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WELCOME The faculty, staff, and administrators welcome you to Dawson Community College. Since offering its first classes in 1940, Dawson Community College has developed into a comprehensive academic community committed to providing affordable and open access to quality teaching and learning. The foundation of Dawson Community College’s success is the uniquely talented and dedicated personnel who share a commitment to high academic standards, vibrant campus culture, and individual attention to student needs. Dawson Community College offers Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees that prepare learners for transition to and success in further degree programs; Associate of Applied Science degrees that prepare learners for vocational and technical career entry, transition, and advancement; pre-college programs and services that prepare learners for successful transition to college; and programs and services that help address the professional, social, and personal enrichment needs of the region. In addition to excellent programs and services, Dawson Community College offers a truly collegiate experience. The students enjoy numerous co-curricular activities in student government, intercollegiate athletics, theatre and music productions, community service projects, intramural sports, and student organizations. The Housing and Residence Life program provides safe and affordable apartment-style housing, and it facilitates a fun and academically oriented atmosphere. The Dawson Community College website provides complete information about the college’s tuition and fee rates, admission procedures, financial aid programs, transfer and program requirements, course descriptions, articulation agreements, and student policies. You also will find information about the college’s residence halls, the Jolly Roger Café, the Academic Service Center and the Jane Carey Memorial Library. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with all that Dawson Community College has to offer. In summary, Dawson Community College offers an exceptional learning environment in which students gain the knowledge and skills they need to be leaders and thinkers in today’s world. 2


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The Jane Carey Memorial Library offers an attractive and comfortable space to study, to gather, or use its computers. The large windows offer wonderful natural light and a magnificent view of the Yellowstone River and Glendive. The library provides material and services that support the curriculum of Dawson Community College and the community. Along with its core collection and electronic databases, the library is also connected to over 12,000 other libraries around the world providing access to a wide range of informational resources.

The mission of the General Education division is to provide broad intellectual knowledge, awareness, and critical thinking skills in the liberal arts, humanities, and natural and social sciences directed toward the successful pursuit of students’ personal and career goals as citizens and leaders in their respective roles.

The Toepke Center is home to Buccaneer Athletics as well as music technology, the performing arts, the DCC Bookstore and Coffee Shop.

The Ullman Center – dedicated to vocational technical programs – contains agriculture, early childhood education, visual arts, and welding programs.

At DCC, you will receive the attention you deserve from qualified faculty without the auditorium packed with hundreds of students. Completing your General Education courses in an environment designed to help you succeed will make transferring to a four-year college or university a breeze.

The B.L. Baker Memorial Softball Field and the Kolberg Baseball Field are a short walk from the campus residence halls.

LEARNING & ENGAGEMENT CENTER We take pride in our academic success. The Mid-Rivers Learning and Engagement Center is available to offer help in the following areas: • •

Tutoring Student Success

• •

Campus Life Student Advocacy

2 YEAR ASSOCIATE OF ARTS (AA) AND ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE (AS) The Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) are transfer degrees that are awarded without designation of major, but do follow curriculum transfer plans. These degrees indicate that a student has completed a course of study that is equivalent to the first two years of a baccalaureate degree. The AA degree is the best choice for students majoring in humanities, liberal arts or the social sciences; the AS degree is usually the best option for students majoring in math, science, engineering or business. CONCENTRATIONS

Accounting Art Biology Business Chemistry


Criminal Justice English Environmental Sciences Mathematics Pre-Law

Political Science Pre-Med Psychology Sociology 4


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TECHNICAL DEGREE PROGRAMS The Career and Technical Education division at Dawson Community College is dedicated to developing innovative individuals in a wide variety of fields. Our graduates gain technical knowledge necessary for success in their chosen career path and obtain skills for lifelong learning and community leadership. Equipped with decades of practical industry experience, our instructors are passionate about sharing their knowledge with students and preparing them to thrive in their chosen field.

2 YEAR ASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE (AAS) DEGREES We offer a variety of A.A.S and Certificate degrees with courses that relate to the industry needs, give you hands-on experience, and equip you with the right qualifications for success.

Agribusiness Technology - Equitation Option Agribusiness Technology Business Management Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Law Enforcement: Peace Officer Option Criminal Justice Law Enforcement: Private Security Option

Early Childhood Education Music Technology Welding Technology Corrosion Technology


Correctional Officer Early Childhood Education


CORROSION TECHNOLOGY This two-year Associate of Applied Science degree prepares students for entry-level employment as a Corrosion Technician in the fields of manufacturing, oil & gas, government, pipeline maintenance and general corrosion management. Students will learn in state-of-theart industry labs and classroom settings using industry recognized equipment while preparing to sit for NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) certification exams. New government regulations over the past 10 years have focused on increased corrosion control which is steadily increasing the demand for trained corrosion technicians. What is Corrosion? Corrosion is a naturally occurring phenomenon commonly defined as the deterioration of a material (usually a metal) that results from a chemical or electrochemical reaction with its environment (Corrosion Basics, An Introduction, L.S. Van Delinder, ed. (Houston, TX: NACE, 1984)). Corrosion costs the U.S. over roughly $279 billion per year and can cause dangerous and expensive damage to everything from vehicles, home appliances, water and wastewater systems, to pipelines, bridges and public buildings. Corrosion control is important to company profits and is required by government regulatory agencies such as the EPA, DOT and OPS. Corrosion Technian Corrosion Technology includes energy infrastructure, transportation systems, national defense and more. A successful corrosion technician installs, maintains, inspects, troubleshoots facilities and documents issues with as many details as possible. Corrosion Technicians have a basic understanding of electricity, chemistry, metallurgy and the properties of materials. Careers in corrosion apply these sciences to detect and control chemical and mechanical deterioration. Corrosion Technicians work both indoors and outdoors in a variety of facilities such as pipelines, storage tanks, building components, industrial equipment, airplanes, ships, railcars, etc. Corrosion technology is a stable occupation due to the fact that corrosion will never go away. It is a rapidly growing field as a result of crumbling infrastructure, reliance on energy, and many corrosion technicians nearing retirement.

Livestock Technology Welding Technology 6


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ONLINE PROGRAMS Dawson Community College Online Programs are designed and developed in accordance with the best practices that emphasize communication, collaboration, and engagement. Whether you are interested in working toward a career-enhancing degree, upgrading your job skills, or expanding your intellectual horizons, Dawson Community College offers the convenience and flexibility of earning college credit from anywhere in the world. 

What is Early Start? Dawson Community College offers area high school students at least 16 years of age, the opportunity to enroll in any course and be charged one-half the regular per credit hour tuition. The classes may be delivered by college faculty, onsite or online or by qualified high school faculty at the high school.

Why Online Programs? We pride ourselves on offering individual attention and guidance to make your education more meaningful. • World-class Faculty • Quality courses • Cutting-edge technologies • Learn anywhere • Dedicated support

A complete application includes the following components: • Complete Admissions Application – submit (mailed, delivered, or web) to the Admission Office, prior to or at the time of registration. • Dual Enrollment Application • Immunizations records if taking 6 or more credits • COMPASS Assessment scores if registering for course(s) with pre-requisites. If not administered in the DCC ASC, scores must be sent to the DCC Admissions Office from the administering agency/college. • Letter of approval from High School Principal if enrolling in a day course.

Learning Formats: We offer flexible learning formats to make it possible for any learner to have their desired education. We offer the following formats: • CCC Online Degree Program Courses at DCC • Adobe Online (Video Conferencing) • Online Short Courses (9ed2go)

ONLINE DEGREES General Studies (AA & AS) Early Childhood (AAS) Business Management (AAS)

Law Enforcement (AAS) Criminal Justice (AAS)

BIG SKY PATHWAYS Big Sky Pathways,” a college and career initiative brought to you by the Montana Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education & The Montana Office of Public Instruction, allows students to achieve success by seamlessly transferring from high school to college and careers through a program of study. Through the implementation of Big Sky Pathways, high schools prepare students for postsecondary education and careers.

We are here for you! We care about your academic success and are dedicated to providing you with the support and services that you need to succeed in your educational goals. Do not hesitate to contact us at

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COST OF ATTENDANCE Dawson Community College Financial Aid Office is committed to helping you achieve your educational goals. We offer outstanding resources and cutting edge programs. Yet, we are one of the most affordable community colleges in our region. A big reason for that? Dawson Community College offers thousands of dollars in scholarships and financial aid, to more than 85% of our students.

The Dawson College Foundation is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) established in 1963 to raise funds that support and promote the welfare of Dawson Community College and its students. Governed by a volunteer board of directors, the Foundation manages a permanent endowment for the support of scholarships, equipment, physical projects, student-life enhancements and other areas not normally supported by state and local funds.

We are here to help you and your family understand your options and the financial aid process. We work hard to create a financial aid package for you that combines scholarships, grants, and self-help aid, including loans and workstudy. We can help you with: • Completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) • Accessing military financial aid benefits • Exploring scholarship options • Finding campus work study • Calculating the cost of your tuition

Although DCC is one of the most affordable institutions in the region, some students still find a college education out of reach because of cost. In order to make DCC available to as many students as possible, the Dawson College Foundation is committed to provide numerous scholarship opportunities. For the 2016-2017 school year, the Foundation increased the amount of scholarships awarded by 99.5% over the prior school year to $60,445. There are currently over 50 scholarships available to students reaching a wide variety of interests, experiences, and backgrounds.

We also provide specialized services for our transfer students, and evaluate resources of our international students. (Please note that students from outside of the United States are not eligible for any form of federal financial aid). ESTIMATED COST - YEAR 2016-2017 Semester costs based on full-time student taking 15 credits. In- District Tuition Fees Books Meals

1,005 810 600 1,387.50

Out-District/ GEM 1,725 810 600 1,387.50

Total Estimated Cost



WUE 2,587.50 810 600 1,387.50

Out-of-State/ International 3,015 810 600 1,387.50

Canadian Exchange 2,917.50 810 600 1,387.50




GEM - Growing Eastern Montana (GEM) tuition rate applies to students who are residents of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. It is equivalent to the out-of-district rate. WUE ON/OFF -Western Undergraduate Exchange – includes Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado,  Commonwealth of the Northern Marinas Islands, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming residents. Canadian Exchange - Under the Canadian Exchange Program, residents from the following provinces may participate if eligible: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

Book Costs are approximate for semester.

SCHOLARSHIPS Dawson Community College is very proud to provide a wide range of scholarships to recognize high school achievements by first year students, and exceptional performance by students already attending our college.

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ATHLETICS Dawson Community College is proud member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA XIII) and National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA Big Sky Region). The men’s and women’s basketball teams are NJCAA Division 1 and the baseball and softball teams are NJCAA Division 2.

Theater is more than entertainment; it’s a way of life. By joining the Dawson Community College’s Drama Department, you’ll become part of a vibrant community of working artists who are passionate of creating and developing new talents.

Dawson Community College is a leader in promoting athletics and participating in numerous state and regional competitions. DCC’s athletic programs have a long tradition of excellence, both on and off the playing surface, and are recognized as an important part of the college experience. Students and Faculty enjoy expressing their Red and Black Buccaneer pride by attending our home games.



DCC Music Department offers our students a wide variety of opportunities to study music inside and outside of the classroom setting by creating the ideal environment for such an education. Our specialized faculty offer a rich curriculum with courses in composition, technology, and performance from the combined study of history, theory, and ethnomusicology.





ART DCC Art Department offers a dynamic and open learning environment for our future artists. Our students who chose to concentrate in this field, learn how to develop an artistic talent, become art critiques, and enhance their own visual perception. 12


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RESIDENCE HALLS Our students enjoy living in apartment-style housing. The College has three apartment-style living halls: Brueberg, Gibson and Kettner Halls. Accommodating up to five students, each apartment includes a bathroom, kitchen, dining and living area. These accommodations offer a more independent living environment for student residents.  



Student organizations are a fun and unique way to stay active in the school life furthering your education. Dawson Community College believes co-curricular involvement complements our students’ academic program and contributes to their total growth as a student. This is why DCC offers dozens of recognized clubs and organizations on campus. Becoming part of co-curricular activities will enhance your college learning experience, develop your communication skills, give you self-confidence, and create life-long friendships.


Here is a list of a few clubs and organizations that we offer: A-Team (Student Ambassadors) Music Club Art Club Opus Society ASB (Associated Student Body) Phi Theta Kappa College/Community Choir International Honor Society Collegiate FFA Rodeo Club

Closet Hall Bath

Living Room Kitchen




JOLLY ROGER CAFÉ The Jolly Roger Café, located in the student center, offers exceptional dining services. We strive to create a community experience based on fresh and healthy meals. Meal Plan Options and Pricing: Anchor’s Away: $1012.50 per semester


Mother Lode: $ 1537.50 per semester 14


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WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT Dawson Community College is committed to provide programs and services that help address the professional, social, and personal enrichment needs of the region. With the Workforce Development and Continuing Education program, you’ll find a variety of typically noncredit courses that will help you further your education – for personal growth, business advancement or to develop efficient, quality employees. Discover ways to satisfy your creative side, learn new skills, connect with others, stay current in your profession, and have fun. DCC offers workforce training to increase operational efficiency, improved employee morale, and an enhanced bottom line. We can also customize training to cover anything from basic literacy to advanced business-specific skills working in partnership with business and industry leaders.

CONTINUING EDUCATION Continuing Education classes provide intriguing and engaging learning opportunities. These non-credit courses cover a range of personal enrichment and development areas including workshops, classes, online, and hands-on learning activities.

Dawson Community College, located in Glendive, is a picturesque Eastern Montana city of 6,500 people, nestled in the Yellowstone River Valley along the backdrop of the Makoshika Badlands. Located in the heart of Montana’s Big Sky Country, Glendive is a sportsman’s paradise with an abundance of worldclass hunting and fishing opportunities.

Our students take advantage of Glendive’s moderate climate and 220 annual days of sunshine by pursuing outdoor activities. Montana’s largest state park, Makoshika, is just minutes from campus and offers 11,000 acres of exploration, hiking, and camping opportunities.

Ed2Go six-week online courses offer the opportunity to learn a new skill or enhance existing ones. There are over 250 courses and they can be completed entirely online from your home or office. Although these are non-credit, teacher renewal units are available.

ABLE The Adult Basic and Literacy Education program (ABLE) offers a flexible program to meet the varied needs of students requiring basic skills and career assistance. Students set their goals, work at their own pace and receive lots of encouragement and praise. The ABLE program supports students as they: • Attain their HiSET/GED • Transition to college or technical programs • Improve their employment prospects with career coaching

Here are some of the leisure activities that our community offers: Dinosaur fossil hunting Disc golf Hiking

Boating Paddlefishishing Horseback riding

Visit to download forms and use the Net Price Calculator and to find out your estimated cost of attendance.

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APPLY FOR ADMISSION NOW IT IS YOUR TIME One of the best ways to find out if a college is for you is to schedule a campus visit. We invite prospective students, their parents and friends to visit us. This is the best way to Learn and Lead as a future Buccaneer.



November 7, 2016 February 27, 2017 (Lunch is provided)

IT ALL STARTS NOW! LET’S GET STARTED! 1. APPLY FOR ADMISSION Visit our main page, at, and click on “Admissions”. Go to the “Online Application” to fill out the online application for admission. 2. TAKE THE ACT or SAT TEST List Dawson Community College (ACT code #2414/SAT code #4280) as the college to receive your test scores and they will be sent directly to us! 3. APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS For scholarship information visit to download and print a new student scholarship application. 4. SUBMIT A STUDENT HOUSING APPLICATION To live on campus submit the student living complex application upon acceptance to DCC. Housing typically fills by mid summer so submit the housing form as soon as possible at 5. SUPPLY YOUR IMMUNIZATION RECORDS 6. SEND US YOUR TRANSCRIPT(S) Send a final high school transcript and official college transcripts, if applicable, to DCC for your records. 7. SIGN UP FOR AN ADVANCED REGISTRATION DAY Held twice in the summer months, students have the opportunity to take placement tests, meet with an academic advisor, tour the campus, and register for classes. 8. PLAN TO ATTEND THE NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION At orientation, you will have fun at campus wide activities, meet new friends, get settled into student housing and learn about life as a DCC student.


DCC View Book 2016-2017  
DCC View Book 2016-2017