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How Secure Is Your Property? Many of us came to live in Cyprus for different reasons, some for the mild climate, some to retire & some to avoid the heavily increasing crime rates in the UK. For many years government crime statistics have always shown Cyprus to have a very low rate per head of population. Its true, violent crimes are virtually non existent here, but there is one statistic that has slowly crept up over the past couple of years, burglary. Many residents choose to live in Cyprus for only a few months at a time & their properties, apart from the odd management or maintenance visit are mainly left unattended for long periods, sometimes days or even weeks. These properties in particular are ‘easy pickings’ for many, as are properties hosting tourists carrying cash & passports. Either way serious financial losses can be incurred or property of great personal or sentimental value can be gone or destroyed forever. There are, however some simple steps you can put in place as preventative measures to help deter your property being targeted. The most obvious is to not leave windows or doors open or unlocked or leave money, passports or other valuables on show. It’s also prudent to get a good security system fitted, granted it is a financial outlay, but how much would the damage to our property & the loss of our personal belongings cost in the long run? Think about all options available to you from fencing & private gating to window & door security locks, alarm systems & the best deterrents of all security lighting or CCTV. “An increased number of short term & long term residents are calling in the services of companies like my own” say Shaun Hawley owner of Safe & Secure in Eastern Cyprus. “Having a professional security system installed gives owners peace of mind that they are doing everything in their power to protect what in some cases is their biggest financial investment, their property” For a FREE security assessment of your property call Shaun on 99073255 or see advert opposite.

Daxi Magazine May 2011 Edition  

May 2011 ONLINE edition of Daxi Magazine.

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