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Cool Kids Play Outside

Camp at the J offers simple summer pleasures, including swim lessons, archery, sports, and arts & crafts. Our inclusive program welcomes children of all abilities!

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April 2018


own the street from our house, I hear them. The little kids in their backyard jumping up and down on their trampoline. These littles are outside almost constantly — I even see them out there when it’s lightly raining. A Shetland collie’s usually romping around with them, too. It’s just too ... adorable. They are all so ... happy. They moved in about two months ago, and I just LOVE these three little kids who love to play outside! I walk out my back door and their laughter and chatter spills through the air across the yards. They’re always gabbing and running. There’s a playhouse for them, a swingset, a trampoline. Lucky ducks. These same kids ride their little bikes and scooters up and down our street — a road that’s otherwise quiet. We have lots of little kids on our street, so where are they? And what’s the difference between the kids down the street and the other kids? Their mom? She’s often outside, too. I see her walking around or just watching them play. Yesterday I saw her digging, maybe planting something. I really should stop watching and just pop over. These kids show me the way childhood should be. None of this sit-around-on-the-couch stuff. None of the low-energy “I’m tired” routines. Young kids need to go and do and get out and take off on adventures and get a taste for how fun it is to be out there doing ... life! Otherwise, they’ll start the great “safe” holing-up mentality. That thing that leads to boredom. And whining. And unhappiness. And obesity. I mean really, that’s not safe at all, is it? Living healthily ... organically, naturally, whatever, is a whole mindset you can give to your kids. Not a lot of sugar. Plenty of good, balanced meals with fresh vegetables to eat, less snacks. Lots of playtime because that’s what growing kids need most. And plenty of sleep. Early bedtimes. They also need you to be watchful and to make healthy choices for yourself and for them. One child psychologist I chatted with this month told me what we model to our kids is the single most important influence in their lives. I believe we should hear that! Lots of times we go, go, go and bark orders while we’re going. It’s time to end that. It’s time to slooooooowwwwww down. Smell the hyacinths blooming. Buy a kite. Make a mudpie. I’m so happy for spring and the chance to peel off the coats and extra blankets and to get my own hands into the dirt. I want to plant flowers and a spring vegetable garden. And I want my kids to do it, too. And just talk and laugh. We’’ll laugh and laugh and laugh.

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Cincinnati Family magazine April 2018  
Cincinnati Family magazine April 2018