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Dayanna cano

My name is dayanna cano zapata, my birth was the 16 of June of 2001 in the Municipality of bello, I am of the Gemini sign, the Gemini is usually polite, affectionate, kind and generous. Sometimes they use their attributes to achieve their own goals and are able to resort to lying without losing their charm in order to get what they want. They become easily discouraged when they do not get what they want, and like to receive attention, gifts and compliments. Gemini have to work hard not to get discouraged when things get tough I think the sign is perfect with me since they are all my characteristics. My family consists of six members my mother, my father, my two sisters, my puppy and I. My mother's name is Rubiela de Jesus zapata ramirez, my father's name is Juan carlos cano olarte, my older sister's name is Katty lizeth cano zapata, my younger sister's name is Camila cano zapata and the name of the Lupe is a dog. My father and my mother are always attentive to us, they always care about us they help us in everything we need in the worst moments simpre they are there to help us, my sisters help me in everything you need My dog captivated my father from the first time he saw her, for she is like a daughter we all love her although there are times when we can not take it but that does not take away the fact that we love her a lot she is like my daughter My sister she is all my being I am a person who does not show much their feelings towards other people but when I say it is because they are really, I cry very easily that I do not like I tried to change but it does not work, I am a very serious and shy person Makes me difficult to approach people takes me a lot of time to interact with them, I am very sincere in some occasions so much that the other people dislike but I do not feel bad for it and I know that I did not do anything wrong, I did something good Since they know what you think the other of them, I am a person who does not care what others say I live my life as I want and I do not have to give explanations or change for someone I know that despite everything bad that I have my family will always be my side supporting me in everything I need despite being different from them will not make me even side instead of that they took me in his arms and his heart I love them very much so do not show it I will help them and are everything I have to reach I will not give them up even if alfun dia they do it The family must always remain united, although they take separate roads in the future they will meet again

There is no perfect family. We all argue and fight. Sometimes we even stop talking, but in the end, the family is family and love will always be there. I really do not have many friends, but the one I have replaces thousands of them, I would not change her for anything. She's one of the people I love the most in this world. She's more than a friend. She's like my sister if she were born thousands of Sometimes those thousands of times would choose her, she knows everything about me, we tell the problems and we give solutions She unlike me is more sociable and wherever she goes get friends thanks to her I can socialize more with people I feel good when I'm with her or when she tells me her problems since it means she has confidence in me, although I feel bad in some cases when I can not do anything for her In fact I do not like to tell my problems I think it would be a burden more for her so I just tell good things that happen to me so that she somehow feels good, I do not like giving burden to the people I appreciate She has been one of the few people that knowing how I really am stayed by my side I know that I would not change her and if at any moment we have difficulties I think we would overcome it together I would not let rumors break away I would clarify everything with her And if something displeases me I would tell her personally I would not talk to her back I will not lose more friends because of false rumors there are people who get carried away by what people say and stop talking to you without asking for an explanation or looking at what happened only do what others say even I would not mind If I lose friends, it's not okay I think that all the people who come to our life is because they were destined to arrive to leave us some teachings and those that are were those who show us the truth of this world that although we are happy everything has to end sometime Although all those that I called friends that failed did things that I never imagined, something that I would never have done to them but good nothing can be done So I think that I am very distant to the others it is better not habalr with anyone to not have problems although I am not interested what they think since I know that it is not true

I really like everything about Korea, I like many k-drama especially the moon that embraces the sun I like it because it is the genre Romance, Fantasy, Historical, Drama and I also like because it develops in the joseon dynasty besides This kdrama I like stairway to heaven, this k-drama is genre Drama, Romance tells a very sad story that's why I like One of my favorite actresses is Park Shin Hye since she acts very well and the roles that are interpreted are very interesting and beautiful the characters that I have liked more that she interpreted are Go Mi Nyu and You're Beautiful, Han Jung Suh from stairway to heaven One of my favorite actors is Jang Geun Suk because in his papers he teaches that despite being a cold person he can get to make someone warm, Jang Geun Suk protaginizo a drama with Park Shin Hye (You're Beautiful) the dramas that more me Like You are My Pet (film), Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do (movie), Baby And Me (movie) My favorite genre of music is kpop (abbreviation for Korean popular music, in English or Korean popular music, in Spanish), is a musical genre that includes diverse styles like electronic dance music, hip hop, rap, rock, R & B, etc. , And which specifically refers to the popular music of South Korea, because in North Korea there is virtually no popular music industry with Western influence. My favorite genre of music is kpop (abbreviation for Korean popular music, in English or Korean popular music, in Spanish), is a musical genre that includes diverse styles like electronic dance music, hip hop, rap, rock, R & B, etc. , And which specifically refers to the popular music of South Korea, because in North Korea there is virtually no popular music industry with Western influence. One of my favorite groups is super junior number 11 (Leeteuk (the leader), Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Kang-in, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun) And Kibum) I admire this group a lot since they teach me that despite all the problems and difficulties that we have we must go ahead, super junior helped me out of depression can be very ridiculous for other people as they would say as some people who I have learned that they are more than helpful people who are at a distance that we have next, one of my favorite songs of super junior is thank you and marry u since the lyrics convey feelings of happiness and gratitude Another group that I really like is BTS is formed by 7 guys (Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, V, Monster Rap) BTS uses his lyrics to motivate young people, one of my favorite songs is NO since his Letter gives us to understand that we must do what we like that it does not matter that they want the others we must follow our own dreams and BTS shows us that we can achieve our dreams

Another group is vixx this group consists of 6 members (Ravi, Leo, Hong Bin, N, Ken and Hyuk) I like them because their songs are very good and their concepts are impressive, I like them because they had to go through many difficulties to take what they are now my favorite member is Leo since it is very quiet and that makes him look tender. 2NE1 is the group of girls that I like sus integrantes son (Minzy, CL, Dara y Park Bom) but lamemantly the group is separated this year after the departure of minzy, I really like their songs because they convey many feelings even though they have separated does not mean that I will stop being your big fan One of the people I admire is Park Jung Soo (super junior leeteuk) as he is one of the best K-Pop leaders as he protects his Dongsaengs a lot. He suffered a car accident, where he had glass fragments embedded in his back. He had a successful surgery, and took 170 points. Once Donghae's dad told Leeteuk "Take care of our little Donghae, please promise me to take care of him, because we will not be able to, I know a great hyung for him" that turned out Donghae is like his younger brother, so if he is not around, Leeteuk feels lonely, the media revealed the terrible news that his father and grandparents had passed away. I admire him because in spite of all these difficulties that the past has gone ahead and does not let the problems affect him (Angel without wings) Leeteuk suffered a lot for the loss of his father and grandparents since his father killed his grandparents and then committed suicide at that time leeteuk was paying military service obligatori he received this sad notivcia but was not alone all his friends as the members of super junior His virtual wife kang sora and many more friends In the case of donghae leeteuk's father I take care of him as his own son since it was the last will of donghae's father He will always be remembered by all as a beautiful person and a great leader and even if he has difficulties ELF will never abandon him or super June E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friends) is: Kangin: Super Junior is poisoned by E.L.F Kyuhyun: Our strong troop, which we should hold forever. Sungmin: I feel like I will not be able to do anything without ELF Siwon: They are like the heart that is most necessary, while I live. Eunhyuk: Even after I am old, I want to sing for them. It would only be an empty shell. Ryeowook: Really ... are Ever Lasting Friends, Heechul: If there was no ELF, Super Junior would not exist. Kibum: They are like the refuge that I can trust. Leeteuk: Thanks for making me shine.

Heechul: Because ELF exists, Super Junior is eternal. Hangang: The most important E.L.F. Thank you very much and I love you. Yesung: Eternal, reliable ELF defender ... .. I love you.Kangin: Just like we started together, we go all the way together. Shindong: I hope we can be one forever. Sungmin: Super Junior can sing for ELF support. Eunhyuk: You are so precious to me. I do not change them for anyone. Donghae: I will keep them in my heart, even after my death, by the fact that I met ELF Siwon: They are like oxygen. Ryeowook: Ever Lasting Friend I can be together in mutual relationships. Kibum: They encourage me and inspire me deeply. Kyuhyun: They are the existence that have to be there with us. I would like to be in the future a draftsman of architecture to get to fulfill my goal I must try too hard and if I do well I will outdo myself, I would like to work in South Korea, I want to be a draftsman of architecture because one of my hobbies is to draw I do not plan to marry or have children I would only do it if I knew someone I wanted to be with for life and I do not think there is I would like in a future to be able to travel to all the countries of asia to know their cultures, I would also like to go to a concert (Super Junior, BTS, GOT7, MBLAQ) and to be able to go to a fanmeeting My future is written with the decisions I made in my life no matter how difficult it is or what other people say I will achieve my goals I will strive for 100% In the future I would like to design my own house, my taste, my tastes for others are a little strange but that's why I will not like it I would like to be able to a person who does not worry about anything and manage to get ahead without the help of anyone, a person who can achieve what he proposes without worrying about what is going to happen in the future. I would like to be a person who is full of happiness I see myself proposing new goals. I in my future I see full of security of peace of great integrity I see myself as a whole professional in my employment in my work and as a person. But to be able to achieve my ideal future I have to do everything with love with dedication to strive For what I want to achieve but without trampling anything or anyone. I must keep my goals firm and do not doubt them

Dayanna cano zapata  
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