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If you own a blog, have your own website or use social media, you can earn extra money by doing almost nothing. It may sound unbelievable, but it’s true. You probably noticed that by sharing and promoting the content of a blog or a website, traffic in those places increases. What is more, bloggers, article authors or companies in general, earn money every time their material is shared and viewed by new people. If you don’t know how it happens and you’re eager to find out, just keep reading.


Why don’t we focus on SEO techniques for a while? The crucial thing about having your place to publish is to keep the content original, fascinating and up-to-date. If the users find the quality of it high, they will visit the place regularly and will encourage others to do the same. Moreover, filling the content with keywords related to your topic is a useful idea but don’t go too far with them. Search engines are getting smarter and content stuffed with keywords might be treated as fake and your website or blog will not benefit from it. Creating interesting infographics could also be a good point. People fancy fast ways of gaining or comparing information so data visualisations will be perfect for them. Short informative phrases, important figures and pictures nice to look at work best for busy but inquisitive Web surfers. Also, regarding the website, remember about giving your pages tags and descriptions. It will take you no time but for search engines it will make a huge difference. If you place external links on your website you may want to try exchanging links. Then, for placing a link to someone’s site, you get a link directing to yours on their site.

Social Media

It’s Social Media time! There are numerous social services nowadays and it feels they spring up like mushrooms. Have you got your community on Facebook, Twitter or G+ yet? If not, better late than never. There’s nothing like loyal followers. Once you show your true engagament, they will reciprocate with thankfulness and promotion of your work. In addition, social media, for example Facebook, give you the possibility to plan posts in advance. This is how you can keep your followers informed without posting during your Sunday dinner or your friend’s birthday party. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Your fans don’t feel neglected and you have time for yourself.

How many times do you add a link on your website, blog or Facebook wall? Exactly! Everyone does it frequently. But now, imagine that you could earn money every time someone clicks on your link. A funny film on Youtube.. they click, you earn… An interesting article on Mashable.. click, you earn again! And that’s how it goes.

There are certain ways which you can use to make the above scenario happen, for example, joins Internet enthusiasts who have a simple mission: to give people a better way to earn money online. This is how an idea of a link shortener connected with an advertising network appeared.

How it works

Just in a nutshell how works. You register on, shorten your chosen link and share it anywhere you please

So, if you post it on Twitter, for instance, and your friend, Steve, finds it interesting, he will click to check it out and you will earn money. The more of your friends do the same, your amount rises. However, you can also use the quick-link method which means that you have to copy the appropriate link, your token, from your account on (you will find it in the Tools tab), paste it to the address bar in your web browser and replace the ending of this link with the link you want to shorten. will redirect you to a newly made shortened link.

This is what you can do manually with the long link. But yet there is some script magic you may want to try if you own a blog, a website or a forum, thanks to’s scripts.


Keep calm if you are not skilled in programming as your task will only be to copy the script from and paste it in the right place in your website’s code. So, let’s carry on. All’s scripts are available in the Tools tab after clicking the Website Monetization button. Once you paste Full Page Script into your HTML code after the <body> opening tag, all your external and internal links will be monetized. You may think: ‘But, I don’t want my visitors to get irritated by constant ads!’ Of course, not. That’s why we designed our script in a way which enables you to exclude particular domains from shortening by putting them on the domain list. Similarly, you may also select domains whose links will be shortened using include domain, as the script adjusts flexibly to your current needs. When your website, forum or blog is visited frequently, but you haven’t got numerous external links, you’re also prone to money making. Why? Because will monetize your traffic. Entry Script will result in showing a visitor an intermediate page with an ad. There are also a few options within Entry Script itself. One of them is setting the timeout at 2, 6, or as many seconds as you want, to show users the ad at a specific time. If you prefer, you can set the script to start on a click by modifying trigger type so that it doesn’t activate with the entry but with the click.

Now itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the right time for mentioning capping capability, and it has nothing to do with baseball headgear. Capping options, which you can configure in one of the above scripts, include both time and limit. It means that you can set the limit of ad impressions for a particular user in a given time, and what that time is.

Earning money is important of course, nevertheless, your visitors shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get annoyed with ads, otherwise they may not want to return in the future. And, if regular visits to your website or blog are the basis for your forthcoming earnings, users should come first.

Nevertheless, if it happens that some users will leave your blog or website shortly because it was not what they were looking for, Exit Script will help you monetize this. So far Bounce Rate has been treated as something to fight with. Now, you can use it to your advantage and make money on it. makes the use of all scripts very simple. If you go to Website Monetization in the Tools tab in your account, you will find a mighty script generator there. This is the place where you adjust the settings according to your needs. What you have to do is turn a particular script ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’, and add additional information if needed, for example, Domains in Full Page Script, or Trigger type and Timeout in Entry Script. Once you do this, your desired script will be generated and you can copy and paste it after the <body> tag in your HTML.

Developers API

Last but not least comes developers API. For the code ninja it may be useful to know that it returns responses in JSON format. Nevertheless, if you are aware of what API is, you will figure things out yourself for sure.

Practical uses of the scripts

If something is still a bit unclear to you, read the following practical uses of the scripts. John has got a blog with game reviews and every time a new game draws his attention, he writes about it. He decided to use Entry Script because there arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t many external links on his blog but thousands of people read each of his entries. So, everyone who visits his blog will see an intermediate page with an ad after 3 seconds from entering the blog, as this is the timeout he set. John customized the capping as well so that each visitor can see only one ad within 24 hours.

He also knew that bounce rate on his blog is about 30% and thanks to Exit Script he earns every time a visitor decides to leave. Another example is Mary. She owns a website with cheap flights and last minute holiday offers. Her job every day is to look for such offers on various travelling websites. Many people visit Mary’s site because they don’t have to do that themselves as they can rely on her. Because of a big number of external links that she’s got on her website, directing to airlines, hotels, travel agencies, she chose Full Page Script. However, she didn’t want her internal links to be shortened so she excluded her domain in the script. Mary earns every time the users of her website see ads while waiting for the page with an offer. She also added Exit Script when generating her own script and benefits from users who visited her site by mistake.

Earning on Referrals

Apart from earning using your blogs or websites you can also earn when recommending to your friends. If you do that, you will get 20% of the invited user’s income. This offer is permanent and has got no limitations. To sum up, the above guide is to both help you find ways to increase traffic on your website, blog, forum etc., and to monetize it by using and its methods.

Useful links How it works Tools Benefits Referrals Payout rates

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How to maximise your revenues using websites, blogs, forums and social media.

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