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Autumn 2021



Our home, our haven The sound of cicadas reassuringly signals the sound of late summer and sunny days that end with a touch of declining temperatures that we haven’t felt for months. We start to look indoors as we plan for the winter ahead. Winter 2021 has some great changes in the works for us, with the arrival of one of the most influential Italian furniture brands of the last century making it’s first foray into New Zealand. Bringing with it some of the most highly regarded designers in the world that will compliment the exceptionally talented craftspeople and collections we are so proud to currently display and which are highlighted in this Autumn edition of our Home Edit. We hope you enjoy perusing this collection as much as we enjoyed putting it together and we look forward to seeing you in-store soon.

OPPOSITE Vis a Vis 4m outdoor dining table by Tribu $20,799, Vis a Vis dining chair by Tribu $1,929, COVER PAGE Luxury lilo by Oliver James from $1,8491,379

Wild side A cradle-like organic form that’s open, airy, light and inviting. Once inside, users can luxuriate in KIDA’s comfy cushion, which covers the entire seating area.

Sphere of influence The simple symmetry of the Globe Flower pot by AYTM blends effortlessly and offsets the other elements in the living area. The flat matt finish available in a variety of colourways takes full advantage of the natural light and provides a perfect contrast to the hint of glamour from the brass ring base.

New + Noteworthy

Double glazing A stylish addition to any table top display. The Arura by AYTM offers two textured glass vases in one.

Easy going With classic loftstyle proportions, Baker creates a haven in any corner. A low back keeps it casual and arms are cushioned just the right amount for slouching.

THESE PAGES Nest 5pc modular sofa by Noble Souls $22,169, English Beam coffee table by Noble Souls from $10,139, Abode spoke side table by Noble Souls $549, Abode thin stool by Noble Souls $699, Anchor pendant light by Noble Souls $1,509, Cove pendant light by Noble Souls $1,759

Nest by Noble Souls In a home it can become a hearth, a place where we reconnect with each other, for moments shared together. Ultrafine Goose down feathers create 1000’s of tiny pockets of air underneath a swath of natural soft linens.

Shabby by Timothy Oulton High impact comfort seating, commonly known as our true “sloucher”. The Shabby leather sectional sofa is beautifully cushioned with layers of soft ribs stitched into luxurious handfinished leather to create a distinctive signature look. This page Shaggy armchair in sheepskin $5,859 Opposite page Shabby 3 seater sofa from $7,559, Shabby chaise from $2,365, Axel coffee table $2,509, Axel side table $1,509, Axel bookshelf $2,869, Rally chair $6,839

Iceberg by Timothy Oulton THIS PAGE Top Aviator Tomcat armchair from $5,249 Bottom Westminster Button 3 seater sofa now from $7,055 was from $8,819 OPPOSITE PAGE Iceberg dining table from $7,789, Mimi dining chair with arms $1,369, Mimi stud dining chair $1,059 Odeon rectangle pendant $7,729

20% off

Westminster collection

THIS PAGE Pudgie 3 seater by Timothy Oulton $9,189, Pudgie armchair $5,819, Stonyhurst coffee table $5,519, Stonyhurst sideboard $7,389, Bark round pendant $10,999

Atoll by Dawson & Co. The ultimate in soft, feathery, irresistible comfort. Atoll by Dawson & Co Studio is the perfect slip-cover modular sofa available in a range of different fabrics.

THESE PAGES Atoll 5pc modular sofa by Dawson & Co $9,939 Crofters coffee table by Noble Souls $2,199, Crofters side table-figure 8 by Noble Souls $819, Crofters stool by Noble Souls $699, Drake rug by Bayliss $3,399





New New



4 3


1 Bourbon desk by Tolv from $1,909, 2 Kitsune 3 seater sofa by Tolv $3,779, 3 Native coffee table by Tolv $1,399 4 Fromage poufs by Tolv from $1,039 5 Nodi easy chair by Tribu from $2,739, 6 IO coffee tables by Tolv from $1,139, 7 Preston bookcase by Tolv from $4,859, 8 Com upholstered dining chair by Tolv $679, 9 Base sofa by Sketch from $2,799, 10 Skin chair by Calligaris $269 11 Portobello armchair by Tolv $2,639


in oak or black oak


Morocco modular sofa

Off-white high-performance bouclé covering lends a textural touch and an invitingly neutral tone to Morocco sectional seating, while an expressed leg shape draws inspiration from the middle east. Above Morocco 3pc modular sofa $6,699, Below Department 2 pc modular sofa from $3,639


Coco dining table

THIS PAGE Coco dining table from $1,919 Monday dining chair $429, Monday upholstered dining chair $799 Farnsworth bookshelf by Tolv $2,339

Pushing the idea of lounging, the extra-deep seating and plush cushions of the Album sofa invite the user to relax and re-energize. Meticulously tailored French seams give a soft relaxed finish to a strong, bold form.

Album sofa

20% off Baker collection

THIS PAGE Top Album sofa from $4,779 Bottom Baker 5 pc modular sofa in sylvia haze fabric now from $7,428 was $9,285 OPPOSITE PAGE Attendant armchair in heritage hunter leather $3,399

Odd stool



was $589

THIS PAGE Top Odd stool un-upholstered $459 was $589, Odd stool upholstered from $699 Bottom Itamae dining table by Tolv from $2,669, Figura dining chair by Tolv $709 OPPOSITE PAGE Pensive 3 seater sofa in montana anvil leather by Tolv from $6,589, Native coffee table by Tolv $1,399, Pensive lounge chair by Tolv $1,859

THIS PAGE Cartesio dining table with ceramic marble top by Calligaris from $8,399, St Tropez dining chair by Calligaris from $569

Scene setting Norway rug Artistry should never be restricted to just walls and the compelling Norway range is proof of this. With an imaginative series of varied pairings of colour, which painting you choose is up to you. Hand-knotted rugs using natural wool, they have a durable and lustrous finish from $3,199

Into the vortex The constant kinetic suggestion of motion only enhances the feminine shapeliness of the Vortex round dining table. Available in ceramic or glass table top from $3149

Senja sofa by TRIBU Senja comes with regular and extra-deep cushions. The generous filling gives them a pleasing, organic shape, finished with a piped seam. Senja modular sofa setting by Tribu $28,059, Hexagon low coffee table $2,579

THIS PAGE Top Mbarq 3 seater sofa by DEDON from $14,959, Izon coffee table by DEDON from $5,189, Izon side table by DEDON from $2,610, Loon outdoor floor lamp by DEDON $2,620, Bottom Natal Alu chaise modular sofa from $21,989 BACK COVER Dala lounge chair by DEDON $6,559

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Dawson & Co The Home Edit - Autumn  

Our home, our haven. The sound of cicadas reassuringly signals the sound of late summer and sunny days that end with a touch of declining te...

Dawson & Co The Home Edit - Autumn  

Our home, our haven. The sound of cicadas reassuringly signals the sound of late summer and sunny days that end with a touch of declining te...