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there. Make the grocery list, make the family schedule. Include doctor’s appointments, and then if everybody has access to that on their phone, that makes life so, so much easier,” Olshavsky suggests. Plan a moment when Baby is resting, and map out your week. Download free apps to help you organize your life, grocery lists and more; the Wunderlist app, for example, is free and allows you to create various lists from shopping, to-do, grocery and even create-your-own. The Google Express app helps you create shopping lists quickly through voice command. Share your grocery list with others plus shop at other retailers and order items in advance.

GET OTHERS INVOLVED Moms can’t do it all. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from other family members and friends. If you have older kids, enlist their help, too. Olshavsky says big kids can help out with tasks to ease the household workload. Let them know they are being great helpers so they know they are deeply valued at home. Online grocery shopping (older kids can help) and grocery delivery services have eased a lot of new mom’s minds, so take advantage of them. Explore Instacart (, The Grocery Runners (, Shipt ( and Best Friend Errand Service ( Life just got so much easier!

SWITCH OFF DUTIES It’s important to set aside Mommy and Daddy time with older kids, but also difficult when you’re spending countless hours attending to your new baby. “It’s a family task to take care of Baby, it’s not just mom’s task,” says Olshavsky. “Scheduling a little special time with the older kids is important so that they feel a part of it. Just having that little bit of special Mommy time always helps, too. That way, older kids feel like their getting attention, too — it’s not all of a sudden only baby.” Play with your 3-year-old while Daddy takes care of the baby. Or Dad can take the kids to the park while Mom focuses on Baby or gets rest. It takes a team effort to make that new life with Baby easier.

PLAN, PREPARE, REPEAT! Planning and preparing can make a mountain look more like a foothill. Lay out outfits the night before, meal prep on Sundays and plan errands and activities for the week ahead. Olshavsky says planning is the key. “If you’re at the grocery store and you don’t have a clue at what the heck you’re having for dinner that week, you’re going to be there for five hours,” she says. “If you’re braving Kroger with little ones, you probably will want to have a list so you can make sure you get in and get out,” she adds. We gathered some of our favorite items to help kickstart your new organized life with a new baby!


Items to help you keep it altogether! DRY BABY | $23.99 (bodysuit) Babies are messy! The clothes pictured above feature water- stainand odor-repellent materials. The soft cotton lets liquids simply roll off the fabric and baby. Machine washable.

CHANGE-IN-POD | $149.99 This all-in-one changing station makes it easy to clean Baby. It includes a built-in pad, a handy compartment for accessories, and it’s dishwasher safe! Available on Kickstarter for a discount at

THE KEEPSIE | $7.95 Here’s a one-of-a-kind pacifier holder that works with all kinds of pacifiers to keep them clean and germ-free! The Keepsie can attach to a Wubbanub or a paci with a silicone protrusion. Chemical and toxin-free; FDA food safe.

STICKER KID $8.95+ Water-resistant labels keep Baby and kids’ items organized. Customize name labels, shoe labels, tags, iron-on labels, book labels and more. Dishwasher, laundry, microwave and freezersafe. Allergy labels and value packs available, too. •

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February 2019