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Welcome to CECA Welcome to the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA - pronounced ‘see-ka’). We are the foremost representative body for civil engineering contractors throughout the UK, with a network of eight offices servicing our members requirements and supporting their business activities. Our central London office focuses on providing a national overview and influences government on behalf of our members and the wider civil engineering industry.

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CECA was established in 1996 but its provenance stretches much further back as it was born out of the Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors which was established in 1919. Today CECA has over 300 member companies employing over 250,000 employees and our members deliver around 80% of all civil engineering activity in the UK worth around £15 billion every year, they include many of the largest infrastructure companies in the UK and smaller SMEs. Our members build and maintain the UK’s infrastructure networks in transport, energy, water, waste and communications. Each day CECA members are supported by a network of six regional offices across England and offices in the devolved nations of Scotland and Wales which provide essential services such as contractual advice, funded training, client liaison, networking support and answering day to day business queries. The central London office at the heart of Westminster focuses on providing a national overview and influencing government on behalf of members and the civil engineering industry.
By developing these close relationships with clients, government and the media CECA promotes our members’ expertise as widely as possible.
We ensure that government policy develops in a way that positively supports the interests of its members and meet regularly with elected politicians, as well as key opposition MPs, civil servants, and other industry stakeholders. CECA (Scotland) and CECA (Wales) maintain highly effective links with the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly respectively.

Becoming a member of CECA connects civil engineering businesses to a brand that is trusted, strong and influential.

Strategic overview Our core and strategic work supports and is delivered against wider industry issues and addresses our members’ priorities. We work across many areas in a number of ways: Health and Safety • E nsure members’ views continue to be represented and strengthened as part of the CITB’s restructure and in the management of industry card schemes • The Stop. Make a Change campaign, a CECA driven initiative to build a healthier and safer industry across the wider construction industry 
 • Produce the CECA CDM Good Practice Guide 
 • Ensure standards are in place for members to benefit from apprenticeship funding and maximise funding utilisation • Work with Construction Plant Hire Association to enhance the safety of Forward Tipping Dumpers, and other plant related issues • T  he Health & Safety Forum allows members’ health, safety and environmental experts to come together to discuss and influence health, safety and well-being issues • Support negotiations for the Working Rule Agreement 
 Procurement • Publish a revised CECA Blue Form and revised CECA Dayworks Working in partnerships • • • •

Develop and promote a policy report on the use of Frameworks
 Work with Build UK to develop an industry-wide standard pre-qualification
 Ensure member readiness for clients moving to the Project 13 model of delivery National and regional ‘meet the buyer’ events with the largest UK and Worldwide clients

• Support the delivery of the UK Construction Sector Deal • Deliver supply chain conferences on highways, rail, water and power Promotion • Develop and strengthen relationships with the new devolved bodies with infrastructure responsibilities • Lobby for positive outcomes on the PR18 review of rail expenditure for England, Scotland and Wales, on the second Road Investment Strategy for England, the water industry’s AMP7 and investment across all sectors People • Ensure members’ views continue to be represented and strengthened as part of the CITB’s strategy and in the management of industry card schemes and grant delivery • Ensure standards are in place for members to benefit from apprenticeship funding and maximise funding utilisation • Support negotiations for the Working Rule Agreement 
 • Work across industry to ensure that labour and skills requirements are met post-Brexit 
 Productivity • Publish a revised CECA Blue Form and revised CECA Dayworks • Publish a quarterly Workload Trends Survey report “R&C Williams are proud to be part of the CECA brand assisting our great industry through training, Government policy support, major projects and influencing client direction for the past 20 years.” Mr N Drew, Managing Director - R&C Williams Ltd

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Midlands region CECA Midlands regional office services over 60 members located throughout the wider Midlands region. We bring a range of benefits and support to our valued membership at local level to include: Training & development Our in-house training expert ensuring that our programmes are at the forefront of all training initiatives and industry standards. • Each year we deliver a robust training schedule which is free or subsidised for full members
 • We offer a renowned Management Development Programme providing an NVQ L6 or 7
 • Awareness workshops covering: Mental Health; Fairness Inclusion & Respect, Taxation & Law and other topical issues Our annual training schedule is delivered against surveyed member’s needs and can include: > Behavioural Safety 

> Women in Construction initiatives

> NEC4 – Contractual Training 

> Managing Sub Contractors

> Mental Health – Workshops and Mental Health First Aid 

> Mock Trials

> Collaborative Business Relationships - BS44001 

> Site Manager Safety Training Scheme - SMSTS

> Manager’s Development Programme – NVQ L6 & L7 

> Strategic Management Development Programme

> Environmental Construction Management – IEMA Certificate 

> Street Works

Connecting with young people Our industry faces a huge challenge in labour shortage. Couple an ageing workforce with fewer people choosing our industry and the unknown impact of Brexit then connecting with young people to meet the skills gap has never been so important. We work to engage with young people and highlight the myriad of available opportunities that exist within the civil engineering industry. We do this in many ways: > We work with CITB and other partners to reach out at large regional career events
 > With our partners ICE, we deliver practical, hands on learning experiences to young people
 > We link with local schools, colleges and universities to support workshops and curriculum
 > We are developing a toolkit that educators can use to give clarity to the career choices and pathways > We facilitate members linking with schools and encourage construction ambassador’s participation > Nationally we support Educational and Apprentice Standards working to tailor curriculum to industry Equality and diversity CECA Midlands works to promote diversity, equality and inclusivity throughout its membership and the wider industry; > We work with partners to develop Fairness, Inclusion and Respect workshops and toolkits > Working with Women into Construction and CITB we offer a structured training programme to women considering our industry which includes practical work experience > We link with the DWP and NPOR to help find opportunities into employment 
 > We support the work of charities reaching out to under-represented groups and promote our industry as a career path 

Networking meetings and events CECA Midlands delivers events which provide business and social opportunities to enable members to network at National and local level. We do this in many ways: > C  lient Liaison meetings and procurement events – with leading clients such as Highways England, Network Rail, HS2 Ltd, and Severn Trent. > C  ECA Groups and Fora are open to any interested full CECA member: Health & Safety, Environment, Roads, Rail, Water, Transport, Procurement, Innovation, Public Affairs, Training & Development. We encourage members to engage to keep up to date, bring concerns and influence change. > A  long with the CECA Midlands Health, Safety and Environment forum which feeds into the National forum we prepare annual accident reporting statistics for civil engineering construction sites. > T  he prestigious Annual Dinner and Awards is held in October giving an opportunity for your employees to be recognised and your business to shine > T  he CECA Midlands Golf Society provides an opportunity to set work aside for the day and enjoy a day at the Golf course with like-minded individuals

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Support services and legal advice CECA Midlands engage industry professionals who can provide direct support for your business. We provide a free initial consultation which usually offers solutions and a way forward without any cost. Our contractual and legal professionals are selected for their proven industry knowledge and expertise. Areas in which we can support your business: > Employment law > Taxation
 > Contractual advice > Health & Safety > Environmental > Technical Publications We publish a range of informative and current documents each year - publications include Year book, Corporate Social Responsibility Toolkit and the Fairness, Inclusion and Respect Toolkit - all available free of charge to members. Daybook and blue form are also updated and published for members. Branding Being a CECA member connects civil engineering businesses to a strong brand that is recognised increasingly as the voice of the industry. Members are free to use the CECA logo (in line with our brand guidelines) and connect their business with a brand that is trusted, impartial and a reflection of quality and can be utilised on literature and vehicles. An Associate Member logo is also available for associates.

Membership Membership has two defined routes; full and associate. Full members are deemed to be civil engineering contractors or have within their business profile an element of civil engineering activities as set out in the full member application form. Full membership provides access to the complete range of products, services and support available from CECA. Full CECA Midlands members where their work is geographically spread can also attribute a proportion of the subscription to an additional region/s so that they are able to access the local services of that region. Associate membership application is open to companies who work in association or on the peripheries of civil engineering contracting and wish to contribute to the industry and exchange mutual understanding, knowledge and expertise. We welcome applications from well-intended companies however, the selection process is rigorous and associate members do not have similar access to services or rights as full members as explained below. Full Membership The CECA Midlands Council review the suitability of companies applying for Full Membership – their decision is final and without recourse. Companies applying to join CECA Midlands Ltd should comply with the following criteria and adopt the generic Code of Ethics: 1. Registered in the UK as a limited company with a civil engineering turnover of at least £500,000 per annum. 2. In making an application companies agree to the scrutiny of the Directors and wider CECA Midlands Council. 3. In scope applicants should be registered with CITB.
 4. Provide a quality management statement, environmental statement, health & safety policy and any other relevant supporting documents upon application and thereafter upon request. 5. Registered for VAT. 
 6. A minimum 60% of directly employed workforce should hold with CSCS or equivalent cards. 7. The applicant should comply with Competition Law requirement.

8. The applicant should acknowledge the general principles of the CIJC Working Rule Agreement and have contracts of employment for all employees 9. Agree to the scrutiny of their application by the Directors and Council members. 
 10. Agree to the Council decision without recourse. 
 Associate Membership Companies applying to join CECA Midlands Ltd should comply with the following criteria, terms and conditions and adopt the generic Code of Ethics: 1. Carry out business activities closely allied and supportive of the civil engineering industry 2. Be registered in the UK as a Limited Company 
 3. Have a registered office in the greater Midlands or operating in the greater Midlands. 
 4. Not eligible as a full member or have previously been a full member 
 5. Traded for at least 2 years
 6. Be VAT Registered
 7. Provide a quality management statement, environmental statement, health & safety policy and any other relevant supporting documents upon application and thereafter upon request
 8. Conform with all the general principles of the CIJC Working Rule Agreement or other 
 9. Be aware of the CECA Action Plans and Strategies
 10. Comply with Competition Law requirements

“Being a member of CECA gives us access to high quality training for ourselves along with the confidence that our supply chain have access to the same training that meets the needs of our sector. We also feel represented as one voice on industry issues and feedback to our clients through the collaborative approach we and our fellow members adopt. CECA is a members organisation that truly puts their needs at the heart of their operations”

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Andrew Bradshaw, Commercial Director - Kier Highways

11. Be aware and adopt where possible of the CECA Code of Ethics 12. Hold relevant policies and be legally compliant 13. The CECA Midlands Council will review the suitability of companies applying for the category of Associate Membership including what is their involvement with the Civils Industry 
 14. Associate Membership will not have any right to vote on, influence or amend existing 
constitutional matters, the operations or policies of the Association
 15. Associate Members will be encouraged to contribute to and benefit from the mutual exchange of information and expertise with CECA Members 
 16. Associate membership must not be regarded as a platform for access to full members for marketing purposes. Any Associate Member exploiting membership for such purpose i.e Brand Endorsement may have membership terminated 
 17. Input and initiatives by Associate Members in the furtherance of Health and Safety and Welfare, Environmental and Technical developments will be encouraged and supported 18. Associate Members will not be able to attend Client Liaison events but will be entitled to attend and participate at other events, such as Annual Dinners, Awards, Golf Days etc. 
 19. Associate Members will not be eligible to join CECA Midlands Council 20. Membership is restricted to the Midlands region.

Code of Ethics 1. Work together with other supply chain partners in an open, fair and collaborative manner promoting the benefits of team-working in order to develop an attitude of trust between all parties. 2. Provide and encourage early involvement of and clear and effective communication lines between relevant supply chain partners to discuss client requirements and identify solutions as to how these might be best met and delivered to the benefit of all. 3. Choose and negotiate forms and conditions of contract that are compatible throughout the supply chain with equal treatment for all and which ensure that payment for work undertaken is made no later than when it is due. 4. Work together with other supply chain partners and the client to provide accurate information and to identify, assess, and allocate risk fairly and appropriately having regards to those who may best be able to manage it in terms of cost, programme and quality. 5.

Provide and maintain a safe working environment for all taking account of the CECA Health and Safety Action Plan and Strategy.

6. Employ current best practice in all operations and procedures incorporating innovative solutions for added value where possible, executed by a competent, well trained, and committed workforce. 7. Share information on progress and establish systems for monitoring and reporting performance against continuous improvement targets.

Undertake the project with a responsible attitude toward the environment and sustainability issues. 

How to join Whether you are wishing to join us as a Full or Associate member please contact the CECA Midlands office for more information – we are always happy to hear from you. Alternatively, you can complete the enclosed application form and send it to us with you accompanying supporting documents. Application must be made by a senior member of the organization. Electronic versions are available for download at www.ceca.co.uk/midlands or email admin@cecamidlands.co.uk

Subscription Membership runs from Jan – Dec each year.
 Associate Member is a fixed fee at £1200 + VAT per region. Full membership is different in that it is collected in a fair and equitable manner to reflect the size and turnover of each member. Where members can prove that they are operational in other regions the single subscription can be apportioned internally by CECA so no additional fee is required. Maximum fee-paying members get automatic CECA coverage across the UK. The turnover is derived from the annual turnover from the company’s last set of audited accounts for civil engineering activities as defined below: Roads, Bridges, Drainage, Sewerage, Sewage Works, Piling, Sheet Piling, Foundations, Coastal Defence/ Protection, Marine Engineering, Bulk Earthworks, Remediation, Highway Maintenance, Surfacing, Telecommunications, Ducting & Cabling, Pipelines, Pumping Stations & Mains, Rail, Private Sector Infrastructure & Groundworks, Reinforced Concrete Structures, Tunnelling, Pipe Jacking, Cofferdams and Caissons and Specialist Civil Engineering Services. Bands and membership fees: Turnover up to £2.7m - £1200 Fixed Fee
 Turnover Between £2.7m - £66.7m – Calculated at 0.045%
 Turnover Above £66.7m - £30,000 (Maximum fixed fee – UK coverage) *Please note a 6 month notice period is required from any member wishing to terminate membership. For more information please contact Dawn Karakatsanis, Regional Director, CECA (Midlands) Ltd on 01746 762657 or email dawnk@cecamidlands.co.uk


Civil Engineering Contractors Association (Midlands) Ltd Lasyard House, Underhill Street, Bridgnorth WV16 4BB | admin@cecamidlands.com | tel: 01746 762657

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