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Thrilled at the thought of festival celebrations in school, our little Nestians arrived, dressed up as characters of The Ramayana. It was Dusshera celebration day at The Nest Group of Schools and there was great excitement and energy. Colourful outfits accessorized with faux bows and arrows and swords, the kids looked ready for a fun day. We gave them Sita, Ram and Hanuman masks to wear. Shorts kits were performed to narrate the story of The Ramayana and explain the significance of good and evil in our lives. The school had put up huge effigies of Ravana and parents were invited to be a part of our Ravana Dehan ceremony. The students were full of enthusiasm and joy, they were taught the importance of rituals and traditions in Indian culture. They understood that good always wins over evil. Keeping the spirit of the festival alive, our teachers were also dressed up in ethnic wear. Parents appreciated the unique way in which we incorporate celebrations with classroom teaching. The Nest Group of Schools is India’s fastest growing chain of preschools and it aims at children developing a global outlook while accepting and retaining their Indian values.

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