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UPCOMING GIGS 2013 (locations in Singapore) 5-6 DECEMBER / ROUTES @ Esplanade Concourse 12 NOVEMBER / Tuesday Group Fellowship (part of the service) 11 NOVEMBER / On Air @ Rediffusion with Monday + Official Release of 爱。圈在一起 (Family Song) on Itunes!


ONCE UPON A TIME “Once upon a time, there was no use saying ‘A is for apple’ because there were no such thing as letters.

“我是个喜欢上 NTUC 买菜的 后港媽媽”

If you wanted an apple, you would go into the shop and say ‘apple’, or point to it. It worked very well until...” Folk singer-songwriter Dawn Fung sings about a time when children first learnt to read.

Date Sunday Nov 3, 2013 Time 5pm - 5:30pm Venue Open space next to Tampines MRT Station. Free. image taken from

interview DAW N F U N G X R E D I F F U S I O N ““我喜欢简单的生活...” Fa m i l y S o n g ” i n C h i n e s e

爱。圈在一起 作曲 : Dawn Fung | 作词 : 九木 Available on ITunes from 11 Nov!




11.11.13 / MONDAY


Story and songs by Dawn Fung Skills : comprehension, creative fiction, metaphors THANK YOU Ysabela and Mr Louis of Tampines Central CCC Fiqah for helping out at the merch booth Everyone who made this festival a blast (that’s you!)

Imagine your own story

ABOUT Dawn Fung has been singing her folk songs for the last 7 years around Singapore. She is a mother of 2 young children.

ONCE UPON A TIME... | FB : dawnfungofficial

______________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS Dear parents, this handout contains interactive activities for


children. Do join in as children who complete the activities get a prize at the end! Each interactive activity will get more challenging for younger ones. PS. Remember to put your phones to silent.


Every child receives a pack that includes : 1. 1 x programme handout 2. 1 x sweet


3. 1 x pencil with eraser head 4. stickers 50 packs available only.

______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

Song 1 : _________


underline the correct title!

1.Happy People Singing 2.Children of Spring 3.The Polkadot Dance 4.Swinging from the Trees


______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________


Song 2 : The Strangers Song 6 : The Family Song (sing-a-long!)

When the walls of the families fall down stone hearts melt away When the walls of the families fall down troubles will not stay

What do you think the peddler is selling? Imagine it in this space. Draw/create whatever comes to mind!

Even when the dark clouds grow Our wills shall not be broken Even with the storms around Our peace will not be shaken

Children watch from soulless towers for the fields to play in Brothers fight against their own sisters just like orphans Fathers cut down blocks of strife burn them into pieces Mothers watch the rising flames tears flow into rivers

music and lyrics by Dawn Fung (2009)

Discuss with your family : 1.Can you guess what the song is about? 2.How do you know?



Song 3 : LOVE

Song 4 : ________ ________ ________

Find the way to love.

Write the name of the song in the lines above here!

Draw a line through the images that appear in the song!

Song 5 : WHY? (match the pairs) START HERE e.g.






images taken from the web



Once Upon A Time (Handout)  

Dawn Fung's set at the Tampines Learning Festival 2013 on Nov 3.

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