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UMSL CoFAC College of Fine Arts and Communication Creativity takes on many forms at UMSL. Whether you aspire to hone your skills as a printer, photographer or graphic designer we’ve got you covered. The College of Fine Arts and Communication faculty are skilled researchers and artists. Established in 1966, the graphic design program has flourished and is recognized as one of the strongest and most competitive programs in the area. Through the dedication and hard work of students and faculty, our students are sought after for internships and jobs. We believe our curriculum and outcome provides a relevant education in the fast-paced, ever changing industry. Our program is suitable for an individual who is passionate about learning visual communications, design theory and practice, problem solving, critical thinking, and software proficiency. The final year is devoted to a senior thesis project as well as professional level portfolio creation.

Course work Studio art majors are required to take 90 hours in art (75 hours in studio art and 15 hours in Art History). Graduating students must also pass a faculty portfolio review. Last 30 hours must be in residency at University of Missouri–St. Louis. Studio Art courses do not fulfill the humanities general education requirement.

Foundation Art Program

30 hours

ST ART 1140 Drawing I ST ART 1141 Drawing II ST ART 1142 Figure Drawing I ST ART 1150 Design I ST ART 1151, Design II ST ART 2240 Drawing III or 1143, Figure Drawing II ST ART 1030 Ceramics I or 1132, Sculpture I or 2251, Design III 9 hours of Studio Art Electives *Those planing an emphasis in drawing or painting must take ST ART 1142.

Graphic Design Emphasis ST ART 1210 Graphic Design I ST ART 1220 Graphic Design II ST ART 2210 Typography ST ART 2212 Image making for Graphic Design ST ART 2220 Computer Design I ST ART 2221 Computer Design II ST ART 3310 Graphic Design III ST ART 3311 Graphic Design IV ST ART 3383 Advanced Problems in Graphic Design I ST ART 3383 Advanced Problems in Graphic Design II ST ART 4497 Senior Seminar in Graphic Design I ST ART 4498 Senior Seminar in Graphic Design II 9 hours of Graphic Design Electives

Art History

18 hours

45 hours

GLOSSARY TYPOGRAPHY The art or process of setting and arranging type and printing from them.

KERNING The spacing of two letters either closer together or further apart than the default space of the font.

TRACKING The spacing across an entire word or line of copy.

IMAGE MAKING The process of using illustration, mix media, and other techniques to create compositions and elements for the piece.

PROCRASTAWORKING Using time and energy to work on other projects, surf the web for inspiration or critiquing fellow students work to avoid heavy duty deadline work.

LOVE IN THE BAG Extra design or elements for projects that go beyond the requirements.

PIZZA-PIZZA The cheesy way of repeating design to try and create a composition.

BOOK BINDING The process of creating and assembling a hand made front/back cover, spine and pages of a book.




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North Campus 1Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center 2Campus Police Building 3Fine Arts Building 4Gallery 210 5Millennium Student Center 6Observatory 7Painting Annex 8Sculpture and Ceramics Annex 9Softball Field 10UMSL-North Metrolink Station

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Lovely Package

Packaging of the World





Die Line Color Collective

GRAPHIC DESIGN: The art or profession of using design elements (typography, photography, and images) to convey information or create an effect.

Tools of the Trade: Cork backed Ruler Exacto Knife Exacto Blades

Bone Folder Thumb Tacks Super



why would you ever use that. a short guide to typeface abominations

What could be sadder than a man being down on his luck, just looking for a way to get by in the world? The typeface named after those guys. There is no word for this face other than “doofy.”

HOBO Poor Ariel is swimming away because she is truly ashamed of her name being homophonous with this boring typeface. Arial is the poor man’s Helvetica. It also has less weights than its counterpart and Helvetica Neue, so using Arial makes the designer come off as lazy as well as uneducated in their type choices.


When is Comic Sans ever appropriate? This is a trick question, because it is never okay unless you don’t want to be taken seriously as a human being. Some may be drawn to it for its but it’s always better to come up with your own solution. Nine times out of ten, a handwriting font is not the answer. That is a real statistic. Leave Comic Sans to 10-year olds and adorable cat posters.

Comic Sans

Do you sometimes like to wear a teacup on your head? Do you own a Vespa or an ugly dog? Then you may be a quirky girl! And every quirky girl needs a silly typeface! Zapfino may seem to be an acceptable script for your fancy needs, but it is overused and overrated.

Be better than the default fonts on your computer and find out which ones are used in your favorite designs!

Z ap fino

HI/TEch Copy 375 N. Big Bend Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63130 Phone: 314-863-4111 Fax: 314-863-4666

THE DONE DEPARTMENT 5301 Hampton Avenue St. Louis, MO 63109 (314) 832-3663

FIRECRACKER PRESS 2838 Cherokee Street Saint Louis, MO 63118 (314)776-7271

MIDTOWN PRINTING 2115 59th Street St. Louis, Missouri 63110 Phone: 314.781.6505 Fax: 314.781.0551

MULLIGAN PRINTING 1808 Washington Avenue #3 St. Louis, MO 63103 (314) 621-0874

ALL ALONG PRESS 2712 Cherokee Street St. Louis, MO 63118 (314) 827-6185

FEdEX OFFICE 1901 South Brentwood Blvd. St. Louis, MO (314)776-7271

OFFICE MAX 8404 Eager Road Brentwood, MO 63144 Phone: (314) 963-4709

UMSL Zine  

Youth oriented magazine designed to attract potential students to the University of Missouri–St. Louis art program.

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