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Your nominations for best general dentist, pediatric dentist and orthodontist are revealed.

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Tips, info and fun products geared around babies

grow a garden

Create a family backyard veggie garden

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For kids ages 3–10

Family Fun Zone starts at 9:30 am!

SAT APR 20 • 10:30 am MUSIC HALL What’s a sure sign of spring? Robins, flowers and…butterflies! Enjoy a musical celebration of the vibrant beauty of the season.

Tickets $7 children • $12 adults • 513.381.3300 The CSO is grateful to the George & Anne P. Heldman Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation for their tremendous support in honor of the Waiting for Wings commission. John Morris Russell conductor

LOL-6178 Cinti Fam-Wings (full pg: 8.125” x 10.25”)

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. . ! . E 0 K A 0 L E 8 , H T 1 N I $ P M S tion ’ U a J c i l E p O p G A R O



e is n i l d a e D May 1st

Now it’s easier than ever to take the plunge thanks to grants made possible by The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati FOR FIRST-YEAR


$1,800 for 3-week sessions or more $900 for 2-week sessions

Grants are not need-based. Ask about grants for second-year campers.

Open to all first- and second-year campers in the Jewish community Camp must be on the list of approved camps to qualify


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March for Babies, Build It! Architecture for Kids exhibit at the Betts House, butterfly encounters, giveaways and more.


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Understanding autism.


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Sail, kayak, hike and more in Milwaukee, WI.


Logan, photographed by Katie Woodring Photography.

features 16


Breastfeeding, when to offer baby cereal, babywearing, new carseats and more.


Building Sibling Love

How to introduce your new bundle of joy to your older one!

23 Grow a Family Garden

Tips on how to create a backyard veggie garden that you can till, enrich, plant, grow and eat with your children.

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden’s annual Zoo Blooms and Tunes and Blooms events plus lots more activities the entire family can enjoy. Check out Things to Do online, too. Check our “Plan Ahead” section for upcoming events that require advanced registration.



2012-13 Favorite Docs


See our mom-approved, reader-nominated pediatric and general dentists and orthodontists.

33 Camps & Summer Activities •

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60 Market Place

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Kids have things to do!


But don’t forget to include dental check-ups in their busy schedules. Dr. Austin and her staff provide gentle dental care for infants and children, including those with special health care needs. Call today for your appointment at Pediatric Dental Garden...


helicopter ... NOT


Sophie Duval-Austin, D.M.D. Board Certified Pediatric Dentist Voted one of the BEST pediatric dentists in Northern Kentucky! (859) 344-6200

Just off I-275, minutes from Cincinnati

2765 Chapel Place Drive, Suite 250, Crestview Hills KY 41017

4 April 2013

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ermissive? Me? I guess so. Last weekend I drove 300 miles away from home with my husband and 10-year-old for an ice hockey tournament weekend. Because my pet sitter wasn’t available to care for my two old dogs, I decided to let my 17- and 15-year-old boys stay home alone for the weekend. I figured it was a good opportunity to give them responsibility: feed the dogs, put them out, bring them in, go to the store, prepare your meals, clean up after yourselves, lock the doors, turn off the lights, etc. My neighbor knew they were home alone and told them to call if they needed anything, but they didn’t. They loved being on their own for a weekend. But standing around chatting with a bunch of hockey moms I didn’t know that Saturday morning made me question myself. When I told them I’d left my teenagers home alone for the weekend, eyes widened, wheels started turning. The moms had 10-year-olds like me, and maybe one younger child, too — none of them had older ones. These were good moms in my mind, but when I found myself kind of defending how I could leave my boys on their own at home, I saw that they were somehow measuring my decision within themselves. One mom said she could never, ever do that. Was I wading in the crystalline waters of helicopter parenting? Helicopter parents make special plates for picky eaters. Helicopter parents sometimes still dress their 10-year-olds. Helicopter parents will not allow their 10-yearolds to ride solo through their own neighborhood for fear something might happen to them. I don’t do any of those things ... and I left my teens alone for the weekend and am OK with that. Is something wrong with me? When our kids are babies we watch them like hawks: when will he sit up? When will he roll over? When will he say his first words? There’s a growth chart for this, a measurement for that. But when the kids get older and the timing of what they are “ready” for is left up to us, parenting waters get murky indeed. The heartiest among us will let our kids take risks: climb trees, ride bikes, walk to the nearby creek for an afternoon of catching fish. The helicopter parents among us will not let their kids leave their own backyard. There was a conversation going on behind me as I sat in the stands watching my hockey playing boy. A mom was talking about how the hills in her neighborhood made her worry about her son. The hills in her neighborhood made her worry?! Yes, life is dangerous. As my pastor once said, “No one gets out of here alive.” But as our kids grow from baby to toddler to young child to older, if we give them plenty of things to do on their own as they grow, we can relax and let the apron strings out a bit, unafraid that something bad will happen to them. Across the rink my son hit hard into the boards and lay there a minute. Moms I know looked at me, worried. I watched my son. I did not say a word. I didn’t rush over there. The coach walked gingerly across the ice to him, but my son stood up before he got there. He gave me a thumbs up as he skated back to the bench. Hockey’s one tough sport. No, I never want to see my children in danger or hurt, but I can’t and won’t stop them from experiencing the things they are ready for. That question of readiness. Maybe we should look at it in a different way: What are WE ready for? And ... who’s life is it anyway?

“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 3:08 PM

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While out and about with your baby, do you prefer to wear your child or push him in a stroller? Why? Sarah Kroger — Wear ’em! Wear ’em! Amanda Williams Morgan — Wear him! He’s happier this way, plus I don’t have to lug a big stroller . I plan to wear him as long as he lets me, he will be 1 in May. Christy Miller — Stroller. Baby is able to lay down or sit up. I can store what I need in bottom of stroller. Sara Thomas — Depends on where we went. If it was the zoo or aquarium, we would wear him until he was 10 months and wanted to walk everywhere, then it was a stroller, which was a nice break for my back. If we went shopping, I would use a stroller . I would put the items I was buying in the bottom of the stroller and it also helped prevent uninvited guests from touching him. That drives me bananas!

What are the bedtime rules in your house? Amber Marie Trejo — I have two daughters, 12 and 10! School days bed by 9 p.m. and weekends in bed by 10 p.m. Laura Hartman Roland — My son is 4-and-a-half. He goes to bed between 8:30 and 9 every night. School night or not. He usually gets up by 7 a.m. every day. Of course if we are doing something on a non-school night he can stay up later. He has never really asked to stay up later than 9 p.m. I’m sure that will change as he gets older and we will adjust accordingly.

WE’RE GOLDEN! We are proud to announce that Cincinnati Family brought home several awards during the recent Parenting Media Association’s annual conven tion and awards banquet held last month in Atlanta, Georgia. Our magazines won GOLD for editorial and SILVER for design for our monthly “News” section, GOLD for editorial and design of the “Calendar,” and GOLD for Barbara Littner David’s “Family Getaway.” We are honored to have won these awards and will continue to work to bring you the very best each month!

Stephanie Applegate — I have a 2-year-old and it’s always been 8:30 p.m. Amanda Shepherd-Caudill — My kids are in bed by 9:30 p.m. My 3-year-old doesn’t usually fall asleep until later, but he knows he doesn’t come out of his room. Bedtime is kinda strict here. Beth Hans Payton — My son is in second grade and is in bed by 8 p.m. A good night’s rest is imperative to a productive school day and overall health. He is also a very early riser on the weekends. It doesn’t matter if he goes to bed at midnight or 8 p.m. He’s still up by 7:30 a.m. Why have an overtired kid on our hands? Kelly Williams — I have a 2-year-old. Bedtime reading begins around 7:45 p.m. with him usually asleep by 8:30 p.m. during weekdays. W eekends asleep by 9 p.m. at the latest. Christy Miller — My 2-year-old is in bed at 8 p.m. and sleeping by 8:30 p.m. My 5-year-old is usually knocked out on the couch by the time I’m done putting the other one to bed! Heather Turner — I put my girls to bed at 8:30 p.m. every night. Neha Agrawal — My 7-year-old is in bed by 8:30 weeknights and 10 - 10:30 p.m. on the weekends, unless we are at a friend’s house with kids of same age. She wakes up by 7:30 a.m. even after a late nightcap!

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Children’s Dance, Music, & Art Workshops Summer fun for boys and girls age 4-8 Circus Spectacular June 17 - 21

Exploring the Zoo June 24 - 28

Save $3 per ticket! Present this coupon at the box office or use code ABBY at to receive the special offer.

Stars On Broadway August 5 - 9 Located in historic Columbia-Tusculum • 513-520-2334

sPrinG and summer WorksHoPs at

Clifton Performance Theatre

May 17–19

Peter Pan, Hansel & Gretel, Cinderella, aladdin, and Wizard of oz Spend an exciting week at the Clifton Performance Theatre where specialists in acting, singing and dance will lead campers through the process of putting on a real show! * 513-861-SHOW

U.S. Bank Arena Box Office 800.745.3000 • Offer excludes Sunny Seats & Gold Circle. Not valid on Opening Night or previously purchased tickets. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

TM/© 2013 Sesame Workshop. All Rights Reserved. 56693 3/13

become a favorite friend at

In f a nts * Tod d l e rs * P re s c h o o l * M o n t e s s o r i * K in d e r g a r t e n

join us in the

kinder garden school Live webcams in every classroom

6 weeks to school age

OPen HOuse APRIL 4, 11, 18, 25 4PM-6PM

5900 West Chester Rd. • West Chester • 513-874-3100 • 10969 Reed Hartman Hwy. • Blue Ash • 513-791-4300 • 6 April 2013

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“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 2:08 PM


Get Ready to March!

with Cincinnati Family and March for Babies


oin Cincinnati Family at this year’s March for Babies, a walking event in support of March of Dimes’ mission to help moms deliver stronger, healthier babies. The official walk begins at 9 a.m. on Sunday, April 28 at Paul Brown Stadium and finishes at Sawyer Point (705 E. Pete Rose Way). You’ll be able to gather health information, pick up some free samples, and visit with local organizations and check out the Kids Run for Babies, a fun run for children divided by age (participants 5 and younger may have one parent on the course). All paid participants ($10) will receive a t-shirt and exclusive access to the Kids’ Run inflatable. If you can’t make it on Sunday, April 28, head over to Miami Meadows Park (1546 State Route 131, Milford) for the Clermont County March on Saturday, April 27! For details, call 513769-3588 or visit



ry your luck at winning one of our great monthly prizes!

Win a family four-pack of tickets to SESAME STREET LIVE! ELMO’S SUPER HEROES, coming to U.S. Bank Arena in May ... Win a complete set of H2O: JUST ADD WATER: SEASONS 1 - 3 on DVD ... Win a $50 GIFT CARD TO BRIDGEWATER FALLS ... Win a copy of the Academy Award-winning LIFE OF PI from Fox Home Entertainment! To register for our random drawings, visit cincinnatifamilymagazine. com. One entry per prize, per person. Good Luck!

If You Build It ... Kids Will Come


new exhibit arrives Saturday, April 13 at the Betts House, and this one is perfect for kids. Build It! Architecture for Kids will be on display through Saturday, July 27, on loan from archKIDecture in Chicago. The exhibit, best for ages 3 - 12, includes interactive modules of architectural subjects like roofs, tools and shapes, and gives kids a window into concepts like symmetry , scale, proportion and composition. Special Saturday activities are planned for families, including story times, crafts and more fun. All programs are included in the cost of admission ($2 per person). Get a sc hedule and learn more at

Win PIG this Year


K, so you may not be a marathoner , but don’t let that keep you from the fun of this year ’s Flying Pig Marathon, held on Sunday, May 5. Along with races of varying lengths, including races just for your piglets, you can also support your favorite local charity and maybe even win a two-year lease on a Toyota Prius! In the Piggest Rafffle Ever, presented by the Flying Pig Marathon and CancerFree Kids, numbered pigs “adopted” at $5 each will fall from the skies (thanks to Art’s Rental Lift) into downtown Cincinnati. If your pig hits the target, you win! And, each piggy adopted will help a local charity . Just go to pig, choose from dozens of c harities, select the n umber of pigs you want to b uy, and y our adoption is complete.

(please turn the page) •

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April 2013 7

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news Celebrate Earth Day this month by getting into nature — we’ve got you covered!

Butterflies are EVERYWHERE


he 2013 Krohn Conservatory Butterfly Show opens Saturday, April 20 with exotic Butterflies of Morocco. Thousands of butterflies will fill the Krohn’s showroom, featuring re-created ancient passages lined with marketplace items like carpets, fabrics, jewels and more. The show will be open daily from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. through Sunday, June 30; admission is $7 adults, $6 seniors, $4 ages younger than 17, and free for ages 4 and younger. Visit for a complete schedule of special activities and admission coupons. Next is the Cincinnati Pops’ Orchestra Lollipops concert, “Waiting for Wings.” Conductor “JMR” will lead audiences through a musical welcoming of spring that pays homage to robins, flowers, and of course, butterflies! Tickets for the 10:30 a.m., Saturday, April 20, concert are $12 adults, $7 children. Be sure to arrive early for pre-concert festivities and a chance to meet the musicians and their instruments. Call 513-381-3300 or visit Last, but certainly not least, Cincinnati Museum Center’s OMNIMAX Theatre is currently playing Flight of the Butterflies. Follow the iconic monarch butterflies’ migration to the remote mountains of Mexico and get a peek inside a chrysalis, thanks to advanced technology. Tickets are $7.50 adults, $6.50 seniors, $5.50 ages 3 12, and free for ages 2 and younger. The movie plays daily; visit for a complete schedule.

Get a View of the Valley


ntroduce your little ones to gardening at Valley View’s Community Garden where your kids can learn about where the food they eat actually comes from. Located in Clermont County, Valley View is a 130-acre nature preserve and education facility. Visit for free and take advantage of miles of walking trails, or for $150, you can rent a 5’ x 20’ plot of land ($100 for members of the Valley View Foundation), in which you can plant, till and grow to your heart’s delight (with a little help from volunteers if you need it). The funds raised from the rentals will benefit Valley View’s mission of conserving land, and sharing it with the community. Learn more at 513-218-1098 or

8 April 2013

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Cincinnati Earth Day


ead to Sawyer Point on April 20 for the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day. Purchase plants, sample tasty treats, join in on hands-on environmental education activities and learn about local eco-friendly businesses and projects. Join the scavenger hunt and get a green passport stamped for a prize. All ages can do the Run for the Earth 3K (1.8 miles; $25), and kids will have a special area with a rock-climbing wall, a kayak paddle safety pool, petting zoo, stories, the Plant Protector Parade and more. Live music will play throughout the day, and you’ll be able to meet the 2013 Environmental Award winners, as well as the winners of the Students Recycled Costume Contest. Learn more at Logo was designed by eighth grade Milford Jr. High student Miranda Kunes.

“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 2:08 PM

You’re Jewish... Your partner’s not...*

How can one Couple from two Different Backgrounds turn

Yours and Mine

into Ours



to help you explore what role Judaism can play in your lives

Including beautiful ritual items such as candlesticks, a menorah, a Passover seder plate, recipes, books and more!

To learn more go to

* Program is open to couples and families in which only one adult is Jewish and the other isn’t, or in which one or both adults have converted to Judaism Fusion is an initiative of The Mayerson Foundation CF 06-13 (FYI-NEWS).indd 9

3/15/13 2:07 PM


Apex Chiropractic & Wellness Centers 8624 Winton Road, Suite B

(513) 931-4300


Every Day!

Cincinnati Family’s


The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children get an orthodontic check-up by the age of 7. Our new patient visits are complimentary, so call us today for your new patient visit.

DOCs nominee

Cincinnati Location

West Chester Location

9505 Montgomery Road

7242 Tylers Corner Drive




Thank you for voting us Best of Parenting 3 years in a row!

Suburban Pediatric Associates, Inc.

Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

We specialize in the care of infants, children and adolescents.

Cincinnati Family






Find out how your Chiropractor can help with the management of ADHD



Inattentive Side tracked Distracted Impulsive Mood Swings Impatient Hyperactive Unfocused Creative Talks excessively Doesn’t listen Not meeting goals Low self-esteem Unfocused Distracted Can’t focus on work


Spring Safety Tips! Spring has sprung and the warm weather means more outside activities for children. Always make sure that your child has sunscreen on while playing outside - make sure it’s waterproof and made for children. Children should always drink plenty of water and stay hydrated while playing sports. They should always wear a helmet while bike riding or skateboarding. Make sure outside equipment is safe – slides should not be hot, swings should be soft, and the ground surface underneath should be energy absorbent. Never allow your child to play on a home trampoline! Always supervise children around roadways and traffic. Have a happy and safe springtime! LOCATIONS: Mason-Montgomery 9600 Children’s Dr., Mason, OH 45040 Liberty Township 7335 Yankee Rd., Liberty Twp. OH 45044 Forest Park 752 Waycross Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45240 10 April 2013

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Three Locations. One Number. For All Your Pediatric Needs...

513-336-6700 “Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 2:07 PM





Parents have instincts and doctors have techniques, but early detection of autism is tricky. Here’s what you should know.


esearchers have been studying ways to diagnose autistic children at very young ages, even as young as 12 months, because an earlier diagnosis means more effective intervention. But is diagnosis at such a young age really possible?

poor eye contact, who doesn’t respond to his name, or who doesn’t engage in a back-and-forth sharing of sounds, gestures or facial expressions might be cause for concern. But Manning does point out that language delays at young ages are common, and many families are often referred to specialists to find that autism is not the problem.



“The quick answer is that it’s tricky under the age of 2,” says Patty Manning, M.D., Director of the Kelly O’Leary Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC). She explains that while it’s not uncommon for children younger than 2 to display signs of autism, they are often subtle and hard to tease out from other possible developmental delays. But your input counts. “Parents are good screeners themselves,” she says. New parents can put a lot of energy into tracking their child’s progress when it comes to developmental milestones, especially in the first year of Baby’s life. It’s exactly that kind of close attention that doctors rely on. Doctors will use the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), which measures how a child communicates and interacts with others. A version for toddlers has been recently developed. Most of the signs doctors look for have to do with delays in communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal. For example, a child who has

If, however, autism is the correct diagnosis, intervention should be immediate. “The sooner you start, the better the outcome,” says Manning. Doctors first begin with speech therapy and occupational therapy for those with sensory issues. They will also use applied behavioral analysis, which are intensive, one-on-one sessions between the child and the therapist. For example, a therapist might sit across a table from the child and try to get him to imitate gestures, expressions or words. “Imitation is not a strong skill for kids with autism,” explains Manning. “Autistic kids learn very differently, and need more direct instruction.” The P.L.A.Y. Project (Play & Language for Autistic Youngsters, is another form of intervention. “It’s less formal, but still intensive,” says Manning. Parents are instructed to get on the floor and insert themselves into the child’s activity in scheduled increments of time, for a certain number of times a day, all designed to develop a better connection through play. •

CF 06-13 (FYI-NEWS).indd 11

The American Academy of Pediatrics calls for doctors to screen all children for autism at 18 and 24 months. But parents know their children best, and if you suspect your baby is facing autism or other developmental delay, don’t wait. Start by talking to your pediatrician about your concerns — the good news is that she has the tools to evaluate your child, even at a very young age.

FIND HELP INSIDE THE RED TREEHOUSE The Red Treehouse is an online community for families with children facing serious illnesses. A partnership between Ohio Family and Children First (OFCF) and the Ronald McDonald House® of Cleveland, Inc., the site connects families with guides and toolkits, resource groups, and a calendar of events for fun and learning. A search tool allows you to filter through the organizations to find the help you need with topics such as finances, legal or education. The site is available to registered users for free. Sign up at

April 2013 11

3/15/13 2:10 PM

Cincinnati Family’s



A Lifetime of Care

DOCs nominee

50 Years of Caring for Children

Celebrating Our First Year in Our NEW Facility Our Pediatricians are closely allied with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to provide access to specialty care, inpatient, outpatient, diagnostic and emergency services. We work with Children’s to stay in step with medical advances and remain up to date on available community resources. We have been involved in collecting research data to improve standards of care and have collaborated with Children’s on quality care initiatives.

Call on our experts for the finest obstetric and gynecologic care to support your good health at every age. New patients welcome! Two convenient locations Fairfield

Services include well-child care, immunizations, care of mild to severe illness, and behavioral and developmental testing. We also have a certified lactation consultant on staff.

Liberty Falls

3050 Mack Rd. Suite 375

6770 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd. Suite 100

Office Hours: Monday- Friday 8 am - 4:30 pm Early, Evening, and Same Day Appointments Available


Find us on Facebook



7502 State Road, Ste. 3350 Anderson Township


attends: The Gardner School age: 1 0 Months and 1 3 Days Old teachers: Miss Christina & Miss Sarah favorite food: Oatmeal and Peaches loves to: Blow Kisses favorite activity at TGS: Itsy Bitsy Yoga (Sitting Tree Pose Pro!) enjoys: Going for Strolls i n the Bye Bye Buggy !

LOVES: The Gardner School ! (So Do Mom and Dad!)

Discover The Gardner School. An award-winning, academically focused preschool for children ages 6 weeks to Private Kindergarten.

Thank you, Cincinnati families, for voting us your #1 childcare provider 4 years in a row!

The Gardner School of Blue Ash TGS_CinnFamily 1-2pg(Abby)_4-13.indd 2

12 April 2013

CF 06-13 (FYI-NEWS).indd 12

“Where Every Family Matters.”

9920 Carver Road Cincinnati, OH 45242 (513) 985-9444

Follow us online! 3/8/13 9:47:54 AM

3/15/13 2:07 PM

family OUTING B y barbara littner david

come sail away

Sail, kayak, paddle boat, hike and more in Milwaukee, WI.


eaches. Renowned art institutions. Endless fun for kids — and just a gas tank away from Cincinnati. Milwaukee: a getaway destination with much more to offer than the beers that make it famous. Established in the era when water reigned for travel and industry , Milwaukee offers breathtaking views of Lake Erie, along with cruises, sailing, kayaking, paddle boating, and the ultimate tribute to her heritage, an outing aboard the Sailing Vessel Denis Sullivan. On the evening of our maritime adventure, clouds darkened the sky and white caps crashed and rolled in the lake. W e barely made it out of the dock when rain began to fall. The professional crewmembers rallied us, and invited any willing participants to grab hold of the heavy ropes and help heave up the sails. As the sails filled, the boat’s speed increased and we rocked deeply into the water and watched it toss over the sides. We shivered and huddled with other passengers, experiencing a vivid immersion of what it must have been like to have worked on a sailboat or endured an historic voyage. In reality, we were never really in any danger , or very far from land, and the crew docked us without incident. We disembarked at the Discovery World Museum. The interactive science and technology center actually features a replica of Denis Sullivan. Kids can check out the close quarters, take a turn at the wheel, and get the feel for nautical life without weather ’s uncomfortable intrusions. The water theme continues in Discovery W orld’s aquarium and interactive water conservation area, and more interactive displays allowed me to create toys, run in a hamster wheel, and even lie on a bed of nails! Also, for music lovers, Discovery W orld features “Les Paul’s House of Sound,” with historic guitars and hands-on musical activities.

Another unique Milwaukee experience is the Harley-Davidson Museum. Our tour took us from the very first motorized bikes that William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson tinkered together, to the iconic hogs of the 70s, to today’s legendary motorcycles. Along the way , we saw the bikes’ uses and innovations in military settings, the changing eras reflected in advertisements, and the tracks of dangerous races where oil spills made the banked curves fatal. W e also took time for some fun photo opportunities and hopped on display models of scooters, motorcycles, and passenger sidecars. We took even more photos at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. The 185-acre stretch of natural habitat along the shore of Lake Michigan gave us glimpses of bluebirds, ducks, herons, muskrats, frogs and turtles. Hiking trails range from rugged to easy, with some that are nicely paved and stroller-friendly. The beach forbids swimming, but a nearby area allows visitors to dive in. W e collected rounded stones made smooth by rolling waves, and enjoyed the smell of wildflowers and the sight of cattails dancing in the breeze. All this activity made us hungry . Naturally, we indulged in Wisconsin cheese, and especially savored the squeaky, flavorful cheese curds, but we also sampled a few of the ethnic restaurants scattered in Milwaukee’ s German, Italian and Mexican neighborhoods. The city has many upscale dining options too, but families shouldn’t miss the Safe House. It’s a little tricky to find, tucked into an alley, with just a small sign overhead. And once you find it, entry isn’t all that easy — if you don’t know the password, the doorkeeper demands that you perform a task. Once we got in, we toured the spy-themed restaurant, taking in movie memorabilia and also a tribute to genuine heroes of the Cold War. The building is also home to the •

CF 06-13 (FYI-NEWS).indd 13

The sailing vessel Denis Sullivan.

nation’s Press Club, and we had fun reading the autographs of journalists and cartoonists, along with signatures of U.S. Presidents and celebrities. Lastly, we enjoyed a magician’s sleight of hand tricks, and of course, good food and fun drinks. J Barbara Littner David is a local writer and mother of five. She is also the author of Cincinnati Trips for Kids, a collection of more than 40 great Cincinnati-area attractions.

Learn More Disco ver y Worl d Museu m 500 N. Harbor Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53202 414-765-9966 • The Safe House 779 N. F ront St., Milwaukee, WI 53202 414-271-2007 •

April 2013 13

3/15/13 2:07 PM




NOW WITH FOUR LOCATIONS TO BETTER SERVE YOU: Batesville, Beacon West, Beacon East, Summit Woods • (513) 354-3700

CF 06-13 (FYI-NEWS).indd 14


How early should athl etes hydrate before they play spor ts?

It is important for ac tive children to stay hydrated at all tim es, not just while participating in sportin g events. However, if a child has an upcomin g event, adequate flui d intake before, during and after is essential for top performance. It is important to consum e fluids with all meals and snacks and mos t importantly 2-4 hour s prior to exercise. It is critical to perform ance to continue hydration throughout activity because wate r is lost through the sk in as sweat and mus t be replaced. Hydration recommendations wi ll vary from athlete to at hlete and by activity and environment you are participating in. Dr. McClung

3/15/13 2:06 PM

Muddy Creek Pediatrics

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Kathryn O’Malley, M.D. Todd Habel, M.D. Toral Freson, RN, MSN, CPNP Shannon Haury, RN, MSN, CPNP • Infants - Children - Adolescents • Care from birth to college • Consults for behavioral & school issues • Comprehensive diabetes care • Lactation Specialist on staff 2012-13

Cincinnati Family’s


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We are here to provide you with the experience that you want for all your women’s healthcare needs. We look forward to meeting with you.

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Gregory Siewny, MD

Franklin/Middletown 200 Medical Center Dr. Ste 160 513.424.1440 Lebanon 990 Belvedere Drive 888.424.0017 West Chester 7760 W. VOA Park Dr. Ste. H 888.424.0017 April 2013 15

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babybits by kiera




y hang

Sleeping, eating and going out with Baby — there’s lots to get the hang of!

brea stfeeding’ s best for baby ... and mom, too!


here are many reasons why breastfeeding is good for you and Baby! Lactation consultant D ee K eith says that for moms, breastfeeding can reduce the risk of serious conditions like heart disease and breast cancer, and that it can also help new moms lose weight. F or Baby, breastfeeding supplies plenty of good immune boosting benefits, but it also allows him to control his own appetite, and promotes normal jaw development and brain development, as well as saves you money. N eed more help? There is plenty of support in O hio and N orthern K entucky, according to K eith. S tart with your local La Leche League leader, found at cincinnati.html. And check out the new e-book that moms are sure to enjoy, I Make Milk, What’s YOUR Superpower: The Ultimate Breastfeeding Guide (Bookbaby; 2013), by Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant Jennifer R itchie. S he turns this hard-totalk-about topic into something every mother can enjoy learning and talking about … making the whole breastfeeding idea easier to understand and do.

16 April 2013

CF 16-17 (BabyBits).indd 16

“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 2:11 PM

BEST AGE FOR CEREAL When and h ow?


any parents believe that if you put a little cereal into Baby’s bottle, he’ll sleep better and longer. In fact, a 2010 study published in Journal Watch Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine found that feeding solid food to infants before four months of age can actually result in shorter sleep duration and more gastro discomforts. So, some parents may jump to infant cereal too soon. But, what IS the right age to start infants on cereal? “We recommend infant cereal at around six months,” says John Furby, M.D. of Eastern Hills Pediatrics. He explains that some babies may be ready to start cereal earlier, around four months‚ but it depends on their ability to handle solid food. Furby says that infants will show clear signs such as holding the head upright. If Baby isn’t gaining weight properly, Furby says that infant cereal should wait and your baby should continue to receive breast milk or formula, both of which contain more calories. Avoid putting infant cereal in a bottle. Rather, says Furby, start off with a spoon so that your little guy can get used to the sensations that come with a different feeding style. Plus, he adds, if it’s coming from a bottle, a big gulp might lead to a choking hazard. But if your tot is prone to reflux, adding rice starch to his formula may help — it goes down like a liquid, according to Furby, and will congeal in his belly. As always, talk to your pediatrician before introducing rice starch or infant cereal into your baby’s diet, as he will be able to evaluate your baby’s ability to handle it.

out & about with baby in



unning errands can sometimes be uncomfortable for moms and babies, but there’s no doubt that babies prefer the touch of their mother as opposed to the touch of a stroller. Keena Stricker, an educator at the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center, says that there are benefits to wearing your baby. Aside from building a stronger bond with your little one, babies who are carried will cry less, thanks to positive stress hormones released by being near Mom’s heartbeat and breath. When worn chest to chest, babies also get the benefits of “tummy time,” like developing their neck muscles. Plus, it’s easier for you to get more things done with a pair of free hands! Choosing the right carrier is also what helps with comfort. It all depends on how the carrier fits Mom as well as Baby. One of our favorites is the MOBY Wrap (mobywrap. com; $47.95 - $62.95; 8 - 35 pounds). These soft, comfortable wraps are easy to use and wrap around your own body for maximum comfort. They are 100 percent cotton, machine washable, free of harsh buckles or straps and conforms to Baby’s own personal shape. There are lots of styles to choose from including solid colors to floral designs to even MLB teams! But, as Baby grows, you may want to switch over to the new MOBY GO (; $79.95; 15 - 45 pounds). It features cross-shoulder design, wide shoulder straps, seat designed for correct support, padded leg openings, removable hood, easy to reach side buckles and a unique dual foam waist belt. If you’re not certain what carrier is right for you, Stricker will host a Tummy to Tummy workshop at the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center on April 27 to discusses the benefits of wearing your baby, as well as the different MOBY MOBY kinds of carriers available. Wrap GO “There are so many types of carriers now,” she says. “There really is something for everyone, there are so many choices to fit your lifestyle and personality.” RSVP at 513-591-2332 or

Let’s go bye-bye

safe ridin g with baby in the car Car seat options for your precious cargo are endless. Here are a few of our favorites! Journe yLite T rave l System Ev en flo | ev en | $149.00 This new multi-piece collection features an additional second carseat base for families using different cars to transport their child, stroller and infant carrier. The JourneyLite Stroller features a parent console with covered storage and integrated headphone cord access, a deep child’s tray with two cup holders, a full size basket, a canopy with peek-a-boo window and lockable front swivel wheels. The Discovery Infant Car Seat features energy absorbing foam for added comfort and safety as well as a canopy. The seat also comes with two stay-in-car bases for easy transfer from home to car and between different vehicles.

adv ocate 70- g3 c onverti ble car seat britax | britaxu | $379.99 This top-notch five-point harness car seat is equipped with a quick-adjust harness to easily fit your child, side impact cushion technology, HUGS chest pads with safecell technology and more — it’s chock full of safety features! Available in a variety of colors/ patterns. Appropriate for children 5 - 40 pounds rearfacing and 20 - 70 pounds forward facing.

olli booster seat clek | clekin $99.99 As your child gets older, he’ll be ready for a booster seat. This belt-positioning backless booster for ages 6 - 12 has a latch system with locks that click and secure the seat right to your car’s back seat, keeping it in place and with the belt at the right position for your child. Then, with just a little pull of the strap under the booster, it can be removed. Easiest one we’ve ever seen! Now that you’ve got the car seat, it’s important to make sure it’s properly installed. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides a Child Car Seat Inspection Station Locator at Take the time to visit a location and have yours inspected. One stop to check can save your child’s life! •

CF 16-17 (BabyBits).indd 17

April 2013 17

3/15/13 2:11 PM

Honest and dependable house cleaning services that are guaranteed to satisfy you in every way.


your family


is in the air!

Honest & dependable

house cleaning services that are guaranteed to satisfy you in every way. • One-Time Cleaning We are a • Regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleanings Cincinnati • Spring Cleaning based • Move-In or Move-Out Cleanings company • Customized Cleaning Services with LOCAL • Licensed, insured, and bonded for your maids, not protection. contractors!

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Come stock up on all of your Spring & Easter Clothes! Dresswear, bathing suits, capris, sandals, tanks, outside toys & more!

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GREATER CINCINNATI: Anderson 513-474-5105 • West Chester 513-860-0770 Fields Ertel 513-677-5700 • Colerain 513-385-3034 Western Hills 513-451-7600 DAYTON: Beavercreek 937-427-2744 Dayton Mall 937-312-1294 • Huber Heights 937-235-2125

HOURS- Monday- Saturday 9:30am – 9pm Sunday: 11am – 6pm

7+,6 ,60<










rigorous preparation..


Joyful environMent. students who find success in any world.



preview day May 8 at 9 a.m.

6905 Given Road, Cincinnati, OH 45243 • 513.979.0220 • 20130308CincyFamily.indd 1

18 April 2013

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“Where Every Family Matters.”






Cincinnati Country Day School, founded in 1926, is a coeducational, college preparatory school serving 18 month through grade 12 students.

3/8/2013 3:01:08 PM

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building sibling


Help your toddlers get ready for a new baby’s arrival by teaching them all about their special new roles: Big brothers and sisters!


ringing home a new baby is a time for celebration, but your toddler may not be quite open to all of the festivities — in fact, to him, all the fuss may feel more like chaos! But there are plenty of things you can do throughout your pregnancy to prepare your tot for the big arrival and get him excited about the joys and important responsibilities that come with being an older sibling.

Talk! Melissa Tepe, a licensed counselor and instructor at the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center, teaches a class on Sibling Success, helping parents prepare for this very situation. Her first suggestion is to let your child make friends with the new baby before birth — talk to your child about the baby, let him talk to the baby in your belly , and let him feel the baby kick and move when you can. Listening to your child can be just as helpful — give him a chance to express his excitement, as well as his fears. It’s important to be honest about how the new baby will change everyone’s lives, but reassure your child that you will always have enough love for both of them. Children are usually most (please turn the page) •

CF 18-21 (PrepareTot).indd 19

April 2013 19

3/15/13 2:14 PM

build ing sibl ing

love bothered at having to share their mommies once the baby arrives, Tepe says, so it helps them to know when their special time with you will take place, and what you will do. Sarah Ellis, who recently gave birth to her third child, played home videos for her twins so they could hear a baby crying and get used to the idea of having a new baby around. Getting children warmed up for another baby is sometimes a non-issue, but if you think it will be one, there are things you can do to help your child adjust smoothly. Involve your child in the baby prep. Talk about where Baby will sleep and where his clothes will be kept. Talk about how babies can sometimes cry at inconvenient times. Having those kind of things covered in advance can give your child a sense of ownership: he can take charge by showing friends and family where things go or demonstrate how to give the baby a kiss on the forehead.

Seek out a Sibling Class

If you bring your child with you to your prenatal doctor visits, he’ll one day get the chance to hear your baby’s heartbeat during your sonogram. Nurses in obstetric offices are accustomed to siblings tagging along and will keep them occupied outside your examination room when it’s appropriate for them NOT to be there. Aside from letting your child come with you to appointments, look into the sibling classes available where you plan on delivering — you can probably set up a tour of the maternity unit and nursery for your child.

Welcome His Input While you may not want to hand over the responsibility of naming the new baby to your 3-year-old, but you can share the names you’re considering, or see how many names your tot can come up with that begin with the letter D. Or perhaps you’re decorating a nursery — why

20 April 2013

CF 18-21 (PrepareTot).indd 20

We talk about what they’re going to see and hear and what the baby is going to do and look like (and not do). We get them pumped up about their special role … and how important the job of a big sibling is.” — Sarah Kroger, via Facebook

not let your little one help pick out some pictures to hang on the wall, or better yet, make a few pictures of his own?

“Baby School” Preschoolers love to help with tasks around the house, so now’s your chance to teach him about some of the new jobs he’ll be responsible for once the baby arrives. Teach him where the diapers will be stored so he can bring a clean one to you when you need it, or help him learn some new songs to help sing the baby to sleep. Kids can also do things like help fold blankets and sort out their toys from the baby’ s toys and put them away in the proper drawers and boxes. Shopping for a rocking chair? Take along your child to test ride a few — after all, when the baby is sleeping or in the hands of Grandma or Grandpa, that same chair will be the perfect spot for the two of you to share some time together . Tepe suggests letting kids be the “teacher” at what she calls “Baby School.” Let them show the baby how to do things like clap, make noises and funny faces, hold things, crawl and sing.

Spend Time Apart If grandparents or other family live in the area, arrange for some sleepovers for your child during your pregnancy so he knows what it’ s like to be away from you for the night.

A Gift from the Baby Plenty of parents think to give the siblings a little item when the baby is born since the baby’ s getting all kinds of things. But how about you have the baby give something to the sibling? “We gave each twin something small after they had come in to see their sister,” says Ellis, “and they loved getting presents, of course, but it was really cute. They both told her thank you before they left.”

Siblings will bicker, that’s what they do, and it’s sure to drive you nuts in the coming years. But by beginning with a foundation of joy and love, those coming years will be part of a shared history that each of your children will cherish as they grow up together. J Sherry Hang is editor of this publication.

Books to Read with Your Little One Ellis read lots of books to her twins before the arrival of their little sister. Here are some of their favorites: My First … Baby Brother

by Eve Marleau (Qed Publishing; $25.65 hardcover on Amazon)

The Berenstain Bears and Baby Makes Five

by Stan & Jan Berenstain (Random House Books for Young Readers; $12.28 hardcover on Amazon)

The New Baby

by Mercer Mayer (Random House Books for Young Readers; $2.43 paperback on Amazon)

I’m a Big Brother/Big Sister

by Joanna Cole (HarperFestival; $6.29 hardcover on Amazon)

My New Baby

by Annie Kubler (ZZCCHILDS PLAY; $4.24 board book on Amazon)

Hello Baby!

by Lizzy Rockwell (Dragonfly Books; $6.29 paperback on Amazon)

“Where Every Family Matters.”

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w Tree Hou illo

Full-Day, Academically Focused Preschool



Visit us on

Caring, Talented Staff






Ages 6 wks - 5 yrs

c & P res


(513) 281-8733 Hamilton County Vouchers accepted

Music, Yoga & Library Programs Small Child-to-Staff Ratios Individualized Learning & Degreed Teachers Offering Montessori & Traditional Preschool

thank you for voting us one of the best party entertainers in cincinnati and northern kentucky!


cincinnati’s finest family magician

Choose excellent physicians for excellent care. Parents want their children to have excellent care. That’s why Group Health recruits top pediatricians to join the leading multi-specialty practice in the region. It’s also why so many Cincinnati parents choose Group Health physicians to care

(513) 702-4400

amazing magic, audience participation and silly fun. your child is the STAR of the show! harvey the live rabbit appears.


for their families. With eight locations throughout Cincinnati, our world-class physicians, nurses, assistants and specialists work together to provide you the highest quality care. From pediatrics and adult medicine to more than 20 specialties, we’ve got you covered. As part of the TriHealth system with its many services, our patients have the added assurance that we will do everything possible to deliver the highest level of excellent care. Choose excellent physicians for excellent care. Find a Group Health doctor to care for you and your family. Anderson | Finneytown | Good Samaritan Campus | Kenwood Mason | Springdale | Western Hills | Western Ridge | 513 246 7000

Discover the difference that NAEYC accreditation, degreed teachers, excellent parent communication, a welcoming family environment & a child-centered philosophy can make for you and your child.

9370 Waterstone Blvd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45249 Call 513.683.8833 to schedule your personal tour! •

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8481 Duke Blvd. | Mason, OH 45040


Largest INDOOR SHOWROOM in Cincinnati!

installation on all AlleyOop Trampolines

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Irwin Simpson Rd

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Duke Blvd.

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Parkway Dr.

& * These offers are not valid with any other discounts, offers, or prior purchases

Irwin Simpson

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installation on 6x8 / 72x42 Backboard

Irwin Simp

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son Rd


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Fields Ertle Rd

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NO BUGS. NO ODOR. NO MESS. NO TROUBLE. Solving pest problems in commercial and residential property

BED BUGS, ANTS, TERMITES, MICE, ...any pest that moves,


Property HealthCheck Call us today to request your free inspection.


859-525-8560 Kentucky 513-368-7556 Ohio

 Licensed  Insured  Warranties  Locally Owned  Senior Discount

22 April 2013

CF 22-25 (VeggieGarden).indd 22

“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 2:17 PM



ong before fast food nation became a way of life for many families come meal time, there was the family garden. It was a place where mothers, fathers and children were stewards of the land in spring and fall, where they nurtured seedlings into vegetables, growing them, preparing them and eating them. Where the tending of the family garden was rooted in both the need for food and the need for care. Have a finicky eater? Refresh her palette with the taste of homegrown. “I’ve never seen a child refuse to eat something she grew herself,” says Amanda Grant, author of Grow It, Cook It With Kids (Ryland Peters & Small; 2010). Why not start a garden with your children this month? Here’s easy step by steps to make that happen.

think kid-friendly


RESEARCH, FIELD TRIPS Get books at the library. Get some for your

All of you will need strong tools and good

children, too. Look at websites together, talk to

gloves. If you can find wooden handled ones,

friends about starting a garden. Pick a sunny

let the kids paint them — that will keep them

spot in your yard where you can make it hap-

interested. They can also work on garden rock

pen. Do this as a family.

painting, markers for your vegetables once

Decide what you want to grow (easiest list is

they are planted — the key is to keep on mak-

on page 41). Sketch a rough drawing of your

ing it fun. Purchase vegetables that will grow

garden. Go to nurseries, Home Depot, look at

quickly like radishes, lettuce, carrots, squash,

seeds together — get inspired!

tomatoes. •

CF 22-25 (VeggieGarden).indd 23

April 2013 23

3/15/13 2:16 PM


• Kids are more likely to eat what they have grown.

Rent a tiller from a gardening center for your

• It’s excellent physical activity.

garden and till the land — this job is for Mom or Dad, but it will be exciting for the kids to watch their backyard transform. Let the kids pick up small rocks and weeds and such as the tilling continues. Rake and smooth the soil. Give your kids a small section that is THEIRS for the caring. A 5’ by 5’ space is fine.

no rushing grass clumps are removed, improve the soil with organic matter like compost before you begin to plant. Turn the compost into your soil to a depth of six to eight inches with garden forks. Once this is done, cover all of the organic layer with three inches of soil.

enjoy the proces PLANTING AND WATERING With Mom and Dad leading the way, start planting referring to the sketch you made for

to use transplants rather than seeds just to speed things up. Give everything a good watering once it’s in the ground.

24 April 2013

CF 22-25 (VeggieGarden).indd 24

• The garden is a place of learning — cooking, science, new vocabulary, etc.

Painted rocks look pretty in gardens and it’s something the kids can enjoy doing.

• Gardening together can help deepen family connections.

Once the soil is well tilled and loose and the

and dirty. For tomatoes, you might want

• Gardening can be a needed downtime for busy children and adults.

• It helps you connect with nature.


“what goes where.” Let the kids get good

• Kids who grow up with a garden are more likely to have one later in life.

• A garden can help set better eating habits for life. • It can save you money and deter you from hopping in the car to eat out. • Excess harvest can be donated to those in need. • You’ll be able to enjoy some of the freshest and healthiest food.

A pretty decoration for the fairies in the garden! Kids can make things like this.

EASY-TO-GROW Carrots Radishes Lettuce Green beans Cherry tomatoes Green onions Snow peas

HARVEST! Let your children dig up the carrots and pick that first clump of cherry tomatoes. It’s an exciting time when vegetables are ready to be picked. Now you can try making delicious recipes with your harvest.

Use old spoons to mark where different groups of veggies are planted!

“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 2:16 PM

A hands-on April 13 – July 27, 2013 architecture & Family Fun Saturdays construction (2-4 pm) Work hands-on with exhibit for kids! Build It! Architecture for Kids is supported, in part, by the Cincinnati Design Awards, the Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati, and Hukill Hazlett Harrington Agency, Inc.

construction professionals! April 13 – Roofing April 27 – Concrete

Educator open house Thursday April 11, 3-6 pm, RSVP required. Free tours for educational groups!

The Betts House 416 Clark Street Cincinnati, OH 45203 513-651-0734

chompers! we want to see those


A leading dental practice dedicated to serving the oral health care needs of infants, children, adolescents and children with special needs in the Greater Cincinnati area.

11350 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH | (513) 325-5555 •

CF 22-25 (VeggieGarden).indd 25

April 2013 25

3/15/13 2:16 PM

We make it easy to schedule an appointment. At Cincinnati Dental Services, we know family life can get busy at times. That is why we offer extended hours, online appointment requests and a wide range of dental services available at many convenient locations. It is part of our never-ending commitment to make your experience better with us.



West Chester and Florence, KY © 2013 Cincinnati Dental Services. All rights reserved. Cincinnati Dental Services is a registered trademark of American Dental Partners. Drs. Faust, Jones, Kemper, Arnett, Gawrych, Huesman, Robinson & Associates, Inc.




AGE CATEGORIES (ONE WINNER IN EACH) Cover Kid RAEGAN. Photo by Rosanna Jacobson

A portion of your Cover Kids Entry fee will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation


RULES & OBLIGATIONS: $10 entry fee (non-refundable). One photo per child. Twins/triplets will be considered one entry. The only group photos permissible are multiples. One child in each of four age categories — 0 - 12 months, 13 - 35 months, 3 - 6 years and 7 - 10 years — will be selected to appear on a cover of this magazine. Photo submissions period is March 1st through May 15th. After the submission period ends, Cincinnati Family editors will select 10 finalists in each age group. Once finalists are announced, public voting beings. Voting period is from June 1st to June 7th. At the end of the voting period, the child in each age category with the most votes will be the Cover Kid for his/her group. One vote per child, per age category; users suspected of unethical voting practices will be subject to disqualification. In the event of a tie a winner will be chosen at random. Children of employees and independent contractors of DayCom Media, Inc., are not eligible to participate.

26 April 2013

CF 26-31 (FavDocs).indd 26

“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 2:36 PM


ed at

mom re




r no min



Cincinnati Family’s

DOCs nominee


NOMINATIONS ARE IN Turn the page to see the MOM APPROVED, READER NOMINATED list of local DENTISTS, PEDIATRIC DENTISTS and ORTHODONTISTS ... courtesy of Cincinnati Family’s Favorite Docs. •

CF 26-31 (FavDocs).indd 27

April 2013 27

3/15/13 2:21 PM


Dentists & Kids


Cincinnati Family’s

DOCs nominee

B y P au l a D e w itt


T ry these tips: Provide a preview Take your child with you to your next checkup so he can see what the dentist is all about. L et him see that having your teeth cleaned can actually be really nice. Choose a friendly dentist. Pediatric dentists are trained in child development and know how to make kids comfortable. The waiting room is stocked with books and toys. Some dentists provide overhead TV sets so kids can focus on a cartoon while being treated. Others give kids sunglasses to block out the brightness from the examining lights. Pediatric dentists always offer a post-exam treat of some kind. But whether you opt for a family dentist or a pediatric one, don’t just look in the phone book. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations. Make sure that if you feel strongly about a particular issue — being with your child in the treatment room, for example — that the dentist whom you choose agrees.

R emember that timing is everything. Make your child’s appointment at a time when he’ s well rested. Depending on what’s being done at your child’s appointment, plan on staying with your child for a while before heading back to work.

Alex Cassinelli West Chester Orthodontics West Chester Dr. Cassinelli is a skilled orthodontist and is amazing with kids. My son loves going to see him. His staff also goes above and beyond. Tiffany Harris

Brian Romick, DMD Smiles by Dr. Romick Cincinnati Dr. Romick’s office has really cool music memorabilia and he is always really nice when i come to see him. He came to my school to talk about brushing with his dinosaur Freddie and gave all of the students goody bags to help us take care of our teeth. Jonathon Miller

David C Quast, DDS Quast Orthodontics Crestview Hills Doctor Quast is very professional. He takes the time to create the PERFECT smile for your child. He takes into consideration the facial and teeth appearance, along with jaw structure when planning your child’s treatment. All five of my children’s smiles have been under the care of Dr. Quast. I am thrilled with the job he has done, and would trust no one else with my children’ s care. Jennifer Jacobs

Books can help kids understand For young children, there’s nothing like a book to explain things in easy terms. For first time dental visits, try The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist or Barney Goes to the Dentist. As you read, you can also explain, in a simple way , what will happen at your child’s visit. Stay away from words like “drill,” “hurt” or “shots,” and focus on the positive by saying something like, “Dentists help us keep our teeth healthy, just like doctors help us keep our bodies healthy.” Simple statements like this are truthful and reassuring.

Independence and Union, KY Dr. Struckhoff and her staff are so friendly, professional and thorough. M. Hill

Shiv Shanker West Chester Orthodontics West Chester Dr. Shanker is a leader in his field, and it shows in how he practices. He utilizes state-of-the-art technology without compromising comprehensive personal exams. He is thorough, intelligent, caring, business savvy, and an excellent orthodontist. Jane Manning

GEN ER AL DENTISTS Allison Shartzer, DDS Healthsource of Ohio Seaman, Ohio For years, I’ve been looking for the “perfect” dentist for my children and myself ... and I finally found her! Dr. Alley has created a friendly environment built on integrity, truthfulness and commitment. The moment you walk into her office you can sense the great leadership she possesses within her dental team. She is fully engaged in enhancing each experience for my children at each appointment. Her chair side manners are absolutely phenomenal in which she makes each individual patient feel the most comfortable and at ease during treatment. Our community is so blessed to have such a unique, caring and prestigious professional! I cannot express my gratitude in words, she has made “going to the dentist” FUN and EDUCATING at the same time! Nikki C

Grace Kerr Grace Kerr Orthodontics Cincinnati Dr. Kerr brings excellence to all that she does. She takes her time with each patient, making sure they feel comfortable and understand their treatment plan. She cares deeply about her patients and they love her in return! Shalie Schacht

CF 26-31 (FavDocs).indd 28

Struckhoff Orthodontics

Orth odontists

any general dentists recommend kids be seen for the first time at age 3 or 4. But pediatric dentists suggest children be seen as early as age 1 or 2. If you follow that recommendation, chances are your child will have an easy experience and not be nervous beforehand; children at age 3 or 4 are more likely to hesitate about laying back and opening their mouth up in order for a stranger to peek around inside. That’s one helpful tip, and here are others for preparing your kids for that buzzing drill sound and the chortling water vacum that sometimes gets hung from the mouth.

28 April 2013

Janice Struckhoff, DDS, MS

James Petricone, DDS Petricone and Pick Dental Blue Ash Amazing staff. Friendly doctor who truly cares! Heidi Weisman (please turn the page)

“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 2:22 PM

Orthodontics Drs. Cassinelli and Shanker are board certified orthodontists with many years of experience seeing both adult and child patients. Our doctors provide an individualized treatment plan to each patient in order to obtain a beautiful and functional smile. They have repeatedly been voted as top dentists by their peers in the annual survey published in Cincinnati Magazine as well as selected by the readers of Cincinnati Family Magazine as the top orthodontic practice in Cincinnati for the last four years.

We offer two convenient locations in Montgomery and West Chester with

7242 Tylers Corner Drive, Ste A West Chester, OH 45069 (513) 7777060

David M. Sullivan, DDS, MS, FACD

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Our office provides orthodontics for adults and children, including traditional brackets, ceramic brackets and Invisalign. Our practice has been serving the needs of Cincinnati families since 1964. Since our inception and continuing through today, we strive to provide excellence in care and service.

state of the art technology to provide the most sophisticated and best care available. We have early morning and evening hours to accommodate the extremely busy schedules of our patients. Our staff is highly trained and committed to patient care. We have technology and communication tools to offer our patients convenient access to account information as well as email reminders for appointments. Finally, we always welcome parents back into the treatment area to observe the care provided to their children and to ask questions of the doctors and the orthodontic assistants. We want parents to be fully informed about the status of treatment at all times.


Dr. Cassinelli and Dr. Shanker

Pediatric Dentistry David M. Sullivan, DDS, MS, FACD wears several different hats in his professional life. He has been in private practice in Cincinnati, Ohio since 1982. Dr. Sullivan is a Diplomat of the American Board of Pediatric Dentist and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Sullivan is a consultant to the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and aids in the Oral Clinical Examination for board certification in Pediatric Dentistry. He is an active member of the American Dental Association and has been inducted into the American College of Dentists. The American College of Dentist (ACD) is the oldest national honorary organization for dentists. Its members have exemplified excellence through outstanding leadership and exceptional contributions to dentistry and society. Dr. Sullivan is currently the President of the Dental Staff at Cincinnati Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hospital Medical Center. Dr. Sullivan has several publications. â&#x20AC;˘

CF 26-31 (FavDocs).indd 29

One of which is The Manual Of Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Sullivan has been nominated and awarded Best Dentist in America, Best Pediatric Dentist in Best of Parenting, Top Dentist Award as well as the Favorite Docs Award. Dr. Sullivan is a consultant for the athletic department at Xavier University as well as the dentist for The Cincinnati Zoo. He serves as a consultant to other organizations in Pediatric Dentistry and Veterinary Dentistry. Dr. David Sullivan and his staff at The Pediatric Dentist, believe that every child is entitled to a beautiful, healthy smile and are committed to and focused on making a difference from day one.

5177 North Bend Rd. Cincinnati, OH (513) 258-0548 April 2013 29

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FAVORITE DOCS 2012-13 A Special Advertising Section

Dr. William A. Greenhill Union Pediatric Dentistry Union Pediatric Dentistry is located on Callie Way across from Ryle High School in Union, KY and has been providing dental care to infants, children and teens since 2008. We strive to provide each child with quality dental care in a warm and friendly environment. Our goal is to provide a dental home to children and to educate parents on the importance of oral health to help fight the increasing dental decay rates among young children. We have the latest state-of-the-art equipment to make sure your child has access to everything he or she needs at their dental visits. We pride ourselves in practicing ethically and honestly, taking the time to explain our findings.

faculty member at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Dr. Greenhill received his dental degree in 1989 from the University of Mississippi and completed a one year advanced education in general dentistry residency at Langley AFB, VA. He was on active duty in the United States Air Force until 1999. His pediatric dental training was completed at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in 1995. Dr. Greenhill was also recently elected as a director on the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and serves as a national spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Call today…and let us exceed your expectations!

We offer a variety of sedation options including the help of a board certified pediatric anesthesiologist. Dr. William A. Greenhill, his wife, and four children have lived in Union since 1999. Dr. Greenhill is an adjunct

2012 Callie Way, Suite 202 Union KY 41091 (859) 384-6050

Murray Dock, D.D.S., M.S.D. Pediatric Dentist

Providing exceptional dental care for children from infancy through adolescence is our top priority. Dr. Dock has more than 25 years experience at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. He has also served as an Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry for the hospital residency program. He is board-certified in pediatric dentistry, and is a Diplomate and Fellow of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD).

Dr. Dock and the experienced staff at Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry is committed to the special needs and oral health of the children entrusted to our care. We go beyond maintaining disease-free teeth and gums to promoting the physical health, proper nutrition and speech development of our patients in a gentle, child-friendly environment.

9505 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, OH | (513) 891-0660 |

Dr. Grace Kerr Orthodontics

Dr. Kerr’s top priority is to provide children and adults with the highest quality and gentle orthodontic care in a friendly, comfortable environment. We utilize the latest technological advances in the industry, such as the Damon bracketing system, ceramic braces, and Invisalign®, along with the latest in computer technology to ensure our patients receive the most effective care

possible. We also have an in-house lab resulting in superior and efficient appliance delivery. Dr. Kerr is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, the American Dental Association, and the Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists. She also received the American Association of Women Dentists award for outstanding leadership and academic excellence.

2706 Observatory Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45208 | (513) 533-4200 |

30 April 2013

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“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 2:24 PM

Scott E. Sayre, DDS

Jodie Jenkins Liberty Township Jodie is very cheery and friendly. Our whole family goes there, kids included. The dental hygienists are knowledgable and nice, too. I know many families that go to her and my husband’s been going to her since high school!

Advance Dentistry Cincinnati I was severely afraid of the dentist and hadn’t been in many years! I had heard Advance Dentistry’s ads on TV and radio, and I felt like they were talking to me. They said they offer IV sedation for fearful patients, which is me! I decided to e-mail them through their website because I was too afraid to call. They sent me a very personable, reassuring e-mail back, so I called and made an appointment. At my first appointment, they were so caring and gentle. They didn’t make me feel ashamed and embarrassed. And, I was really comfortable! After my X-rays and exam, I met with my treatment coordinator (Jana) who went over all of my options and costs, as well as my insurance benefits. I walked out of my first appointment knowing exactly what I needed, how much it was going to cost (which was very reasonable), and how much my insurance was going to cover. I couldn’t believe my first appointment was free, most dentists charge and arm and a leg for X-rays even! I also walked out of there without a fear of going back! I now have the smile I had been longing for, for YEARS! I owe Dr. Sayre for giving me my life back!

Jenny Ament

Joel Koch, DDS Joel Koch, DDS West Chester Amazing professionalism from him and his staff. I always feel like I am getting the best care and he is held in very high esteem by my other professionals when I have mentioned his name. Susan Geresy

Joseph E. Jacob, DDS Jacob, Joseph E. DDS Cincinnati My parents, four siblings and I have been going to Dr. Jacob since we were tiny tots. I now continue to see him with my husband and 10-yearold son. Very experienced and great with kids. He is fantastic! Allison Plunkett

Lawrence Brown, DDS Brown and Kupper West Chester Dr. Brown is gentle and kind. He explains everything before he does anything. He doesn’t make up things that need to be fixed. He includes me as part of my dental care team. The whole staff is pleasant and welcoming. I love those guys! Lisa Linton

Shelley Shearer, DMD Shearer Family Dentistry Florence She is the most professional, genuinely concerned dentist I have ever had. Dr. Shearer and her staff are simply amazing.


Valerie Watson, DDS Hebron Family Dentistry Hebron Dr. Watson and staff are very welcoming, kind, and compassionate. They take the time to be sure you are cared for, understand procedures and provide excellent follow up! They truly care about your health. Dr. Watson calls me personally to see that I am feeling OK after a visit. Tish Diabo

PEDIATRIC DENTISTS Dave Sullivan, DDS Pediatric Dentistry Cincinnati Dr. Dave Sullivan has always had a wonderful approach in treating my children, not only offering excellent care, but he really puts them at ease. He is very accessible for follow-up questions, even in the case when we had an emergency situation on vacation. He truly cares about his patients. Kathy Kraushar

Cincinnati Family’s


DOCs nominee

Katie Blomer, DMD Hyde Park Pediatric Dentistry Cincinnati Dr. Katie is so kind and caring to my kids. She makes going to the dentist fun! My kids can’t wait for their next cleanings:-) Dana

Cindy Pong, DDS Smiles 4 Kids Pediatric Dentistry Cincinnati Dr. Pong is very gentle and explains everything. Melissa Harris

Dennis Lambert, DDS Dennis Lambert, DDS, Mason Dr. Lambert’s practice is amazing and such a gift to those of us with kids who have special needs. They make every effort to accommodate individual needs and are patient and kind throughout the process. Of all of the doctors and specialists we see, Dr. Lambert’s office is by far our favorite. They are skilled, knowledgeable and extremely kind. Kathy Kaspar

John Gennantonio, DDS Sea of Smiles Cincinnati Dr. John Gennantonio is the most amazing dentist for my son. He is very caring and really stresses preventative care. I know he is looking out for my son’s dental health. Not only does he take good care of his patients, he is very compassionate and is always volunteering his time in the community. He is very generous and caring.


Jodie Jenkins, DDS

Nannette Sherman, DDS Nannette R. Sherman, DDS West Chester Dr. Sherman is a great dentist for children. She is gentle, kind and explains to them what she is doing. They have no fear going to see her. Tracy Cassinelli

William Greenhill, DMD Union Pediatric Dentistry Union, KY Dr. Greenhill has a wonderful practice that makes children, and their parents, feel at ease. He is an excellent dentist with a delightful staff. Dr. Greenhill and his staff treat my daughters in a way that makes them feel special at each visit. Their appointments are always timed well in that I do not have to spend much time in the waiting area before my daughters’ appointments. If I could be a patient at his of fice, as a 48-year-old, I would! Sherry Longo

Ron Rubin, DDS Smiles 4 Kids Pediatric Dentistry Springdale He is so kind and sees things from the child’s perspective. Lindy Mathes

Heather Voit

Chris •

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For more information or to register visit or call (859) 442-5800

Summer Camps Offered

Soccer Basketball Volleyball Adventure Day Camp

Camps Start June 3 Full Day - $159/week or $49/day Half Day - $89/week or $29/day (9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm) FREE Pre & Post Care

REGISTER TO WIN A FREE WEEK OF CAMP AT through April 30, 2013.

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Your Guide to Camps and Summer Activities RESIDENTIAL/AWAY CAMPS


Animal Camp at Cub Creek Science Camp

The AAC Studio Kids, The Art Academy of Cincinnati

Camp Carson YMCA

April Eight’s Songs for Peace Music+Arts Camp

16795 State Route E, Rolla, MO 573-458-2125 • Feed monkeys, pet a kangaroo, take classes in veterinary medicine, animal care, survival skills or crime science. Other activities include zip line, pottery, archery, culinary science, swimming, crafts and so much more. Campers live in air-conditioned cabins and enjoy delicious meals, a great staff, fantastic campers and fun activities. Airport service available for every session. Free brochure. 2034 Outer Lake Road, Princeton, IN 812-385-3597 • An Experience That Lasts Lifetime! Join campers and staff from over 20 states and 7 countries. A safe, fun program that pays careful attention to the needs of campers and families. Our program is designed and tailored to the individual camper needs. Activities include archery, canoeing, sailing, swimming kayaking, climbing, and pottery, plus horseback and motorized dirt-bikes. Don’t forget The Blob, water zip-lines, Tom Sawyer Swing, and drumming.

Camp Livingston

4998 Nell Lee Road, Bennington, IN 513-793-5554 Located in the beautiful rolling hills of southern Indiana, Camp Livingston is the place to be for a summer of friends, sports, arts, nature, and positive Jewish experiences. Our caring staff supervises a progressive program that includes athletics, nature, waterfront activities, arts-and-crafts, performing arts, a challenge course, adventure travel and camping trips, and much more!

Can-Do-It Farm Summer Girls’ Camp

2279 East Union Road, Jefferson 440-858-2244 • Attention horse crazy girls! A summer camp that is all about horses, all day long. Riding lessons, trail riding, jumping, dressage, polo and so many horse-related activities that your girls will have a week to remember. Visit our web site for more information. Located in northeast Ohio.

YMCA Camp Campbell Gard

4803 Augspurger Road, Hamilton 513-867-0600 Thanks for voting us Cincinnati’s Best Camp! Co-ed sleep-away camp that gives kids 5 - 17 a safe environment to connect with positive role models, explore skills and interests, make new friends and have fun. Enjoy banana boating, zip line, jumping pillow, horseback riding, mountain biking, archery and more. Facebook us at: YMCA Camp Campbell Gard News, Friends of YMCA Camp Campbell Gard

YMCA Camp Ernst

7615 Camp Ernst Road, Burlington, KY 859-586-6181 • Co-ed, ages 6 - 15, one-week sessions Jun. 9 - Aug. 10. NEW! Intro to Overnight and Half-Week summer sessions, co-ed, ages 5 - 9, May - Aug. Steeped in tradition and built on positive values, we host campers who enjoy top-notch counselors and making friends while doing a wide variety of activities including zip line, archery, banana boat, 100 ft. waterslide, riflery, giant swing, horseback riding, the BLOB, and much more!

YMCA Camp Kern

5291 State Route 350, Oregonia 513-932-3756 Providing a safe, fun, magical, and educational experience for all children, plus the opportunity for growth in character, mind, spirit, and body. We don’t just teach swimming, canoeing, climbing, horseback riding and more, we teach values through programs. For ages 5 - 16, we offer residential and semi-residential accommodations, a 485-acre facility, and a chance to reconnect with nature. Sessions begin Jun. 16. Register online.

1212 Jackson Street, Cincinnati 513-562-8748 • Learn cartooning and comics, comics in action, drawing and painting, mixed media, screen printing, and much more. Students work in a specific subject for one full week in half-day sessions. Camps feature weekly topics. Full- and half-day with before- and after-care options for ages 5 - 9. Teen summer studio classes allow students to begin at any level and gives room for personal explorations into each subject. Would your kids enjoy a week of imaginative play and collaboration? Send them to April Eight’s Songs for Peace Music+Arts Camp! With award-winning musician April Eight, children write songs, create instruments, play games, and do yoga too. Weeks of Jun. 6 - 10 or Jun. 6 - 17, 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Ages 6 - 11.

Art Workshops at FUNKe Fired Arts

3130 Wasson Road, Hyde Park 513-406-4009 • We offer a huge variety of art camps including, clay, pottery, painting, drawing, papier maché, fiber, recycling and cartooning. Our popular art camps have been in the Cincinnati area for 18 years. We offer camps for children as young as 6 yrs., and a couple of special camps for those 4 - 5 yrs. And for parents who are working or on the go, we also provide before- and after-care. Morning camps run 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Afternoon camps run 1:30 p.m. - 4 p.m.

ballet tech of ohio

7623 Old 3C Hwy, Maineville 513-683-6860 • bto 2013 International Summer Dance Intensive. Ages 8 - 2 with, among others, renowned instructors Valery Lantratov and Ka-Ron Brown Lehman. Individual attention. Performance opportunities. Musical Movement/Movement Discovery, ages 2 - 4. Kid’s Camps, ages 5 - 7. Adult classes, tae kwon do. Jun. 10 - Aug. 16.

Brazee Street School of Glass

4426 Brazee Street, Cincinnati 513-321-0206 Brazee Street SOG offers a range of workshops in kilnformed glass for young artists ages 3-18. Choose from one-day to week-long workshops, each exploring new themes and techniques in glass, including robots, portraits, beadmaking, and more! Please visit our website for workshop descriptions and registration.

Camp at the J

8485 Ridge Road, Cincinnati 513-722-7249 Day camp for grades K - 3 includes Red Cross swim lessons, sports, nature, crafts, special events, and more. Quest Camp for grades 4 - 8 features day trips and overnights to popular destinations. 1-, 3-, and 6-week camps for all age groups offer flexibility for busy families. Indoor/outdoor pools and facilities for rain or shine fun.

Camp Chabad

2820 Bearcat Way, Cincinnati 513-731-5111 • ACA Accredited. Cincinnati’s premier Jewish Day Camp, held at the Campus Recreation Center. Ages 2 - 14. Enjoy a wide variety of activities and field trips with outstanding, nurturing staff unique to Camp Chabad! Lunch and transportation included. Camp runs from Jun. 24 - Aug. 9; sign up for all seven weeks or “mix and match” any week. Morning and after-care are available.

Camp Wildbrook, LTD.

9664 Daly Road, Cincinnati 513-931-2196 • ACA accredited. Family owned and operated. Co-ed, grades K - 6. Six weeks, Jun. 17 - Jul. 26). Day camp, Mon. - Fri., 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 62nd season holding active, outdoor, traditional summer camp activities including archery, arts and crafts, basketball, BB air gun, drama and singing, gymnastics, kickball, nature and camping, soccer, softball, daily swim lessons, and special events. Bus transportation available.

Camp-A-Palooza at Kids First Sports Center

7900 E Kemper Road, Cincinnati 513-489-7575 • (K - 7), (preschool) Camp-A-Palooza is a day camp from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. for grades K - 7 and 8:30 - 12:30 for preschoolers. With 108,000 sq. ft. of children’s sports activities under one roof, Kids First is the area’s premier destination for summer camp. Camp-a-Palooza offers a full-day summer camp for K- grade 7 and the brand new early learning center, The Campus at Kids First, offers a preschool camp for ages 3 - 5. There truly is no summer camp like it.

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Give your child memories that last a lifetime

Now ENrolliNg!

Special diScount for new enrollmentS for 2013 Summer camp

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” ~Proverbs 22:6

• We serve children 6 weeks up to 5th grade. • Special Language Immersion Program • Early Childhood Education experienced teachers. • Online video cameras in each classroom Love God, Love others and Love to Learn

Our summer program is awesome for kids and smart for families! • 6 great themes that mix learning and fun • Flexible scheduling — full- or half-day, week by week, or all season long • Programs for preschool to school-age kids

Now Enrolling at your local Cincinnati KinderCare® – call to schedule your tour today! Blue Ash, Forest Park, West Chester, Cincinnati, Loveland, Harrison, Symmes Township


5334 SOCIaLvILLE FOStEr rd. • MaSOn, OH 45040 jaCObSWELLLEarnIng.COM • (513) 229-0223

© 2013 Knowledge Universe Education LLC. All rights reserved.

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2/13/13 11:02 AM

at Kids First Sports Center 7900 E. KEMPER ROAD



SAFETY STARTS HERE most of our students swim better than their parents! Our programs are internationally recognized - stop in and find out why! Heated pool & small class sizes · learn-to-swim, strokes & squads

LITTLE SNAPPERS ages 6 - 35 months splash, play & learn with your baby! GROUP LESSONS ages 3 - 12 years for kids of all abilities HUBBARDSWIM.COM · 513.530.0123

34 April 2013

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“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 1:52 PM

Multiple Locations 800-968-4332 • Camp Invention inspires creativity and inventive thinking during a week-long summer adventure of fun and exciting real-world challenges led by qualified educators. Discounts are available to new and returning children. Locations nationwide. Visit our website or call to find the location near you.

Birthday Parties Special Occasions ut Ladies Night O Spring Break Fun

Explore The Arts Summer Camps at The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum

3738 Eastern Avenue Cincinnati, 473-5745 • Explore The Arts sponsored by Artswave are providing quality arts exploration at affordable rates. First 8 registrants per class are FREE. Regular registration is $55 per camp. Hip-Hop, Island Dance, Salsa Dance, Nigerian Drumming, Painting from Nature, and Sacred Spaces: Hindu Art and Movement. 1.5 - 3 hrs. per day. Schedule online.

10-$16 Party Packages



7754 Camargo Road 513.561.1888 Minutes from Kenwood Town Center

The Cathedral Domain

800 Hwy 1746, Irvine, KY 606-464-8254 • Come and enjoy summer camp at The Cathedral Domain, a ministry of The Episcopal Diocese of Lexington for 100 years. An ACA accredited camp meeting over 300 standards for operations, facilities, health, and safety. Summer camp sessions for children grades K - 12. We offer traditional adventure programs and environmental education camps at our 800 acre center located in the Red River Gorge area. Registration information available on our website.

Your Guide to Camps and Summer Activities

Camp Invention

Chess Camp and Game Builder Camp 888-652-4377 Camps held at Summit Country Day School in Cincinnati, Jun. 10 - 14. Chess Camp: Chess instruction and play in a fun-filled environment designed to improve skills. Includes a mix of classroom instruction and practice sessions. Ages 5 - 16. Video Game Creation Camp: Starting with basic commands, campers will be taught in a step-by-step progression how to build a game that they design. Ages 8 - 16. Scratch Animation Creation Camp: Create short animated movies. Ages 8 - 16.

Children, Inc. SummerCare 2013: GAME ON!

Ft. Wright Elementary School and Ockerman Elementary School 859-431-2075 Mon. - Fri., 7 a.m. - 6 p.m., 8-week session June - July. Ages 5 - 11. Weekly themes, field trips, swimming, special guests, and tons of fun for all ages and interests! All programs are licensed with superior adult-to-child ratios. $130 per week, or $29 per day (2 day/wk minimum). Tuition assistance available for qualifying families.

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Childtime Learning Centers

Multiple Locations 866-561-3411 Psssst! Hey, kid! Yes, you! How are you going to get the most fun out of summer? Childtime’s got you covered. Join us for our Not So Bummer Summer to experience up to nine completely different summer camps – with great field trips. Each week we’ll feature a fun-filled theme, from outdoor adventure to cooking to drama and much more. There’s plenty of fun for younger kids, too. Call or visit our website to find a school near you.

Cincinnati Nature Center Summer Camps

A Health Partner of

at Rowe Woods, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford 513-831-1711 at Long Branch Farm and Trails. 6926 Gaynor Road, Goshen Week-long nature day camps for ages 3 - 15. Each camp offers unique, age-appropriate activities that expose children to exciting outdoor adventures in a safe and friendly environment. A fun way for kids to actively challenge their minds and bodies while using their creativity and imaginations in a natural setting. Join us for an outdoor adventure that’s anything but ordinary.

Cincinnati Occupational Therapy Institute Camp OdakOTa 4440 Carver Woods Drive, Cincinnati 513-791-5688 • Camp OdakOTa is a full-day camp for children with occupational therapy and sensory integration needs. Camp OdakOTa campers are children 6 - 12 yrs. who would benefit from a sensory-sensitive approach to summer day camp.

Cincinnati Parks Summer Nature Daycamps

Multiple Park Locations 513-321-6208 • Cincinnati Parks’ Summer Nature Daycamps, voted 2012 “Best of the City,” are filling up quickly and most will be filled by April 15! Trailside and LaBoiteaux Woods Nature Centers provide some of the best specialized camps. Fees: $40 - $75 weekly. Hikes, crafts, and games for ages 3 - 17 in parks throughout the city. Register online.

Cincinnati Sports Club

3950 Red Bank Road, Cincinnati 513-527-5026 Ages 3 - 12: Kidsports Summer Camp – All summer long we provide a field trip and a special guest appearance every week, games, weekly themes, crafts, swimming, and more. Ages 3 - 6: Tumbling Camp – Campers will be active and healthy while having fun and making new friends and learning introductory tumbling. Ages 4 - 12: Junior Racquet Camp – Children will learn the proper strokes and strategies for four exciting racquet and paddle sports.

Cincinnati Zoo

3400 Vine Street, Cincinnati 513-559-7767 opt. 4 Register today for the wildest summer break yet! Fun, educational and age-appropriate topics every week. Full- and half-day programs available. Zoo member discounts.

The Christ Hospital

Great Value of Fun This Summer!

Now Accepting Summer Membership Reservations Summer Camps for Ages 3-12 Kidsports Weekly Camp (AM & PM care available)

Tumbling Camp Racquet Sports Camp Golf Camp Soccer Camp Aquatics Programs

513.527.4000 2 Convenient Entrances 5535 Murray Ave. or 3950 Red Bank Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

Classroom Antics Tech Camps

Multiple Locations 800-595-3776 • Summer camps for ages 7 - 13 in video game design, LEGO robotics, computer programming, and stop motion animation. $199 per camp, less $10 coupon code CF3. Beginners welcome!

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April 2013 35

3/15/13 1:53 PM

Book your next party soon!

We bring all the supplies needed, then take the pieces to our facility to glaze/fire and return them to you for distribution.


36 April 2013

CF 32-41 camp listings.indd 36

Fuel your child’s curiosity! Lego Engineering, Robots, Rockets and Space Science Day Camps iSPACE also offers yearround student and family programs and educator workshops.


“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 1:53 PM

Your Guide to Camps and Summer Activities

Clifton Performance Theatre

404 Ludlow Ave., Cincinnati 513-861-7469 Spend an exciting week with specialists in acting, singing and dance who will lead campers through the process of putting on a show. We’ll prepare a performance, design costumes and help build sets. No experience necessary and no auditions. After a week of working together, campers will perform a classic Broadway-style musical or show for their family, friends, and the Clifton community.

Countryside YMCA Day Camps

1699 Deerfield Road, Lebanon 513-932-1424 ext. 149 Join us this summer at Warren County’s biggest and best day camp experience. Countryside YMCA offers camps in swimming, gymnastics, sports, LEGO Camps, and traditional day camps. New for 2013 – Visual Arts camps in drawing, painting, pottery and more. Before- and after-camp available.

Creative Tots of Mason

6408 Thornberry, Mason 513-770-6776 Specializing in the private education of toddler, preschool and pre-K children for 20 years. Our research-based curriculum provides age-appropriate, high-quality academics designed to exceed Ohio Academic Content Standards. Weekly Summer Programs (Jun. 10 - Aug. 2) Toddler, 18 mos. - 3 yrs.; Early 3’s, 2.5 - 3 yrs.; Preschool, 3 - 4 yrs.; Pre-K 4 - 5 yrs. Enrichment programs in Spanish, music, art, yoga, and science. Mon. - Fri., 9 - 11 a.m.

Falcon Camp

4251 Delta Road SW, Carrollton 800-837-2267 • Ohio’s premier summer camp since 1959. Boys and girls ages 6 - 16 enjoy a beautiful lakefront setting, wide variety of activies and outstanding staff. “Fun for Now, Skills for Life” is more than a catchy logo. It really defines the environment created at Falcon. ACA accredited. References available. Great fun!

Fitton Center for Creative Arts

101 S. Monument Avenue, Hamilton 513-863-8873 Spend your summer with the arts! The Fitton Center for Creative Arts presents Summer Camp Creativity, the perfect destination for children who love to be creative and artistic. Watch their talents shine as they jump into camps that focus on visual art, music, photography, dance, drama, or creative writing. Camps are held June through August.

Fruit of Zion Child Development Center

The Goddard School (Mason)


754 Reading Road, Mason 513-398-2777 Circus Fun in the Summer Sun! Goddard summer camp is a great way to discover that learning is all around. Children 6 wks. - 10 yrs. can explore our exciting curriculum as we have a summer full of big top fun. Enjoy arts, crafts, cooking projects and don’t miss our special visitors and fun-filled trips.

Goddard School Summer Camps (Anderson Twp.)

1280 Nagel Road, Cincinnati 513-474-5292 Looking for an active summer camp loaded with high energy, outdoor activities, fun field trips, weekly water days and engaging visitors in a safe environment? Then Let’s Go Exploring with The Goddard School this summer. Camps are specifically designed for ages toddler - 10 yrs. Enjoy our expanded campus, large indoor gym, crafts, cooking projects, sewing school, gymnastics, and more. Full- and half-day camps available.

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9180 Cincinnati Columbus Road, West Chester 513-531-1180 • Full-day adventures for both younger and older children. Summer camp is a healthy balance of fun and learning. Every day brings something new and exciting. Learning, exploration, physical activities in a safe, nurturing environment. Children participate in teacher support workbook-based activities that focus on math, science and literacy, as well as participate in field trips. Mon. - Fri., 6:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. Ages 5 - 12 yrs.

2013 Summer Day Camps for Ages 7-13

Gorman Heritage Farm

10052 Reading Road, Cincinnati 513-563-6663 • Your child will love our Farm Camp. Over 80% of our campers last year called it their favorite camp. Activities include: caring for our animals, exploring nature, garden fun, cooking, hiking, making art, making music, making friends, and more. Camps for age 4 - 15. Visit our website for a full brochure.

Greenacres Summer Camps

8255 Spooky Hollow, Cincinnati 513-891-4227 • Arts, aquatic adventures, environment, equine, food or garden... a camp for every child! Greenacres offers hands-on, small group camps led by a caring staff.

Hubbard Family Swim School at Kids First Sports Center

7900 E. Kemper Road, Cincinnati 513-530-0123 Our priority is to teach children starting as young as 2 mos. to love and respect the water. We are committed to providing swim lessons that build confidence and teach water safety skills in a child-centered environment. Our international reputation for excellence in teaching has grown as a result of our learn-to-swim techniques.

iSPACE Summer Day Camps

3254 E. Kemper Road, Cincinnati 513-612-5769 Calling all campers! Sign on as a crew member with iSPACE. Build and program Lego Mindstorm or Tetrix robots, encounter the excitement of Lego engineering, discover the “ups and downs” of living and working in space, fuel your curiosity as you build and launch radical rockets, and more. Week-long academic day camp sessions for students entering grades K - 12. Register early, “space” is limited.

Video Game Design LEGO Robotics Computer Programming Stop Motion Animation


expires 4/30/2013

Anderson Twp ∙ Camp Dennison ∙ Fairfield ∙ Loveland Madeira ∙ Mason ∙ Montgomery ∙ Springfield Twp 800-595-3776

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April 2013 37

3/15/13 1:53 PM


103 Years of Camping Excellence Accredited by the American Camping Association

Sign Up for Summer Camp!

A Safe Environment Opportunity to make Great Friends

It’s everything your School-Age child wants…and more. How do we know? BECAUSE WE ASKED!

Two Week Long Training for all Staff A nurturing environment promoting Self Esteem, Self Confidence, and Independence

• Exciting field trips and fun activities that School-Agers helped select! • Weekly themes ranging from outdoor adventure to cooking to drama and more!* • Educational summer school readiness program to keep kids learning!*

Now offering a Good Student Incentive (See Registration Page) Helpful Payment Plans Available Lifelong Memories To watch videos and see pictures of camp, visit: OPEN HOUSE 2013

NEW THIS YEAR! Introducing Childtime’s Summer Recognition program – Kids earn patches for each completed Summer session!

9 convenient locations!

Call 866-561-3411

to find a school near you.

Sunday APRIL 14 and Sunday MAY 19, 1-5pm

*Available at participating locations only. Optional workbooks available based on Fall 2013 grade level for each child age five and older. Age groups, sessions, programs, field trips, and hours vary by school. School readiness program available to Pre-K and school-age children only. Field trips available to those children meeting requirements only. See school for details. Childtime® is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Give them an experience they’ll never forget!

CT S13 Cincinnati Family 3.75x4.75 ad.indd 1

2/19/13 4:03 PM

Cincinnati’s Jewish Overnight Camp

For 93 years, Camp Livingston has provided a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment where campers gain self-esteem, build confidence and form lasting friendships, all while having the summer of their lives! Our campers enjoy sports, visual and performing arts, aquatics, horseback riding, ropes courses, rock climbing, nature activities and more.

Our 1, 2, 4, 6, & 8 week sessions are open to children in grades 3-12 Interested? Contact our year-round staff:

513-793-5554 or 1-888-564-CAMP | Camp Livingston is associated with the Jewish Community Center Association of North America.


Both first-time and second-time applicants may receive a grant of up to $500 for sessions of two weeks or up to $1,000 for sessions of three weeks or more. Visit or call 513-985-1500 for more information and to apply. *The grants are an investment in our children’s future, made possible by the support and generosity of The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati and other donors.

38 April 2013

CF 32-41 camp listings.indd 38


“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 1:53 PM

5334 Socialville Foster Road, Mason 513-229-0223 • Brand new 10,000 sq. ft. facility with large indoor playground. Make new friends, keep your mind sharp, learn about God’s love and how to love each other. Exciting summer camp for 2013! Two to three field trips each week, including weekly trips to the local pool. Grades K - 5. New camp enrollments will receive a special discount.

Mad Science of Cincinnati 513-793-6784 Interactive, hands-on science programs for ages 5 - 12. Half- and full-day programs at locations throughout the area, June through August. Content is correlated to State of Ohio Education standards. Children enjoy “make and/or take home” projects and activities each day. Programs range from $10 - $15 per classroom hour. Sibling registration discounts available.

Mason-Deerfield Arts Alliance

5847 Irwin-Simpson Road, Mason 513-309-8585 • The MDAA will offer 17 unique Summer Art Camps this year! Drawing, painting, tie-dye, recycle art, collage, pop-up art, kite making, music making, and more. Camps are held at Cottell Park in Deerfield Township. Morning and afternoon sessions are available. Camps are Mon. - Thu. and range in price from $40 - $145.

My Little Red Haus

9429 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati 513-827-9110 Offering art day camps in half-day sessions all summer long. Theme camps will allow artists to create a whole new world each week. Each camp will explore a variety of media and processes, ultimately transforming the studio into a world of wonder. Fine arts camps will allow older artists to focus on a specific medium or process, honing skills and developing new ones.


Entertainment for the whole family at

fitton family fridays!

Learn something new through our classes and private lessons available for kids, teens and adults! Enjoy our galleries by participating in our creation


101 S. Monument Ave., Hamilton, Ohio

513-863-8873 •

It’s not too late to register!

1259 Swann Beatty Road, Camden 937-452-3347 This is not your typical camp! Pleasant Vineyard is a nondenominational Christian summer camp located near Camden Ohio. PVM Camp offers a wide variety of exciting camp programs to choose from which include: paintball, paintball extreme, rock climbing, Nascamp, digital photography, drama, art, Mythbreakers, LIT, crew, and Rez Classic Camp.




Saddle Lake Equestrian Center Horse Camp

2369 Nelson Road, Melbourne, KY 859-635-3773 • Day camp participants will learn how to groom, bathe, clip, band, and braid a horse. They participate in two daily riding lessons. Campers will follow the barn staff responsible for the care of our horses, learn about daily horse care, and why this information is important in horse ownership.

A Paid Advertising Directory

Pleasant Vineyard Ministries

Call for a Free Sample Class


My Nose Turns Red Theatre Company

Camps Held in Multiple Locations 859-581-7100 • Circus camps. Fun, unique, and challenging. Selected Best in the City by Cincinnati Magazine. Circus camps conducted by My Nose Turns Red, the area’s only non-profit youth circus. Skills taught include: stilt walking, juggling, rolling globe, clowning, and more. Ages 4 - 7 and 7 - 16, plus two-week intensive featuring unicycle and German Wheel.

Your Guide to Camps and Summer Activities

Jacob’s Well

School of Rock Mason Summer Camp

755 Reading Road, Ste. 1, Cincinnati 513-770-1257 • Want to perform a live concert? One-week performance camps for students capable of playing through a song. Camps rehearse for a week then perform a live concert on Friday evening. Just starting out on guitar, bass, drums, keys or vocal? Rock 101 Camp introduces kids to each over five days.

June 10 - 14 Summit Country Day School

SpringHill Day Camp at Faith Community United Methodist Church

8230 Cox Road, West Chester 513-777-9533 • SpringHill Day Camp is scheduled Aug. 5 - 9 (Mon. - Fri.), 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. for any child who has completed K - grade 4. Cost for the week is $159. The camp provides small and large group opportunities. SpringHill provides trained counselors plus fun activities including giant waterslides, large inflatables, giant swings, climbing walls, low ropes, and more. Your kids will learn about Jesus while having an absolute blast!


Springer School

2121 Madison Road, Cincinnati 513-871-6080 • Adventures in Summer Learning is designed for students of at least average potential who are not making expected progress. The morning program provides strategic instruction in language arts, math, and critical thinking. In the afternoon, classes are available in math, writing, social skills, and creative expression. Jun. 17 - Jul. 12, grades 1 - 8.

We offer Fun, Encouraging, and High-Energy Dance Classes!

Stepping Stones

5650 Given Road, Cincinnati 513-831-4660 • Stepping Stones’ nine-week day camps allow individuals with disabilities ages 5 - 22 to participate in crafts, swimming, boating, fishing, music, sports, and nature at our Batavia and Indian Hill sites. Overnight camping for individuals with disabilities 13 and older allows campers to participate in art, swimming, sports, music, and outdoor education.

Mommy & Me • Baby Ballet • Ballet, Tap, Jazz • Hip Hop BEST OF PARENTING READER’S CHOICE BEST OF AWARDS PARENTING Cincinnati Family

Magazine READER’S CHOICE AWARDS Cincinnati Family Magazine

continued on page 40 ...

For Girls and Boys, Ages 18 months - 12



We offer classes at various locations in Greater Cincinnati •

CF 32-41 camp listings.indd 39

April 2013 39

3/15/13 1:53 PM

Your Guide to Camps and Summer Activities

Summer Art Day Camp, Taft Museum of Art

KinderCare Learning Centers

Sunrock Farm Summer Day Camp

The Mad Potter Madeira

316 Pike St., Cincinnati 513-684-4516 For kids entering grades 3 - 12. Taft Summer Art Day Camp participants look at, think about, and create art inspired by the collection and special exhibitions. Each week-long session culminates in an exhibition of campers’ work. Registration: Taft Museum of Art Family-level members and above: $200, beginning Mar. 4; all others: $275, beginning Mar. 18. 103 Gibson Lane, Wilder, KY 859-781-5502 • Sunrock camps provide children memorable, hands-on experiences with animals and nature. During each five-hour day, campers ages 4 - 15 enjoy farm activities such as brushing horses and cows, milking goats, bottle feeding animals, gardening, holding chicks and rabbits, hiking, and exploring the woodlands and creek.

TriHealth Fitness and Health Pavilion, 2013 Sports Camps and Summer Activities

6200 Pfeiffer Road, Montgomery 513-985-6747 • Energetic camps for active kids! Campers ages 3 - 15 can enjoy a variety of full-and half-day, week-long camps. All summer TriHealth Pavilion will offer sports and specialty themed camps and activities. Facility includes indoor gyms, outdoor fields and swimming pools. Visit our website for more information and cost.

YMCA of Greater Cincinnati Summer Day Camps

12 locations in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky 513-362-YMCA (9622) At the YMCA we make learning fun while giving kids the perfect setting to appreciate nature, build skills, create memories, and establish friendships that will last a lifetime. All of our Summer Day Camps are accredited by the American Camping Association which promotes summers of growth and fun in an environment committed to safety.


A Paid Advertising Directory

Baldwin Music Education Center

3799 Hyde Park Ave., Cincinnati 513-351-1109 The Baldwin Music Education Center, a division of Music Learning Center, Inc., has been serving the tri-state area for 50 years. Specially-designed preschool group music classes are offered for students ages 6 mos. - 4 yrs. and piano classes for 5 yrs. and older. All classes are taught by trained music educators and piano pedagogues. Classes are offered six days a week year round. Convenient location in Hyde Park/Oakley and family discounts. “Every Life Needs Music”

11 Cincinnati Area locations It’s not just the beginning of summer. It’s the start of fun. Every child is different, but they all have one thing in common. They like to have fun! That’s why we’ve designed six summer programs that combine learning and fun with a flexible, family-friendly schedule. So not only will your child have a chance to be part of something they’re already interested in, they’ll have a chance to discover something brand new. 7754 Camargo Road, Madeira 513-561-1888 Pottery painting, parties and special events. Choose a piece, paint it and pick it up in a week. Special events include Kidz Nite and Ladies Nite.


9525 Kenwood Road, Blue Ash 513-275-7000 9225 Floer Drive, West Chester 513-296-2000 Mathnasium offers a fun, individualized math curriculum that builds students confidence in math as they catch up, get ahead, and stay ahead. Our conceptual math teaching techniques and use of hands-on manipulatives helps students gain a deeper mathematical understanding. Our instructors are highly specialized, and teach math for grades 1 - 12. Students attend two to three times a week for about an hour. Call today! Summer sessions filling up quickly.

Town & Country Sports and Health Club

1018 Town Drive, Wilder, KY 859-442-5800 The best combination of sports, fitness, and family fun! Town & Country offers a complete health club with kids exercise arcade, aeroball, kids gym, tubes and tunnels, and Kidz Fit classes. Additional year-round programs include soccer, swim lessons, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball, and camps. Town & Country is home to the Kings Hammer Soccer Club and NKYVC Volleyball.

Young Woman Writing for a Change

6906 Plainfield Road, Cincinnati 513-272-1171 Programs are designed to enhance girls’ and teens’ self-esteem, build skills in creative self-expression, develop the ability to speak out through writing and direct interaction, and deepen their belief in their own creative intelligence. Girls ages 9 - 12, teens 13 - 17.

The Campus at Kids First

7900 E Kemper Road, Cincinnati 513-629-KIDS (5437) • Located inside the state-of-the-art Kids First Sports Center, The Campus offers the premier early learning experience for children ages 6 wks. - pre-K. As the only early learning center in the area that makes physical education a top priority, The Campus is able to give your child an academic edge by integrating a top-notch physical education curriculum in to the daily schedule and special summer programs.

Children’s Meeting House Montessori House

927 O’Bannonville Road, Loveland 513-683-4757 Celebrating 40 years of authentic Montessori education for students ages 3 - 12 yrs. Half- and full-day programs Before- and after-school care available. After-school enrichment options provide a natural complement to the instructional day. Each classroom is a partnership of experienced, treasured teachers and multi-age communities that enable students to work at a pace conducive to their best learning. Call to schedule a tour.

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati

5020 Oaklawn Drive, Cincinnati 513-569-8080 The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s Learning the Craft Classes are 8- or 12-week sessions of drama, vocal music, and dance classes for students at all levels of ability and interest at our facility in Madisonville. Our professional staff teaches children 6 - 18 yrs. the techniques and principals behind the art of musical theater. Private lessons also available. Next Sessions: Apr. 14 - Jun. 8 and Jun. 16 - Aug. 10.

Cincinnati Country Day School

6905 Given Road, Cincinnati 513-561-7298 CCDS is a co-educational, independent, college-preparatory school for students from 18 mos. - grade 12. Located on a beautiful 62-acre campus in Indian Hill. Merit and need-based tuition assistance is available. Preview Day, May 8. Summer camps Jun. 10 - Aug. 2.

The Compass School

9370 Waterstone Blvd., Cincinnati 513-683-8833 Outstanding project-based curriculum. Offering full- and part-time infant, toddler, pre-school, kindergarten and afterschool programs. Degreed teachers, excellent parent communication and a welcoming family environment. Setting the standard in early care and education. NAEYC accredited. Schedule your personal tour today!

Kinder Garden School

10969 Reed Hartman Hwy., Blue Ash 513-791-4300 5900 West Chester Road, Ste. C, West Chester 513-874-3100 Together with interaction of child, staff and family, we develop the complete child. We provide formative encouragement and knowledge with hands-on staff taking a personal interest in family and holistic education decisions for the child. Devoted to growing a child’s wish to flourish and learn by cultivating curiosity and problem-solving proficiency.

40 April 2013

CF 32-41 camp listings.indd 40

“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 1:54 PM

Children’s Meeting House Summer Camp We have a variety of creative camps for 3-12 year olds on our beautiful CMH campus in Loveland. Camps are open to all, not just CMH families! Five Weekly Sessions (morning, afternoon or all day camps available)

June 17 June 24

July 8 July 15 July 22

Visit our website for specific camp sessions:

Or call (513) 683-4757 for more information

NEW LOCATION NOW OPEN! NOW ENROLLING West Month Chester atFREE Union Center Blvd & 50 Mulhauser Rd. First for First Students

(513) 296-2000 (818) 248-MATH (6284)


Visit our original Blue Ash location at the corner of Kenwood Rd. and Cooper Rd. (513) 275-7000. •

CF 32-41 camp listings.indd 41

April 2013 41

3/15/13 1:54 PM

Shalom Family, a program of the Jewish community* presents:

Israel’s 65th Birthday Beach Bash


Sunday, April 14th 4pm Grand Sands Loveland



No packing, no passports, no 12 hour plane ride…

Take an experiential excursion to the sunny beaches of Israel without ever leaving home!

Featuring: Live Camel Rides...

...Plus: 21,000 square feet of sand Archeological dig Mechanical Surf Board Green Screen Photo Station Israeli-Style Dinner Stories in the Bedouin tent with the PJ Library Music, food and more!


*This event is open to families in the Jewish community with children 12 and under in which at least one parent is Jewish. Older siblings and grandparents always welcome.

CF 42-60 (April-Cal).indd 42

3/15/13 2:37 PM


visit cincinna tif amil yma

or nkyf amil for


groups, librar



THINGS•TO•DO 44 daily listings | 54 now playing | 56 plan ahead

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s

Zoo Blooms & Tunes and Blooms


he Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is awash in color! All month long, families can tour the grounds and enjoy more than 1 million daffodils, hyacinths, flowering trees, shrubs and other spring bulbs. Enjoy the Zoo’s beautiful gardens during Zoo Blooms daily through Tuesday, April 30 from 9 a.m. 5 p.m. as well as a free concert from the Comet Bluegrass AllStars and Magnolia Mountain during Tunes and Blooms on Thursday, April 4 from 6 - 8:30 p.m. (free with admission). Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, 3400 Vine Street; admission is $15 adults, $10 ages 2 - 12 and seniors, $8 parking; admission is free after 5 p.m. Call 513-281-4700 or visit

PLEASE KNOW! Dates and times can sometimes change without notice. Please call the numbers provided to confirm event information when possible. •

CF 42-60 (April-Cal).indd 43

April 2013 43

3/15/13 2:37 PM

daily listings

APRIL events requiring advance registration begin on page 56.



xperience a one-hour nostalgic train ride on the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad, and travel through the countryside of Warren County. During your ride you can listen to informative passenger conductors describe railroad history and operations. Train departs at 11 a.m., 1 and 3 p.m. on April 6, 13 and 27. Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad, 127 South Mechanic Street, Lebanon; $13 adults, $8 seniors and ages 5 - 16, $5 ages 2 - 4, free ages 1 year and younger. Call 513-9338022 or visit

compete against other families in speed tower builds! There’s plenty more fun on tap at the festival, so be sure to mark your calendars, and become a LEGO Club member for a LEGO KidsFest “secret mission!” Exhibit is open April 5 - 7; visit the web site for a schedule of sessions. Kentucky Exposition Center, 937 Phillips Lane, Louisville; $20 adults, $18 seniors and ages 3 - 12, free ages 2 and younger;


Jane’s Saddlebag, a family-friendly setting that of fers good food, fun for the kids, themed buildings, a petting zoo and shopping opens for the season this weekend. Enjoy nature walks, interpreted history and much more! Open April - October; 1 1 a.m. - 8 p.m. Fridays, and 1 1 a.m. - 7 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Jane’s Saddlebag, 13989 Ryle Road, Union; parking and admission are free; 859-384-6617 or


Drop in and join a Cinderella story time and some dramatic play with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, and learn all about Disney’s Cinderella KIDS, which opens Friday, April 12 at the Taft Theatre. blue manatee children’s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 12:15 - 12:45 p.m.; 513-731-2665 or

mon 1

wed 3



Bring the kids for fun indoor scavenger hunts, including bunnies and chicks hidden in the indoor model train display. Buy any admission and get half-of f a second admission of equal or lesser value, plus receive a ticket for a free return visit valid until May 19. Spring Celebration takes place April 1 - May 19! Hours are 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and 12 - 6 p.m. Sunday. EnterTrainment Junction, 7379 Squire Court, West Chester; admission prices start at $9.95; 513-8988000 or


Bring your baby for a research-based literacy program using books, songs and finger-plays. Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center , 1301 Western Avenue; 10:15 - 1 1 a.m.; $5 members, $7 nonmembers plus admission (all museums pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.50 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 ages 1 - 2); 513-287-7000 or


Please see Calendar Opener on page 43 for details.


Bring ages 3 - 6 for some festive, natural fun that instills an appreciation for the earth and all of its wonders. Great Oaks Trail, Winton Woods, 10245 Winton Road; 11 a.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor V ehicle Permit ($3 daily , $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521-7275 or


Who needs a paintbrush when you have wheels? Stop by for truck printing and car art, learn about the artist William Anastasi, and create a drawing inspired by his work. Contemporary Arts Center, 44 East 6th Street; 10:30 a.m.; free with admission ($7.50 adults, $6.50 seniors, $5.50 students with ID, $4.50 ages 3 - 13, free ages 2 and younger); 513-345-8400 or


Please see Calendar opener on page 43 for details.


Bring ages 3 - 5 for music, stories, music and laughs with Joel the Singing Librarian. Durr Branch, Kenton County Public Library , 1992 W alton Nicholson Road, Independence; 10:30 - 11 a.m.; 859-962-4030 or

Join the Family Nurturing Center to kick off April as Child Abuse Prevention Month — tie a blue ribbon to the fence at Tom Gill Chevrolet, listen to author Jill Starishevsky speak, and enjoy light refreshments. Tom Gill Chevrolet, 7830 Commerce Drive, Florence; 12 p.m.; 859-538-1630 or



Young library users, with the help of their adults, have fun developing pre-reading skills through stories, songs, rhymes and activities. Scheben Branch, Boone County Public Library, 8899 U.S. 42, Union; 1 1 a.m. - 12 p.m.; 859-342-2665 or

44 April 2013

CF 42-60 (April-Cal).indd 44

Bring the gang to tour the LEGO Model Museum, improve your building skills with help from the LEGO Master Builder Academy, hit the activity area for games, trivia and contests, or join the LEGO Challenge Zone to


Head to the CAM for a special scavenger hunt, visits from local artists, performances and more. Cincinnati Art Museum, 953 Eden Park Drive; 12 - 4 p.m.; 513-7212787 or


Join Play Facilitators in the Nature Playscape to learn about nature, make new friends, and enjoy time together. Cincinnati Nature Center at Rowe Woods, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 1 - 2 p.m.; free with admission ($8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12, $6 seniors and active military); 513-8311711 or


Igudesman and Joo, a musical comedy duo that has taken the world by storm, joins the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra for “A Big Nightmare Music,” and their regional debut. Enjoy their mischievous use of the orchestra and individual musicians for sketches that spoof classical music and pop culture, in a performance sure to tickle your funny bone and delight your ears. Florence Baptist Church, 642 Mount Zion Road, Florence; 8 p.m.; $24 $40; 859-431-6216 or


Bounce into Liberty Bible Academy (LBA)! Bring the kids for a bounce house, cotton candy , and face painting, while you learn more about LBA ’s curriculum and enrichment offerings. LBA, 4900 Old Irwin Simpson Road, Mason; 1 1 a.m. - 3 p.m.; 513-754-1234 or


Please see “Spotlight” this page for details.


We might be wild about animals, but what are animals wild about? Find out in Wild About Books by Judy Sierra. Barnes & Noble, 9455 Civic Centre Bvld, W est Chester; 1 p.m.; 513-755-2258 or

(the “Calendar” continues on page 47)

“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 2:37 PM

Virtual school. Real engagement. Ohio Connections Academy is a tuition-free, fully accredited online public school for grades K–12. And when students enroll,

• International Summer Dance Intensive/ Kids Camp, June 3 – Aug. 16. • Performance Aug 17th with renowned international stars/instructors, Adiarys Almeida & Joseph Gatti. • Enroll NOW! Individual attention; Classes for all ages/levels. • Musical Movement for 2 -3 years. Free trial class! • 20th Anniversary Gala and Silent Auction (see facebook), Sat., May 18 & Sun., May 19, Cincinnati Country Day Keelor Theater.

CALL NOW! 513-683-6860 or GO TO:

they connect—with exciting classes,


enriching activities and enthusiastic,



certified teachers. That’s why our students get wrapped up in learning like never


before. Visit to find an information session near you, or call 800-382-6019 to learn more.


MOM POWER cincinnatif amilymaga z i ne.c om nkyf m

Your One-Stop Education Shop! Over 15,000 different items in stock! Florence, KY: 6914 Burlington Pike 859-283-0151 Mon-Fri 9-8, Sat 9-6, Sun 1-5


Accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), an accrediting division of AdvancED..

Full priced items only. Excludes special orders and clearance merchandise. Once coupon per customer; may not be combined with any other discount or coupon. expires 4/30/13 •

CF 42-60 (April-Cal).indd 45

Super Saturdays! 1st Saturday of every month. Free crafts and games for kids. 60% clearance!

April 2013 45

3/15/13 2:37 PM

Theme and Technique Based Art Camps! Grades K-8

Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian

Nursery School

Find more family events and activities online at!

Preschool for 21⁄2 years - 5 years

2, 3, 4 or 5 day programs, mornings or afternoons Degreed staff, excellent ratios 3 Star Winner

9429 Montgomery Rd. 513-827-9110

Voted the best of the city in 2012!

Register online at

Sweeping change begins April 15th.

Step Up To Quality Top Award Winner

Megan Sprigg, M.S.Ed., Director 5950 Montgomery Road • 513.631.0170 9505 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH (513) 891-0660 Murrary Dock, DDS MSD

UC Health Women’s Center A better way to care for women. C o o r d i n at e d Seamless treatment for all your healthcare needs.

Experience Behind Every Smile

Convenient Healthcare for a busy lifestyle.



We believe that you and your child deserve the very best care we can provide. It is our pledge to treat all of the patients entrusted into our care as if they were our own children. Cincinnati Family’s Favorite

DOCs nominee

46 April 2013

CF 42-60 (April-Cal).indd 46

The focus is on you, as a whole person.

Get to know us. Visit CinCinnati

West Chester

4460 Red Bank Expressway Suite 100 Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

7675 Wellness Way Suite 4000 West Chester, Ohio 45069

(513) 475-UC4U

opening april 15, 2013

“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 2:59 PM

APRIL events requiring advance registration begin on page 56.



ring the entire crew for a day of fun! Cheer on crazy contraptions like monster bicycles, giant puppets and more as they challenge each other to races and obstacle courses. Kids can make their own creations with help from Toy Lab, learn about Rube Goldberg machines, enjoy glass-blowing demos, exhibits and plenty more. Millett Hall, Miami University, 500 East Sycamore Street, Oxford; 12 - 4 p.m. Visit


Discover the busy world hidden under autumn’ s fallen leaves and get up close and personal with tiny creatures as they welcome spring. Cincinnati Nature Center at Rowe Woods, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 1 - 2 p.m.; free with admission ($8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12, $6 seniors and active military); 513-831-1711 or


Bring your favorite and enjoy some punch while you discover the signs of spring in the Nature Playscape. Cincinnati Nature Center at Rowe Woods, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 1 - 3 p.m.; free with admission ($8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12, $6 seniors and active military); 513-8311711 or


Please see “Spotlight” this page for details.


Join the Cincinnati Pops and vocalist James Delisco as they celebrate the music of the King of Pop, including tunes from his Jackson 5 days, to his mega-hit album, Thriller. Music Hall, 1241 Elm Street; 7 p.m.; tickets start at $25; 513-381-3300 or


Based on the Musikgarten curriculum, this program for children and their grown-ups introduce basic concepts using movement, instruments and imagination. Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center , 1301 Western Avenue; 10:15 - 11 a.m.; $5 members, $7 nonmembers plus admission (all museums pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.50 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 ages 1 - 2); 513-287-7000 or

tue 9

daily listings


Experience a one hour nostalgic train ride on the Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad. You will travel through the countryside of Warren County. During your ride you can listen to informative passenger conductors describe railroad history and operations. Train departs at 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on April 11, 17 and 25. Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad, 127 South Mechanic Street, Lebanon; $13 adults, $8 seniors and ages 5 - 16, $5 ages 2 - 4, free ages 1 year and younger; 513-933-8022 or


Join the LM&M Railroad for something dif ferent that won’t break the bank! Departing every 2nd Friday of the month, take a nostalgic train ride from historic Lebanon to The Brazenhead Irish Pub in Mason. After a night of fun at the Pub, you can reboard the train for a relaxing ride back to Lebanon. Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad, 127 South Mechanic Street, Lebanon; 7 p.m.; $30 ages 12 and older, $25 ages 13 months to 12 years, free infants up to 12 months; 513-933-8022 or



Sea of Smiles has invited Madcap Puppets for a morning presentation of When You Wish Upon a Fish! Sea of Smiles, 1319 Nagel Road; 9:30 a.m.; 513-4746777 or

wed 10

Seventh grade girls are invited to get a head start and be “in-the-know” about everything Mercy has in store for their eighth grade year. Enjoy some ice cream and a movie while meeting other future Bobcats. Registration is encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome. Mother of Mercy High School, 3036 Werk Road; 6 - 9 p.m.; 513661-2740 ext. 346, hyland_c@ motherofmercy .org or

Join others in the Reading Garden Lounge of the Main Library for performances from the talented students of the University of Cincinnati’ s College Conservatory of Music. Main Library , Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, 800 Vine Street; 5 p.m.; 513-369-6900 or



sat 13

thu 11

The 9th an nual Asian Culture Fest h ighlights the rich histories, arts and traditions of China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Nepal through performances, demonstrations, storytelling, workshops, displays and an Asian marketplace. Cincinnati Museum Center, 1301 Western Avenue; activities in the Rotunda are free, all-museums pass $12.50 adults, $1 1.50 seniors, $8.50 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 ages 1 - 2; 513-2877000 or

Time for a story and a craft all about a rainy day. Barnes & Noble, 9891 W aterstone Boulevard; 10:30 a.m.; 513683-5599 or


Join in for some bug-friendly art — design your own insects, build a bug house, and create some honey comb and fly swatter paintings. Contemporary Arts Center, 44 East 6th Street; 10:30 a.m.; free with admission ($7.50 adults, $6.50 seniors, $5.50 students with ID, $4.50 ages 3 - 13, free ages 2 and younger); 513-345-8430 or


Stroll through a million spring bulbs and enjoy a free concert from Jake Speed & the Freddies and folkrock band The Turkeys. Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, 3400 V ine Street; 6 - 8:30 p.m.; free with admission ($15 adults, $10 ages 2 - 12 and seniors, $8 parking); admission is free after 5 p.m.; 513-281-4700 or



Bend, fold, crease and create, all to discover the fun of Origami. Duke Energy Children’ s Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center, 1301 W estern Avenue; 2:30 p.m.; $5 members, $7 nonmembers plus admission (all museums pass $12.50 adults, $1 1.50 seniors, $8.50 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 ages 1 - 2); 513-287-7000 or


Please see “Spotlight” on page 50 for details.


Bring your lunch to cook over a fire in the Nature Playscape. Volunteers and staff will be on hand to assist with cooking. Cincinnati Nature Center at Rowe W oods, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.; free with admission ($8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12, $6 seniors and active military); 513-831-1711 or (please turn the page) •

CF 42-60 (April-Cal).indd 47

April 2013 47

3/15/13 2:39 PM

daily listings

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he Junior League of Cincinnati’s Kids in the Kitchen program is hosting its biggest event of the year with fun, hands-on opportunities for ages 12 and younger to learn about healthy eating and active lifestyles. It will be a fun-filled day packed with creative games, crafts, cooking demonstrations by local chefs, and plenty of physical activities and opportunities to make healthy, delicious snacks. There will also be face painting, clowns making balloon animals, and a bounce house! Giveaways are guaranteed for the first 500 attendees, and participants can enter to win raffle prizes. Cintas Center at Xavier University, 1624 Herald Avenue; 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Call 513-871-9339 or visit


Please see “Spotlight” this page for details.


Visit local arts venues throughout Greater Cincinnati for a sampling of theatre, music, dance and fine art. Visit the web site for a schedule of participating venues. Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky;


Join a Peanut Butter and Jam concert with Linton Music and Madcap Puppets! The violin, cello, piano and giant puppets will tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk through the music of Schubert — don’t miss the music, storytelling, and warm and fuzzy fun! Heritage Presbyterian Church, 6546 South Mason Montgomery Road, Mason; 10 a.m., 11:30 a.m.; $5; 513-381-6868 or


Head to the Newport Aquarium’s Theater for a party with music, dancing, games and giveaways, thanks to Radio Disney. Newport Aquarium, 1 Levee W ay, Newport; 2:30 - 4:30 p.m.; free with admission ($23 adults, $15 ages 2 - 12, free ages younger than 2); 800-406-3474 or


The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band is a frolicking five-some that will brighten the stage with rib-tickling old time bluegrass tunes, corny jokes, and slapstick gags sure to have the entire audience in hysterics. UC Blue Ash, 9555 Plainfield Road; 8 p.m.; $10 in advance, $15 at the door, $6 for students and children; 513-745-5705 or


Enjoy a one-hour hike open to all ages, and enjoy the beginnings of spring. W oodsdale Regional Park, 1917 Woodsdale Road, Trenton; 10 - 1 1 a.m.; a valid MetroParks of Butler County motor vehicle permit (see site for prices) is required to enter the park; 513-8675835 or


The 9th an nual Asian Culture Fest h ighlights the rich histories, arts and traditions of China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Nepal through performances, demonstrations, storytelling, workshops, displays and an Asian marketplace. Cincinnati Museum Center, 1301 Western Avenue; activities in the Rotunda are free, all-museums pass $12.50 adults, $1 1.50 seniors, $8.50 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 ages 1 - 2; 513-2877000 or


Stop by Whole Foods Market in Mason for a one-stop chance to recycle your electronic supplies in honor of Earth Day. Whole Foods Market Mason, 5805 Deerfield Boulevard, Mason; 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.; 513-398-9358 or


Author and illustrator Loren Long reads, discusses and signs the newest book in his Otis series. Recycled Doggies will have adoptable dogs looking to find their forever home — meet some furry friends and learn more about this organization. blue manatee children’s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 2 - 3 p.m.; 513-7312665 or


Join a free family fun festival that celebrates children and takes a stand against sex abuse. Enjoy a puppet show, magician, face painting, a free lunch, live band and much more. Sharon W oods, 11450 Lebanon Road; 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.; 513-207-7550 or


Madcap Puppets presents this fun show for all ages — the famous Grimm brothers need help from the audience to decide which fishy fairy tale belongs in their book. Clifton Cultural Arts Center, 3711 Clifton Avenue; 2 p.m.; free for ages 12 and younger , a suggested donation of $5 for ages 12 and older is appreciated; 513-497-2860 or


Celebrate the joy of art through creative, hands-on activities in a workshop led by Jamie Muenzer of Visionaries + Voices. Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center , 1301 W estern Avenue; 10:15 - 1 1 a.m.; $5 members, $7 nonmembers plus admission (all museums pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.50 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 ages 1 - 2); 513-2877000 or

tue 16 5% DAY

Shop at Whole Foods Market in Mason today and 5% of the store’s sales will be donated to Gorman Heritage Farms. Whole Foods Market Mason, 5805 Deerfield Boulevard, Mason; 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.; 513-398-9358 or


Hang out with friends for this “mangal” Israeli cookout featuring Israeli activities, games, music and sports. Dropping off the kids? Schmooze in the parent area! Mayerson JCC, 8485 Ridge Road; 6 - 8 p.m.;


Whether your tot has one or wants one, he can experience the fun of pets with a story and a fun craft that’s all about the furry members of our families. Behringer Crawford Museum, 1600 Montague Road, Covington; 10:30 a.m.; free with admission ($7 adults, $6 seniors, $4 ages 3 - 17); 859-491-4003 or bcmuseum. org.


Join Play Facilitators in the Nature Playscape to learn about nature, make new friends, and enjoy time together. Cincinnati Nature Center at Rowe Woods, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 1 - 2 p.m.; free with admission ($8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12, $6 seniors and active military); 513-8311711 or (the “Calendar” continues on page 50)

48 April 2013

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“Where Every Family Matters.”

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Put on a rock concert in our




Child Development Center


755 Reading Road Mason, OH 45040 513.770.1257


BOTH BEST OFLDS! R O W er ne & Las Trampoolimbination Tag C arties P

Put on a rock concert in our




Erlanger location

GO TO 1335 Donaldson Hwy- near CVG airport Erlanger, KY

Erlanger, KY: (859) 371-KRAZ (5729)

755 Reading Road Mason, OH 45040 513.770.1257


Western Row Rd- South end of Kings Island Deerfield Towshp, OH

Deerfield Township: (513) 339-1030


Cincinnati •

CF 42-60 (April-Cal).indd 49

• Infants • Toddlers • Preschool • Before/After School 9180 Cincinnati-Columbus Road West Chester, OH 45069 (513) 531-1180

(513) 530-3000

April 2013 49

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daily listings

APRIL events requiring advance registration begin on page 56.



new exhibit at The Betts House is just for kids! Check out Build It! Architecture for Kids, which opens today and features hands-on opportunities for kids ages 3 - 12 to learn about architecture and construction. Kids can design a tree house, decorate a skyscraper, create a floor plan and more. Exhibit runs through July 27; the Betts House is open Tuesday - Thursday, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m., and the second and fourth Saturday of each month, 12:30 - 5 p.m. The Betts House, 416 Clark Street; $2. Call 513-651-0734 or visit


Join a recycled art project, learn about worm-composting from the Civic Garden Center , a story time with the Mason Public Library , and a free meal for kids with the purchase of an adult entree. Whole Foods Market Mason, 5805 Deerfield Boulevard, Mason; 4 - 5 p.m.; 513-398-9358 or


Be inspired by exhibitions by Hema Upadhyay and Atul Dodiya to create your own art using the city as our medium and our muse. Contemporary Arts Center, 44 East 6th Street; 10:30 a.m.; free with admission ($7.50 adults, $6.50 seniors, $5.50 students with ID, $4.50 ages 3 - 13, free ages 2 and younger); 513-345-8430 or


Enjoy some live tunes from Shiny and the Spoon, and Shiny Old Soul, after checking out the Zoo’ s annual spring display. Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, 3400 Vine Street; 6 - 8:30 p.m.; free with admission ($15 adults, $10 ages 2 - 12 and seniors, $8 parking); admission is free after 5 p.m.; 513-281-4700 or


You’ve seen him on the big and small screen, now hear this versatile talent belt out Broadway and popular tunes with the Cincinnati Pops orchestra. Performances take place at 8 p.m. April 19 and 20, and 2 p.m. April 21. Music Hall, 1241 Elm Street; tickets start at $25; 513381-3300 or


Help decorate clay pots for the Painted Pots W eekend. There is no charge if you decorate a clay pot and leave it. There is a fee if you prefer to take it home. Staff will hang

50 April 2013

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Bring the whole family to learn about going green and loving Mother Earth — purchase plants, sample treats, join in hands-on environmental activities, and learn about local eco-friendly businesses. All ages are invited to the Run for the Earth 3K, and kids will have a special area all their own. Sawyer Point, 705 East Pete Rose Way; 12 - 5 p.m.;


Learn about how our soldiers lived during the Civil War, and what their lives were like when they were not in battle. W atch as the Confederate State Marine Corp. and the Ohio 5th and 8th Infantry put their troops through their drills and rapid firing sequences. V isit with the ladies group, the Western Female Seminary , and learn about what their lives were like during the time of the war, and enjoy period games and activities. Train departs at 10 a.m., 1 and 4 p.m. April 20, and 1 and 4 p.m. April 21. Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad, 127 South Mechanic Street, Lebanon; $18.50 adults, $15.50 seniors and ages 5 - 16, $8.50 ages 2 - 4, free ages 1 year and younger; 513-933-8022 or


the pots in trees throughout the park where they will remain through mid-May. Paint pots from April 19 - May 3, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily, 12 - 3 p.m. Sundays. Nature’s Niche Gifts & Books, Farbach-W erner Nature Preserve, 3455 Poole Road; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521-7275 or


This legendary team that mixes athleticism with comedy returns to the area for a family-friendly, fun-filled evening! Bank of Kentucky Center , 500 Louie B Nunn Drive, Newport; 7 p.m.; tickets start at $22; 859-442-2652 or


Help put an end to child abuse and join this 5K run hosted by the Family Nurture Center . Awards will be given to top finishers in each age category; bring the kids for a fun run, or sign up as a volunteer . General Cable, 4 Tesseneer Road, Highland Heights; 9 a.m.; $25 in advance, $35 on race day;


People from China, India and other countries use shadow puppets to tell stories and entertain. Look at some beautiful puppets and create your own to star in a shadow puppet play. Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center, 1301 Western Avenue; 2:30 p.m.; $5 members, $7 nonmembers plus admission (all museums pass $12.50 adults, $1 1.50 seniors, $8.50 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 ages 1 - 2); 513-287-7000 or


Visit the Krohn beginning today for a glimpse of soaring works of art in the form of Butterflies of Morocco. Explore a re-created market scene, listen to music, inhale the scents of colorful flowers and of course, enjoy the flights of the butterflies. Exhibit is open daily through June 30. Krohn Conservatory, 1501 Eden Park Drive; 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily; $7 adults, $6 seniors, $4 children, free ages 4 and younger;

Playhouse in the Park’s Off the Hill series presents this rollicking free-for-all of canine fun — dogs snorkel, howl at the moon, ride a Ferris Wheel, sing, dance and even climb trees. Presented in conjunction with the Sunset Players, Inc. — proceeds benefit the Arts Center at Dunham, a non-profit arts center for the Westside. Arts Center at Dunham, 1945 Dunham W ay; 2 p.m.; $5;


Please see “Spotlight” on page 52 for details.


Bring your dog to walk the Gorge Trail and learn a little about historical and modern day canines. Dogs must be on a maximum six-foot leash, and bring a plastic bag for clean up. Sharon Centre, Sharon Woods, 11450 Lebanon Road; 10 a.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521-7275 or greatparks. org.


Join “JMR” and the Cincinnati Pops for this Lollipops concert that is all about the signs of spring! Be sure to arrive at 9:30 a.m. for fun in the pre-concert Family Zone, including crafts, games and an “instrument petting zoo.” Music Hall, 1241 Elm Street; 10:30 a.m.; $12 adults, $7 children; 513-381-3300 or


Join the gang from Imago Earth Center to celebrate Earth Day with stories, recycled art activities, and planting, painting and beautifying the manatee’ s butterfly garden. blue manatee children’s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 2 - 3 p.m.; 513-731-2665 or


All ages are invited to celebrate Israeli culture with authentic Israeli foods, wine and cheese tastings (available for purchase), and artwork. Enjoy free Dead Sea spa treatments, and experience the timeline that links Cincinnati/HUC with Israel. Mayerson JCC, 8485 Ridge Road; 4 - 7 p.m.;

(the “Calendar” continues on page 52)

“Where Every Family Matters.”

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daily listings

APRIL events requiring advance registration begin on page 56. THURSDAY ART PLAY: DOG DAYS

Check out furry, four-legged friends and make a kibble collage and create some dog toy prints. Contemporary Arts Center, 44 East 6th Street; 10:30 a.m.; free with admission ($7.50 adults, $6.50 seniors, $5.50 students with ID, $4.50 ages 3 - 13, free ages 2 and younger); 513-345-8430 or



elebrate puppetry with a free afternoon of fun as members of the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild and Happen, Inc., team up for puppet shows, crafts, and a display of Cincinnati’s puppetry history. Check out performances from Wump Mucket Puppets, Linda Mason and the Mason Marionettes, and Bob Abdou. Happen, Inc., 4201 Hamilton Avenue; 12 - 3 p.m. Call 513-541-0504 or visit


Celebrate Kite Month at the park — bring your own kite or purchase one from Nature’ s Niche Gifts and Books. Stop by the nature center for activities and crafts that teach about nature in flight! Seasongood Nature Center , Woodland Mound, 8250 Old Kellogg Road; 1 - 3 p.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513521-7275 or


Shop for all your children’s needs, including clothing, toys, baby equipment, nursery furniture, maternity items and more. Sale runs from April 21 - 25, visit the web site for times. Cincinnati Mall, 600 Cincinnati Mills Drive; 513-502-5533, cortney@ or


Can it be possible that elephants roamed the hills of Cincinnati? Explore and be amazed — there is sure to be a “big” finish. Sharon Centre, Sharon W oods, 11450 Lebanon Road; 2 p.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-521-7275 or greatparks. org.


Have fun with your infant or toddler while learning some basic sign language together with a certified Child Sign Language Specialist. Duke Energy Children’ s Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center , 1301 W estern Avenue; 10:15 - 1 1 a.m.; $5 members, $7 nonmembers plus admission (all museums pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.50 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 ages 1 - 2); 513-2877000 or


The area’s most talented middle and high school students will perform traditional and contemporary band music. Corbett Auditorium, College Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati campus, East Corry Street; 7 p.m.; 513-556-4183 or


Homeschoolers are invited to share their favorite or original poems with each other. blue manatee children’s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 2:30 - 3 p.m.; 513-7312665 or


The area’s finest young brass musicians perform a concert composed specifically for the brass choir. Robert J. Werner Recital Hall, CCM, University of Cincinnati Campus, East Corry Street; 8 p.m.; 513-556-4183 or


Ages 2 - 5 discover the CAM’ s many offerings with four interactive story times in the galleries. Cincinnati Art Museum, 953 Eden Park Drive; 10 - 1 1:30 a.m.; 513721-2787 or


Nature has many stories to tell — join a naturalist for a nature-themed story. Seasongood Nature Center, Woodland Mound, 8250 Old Kellogg Road; 11 a.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513521-7275 or


Chug on in with your little one to meet Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site author Sherri Duskey Rinker as she reads and signs her latest book, Steam Train, Dream Train. Line numbers will be given with preorder and purchase of the book, which releases on April 16. blue manatee children’ s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 4 - 5 p.m.; 513-731-2665 or bluemanateebooks. com.


The Ark Band and The Cliftones perform this evening — check them out after a stroll the Zoo’ s annual Zoo Blooms display, featuring over one million spring flowers. Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, 3400 Vine Street; 6 - 8:30 p.m.; free with admission ($15 adults, $10 ages 2 - 12 and seniors, $8 parking); admission is free after 5 p.m.; 513-281-4700 or


Sometimes a ballerina just has to let loose, and what better way to do just that than with the music of Peter Frampton? See the Cincinnati Ballet like you’ve never seen it before! Aronoff Center for the Arts, 650 Walnut Street; 8 p.m. April 26, 2 and 8 p.m. April 27; tickets start at $31; 513-621-5282 or


Join the crew from Imago Earth Center for nature stories, songs and other fun activities. blue manatee children’s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 10:30 - 1 1 a.m.; 513731-2665 or


Talented students from the CCM Preparatory Theatre Arts program sing and dance in a colorful junior stage production of the Disney’ s animated classic The Little Mermaid. Corbett Theatre, College Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati campus, East Corry Street; 8 p.m. April 26 and 27; $12 adults, $8 students; 513-556-4183 or


Join an exciting multicultural fiesta where books become the bridges for children and their families to celebrate literacy across different cultures and backgrounds. Read a book in many languages during an international story time, where readers represent dif ferent countries, and enjoy culturally diverse entertainment such as playing games, making craft, and watching performers as well as visiting with costumed characters are also part of the fun. Plus, a free children’s book (while supplies last) will be given to every kid who comes to El Dia. Sponsored by the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County , Kenton County Public Library , and The Friends of the Public Library. Bond Hill Branch Library , 1740 Langdon Farm Road; 1 - 4 p.m.; 513-369-4445 or cincinnatilibrary. org.


Explore the work of Hema Upadhyay and learn how to turn everyday materials and debris into a colorful city or neighborhood with artist and educator Adrian Hawk. Contemporary Arts Center, 44 East 6th Street; 1 - 4 p.m.; free with admission ($7.50 adults, $6.50 seniors, $5.50 students with ID, $4.50 ages 3 - 13, free ages 2 and younger); 513-345-8430 or

(the “Calendar” continues on page 54)

52 April 2013

CF 42-60 (April-Cal).indd 52

“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 2:40 PM


*No Hazardous Waste

Garage Cleanouts, Appliances, Furniture, Mattresses, Yard Debris, Electronics and much more... We donate all usable Clothes, Toys and Furniture! ANYTHING & EVERYTHING! No Job Too small! just Point to what you want removed and we haul it away!

1.800.995.JUNK (5865)

C I N C I N N A T I . J U N K- K I N G.COM Mention Cincinnati Family Magazine for:

10% off service

Valid on jobs $100 or more. Cannot be combined. Expires 6/30/13 Valid at Cincinnati, OH location.

call today!



KIDS CAMP April 2 - 5 10am-12pm All materials, snack drink included new art projects each day. Thank you for voting us one of “The Best Away From Home Party” destinations in 2012

Check our website calendar or call for more details.

CALL FOR RESERVATIONS (513) 874-1101 8179 Princeton-Glendale Rd, West Chester •

CF 42-60 (April-Cal).indd 53

April 2013 53

3/15/13 2:40 PM

daily listings

APR IL events requiring advance registration begin on page 56.


Stop by and see what’ s growing! Join a guided tour , or check out the Green Learning Station and Civic Garden Center for yourself with educational signs and QR codelinked videos. Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati, 2715 Reading Road; 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.; 513-221-0981 or


Bring the gang for a weekend of fun, including special exhibits like the Steampunk Display, a Gallant Castle, a huge city display with running trains, and a play area for the little ones. Boone County Fairgrounds, 5819 Idlewild Road, Burlington; 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. April 27, and 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. April 28; $8 for ages 16 and older , $5 for ages 5 - 15; 859-647-0204 or


Help support the March of Dimes by joining this walk event in Clermont County — raise funds, or join a team and bring the whole gang for fun and festivities following the three-mile walk. Miami Meadows Park, 1546 Highway 131, Milford; 8 a.m.; 513-769-3588 or


The Frisch Marionettes presents this classic fairy tale as the finale to the Covedale Saturday Morning Children’s Series. Covedale Center for Performing Arts, 4990 Glenway Avenue; 11 a.m.; $5; 513-241-6550 or


Unplug your electronics and come to the manatee to meet authors and illustrators Chris Raschka and Bob Staake as they discuss, read, and sign their newest books Everyone Can Lear n to Ride a Bicycle and Bluebird. Both books will be released on April 9. blue manatee children’s bookstore, 3054 Madison Road; 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.; 513-731-2665 or bluemanateebooks. com.


Linton Music and Madcap Puppets join forces to tell this famous fairy tale, with a little help from the violin, cello and piano, and of course, giant puppets! W yoming Center for the Arts, 322 W yoming Avenue; 10 a.m., 11:30 a.m.; $5; 513-381-6868 or


Live long and unicycle! Join the talented students of My Nose Turns Red for a weekend of circus performances, and marvel at their dare-devilry , clowning skills, and ability to spread joy and have fun. Jarson-Kaplan Theater, Aronoff Center for the Arts, 650 Walnut Street, Cincinnati; 7 p.m. April 27 and 2 p.m. April 28; $15 adults, $13 seniors, students and children; 859-581-7100 or


Check out the cutting edge subject of nanoscience and see how it can change your life. Museum of Natural History & Science, Cincinnati Museum Center, 1301 Western Avenue; 2 - 3:30 p.m.; $5 members, $7 nonmembers plus admission (all museums pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.50 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 ages 1 - 2); 513-287-7000 or

dogs, black dogs and white dogs, and all dogs in between delve into life with gusto, creating a spectacle of movement and color culminating in the greatest Dog Party of them all. Mayerson JCC, 8485 Ridge Road; 1 - 2 p.m.; 513-761-7500 or


Investigate the hidden world of the Nature Playscape’s leaf dwellers and use special tools to find eggs, caterpillars, and other insects. Cin cinnati Nature Center at Rowe W oods, 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford; 1 - 2 p.m.; free with admission ($8 adults, $3 ages 4 - 12, $6 seniors and active military); 513-831-171 1 or


Join this walking event in support of March of Dimes’ mission to help moms deliver stronger, healthier babies. A Kids Run for Babies begins at 8 a.m., and the walk begins at 9 a.m. Stick around for health information, free samples and more. Paul Brown Stadium, One Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati; 8 a.m.; 513-769-3588 or


Youngsters 12 and under can wet a line at the pond to try and catch a tagged fish for a trophy . Each child who catches a fish will receive a certificate and everyone who participates will receive a Derby button. Participants must bring their own equipment. Bait will be available for purchase. Triple Creek, 2700 Buell Road; 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.; a valid Hamilton County Park District Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily , $10 annual) is required to enter the park; 513-931-1849 or


Little ones will learn poses to increase balance, flexibility, coordination and strength, as well as calming techniques. Roar like a lion, stand tall like a tree, jump like a frog and twinkle like a star! Duke Energy Children’s Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center , 1301 W estern Avenue; 10:15 - 1 1 a.m.; $5 members, $7 nonmembers plus admission (all museums pass $12.50 adults, $11.50 seniors, $8.50 ages 3 - 12, $4.50 ages 1 - 2); 513-2877000 or


Celebrate children and books with a special bilingual puppet show. Friends Mrs. Quackers, Horsey , and Ruby the Rabbit will entertain with songs and stories in English and Spanish. All children 12 and under will receive a free book to keep, and end the evening with dancing and snacks. Erlanger Branch, Kenton County Public Library, 401 Kenton Lands Road, Erlanger; 7 - 8 p.m.; 859-962-4000 or

Find ongoing & miscellaneous events online.


Poor Cinderella! With a wicked stepmother and stepsisters, and no chance of going to the Royal Ball, how will she ever meet her Prince? With a little help from her mice friends and her Fairy Godmother , of course! Enjoy a beautiful score and watch a young girl’ s dreams come true in this timeless fairy tale from The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. Taft Theatre, 317 East Fifth St.; 7:30 p.m. April 12, 2 and 5 p.m. April 13, 2 p.m. April 14, 2 p.m. April 20; $7 - $20; 513-569-8080 or


Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park’ s latest Of f the Hill production is a funny and delightful show from the Bruce E. Coyle Acting Intern Company, and tells the story of highly mobile dogs of all shapes and sizes as they interact with each other and operate cars in the pursuit of work and play. Dogs will swim, howl at the moon, dance, sing and climb trees as they make friends along the way . Various locations throughout Greater Cincinnati, please see web site for dates, times and prices; April 5 - May 19;


Sorority girl Elle W oods decides to head to Harvard Law after her boyfriend dumps her . But along the way , Elle discovers that being true to yourself never goes out of style. This fun musical includes songs like “Find My Way,” “Take It Like a Man,” and “What You Want.” Covedale Center for the Performing Arts, 4990 Glenway Ave.; April 11 - May 5; $20 students and seniors, $23 adults; 513-241-6550 or


It’s a feel-good musical comedy hit that tells the story of Deloris V an Cartier, a Las V egas diva who finds herself in hiding when she witnesses a crime. The cops choose to hide her in a convent of all places, where she helps the sisters find their voices - as well as her own. Aronoff Center for the Arts, 650 W alnut St.; April 30 - May 12; tickets start at $28;


As World War I begins, a young horse is sold to the cavalry and shipped from England to France, where he begins an extraordinary journey while his young owner embarks on a mission to find his friend and bring him home. Aronoff Center for the Arts, 650 W alnut St.; through April 7; tickets start at $28; 513-6212787 or

Be in the Calendar!

Ages 4 and older will delight to see P .D. Eastman’s beloved children’s book brought to life on stage by Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. Big dogs and little

To have your events listed in our May calendar, send details by Wednesday, April 3 to Sherry Hang at or fax to 513-252-0081.

54 April 2013

“Where Every Family Matters.”


CF 42-60 (April-Cal).indd 54

3/15/13 2:40 PM â&#x20AC;˘

CF 42-60 (April-Cal).indd 55

April 2013 55

3/15/13 2:40 PM


• Take Charge of Your Family’s Health Find information, resources and support through likeminded parents in this get-together. Held at Bilog Coffee, Tea & Gelato, 1212 Springfield Pike; 9:30 10:30 a.m. April 4.

BETHESDA NORTH HOSPITAL 10500 Montgomery Road 513-475-4500 •

• Hypnobirthing Join a childbirth series that explores and explodes the myth that suf fering must accompany labor. 5:45 or 8 p.m. beginning April 3; $200 per birthing team for a ten-week package.

BLUE MANATEE CHILDREN’S BOOKSTORE 3054 Madison Road 513-731-2665 •

• Bloom Manatee with Brazee Create a gorgeous flower in two mediums with Miss Kelli and Sandra Glass. Using the artist Hundertwasser as inspiration, ages 6 and older will make a glass flower to be fired at Brazee Street Studios and a collage flower to take home. 2 - 3 p.m. April 13; $18 per child. • Dramanatee Friends from the Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati will bring a picture book to life in this workshop for ages 4 - 8. 4 - 5 p.m. April 16; $8. • Make a Mess at the Manatee Join Miss Kelli for a good story and a fun art-making activity parents can do with their little ones. 10 - 10:30 a.m. April 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29; $5. • Amazing Amy’s Writing Club Ages 8 and older are invited to explore their literary side. 4 - 5 p.m. April 1, 8, 15, 22 and 28; $8 per session, or $40 for six. • Amazing Amy’s Junior Writing Club Ages 4 - 7 are invited to this workshop to practice their writing skills. 4 - 4:30 p.m. April 4, 11 and 18; $5 per workshop, or $25 for six. • Little Yogis Ages 2 - 4 will learn some yoga poses. 10:30 - 11 a.m. April 4 and 18; $9. • Miss Meghan’s Music Join Miss Meghan to sing songs and have fun. For ages up to 4 years with a grownup. 9:45 or 10:30 a.m. April 25; $8. • Gymboree Story and Play Time Join the gang from Gymboree as they bring stories to life with songs, movement, activities and parachute play. 10:30 - 11 a.m. April 12; $3.


102 Wooster Pike, Milford 513-516-7366 • • Earth Day Kids Yoga Celebration Ages 4 - 10 will honor and celebrate the Earth by bringing in poses that cultivate a healthy perspective of the natural world around them. Kids will also create an “ideal Earth” watercolor and enjoy an Earthy-friendly snack. 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. April 20; $7. • Take a Break With Watercolor Art Learn the technique of working watercolor paints on a flexible, tree-free, biodegradable paper called YUPO. Paints slide over the paper, melding and merging colors to create images from your deepest imagination. 2 - 4 p.m. April 20; $30.

call ahead to reserve your child’s


These events require advanced registrat ion. Registration is ongoing until event is filled or otherwise noted.

• Prenatal Wisdom Workshop Expectant moms and dads will learn to connect with their little one by getting a glimpse of what is happening in the womb. 3 - 5 p.m. April 27; $25.


430 W. North Bend Road 513-751-3679 • • Wild Flowers and Wild Edibles Hit the trails in search of woodland flowers, and learn the world of these living jewels. Along the way, search out and sample some of nature’s tastier treats. 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. April 13.


Held at the Taft Theatre, 317 East Fifth St. 513-569-8080, ext. 14 • • Tea With the Royal Court Princes and princesses are invited to a royal court for tea and treats, a chance to mingle with royalty, ballroom dancing, crafts and more. Dress in your very royal best. Tea will be followed by a performance of Disney’s Cinderella Kids (tickets to the production are sold separately). 3 p.m. April 13; $75 for two ($35 for each additional person).


953 Eden Park Drive 513-721-2787 • • Culture Kids Ages 2 - 5 and their grownups will look at art that tells a story about the artist, and then create their own story with a hands-on activity , followed by a snack. 10 - 11:30 a.m. or 2 - 3:30 p.m. April 12; $10 per pair members, $20 per pair nonmembers, $3/$6 for each additional person. • Art in the Making Ages 6 - 12 and their caregivers are invited to explore the age-old tradition of portraiture with artist Terry Oestreicher. 1 - 3 p.m. April 20; $10 per pair members, $20 per pair nonmembers, $3/$6 for each additional person.


Held at Oasis Golf & Conference Center 902 Loveland-Miamiville Road, Loveland 513-874-6789 • • Night of the Stars Gala Enjoy cocktails, dinner and a silent auction, all to benefit programs of the Cincinnati Center for Autism. April 27; call for time and price.

CINCINNATI FAMILY ENRICHMENT CENTER 4244 Hamilton Ave. 513-591-2332 •

• FREE Tummy to Tummy Learn about the benefits of carrying Baby in a sling or carrier, and get tips on choosing the one that works best for both of you. 12:45 p.m. April 27.

CINCINNATI NATURE CENTER AT ROWE WOODS 4949 Tealtown Road, Milford 513-831-1711 •

• Songs, Stories and S’Mores RSVP by April 1. Enjoy an evening of nature songs, stories, a Magic Chameleon Fire, and roasting marshmallows. 8 9:30 p.m. April 5; $5 adults, $1 children plus daily admission ($8 adults, $3 children, $6 seniors and active military).

• Night Owls Join Raptor, Inc. for an evening to learn all about owls, then hike outside to practice your own owl calls. 6 - 7:30 p.m. April 5; $5 adults, $3 children plus daily admission ($8 adults, $3 children, $6 seniors and active military). • Family Volunteer Day Help remove invasive species and prepare the Playscape for summer. Bring your lunch to cook over a fire, and enjoy s’mores from the CNC. 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. April 21. • Ohio Young Birders Club Ages 12 - 18 are invited to learn the basics of birding. 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. April 13; a $10 online preregistration fee is required to join the OYBC. • Writing in the Wild Homeschool students will make a journal, then hike a trail to learn nature journaling techniques including creative writing, sketching, pressed plants and more. Bring your own lunch. 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. April 12; $7 per student. • Full Moon Walk Hit the trails at night and enjoy the full moon and some natural history readings. Best for ages 8 and older. 8:30 p.m. April 25; free members, $8 nonmembers.


• Water, Water Everywhere Cincinnati has a combined sewer and rain water system - learn some fun ways to catch and use rain water with water games. 9 or 11:30 a.m., or 2 p.m. April 13; $5 per person.


Held at The Spotted Goose, 3048 Madison Road 513-651-5679 • ConversaTheFrenchSchoolInCincinnati • French Activities for Kids Ages 4 - 5 and ages 6 - 8 are invited for a fun and educational program designed to expose them to basic communication skills in French through story-telling and creative projects. All classes are taught with a nativespeaking French instructor. Call for complete schedule; $24 for four sessions.


11907 Montgomery Road 513-697-1211 • • Oral Screening for Parents Parents are invited to receive a free oral cancer screening, which is simple, painless and quick. In addition, parents can receive a 50 percent savings on Salivary Diagnostic Tests for the HPV-16 virus. 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. April 24.


Section Road, Cincinnati • • Camp Canine Get some exercise with your fourlegged friends each Saturday in April, along with giveaways, prizes, and pet and owner bonding activities. Special guests will help you ensure the well-being of your dog. 9 - 10:30 a.m. April 6, 13, 20 and 27; $25 plus a $3 administration fee.

S (“Plan Ahead” continues on page 58)

56 April 2013

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“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 2:40 PM

What to do when mealtime is a hassle


ell-meaning adults often view a child’s odd food and eating behaviors as a problem. However, childhood food jags, a fear of new foods, and other feeding challenges are usually a part of normal development. There’s no need to worry if a child skips a meal or won’t eat the vegetables on his or her plate. Keep the big picture in mind. Offer a variety of healthy, nourishing foods. Be creative! A variety of colors, kid-friendly shaped foods, and foods arranged on the plate in an appealing manner can entice children to try foods they might otherwise avoid. Provide nutritious snacks to help round out picky eating habits during meals. Over time, a child will get everything needed to grow and develop normally. Do not force your children to eat. While parents are the best judges of what children should eat and when, children are the best judges of how much they should eat. Food should be used as nourishment, not as a reward or punishment. In the long run, food rewards or bribes usually create more problems than they solve. Children often use the table as a stage for showing their independence. Sometimes food is not the issue at all. The eating process is just one more way children learn about the world.

Dr. Dandoy was raised in Columbus, Ohio and then later moved to Akron, Ohio. She graduated from the University of Michigan and received her M.D. degree at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, then completed her pediatric residency at Miami Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida. Dr. Dandoy is married to Chris Dandoy, who is completing a pediatric oncology fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center. They reside in Loveland with their two daughters, Chloe and Camilla. Dr. Dandoy sees children of all ages, from birth through 18.

Susan G. Cracraft, DO

Jacqueline J. Gray, MD

James M. Komer, MD

Kenton A. Pate, MD

Children’s Medical Center 331 N. Breiel Blvd Middletown, OH

(513) 424-1850

Diana E. Small, MD

Sandra Bailey, CPNP a paid advertisement

CF 42-60 (April-Cal).indd 57

3/15/13 2:41 PM


7587 Central Parke Blvd., Mason 513-234-0777 • • Jewish Kids Club: Mitzvah Art Series Ages 7 - 13 will discover an exciting mitzvah and create unique bookends for their Jewish library books under the guidance of Brenda from the Little Red Haus. 1 2:30 p.m. April 14; $8.

KENNEDY HEIGHTS ARTS CENTER 6546 Montgomery Road 513-631-4278 •

• FREE Creative Writing Workshops All ages are invited to sign up for creative writing workshops with poet-in-residence Wendy McVicker. Create, write, respond and share your poetry. April 6 - May 4, visit site for schedule.

LANGSFORD LEARNING ACCELERATION CENTER 9402 Towne Square Ave., Blue Ash 7616 Cox Lane, West Chester 513-531-7400 •

• FREE What Parents Should Know About Reading and Comprehension Learn about current national research focused on the past of successful readers, and how to better follow your own child’ s reading development and learning. 5:30 - 7 p.m. April 4 in West Chester, 5:30 - 7 p.m. April 18 in Blue Ash.


8485 Ridge Road • 513-761-7500 • • We’re Going GA-GA for Spring Break! Grades K - 6 are invited to come to the J for fun days of swimming, sports, arts and crafts, community service, Israel@65 celebration, and more. A completed Emergency Medical Form is due upon registration. 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. April 3 - 5; $48 members, $58 public, before and after care available for additional fees. • American Red Cross Babysitter Training Ages 11 - 15 will learn how to calm a crying baby , how to handle a conflict between two children, and how to help kids have fun while keeping them safe. This workshop includes an introduction to Pediatric First Aid/CPR. 5 - 8 p.m. April 9, 16, 23 and 30; $50 members, $60 nonmembers. • Israel’s 65th Birthday Beach Bash Please see details under Shalom Family. • FREE David Broza in Concert All ages are invited to a concert featuring multiplatinum singer-songwriter David Broza. Limited shuttle service available to and from the JCC, call 513-722-7255. J Play and Club J are available on a first-come, first-served basis with a minimal fee. Presented by the JCC W olf Center’s Season of Arts & Ideas; presenting sponsor: The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati.


9001 Mt. Hope Road 513-521-PARK (7275) • A valid Hamilton County Parks Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park • Flower Power RSVP by April 3. Ages 2 - 4 will learn all about the power of flowers and the animals that enjoy them, followed by a story time and a craft. 1 1 a.m. April 5; $5.

58 April 2013

CF 42-60 (April-Cal).indd 58

call ahead to reserve your child’s


These events require advanced registrat ion. Registration is ongoing until event is filled or otherwise noted.


• Online Info Sessions Learn about the advantages of an online education for your child in this online information session. 12:30 p.m. April 2, online parent panel 1 p.m. April 16, 11 a.m. April 17, and 6:30 p.m. April 24. • Information Session Ohio Connections Academy will host an in-person information session at Crowne Plaze Cincinnati Blue Ash (5901 Pfeiffer Road) at 12 p.m. April 3; at Kings Island Resort and Conference Center (5691 Kings Island Drive, Mason) at 6:30 p.m. April 3; • Parent to Parent Meet with parents who have sent their children through online schooling and find out how it worked for them. Starbucks (6819 Liberty Plaza Dr., Liberty Twp.) at 7 p.m. April 6 and April 30; and Bilog Coffee (1212 Springfield Pike) at 11 a.m. April 10.

SHALOM FAMILY • FREE Sensory Sunday: Stories, Songs and Fun For You and Your Little One These private interactive playgroups feature Miss Meliss, who keeps both parents and their little ones engaged with her unique brand of fun. Play dates include a snack and are open to families in the Jewish community with children ages 2 and younger in which at least one parent is Jewish. Two families will each win a $50 Target gift card at each event. Presented by Shalom Family, an initiative of The Mayerson Foundation. The Gymboree, 6209 Snider Road; 2 p.m. April 14 and 28. • FREE Shalom Family’s Israel Birthday Beach Bash RSVP by April 11. No packing, no passports, no 12 hour plane ride… just a free afternoon of indoor fun for young families who want to visit the Jewish Homeland for the day without ever leaving home! The Mid-East will meet the Midwest in this experiential excursion featuring 21,000 square feet of sand where kids can ride a real live camel in the desert, surf the waves on the beach and enjoy lots of other hands on activities, games, music, food and more sure to give guests of all ages a sample of some of the best Israel has to of fer! This event is open to families in the Jewish Community with children 12 and younger, in which at least one parent is Jewish. Held at Grand Sands Volleyball, 10750 Loveland-Madeira Road, Loveland; 4 p.m. April 14.


11450 Lebanon Road • 513-521-PARK (7275) • A valid Hamilton County Parks Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park • Adventure Into Flowers RSVP by April 15. Ages 3 - 5 will learn all about spring happenings with activities, a hike and a craft. 10 a.m. April 18; $5.


2008 Lawrenceburg Road • 513-521-PARK (7275) • A valid Hamilton County Parks Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park • Archaeology Afternoon RSVP by April 11. Archaeology fun and fact will be presented today, along with a hike along the Miami Fort Trail, a visit to the archaeology exhibits and some hands-on activities. 1 - 4 p.m. April 13; $5.


234 Goodman St. 513-584-2230 • • Childbirth Classes Expecting moms are invited to a range of childbirth classes including: Prepared Childbirth on April 6 and 17, Maternity Tours on April 8 and 22, Baby Care Basics on April 8, Breastfeeding on April 11 and 16, Baby Care Basics and Infant CPR on April 22, and Little Bit of Everything on April 27.


5330 S. Milford Road, Milford 513-218-1098 • • FREE Spring Litter Clean Up Join other families to help clean and remove litter from your favorite green space throughout Clermont County and East Fork Little Miami River. All volunteers receive lunch and water, free use of canoes, and a thank you gift! Minors must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian to participate. Hosted by the Valley View Foundation and the East Fork Watershed Collaborative. 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. April 20.


5805 Deerfield Blvd., Mason • 513-398-9358 • FREE Half Pint Kids Club Ages 3 - 9 are invited to make a seasonal-inspired craft and a good recipe - this month, kids will explore everything from weird foods to healthy lunches, and seed packets to a gardening craft. 10 a.m. April 3, 10, 17 and 24.


10245 Winton Road • 513-521-PARK (7275) • A valid Hamilton County Parks Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park • Growing Up A Farm Kid RSVP by April 8. Ages 2 5 and their caregivers can bring a stuf fed animal to join the fair, play games and make a craft. 9:30 - 1 1 a.m. April 9 or 10; $10 per child and extra adult, one adult complimentary. • Parent-Child Golf Tournament RSVP by April 10. Parents and their little ones are invited to a nine-hole tournament comprised of a three-hole Scramble format, three-hole Best Ball format, and a three-hole Alternate Shot format. 8 a.m. April 13; $35 per team. • Junior Scramble RSVP by April 24. Junior golfers under the age of 18 are invited to a nine-hole Scramble tournament. 8 a.m. April 27; $35 per team.


8250 Old Kellogg Ave. • 513-521-PARK (7275) • A valid Hamilton County Parks Motor Vehicle Permit ($3 daily, $10 annual) is required to enter the park • Life Cycles Jamboree RSVP by April 18. Ages 3 - 5 will learn about plant and animal life with hikes, crafts, animal encounters and other activities. Come dressed to be inside and outside. 10 a.m. April 19; $5. • Small Wonders: Life Cycles RSVP by April 25. Ages 18 months to 2 years and their parents will learn about the world around them through activities, crafts and outdoor adventures. 10 a.m. April 26; $5.

“Where Every Family Matters.”

3/15/13 2:41 PM


Music and Lyrics by

Music Adapted and Arranged by

Mack David, Al Hoffman and Jerry Livingston

Bryan Louiselle

Book Adapted and Additional Lyrics by

Based on the Screenplay by

Marcy Heisler

Ken Anderson and Homer Brightman



Training with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati Come learn the techniques and principles behind the art of musical theatre (drama, vocal music and dance) from the faculty at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. CLASSES BEGIN

APRIL 14 Ages 3-18

Whether you are a dancer who sings, a singer who acts, or an actor who dances, everyone can benefit from classes that will take your talent further. We offer group classes to accommodate every artist’s talent level at our facility in Madisonville.

Visit to view the class schedule or get registered.

CF 42-60 (April-Cal).indd 59

3/15/13 2:41 PM


with your child’s behavior?

Successful Parenting is the Solution! 513-518-8657 * You & your child will succeed, 100% Guaranteed!

Music for All Ages Piano, Voice, Guitar, Drums, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Harp, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Oboe, and Acting Classes!

Call for a free sample lesson!



Call (513)631-0170 for more information.

Are You Stressed Out

Enrichment classes for infants and toddlers to enjoy with a parent or caregiver. Each session includes facilitated play, music & movement, art explorations and informal parenting discussions. Come join the fun!

8179 Princeton-Glendale Rd., West Chester OH

Parent & Child Classes at

Pleasent Ridge Presbyterian Nursery School



(513) 874-1101


Reservations Required. Visit


Music Pups B-day Party! Have a Music Pups Birthday Party for your 1 to 4 year old. Singing, dancing, music instruments, parachutes, bubbles, puppets, & more.



Located in Montgomery

Music classes for children Ages 9 mos. - 5 yrs.

Classes now available on-site for your Preschool or Daycare


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60 April 2013

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PAYMENT & CONTACT Payment : All ads must be prepaid prior to print and/or placement on website. MA IL Materials To: Sherry Hang Cincinnati Family Magazine 10945 Reed Hartman Hwy., Ste. 221 Cincinnati, OH 45242 EMA IL: CA LL: (513) 252-0077 ext. 101 FA X: (513) 252-0081

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“Where Every Family Matters.”

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David Sullivan, D.D.S., M.S.

5177 North Bend Rd, Cincinnati



Dr. Richard W. Kennedy 1246 Nilles Road, #3, Fairfield 513.858.6576


Cincinnati Family’s


DOCs nominee

“Sometimes in life your eet a great person and you have to just tell them how awesome they are - Dr. Sullivan is truly extraordinary! My children really notice the great dental care, but even more so the individual attention and genuine kindness always shown them.”


Dr. William Greenhill, D.M.D. 2012 Callie Way, Suite 202, Union, KY 859.384.6050

“Dr. Greenhill and his staff provide everything we could ask for in a pediatric dental practice. They are knoledgeable, friendly and have a very welcoming facility. My children love to visit and actually think it’s fun! I never thought I’d use the word ‘dentist’ and ‘fun ‘ in the same sentence!”

coverads0413.indd 3

“Dr. Kennedy, as well as his staff, are always wonderful with my children! I’m thankful to have access to such an amazing dental provider.”


John Gennantonio, D.D.S. Katie Lubitz Stewart, D.D.S. Sarah Husted, D.D.S. 1319 Nagel Road, Anderson 513-407-5441

“This practice just keeps getting better and better. Clearly keeping up with technology in both diagnostic care and record keeping as well as entertainment for the little and big patients.”

3/15/13 1:40 PM



coverads0413.indd 4

3/15/13 1:49 PM

Cincinnati Family - April 2013  

Building Sibling Love - Favorite Doctors - All About You, Baby - Grow a Garden

Cincinnati Family - April 2013  

Building Sibling Love - Favorite Doctors - All About You, Baby - Grow a Garden