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k a e r b Day I N T E R N AT I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E I N J A PA N 2 0 1 8 2 nd C O N F E R E N C E B O O K L E T

Daybreak I N T E R N AT I O N A L CO N F E R E N C E IN JAPAN 2018 2



1. G r e e t i n g s 2. A b o u t D a y b r e a k 3. W h y J o i n 4. J a p a n 5. T h e Ve n u e 6. P a y m e n t & V I S A 7. A p p l i c a t i o n F o r m

s g n i t e e r G Hey AIESEC! Thanks for taking a look at this booklet, and we hope this finds you on a exciting AIESEC journey. Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Daybreak Conference 2018 booklet. We members of AIESEC in Japan are excited to invite you all to a fantastic experience in Japan this summer! We believe that co-creation is the key to making AIESEC and the world a more exciting place, and we thought, why not start by connecting and cocreating with our fellow AIESECers? Let’s create innovative and meaningful exchanges that will benefit our entities, AIESEC, and the world together! We hope to see you at Daybreak! AIESEC in Japan Daybreak Conference Committee

What is Daybreak? The Daybreak Conference Committee want to bring to you a place to collaborate on AIESEC internships, to make fruitful connections, and to co-create opportunities. It will be held from August 17th to the 20th of this year. Daybreak will be an international conference focused on actually making exchanges with meaningful social impacts happen. This will be done through time spent together with various entities, the communication that our sessions will bring, and the friendships that will bloom during this conference. The CC team is working hard right now to make this wonderful conference happen, and we hope you all join us in this opportunity in the land of the rising sun!

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Japan is an island country in east Asia, and because it is

so far out east and is one of the countries where the sun rises earliest in a day, it is often called the “Land of the Rising Sun”, which gave this conference “Daybreak” its name. Japan has suffered some natural disasters in the past several years, but we are on our way to recovery, and pushing through the hard times, getting better and stronger every day.

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The conference will take place at Tsukuba Grand Hotel, located in Tsukuba City, which is just an hour away from Tokyo, and a 45 minute train ride away from Akihabara, the anime central of Japan. It’s a hotel with great food, traditional Japanese-style rooms, and fantastic service!

? n i o J y h W To Co-Create with AIESEC in Japan and other Entities, for meaningful eXchanges that makes social impacts happens.

Develop your leadership skills in order to create and deliver more meaningful eXchanges with social impacts.

Meet more than 100 amazing youth leaders around the world! Inspire by them and Inspire them!

Payment 25, 000 JPY (around 250 USD/ 200 Euro’s) *FEE includes accommodation and foods for the whole conference *Delegates will pay by Japanese Yen (cash) when they arrived Japan.

VISA Candidates who need a VISA to enter Japan, will need to obtain “shortterm stay” VISA (A stay of up to 90 days for tourism, business, visiting friends or relatives, etc. that does not include remunerative activities). The CC team will support you through the process.

For further details about VISA:

VISA Info| Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan List of Countries or Regions that do NOT require a visa to enter Japan

Apply here Please fill out this for for us ASAP, if you want to join this amazing conference with us! Not very much spot left!!!

Contact Us If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us through email or Facebook! Subject: [Que] [Daybreak] title of your question To: Facebook: @daybreak.aiesecinjapan

! k a e r b y a D t a See you

Aiesec in japan daybreak conference 2nd booklet  
Aiesec in japan daybreak conference 2nd booklet