ivy Exposure Every kid (and everybody) reacts differently to poison ivy, sumac and oak based on how many exposures and how sensitive/allergic they are to the oil, according to Rachel Doll, APRN,CNP, with Mercy Health Physicians. “Some kids can have very mild reactions, where home and over-the-counter remedies will work,” she explains. “Some will need to see their pediatrician or family provider to get prescription strength oral and topical steroids.”

To ease your mind, it is very rare to need hospitalization from contact dermatitis (or a red, itchy rash caused by direct contact with a substance or an allergic reaction to it) but this is more likely to happen if any of these three common ivies appear on your kids’ face.

Ivy, Sumac and Oak — What’s the Difference? Poison ivy, oak and sumac all contain urushiol, a sticky, colorless, odorless oil, and they all come from the same family of weeds and cause similar dermatitis; however, they look different, says Doll. Urushiol is not poisonous, but it is an allergen that can cause allergic reactions in most kids and adults who get exposed to it. Having a hard time differentiating one from the other? One way to tell is based on the plants’ geographical location and how they look, and they all can grow different berries or small flowers along their stems and leaves.

Home Remedies for Relief Luckily there are quite a few easy home remedies. Oatmeal baths, calamine lotion and cool, wet compresses work wonders with the pain and itching, or even gently rubbing ice cubes on the affected spots multiple times a day can help. Some over-the-counter remedies to relieve itching at nighttime include Cortisone (a steroid cream) and antihistamines, Benadryl or Zyrtec. If your kids have a more severe reaction, your pediatrician or family provider can prescribe higher potency topical steroids, or most providers will order oral steroids or give a steroid shot for more moderate to severe symptoms, says Doll. “See your provider right away if your kids develop a severe eruption not responsive to previous treatments, any evidence of infection, any new eruption or rash, severe poison ivy on the face, and fever,” she continues.

(please turn the page)

july 2022 9


What’s Poison Hemlock?



A three-leafed green weed with a red stem at the center. It grows like a vine and the leaves turn red in the fall.


It has three leaves but grows as a shrub usually, not a vine. It is less common than poison ivy.


It often forms seven to 13 leaflets arranged in pairs along a central stem. It’s typically a shrub, not a vine. It grows mostly in the swampy areas.

Educate Your Kids About the Ivies

ou have heard about it, or have mistaken it for a harmless weed. Poison Hemlock is a poisonous plant, which resembles Queen Anne’s Lace or wild fennel, and has been making its way all over the state, including in southwest Ohio and the Cincinnati region. With this harmless-looking plant popping up in places such as parking lots and your backyard, it’s extremely important to know what it looks like, how to handle it and to keep your kids clear of its path, because it can be harmful to humans just as much as animals. “Poison hemlock has white flowers with an umbrella shaped head,” explains Doll. “The leaves are green and fern-like, the white flowers eventually turn into a green, deeply ridged fruit. It grows between four to 10 feet tall. Typically, the leaves and stem are not hairy, and the stem has small purple spots.” All parts of the hemlock plant are poisonous, including the roots, but one can only become poisoned by ingesting it, she continues. Now that you know what it looks like, now what? You can remove hemlock without being exposed by wearing protective gloves and clothing and then immediately washing your hands and body, as small parts of the toxin can be absorbed by rubbing your eyes or touching your mouth, says Doll. Very importantly, never burn the plant because it can release dangerous toxins in the air and adding it to your compost pile is also a big no. Talk to your kids and family about hemlock and remind them to avoid it. If your kids see the white flowery plant, tell them to walk away from it and tell you immediately. The safest thing you can do is call a local agency to help remove it. If your kids (or you) are exposed, contact poison control right away and look out for these symptoms, says Doll: dilation of pupils, trembling, dizziness, and slow heartbeat. These are all related to poisoning which means you should go to your nearest medical facility to receive care. Sources: USDA agricultural Research Services and


hen your kids are out enjoying the best days of summer, it’s hard to keep them out of the weeds, creeks and woods. However, you can teach them how to steer clear of these poisonous plants while they play plus, keep in mind more safety precautions: • Explain what the poisonous plants look like and remind them to avoid them.

• If they have been exposed, have them change their clothes after they come inside; be mindful that oil can stay on clothing, under nails and on pets for days. • Wash their body with soap and water within an hour of exposure. • Although you cannot transmit ivies to others from your lesions, others can get a rash from the plant oil, meaning you can get it from your pet’s fur. • Trim nails to prevent further damage from the inevitable itching. Poison Hemlock has white flowers and an umbrella-shaped head.

10 july 2022

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Reach for the sky!

Exhibit Extended by Popular Demand

5 Convenient locations throughout Dayton and Cincinnati

Produced by

Contact us today

The Science Behind Pixar was developed by the Museum of Science, Boston in collaboration with Pixar Animation Studios. © Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization.


july 2022 11

the arts

Why dance?


Exposing your kids to all

atching your kid on the dance floor is a priceless experience. You have been there every step of the way; helping them to prepare for the big day; showing up to practice; calming the butterflies; and chauffeuring your dancer from one end of the state to the other. As a kid, being a part of a competition team gives you a sense of purpose that everyone wants to feel at least once in their lives. Even at a young age, you understand how hard you and your team worked to get to that dance floor. It took dedication from you and your family, time and commitment. Lights and music on — ready, set dance! This is your kids’ one shot to show off what they have worked so hard for the past few months. As a kid, knowing that no matter the outcome, your family is sitting somewhere out in the crowded audience cheering you on and believing in you. That right there makes it all worth it. Competition dance could be the foundation to a great future ahead. If you and your tiny dancer are curious about entering the world of dance competitions, it takes some small steps, and some big ones, too. Competition Dance for All Kids “Dance is so wonderful for kids as it builds not only a foundation of strength physically, but it also gives them a sense of community and teamwork,” says Ms. Jennifer, competition coordinator at West Chester Academy. “It also provides life skills that they will take with them to use in the future.” As we all know, kids pick up on everything quickly. It’s amazing how they just absorb information and not only memorize it, but learn it instantaneously. The same goes for dance. “Their young, and their minds can absorb a lot of different dance moves and pick up a lot of different things,” says Richie Mckeever, dance instructor and studio owner at Quest Dance Center in Beavercreek, Ohio. “Also it builds their confidence and it builds their character around students and around [new] friends.” If you are wondering if competition dance is for your kid, ask yourself: Do they love to go to dance class? Are they excited to talk to you about what they learned? Do they enjoy performing in front of strangers? If you answered, “Yes,” then competition dance may be worth a shot. Studio vs. Competitive Dance Studio dance is a fantastic way to gain dance skills and build a foundation for something bigger. So what is the difference between studio and competitive dance? “Competition is more of a bond with the kids. They have to bond at an early age and go and work with other kids to compete for competition,” says Mckeever. You can expect your kiddo to grace the stage and practice more in competition dance than with studio. As both will give them stage presence, competition allows for a greater amount of stage performance and movement, and they can choose and focus on a dance style they are interested in ranging from jazz, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, break dancing and more. Studio dance is available for kids as early as 2 years old, no matter their skill set, and it mostly consists of on-stage recitals to make memories for the dance kids, moms and dads. “Competition dance uses the foundation learned from instructional dance and takes it to the next level,” says Ms. Jennifer.

12 july 2022

By Amanda Hayward

forms of the art is great for their confidence, poise, social lives and so much more. Raise the bar by taking it to the next level.

competitive d “Time in the classroom and skill sets increase as they move through the competition program. Here again, the sense of teamwork and community grows as they support each other both on and off the stage.” Is Your Kid Ready to Compete? The average age for boys and girls to join competitive dance is right around age 5 and it goes through age 18. However, some studios do offer a pre-team phase where they have shorter class times but work with various routines and teams, learn what they need for tryouts and from there, parents and directors can decide if they are competition-ready. So how do you know they are competition-ready? Mckeever says his motto is to first make sure they are having fun. “First and foremost, have fun and if they enjoy it, that’s a good sign,” he says. Next, think about if your family and kid are both ready for the commitment. The commitment is higher when you’re in competition and on a pre-team, and once you decide you are prepared for it, the next step is to enjoy it. “Especially during those first few years, it is very important,” he continues. Trying to decide on the style of dance your kid loves? There are plenty to choose from. Some genres of dance are more appealing to kids these days, gauging their interest in wanting to learn more moves and take it to the next level. “Jazz and hip-hop, with their fast pace and upbeat music, are some of the favorites,” says Ms. Jennifer. “Contemporary dance is starting to become a very popular genre of dance; with its movement and style combining both classical modern and jazz.”

Your #1 Hometown Family Resource

By Amanda Hayward looking to join a competitive program,” says Ms. Jennifer. “The level of commitment (both time and financial) depends on the academy you choose,” she adds. Speak with the studio and competition directors to learn what they are all about: Does the competition studio offer year-round classes? Do they keep the competition within driving distance for busy families and working parents? Do they offer group routines or mostly solo? These are all important details to consider, and according to Ms. Jennifer; group routines are the most economical. Give Gymnastics a Try: Gymnastics classes can build a great foundation for dance — strength, conditioning, flexibility and more can improve your dancer’s skills. Think about adding this into your kids’ dance competition journey. Your Kid’s Future in Dance Dance plays a role in your kids’ future beyond the skills and trophies: it builds their sense of self, teamwork and strengthens their dedication/ commitment responsibilities and increases their self confidence, says Ms. Jennifer. “It also allows kids to learn some of life’s harder lessons while being supported by their dance ‘family,’” she continues. All in all, competition for kids can help your kids grow as dancers and as young people, too.

dance for kids

Amanda Hayward is editor of this publication and a mom of three.

Sign ‘Em Up! Here are select local dance studios in Ohio and NKY to get you and your dancer started.

Your Kid is Ready to Compete — Are You on The Right Track? Let’s dance! But first, here is a great track to follow as you begin your competition dance journey:


Begin with Ballet: Be sure your kiddo is familiar with the basic fundamentals, usually beginning with studio ballet classes. Ballet is a dance form that helps with core strength and technique work which will prepare your kid for competition. “It [ballet] is the foundation to which all other forms of dance stem,” explains Ms. Jennifer. “Ballet also improves flexibility, movement and gracefulness. As kids start to incorporate other styles of dance, ballet should always be a part of their class repertoire.”

Cincy Dance Studio, LLC 8143 Camargo Road, STE B Cincinnati, Oh 513-846-4835 |

Enroll in Instructional Classes: This includes ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and hip-hop. Once their skill set has reached a certain level, they can then be considered for the competition team, Ms. Jennifer continues. Choose a Dance Style: A dance style your kid loves is essential to their happiness, success and confidence. Register For Technique Classes: Technique classes and pre-competition classes will prepare them for tryouts; every kid will need to try out in order to be on a team. “Precompetition and technique classes give kids the awareness and dancing, and they are going to be dancing a lot more,” says Mckeever. Also when they enter tryouts, they don’t have to try out for everything, only the dance that interests them. Encourage your kids to not only have fun but also to try out-of-the-box techniques which will help them to be well-rounded dancers. Choose an Academy, Ask Questions: During this process, the parents are getting prepared, too. “Dedication and commitment is also a very important factor when

Arabesque Dance Academy 1500 Goodman Ave. Cincinnati, Oh 513-401-5361 |

Dance Etc. 5985 Meijer Drive #2191 Milford, Oh 513-576-1400 | Empire Premiere Academy 4800 Interstate Drive West Chester, Oh 513-795-6955 | Encore Performing Arts 3320 Tylersville Road Fairfield Township, Oh 513-892-260 Mason Dance Center 600 Reading Road Mason, Oh 513-398-0353 | SDA Studios 7398 Liberty One Drive Liberty Township, Oh 513-779-0135 |

Planet Dance 2230 Gilbert Ave. Cincinnati, Oh 513-505-6340 Quest Dance Center 3820 Kemp Road Beaercreek, Oh 937-306-8733 West Chester Academy 8107 Market Place Drive West Chester, Oh 513-829-2345

NKY Dance Express NKY 725 Alexandria Pike Ft. Thomas, Ky 859-581-4062 Expressions Dance Theatre 2434 High St. Crescent Springs, Ky 859-344-8489 | Moss Performing Arts Academy 1671 Park Road, STE 2 Fort Wright, Ky 859-344-6362

Wander. Wonder.

Summer was made for exploring. With nearly 18,000 acres of forest, lakes, and activity centers, here adventure is just around the corner.

Now Enrolling

bal l et • t a p • j a z z hi p- ho p • m o d e r n pr e- dan c e c o m b o s

600-B Reading Road, Mason 513.398.0353 14 july 2022

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Cassinelli, Shanker & Baker

7242 Tylers Corner Drive, West Chester 4881 Cooper Road, Blue Ash 513.777.7060 Drs. Alex Cassinelli, Shiv Shanker and Robin Baker are board-certified doctors that have years of hands-on training and experience in the newest and most effective orthodontic treatments available. Their goal is to provide all patients with the highest quality, stateof-the-art orthodontic care in an environment both comfortable and welcoming. Patients’ satisfaction is a top priority, and they want each patient to leave the office with a smile that exceeds his or her expectations. The practice offers traditional braces, Clarity™ Clear Brackets, Invisalign® and SureSmile®, our in-house aligners, to both adults and children, as early as age 7. Your treatment plan will be designed specifically for your unique goals and needs, resulting in a beautiful smile to last a lifetime! The practice currently holds the following awards: Cincinnati Family magazine Best of Parenting, now eleven years in a row, West Chester + Liberty Lifestyle Readers’ Choice Award, now 5 years in a row, Cincinnati Magazine’s Top Dentist, many years in a row, and Cincy Magazine, Best Orthodontist of the North. Contact Cassinelli, Shanker and Baker Orthodontics to schedule your complimentary new patient exam and learn about the variety of treatment options we offer for all stages of life. The practice has two convenient office locations, in Blue Ash and West Chester, OH. They provide quality orthodontics to the West

Chester, Liberty Township, Sharonville, Mason, Montgomery, Blue Ash, Madeira, Kenwood, Reading, and surrounding areas. Dr. Alex Cassinelli is a board-certified specialist who has more than 20 years of experience as an orthodontic practitioner in the Cincinnati area. A native of the city, he graduated from St. Xavier High School and was pleased to return to home turf with his wife Tracy to start their family after completion of his orthodontics program. Dr. Shiv Shanker is a board-certified specialist with many years of experience as an orthodontist. He attained the status of Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics in 2003. Dr. Shanker maintains a one-day-a-week affiliation with the Ohio State University College of Dentistry as co-director of the Dentofacial Deformity Program in the graduate orthodontic and oral and maxillofacial surgery programs. Dr. Robin Baker is a board-certified specialist and grew up in Cincinnati. She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from The Ohio State University. She practiced as a general dentist in San Antonio and Dayton while her husband was serving in the United States Air Force. She returned to OSU where she completed her specialty training in the orthodontics residency program. Her research is published in The American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. They love creating beautiful smiles every day!






Kelly Gibbs, Comey & Shepherd

2716 Observatory Ave., Cincinnati 513-290-6216

If you are searching for, buying, or selling a property, the importance of having a knowledgeable Realtor to represent you cannot be overstated. You need someone with extensive experience and deep contacts within the community. From urban condos in OTR to traditional suburban living in Montgomery and everything in between, having a seasoned expert to successfully guide you through this exciting process is crucial. “I want all my clients to feel as if they are my only client. These trusted relationships are what help successfully navigate the emotional highs and lows that can arise during a real estate transaction. My clients know that their best interest is always my top priority!” – Kelly Gibbs Kelly Gibbs, a Cincinnati native and full-time Realtor, wife, and mom has over 13 years of experience in residential real estate, helping people and families just like yours! She knows all the ins and outs of navigating the market in Cincinnati and surrounding areas. Known for her professionalism and uncompromising representation as one of the premier real estate agents in town, Kelly has two simple goals: to keep more money in your pocket; and to provide the kind of service that gives you total confidence that your transaction is in the hands of a true professional. Kelly Gibbs is an expert in all aspects of real estate- from buying, selling, or investing she will help you to the best decision that’ll last you a lifetime. “Kelly was there for our family every step of the way during the buying and selling process. She never lost faith in this crazy market that we would find a house we truly loved. I can’t say enough good things about her professionalism and even her great personality. I felt so

safe knowing we could trust her with everything. She was always there to answer any questions or address concerns we had. I appreciate that we were never in a position of being pressured and always felt extremely comfortable with her. I’m so appreciative to have had her there to help us navigate such a whirlwind of a process, buying and selling at the same time.” – Jacki Giza What sets her apart in this field is the care and compassion she has towards her clients. She is passionate about what she does, a Realtor whose success is based on the friendships and relationships she builds. You need an experienced advisor and someone trustworthy to guide you in this venture and Kelly has proven time and time again that she is someone you can trust and count on. She is committed to exceeding your expectations from the moment you begin working with her. Her intimate knowledge of the market, top notch service, and her distinctive ability to quickly hone in on your tastes allows her to save you precious time and energy in your home search or sale. She is well known in the area for finding the right home for the right person or family, as well as being able to sell a property in record time for top dollar. For these reasons she is often sought after by prospective buyers and sellers alike. Kelly has gained a reputation, not only among her clients, but her peers as well, for having excellent listings and superb service. Whatever your taste and style, you can count on Kelly to guide you patiently, carefully and expertly through the Cincinnati real estate market—you will not be disappointed! If you are ready to start talking real estate, even if you’re just curious about the ever-changing market, call Kelly today!






Skyline Chili

Visit us at one of our of Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky Locations

The Skyline Chili secret family recipe originated from Kastoria, Greece, where it was passed down from one generation of Lambrinides to the next. Shortly after the family arrived in the Mid-Western United States, the founder of Skyline Chili, Nicholas Lambrinides, opened up his first restaurant in Price Hill, Ohio. The restaurant overlooked downtown Cincinnati, which provided inspiration for the name of his restaurant, and so began Skyline Chili. Since its opening in 1949, Skyline Chili has become a well-known part of Cincinnati’s culture. At Skyline Chili, it is our goal to provide you and your family with a casual and friendly dining experience that makes you feel good! The Skyline experience starts as soon as you step foot into our dining room, where you are instantly greeted by smiling employees who are happy to see and serve you every time you visit. The connections made between our family and yours, makes Skyline feel like home. From our fresh ingredients to our unique flavor, Skyline’s Chili Cheese Coneys and Ways bring comfort to guest of all ages.

We take pride in providing excellent customer service in our dining rooms, but we also enjoy serving the Cincinnati Community as well. All yearlong you can find Skyline Chili around town donating Cheese Coneys to local schools, sports teams and charities. Skyline is all about having fun, too! Whether you are catching a Reds game at Great American Ballpark or soaking up the sun at Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, Skyline Chili is right beside you serving up delicious food for your family to enjoy together. It is important to us that our products are convenient for you. With a variety of our retail products available at your local grocery store, you can bring the Skyline experience home with you. Skyline Dip is one of our most popular recipes, but you can also use our chili to make dishes such as Skyline Pizza, Tots and more! Check out our Skyline recipes, available grocery products and a full list of retail partners on our website.






Every child is Unique. Therapy should be too. Fort Thomabased, KTL Therapy is a therapist-owned practice that offers speech-language, occupational, and physical therapy services to families with children in infancy through adolescence. KTL therapists pride themselves on creating unique, individualized treatment plans that help children meet milestones in a family-friendly environment.

Additionally, KTL offers three different Summer Readiness Groups targeting age-appropriate skills to prepare your child for preschool or kindergarten in the fall. These small groups focus on gross and fine motor skills, adaptive skills, social skills, communication, and sensory stimulation. Offering both in-person and teletherapy options to busy families, visit KTL’s website to learn more about their services.

From assisting children that are picky eaters to those with special needs such as autism or down syndrome, KTL therapists are trained to help all children engage with therapy in a way that is fun and functional for their daily lives!

654 Highland Ave. #17, Fort Thomas, KY 859-441-0139




Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park


It’s our 25th Anniversary and there is a lot happening on the hill this year! Located just north of Cincinnati in Hamilton, Pyramid Hill has something for everyone with over 300 acres to explore. Experience art in nature through monumental sculptures displayed within a landscape of rolling forested hills, meadows, lakes, and hiking trails. Pyramid Hill offers a beautiful location for outdoor leisure and fun events for the whole family. New Series Alert! Family Fun on the Hill Ice Cream Social on the Hill July 17 from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. The first 100 guests will receive a FREE ice cream cone while listening to Steelband Bacchanal. Let’s Go Fly a Kite on the Hill July 22 from 7:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m. Bring your kites and stay to watch a classic Disney movie.

1763 Hamilton Cleves Road, Hamilton 513-868-1234

Meteor Night on the Hill August 12 from 8:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Stay up late to observe the Perseid meteor shower and watch a space themed movie! Game Night on the Hill September 16 from 6:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Come roll some dice and watch a nostalgic board game adventure film. More details and film titles are available at our website: For more family fun, save the date for our 20th Annual Art Fair! September 24-25. This juried art show brings together over 70 curated artists to sell their handmade creations throughout the weekend. The day also features live music and family activities with entertainment and activities for all ages. With over 2,700 attendees annually, Art Fair is one of the Park’s largest events. Members - FREE; Adults - $10.00; Children (6 - 12) $5; Children (5 and under) - FREE. july 2022 21






The Children’s Theatre

4015 Red Bank Road, Cincinnati 513-569-8080

TCT Academy offers performing arts instruction from a professional theatre company, introducing children to all elements of live theatre, incorporating educational aspects as well as important life skills and milestones. It isn’t just learning how to sing, dance and act. It’s about gaining confidence, learning life skills and keeping your children active. Let your child’s love of theatre grow with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. TCT’s Academy has a class for your child that they’re sure to enjoy! Sign up for Fall Academy Classes starting on July 15. Does your child have a passion for singing, dancing, acting, or all three? TCT can help develop your child’s theatrical skills in a fun, welcoming environment. Our classes include Page to Stage, Theatre Games, Voice, Musical Theatre Dance, Improv, Drama Club, and many more. Classes are offered for 4-6-, 7-9-, 10-12-, and 13–18-year-olds. TCT’s AcademyLIVE! is back this Fall with a fan-favorite musical CHICAGO: TEEN EDITION. This audition-only class combines instruction with the opportunity to perform in a fully staged musical with props, costumes, and sets. Our curriculum combines instruction with “doing,” to best help your student internalize and master the theater skills taught. To complement and reinforce the learning process, students will also spend time rehearsing for

their theater production that culminates in three public performances. This opportunity features 2-hour classes, twice a week. Audition information will be posted soon. For the tiny tots, TCT is now offering a TCT TOTS! Class for 18–24-month-olds. Prepare to move, sing, dance, create and laugh with your little one in this 5-week class that promotes developmental growth for your baby! This class is designed for Baby and a parent, guardian, or friend to participate together. Each class will be completely guided through music and will help build an environment conducive to social emotional learning. TCT Academy offers performing arts instruction from a professional theatre company, introducing children to all elements of live theatre, incorporating educational aspects as well as important life skills and milestones. It isn’t just learning how to sing, dance and act. It’s about gaining confidence, learning life skills, and keeping your children active. Registration for Fall Academy Classes opens on July 15, 2022. Classes run September 6 – November 13, 2022. Sign up your child today – spots will fill quickly! Visit our website for full class schedule and more information.





Mason Dance Center

| 2022

In 1995, Mason Dance Center (MDC) owner, Bobbi Wyatt, had two daughters who loved to dance but had limited options for classical ballet training in the Mason area. Her daughter’s current studio closed, so she set out to fill that void and opened her own studio that could provide quality dance instruction with a focus on ballet. Besides ballet, MDC also offers a wide variety of dance styles including jazz, tap, modern and hip hop. They also offer acro and lyrical classes, as well as music theater dance. Students have the opportunity to appear in the yearly performance of The

600 Reading Road, Mason 513-398-0353


MDC provides classes and mini camps starting at 3 years old. Fun-themed 3-week mini-camps are offered throughout the year for the younger crowd. Summer camps are also available. Mason Dance Center’s goal is to create good dancers who are also happy, well-rounded kids.

FERTILITY Jewish Fertility Foundation The Jewish Fertility Foundation of Cincinnati provides financial assistance, emotional support, and educational programming to families and individuals with medical fertility challenges. Since opening the Cincinnati office in 2019, JFF-CINCY has supported dozens of men and women and helped to welcome 16 babies into the world.

2897 N Druid Hills Road, Ste. 146 Atlanta 513-401-9125

They have been nominated countless times as Cincinnati Familys’ Best Dance Instruction. Call today for a tour or a free trial class.



Nutcracker- All jazzed up. Proceeds from this event have raised over $100,000 for Mason HS after prom.

“Going through infertility work up and treatments is hard and emotional; you feel so alone in the struggle and it seems like nobody talks about it. Imagine going through that during a world pandemic, with social isolation and not even having your spouse allowed with you during treatments. The feelings of loneliness and despair are overwhelming. But then comes JFF, with a dear fertility buddy to talk to, and virtual support groups that helped me see other women going through the same fight, and it made my struggle so much more tolerable. Our small support group became friends in real life too, and I could not be more grateful for JFF for not only helping me mentally through my IVF process, but also bringing new dear friends into my life. Our little IVF miracle is two months old now, and I feel so blessed to have found this community!” - JFF-CINCY Recipient FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE JFF offers grants up to $10,000 towards the cost of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI) for Jewish people experiencing medical infertility. Grantees also receive a

20% fertility clinic discount on fertility treatments and are eligible for up to $7,500 in Jewish Interest Free Loans. EMOTIONAL SUPPORT JFF’s emotional support programs are FREE and open to ANYONE facing infertility. JFF-CINCY currently hosts virtual support groups each month on Mondays from 7:00-8:15 pm for women alongside the Fertility Buddies program. In the Fertility Buddies peer support program, someone currently struggling with infertility is matched with a “veteran” buddy who checks in at least once a month to provide relationship-based support. Participation in all of our support programs is free and confidential. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING JFF is dedicated to shifting the definition and understanding of infertility and how the Cincinnati community views and supports those with fertility challenges. Through panels, discussions, lectures, podcasts, and one-on-one trainings, JFF advises clergy, fertility clinic medical staff, and the general population through its infertility sensitivity trainings. The Jewish Fertility Foundation also supports those experiencing infertility with educational programs such as “Pathways to Parenthood” and “Loving Someone With Infertility.” july 2022 23






Sit Still Kids

7431 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati 513-271-0980

Sit Still Brings Stylish Haircuts for Kids to Cincinnati We’re a kids salon unlike any other! Over-the-top service is the heartbeat of Sit Still; we are obsessed with our kiddo clients AND their parents. We are laser-focused on building a salon that is cool yet warm, kid-friendly but not anti-adult. Wowing our clients with every visit is our promise, and we deliver. Meggie Brennan, an entrepreneur at heart, is the owner of Sit Still Cincinnati and saw a need for an updated salon experience for kids. As a Mom of three, Meggie knew there was a better way than taking kids to adult salons or kids salons that lacked a modern feel. After years of conversations with the Mom-owned and run corporate team at Sit Still, the leap was made and Sit Still Cincinnati was born. Details matter. At Sit Still it’s more than just a haircut in a custom-made race car (although we’ve got those, and they’re pretty rad). From playlists to paint colors, we’ve considered everything. We’re talking top-of-the-line hair products to the coolest toys, t-shirts and gifts, to the most spirited and attentive staff — so that walking into a Sit Still is an experience unlike any other. Our people are a big part of who we are today. We support and educate salon

professionals who have been trained the Sit Still way. Our stylists and Guest Experts understand that haircuts can be daunting for little ones, and parents too. We’ve designed Sit Still to be a safe and welcoming space for kids of all kinds, and our stylists have an emotional investment in making a visit to Sit Still the best part of any family’s day! We offer a variety of services at Sit Still. Haircuts for all hair types, mini-manicures, specialty braids and styles, color and birthday parties are all open for booking online. You can call the salon, or book an appointment on your phone through our website. While you’re in the salon, expect to be greeted like a friend and offered a cold-brew while you wait for your kiddo. We want you to enjoy the experience just as much as your kiddos! Meggie and her team are committed to providing an amazing haircut experience for our community and providing top-notch customer service. We can’t wait to welcome you into the Sit Still Family!





Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission


• • • • •

Now Enrolling for Fall Northern Kentucky CAC’s Head Start prepares children for academic success with Center-Based, Home-Based and Early Head Start Services. Since 1965, thousands of children ages 6 weeks to 4 years and their families have received services through Head Start. Combining Early Head Start Services and resources with traditional childcare and family childcare settings creates opportunities to improve outcomes for infants, toddlers, and their families. Head Start and Early Head Start Childcare centers and family childcare providers respond to the needs of working families by offering flexible and convenient full-day and full-year services. Northern Kentucky Community Action’s Head Start Program is currently located in Campbell, Kenton, Boone and Pendleton Counties. All Head Start Centers are STAR Rated. Over the years Head Start has become a leader in early childhood education and continues to grow in response to the needs of the community by offering comprehensive services to meet the needs of preschool age children from economically disadvantaged families and/or children with disabilities.

717 Madison Avenue, Covington 859-581-6607

Head Start children and their families can count on these services: • Individual teaching and educational opportunities • Speech, language, and hearing screening • Health care promotion • Social services • Mental health services • Services for children with special needs

The Head Start Program differs from other preschool programs in several ways. Head Start not only offers quality education developed to meet each child’s individual needs, but also provides health and nutrition services, emphasizing the importance of prevention and early identification of health and nutritional concerns. Parent involvement is also a critical part of the program. Head Start parents are empowered through extensive training throughout the Head Start year. Head Start empowers parents to become leaders. And lastly, families of children enrolled in Head Start receive social service assistance. Specially trained family advocates assess family needs and help them access the services that will build upon the individual strengths of the families to help them become self-sufficient. Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission connects Northern Kentucky – urban to rural, young to old, education to electricity. NKCAC offers tools, training and support to help Northern Kentuckians thrive. Head Start is federally funded by the Department of Health and Human Services to provide preschool services to low-income children ages 3 and 4 and/or children with disabilities. All services are provided free of charge.






At ArtsConnect, we believe that the arts connect us. The arts empower us and enrich our lives, providing meaning and accomplishment. We have made it our goal to provide a platform for creative exploration to artists of all ages, offering a full curriculum of arts programming at our newly-renovated arts center in Springfield Township.

9158 Winton Road, Building A, Cincinnati 513-522-2108

Nutritious snacks and meals Vision/Dental screenings Parent involvement opportunities Leadership development and training opportunities Kindergarten readiness

Our facility is specifically designed to provide state-of-the-art working spaces for the arts, including a full pottery studio, woodshop, metalsmithing, a mobile cooking cart, an art gallery, and plenty of well-designed classroom spaces. ArtsConnect isn’t just a center for established artists either. Our curriculum, designed for pre-schoolers through senior adults, is driven by more than 50 art educators. In addition to classes and camps, ArtsConnect facilitates art experiences through public art displays and an average of 25 arts related events per year. ArtsConnect recognizes that artists need a place to grow and studio space isn’t a possibility for everyone, which is why we have designed

an open studio program offering artists access to our studios throughout the year for ongoing projects. We offer a fully equipped woodshop and a pottery studio with eight wheels. Studio passes provide access during regular Arts Center hours outside of classes. Open studio times are also available during certain days of the week in an art room for woodcarving, stained glass, and all-media art. It is an exciting time to get involved at ArtsConnect. This year, we were voted Best Arts & Crafts Classes in the Greater Cincinnati Family Choice Awards, and our award-winning kids’ Art Camp has earned accreditation by the American Camp Association every year since 2017. If you have not experienced an ArtsConnect program, we invite you to join us in the creativity. You do not need to be a resident or a member to participate. All are welcome. We look forward to making art with you soon! july 2022 25






Aglamesis Brothers

3046 Madison Road 9899 Montgomery Road 513-531-5196

Aglamesis Brothers has been a Cincinnati tradition for more than 110 years. Behind each batch of our old world recipe candy and ice cream is four generations of expertise.

Cincinnati community a warm and nostalgic experience as Nicholas and Thomas did all those years ago. As Aglamesis grows and moves into the future, the tradition of making products the sincere way will remain.

Aglamesis Brothers Ice Cream started as a family tradition in Cincinnati, OH. Brothers, Thomas and Nicholas Aglamesis, left their small countryside outside of Sparta, Greece as teenagers in the late 1800’s to live out their American dream. They developed a passion for ice cream making and saved up enough money to establish their own business. In 1908 they founded Aglamesis Brothers Ice Cream and Candies. With their artistic candy making skills and true dedication to quality and tested recipes, the Aglamesis Brothers enjoyed a reputation of making fine chocolate confections. The authentic Ice Cream Parlor in Oakley dates back to 1913 with the original marble soda fountain and marble tabletops.

Old World recipes, pure ingredients, and integrity of product continue to be an Aglamesis tradition maintained in our family for four generations. Candies are cooked in small batches in copper kettles and made with sugar, honey, fresh cream, corn syrup, milk and butter. Only the finest grade of chocolate with no additives is used for dipping. Freshness is paramount and guaranteed.

The third and fourth generations that are now running the stores look forward to continuing to offer the Greater

Aglamesis Brothers has had the honor of sharing holidays, weddings, birthdays and many more occasions with our valued customers for over a century. Residents of the Queen City and your out-of-town friends will welcome a gift of Aglamesis Chocolates. To place an order or request a candy brochure please call us toll free at (888) 334-7994 or visit our website.






Puzzle Pieces

11912 Montgomery Road Cincinnati 513-583-1874

Puzzle Pieces, located on Montgomery Avenue, was born out of the desire to establish something that wasn’t available when owner Holly Young’s son was diagnosed with severe Autism at the age of 2.

Puzzle Pieces is the only sensory store in the tri-state with a full size sensory and play area on site. “We are a place where you and your children will have fun and where you can be yourselves. No apologies needed.”

Leaving her career in law enforcement, Holly’s goal was to create a place to find all things that her family needed in one spot and in an environment that was comfortable for her son. “Meeting and helping families that are just like mine is my whole why,” said Holly.

Looking for a place to have your sensory child’s birthday party but you are worried about them getting over-stimulated? Puzzle Pieces uses the full-size sensory room and offers 3 different packages to meet everyone’s budget.

Puzzle Pieces has learning toys for ALL kids, not just special needs. If you child does have special needs, it can be your oasis. From early intervention items to therapy swings, you can find the perfect fun or educational toy for anyone. The store offers a warm and inviting environment where kids and parents can try items out, see what works and which ones don’t BEFORE they making a purchase. “Having a child that is nonverbal come into a store and show you what they like by playing with it or pointing it out is priceless,” Young said.

Whether you are just looking for a place that quiet for them to relax and have a few friends, or you want to bring a magician and have the full out party, Puzzle Pieces can accommodate your child’s unique needs. Follow Puzzle Pieces on facebook for special events and latest learning toys.





Dig ‘N Play


A desire to create a space that children would love and parents could relax and connect with others gave birth to Dig ‘N Play, an indoor playland and children’s party venue. Established in 2019, Dig ‘N Play is the perfect space that allows kids to run off excess steam or create the party of your dreams. Birthday, baby shower, gender reveal, Dig ‘N play will help you create anything you envision. Parties include use of a private room and will have a dedicated party host just for your guests or if you desire, you can rent out the entire facility just for your special day.

9405 Cincinnati Columbus Road West Chester 513-847-1055

The 10,000 square foot venue contains the largest custom sand table anywhere that encourages kids to think, interact

and explore. They can also climb on the 3 story play structure or bounce out that energy on inflatables that includes an 18ft. 3-lane racing slide. Parents can relax knowing they can watch their children with a full 360° view of the facility that prides itself on family fun and cleanliness. A family business that opened three years ago, owner Chrissy Jones loves teaching her two children Ky, 8, and Ariah, 5, the value of working hard and they can often be seen cleaning and picking up play areas. Whether you want to celebrate a special event, escape the heat or beat rainy day boredom, Dig’N play will help you create memories with your little ones.

Sprinkle in some fun this summer! Visit us at one of our two locations: 3046 Madison Rd. 9899 Montgomery Rd.

28 july 2022

Your #1 Hometown Family Resource

CASSINELLI SHANKER&BAKER Specialists in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

Board-Certified Specialists in Orthodontics providing individualized treatment plans for adults and children

Traditional Braces Clarity™ Clear Brackets Invisalign® SureSmile® Clear Aligners

Creating Beautiful Smiles Every Day!


West Chester 7242 Tylers Corner Drive Blue Ash 4881 Cooper Road Dr. Alex Cassinelli

Dr. Shiv Shanker

Dr. Robin Baker

Follow us!

Your support allows us to be • The Region’s Largest Classroom • Local Storytellers • A Stage for the Arts • #1 in Public Trust

july 2022 29

Dedicated to Women’s Health CHRISTMAS IN JULY

During Christmas in July we not only have all our great attractions but you can also have a mid-year check up with Santa! He’s coming down from the North Pole.

PLUS BEAT THE HEAT! It’s always a cool 72° inside the Junction so bring the whole gang over because there’s something to do for every age.

(513) 898-8000

7379 Squire Ct., West Chester

Delivering little miracles everyday. We have the experience you can trust and you will receive the personalized services you deserve.


200 Medical Center Dr., Ste. 160 Franklin, OH 45005 In the professional building attached to Atrium Hospital

513.424.1440 West Chester

7249 Liberty Way West Chester, OH 45069

888.424.0017 Lebanon

990 Belvedere Dr. Lebanon, OH 45036




Research Opportunity CMV VACCINE RESEARCH STUDY Music, Dance, Gymnastics and more! JULY CAMPS STILL AVAILABLE

Recruiting women 16-40 years old. Regular exposure to children 5 years and younger required for women 20 years and older. Participants must meet enrollment criteria to be a part of this clinical research study of an investigational medication. Eligible participants may be compensated up to $2,017 for their time and travel.

513.829.2345 • 8107 Market Place Drive • West Chester, OH 45069 30 july 2022

For more information call 513.721.3868 text 513.854.3370 or visit Your #1 Hometown Family Resource



By Amanda Ciani


Red, White and Boom!


elebrate America’s birthday from sea to shining sea with John Morris Russell and the Pops; be sure to stick around for the postconcert fireworks. Riverbend Music Center, 6295 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati; 8 p.m.; $15 - $55, free lawn tickets for ages 17 and younger, $5 tickets for active and retired military; 513-232-5882 or tickets-and-events/buy-tickets/pops/2122pops-season/red-white-and-boom. PLUS! Turn the page to discover all of the options for celebrating Independence Day.

NOTEABLES Shark Summer at Newport Aquarium .. 32 Balloon Glow ............... 33 PRISMATICA ................................. 33 Pyramid Hill Yappy Hour ................ 34 Crazy Cardboard Regatta ............ 38 Family Fun on the Hill .......... 38 Harry Potter Birthday Celebration ............ 40 Fiona’s Sundae Fundae ....................... 40

july 2022 31


fri 1

ACOUSTIC JAM (register) Bring Baby to his first concert! Ages newborn to 6 years old can sing and dance along with live music. LilyPad Play, 2008 Madison Road, Cincinnati; 10:30 - 11:15 a.m.; $15 per class; 513321-1379 or CINCINNATI REDS Vs. ATL. 6:40 p.m. Fireworks Friday. Go to for more information. HAIRSPRAY In the 60s, a teenager aims to get on TV’s most popular show. Aronoff Center, 650 Walnut St., Cincinnati; 8 p.m., see website for more show times; tickets

start at $34; 513-621-2787 or hairspray. HOT SUMMER FIRE FACTS AT CINCINNATI FIRE MUSEUM Find the eight suns hidden among the exhibits for a prize. Cincinnati Fire Museum, 315 West Court St., Cincinnati; Tuesdays - Saturdays, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.; $8 adults, $7 seniors, $6 ages 7 - 17. Free for ages 6 and younger; 513-621-5552 or JANE AUSTEN: FASHION & SENSIBILITY The outfits of Jane Austen’s literary characters. Taft Museum of Art, 316 Pike St., Cincinnati; 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.; $18 nonmembers, $16 seniors, free for Taft members + $8 for guests of members; 513-241-0343 or Jane-Austen. JOSEPH-BETH SUMMER READING PROGRAM Buy and read six books and receive a voucher for a free book. Readers also receive a free kids’ meal at Bronte Bistro after completing their third and fifth books. Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 2692 Madison Road, Cincinnati; daily; 513-3968960 or SHARK SUMMER AT NEWPORT AQUARIUM Walk through a tunnel surrounded by sharks and lots more shark fun. Newport Aquarium, 1 Aquarium Way, Newport; all monthlong, 9 a.m.; see website for ticket information; 1-800-406-3474 or

Check out the Balloon Glow at Coney Island on July 3; more than a dozen beauties will be lit up for spectators to enjoy.

32 july 2022

Your #1 Hometown Family Resource

FREE THE NATURE OF KIDS A morning of iSTEM building. Vehicle permit required for park entry; Forest Run MetroPark 1976 Timberman Road, Hamilton; 10 - 11:30 a.m.; 513867-5835 or yourmetroparks. net. FREE FOURTH OF JULY CELEBRATION Two days of fun in Independence, KY. See city Facebook page for schedule. Memorial Park, 2001 Jackwoods Parkway, Independence; 3 p.m.; 4960981637353560.

sat 2 CINCINNATI REDS Vs. ATL. 4:10 p.m. Go to reds. com for more information.

FLORENCE Y’ALLS Two-dollar Tuesday plus $2 concession deals. Thomas More Stadium, 7950 Freedom Way, Florence; 6:32 p.m.; 859-5944487 or

CHRISTMAS IN JULY Cool off with wintry fun at the North Pole. EnterTRAINment Junction, 7379 Squire Court, West Chester; daily in July; see website for admission costs; 513-898-8000 or FREE INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION AND FIREWORKS Celebrations begin at 10:30 a.m. with a patriotic parade. At 5 p.m., Tower Park will have live music, food, drinks and a finale fireworks show at 10 p.m. City of Fort Thomas, Fort Thomas; 10:30 a.m.; 859-572-1225 or PRISMATICA A new exhibition including giant pivoting prisms. Krohn Conservatory, 1501 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati; daily in July, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.; $10 adults, $7 ages 5 - 17 years old, free for ages 4 and younger; 513-4214086 or krohn. FREE SAWYER POINT SUMMER CONCERT SERIES Music, a kid’s zone with activities, plus food trucks and fireworks. Sawyer Point, 705 East Pete Rose Way, Cincinnati; 2 - 10 p.m.; 513-357-2604 or SUPER HERO CRUISE Learn about being a superhero and enjoy a dance party. BB Riverboats, 101 Riverboat Row, Newport; 12 - 2 p.m.; $30 adults, $25 ages 4 - 12; 800-2618586 or FREE WESTSIDE MARKET A pop-up market with vendors, food trucks and family activities. Westwood Town Hall, 3017 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati; 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.;

FREE JOSEPH-BETH KIDS STORY TIME Children’s story time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 2692 Madison Road, Cincinnati; 10:30 a.m.; 513-396-8960 or

sun 3 CINCINNATI REDS Vs. ATL. 1:40 p.m. Family Sunday. Go to for more information. BALLOON GLOW Get close to more than a dozen hot air balloons, play carnival games, bounce on inflatables and take in fireworks. Coney Island, 6201 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati; 10 a.m.; $10 walk-up tickets, $20 parking before 2 p.m., $25 parking after 2 p.m.; 513-232-8230 or SUNDAY YOUTH SILKS CLASSES (register) Kids ages 7 - 17 can learn how to climb, drop, flip and more. Ludlow Theatre, 322 Elm St., Ludlow; 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.; $20; 859-740-3118 or recurring-events.

mon 4 Happy Independence Day! CINCINNATI REDS Vs. NYM. 6:40 p.m. Independence Day post-game fireworks. Go to for more information. RED, WHITE AND BOOM (see Things to Do opener on page 31)

FOURTH OF JULY AT STRICKER’S GROVE Rides, refreshments and fireworks. Stricker’s Grove, 11490 Hamilton Cleves Road, Ross; 3 - 11 p.m.; free admission; see website for information; 513-738-3366 or FREE MONTGOMERY’S INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION The parade starts at 10 a.m. on Cooper Road. Enjoy games, food and live music, until 2 p.m.; Montgomery Park, 10101 Montgomery Road, Montgomery; 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.; independence-day-paradefestival. FREE NORTHSIDE FOURTH OF JULY PARADE March in or just watch the community parade. Northside, Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati; 12 p.m.; FREE RED, WHITE & BLUE ASH Featuring Blessid Union of Souls at 6 p.m., Gavin Degraw at 8:15 p.m. and fireworks at 10 p.m. Summit Park, 4335 Glendale Milford Road, Blue Ash; 6 p.m.;

tue 5 CINCINNATI REDS Vs. NYM. 6:40 p.m. Go to reds. com for more information.

FREE KIDS CREW Every week is something new for kids at the Levee. Newport On the Levee, 1 Levee Way, Newport; 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.; 859-291-0550 or LITTLE FARMER PRE-K FUN Ages 2 to 5 can learn about being a farmer. Benton Family Farm, 11896 Old Lexington Pike, Walton; 10 - 11 a.m.; $25 per session +$5 participating siblings; 859-496-7144 or

wed 6 CINCINNATI REDS Vs. NYM. 6:40 p.m. Go to reds. com for more information. FLORENCE Y’ALLS Bark in the Park + Wild Wing Wednesdays; bring your furry friends and enjoy 50 cent wings. Thomas More Stadium, 7950 Freedom Way, Florence; 6:31 p.m.; tickets starting at $11; 859-594-4487 or florenceyalls. com. FREE HUMP DAY CONCERT + BEGINNERS ROLLER SKATING WORKSHOP Learn roller skating moves from the Cincinnati Skate Collective. Zack Attack takes the stage at 7 p.m.; vehicle permit required for park entry; Voice of America MetroPark, 7850 VOA Park Drive, West Chester; 6 - 9 p.m.; 513867-5835 or (please turn the page) july 2022 33

THINGS TO DO PYRAMID HILL SUMMER SERIES FOR KIDS Create a collage. Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum, 1763 Hamilton Cleves Road, Hamilton; 12 - 1 p.m.; $5 per student, $10 general admission for adults; 513-868-8336 or FREE WASHINGTON PARK SUMMER CINEMA Bring lawn chairs; enjoy food trucks. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade starts at 9 p.m.; The movie for July 20 is A Lion King sing-along; July 27 is Pirates of the Caribbean. Washington Park, 1230 Elm St., Cincinnati;

Green Park, 301 Wessel Drive, Fairfield, Oh; 6 p.m.; facebook. com/fairfieldparks. PYRAMID HILL YAPPY HOUR Happy hour with your pet. The Humane Society’s petmobile also holds on-site adoptions. Bring a bag of pet food or two bags of treats for admission to the park’s event. Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum, 1763 Hamilton Cleves Road, Hamilton; 6 - 8 p.m.; general admission without a donated item; 513-868-8336 or

CINCINNATI REDS Vs. Pittsburgh. (Double header). 2:10 and 7:10 p.m. Go to reds. com for more information.

FREE ROCKIN’ THE ROEBLING Free concerts hosted by Cincinnati Parks. July 7: Noah Wotherspoon, July 14: Soul Pocket, July 21: Tropicoso, July 28: Trauma Illinois, Schmidlapp Event Lawn, 124 East Mehring Way, Cincinnati; 6 - 10 p.m.; 513-357-2604 or

FREE MOVIES IN THE PARK Family activities and food trucks at 6 p.m. The feature film, Sing 2, begins at 7 p.m.; Village

FREE SMALE FAMILY FUN DAYS Enjoy free ice cream, face painting, balloon artists, animals

thu 7

and puppet shows. Schmidlapp Event Lawn, 124 East Mehring Way, Cincinnati; 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.; 513-861-0023 or FLORENCE Y’ALLS Thirsty Thursdays with discounted beers. Thomas More Stadium, 7950 Freedom Way, Florence; 6:34 p.m.; tickets starting at $11; 859-594-4487 or WILD WITH MY CHILD: DRIP DROP DRIZZLE POP Water exploration at Cincinnati Nature Center, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 9:15 - 10:15 a.m.; $5 member adult/child. $11 nonmember adult, $7 non-member child, includes daily admission; 513-831-1711 or cincynature. org.

fri 8 CINCINNATI REDS Vs. TB. 6:40 p.m. Fireworks Friday. Go to for more information. FREE BLUES, BREWS AND BBQ Music plus brews from High Grain Brewery and eats from Nick’s BBQ. ArtsConnect Lawn, 9158 Winton Road, Cincinnati; 7 - 10 p.m.; 513-522-2108 or GREAT PARKS’ FLOAT-IN MOVIES Watch Hairspray from a rowboat; food and beverages will be available for purchase. Miami Whitewater Forest Harbor, 9001 Mt. Hope Road, Cincinnati; 9:30 p.m.; rent boats online for $40; vehicle permit required for park entry; 513-521-7275 or FREE THE NATURE OF KIDS Learn about fish in Ohio through crafts, games and time in nature; vehicle permit required for park entry. Forest Run MetroPark, 1976 Timber-

Enjoy Yappy Hour at Pyramid Hill on Thursday, July 7.

34 july 2022

Your #1 Hometown Family Resource

man Road, Hamilton; 10 - 11:30 a.m.; 513-867-5835 or MUSIC UNDER THE STARS (register) Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s Poptet performs 70s favorites. Concessions available; picnics encouraged. Alcohol purchases on-site only. Greenacres Arts Center, 8400 Blome Road, Cincinnati; 7 p.m.; $15 per person, ages 5 and younger are free; 513-891-4227 or FREE VULTURE STORIES Stories, activities and a nature scavenger hunt. Vehicle permit required for park entry. FarbachWerner Nature Preserve, Ellenwood Nature Barn, 3455 Poole Road, Cincinnati; 10:30 - 11 a.m.; 513-521-7275 or

sat 9 CINCINNATI REDS Vs. Tampa Bay. 4:10 p.m. Super Saturday. Go to for more information. BREAKFAST WITH THE ANIMALS (register) Enjoy breakfast on the Base Camp Café deck as animals wake, then take a tour. July 9: Black Rhino and Elephants; July 16: Cheetahs and Giraffe. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, 3400 Vine St., Cincinnati; 7 - 9 a.m.; $122 per person; breakfast-with-the-animal. FAMILIES CREATE: PLAYFUL PUPPETS Artsy families can meet artist Pam Kravetz and design a puppet show together. Weston Art Gallery, 650 Walnut St., Cincinnati; 10 a.m.; $5 per person; 513-977-4165 or westongallery. com.

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Gerald F.


DDS. Inc.

O RT H O D O N T I C S Creating Beautiful Smiles Through Orthodontic Care

• Certified Orthodontic Specialists • FREE Initial Consultation • No Referral Necessary • Invisalign and Clear Braces Available • Insurance Accepted/Payment Plans • Orthodontics for Adults and Children

Star Glazers

Pottery Paintat YOUR Location!

Loveland Office 11050 Lebanon Road, Loveland 513.683.8333

Beechmont Office 1010 Ohio Pike (RT. 125), Cincinnati 513.752.2400 Mason/WestChester Office 6499 Mason-Montgomery Road, Mason 513.336.6200 Next to Mason Middle School


Home Birthday Party Kits! We bring everything you need! Free pick up and delivery. Minimum purchase required.





EVERY CHILD IS UNIQUE! THERAPY SHOULD BE TOO. Serving Families in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky 654 Highland Avenue, Suite 17 Fort Thomas, KY 41075 (859) 441-0139

july 2022 35


Calm. Confident. Capable.


Try 6 weeks of self-defense classes for $99! Ages 4 and up. 11711 Princeton Pike, Ste. 451 Cincinnati


THE COURAGE TO BUILD A STRONG FUTURE. With an education-based curriculum, The Gardner School encourages students’ emerging sense of self and intellectual growth. Curious about enrollment?

SCHEDULE A TOUR TODAY! Book Now at 3321 Alamo Ave., Cincinnati

Thank you for voting us Best Away-from-Home Party! 36 july 2022

Your #1 Hometown Family Resource

The Gardner School of Blue Ash 513.985.9444 |

FAMILY SUNSET SAFARI AT THE ZOO See animals starting their night shift as you hike the zoo. For families with children 5 years and older; one adult must register per family group. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, 3400 Vine St., Cincinnati; July 9 or 15, 6 - 9 p.m.; $50 pp non-member, $45 pp member; 513-559-7767 or overnight-adventures/afterhours-programs. FREE GREAT PARKS SUMMER CONCERTS IN THE PARK Enjoy local bands and concessions. July 9: Ethan and Joey; July 23: Fox Royale. Winton Woods Harbor, 10245 Winton Road; vehicle permit required for park entry; Great Parks, Cincinnati; 7 - 9 p.m.; 513-521-7275 or KINGS ISLAND CONCERT SERIES 2022 Celebrate Kings Island’s 50th anniversary. July 9: Berlin & A Flock Of Seagulls; July 22: 3 Doors Down; July 23: Skillet. Timberwolf Amphiteatre at Kings Island, 6300 Kings Island

Drive, Mason; 7 p.m.; see website for ticket details; 513-7545700 or FREE O.F.F. MARKET Browse businesses and artisans. Summit Park, 4335 Glendale Milford Road, Blue Ash; 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.;

sun 10 CINCINNATI REDS Vs. Tampa Bay. 1:40 p.m. Family Sunday. Go to for more information. FREE HAPPY HANGOUT 1YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY Food trucks, carnival games and fun. 2041 Anderson Ferry Road, Cincinnati; 4 - 8 p.m.; 513-4581470 or

Yoga with Holli from Body Alive. Great Lawn, Summit Park, 4335 Glendale Milford Road, Blue Ash; 9 a.m.; 513-745-8644 or

mon 11 KENTON COUNTY FAIR A demo derby, pageants, tractor pulls, Barnyard Olympics, and more through July 15. Kenton County Fairgrounds, 2836 Harris Pike, Independence; 4 p.m.; $12 admission, free for ages 2 and younger; concessions for purchase; 859-356-3738 or

tue 12

ICE CREAM SOCIAL CRUISE Enoy ice cream while cruising the Ohio River. BB Riverboats, 101 Riverboat Row, Newport; 3 - 4:30 p.m.; $30 adult, $25 ages 4 - 12; 800-261-8586 or

FREE SUMMIT PARK FITNESS SERIES Line dancing with Erica; Canopy, Summit Park, 4335 Glendale Milford Road, Blue Ash; 5:30 p.m.; 513-745-8644 or residents/free_fitness.php.


wed 13

THINGS TO DO FREE HUMP DAY CONCERT SERIES Family activities and local food trucks. Washington Park, 1230 Elm St., Cincinnati; 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.; FREE SUMMIT CINEMA Enjoy Encanto tonight and on July 27: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids; Summit Park, 4335 Glendale Milford Road, Blue Ash; 8 p.m.; residents/summit_cinema. FREE WILD WING WEDNESDAYS AT THE FLORENCE YALLS Enjoy a day at the ballpark- with .50-cent wings. Thomas More Stadium, 7950 Freedom Way, Florence; 6:31 p.m.; tickets starting at $11; 859-594-4487 or

thu 14 FREE CSO NEIGHBORHOOD CONCERT The Crown Jewels of Jazz series, which highlights women in jazz. Corinthian Baptist Church, 1920 Tennessee Ave., Cincinnati; 6:30 p.m.; 513-381-3300 or

fri 15 SUPER HERO NIGHT AT THE FLORENCE Y’ALLS Wear a cape and stick around for fireworks. Thomas More Stadium, 7950 Freedom Way, Florence; 7:03 p.m.; tickets starting at $11; 859-594-4487 or FREE THE NATURE OF KIDS Learn all about water. 5580 Elk Creek Road, Middletown, 10 11:30 a.m.; valid vehicle permit required for park entry; 513-8675835 or

sat 16 The Crazy Cardboard Regatta is on Saturday, July 16 at Voice of America MetroPark.

FREE CITY FLEA 2022 The market features vendors of all kinds. Washington Park, 1230 (please turn page) julythe2022


Fly a kite and watch Mary Poppins at Pyramid Hill on July 22. Elm St., Cincinnati; 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.; CRAZY CARDBOARD REGATTA (register) It is once again time to set sail for the cardboard boat regatta! There will be vendors, entertainment and more on shore. Voice of America MetroPark, 7850 VOA Park Drive, West Chester; 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.; $20 - 50, free for spectators; vehicle permit required for entry; 513-867-5835 or FREE CSO WEST END NEIGHBORHOOD CONCERT A program showcasing the West End. Laurel Park, 500 Ezzard Charles Drive, Cincinnati; 7 p.m.; 513-381-3300 or KEITH URBAN: THE SPEED OF NOW WORLD TOUR Riverbend Music Center, 6295 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati; 7 p.m.; tickets starting at $29; 513-2325882 or FREE MLK PARK FAMILY FUN DAYS Yard games, inflatables, face painters and more activities plus live music. MLK Park, 38 july 2022

3740 Reading Road, Cincinnati; 2 - 6 p.m.; 513-861-0023 or programs/free-neighborhoodprograms. NATURE ROYALTY CRAFTS Make royal items out of nature items. Cincinnati Nature Center, Nature Playscape, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.; $5 members, $12 nonmember adult/ $10 non-member child, includes daily admission; 513-831-1711 or FREE OWL’S NEST PARK FAMILY FUN DAYS Food trucks, live music, bounce houses and more. Owl’s Nest Park, 1984 Madison Road, Cincinnati; 4 - 8 p.m.; 513-861-0023 or PRINCESS CRUISE (register) Cruise, dance and meet princesses. BB Riverboats, 101 Riverboat Row, Newport; 12 - 2 p.m.; $33 adults, $28 ages 2 - 12; 800-261-8586 or FLORENCE Y’ALLS Stay around for music after the

game. Thomas More Stadium, 7950 Freedom Way, Florence; 6:36 p.m.; tickets start at $11; 859-594-4487 or florenceyalls. com.

513-868-8336 or

sun 17


FAMILY FUN ON THE HILL An ice cream social among the statues. Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum, 1763 Hamilton Cleves Road, Hamilton; 1 - 3 p.m.; included with daily admission, $10 adults, $5 children; free for members and children 5 and younger; 513-868-8336 or

thu 21

FLORENCE Y’ALLS Family Fun Day. Kids can run the bases after the game and meet players. Thomas More Stadium, 7950 Freedom Way, Florence; 1:07 p.m.; tickets start at $13; buy online for savings; 859-5944487 or

mon 18 MUSIC MONDAY AT HAPPY HANGOUT Instruments and play. Happy Hangout Westside, 2041 Anderson Ferry Road, Cincinnati; 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.; included with playpass; 513-458-1470 or

tue 19 FREE TOME SUMMER STORYTIME Story time for children ages 3 - 6. The Tome Bookstore, 2123 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati; 9:30 - 10 a.m.;

wed 20 PYRAMID HILL SUMMER SERIES FOR KIDS Yoga at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum, 1763 Hamilton Cleves Road, Hamilton; 12 - 1 p.m.; $5 per student, $10 general admission for adults;

Your #1 Hometown Family Resource

FLORENCE Y’ALLS Wild Wings Wednesday (See Wed., July 13).

JIMMY BUFFETT & THE CORAL REEFER BAND Calling all parrot heads! Riverbend Music Center, 6295 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati; 8 p.m.; tickets start at $36; 513-2325882 or

fri 22 CINCINNATI REDS Vs. St. Louis. 6:40 p.m. Fireworks Friday. Go to reds. com for more information. FAMILY FUN ON THE HILL Fly kites then watch Mary Poppins. Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum, 1763 Hamilton Cleves Road, Hamilton; 3 - 9 p.m.; included with daily admission, $10 adults, $5 children; free for members and ages 5 and younger; 513-868-8336 or FREE STORYBOOK WEEKEND: PETER PAN Kids can trade natural items, follow a treasure map and more; vehicle permit required for entry; Highfield Discovery Garden, 10397 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati; 9:45 a.m. - 5 p.m.; 513-771-8733 or FREE THE NATURE OF KIDS Kids focus on geology and fossils. MetroParks of Butler County, 10 - 11:30 a.m.; vehicle permit required; 513-867-5835 or

sat 23 CINCINNATI REDS Vs. St. Louis. Super Saturday. 6:40 p.m. Go to for more information.



HELLO CINCY! Haircuts • Special Styling

Temporary Color • Mini-Manis Birthday Parties • All Ages

FREE GLITTER T TO O e A T WE’RE HAIR t s e rv ic d ! YOU uFOR a n y h a ir c w it h a

WE’RE HAIR FOR YOU Haircuts • Special Styling Temporary Color • Mini-Manis Birthday Parties • All Ages


se rv ic e ! ha ir cu t w it h an y m en ti on th is ad u yo w he n

is n ti o n th

me Wooster Pike, B-10 when Haicuts •y o uSpecial Styling • 7431 Temporary Color Cincinnati, OH 45227 (513)271-0980 Mini-Manis • Birthday Parties • All Ages

7431 Wooster Pike, B-10 Cincinnati, OH 45227 (513)271-0980

10,000 sq. ft. of Visually Open Play Space • Sand Table • Dramatic Play • Inflatables • 3 Story Play Structure Voted Best Children’s Birthday Party Place, Most Loved Indoor Playland and Best Kids Activity 9405 Cincinnati Columbus Road West Chester Township • (513) 847-1055

july 2022 39

PHOTO CREDIT: Cassandre Crawford

MAKE A HIKING STICK Make a stick and hike. Cincinnati Nature Center at Rowe Woods, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 8:30 or 10:30 a.m.; $14 (includes daily admission), $8 members; 513831-1711 or

sun 24 CINCINNATI REDS Vs. St. Louis. 1:40 p.m. Family Sunday. Go to for more information.

tue 26 CINCINNATI REDS Vs. Marlins. 6:40 p.m. Go to for more information. FLORENCE Y’ALLS Two dollar Tuesdays (See Tues., July 5). BACKSTREET BOYS: DNA WORLD TOUR Riverbend Music Center, 6295 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati; 7:30 p.m.; tickets start at $39; 513232-5882 or

wed 27 CINCINNATI REDS Vs. Marlins. 6:40 p.m.; reds. com for more information. HARRY POTTER CAMP Ages 9 - 12 can enjoy all-things Potter. Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 2692 Madison Road, Cincinnati; 2 - 3:30 p.m.; $25 per camper; 513-396-8960 or josephbeth. com. PYRAMID HILL SUMMER SERIES FOR KIDS Kids will learn the basics of character creation with puppets. Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum, 1763 Hamilton Cleves Road, Hamilton; 12 - 1 p.m.; $5 per student, $10 general admission for adults; 513-8688336 or

40 july 2022

Celebrate our world-famous hippo during Fiona’s Sundae Fundae on Sunday, July 31.

thu 28

sat 30

CINCINNATI REDS Vs. Marlins. 12:35 p.m. Go to for more information.

CINCINNATI REDS Vs. Baltimore. 6:40 p.m. Go to for more information.

FREE MOVIE NIGHT ON THE LEVEE Watch Luca on the jumbo LED screen. The Gallery at Newport on the Levee, 1 Levee Way, Newport; 6 - 8 p.m.; 859-2910550 or newportonthelevee. com/movie-night-on-the-levee.

FLORENCE Y’ALLS Rockin’ Saturday. Hear live music after the game. Thomas More Stadium, 7950 Freedom Way, Florence; 6:36 p.m.; tickets start at $11; 859-5944487 or

fri 29 CINCINNATI REDS Vs. Orioles. 6:40 p.m. Go to for more information. FLORENCE Y’ALLS Jurassic Park dinos take over the park! Thomas More Stadium, 7950 Freedom Way, Florence; 6:36 p.m.; tickets start at $11; 859-594-4487 or MUD MANIA (register) A mud obstacle course, mud play and muddy everything. Rentschler Forest MetroPark, 5701 Reigart Road, Hamilton; July 29 or 30, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.; $5 per person, free for ages 5 and younger; vehicle permit required for entry; 513-867-5835 or

sun 31 CINCINNATI REDS Vs. Baltimore. 1:40 p.m. Family Sunday. Go to for more information. FIONA’S SUNDAE FUNDAE (register) This fundraiser offers a double dip of Fiona and Graeter’s ice cream. As families wander through the zoo after hours, they can enjoy sampling six tasty flavors of ice cream. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, 3400 Vine St., Cincinnati; 6 - 8 p.m.; $30 general admission, $25 members; 513-281-4700 or FLORENCE Y’ALLS Family Sunday. Kids can run the

Your #1 Hometown Family Resource

bases after the game and meet some of the Y’alls players. Thomas More Stadium, 7950 Freedom Way, Florence; 1:07 p.m.; tickets start at $13; buy online for savings; 859-594-4487 or FREE HARRY POTTER BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Magical story time at 11 a.m.; a wand craft at 2 p.m.; birthday cake and costume contest at 4 p.m. and Harry Potter game night at 5 p.m. Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 2692 Madison Road, Cincinnati; 513-396-8960 or ONEREPUBLIC: NEVER ENDING SUMMER TOUR With special guest Needtobreathe. Riverbend Music Center, 6295 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati; 7 p.m.; tickets start at $22; 513-232-5882 or FREE RAPTOR INC. OPEN HOUSE Learn about birds of prey at Raptor Inc.’s monthly open house. Get up close, compare wingspans and touch biological artifacts. Donations are accepted, but this event is family-friendly and free. Raptor Inc., 961 Barg Salt Run Road, Milford; 1 - 4 p.m.; 513-8253325 or .



12 Home Games this month!


July 6 –Bark in the Park July 15 – Super Hero Night July 29 – University of Cincinnati Night July 30 – Jurassic Ballpark Every day is a fun day at Thomas More Stadium! • $2 Tuesdays • 50¢ Wild Wing Wednesdays • Thirsty Thursdays • Firework Fridays • Rockin’ Saturdays • Family Sundays

6:32pm 6:34pm 6:36pm

6:31pm 7:03pm 1:07pm *

6:32pm 6:34pm 6:36pm

6:31pm 7:03pm 1:07pm *


(859) 594-4487


F L O R E N C E YA L L S . C O M


6:32pm 6:34pm 6:36pm

6:31pm 7:03pm 1:07pm *



Children’s Medical Center

Now Scheduling Sports & Back-to-School Physicals 331 N. Breiel Blvd., Middletown, OH

Rebecca A. Dandoy, MD

James M. Komer, MD

(513) 424-1856

Kenton A. Pate, MD



Diana E. Small, MD

Jennifer Thornicroft, FNP