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VOL. 11 NO.1

The Official School Paper of La Consolacion College - Novaliches Villa Maria Subd., Deparo, Novaliches Cal. City

June - Dec. 2008

ASAM ‘08 YIELDS GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE taekwondo, basketball tops the list THE LCC—DN TAEKWON Do Club, and the High School Basketball Varsity came home triumphantly as ASAM ‘08 yielded one gold, two silver, and one bronze medals in their respective events held at the Colegio de San Agustin Biñan, October 26—29. The Taekwondo Gold Medal was won by Irahlyn Joyce Fabrero of III—St. Rita, while the Silvers were gained by Isabelle Alatavas

from same section, and Ferdinand Magbulos of III— St. Clare. Meanwhile, the High School Basketball Varsity came home with a Bronze. The ASAM ( Agustinian Schools Athletic Meet) is a biannual event held to strengthen friendship bond between and among sister—schools of the Agustinian Sisters through a friendly and healthy sports competitions. full story on p. 23 A portrait to treasure! Bonding moments deepened friendly relations. ASAM is the moment, friendship is the name of the game, and the LCC-N teams are the winners.

CEAP—NCR Youth Camp held; Popular Rock Bands main attraction

Behold! As if all nations regardless of religion and culture come together to pay tribute to the Woman called Mother of all Nations, Mama Mary.

Consolinians: Living Rosary a success “THE U.N. CELEBRATION along with Living Rosary was one of a kind this year ”, said some students who witnessed the first integrated activity at the St. Augustine Gym, October 28. “It was the first time that the two significantly different events were put together as one solemn and meaningful activity”, another group of students commented. With the theme: “Behold … I am the handmaid of the Lord”, the two-in-one celebration started with a procession from the assembly area down to the St. Augustine’s Gym.

The Living Rosary followed soon after with a short introduction about the Blessed Virgin Mary. The integration of UN to the Living Rosary turned to be very effective with the “human beads” wearing national costumes of the countries assigned to them. The images of Mama Mary seemed to come alive with the saintly appearances of the selected students dressed like Mama Mary. The traditional stationary tableau during the Living Rosary was given more life with the dramatic choreography of the chosen

BIDA! BIDA! BE THE Change! This was the motto of the student—leaders who joined the CEAP-NCR youth camp held at de La Salle Greenhills, November 14-15. Organized by the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines - National Capital Region (CEAP- NCR), the activities revolved around the theme, “BIDA: Be the Change By: CDFF

actors and actresses. These gestures added relevance to the Gospel Text being read in between decades. As for the finale, the LCC BED community gathered outside the gym for the symbolic releasing of balloons. Even this traditional ritual was given a little twist such that instead of freely releasing the balloon—rosary in the air, they were anchored to stay afloat in the area. This was an act of caring for the environment. Though

towards a Morally Re-built Nation—the Youth’s response founded on Truth, Justice, Freedom, and Love”. “BIDA” was a resolution formulated during CEAP— NCR General Assembly held at De La Salle Zobel in Alabang on July 19. The main objectives of the Youth Camp were to increase awareness of the youth-leaders Cont. page 7

many students were not able to witness the said event, it can be considered a real success! Kudos to the organizers of the UN—Living Rosary headed by Ms. Mary Ann Acosta, RVE teacher, Ms. Jonalyn Dimson, LCC Coro Consolinian Moderator, and Mr. Daniel Damonsong, Campus Ministry Coordinator, the class advisers, all teachers, and most importantly the studentparticipants and their parents who have always been very supportive of the school activities. - smb




LCC-N Joins Halloween Fun at SM

Consolinians tame the wild By: Nicole Joson How does it really feel to come face-to-face with a lion? or a tiger? or a croc? What is more challenging than to feed them from your own bare hands? Truly frightening! But that was exactly what the Consolinians did during their visit to Zoobic Safari on October 10. And if there was something unforgettable about this year’s educational trip, it would be that the ecological park where the wild are at large, and the tamers are in bars! That was not the only feature of the Subic Eco Park, though. There were also pet animals, and farm animals for the visitors to have fun with, while recalling their lessons in science class back in school. To make the visit really worthwhile and educational, students were given background information by their tourist guides on the history, investments and trading companies, and the rising economy of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA). The visit to Subic was never complete without dropping by the popular Duty Free Shop for the tourists to either experience an “American” shopping or just have a feel of buying using a dollar.



By: Melanie Flores

HOW DOES IT FEEL to come face to face with a tiger? How about feeding him from own bare hands! Meanwhile, prior to their Safari adventure, the students had been to the historical Barasoain Church in Bulacan. The students had a dose of Philippine history as their tourist guides explained significant contribution of the place in the country’s struggle for independence. “Baras ng Suwail” or “Dungeon of the Defiant”, now called Barasoain had been a place where Emilio Aguinaldo first

pledged his oath as the leader of the country in 1899. It was in the same Church where the former president Joseph Estrada had his oath-taking, too. More than the educational relevance of the trip, the students from both elementary and high school departments including their teachers, and some parents definitely had a great time during the entire trip.

La Consolacion CollegeDeparo, Novaliches’ Drum and Lyre Band joined the fun at SM Fairview Mall as they celebrated the Halloween season with a “Trick or Treat” program, October 31. The program started with different sets of presentations and fun games. Our very own majorettes, headed by Kate Benito of III- Year St. Rita, together with other members of the Drum and and Lyre Band presented a dance number . In the afternoon, a parade of colors followed where the LCC-DNC’s C.A.T. officers, Luisito Sequitin and Armando Medina of IV-OLC, carried the school and the SM banners respectively. The Drum and Lyre Band provided the music as the children went around the Mall in their Haloween costume. And so went the Halloween’s “Trick or Treat”.

CSG Beautifies Canteen Walls; IV– OLGC Mural Wins

PATRICIA DELLORO does some finishing touches on their winning class masterpiece while other participants work their magic on to the plain wall of the canteen.

Through the initiative of the officers of the CSG (Central Student Government) headed by their president Lourdes Clamor, the canteen wall was given a new look with the murals created by the students of the high school department. It can be recalled that the canteen facing St. Augustine gym had dilapidated paints and unadorned walls. But with the Mural Painting contest of the CSG, all space was now covered with artistic designs and masterpieces as a result of the combined efforts of the class artists. Looking at those walls, one would truly feel good. The sight gives that busy part of the campus an added life and color to the school grounds.


With the theme “Bright Child: Sa Wastong Pag-aaruga, Kinabukasa’y Maginhawa”, the class artists show off their skills in color combining and use of symbols, to depict the many ways of shaping the child’s future. The class of IV-OLGC with Patricia Delloro as major artist, together with Jean Jimenez and Melanie Flores won the tilt. Other winners included IV-OLC, and III-ST. Clare. Nonetheless, all of them did wonderful creations. The winners were proclaimed on November 7 at the St. Augustine Gym. Jesus is looking for someone to follow His leadership style. Will you, Consolinian?






LCC-N Holds Book Fair; Book Week Celebration Explained By: Vinna Lynn Alvarez

Year after year in the calendar of student activities, Book Fair is one of the major events the school promotes. About 75, 000 schools in the country celebrate the so-called BOOK WEEK, and La Consolacion - Deparo is one of them. Normally the event is organized and facilitated by the Librarian and the library personnel whose major objective is to encourage the students to read books, and to make them aware of the many benefits that the print media can do to their education, not to mention the importance of library in their schooling. The conduct of the activity varies, but always a Book Fair is one major attraction where the schools invite book companies to bring in their bestsellers, so students may be familiar with the kind of good reading materials they should be reading. The Scholastic Book Company is one of the favorite publishers of many schools, because this company is known for quality books and educational materials which can be bought at a reasonable price, only in campuses during book fairs.

The celebration of the Book Week, however, is not all about book sale. There are contests promoting love for books. Held on October 13—17, the LCC - DN Library group conducted a week-long celebration with a lot of meaningful surprises for the students. There were different contests including Book Mark Coloring for Grade I pupils, Bee a Doodle Bug for Grade II, Draw Your Favorite Dinosaur for Grade III, and Trivia Questions, Essay Writing and Jurassic Fill for Grades IV—VI. The high school department had a Poster Making for 1st Year and 2nd Year, Book Jacket Designing for 3rd Year, and the Classroom Door Décoration Contest for 4th Year. Grade I winners were Mary Maxine Suson, Justine Joshua Tan of St. Raphael and Maria Angelica Domingo, Khent Rolance Tamayo of St. Gabriel. Grade II winners in Doodle Bug Contest were Donna Regalado, Salacnib Gabriel Josh Oballes of St. Uriel, and Ianah Grace Oliva, Lysa Mae Albarracin of St. Judiel. Grade III’s Draw Your Favorite

Sr. Gavina Barrera, OSA cuts the ribbon to signal the opening of the Book Fair. With her are the school Librarian, Ms. Theresa Pernia, and the staff of the Scholastic Book Company.

Dinosaur Contest had Raphaelle Maraigan, Maria Isabela Faller of St. Barachiel, and Feren Lopez of St. Sealtiel. The Intermediate level winners are as follows: Grade IV- St. Alypius, Ricardo Delloro, and Grade IV—St. Fulgentius, Nicole Buita. Grade V— Allyssa Calicdan, Jillian Renee Alix, and Carmela Trinidad. Grade VI, Jurassic Fillcontest had Ibren Molina of St. Augustine and Jeanette Garcia of St. Monica.

In the high school, the winners for the poster making contest were, Maegan Macarat of I - St. Ezekiel ( 3rd place), Lawrence Fabrero of the same section (2nd Place) and Jolina Abad of II - St. John (1st place). Third Year winners were Nicole Joson of III- St Rita. In the Classroom Door Décor , IV-OLC emerged as winner with their “Twilight” and “Jumping Tree”, over IV-OLGC’s “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” and “Ink Heart”.

Filipino - Australian Friendship Celebrated By: Nicole Joson

A tree that is by calloused hands is planted will sip the water of life from the ground, so is friendship the heart perchance will need the nourishment of love, and time.

Mrs. Trish McGrath of Villanova College, Sydney, Australia, visited LCC - DN for the celebration of the Filipino-Australian Friendship, October 13. Hosted by The program was hosted by Allen Versoza of IVOLC, and Ms. Odille of the College of Tourism, a short cultural presentation was held at the St. Augustine to formally welcome the Australian visitor. There were repeat performances of the best cultural dances shown in the previously held Linggo ng Wika celebration. The winning sabayang bigkas piece, “Lumuha ka Aking Bayan”, of Grade IV—St Fulgentius, the Singkil dance of II-St. John, IV— OLGC’s production number of modernized folk dances from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, and the Binasuan dance of the College dancers were among top picks chosen to perform in said program.

The members of the LCC-N drum and Lyre performed a lively Mexican dance while the Voice Power’s singing idol 2nd runner-up, Arlene Castro of II-St. Thomas completed the showcase of Consolinian talents as she rendered two of her contest pieces. The BED faculty, on the other hand, dedicated a song number “Panunumpa” which is also intended for Sr. Edwarda de San Jose, BED principal, who was celebrating her 75th birthday on that same day. Mrs. McGrath then enlightened the Consolinians on The FilipinoAustralian Friendship in her message after the program. The launching of the Friendship Program followed soon with a treeplanting rite at the “Friendship Garden”. Mrs. McGrath and Sr. Gavina Barrera, OSA, performed the ritual in the presence of the CSG and CAT officers, a few COCC cadets, and members of school comm.






Math-Sci-a-Co Gains Commendation By: Anne Kriezel Quiros The saying, “Two heads are better than one” (though in this case there are three), could very well fit to describe the joint efforts of the organizers of the Math, Science, and Computer clubs’ culminating activity held at the St. Augustine gym, October 4. Math-Sci-a-Co which may imply either “Masaya ako” when spoken repeatedly as in a tongue twister, or “I am a Math-andScience fan” receives commendations from teachers during their regular faculty meeting. The choice of such a theme was just very smart to catch the attention of the Consolinians, so to speak. Prior to the culminating activity, there were already on-going individual contests held within regular class hours which were neatly planned by

the concerned moderator, Mr. Kim Chua of the Computer Club. The maximum participation of club members during the awarding ceremonies was also commendable. Thomas Quiros of Math Club proved to be an effective emcee. Anthony Dimson’s leading the National Anthem made everyone else in the crowd sing, while Jude Kenneth Ilustre’s invocation set the mood for a friendly competition ahead. Glaiza Mae Osido, Vice President of Science Club delivered her Opening Remarks with confidence and a lot of sense. Organized and facilitated by the Math and Science clubs headed by their Moderators, Ms. Karen Avillano, Math, and Mr. Jimmy Coco, Science, the Quiz Bee was very well

WE WON! WE WON! These little kids also had their share of fun in the Anagram contest. Together with Ms. Pantalita, coordinator of T.H.E. , MAPEH, & Computer, the young winners show the meaning of success. -executed with clear mechanics and a tone of formality. Activities were fun-filled and well-suited to students age group. The primary level had Anagram, a game of the mind. The intermediate had Sudoku, a really mind boggling math challenge. And the Winners are: Red Alert Competition: Rhamuel RodanillaRed Alert Master, Renemar Halog3rd place, Alvin Carreon—4th Place. Rubik’s Cube Contest: (1st year— 2nd year levels) Jasmine Lavinia Lingan– 1st place,Xeleena Acosta— 2nd Palce, Vernice Suson—3rd Palce, and Carl Lordiel Gallano—

4th Place. (3rd year - 4th year levels) : Allen Lexis Verzosa –Rubiks Cube Master, Jude Kenneth Ilustre—2nd Place, Edgel Dela Cruz— 3rd Place, and Justine Mercader— 4rth Place. Master Encoder Winners: Carmela Trinidad-Master Encoder, Maryflor Mateo-2nd Place, and Krisha Cruz- 3rd place. Quiz Bee Champs: Maureen Alano, Maricar Valdez, Krisha Capati and Camille Dawn Fabrero. With the Science club president Applenette Manuel’s closing remarks, the smooth flow of the program was completed.

5 Colleges, Universities Visit LCC-DN By: Anne Kriezel Quiros & Regine Anne Baldomar

When was the last time, you alumni out there stepped on your alma mater grounds? Mo. Maluz made it possible during her canonical visit. The officers of the alumni association with the OSA sisters ( from left Sr. Josie , Sr. Gavi, and Mo. Maluz.)

Mo. Maluz Visits LCC-Deparo; All Sectors Met The Superior General of the Agustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation, Mo. Luzviminda F. Mijares, OSA, together with her secretary, Sr. Josie Widwid, OSA, had a canonical visit to LCC-N, November 10-11. Though she did have too much time, she made sure all sectors of the school community was met— Student leaders and representatives, Collegians, Non-Teaching Personnel, Teaching Staff, Parent-officers and the Alumni Officers. To get a clear picture of the school reality in said sectors, Mo.

Maluz provided questions for a guided group sharing. Issues surfaced as different groups presented their respective concerns. There were also several suggestions as to what area should be given more focus, if only to achieve desired standards that will make LCCN at par with other Augustinian school systems. Meanwhile, Sr. Josie chronicled the proceedings and hopefully those suggestions would be deliberated and considered by the General Council. - smb

Five colleges and universities graced the college fair held at the LCC-N Multinatium, September 26. Organized by the LCC-N guidance counselors the parade of universities was attended by the high school students—2nd year—fourth year. The said career fair was organized to give the students first - hand information about the schools they might like to choose for their college. Hosted by Brydie Arenas of IV -OLC, the program started at 1:00 p.m. with an opening prayer led by Roxanne Tapel of IV- OLC, followed by the opening remarks of Kristina Mae Capati, IV - OLGC. The Guest speakers were then introduced, and went on with their mission to vend the colleges they were representing.

First in line was Mrs. Concepcion Demaura of the University of the East, a professor in the College of Arts and Sciences. The next speakers were from LCC sister schools La Consolacion College Caloocan and La Consolacion College Manila. From LCC-Caloocan were Ms. Jemma Escoto and Ms. Laarni Bueneventura, Guidance Counselors of LCC-Caloocan, while from LCCMendiola was Ms. Cecile Sanidad, Admission Officer. Mardi Dizon, a faculty member from the College of Psychology Department of Fatima University gave their share of orientation to the students present then. The last school to promote their expertise was the Centro Escolar University. Ms. Charissa Laguitaw, Placement Officer gave a good sales talk about their college.






Courier Staff Attend Liyab’08; First press conference, First real tremor By Anthony Dimson

Twenty-two selected Courier Staff attended Liyab ’08 at the Philippine Normal University (PNU), September 26 – 27. Organized by the staff of the Torch-official publication of the PNU, Liyab ‘08 was already on its 7th year gathering campus writer from both public and private high schools in the NCR for a Journalistic Seminar-Workshop. With the theme: “Kampus Rayter, Instrumento ng Mulat at Malayang Pamamahayag”, this year’s Liyab gathered about 150 schools totaling to more than a thousand campus journalists. The two-day interschool activity included seminar-workshop on different areas of journalistic writing such as: News, Features, Editorial, and Sports writing; Copy Reading and Headline writing, Editorial Cartooning, and Photojournalism. There were also sessions for creative writing like: Short Story, Poetry, and Essay Writing. There were also contests for every category in both English and Filipino. The delegates of LCC - DN were accompanied by Mrs. Segunda Babiera, Moderator of The Courier , Mrs. Flora Guisadio, English and Sr. Gemma Valenzuela, OSA. Stiff competitions did not give

any chance for the LCC-DN firsttimers, yet they went home feeling victorious for the meaningful experience during the two-day affair. The first day allowed the delegates to have a campus tour at the La Consolacion, Mendiola where they were received and accommodated by Sr. Janet and Sr. Nora. The school offices, college centers, classrooms, facilities, personnel were shown to the group. After a one-hour walk around the campus, they had a chance to have a fine dining at Café Barcelo where they experienced the luxury of a five-star hotel service courtesy of the LCC-Mendiola’s HRM program. The second day was most adventurous as the ground shook with an intensity 4 earthquake that disturbed the city and other places in the country. At that time, the delegates were in their respective rooms having seminars, others were just waiting for the next eventualities. The PNU grounds were filled with people praying, waiting, hoping they would be able to go home safe and sound. The second day was long and tiring as some activities were delayed due to the tremor. The trip back to Deparo was long and winding.

GROUP PICTURE. All smile, the delegates to the PNU journalistic seminarworkshop found this corner of La Consolacion, Mendiola most inviting for group portrait.

Misang alay para kay San Agustin, iniaalay din para sa mga kapwa Pilipinong patuloy pa rin sa digmaan. Habang ginugunita ang Buwan ng Wika, libo-libong pamilya sa Cotabato ang lumikas sa kanilang tahanan, dahil sa usapin ng terorismo. Kaya naman, hawak-kamay at taimtim na nagdasal ang smabayanan ng LCCDeparo para kapayapaan at kapatirang pamana ng Patrong si San Augstin.

Buwan Ng Wika Also For St. Augustine By: Cherylen Doria August 28 must be the longest and the busiest day for the BED community, for on that day two major celebrations of equal importance were held at the St. Augustine gym. Filipino culture filled the air as students and teachers assembled at the gym in their Filipiniana costumes to attend the Eucharistic Celebration in honor of St. Augustine. The program was divided into two. The morning activity was dedicated to St. Augustine while the afternoon was for the Buwan ng Wika. There were fun games for students to enjoy when they returned from a short break after the mass. The program was highlighted by the “Best in National Costume”, and the “Search for St. Augustine look alike”. Students and teachers whose bearing stood out in their attire were called upstage to be recognized as candidates for the Best in Costume Contest. The Search for St. Augustine look alike was another crowd drawer. Each class in the high school had a representative to compete in the search. The contestants wore costumes to appear like St. Augustine. Constestants were judged and in the final analysis, Anthony Oandasan, I– Nicholas emerged as the title bearer, ST. Augustine look alike. At almost half past one, stu-

dents had a little experience of the Filipino fiesta as they shared food together in their respective classes. Shortly after the salo-salo, they were back to the gym for the much awaited “Buwan Ng Wika celebration”. The program started with the singing of the National Anthem by the Dimsons—Ms. Jonalyn and Anthony , and was then immediately followed by the Opening Prayer in form of a Doxology presented by the KAMALAYAN Club. The contests were of two categories—individual and group which included: Sabayang Pagbigkas ng Tula for Grade 4, Pagsasatao for Grades 5 and 6, Katutubong Awit at Sayaw for 1st Yr and 2nd Yr, and Pagsasamoderno ng Katutubong Awit at Sayaw for 3rd Yr. and 4th Yr. Individual category included Monologue, Pagsasatao, and Poetry Recitation with the following winners. Individual: Pagsasatao: Patricia Teves, 5– St. Nebridius, Pagbigkas ng Tula: Queen Mendoza, 3– St. Sealtiel, Monologo: Pauline Fabrero, 2-St. Thomas. Group: Sabayang Pagbigkas: Grade 4 St. Fulgentius, Katutubong Awit at Sayaw: I-St. Nicholas, Pagsasamoderno ng Awit at Sayaw: IVOLC.




Bishop Tobias Celebrates High Mass

First Quarter means 4 Exams — Seniors

By: Regine Baldomar

A special Eucharistic Celebration officiated by his eminence, Bishop Antonio Tobias, of the Archdiocese of Novaliches was held in the afternoon of September 30, at St. Augustine gym. The Bishop’s visit was a regular church activity as part of the catechetical service to the diocese. Together with Fr. Aldrin Lopez, the Bishop celebrated the High Mass with the theme, “The World Needs You”. Bishop Tobias encouraged the student body to participate in different activities that promote helpfulness to others.

SMILE! Bishop Tobias ( third from the left) pose with the Coro Consolinian Singers, Ms. Dimson, Ms. Acosta and Sr. Gavina Barrera, OSA after the celebration of the High Mass.

The Bishop also urged the students as well as the whole school community to help the victims of the different natural calamities in the different parts

of the Philippines by donating relief goods and used clothes. In response to his call, students share their blessings through mass offerings and donations.

‘Pancit’ Galore, ‘Pahiyas’ Marked Nutrition Month Celebration

A total of four different examinations stormed the seniors in the first quarter of school, excluding the short quizzes and monthly test. Interest Test in July, College Entrance tests within July and August, National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) in late August, and the graded First Quarterly Test in the same month. “Habulin talaga kayo ng test” jested one teacher, because practically the whole first quarter means exams to them. The Interest Test was a schoolbased guidance program given to senior students to determine what course would be apt for them. NCAE on the other hand is a government exam given to the graduating high school for the same purpose—career determination. College Entrance Exams are given by the colleges for potential applicants. And well, the writer believes that First Quarterly Exams of the subject teachers was the most challenging of all. - smb with reports from Patricia Delloro & Errol Agcaoili

Student-leaders Undergo Leadership Seminar

By: Vinna Lyn Alvarez

The celebration of Nutrition month on July 31 was marked by festivity and food galore as the members of BED department enjoyed the “Pancit” and grilled sea foods prepared by the high school students. Nutrition was the talk of the BED campus as the elementary corridors were decorated with “Pahiyas” motif on the same day. With the theme, "Sa Wastong Nutrisyon Ni Mommy Siguradong Healthy Si Baby", the culminating activity transformed St. Augustine gym into a huge ‘panciteria’. The eight sections of the high school department had each a food booth where the class put up their buffet table for the food festival. Hosted by Ms. Mary Grace Manzano, a program was held for the primary levels’ Jingle Making contest, and for



By: Patricia Delloro

PANCIT GALORE. At the buffet table of St. Thomas, 2nd place winner of the Food festival. They have the best buko juice. the awarding of the “Pahiyas” and “Pancit” festivals. The program was participated in by all students from the youngest pupil up to the eldest senior. A production number from the kindergartens and the LCC - DN dance troupe was an added entertainment to the audience as they anticipate the winners in different contests. The winners are as follows: For the jingle-making, the winners were Gr. 3 St.

Sealtiel (3rd Place), Gr. 3 St. Uriel (2nd Place), and Gr. 3 St. Barachiel (1st Place). For the Pahiyas Festival, Gr. 5 St. Nebridius (3rd Place), Gr. 5 St. Ambrose (2nd Place) and Gr.6 St. Monica (1st Place). For the food festival, First Yr. St. Ezekiel (3rd Place) Second Yr. St. Thomas (2nd Place) and Fourth Yr. OLGC (1st Place). The activity was organized by Mrs. Pantalita, THE Coordinator, in coordination with other T.H.E teachers.

LCC-DN guidance counselors, Mrs. Catherine Absalon and Mrs. Teresita Busa conducted a half-day seminar on Leadership to the CSG and selected club officers at the St. Augustine gymn, October 8. The attendees were composed of club presidents, vicepresidents and secretaries together with the Editorial Staff of the The Courier, and the CSG officers. The seminar dealt with the basic principles on leadership to equip the officers with a little knowledge as they face tough roles in the campus. Though time constrained, the seminar was able to accomplish the scheduled tasks including group dynamics and team building activities.





EWS following result to compose the 2008-2009 CSG officers:

Angelica Calicdan Peace Officer-HS

Ma. Lourdes Clamor President

Allyssa Calicdan Peace Officer-Elem.

Allen Lexis Verzosa Vice President

Perseus John Mendoza (PRO).

Kristine Joy Lapus Secretary

Luisito Sequitin READY TO SERVE. The newly elected CSG officers right after the announcement of winners. (From Left to Right) Lourdes Clamor, Alexander Jacinto (at the back of Clamor), Luisito Sequitin, Allen Verzosa, Roxanne Tapel, Perseus Mendoza, KJ Lapus, Kristoffer Lapus, Angelica Calicdan, Allyssa Calicdan together with Mr. Norlito Magalona.

CSG Officers ‘08 - ‘09 Elected By: Anne Quiros

Through secret balloting, the Grades IV - Fourth Year high school students chose new set of CSG officers for S.Y. 2008-2009, June 27. The usual filing of candidacy began on the 24th and was then followed by a week-long rigorous campaign. Two parties, CATSUP (Consolinians Acting Towards Success), and DOTA (Developing Our School Towards Acceleration) vied for different positions in the Central Student Government..

At the meeting de avance on June 26, the candidates formally presented their platforms to the voting-student assembly. Respective campaign managers of the two parties introduced and facilitated the meeting de avance, where each candidate delivered his/her speech with uttered promise of good leadership. Mrs. Segunda Babiera acted as the adviser of the DOTA while Mr. JC Valeroso took care of the CATSUP. The elections yielded the

BE THE CHANGE! The Bidas of LaCo get to listen to talks about being a leader, issues of corruption, being a Filipino at the overnight Youth Camp held at La Salle Greenhills


Alexander Jacinto Auditor

Roxanne Tapel Proj. Mngr.-HS

John Lapus

Proj. Mngr.-Elem.


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on the current national situation, to feel the need and take action, and to take pride in being a Filipino. Accompanied by Ms. Janice Salon, the LCC-DN delegation was composed of Lourdes Clamor, CSG President, Dawn Fabrero , the Editor-in-chief of the Courier, Camille Trinidad, also part of the school newsletter staff, and Isabelle Altavas and Clarissa Te, junior class presidents . The over-night leadership camp was participated in by student - leaders of CEAP NCR and MAPSA memberschools, public high schools, non-sectarian schools, parish youth leaders, and members of the Sangguniang Kabataan of Metro Manila. At the opening ceremony, the youth assembly was given a warm welcome by the delightful speech of a popular comedian, Tado Jimenez who is also a member of the RockEd Philippines, an event coordinator team who organizes concerts of Filipino bands in different institutions. Credible speakers from “EheM”, and “Kaya Natin” gave the participants the much

VOTE WISELY! Grade Four pupils cast their votes for the new set of CSG officers S.Y. 2008-2009.

needed enlightenment on the topics at hand. Meanwhile, Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales, D.D gave talks about awareness of oneself, the consequences of corruption, and good governance all through out the seminar. On the lighter side, the student-leaders had the privilege of watching a free concert brought to them by RockEd Philippines. The bands who performed at the said concert were Imago, Sandwich, Pedicab, Gasulina, Paramita, and Radioactive Sago Project. The concert kept the young leaders awake through the night. Finally, the big event encouraged the leaders to participate in the upcoming 2010 Election. The overnight seminar culminated with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist on November 15. “Enjoy your youth, so you wouldn’t have to enjoy it when you get old.”

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2nd Blitz Mini-Olympics Held The 2nd Blitz Mini-Olympics held at the LCC-N Multinasium was highlighted by the college debate, September 16. It was the college’s first attempt to stage a debate. Organized by Mr. Daniel Damonsong, Campus Ministry Coordinator, and Mr. Cipriano de Guzman, Coordinator of Student Affairs of the College Department, the debating teams argue on the proposition: “That Reproductive Health Bill be Banned...” The affirmative side defended the Church position to scrap the bill as it goes against the sacred law of creation. The negative side on the other hand supports the bill as it promotes population growth

control. The members of the affirmative side included: Odille Kathrina G. Dagooc, BHRM II; Jerry B. Bongcayao, BSE – I and Karren Smith Acosta, BSBA –II. While the negative side had Julie Ann U. Ching, BST – III; Manuel Guatlo, BSBA – II and Ruby Luscares, BSHRM – IV. The jurors were Mrs. Patricia Dare-Delloro, School Registrar and Mr. Gil Archimedes Delloro, (OIC- RDO). There was intense rebuttal as both sides defended their arguments. The team supporting the Church attacked government system and corruption as the major cause of poverty, and not over –

Odille Kathrina G. Dagook, Jerry Bongcayao, of the affirmative side delivers their arguments making sure they will not fail the stand of the Church on the issue of Reproductive Health Bill. The members of the Negative side look confident, and ready for rebuttals.

population. They stood solid to their point that Christians promote sanctity of life and thus, Reproductive health simply is in conflict with the Catholic doctrine which the country as a whole should protect, and promote. The negative side on the other hand, never gave up on their

point, reiterating their stand on the use of contraceptives as not against the law of the Church, but a much needed remedy to the continuing growth of population which add to the global problem on poverty. In the final analysis, the affirmative side was favored and was declared winner.

La Consolacion College-Deparo Given 500 Full Scholarship Grants

Camera, camera on the hall, “Who’s the prettiest of us all?” The muses of different year levels posed their best for their batch mates.

Freshmen Bag Championship Award By: Genesis Delloro (BSCS - I)

The Freshmen Team bagged Championship award in the 2nd Blitz Mini - Olympics during the College Day, September 16. A routine activity held only on the first semester, the said Mini - Olympics included different sports events such as Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, and fun educational and board games like Chess, Scrabble, and Word Factory. There was also Sports quiz bee and Videoke Singing. The MVP’s of the said sports event were the following: for Basketball - Jorel Pineda, for Chess - Aldrine Jake Delgado, for Karaoke Singing - Cherrie Lyn

Egnisaban, for Scrabble - Carmela Biyo, for table Tennis - Ma. Rose Angelica Manalastas, for Volleyball - Elise Nepomuceno, for Word Factory - Mr. Daniel Damonsong, for Best Muse - Feya Cartegena, and for the Sports Quiz Bee - Genesis Nicole Delloro. The Juniors won Second Place while the Sophomores grabbed Third Place and the Seniors had Fourth Place. The competition was tough, but the Freshmen proved their worth. This whole event’s true purpose was to strengthen the bond of friendship and among college students.

The LCC-Deparo Novaliches was chosen by the Villaber Foundation Inc. to accommodate 500 scholarship grantees for school year 20092010. The scholarship offers free tuition and other school fees for a maximum duration of five years depending on the

course that the grantee will take. The school alot 100 slots per course offered such as : BS Comp. Sci.— 100 slots BS Education—100 slots BS Bus.Admin—100 slots BS Tourism—100 slots BS HRM—100 slots

The Courier Welcomes College Writers In our desire to share with our readers about the LCC-N college updates, the Courier now comes with a special section-College Folio. It is also our aim to provide college writers a venue to enhance their writing skills, express opinions, and share insights on relevant issues that are of interest to them. Our Literary section is also open to all creative writers out

there. We therefore invite more writers to take part in this noble service to the school and the community. With open arms, we hereby welcome our college correspondents who responded to our call. We gladly thank them for making this maiden issue possible. - smb




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What Makes An Effective Teacher? A student perspective Jerry Bongcayao BSED


here are many reasons why I was compelled to write this article, but the most pushing of all is my inner desire to become an effective teacher someday. Seeing how my professors deliver their craft to us, and how my classmates react to them, I have realized that: “Teaching is a complex responsibility and a many-sided profession that demands a great amount teaching skills and flexibility”. To teach is to promote learning which means to make each student love the process of gaining more knowledge that will enable them to discover what is yet to be learned about a their chosen field. One Education expert said that teaching is helping the students learn how to learn. Whoever is aware of it? And What does it take to become an effective teacher? (if that is the case) The Effective Teacher I believe that an effective teacher has the following skills: First, effective classroom management skills— one who takes time to check if the class is ready for the day’s learning activity. Second, ability to plan interesting and student-centered lessons with appropriate learning activities. And Third, the passion for teaching. The third is of paramount importance. Sad to say that in reality, fewer and fewer teachers/professors possess these qualities. Only very few teachers are passionate in what they are doing. Let’s face it, it is obvious that “some” teachers are not actually happy with what they are doing. (no offense meant to my dearly beloved profs) Some have what I will call “unresolved issues” as a teacher, taking the time for granted, worst taking their students for granted. First of all, does any one really know why he/she is teaching? If one takes teaching as a mere job, you know the types of teachers who expects excellence from students without actually teaching them how to achieve it; then there is a need to shake them a little. Passion is what gives meaning to what one does. Passion in teaching is being happy to see everyone in class achieving what he/she is expected to achieve.

Passion is being concerned at how one student is learning, or if one is actually learning something at all. Passion looks at the totality of students’ learning experience. Passion is feeling the students. How does it feel to be treated unfairly? How are students performance evaluated? How are grades computed? Do they have a clear understanding of how their achievements are measured? These things have to be made clear to the students. An effective teacher knows all these and more. Lack of Passion in teaching results to lack of quality graduates. An effective teacher inspires excellence, and produces excellent individuals in their chosen fields, for the influence of an effective teacher lives on in the lives of the students wherever they go. Professionalism A teacher has certain duties and responsibilities in relation to his membership in the teaching profession, that is to improve him/herself by continuing study, and maintaining good standards of personal and professional conduct. A teacher who truly appreciates and values his job takes pride in his profession. A professional teacher must develop a high degree of credibility. A professional teacher has integrity. And although it may be tough, there is the so called personal integrity that a professional teacher should watch out in him/herself. Moral conduct which is sometimes more important than his/her subject matter. Well, what with the socalled professional ethics? All these are pure idealism, for the truth is an effective teacher is wanting. We can help find one, maybe, if we try to be one, ourselves. Or perhaps if we try to inspire our teachers become one. I believe that all of us are responsible for our own education. I may not be a deserving straight A student, but honestly I would like to become an effective teacher someday. And I need great models who would inspire me to become.

Will you?

Kayaking on top of the mountain? Yup, only at Caliraya Recreational Resort, Laguna. The LCCians had a great time savoring the wonder of the place.

40 BS-Tourism, HRM Join Out-bound Seminar By: Mrs. Ma. Patricia Delloro

The Convention and Events, and Tour Guiding classes of BS Tourism and HRM departments held a twoday out-bound learning activity at the Lake Caliraya, September 18-19. A total of forty students from the combined classes joined the said exposure trip. The participants stayed at the Lake Caliraya Recreational Resort in Laguna province. Aside from being a popular tourist destination, Lake Caliraya is also known as the bass fishing capital of the Philippines and a windsurfing haven of the Manilans. The out-bound seminar included team building activities, such as the “Slip and Slide”, “Earth Ball”, “Monster Ball”, and the “Obstacle Course”. The participants also enjoyed some sports activities like Canoe, Kayak, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis and Swimming. On the first day , they had the “Good Eco – Tripping in Lake Caliraya Resort” which gave the students some inputs

on Sports and Eco – Tourism for Sustainable Development. In the evening of Day 1, a socialization activity was held for the students to experience the luxury of a cocktail party in an actual resort. The second day was intended was for the tour and sports activities. The convention and tour seminar was part of the students requirements in their course-Convention and Tour Guiding. The activity was conceptualized to provide the students a different kind of adventure tour which would also promote unity, team work while learning the importance of Eco – Tourism. It also expected to enhance and update the participants’ knowledge and skills in different areas of the hospitality industry. The seminar exposed the students to actual convention and tour guiding. “Still, Experience is the best , teacher, Teacher!”







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Counting the Blessings Yet to Come

When the news about the 500 Full Scholarship Grants was disclosed by Sr. Gavina Barrera, OSA, LCC-N President, to the members of the academic council, it came like a shooting star to most of them. First, the idea is, too, overwhelming that they couldn’t believe they were “hearing it behind their very ears”. Second, they were moved at the benevolence of the man behind the Villaber Foundation Inc. who will finance the said scholarship grants. And third, they were thrilled with the thought of five hundred collegians walking around to give life to the school campus. The school didn’t waste a time. After a general meeting attended by Sr. Gavi at La Consolacion Mendiola, they took full force for rapid dissemination of information. Announcements in the nearby parishes were made. School personnel and students used words of mouth. Fliers and tarpaulins were all over the nearby communities. And to date, there are already close to three-hundred applicants on the list! If all the slots will be filled, it will mean progress and development. The school facilities have to be improved to accommodate huge number of students. Additional classrooms have to be built. New teachers/ professors, maintenance staff, and office

personnel must be hired to strengthen workforce, which means employment. These are only some of the perceived positive implications of the program. On a larger scale, it also imply solutions to the country’s growing juvenile problems. To give direction to five hundred high school graduates make a great difference in the number of youth in danger of going astray. Somehow, it also addresses poverty issues. It must be mentioned here that the Villaber Foundation also gives part-time jobs for the grantees to augment their monthly expenses. In general, issues of discriminating access to a quality-catholic-college education will also be addressed as it prioritizes the less—fortunate but deserving students. The man behind the Villaber Foundation is indeed heaven-sent! And La Consolacion College, Deparo is more than thankful for the opportunity his foundation is giving the school, the Deparo, and Novaliches communities. Like a shooting star which rarely comes in the darkest of the night, this once in a blue moon blessing must really be grabbed, and treasured, and kept so dearly.





Bold Perspectives Camille Trinidad

What do you get when you cross the thin line of curiosity in a love relationship? Most probably, a mistake that is known as “teenage pregnancy”. This topic was featured in the IWitness episode, “Nanay na si Nene” which was aired October 1, 2007. It was almost a year ago, but it was reviewed late part of June this year, and I got the chance to watch it. This documentary had the theme, “How can you care for a baby, if you yourself is still a baby?” It tackled the early pregnancy issues in the country which was found to become more and more alarming, for the age group being prone to it is getting younger and younger from age 16—17 years back, to 12 or 13. I-Witness’ Sandra Aguinaldo met very young mothers and mothers-to-

be, and presented the difficulties they are experiencing as young mothers. The following stories are excerpt from said show: “At 13, Lealyn -- not her real name -- bears two very big responsibilities. Lealyn gave birth just five months ago to twins! She and her 17-year-old partner search for ways everyday to buy milk for their daughters, But more often than not, their babies could only have water and sugar.” “Belinda is 14 years old and five months pregnant. At her age, the girl can barely grasp the responsibilities that come with having a child. She has not visited an OB-Gyne or received any pre-natal care during her pregnancy.” It is really hard to predict what consequences your curiosity can give you, like what happened to these two unfortunate stories. In the episode, critics blame the lack of proper

Curiosity Can Kill Your Future !

HIV/AIDS, STDs? Single parenting? These, my fellow Consolinians are few of the consequences of what I call “fun” . You wouldn’t like to end up as another “lealyn” or “Belinda”? Well, where we are now is this: We keep an open mind. Having the word ‘sex’ in our vocabulary initially meant to be malicious and inappropriate. But when that happens to someone we know, we go back to ourselves and be warned that it would not happen to you, while at the same time listen and empathize. Give her much needed understanding, and consolation, for truth is she was only a victim of her own curiosity. With due respect to those who are at the brink of losing their total sanity into such act of irresponsibility, I write to remind everyone regardless of age, including myself that there is a better alternative. And that is to engage yourselves into something more beneficial to both of you, like Church activities, youth organizations and civic—oriented programs. Wait, there is an easier alternative, why don’t we guys just study our lesson and together vow to top the honor list?

Teka Lang

Shooting Stars

Anthony Dimson

Nicole Joson

Oras ng Pagbabago Isa sa maituturing na pinakamalaking problema nating mga Pilipino ay ang kakulangan ng disiplina. Ang disiplina ay hindi lamang tumutukoy sa ating pagsunod sa mga batas at pagkontrol sa sarili sa paggawa ng mga bagay na masama, ito rin ay ang pagkakaroon natin ng magandang layunin upang umunlad. Ngunit, napakasakit isipin na sa paaralan pa lamang ay nagsisimula na ang kawalan ng disiplina ng mga estudyante. Kung tutuusin, dapat sa eskwelahan nagsisimula ang pagpapahalaga natin sa disiplina dahil ito ang unang hakbang natin sa pagharap sa buhay. Mas gusto nating sumuway kaysa sumunod, nagpapakita lamang na tayo rin mismo ang dahilan nang hindi pag-unlad ng ating paaralan. Dahil, kung hindi natin sisimulan sa paaralan ang pagiging disiplinadong tao, paano pa natin ito gagawin sa ibang lugar, sa hinaharap?

orientation on sex education, and reproductive health. In most classrooms, teachers only go as far as teaching students about the various parts of the anatomy, as well as menstruation, and circumcision. But most of the times students are left with a lot of questions bothering their curious young minds. Through dangerous experimantations. And hence, the problems. The matter is, we guys, have to also be open enough about these issues confronting our teenage life. There are a lot of things to consider before plunging into “something serious” like, you knowintimate relationships, SEX to be exact. Or shall I say, we should never, ever take “something serious” as part of the game nor as part of growing up thing. Such that when we reach our grown-up stage, we will just drop it like an old worn –out toy. Good if we have imbibed great amount of moral values from our school. Abortion would not be an option to avoid responsibility. What about the issues of

Gayunpaman, hindi tayo dapat mawalan ng pag-asa, dahil, sa kabila ng lahat ng ito, tayo pa rin naman ang tutuklas at gagawa ng pag-asang ating inaasam. Ang disiplinadong tao ay marunong sumunod at umintindi. Hindi nasusukat ang disiplina sa antas ng tao sa paaralan / lipunan o sa uri ng pamumuhay. Ang pagiging disiplinado ay hindi lamang pinapakita sa salita, kundi pati na rin sa gawa. Sa totoo lang, tayo rin naman ang maaapektuhan sakaling ipagpatuloy natin ang ganitong ugali. Kaya’t hanggang maaga pa lamang ay dapat na nating isipin ito, upang huwag maka-apekto sa ating sarili at sa ating lipunan. Hahayaan na lang ba nating mabulok ang ating paaralan, pati na ang ating kinabukasan, sa kasamaan at kakulangan ng disiplina? Kumilos ka Consolinian! Ngayon na ang oras ng pagbabago!

Gaming…is it really what it seem? Kids today are greatly influenced by the latest gaming technology, and are enthusiasts of such. “What’s with this gaming stuff that entertains them?” Based on my personal encounter with gaming enthusiasts, I could say that without their gaming consoles, these guys are definitely one bunch of gloomy kids. Now here’s one thing to ponder about. Is this addiction to gaming purely undesirable or does it also have its own advantages? Sometimes, yes, they do them well, too. Gaming develops friendship between players. Games such as DOTA, Tekken, Red Alert and other games that involve two or more people are examples of such. Also, some researchers say that these games help improve one’s accuracy and focus, especially to doctors and surgeons. Other than those, gaming could also improve one’s vocabulary with words found in the game. Also, the best part of gaming is that, it is one sure way of keeping us entertained. Nowadays, entertainment is really easy because there are lots of things that we can do with the help of technology. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages. Sometimes, gaming could trigger our anger , especially when we lose in the game. Sometimes some people end up with personal fights. While good in developing focus and accuracy, too much gaming could also affect one’s eyes. Some doctors recommend 2-3 hours of exposures to gaming platforms. The greatest negative influence that anyone can observe is that it deprives gamers from studying, especially when the gamers are too absorbed and distracted with their games to even notice that exams are going on, which is also a major reason why some kids fail at exams. Gaming has its ups and downs. Unfortunately, just like everything in this world, it has its limitations. Like what the cliché goes, “Too much of something is a bad thing.” Balance your gaming with your studies and you’re sure not to fail.


OPINION A Moment or Two Camille Dawn Fabrero

BIDA change! BIDA! Be the Change! Sounds familiar? Well, maybe since it’s the first sentence in one of the articles in the front page of this paper. Actually, I already have a column and it is about education. But, after I attended the Youth at La Salle Greenhills, I decided that it was too boring and too plain. And so, I changed it to this one. Why? Because what I had experienced at the camp made me realize something. That we Youth are going too wayward with their Lives. Let me enumerate to you SOME of the most important lessons I learned from that 24—hour camp, I spent with many other fellow student- leaders. Nobody comes to Heaven with Dry Eyes. This is one of the maxims that were

said by Fr. Edwin Malanday at the seminar that really catch my attention. Our speaker said that we young people sometimes just let our life pass us by. We tend to overlook the things that we know will bring us hardships. We are afraid to get hurt. We are afraid to Cry. But, I then realized that the most important lessons that we may learn at life is only obtained when we truly felt what it is like to cry. Our life, as our speaker said, is not a bowl of cherries where in we can choose the good one from the bad ones. We must always welcome challenges in our life so that we may live our life to the fullest. Roots go down, Plants go up, I don’t know why and how, but I AM like that. It was said by His Eminence Gaudencio Rosales, D.D. It may sound confusing but,

With a Puzzling Look Patricia Mae Delloro

Strikes of Depression H a v e y o u ever heard the lines “I hate my life” from someone directly or indirectly more than often? Have you seen a person who gets irritated very easily? Or maybe there is someone you know who has some sort of rebellious behavior, smiles every two months, cries all the time, wears somber clothes, or maybe listens to music that has disturbingly depressive and violent content? Or maybe you’ve seen yourself doing these things? It’s possibly normal if you don’t notice them nearly everyday but if you do, there something bound to be wrong with that person. Teen suicide is a major cause of death among teens, though many do not recognize suicide as a serious threat to a teenager’s well being. The source?

Mainly DEPRESSION, a word we probably have encountered but are not aware of its growing impact on teens. The extremes? As we’ve said, Suicide, then death. It is very alarming especially now that Suicide is the third leading cause of death among adolescents and teenagers. Teenagers are both prone to this. G i r l s are more likely to attempt suicide than boys; but boys are four to five times more likely to die by suicide. There are some several factors that add to the depression or maybe is the source of it. Maybe they have feelings of loneliness or helplessness, alcohol or substance abuse, has a family history of abuse or many other factors that makes them believe that suicide is noble. Well, it is most certainly



actually, its message is really clear that it can be summed up in one word. HUMILITY. Being a leader doesn’t mean that you should be on top. Being a leader doesn’t mean that you should flaunt your power to all. What’s more important is that you’re roots are firmly planted on the ground, so that when the strong storm and hurricanes of life come, you will not easily be uprooted. You will stay the same person you are before you raise as a leader. Being egotistical will get you nowhere. Hindi ang Kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan! Dahil TAYO ang BAYAN! This was said during the concert, where all the attention of the students were focused on Ate Gang, founder of RockEd Philippines. When we were asked if we believed Rizal’s famous saying, we of course answered a resounding YES! But, ate Gang said that we are mistaken, saying “Hindi kayo ang Pag-asa ng Bayan! Dahil KAYO na mismo ang bayan!”, which we responded in with thunderous claps. Ate Gang said that if we labeled ourselves “pag-asa ng bayan”, it’s too far, meaning that it’s still too distant to com-

prehend. So she said that we are the Philippines. Our actions determine the situation of our country. Do not believe in what some people say that the youth’s decision should just be set aside. It is also our country people! We should always, always make a stand. Ang Kabataan ang Gumagawa ng Sarili niyang Desisyon. This was the message put across when Ate Gang told the Itchyworms to play “Beer” even though some of the Administrators of other schools were against it. Again I quote her saying “Hindi sa sinusuway ko ang mga admin, pero para sa akin, hindi naman maaapektuhan ang bata sa mga kantang tulad nito kapag hindi niya choice magpa-apekto ‘diba? Tama?!?” (I salute you Ate Gang!) She’s right; it’s our CHOICE (and our responsibility) as a youth to believe in what we choose to believe and act upon in. Just make the right decisions and surely, you will become an ideal Filipino Youth. After you read this editorial, I hoped that you also get me when I say, “I AM PROUD TO BE A BIDANG PINOY”.

NOT and never will be noble. Why? Because God is the only one who has the power to end your life. To think of it, your life isn’t even yours. You have no right to end it because of worldly and unjust reasons. Hurting it otherwise is like messing up a gift given that was wholeheartedly given to you by God. Everyone needs and longs for even a hint of understanding. If you happen to observe someone who hangs around friends who appear depressed or irritable, marked decrease in interest or pleasure in activities, frequently says "I’m bored", withdraws or spends much time in his or her bedroom, declining hygiene, changes to a more troubled peer group, has a significant change in appetite or weight and in sleeping habits or has feelings of worthlessness or inappropriate guilt , it could mean that she or he is experiencing depression. Note that most teens may experience at least one or two of these symptoms at

various times. However, when several of these symptoms occur at the same time for two weeks or longer, the medical illness called clinical depression is likely affecting them. It is very important that parents, guardians, teachers, health practitioners and the people concerned look for and ask about these warning signs of these grave dangers, so that youth with clinical depression can be recognized, evaluated and treated. Teens under major depression need love, care, patience and understanding. A family that will support them and friends who help them lead a healthy life. Positive thinking and learning how to channel your emotions through hobbies or doing beneficial work is also a way to fight depression. Pray, talk to God, for He is our ultimate comforter, and He does not want us to be sad. Reflect: “What is our pain compared to that of JESUS?”





In a Blink of an Eye

Think About It

Driselle Alvarez

Cramming Time passed by so quickly, imagine, we have already finished the first and the second quarters of School Year 2008-2009. More home works, seat works and projects are being assigned to us. Add to that the tension that our different exams bring. We usually don’t take these things seriously and just let time pass by. The result? CRAMMING. Why do we usually cram? We cram because we love taking things for granted. We cram because we go to “gimmicks” with our friends or just rest and forget about our schoolwork whenever we have free time. We don’t want to “waste” our precious time in reviewing for trivial matters like exams or quizzes. Why work now, when there are still lots of time tomorrow? Unfortunately,

On Matters of Discipline

many students right now live by that motto. Cramming, more often than not, leads us to bad circumstances. One example of the negative effects of cramming is low grade. Still, well-prepared projects get good grades. Though some people are more productive by cramming, it does not apply to all. They are lucky. We students need to learn the value of time. We cannot let ourselves relax too much. After all, who said that being in school is a relaxing activity? We are here to learn. So, as much as we enjoy to do things by the last minute (sometimes, even in the last seconds), take my advice and do not CRAM again. Good luck to all of us!

Mysteriously Unknown Isabelle Altavas

Circulating Melodies People today are quite addicted to head-banging, metallic and heavy rock music. Before one can write such a song, they would have to think of a significant event in their lives that can affect the people listening to it. Though not all of us may know him, Eric Clapton was a great composer. He was accused of being into drugs, a thing which he accepted wholeheartedly. He became famous for his song entitled, “Tears in Heaven”, in which he poured out all his remaining sufferings. This song has an unfortunate memory for him. Eric Clapton had joined a band not too long ago. During one of their tours, on the 27 t h of August 1990, Stevie Ray Vaughan and two of their road crew was killed in a plane crash. And soon after, Conor, his son with Lory Del Santo, died when he fell from

Kristine Florita

the 53rd-story window of his mother's friend's New York City apartment, landing on the roof of an adjacent fourstory building. After those tragedies, he wasn’t able to talk clearly, as some may call “crazy”. And when he finally spoke up, the first thing he did was write his song “Tears in Heaven”. Now, his songs became quite popular not because of it’s tune, but the lyrics and how it affects someone who will listen to it. Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. Our likes in genres vary from person to person, but we all like music. We have different opinions on bands and groups, we may both like or dislike them, and we criticize them according on our standards. Especially to us students, we tend to get carried away with music, creating bands and all, and the joy of performing for an audi-

Students’ discipline is one of the major concerns not only in our school, but also in others. Discipline is the major factor that affects the students’ performance. There is a rapid decline of student discipline according to the national study and surveys in United States. Today, sadly, I am witnessing this problem. Every now and then teachers are looking for solutions to solve this ISSUE, but there had never been any effective measure that remedied the problem. I am a graduating student but still I can’t find any major change in the way my batch mates behave as students. What is really the main cause of our acting this way? Students playing around, and shouting aloud is a common sight, I would always see in the morning as I come to school. Even though they are warned by their teachers or by other persons, they continue to just play around, sometimes resulting to an accident of some sorts and an early trip to the school clinic. The Flag Ceremony is the first test of discipline, what more during morning praise following the ceremony? Students practically don’t sing and pray. They chat, murmur, laugh, tease each other and a lot more. Inside the classroom, everything is not in the proper place. Everything is topsy-turvy! The classroom is a humongous trash bins. The students would not care about the presence of their teacher. There are engrossed with whatever personal business they have. They will not stop unless the teacher flares up to get their attention. In Eucharistic Celebrations,

and other religious activities, they would not pay attention. There are some few who seem to concentrate, but they cannot because they are overpowered by those around them. Stealing is another issue of discipline. Then there is rampant cheating. How could it happen in a Catholic school such as ours? Remember our school is for the educational purpose that shapes us to become welleducated people. The school is a place of learning, a place wherein we can nurture and enhance our abilities. This is a place wherein we learn how to control ourselves, and learn to accept our limitations. We are sent by our parents to good schools to do good things, to learn, to broaden our minds, to accept failures and achievements not to leave an awful legacy to our school. And most importantly, TO BECOME HUMAN PERSON. We are the products of the school. The student behavior has a great impact not only on the reputation of our beloved alma mater, but also the reflection of our very character. What we act out outside the school campus is still a reflection of the school. It shows what kind of institution La Consolacion College- Deparo is. We are the one who will form and establish the moral character of our school. Therefore, it is only safe to say that it is our duty and obligation to follow the school’s regulations and we must help our teachers to bring fame to the name of our school. “Discipline problems can be reduced significantly by developing a cooperative attitude among students, parents and administrators.”

ence is enough for us.We must always remember that we also have our obligations. It involves more than perseverance and determination. Creating music requires

the harmonious articulation of one's feelings and thoughts through instrumental or vocal sounds. Music is the universal language.





An Interview with the Consolinians’ Second Mom By: Kristina Mae C. Capati ment, because she has been here for twelve years now. Whatever is she up to? Let me share with you my interview with her. How long have you been teaching? Did you teach in other schools aside from LCC-N? “Yes, I taught in other schools. 2 years in Manila Cathedral School, 3 years in public school, 20 years in La Consolacion College – Caloocan and 12 years here in LCC-N. In total, 32 years.” Wow! A pillar of LCC-N, Ma’am Manlapaz cast her usual unassuming smile which projects an image of a second MOM.

Who does not know Ma’am Manlapaz? From the oldest batch to the youngest alumni must have passed through her class during their entire stay in LCC-N. Mrs. Carolina Manlapaz, our Filipino teacher is surely a living witness to our growth and develop-

How did your career as a teacher started? “During that time teaching was an easy course and besides, the tuition fee is low compared to other courses.” How did you come across your job in LCC? Did you specifically applied for the job?

“I did not apply in La Consolacion (Caloocan). My friend told me about the vacant position. So I went there and immediately the principal gave to me my teaching load. No exam, no interview.” How will you describe yourself as a teacher? “I am a workaholic teacher. I always keep myself busy doing paper works like lesson plans, grades and other reports. I always submit my records on time if not the first. I am very patient with my students.” As a teacher, what was your first impression of the school? “The school is very conducive to learning, away from malls, noise on the street and other distractions.” What subjects did you teach before? “Here in LCC-N, I taught Filipino and Social Studies. In La Consolacion Caloocan, I taught Filipino,

English and practical arts (now TLE). What teaching difficulties have you encountered here in LCC-N? “During the time when we don’t have coordinators, prefect of discipline, etc., no one checked our lesson plans and grades.” Could you tell us most memorable experiences here in LCC-N? “When I’m with the fourth year students, specifically with my advisory class in their retreats and other activities.” Quite a conversation indeed! Thank you, Ma’am. It really is a good feeling to talk to our teachers once in a while. While listening to her, I realized that teaching is really a tough job, and I admire her patience and hard work. To all teachers, we salute you!!!

M a g n i f i c e n t Yo u n g Vo i c e By: Kristine Florita

Singing idol and school entertainment icon, Arlene Grace O. Castro, seems to have her young voice revealed in the singing industry. She amazes the audience with her singing prowess. She has an elegant, pop, mellow voice that she uses to unlock all the doors to success. Arlene discovered her talent in singing at a very young age. At four, she already started singing which later became her life’s passion. At 13, this pride of 2nd Yr. St. Thomas has already had so much to offer. In order for her to enhance her gift, she attends different professional voice lessons schools. Center for Pop Music served as her first

training ground. Her voice coach was no less than Mr. Jerome Vinarao himself, Lea Salonga’s voice coach. She also attended lessons in some ABS-CBN workshops. For the past two years however, she was under the care of Voice Power . She had already done some major performances in different places and events. She already performed in the prestigious Meralco Theater when she was 9 years old. A year later, she had her recital at the Studio 1 of ABS-CBN. Aside from this, she also joined several competitions inside and out of the school. The latest was the Singing Idol Championship held last October 18, at the Storyland at SM Fairview.

She won 2nd place in the competition. With her powerful rendition of “Fighter” and her version of “I Have Nothing” she captivated not only the attention of the judges, but also the mallgoers. Just like any other performers, our young singing idol also has some perks in performing. She said that it is normal for anybody to feel nervous and afraid before the show. Sometimes, she even had a hard time balancing her passion for singing and her studies but she always makes sure that she has time for both. She is very happy every time she performs. This is because she makes many people happy. Her strong

THE SWEET ROCKER . Arlene Castro, after she won at the semifinals of The Singing idol at , Storyland, SM Fairview.

support is her family. For now she is focused with her schooling, but she is always ready to share her talents when needed. She plans to join competitions in the future because she believes that she is the best among the rest.


The Logic behind Logic Game By: Jean Jimenez & CDFF RUBIK’S. It is one of the mind games of today’s generation and many students got hooked into it. With its puzzling strategies, some people tend to think that this game is just a mind-boggling game that is hard to comprehend and is just for those talented persons. For them, it is hard to solve a rubik’s cube, but we still continue to try anyway. This is because we know that excitement and fulfillment we will get after solving the Rubik’s is more than enough of a reward for ourselves. At first, just like everyone else, my experience with this “special box” is very unnerving. For me, it is one hard puzzle. I saw many of my classmates were playing

it, so, of course, I was intrigued. I asked how they are able to solve it. I asked them to teach me the different techniques, moves and strategies of the game. At first, I found it hard to actually memorize the different moves. But, because of my determination, I didn’t stop until I finally solve the puzzle. When I first, finally succeeded in solving the cube, I felt so happy. I am happy because the rubik’s is a lot different than you ordinary word puzzles. It is more exciting and more fun to solve. I repeatedly played the game, until I get hooked and made it one of my pastimes. The rubiks is a game that mainly uses your logic. It is a game that you can play

TV Shows to Watch For By: Christiane Mariñas Television has been a part of everybody’s life. Over the years, TV had been a growing demand for every household and even become a necessity for most of the people worldwide. So what’s so great about this 3d box? Maybe it’s because of the shows that we usually watch to that doesn’t only entertain us but also takes our stress out. Here’s a list of TV shows that will surely relax and chill out your senses.

Heroes- Garnering an average of 16.03 million viewers, having the highest rating for any NBC drama in five years and receiving a Best Television Drama in the Golden Globe Award this critically acclaimed TV series is definitely a hit worldwide. Heroes is an American Sci-fi series created by Tim Kring which tells about ordinary people discovering powers and




their role in saving the world. To know more catch it in its third season, Villains aired every Monday 9pm on NBC and see for yourself.  Prison Break-With the theme: “Escape is just the beginning”, Season 4 of Prison Break, Manhunt premiered on September 1, 2008. Prison Break is about Michael Scofield trying to break out his innocent brother, Lincoln Burrows out of jail before being executed. The plot continues three weeks from the third season finale, where Michael drives off to avenge the apparent death of Sara. Catch it on Mondays 9pm on fox TV.  Grey’s Anatomy-Grey’s Anatomy is an American Medical Drama aired on ABC every Thursday 9pm. The series revolves around Meredith Grey played by Ellen Pompeo, who began the show as a surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital. It received a best supporting actress in Emmy Awards 2008

anywhere, anytime. With this simple game, your mind receives a lot of exercise that it needs. It is also cool to that have that feeling of satisfaction every time you got to solve your rubix. Just make sure that your love of this game will not be a reason for your loss of focus at school. Don’t be frustrated if you can’t solve the puzzle immediately. Because, just like in our life, you cannot and will not be able solve a thing if you don’t understand the logistics of the game. Ps: (Editor’s note) If you can’t solve a Rubik’s Cube, don’t worry, I can’t too! It’s not that I don’t like the puzzle, I just can’t seem to get the hang of it. I am really amazed with those who can easily solved it. I promise I tried! I just can’t retain all of those moves or maybe because, I just don’t like thinking too hard. But, I assure you, it’s a really fun game. It’d one of those games that after you cracked the puzzle, you will surely get a lot of satisfaction from it.

won by Chandra Wilson. This TV drama has won many valuable awards from 2005 till now.  CSI: Miami- Want some action-thrilled suspense with grotesque, morbid killings? Then CSI is for you. The story revolves around the investigations of Miami-Dade Police Department forensic scientists as they unveil the mystery behind the unusual deaths of the Miami City. Catch its seventh season every Monday 10 pm on CBS and experience the action! *Some of the shows above are not yet aired here so try watching it in the net.

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N u e v o M a e s t ro s y M a e st r as By: Kristine Florita and Jolina Abad

Every School Year is a new beginning. New classmates, news friends. New subjects, new teachers. This year we have a bunch of new credible teachers from prestigious institutions who are rich with experiences to share with us. Le us get to know them as we welcome them to our community of friends. Mr. John Christian C. Valeroso Birth date: March 28, 1987 Motto: “Wisest is she, who knows she knows nothing” Class Advisory: Gr. 3 St. Barachiel Years of Teaching: 1 From what College: UST Bachelor Degree: AB-BSE Major in Social Sciences and Social Studies

Mr. Henry E. Peralta Birthdate: July 13, 1978 Cancer, Year of the Horse Motto: “Courage is not the absence of fear but its mastery” Class Advisee: Gr. 4 St. Fulgentius Years of Teaching: 4 College: Holy Rosary College Foundation Bachelor Degree: Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Math

Mrs. Flora L. delos ReyesGuisadio Birth date: June 13, 1983 Gemini, Year of the Tiger Motto: “If others can, why can’t I?” Class Advisory: Gr. 5 St. Nebridius Years of Teaching: 4 College: University of Cal.City Former School SACRE of Novaliches Bachelor Degree: Bachelor of Arts Major in English

Ms. Karen G. Avillano Birthdate: Dec. 20, 1983 under Sagittarius, Year of the Pig Motto: “Do your best in the present and let life unfold.” Class Advisory: IV-OLC Club Handled: Math Club Years of Teaching: 4 College: University of Sto. Tomas Bachelor Degree: Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Math

Sr. Gemma P. Valenzuela, OSA Birth date: June 6, 1971 Gemini, Year of the Pig Years of Teaching: 13 From what College: PCC, la Consolacion College, Bacolod Motto: “Motto does not always apply to oneself.” Former School: Sta. Monica Academy Boao, Camarines Sur Bachelor Degree: BEED, Master of Education Arts

Mrs. Segunda M. Babiera Birth date: March 29, 1966 Aries, Year of the Horse Motto: “The real meaning of educa tion is learning how to learn.” Club Handled: The Courier Years of Teaching: 17 From what College: NTC, PNU Former School: Holy Family Sch. of Q.C. Bachelor Degree: BSED English / Math

Ms. Janice B. Salon Birthdate: May 22, 1986 Gemini, Year of the Tiger Motto: “You cannot taste the sweetness of success if you can’t over come the bitterness of failure.” Handled Organization: LABCENJY Deparo Years of Teaching: 1 From what College: Pangasinan State University-San Carlos Bachelor Degree: Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Business Tech.

Ms. Dulce M. Geronimo Birthday: September 26, 1978 Libra, Year of the Horse Motto: “Life is not a matter of motto” Club: Filipino club Class Advisee: III-St. Rita Years of Teaching: 8 College: PNU Degree: Bachelor of Sec. Educ. Major: Filipino & History Former School: Holy Family Sch. of Q.C.



How to keep you New Year’s resolutions

By Camille Trinidad

As 2008 comes to a close, millions of people around the world create resolutions to whatever problem they have as form of welcoming the new year. They swear not to be lazy anymore, to study harder, to eat less and exercise more, etcetera, etcetera. Resolutions are made so that we will be able to refrain from doing the things that do not do us any good. But, unfortunately, before the new season approaches, 99% percent of those resolutions seem to perish--- and people are left feeling like failures. So, here are some tips on keeping your resolutions. Just remember the word

“STRIVE" 1. Start small Never force yourself to do something big. You can't adjust easily to what you need. Everyone starts from small things and yes, YOU WILL TO. 2. Think tall SOAR HIGH! Set your goals and be ready to change for the better. You'll see one by one, until

you noticed that you have reached you goals completely. 3. Reach over the wall When obstacles block you, look beyond them. Think longer. Think bigger. Think of solutions you'll find one. 4. Invest your all Really! Most people fail not because of problems, obstacles or competition. They fail because they don't give all they’ve got to their dreams. 5. Visualize See yourself behind the wheel of a fancy new car. Imagine ultimate success. Hold mental pictures of a thinner you in a new bathing suit. 6. Expect to stall Maybe you'll stumble, maybe get stuck. Expect this and you'll be able to wait it out and work it out. Know that adversity is part of success. Relax. It won't last forever. Tough times don't last, tough people do. Keep this simple advice in mind and for sure your 2009 will be a blast!

Keeping Your Appetite in Control By: Christiane Mariñas Christmas is without a doubt the season of food in our country. Since Christmas is drawing near for sure a lot of invitations will come by. This will just mean one thing: Food. Perhaps Christmas is a time to take a break on our daily diet but wouldn’t it be better to indulge yourself while keeping your body in shape? Here are some suggestions to keep your appetite in check:

Eat protein for breakfast. You’ll be less hungry later on if you eat breakfast heavy with protein. So you’ll likely consume fewer calories during the day. Go for half portions. The more food you see in front of you, the more you eat. Try to put in only half of your meal on the plate. Dine under the lights. Eat a well-lit table. You consume fewer calories in such a surrounding than a dark corner plus you’ll be extra conscious of the food you eat since you can see how much food you had consumed. Talk it down. Given that Christmas is a time of interaction, its better to entertain friends while you eat so you’ll have less of time to eat much. Once they’re finished, call it quits too. You’ve gain more friends while keeping your figure fab




By: Dawn Fabrero

Kaleidoscope By: Danielle Steel Have you ever heard the book? The author? Well, I guess not, especially since it’s not exactly new and sensational like Twilight (which, unfortunately, I am still not able to read yet) and other recent tittles. Actually, this novel was published way back in 1987. The novel “Kaleidoscope” is about the three Walker sisters Hilary, Alexandra, and Megan, who, after the death of their parents, were cruelly separated from each other at a young age and was played over by fate. This is a story of destiny and finding one’s family. After the death of Sam and Solange Walker (their parents), the sisters were left under the care of Arthur Patterson, their parents’ best friend and lawyer, who was powerless against his wife. So, instead of adopting the children, he gave in to his wife’s demands and searched other couples who would like to adopt the children. Megan, the youngest among the three and was still a baby at that time, was adopted by a comfortable couple and she later becomes a doctor in South America. Meanwhile, Alexandra was adopted by a wealthy couple. She was raised in lavish wealth and was married to a man who gives so much importance to the history of his family’s name. Among the three, Hilary, the eldest, has the most unfortunate life. Arthur Patterson failed to find a family who’d like to adopt her (who, by that time, was already nine years old); she was left with her aunt who maltreated her. Later, when she grew puberty, she was abused by her uncle which forced her to move out of the house and spend the next years in different foster homes and juvenile centers. When she reached nineteen, she went back to Patterson to demand the whereabouts of her sisters, but was furious when she discovered

that the lawyer lost track of them. She was forced to forget her sisters and endure the pain of knowing that she had lost them forever. She later channels her hurt and anger into building a successful career; on the way sacrificing any chance of having a personal relationship that, according to her may just cause heartaches that she could not bear. Years later, when Patterson was met with a disease that cannot be cured, his guilt drove him to hire John Chapman, a prestigious private investigator to search for the Walker sisters and reunite them together. Chapman, himself, later falls for Hilary as he witness the hardship the girl had undergone unfold through his search. What I like most in this story is that it emphasizes one’s love for the family, especially Hilary’s. Can you just imagine what pain had it caused Hilary to know that she will be left at her Aunt’s house and she may never see her sisters again? Well, as for some scenes, I cannot recommend this book to all ages, because first and foremost, it is a book for the older ones, but, if you can tolerate this type of books, go ahead! For all the pages that you will read about hardships, at the end, you will read about happiness and celebration. (^_^)..




Fairly Unfair Ancel Mañaol

Life as a Game Playing sports and writing sports articles are totally, completely and absolutely different dimensions. Writing sports articles doesn’t require you to shoot at least 20 free throws in a row, score a perfect dunk and surely, you don’t have to run an-almost-marathon round the oval just so you can get your article publish in the newspaper. On the contrary, playing sports is a lot similar to life more than what you think. I remembered watching a full game of basketball. Players run back and

forth inside the court. Watching it makes me feel so tired. But then a question popped into my head. Why are they trying so hard to win a game? And then I heard the other team screaming and jumping around. The game ended and of course, one team won. After that I saw the smiles on their faces, I found the answer to my question. Every individual is different from another. Different likes, and dislikes, different dreams, wants and heart desires. Maybe some people have the same ques-


Verzosa and Alvin Arca (IVOLC), Justine Mercader and Alden Bulicatin (IV-OLGC), Juniors Amiel Domingo (III-St. Clare), Charles Cauilan and Jude Illustre (III- St. Rita), Sophomores Raymond Dejiz (II-St. Thomas), Carl Gallano and Rojayne Pechayco (II-St. John), and the only Freshman, Airell Domingo (I-St. Ezekiel). On the other hand, the Volleyball Boys Varsity Team consists of Coach, Mrs. Angel

By: Frenz Maloloy-on

The LCC-N Basketball and Volleyball Clubs joined the opening of the annual InterSchool Basketball and Volleyball League, more commonly known as ISBVL held at the gymnasium of St. Joseph School of Novaliches, July 26 Together with other schools: St. Dominic Savio College, Holy Infant Montessori Center, St. Andrew School, St. Anthony Of Novaliches, St. Joseph College of Novaliches, Escuela de Sophia, Holy Rosary College Foundation and Bloomington Middle and Grade School, the LCC– N hoped to win this year’s ISBVL. Basketball and Volleyball boys and girls were the only competitions LCC-N Varsity Team joined up. With Mr. Kim Chua as coach, the Basketball Varsity Team consists of Captain Ball, Armando Medina, Seniors Allen


tion as mine. And they think that it’s just a game so why push yourself hard when there might be a chance for you to loose it? Yes it might be just a game for others but heart has reasons that people don’t know. They do things because they just want to. They’re happy doing it. They’re good at it and there’s no need for more reasons. But sometimes, no matter how they try so hard, luck isn’t just on their side. It’s hard for some people to accept failures. That’s why in the field of sports, clashing of the players often occur. They don’t know how to react when something they didn’t expect happened. And as a result, they tend to blame each other

and make up excuses. In our world today, with all the things surrounding us, we sometimes forget that success and luck isn’t always around the corner. There will always be someone out there ready to give us a foul. We often forget that this life is perfectly imperfect and that failures are always going to be right behind us. Someone once said that learning to loose without loosing your cool is a talent.

Chua, Captain Luisito Sequitin,Jr., Seniors Nathaniel Damiano (IV-OLC), Rhamuel Rodanilla, Pereus Mendoza, Quervin Buco, Mark Darwin Fulgar (IV-OLGC), Juniors Edgel Dela Cruz, Sam Gonzales (III- St. Clare), John Kristian Sanchez and Anthony Dimson (III- St. Rita). The Volleyball Varsity Team Girls was supervised by their coach, Mr. Candelario Gultiano, and is headed by Roxanne Tapel as the team captain. The team consist of Maricar Perez, Dana Bartolome (IV –OLC), Angelica Calicdan (IV- OLGC), KJ Lapus, Gladys Fodulla (IIISt. Rita) Korina Torralba, Rheeca Bautista, Erica Reyes (II - St. John, and last, but not the least, Bea Salazar (I- St. Ezekiel). The closing of the ISBVL was held at the gymnasium of St. Joseph Novaliches last Dec. 1.

Girl Power Gives Another Kick

MARICAR PEREZ, THIS year’s muse for the ISBVL gamely poses with some players of the HRC during the presentation of muses at St. Joseph School of Novaliches gym.

People win or loose, succeed or fail. It’s hard to win a game. But dealing when you loose a game or when you fail to do something is even harder. Some may find it extra hard to loose but everyone should learn how to accept it. After all, Life is a game, now you win, now you lose.

By: Irahlyn Fabrero. To prove to themselves that they can compete with the bests, the LCC-N Taekwondo Club joined some well-known competitions in the field of Taekwondo here in the Philippines. Included in these competitions are the National All Women’s Taekwondo Championships, June 1, 2008 held at the Rizal Memorial Center, and the Milo Little Olympics, July 23-24, 2008 held at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium, both of which is won by the two of St. Rita’s very own, Irahlyn Fabrero and Isabelle Altavas. LCC-N Taekwondo Club’s Irahlyn Fabrero won a bronze medal in the Welter Weight Junior Advance Division of the said Women’s Competition while another bronze is won by Isabelle Altavas in the Light Middle Weight Junior Advance Division of the said Milo Olympics. This just shows that boys are not the only one’s made for kicking and wood breaking but girls can also bring home the bacon through kicks.


22 Feature Story:

What I did when I did not…


Shaquille Diwa Journalism Class, III-St. Rita

n my whole life, I had never joined an Educational trip. I have my reason for my option. First, there are many things that I could do with the money I would serve as payment for the trip, mostly for my family. Second, I seldom got interested in it. And third, I simply don’t feel it. Call it, absurd, but I’d rather spend my whole time resting and practicing my guitar. I don’t know, but I find educational trips boring. But last Friday, October 10, was different. It was the day the entire BED family had their much awaited field trip. And unlike in the past, when I just stayed at home and killed my time, I went to school, because it was said that those who would not join the field trip have to attend

school. Of course, it was a bluff. My teachers just had to tell us , so that everyone would come for the trip. And as expected, no one attended school. The school janitors and the personnel were the only people in the campus. Good thing I brought my ball with me and I played basketball, alone! It was raining, and the school atmosphere was quite eerie. Every time I play basketball, I always remember the league of my father. That was the worst league I ever join. I was in the senior division and it was my first time. I was in the team of my brother and our opponent was the team of my father. My mother was watching too.

Free Taekwondo for all By: Irahlyn Fabrero. To promote Taekwondo to the students of the school and outside, Coach Romel Ongchangco of the LCC-N Taekwondo Club organized a fourday free Taekwondo session at the St. Augustine Gym on three Saturdays of September and one on October. Mr. Romel Ongchangco is a member of the Philippine Taekwondo Association (PTA) and was the coach of LCC-N Taekwondo Club which started summer of 2006. The LCC-N Taekwondo Club had already gained the respect of the school’s students and personnel by winning in various competitions since its establishment. The students who enrolled

in this free session were trained by Coach Romel and the other higher belts the basic kicks and self-defenses of Taekwondo, which were also taught to white belts or new members of the club, and had even experienced a sparring session with the older taekwondo students. The free Taekwondo sessions were scheduled September 13, 20, 27, and October 4 at 7 to 9 o’clock am in order for the old students to have practice time also. These free sessions were held in order for the students to experience the training of a Taekwondo student and to have enjoyment and fun while learning the basic to become a great Taekwondo Jin.

It had been quite a good game. But when my father received the in- bound and drives to me, there it was. I tripped my father. He slipped to the asphalted floor and tumbled to the other side of the court. My mother was shocked. I want to came and apologize for the cause, but my brother shoved me and look at me with much disappointment. He was angry because that game should not be taken so seriously. I felt so ashamed that I can’t even look directly to my father, because he was bleeding. I ran straight to our house and locked myself inside the wash room. And that was the day that I decided not to play basketball again. All these flashed back in my head that Friday, when I was alone in the St. Augustine gym. And then I asked myself, “Why am I playing this game? This game is not for me. I’d rather play the guitar instead of shooting the ball in the basket. This game put the gap between me and my father. (Well at least that is how I thought we are)”


COURIER Perhaps there is someone telling me to play basketball again. And I thought, “Why NOT?” “No one is going to stop me from doing this”, I thought to myself as I dribbled to and pro , to and pro, the whole court. I must learn from my mistakes. I must forget the past. I want to impress my father. And maybe my father will be proud of me if I continue this game. If I join the trip, maybe I wouldn’t have shared with you this story of my life. Maybe I would have really quit the varsity again! And even though I did not join the Educational Trip, I still learned something. I iscovered that time is a way of healing, and then I felt relieved. I feel freed from that my past. I stopped and I look to the other side of the court. I ran across the court and lay the ball as if my Dad, was on the other side, smiling. I went home feeling so light, and at peace. Well, this is what I did, when I did not join the Educational trip.

CHARYEOT! That means attention in the Taekwondo Lingo, Coach Rommel teaches the basics of Taekwondo to the students (and some parents also) of different levels who attended the free Taekwondo sessions.





ASAM Yields … from p. 1 The four—day interschool sports fest was participated in by eleven Agustinian schools from different parts of the country namely: La Consolacion College, Mediola, LCC-Caloocan, Colegio de san Agustine with La Consolacion College of Iloilo being the organizer. Hosted by Colegio de San Agustin Biñan, this year’s ASAM was able to gather ten of the La Consolacion Colleges in the country namely: LCC-Mendiola, LCCCaloocan, LCC-Deparo Novaliches, LCC-Biñan, LCCTanauan, University of Regina Carmeli, Bulacan, University of St. Augustine, Iloilo, Colegio de San Agustin, Biñan, and St. Joseph College. The three-day big event had the following activity: Quiz Bee which featured the life and works of St. Agustine; Basketball and volleyball tournaments, Table tennis, Lawn Tennis, Taekwondo, and Swimming competitions. The LCC-N delegates were composed of 15 College Varsity players, 35 high school varsity players and academic partici-

LCC-N BASKETBALL AND VOLLEYBALL TEAMS took a time-out to give way to their usual energizer—Picture, Picture…, and then they’re back to the court recharged. That’s how the boys got their medal. pants. They were accompanied by 5 teachers-Mrs. Angel Chua, Ms. Grace Manzano, Mr. JC Valeroso, Mr. Kim Chua, and Mr. Gil Delloro. Truly, the ASAM brought to life St. Agustine’s spirituality as they develop deeper relationship, team work, camaraderie, and

Watch for the 1st St. Augustine Cup, ‘Battle it Out Consolinians’ By: Kristina Sacramento The very first “Saint Augustine’s cup” was held last September 2008, organized by Mr. Cipriano De Guzman. The said cup was an event wherein different personas from La Consolacion College - Deparo, Novaliches compete with each other in playing the sports Basketball and Volleyball. The six teams who competed in the cup were the High school Varsity Team (White Team), the school service association (Red Team), the college students (Blue, Black, and Purple Team) and lastly, the faculty team (Green Team). The first teams that were eliminated from the competition were the Green team and Black team. For the meantime, since the said event has not reached the finals

yet, the team who ranked the highest was the White Team, while the Red team came second. The Purple team ranks as the third series of place and the Blue Team is in the last rank. The semi-finals will be held on the second and third week of November.Only a few games to go and the remaining players are down to the finals. The first conference will end by the last week of November by holding a closing ceremony which includes the awarding of the exceptional players. The St. Augustine’s cup was put together to develop camaraderie among the players and to promote sportsmanship among them. Also watch out for the Second Conference of the St. Augustine’s Cup, which is yet to come.

most importantly, sportsmanship and leadership. The medals that they brought to school were just bonus points. For the thing is, what’s more important is the kind of Consolinian they had become because of this meaningful event.

“Tiring but enjoyable.” commented Mrs. Chua as she recalled her mothering-to-35 role at the ASAM. She recounted her budgeting, marketing, and cooking jobs to feed them all. And yes, Mrs. Chua is not even a mother yet. And I guess, she deserves a round of applause for that.

Division Meet for Palarong Pambansa By: Ancel Mañaol Consolinians again proved what they got and showed their competitive sides and feat in the field of sports. Three of LCC-DN’s students were chosen to participate in the Division Meet of Caloocan City, which commenced last October 27, 2008 at the grounds of Caloocan High school. The gifted players of the school include Rhamuel Rodanilla of IV- OLGC for the High school Volleyball Boys Division, Allen Lexis Verzosa of IV- OLC for the High school Basketball division and Bien Daniel Hernandez of II- St.

Thomas for the Chess. The students who were invited to play in the Division Meet were chosen based their performance in the recently concluded Interschool Basketball- Volleyball League or more commonly known as the ISBVL. The Division Meet is composed of the student from different schools who participated in the ISBVL. They will compete against other schools from the Division of Caloocan. Then again, the exemplary players from this Meet will be the one chosen to represent our Division in the Palarong Pambansa



“The Girl who Brought Back Gold” By: CDFF Great things come in small packages. This old maxim is very true for Irahlyn Joyce Fabrero of 3rd Year St. Rita, a 2nd Brown Belt Taekwondo Jin from the LCC-D Taekwondo Club who brought pride to our school by bringing home a Gold medal from the recently finished Augustinian Schools’ Athletic Meet. I took my time and asked this sister of mine a few questions about her chosen sports and passion, Taekwondo.

training for competition?

When did your passion for this sport (Taekwondo) started?

> I felt okay, I guess, because unlike the other competitions (where the only ones who get to watch you were coach, your teammates and your family), at the ASAM there were other students from LaCo who watched us. I guessed it kind of inspired me to do my best.

> It started last 2006 when I was in First Year. Our coach, Mr. Rommel Ongchangco held a door-to-door campaign in each room. I got interested so I decided to enroll together with my brother. I stopped for a while during the summer of that year, but I came back to resume my training when I was in my 2nd year. I believe you already joined a lot of Taekwondo Competitions in your 3 yrs, in the club, am I correct? > Yes. The first one would be the Milo Little Olympics in 2006. The second was the San Juan Taekwondo Championship where I won a Silver medal. I also joined the National All Women Taekwondo Championship where I won a Bronze medal and Milo Little Olympics 2008. The last one would be The ASAM where I won my first Gold medal. What preparations do you usually undergo when you’re



> No r ma ll y, I j u st increase my training with coach. We also brainstorm for effective strategies I could use. We also do sparring so that coach will be able to point to us our faults and see what remedy we can do about it. What did you feel during the competition proper at ASAM?

What did you feel when you won the Gold? > At first, I am apprehensive because I was the only one who got the gold and that my opponent was my close friend, Isabelle who got the Silver. But, since it was my first gold medal, I am very happy on my success. Did you expect to win at the ASAM? > The day before the competition took place, I honestly didn’t think that I might be able to win that competition. But on the day, when I saw just how few competitors there are, a little bit of hope found its way in me. Maybe, I can win after all. And you won after all, what do you think was your



technical advantage over your opponent? > My belt is higher than hers. And also, according to coach, she had the tendency to step backwards a little too far, so I was able to attack her continuously. I just follow coach’s advice to attack with a stepping 45° Kick, immediately followed with a 45° kick then lastly, a bullet kick. So technically, Coach Rommel is a very important person in your life as a Taekwondo Jin? > Of Course! Without coach, I wouldn’t even be a Taekwondo Jin for a start. Without his constant advices and persuasions, maybe some of my matches would be hopeless from the start. For you, what’s the most memorable thing that Coach Rommel said to you? > Last Milo 2008, he said to me,” Pwede na sa black belt”, because my opponent that time was already a black belter. He said that even though I was still a brown belter, my opponent had a hard time scoring b ecause I fo llo wed his instructions and instead of hesitating like what I usually do, I just give it my best shot. Even though I didn’t win that competition, I was still glad because I knew that I did my best. Who would you like to thank to, if given the chance, in your success in the ASAM? > First of all, God. Second, my Coach, if not for him, I wouldn’t be given the chance to test my capabilities like that. Third, my family, because even

MILO Olympics 2008. Well-geared and set for the match, Irahlyn Fabrero radiates the confidence of a champ.

though they do tease me a lot about my Taekwondo skills, they still support me on my endeavors. I would also thank Isabelle, for being a good friend and LaCo of course. What would you give as an advice to everyone out there? > I’d just settle on Clichés. Give your best shot in whatever you do. Try and try until you succeed. She maybe a small person but her capabilities is way more than you expect. Based on all my experience in accompanying her during her competitions, waiting for your turn or your match is a very nerve wracking experience. So, as your sister and as one of your schoolmate, I would like to have this opportunity to say congratulations for bringing pride to our school and a job well done IRAH!

“ In order to reach the top, one must fly not climb.” -Trina Paulus





Indescribable By: Driselle Alvarez

Mama By: Narika Villabroza I open my eyes And you’re there, smiling I open a bag of Crispies And you’re there, wanting to help I talk about a friend’s party I’ve been to And you’re there, listening I bake my first cookies And you’re there, guiding And now that I’m grown… Just open your eyes And I’ve got a surprise waiting Open a bottle of juice And I’ll be there, offering a cake I’ll always be here Your confidant, your best friend Your daughter Your everything These unsaid words are for you, mama…

Beautiful tones in the air singing loudly As if a choir to serenade a beautiful maiden wind blowing with notes within entering everyone’s senses making untouchable peace to the hearts of each instruments playing in duet with the choir surrounding the place with only beauty with flowers dancing in the glow of sunlight dressing the face with unimaginable smile to gaze the sea like a mirror that reflects this perfect song that will never end

A Word from Athena By: Brian May Gacila Father of the shining bold, dark misted, what is this you said? Do you wish to bring back a man who is mortal; one long since doomed by his destiny, from ill -sounding death and releases him? Do it, then; but not all the rest of us gods shall approve you.

Is It Time? By: Driselle Alvarez Ticking, the clock doesn’t stops ticking. We cannot stop time nor go back to the past. It is nearing, the time of goodbye. Done an excellent job, yes we had. Keeping memories in the hearts that no one shall forget emotions that we shared friends that we collect these can be the keepsake of a great friendship missing each other will that make you cry? Remembering every single laugh that we cherished songs of farewell lingering through our ears yes it is time to go and take the path that we chose to speak for goodbye would that be painful? still the heart will remember the voice of each


LITERARY Warrior A True a ay Gacil

n M By: Bria

a structs man con a s a , t e s Ju h hous some hig wall for nes to itted sto f ll e w Using winds, forceful lkeep out their he ow close s ld That’s h ie sh d bossed mets an , p lined u against ressing p ld ie h S st helet again lm e h , shield met . On the inst man Man aga the helidges of bright r mets, ouched plumes t ir a h e s r Ho their rs moved io r r a w n whe heads.

Consequences in The Game

By: Roeliza Rejuso do my best, I always tried to to win this game. ly win But guess I can on sin when I’m loo g I feel weak, ink. needs an energy dr r ge on str Now I feel still I , nts ne but the oppo at. be can’t My body is tired, I want to sleep. d, But when I’m in be e. ak aw is l sou my Before I began I’m already over.

New Trio

By: Nar ika Villa broza Now we’r e startin g new It isn’t too late To enjoy each oth er To belon g in a b o n d , held tightly w ith the truth Loyalty Trust And fait h in eac h other In time, we’ll gain all that I know And I’m sure of that Keep ho lding on And nev er let g o This tim e would be differen t It would be cool and fun It would be deep and touching And I’m sure, it would la st


By: Narik a Villabro za Cherished moments Shared la ughter All that, I had wit h you I wish we could do it again Relive tho se memori es And, brin g the pas t back But I can ’t So now, ju st go and I’ll watch you This is m y way of saying go odbye



By: Jonita Man gaser Different person alities combined Different lives renewed. It’s the best th ing that happened for everyone, It’s a new adve nture for all of us. We’re not coun ting the days nor Waiting for tom orrow. We’re just enjo ying Every single da y that comes along the way. We knew each and everyone From their likes and dislikes. To their person alities down to their Dark sides. We love this fr iendship that we mad e. Thought it will last but it Never di d, a thought That will never happen. But still I’m ho ping, Hoping that this Friendship we’ve made Will happen agai n.

[para sa lahat ng naging parte ng LON ERZ]



LITERARY Tenurby, The Cry Baby by: Brian May Gacila

Tenurby is a young famed musician. He grew up without knowing his true parents. He was raised by a swineherd. He took care of the animals at the swineherd’s barn. He has a pet dog name Copper and he really loves his dog. One day, he found out that his foster father died and that made him a hard worker and took good care of the barn. At the age of 18, he became a successful swineherd, selling many pigs at the main village of their place. One day when he woke up from a heavy sleep, he went outside to find his best friend Copper dead. A villager said that his dog was shot by an unknown hunter. He cried and cried, and seeks revenge to those who killed his pet. He went to the village center and asked some villagers to where he can find the unknown hunters. The villagers answered his question with a loud laugh. He got mad and took his unique and powerful flute from his pocket. He played a ballad song and the villagers went under his spell. They acted like mechanic toys. He went to the fall near the main village; all the villagers followed him, even a mother that feeds her baby and a man taking his bath and the rats and other animals inside the village followed him unconsciously. They followed him until they reached the fall. He then played another type of music. This one is horrifying. The song made the stones below the fall rise up, increase the speed of the water and the worst part is, the villagers jumped from the top of the fall. Some fell into the rocks and some was drowned. After some time, he was pacified and decided to go back home. While walking back to his house, he was crying when he saw his dog and a villager in front of his door. He paused for a while and the villager said “I saw what you did boy, you’ve made a reckless decision.” The man cursed him and he cried and cried loudly ever after. Even if he likes to stop crying, he could not stop. Even in sleep, he is crying. And he died crying. And the villagers live quietly ever after.

The Starting Point Driselle Alvarez One day in July, I entered my new school and proceeded to my classroom. I’m finally a high school student; a freshman! I didn’t know what will happen or who will my friends be. I gazed into the four corners of the room; it was a simple classroom with board, tables, chair, lockers, fans and students. I don’t know and I will not know the exact names of the persons who already entered this room. But now I am one of them. I don’t know what kind of friendship, memories and bond had been built in this room. A feeling of excitement gushed into me; I will also build friendship, memories and bond into this simple classroom. The bell rang, students filing up into their designated classroom, unfamiliar faces running through my eyes. It was a nice view, a beautiful picture. The classes will soon start. I can’t describe how I felt; it was mixed emotions poured into a single entity. I didn’t know what to say or what to do. But there’s one thing I’m sure I felt; the feeling of enthusiasm and finally I said something; “I think being a high school student will be fun”.^_^




The Dream and Reality By: Yui Kusama That night I saw a dream, As strange as it may seem, That I learned how to fly And soar to the sky. The sky was clear and blue; This reminded me of you, Of how you made me calm with a touch of your palm. I felt the cool breeze, So cold as it freeze This reminded me of the day, You walked away. I slowly felt sad, I’m nearly going mad; I was broken and sick, Then my wings felt weak. I don’t know what to say Or what to do; I don’t know any way But cry out to you. I fell fast to the ground, Seeking out help that nowhere to be found; So I closed my eyes, as the sound around me dies. I tried to reach out my hand As I came near to the land To you, I’m crying: “I’m here, nearly dying”. Then from my dream, I woke; I saw you standing there And I nearly choke I see you’re going, but where? Then I felt extreme sadness Because of the likeness Of reality and my dream; Everything is so dim. Once again I tried to reach out to you But you won’t look, no matter what I do I saw the slowly disappearing light And everything as it ended tonight.

Girls For Me By: Harvey Atchada Girls are the temptation for all men like me If you fell in love with her, for sure she will make you crazy Once you court a girl, she will make you follow wherever she will be Some will make you a slave and will never set you free Some girls may love you as you are, and not what they want you to be. If you found a girl like that, you are so lucky But if you love a girl that only wants you to be somebody, Believe me; it’ll just make you unhappy. Girls in a relationship, they said they are the one who always cry. But I think the truth is, they will only cry when we die. They say that they don’t like other guys, but I think they lie, ‘Cause if you look them str4aight in the eye, You’ll see that they just deny. I am not saying that all girls are like this, I’m just telling that some of them like to please. Last thing is, I’m only asking why, Some girls can easily move on, When they were the ones who said goodbye.


COURIER Giving up By: Narika Villabroza We tried The two of us And you’re well aware of that Only you did not respond We begged you to stay Again, we begged But you remained cold And that hurt us We once believed That we got somethin’ working for us We hoped and we succeeded But did not last long So much for trying We got nothing In the end, we failed So now, we’re finally giving up

Recommend A Friend By: Yui Kusama I have a friend that I want to recommend. My best friend with a shoulder to lend. Always there for me and will always be; I’m so thankful to my friend that I can always depend. You, you have a friend too, a friend to trust, whose always there for you, when you’re in the last. Yet, you might not know it but one day you’ll meet; Someone that won’t deceive, your own friend to believe. By next time you’ll see, you’ll be recommending to me. Your friend you’re proud about, You’ll tell the world aloud.





By: Allen Verzosa

Chapter of my Life By: Brian Gacila

A woman for me is happiness A flower that blooms everyday Like a sweet nectar from the Ambrosia That eve birds need to taste She really is something to me She’s like a gift from God Lovelier than the goddess Aphrodite Shining like the sun Helios I wrote a story about myself About all the persons I met Especially the girl in my heart The one that increases my every heartbeat I left fourteen pages for her Wrote a story about her I feel her presence when I’m reading it Because she’s the chapter of my life.

You changed my world with a blink of an eye That is something that I cannot deny You can put my soul from worst to best That is why I treasure you in my chest You just don’t know what you have done for me You even pushed me to the best that I can be You really are an angel sent from above To take care of me and shower with love

“If I Could” Violin By: Narika Villabroza I watch Stefan play Bow gliding smoothly along the strings I am pulled Struck, that this person can truly, really captivate me For I can’t give the violin that much vigor For I am full of egoism Self-centered girl that I am I can just sit and watch him Though I try…

You have given me life that I could live worthwhile It is even better every time you smile How my life is a dream come true It all began when I was loved by you

I studied the minors and the majors Mozart, Vivaldi, and Beethoven I listen to them Yet, I can only praise

I wish I could talk to ‘til the end of the day But now I’m running out of things to say So I’ll end by this way the line you already know “I Love You” more than what I can show

I played but no one heard me For I’m the only master of this instrument that I’m holding This violin, this bow, even the strings Everyone’s becoming flippant and frivolous

Then it was my turn…

So I set the bow aside Put the violin down I ran And I actually cried

Chiara Alyssa C. Rayos If I could catch a rainbow, I would do it just for you. And share with you its beauty On the days you’re feeling blue. If I could build you a mountain, You could call you’re very own. A place to find serenity A place to be alone. If I could take your troubles, I would toss them in the sea. But all these things I’m finding are impossible for me. I cannot build a mountain Or catch a rainbow; fair: But let me be what I know best A friend that’s always there ...and a love that will never disappear.





My Beloved and Most Precious Mother

Un tit led By : Na rik a Vi lla br oz a

By: Jane Kirsten A. Lim


By: Yui Kusama Your voice let me hear it, Sing as I stay and sit; I’ll listen to every word you say, we’ll do it your way. Your hand let me feel it, just to know if you’re real; Hold on to me tight, so tight with all your might. Your face let me see it, and let our eyes meet. Look at me carefully and know me truly.

Ou t in th is co ld W he re th e lig ht ’s

I don’t know what to say For her to feel my loving way Sometimes I make her happy Even sometimes I make her grumpy I’ll do my best to grant her wish Even if she wants me to wash the dish If I can’t do to grant her wishing way I will just do is just to pray I know that some place in her heart that’s bright Her love for me is really tight Ill do my best to never lie Until the times we come to die

fa di ng Di so rie nt ed an d

los t, I be co me Gr iev ing an d dy ing Do n’t kn ow ho w Do n’t kn ow wh y So I let it be I sit an d wa tc h

I sim ply ca nn ot se e it I ca nn ot co mp re he nd Bu t I ke ep wa tc hin g An d I ke ep fe eli ng Fe eli ng th e hu rt an d th e pa in Th e nu mb ne ss an d lon eli ne ss Th e em pt ine ss th at I kn ow Yo u’v e ca us ed me

Your mind let me feed it, with knowledge of every bit; In exchange, think of me and I’ll let it be. But in your heart, I know, too much that tears flow. That it’s not me inside but I’ll always be by your side… …until I turn the tide.

Insatiable By: Narika Villabroza I want more More of everything I was never satisfied I never smile nor laugh for I’m not happy at all I seek,I crave That’s why I’m broken I asked and asked for more In the end, I got less than what I already have






Sarah M. De Guzman G… PARE KO, EASY KA LAN TOYANG… call and AD JUST SHAKE YER HE tuloy ang LIGAYA… gpa ipa at , ALA LING AK Mag-ingat lang sa MA NENA para makita TINDAHAN NI ALING Pumunta ka nalang sa ANNY niya. GR S HONKY-TOINK mo si SHIRLEY at ang GASIN sa ALAPAAP? huling nakita yung MA HEY! JAY! KAILAN mo ka… apansin ko na malungkot Saka Jay, MINSAN nap ? Shirley Bakit ba? Basted ba ni WITH A SMILE… day the rt sta t jus Nako Pare, BO… n ang HULING EL BIM NG kung paano sayawi HUWAG MO NG ITANO hin… Di ko rin naman sasabi IP TO JERUSALEM. TR a go to S BU E TH I’M WAITING FOR ING WELL. SH WI the So I can toss a coin in CAKE. ain na tayo ng FRUIT GAME! TAMA NA! kum RJERKY na TEA LIE JU IEVE na KALIWETE si And its HARD TO BEL … RA nakasuot ng MASKA KAPILING KA, TUWING UMUULAN AT A… NG At TAMA KA ANG BAHAGHARI. Lumalabas ang MASEL RUN KOT, just RUN BARBI HUWAG KANG MATA CK TO ME. BA e com and X LIKBAYAN BO Just go deliver the BA tagu-taguan… o sa PLAYGROUND ng Pagkatapos maglaro tay U GO? But HOW FAR WILL YO

Left Alone

By: Nicole Jo son I’ve been wond ering alone been living on my own. How long has it been? I’m missing yo u so Ever since yo u left me I’ve been alon e and weary. I’m so lost wi thout you I can’t stand anew. I tried to mo ve on but it’s hard. It’s hard to mo ve on with a br oken heart. You promised me you’ll stay , but where are you now? But I have no choice I have to acce pt. But still can’t rejoice, to the fact th at you’re… de ad.

Ate Yan :D Glaiza Mae Osido THE SUBIC ADVENTURE By: Vince B. Bingco Grade IV—Alypius

friend planned to go Subic, I and Jasper-my new In a good cozy afternoon at “Yuck!” I said as I it. in king found a pool with ducks quac at the bay. But instead we pees of the ducks. the ugh thro s and “Eeew” as I pass swim through the poops of duck y? ” I said as I go to the what the! Where’s little dogg “I guess I will just quit, mmm give up. But when I went to t? ” I thought. I thought to terrace. “Oh….men! Now wha I know he will come back. and y don’t give up its just dogg do that Jasper said “Vince up. minutes but doggy didn’t show Trust me”. I waited for a few doggy. I walked a long find to ide outs t wen etly secr Until it was meal time, I ted worrying why her star er moth to the house, Jasper’s is route just to find him. Back ’t know that Jasper and I was worrying too. They didn I y, dogg d son disappeared; my mother foun I n Whe k. trac just following me through my My tummy finding doggy. But Jasper is wl!” “gro and elf mys to relax just relax” I said n noticed I was lost. “Relax, I suddenly felt sleepy. Whe glass of water. Being tired, few a k dran only was it was empty I only ght thou I . sleeping ady home with Jasper, still y, I I opened my eyes, I was alre that it was true. Being sorr knew I y funn g thin some lled y. dogg save a dream but when I sme to I worked hard My mother appreciate that wrote a letter to my mom. THE END

si ate yanyan na mabait kahit na makulit. XD pagdating sa kalok ohan walang uurungan. :D kaibigang mapagk akatiwalaan kaibigang maaasa han kaibigang laging na ndiyan sa oras ng pangan gailangan. :D masarap kabarkad a masaya kasama maharot kachika ibang iba ka talag a! cute ang ate ko sapagkat cute din ako. walang aangal! damayan lang ya n.

Pictures from deviantart

By: Maricar Valdez


Seeing double? You’re in trouble! They seem duplicated ,But they’re not related! A.) Errol Agcaoili (IV– OLGC) and John Rey Baldonado(Gr. 6– St. Augustine) B.) Regine Baldomar(IV-OLC) and Riva Javier (III– Rita) C.) Krizia Asingua (III-Clare) and

2. Ikaw ba may-ari ng Crayola?? *** ikaw kasi nagbibigay ng kulay sa buhay ko.. 3. Uy picture tayo!! *** para ma-develop tayo!!



1. Minamalat na naman ang puso ko.. *** paano kasi, laging sinisigaw ang pangalan mo..

4. Kung ikaw ay bola at ako ang player, mashushoot ba kita?? *** hinde, para lagi kita mamimiss.. 5. Tapos ka na bang mag-exam?? *** para ako naman ang sagutin mo!! 6. Exam ka ba?? *** gustong-gusto na kasi kitang i-take home eh!!

Comic Strip

7. Scientist ako... *** at ikaw ang lab ko.. 8. Centrum ka ba?? *** kasi you make my life complete!! 9. Miss pinaglihi ka ba sa araw?? *** kasi nakakasilaw ang iyong kagandahan. 10. Mahilig ka ba sa asukal?? *** ang tamis kasi ng mga ngiti mo..

(Answers on page 30) Blind Item no. 1 Itong OMG na ito na isang napaka-loyal na personnel sa school na halos lahat ng mga seniors at juniors ay kilala na niya…including ang mga alumni. Maaasahan mo siya kung may kailangan ka. (alam n’yo nah!!!) Napaka-approachable niya at isang mabait na tao. Ilang years na siya dito sa Laco. Marami siyang kasundung mga magulang ng mga Elementary. Take note!!! Bawal nga lang bumili ng hindi coin plastic. Kaya magpapalit muna kayo bago kayo bumili sa kanya. Guess who!

(Answers at page 36)

Blind Item no. 2 Itong OMG na ito na isang mabait na tao. Kaibigan siya ng mga elementary pupils. Bago pa lamang siya sa Laco pero marami na siyang kaibigan dito. Halos lahat ay kilala na siya dahil siya ay friendly at very approachable. Para na siyang kabarkada ng buong high school. Siya ang unang una mong makikita pagpasok mo pa lamang. Marami siang LOAD!!! Pwede mo pang hiramin ang kanyang cellphone kung may kailangan kang I-text sa bahay niyo o kung kaya ay may nakalimutan kayo. Oh! Di ba friendly na nga, marami pang load. Sino kaya siya?!?

11. Pinaglihi ka ba sa keyboard?? *** kasi type kita.. 12. Ano bang height mo?? *** kasi nagtataka ako pano ka nagkasya sa puso ko… 13. Ibibili kita ng salbabida.. *** kasi malulunod ka sa pagmamahal ko.. 14. Are you Religious?? *** ’Cause you’re the answer to all my prayers.. 15. Notes payable ka ba?? *** kasi lumalaki na interes ko sayo eh…





By: Entertainment Staff

Melanie Flores & Camille Trinidad



Elegant 70’s coñio with a twist of Korean and Japanese casual streets is one of he most outrageous trends for the coming year. 70’s punk with some touches of elegant and coñio styles are in. Intricate dresses that spell RETRO are also in. For Korean and Japanese streets, go for something wild, hip, elegant and kind of out of style mix and match that will surely capture people’s eyes. Long petticoats with elegant but casual designs are also in style.

Now that the modern lingo has taken over the place..... Webster is out!.


Curls will be popular for both men and women for the year 2009. In specifying which of which, the fashion net sources predict milk braid, scenic hair cuts, modernized 60’s and 70’s hairstyles and more short hairs would probably be in every head of every woman next year. While for men, there would be scenic hairstyles and fringes for long hair, a clean but chic coñio style for short hair and last but not the least, the afro styled hair.


Give honor to your friend that took you to different places, YOUR FEET. Buy them new pairs of luxury and glitter that will surely make you and your feet happy. You can buy them new pairs of NIKE HYPERMAX (which will be released on 2009) and VELCRO sneakers that will give you a longer and more comfy walk. Every woman has a little Imelda in her. Next year, a stiletto is a must have. And YES! The charms of dominating and seductive killer stilettos are back. They are now packed with different iconic and classy styles that you will surely love. To honor men’s icky feet, there are these very comfortable and stylish Havaianas slippers for them. These haves have thousands of great designs that do not fade easily alike.

lingo #1: SHUWAW (shoo-waw) ---------> Expressing error to something. lingo #2: AYWAW (ay-waw) ---------> Expressing contradictory. lingo#3: IMAGINE THAT (majin-dat) ---------> Expressing awe/ synonymous to unbelievable! lingo#4: SHOPENER (shop-ner) ---------> A more glamorous way of saying sharpener. lingo#5: LOVE IT (ay-labit) ---------> Expressing extreme happiness. lingo#6: WHATEVER (wa-rever) ---------> Simply means whatever. lingo#7: GO! (gowh) ---------> Cheer or approval/ okay. lingo#8: YOUR SO.. GREAT/ ANG GREAT MO ---------> Simply means pure ignorance. lingo#9: OMG! PTJ! ---------> OH MY GOD! PATAY TAYO JAN! lingo#10: TAMA, TAMA --------> means approval or agreeing NOTE: Do not bother turning on your trusted English Dictionary. It cannot help you this time.


What are accessories? They are the gorgeous, pretty, seductive or even crappy things you wear to add character to your outfit. They are not only the things you accessorize with, even the shoes and other outfits are also called accessories in the world of fashion. Some say that they were just irresistible. Some can emphasize the part of your body that is not noticed. They can actually bring you into a wonderful mood. They can also be decorations of your body to be in style. And everybody has hidden obsession or craving for accessories, even with the guys.


Are we communicating? ---> Expression from Mrs. Babiera w/c means, do you understand?. IN FAIRNESS. ---> Another expression from Mrs. Babiera w/c means something positive/ favorable. BONGGA ---> Expression of MR.COCO for whatever reason, we don't know. O TALAGA? ---> It means, Mr. Coco does not believe you or either he just wanted to make you BARADO.





By: Maricar Valdez

RANDOM TRIVIA 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


(Answers at Page 30) 6.

7. 8. 9.





11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

The average life span of an umbrella is under two years. There is a city called Rome in every continent. A donkey will sink in quick sand, while a mule will not The first non-human to win an Oscar was Mickey Mouse The only word in the English language to contain three back to back d o u b l e l e t t e r combinations is; Bookkeeper. "Q" is the only letter in the alphabet that does not appear in the name of any of the United States Men can read smaller print than women can; women can hear well. The world's youngest parents were 8 and 9 and lived in China in 1910. Donald Duck comics were banned from Finland because he doesn't wear pants. The Guinness Book of Records holds the record for being the book most often stolen from Public Libraries. A stewardess is the longest word typed with only the left hand. Coca-Cola was originally green. A duck's quack doesn't echo. No one knows why. Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying. There are no words in the dictionary that rhyme with orange, purple and silver.


Love Strucked! By: emdee




Fish And Feather: Match the descriptions in A with the names in B, and then find the campus match of B in C. Clue: C are B’s rumored love interests. (We would like to thank B and C for being good sports. You should know, you add color to our school life.)

Column C


Column B

_____1. A junior- potential leader, stage performer, singer and honor card holder . _____2. Known for her booty shake, head of the majorettes. _____3. Volleyball player, known for having corny jokes and Pick-up lines. _____4. Native of Gensan, “Piolo” to some, especially to the seniors. _____5 Heartthrob and certified crush ng bayan _____6. Consistent top student since the start of his stay here at LCC-N _____7. A good artist and a great violinist _____8. Consistent prank maker and one of the favorite students of Sir Mags. _____9. Small but terrible, especially in the court. _____10. One of the gentle giants and the captain ball of the Basketball Team. _____11. President of her junior class and student-manager of Coop.

_____A .Ephrem Acorda _____B. Isabelle Altavas _____C. Alvin Arca _____D. Kate Benito _____E. Anthony Dimson. _____F .Mark Fulgar _____G. Alexander Jacinto _____H. Ferdinand Mariano _____I. Armando Medina _____J. Rojayne Pechayco _____K. Rhamuel Rodanilla

m. Applenette Manuel n. Bea Paculan o. Ferel Lopez p. Frenz Maloloy-on q. Glaiza Osido r. Grace Veran s. Jason Magana t. Jude Illustre t. Kristina Capati u. Marife Patsrana v. Nicole Joson

Answers at page 34

Let’s See if you REALLY read the school paper. Answer the Crossword Puzzle and Consider Yourself a winner of our huge thanks! No need to fret, all answers are found on this paper! GOODLUCK!

By: Dawn Fabrero– EIC


1.) Shaquille H. Diwa’s Sport. 4.) President of CSG SY 2008-2009 6.) School Librarian 7.) Agustinian School Meet 8.) Date of Ibong Adarna Play: 25, 2008 10.) Country were Donald Duck comics were banned. 12.) The medal won by the girl who brought back gold at the second competition she joined. 13.) Contest for primary pupil last Nutrition month 14.) The game of Logic

DOWNWARDS 2.) The main variety show for this season. 3.) New teacher; Has the birthday of Dec. 20, 1983 5.) Australian delegate who visited our school to establish friendship. 8.) Number of Sections in the Courier 9.) Seminar at PNU that selected Courier staff and high school students attended. 11.) The Sweet Rocker.




Variety Show to Welcome Christmas Season As the Christmas season begins, the LCC-N community prepares a variety show to welcome the “birth of Christ”. “Alay Talento Para Kay Kristo” is the LCC –N’s way of appreciating the giftedness of each person, and offering them back to Jesus– the source of all blessings. Since Christmas is also a season of giving the LCC—N community gives each one a gift of good and wholesome entertainment. The show will feature the little Ballerinas and LCC Street Dancers, the High School Dance Troupe, selected elementary pupils, Voice Power Talents, Taekwondo Jins, and the College Dance Group. It is in the same spirit of giving that we invite everyone to come and celebrate with us on December 5, 1:00 in the afternoon at the St. Augustine Gym. Tickets are available at the office of the president for only P100.00. The proceeds of the show will go to the improvement projects of the school namely repainting the school buildings and tiling of the floors. Check if your answers to the games in the entertainment section are correct! Hope you had fun answering the games we especially made for you! Enjoy and Good Luck with Your answers!

A.) Ate Pats B.) Kuya Leo (guard)

A.) Sr. Magalona B.) Ms. Dimson C.) Rose Anne (2nd Yr . Student and Ms. Acosta

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.


A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K.


“My heart is restless until it rests in You.” -St. Augustine


The Courier 2008-2009  

Official Student Publication of La Consolacion College Deparo- Novaliches for the Academic Year 2008-2009

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