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Council Shoulder Strip Patches For Sale After the gathering tonight, we will have the Footsteps of the Founders Patch and the Eagle Patch available for sale. The Footsteps of the Founders Patch is $5, the Eagle Patch is $20, the Limited Edition Jamboree Patch is $100, and the Campership Patch is $25. You may also order the patches by filling out the order form and mailing it to: Heart of Ohio Council, P. O. Box 368, Ashland, OH 44805.

Name: Address: City:


Footsteps Patch

X$ 5 =

Eagle Scout Patch

X $20 =

Campership Patch

X $25 =

Jamboree Patch Shipping Charge $1


X $100 = Total Amount Enclosed: $ 20

Heart of Ohio Council Officers

Congratulations! John Conklin Jr.

Council President William G. Lamb

Council Commissioner Dale A. DeGirolamo

Past Council President Thomas M. Routh

Council Treasurer Thomas M. Routh

Assistant Council Treasurer Daniel J. Moncher

Vice-President Development James L. Miller, Esq.

Vice-President District Operations Daniel P. DeVille

Vice-President Properties Dr. Richard R. Keller

Vice-President Program Stephen D. Warnock Brian S. White

Vice-President Technology Steve Oleen

We continue to be amazed by your accomplishments! Keep your goals set high and your accomplishments will be abundant. We are so proud of you.

Legal Counsel Kelly A. VanDenHaute Wickens, Herzer, Panza, Cook, & Batista Co.

Love: Mom, Dad and Dominique

Heart of Ohio Council Executive Board Members


Members-at-Large Lee. E. Belardo Brian Besecker* Robert O. Buskey James Conway Frederick F. Downey Jon Doyle* David P. Emmens Dr. William K. Fox Terry Goode

Timothy R. Gress John D. Harbaugh Victor L. Leandry C. Michael Lyons George Poulos Dr. Don Sheldon* Matthew P. Smith Homer Virden William H. Waldock Jason Wolf *District Chair

Advisory Committee Robert P. Alexander Jack Baird Gene Beaston Walter Chaffee Leonard DeLuca Brent A. Gardner

Michael Hill, III Dr. Leonard Janchar W. F. Marshall, DDS Corrine Y. McAfee Gary P. McAfee Fred F. Mellick

John R. Musson Thomas E. Myers Wayne Pelter Gilbert A. Sanow, II A. Richard Smith Grant Walls 2

Howard Whiston Janet Yates

Professional Staff

Marion Scout Store

Eric Clark, Assistant Scout Executive Kevin Fox, Program Executive Jerry Skully, Resource Development Amanda Paul, Senior District Executive (GFD) Mike Warnock, District Executive (GFD) Breck Dokken, Senior District Executive (JATD) Jeff Vanderpool, District Executive (TFD) Chad Schnitzler, District Executive (HAD)

Sheree Krassow, Manager Keely Ault Kathy Laird

Firelands Scout Store and Trading Post Beverly Yarbrough, Manager Ingrid Weaver Diane Baird

Support Staff Kim Messersmith, Administrative Assistant Lisa Whisler, Office Manager Koren Roberts, Registrar Dawne Beckel, Program Secretary Loretta Carr, Accounting Specialist Danny Thomas, Ranger Firelands Scout Reservation

Heart of Ohio Scout Shop Sherry Edwards, Manager Kathy McQuate Deb Hall Jodi Hill


Council Recognition Dinner Master of Ceremonies .................................................................................................................... Dan DeVille Opening Ceremony ............................................................................................................ 2012 Eagle Scouts Invocation ......................................................................................................................................... Bill Payne

Dinner Welcome ........................................................................................................................................ Dan DeVille Council Highlights ........................................................................................................................... Dan DeVille 2012 Eagle Scout Class Honoree ............................................................................................. Steve Warnock 2012 Eagle Scout Recognition ................................................................................................. Steve Warnock Silver Beaver Presentations .................................................................................................. Dale DeGirolamo

Closing Closing Remarks……………………………………………………………….…………………………....Dan DeVille Closing Video

The Heart of Ohio Council would like to extend a special thanks to Jeff Zullo for lending his vocal talents.




The BSA's highest award was originally conceived as the Wolf Scout, as shown in the June 1911 Official Handbook for Boys. The August 1911 version of the handbook changed this to Eagle Scout. The medal illustrated in the handbook was a profile of an eagle in flight, but was changed to the current design before any were issued. In their original conceptions, Life Scout, Star Scout (Life preceded Star until 1924) and Eagle Scout were not ranks, but part of the merit badge system that recognized Scouts who had earned a specified number of merit badges. Eagle Scout was awarded to any First Class Scout who had earned 21 merit badges. Consequently, eight of the first nine Eagle Scouts did not earn the ranks of Life or Star. The first Eagle Scout medal was awarded in 1912 to Arthur Rose Eldred, a 17-year-old member of Troop 1 of Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York. Eldred was notified that he was to be awarded the rank of Eagle Scout in a letter from Chief Scout Executive James West, dated August 21, 1912. The design of the Eagle Scout medal had not been finalized by the National Council, so the medal was not awarded until Labor Day, September 2, 1912. Eldred was the first of three generations of Eagle Scouts; his son and grandson hold the rank as well. Since then, more than two million Scouts have earned the rank. In 1982, 13-year-old Alexander Holsinger, of Normal, Illinois, was recognized as the onemillionth Eagle Scout and Anthony Thomas of Lakeville, Minnesota was the two-millionth in 2009. A total of 2,209,000 Scouts had earned Eagle Scout by the end of 2012; out of 83,486,083 Scouts since 1911; this was just over two percent of the Boy Scouting membership. In 2012, 57,976 Eagle Scout awards were presented, about 7 percent of the 2012 membership.

The Heart of Ohio Council is proud that all five 2013 Silver Beaver honorees are Wood Badge trained. Three are staff, serving on our upcoming course this summer. C4-450-13 is filling up fast with less than 10 slots left. Wood Badge is truly one of Scouting’s mountaintop experiences. It has served as a source of leadership training and inspiration to thousands. It can change your life, affect how you perceive Scouting and give you the tools to better serve our youth. Skills developed from Wood Badge training will help a volunteer leader do a better job in any BSA program or at any level of involvement.

VETERAN AWARDS William McCaulley James Mears James Etzwiler Mahala Riley James Foster Larry Howell Kevin Fox Eric McQuate John McQuate Kathy McQuate Charles Miska

50 years 50 years 40 years 40 years 35 years 35 years 25 years 10 Years 10 years 10 years 5 Years

Congratulations 2012 Eagle Scouts!

Five 2012 Silver Beaver Honorees are Wood Badge Trained

The History of the Eagle Scout

Michael Messersmith Congratulations Troop 406, Shelby Portage Lodge 619 would like to congratulate all of the 2012 Eagle Scouts and Silver Beaver recipients on Taylor R. their great accomplishments!


We are so proud of you and your effort to conquer the climb to Eagle. Dad, Mom, Amanda, Robin, Benjamin, Maren, Paul & Samuel

Congratulations, Mike. We are proud of you.


Connor McGinley

Jonathan N. The Order of the Arrow is Scouting’s “National Honor Society” that seeks to recognize Schafer

those Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the points of the Scout Oath and Scout Law in their daily lives. The Order of the Arrow is a “Brotherhood of Cheerful Service,” and the Heart of Ohio Council is proud to call Portage Lodge 619 our own. Over the past few years, Portage Lodge has proven to be one of the best, if not the best lodge in the country by earning the coveted E. Urner Goodman Camping Award and the National Service Award. Youth Arrowmen run the lodge and are advised by capable adults. Last year, the lodge gave over $3,000 and 3,500 hours of service to the Heart of Ohio Council. There are nearly 600 members of the lodge and their mission statement reads: Congratulations on becoming an

We are so proud of you!

Love, Eagle Scout! May ofyou soarPortage high and As an integral part of the Heart of Ohio Council, Boy Scouts America, Mom, Dad and Lindsey Lodge 619 will be an exceptional bonded brotherhood, whichproud! provides exemplary cheerful service to the Heart of Ohio Council, its members and its Love: communities along our Journey to Excellence.

Mom, Dad, Hannah & Archer



John D Harbaugh, III

Congratulations, J.D. Mom, Dad, Jessica Meem and Gramps

Congratulations on a job well done!

Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.

Love, Dad, Mom, Carlie and Ra

Ernest Hemmingway


Congratulations 2012 Eagle Scouts!

Chad Johnson Troop 427

Portage Lodge 619 would like to congratulate all of the 2012 Eagle Scouts and Silver Beaver recipients on their great accomplishments!

The Order of the Arrow is Scouting’s “National Honor Society” that seeks to recognize those Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the points of the Scout Oath and Scout Law in their daily lives. The Order of the Arrow is a “Brotherhood of Cheerful Service,” and the Heart of Ohio Council is proud to call Portage Lodge 619 our own. Over the past few years, Portage Lodge has proven to be one of the best, if not the best lodge in the country by earning the coveted E. Urner Goodman Camping Award and the National Service Award. Youth Arrowmen run the lodge and are advised by capable adults. Last year, the lodge gave over $3,000 and 3,500 hours of service to the Heart of Ohio Council. There are nearly 600 members of the lodge and their mission statement reads: As an integral part of the Heart of Ohio Council, Boy Scouts of America, Portage Lodge 619 will be an exceptional bonded brotherhood, which provides exemplary cheerful service to the Heart of Ohio Council, its members and its communities along our Journey to Excellence. 5

Past Silver Beaver Award Recipients

What’s It Worth? The Eagle Badge. The highest rank a Scout can earn. What is it worth? Well, in dollars and cents it is worth about $7.50. Probably two and a half dollars in silver, twenty fives cents worth of ribbon, and the rest of it in manufacturing and handling cost. But, what is it really worth to you? Think back to the time when you first became a Scout. Remember the Scout skills that you learned for each rank? And the re-dedication to the Scout Oath and Law each time you advanced. Think of the service that you have given to your troop and to other people. Is your Eagle badge worth $7.50? Of course not! Your Eagle badge is priceless. It represents everything that you have learned, everything that you have done to be prepared, to help others, and to help yourself. So now you stand on the peak of the mountain. An Eagle Scout; now look ahead, look sharp. Way out there in the mist is another mountain, and there below is the trail to your future. It may be a long trail, or a short one, but it leads to that mountain far away. As you walk down the trail, and as the years roll by and finally reach the end, we all hope that you can look back on the trail of life and be able and proud to say, “I have done my best.”


Ed Schemine

Jim Slagle

Robert Sliney

Glenn E. Slyker*

Robert Schnaufer*

Alvin Smith

Paul D. Tappan*

A. Richard Smith

Wilbert Schrader*

David Smith

Clinton Taylor

Albert L. Smith, Jr.

Louis Schroeder

E. Victor Smith

Donald C. Taylor

William Watkins

William Schuller

H. Wayne Smith*

Robert J. Taylor*

Michael Watson

Greg Schultz

Harold E. Smith

Carl C. Theaker

Donna Watts

Kathy Schultz

Linda Smith

Dudley Thomas

Charles Weaver

Edwin Schwaderer*

Matthew P. Smith

Willis C. Thomas

Don Weaver*

Raymond Scott*

Max L. Smith*

William Thomasson, Jr.

Mark Weber

C. E. Seabright*

Phillip Smith

Christopher Tobin

Ron Weisbrodt

Robert Seabright

Raymond Smith

James J. Tobin

Edward Werner

Cyrus Sears*

Myron T. Sooy*

Ralph G. Tomson

A. H. West*

Andrew S. Sechkar*

Virginia Spigiel

John Treece

Brian White

Dean Segna

H. Richard Spreng

Thelma Treece*

Eugene White*

Robert Segna*

Stephen Springer

Paul V. Trifiletti

Harold White

Jacob Seitz

Douglas A. Stage

Charles Trueman*

T. Arthur White

Jerry L. Sellars

Howard Stauffer*

Paul Tucker*

Ray L. Whittaker

Mary Jo Sellars

Paul Stefanik

J. R. Turner

Charles Wiles*

William O. Seamans

David Steffanni*

Leonard Uehlein*

Robert Wilke, Sr.*

Jack Sevits*

Dr. Theo Stellhorn, Jr.*

Wilbur Upson*

Dr. P. Wilkinson*

Albert Shaffer, Jr.*

Dr. Theo J. C. Stellhorn*

W. S. Valmore*

John L. Willis

Dean Sheldon

William Stephenson*

John B. VanTine*

C. E. Wilmoth*

Roy Shipton

Esther Sterritt

Annette Van Voorhis

Donald R. Wilson

Gaye Shira

Floyd Sterritt

John E. Vessalo*

Richard Wirth

Henry Shook*

Elaine Stierhoff*

Dr. A. J. Wagner*

Bernard Wisebaker*

C. Michael Short

Wade Stierhoff*

A. F. Wakefield*

Thomas J. Witkowski

Paul Shoup*

Edwin Stitt

Kenneth Wakely*

Norene M. Wittmer

Robert Shriver

Russell Stokely*

William H. Waldock

Russell J. Wittmer*

Debra Sickmiller

Vern Stover*

C. F. Walker*

Clarence Woodburn*

William Sickmiller

Rod Streib

John Walker

J. Robert Wright*

Thomas Sidley, Jr.*

Frank Strickling

Grant Walls

Louis Wright*

Timothy Siegfried

Dr. C. E. Stroud*

Kevin K. Wappner

Beverly Yarbrough

James J. Simpkins

Tom Stuckert*

Marion Dale Ward*

John Yarbrough

Frank Sitler*

George Swartsfager*

Richard J. Ward

George Zerby

Richard Slack*

J. J. Swisher*

Steven Warnock

Dana Zody


Jeff Zullo


Past Silver Beaver Award Recipients Dr. Paul Lyon

W. C. Mead*

Virgie Myers*

Ralph Poth*

C. Michael Lyons

Charles Means

A. Nabakowski*

Tim Pritchett

Marlene Malone

James L. Mears

James Nabokowski*

Richard Probst

Dr. Frank Mann*

Robert B. Meese

Charles E. Nalley*

Raymond L. Pryor*

Donald Markley*

Fred F. Mellick

Edwin Naus*

Henry J. Puhr

W.F. Marshall, DDS

Roy Miles*

Carl C. Neiding*

Harold Pyle*

Harold Martin

Dr. Donald Miller

Frank Newbraugh

Vernon Queer*

Jack Martin

John Miller

Rosemary Nichols*

Edgar Raby*

Richard Martin

Neil A. Miller

Maynard Nielsen*

George W. Raike

Rose Martin

R. M. Miller*

Tom Norton*

David Reed

Christopher Marty

Robert H. Milum, Jr.

Cecil Ody*

Stephen Reynolds

Charlotte Marty*

Sondra Milum

Steve Oleen

Loy Rhoads*

William Mason*

Robert L. Missig*

Greg Olgin

H. L. Richardson*

Robert Mason*

Robert Mitchel*

James Oster

Milo B. Richery*

Chris McAfee

Leonard J. Monore*

David Ott*

Charles Richter

Corrine McAfee

Chester H. Moore*

L. A. Ott*

Stanley Rickel*

E. P. McAfee*

John More*

Louis J. Ott*

Chester J. Ricker

Gary McAfee

Chris Morgan

David Palmer

Jodi Ricker

Laura McAfee

Charles Morris

Gerold Pankratz*

Larry Riley

Terry McAfee

J. L. Morrow

Harold Parker*

Mahala Riley

J. B. McCarter

Leslie Motter

Lester G. Parker*

C. David Robinson

W. O. McClellan*

Marion H. Moyer*

William Parker

Donald Robinson*

Doris McCracken*

David Mullett

George Paul*

Michael Rockas*

Ward McCracken*

Ray Murphy*

Roland Peters

Charles F. Roesch*

William McCurdy

T. Murphy*

Roger Pfahler*

Eldon Rosswurm

John A. McDavid*

Jay L. Murr*

Dan Phallen

Raymond Roth

Richard McElroy*

Richard Murr

Harold Phalor

Thomas Routh

Robert J. McGrath

John Musson

Paul Pheiffer*

Wayne Russell

Timothy McHenry*

Robert R. Myer

Col. John Phelan*

James Ryan*

Lloyd McIntire*

Wanda Myer

Russell Phipps

Myron Sage*

T. A. McIntyre

Charlton Myers*

Glen Pierson*

Gilbert A. Sanow II

Lewis McLaughlin*

John C. Myers*

Herbert P. Piper*

James Sauber

Dr. Chas McMullen*

Roy F. Myers

Glenn Pore*

John F. Sauer

R. F. McMullen

Thomas E. Myers

L. Otis Porter*

Wilfred Schaffner*


2012 Eagle Scout Class Michael Anadell Troop 450, Amherst

Ryan Arendash Troop 153, Columbia Station

Jeffrey Ashley Troop 304, Bucyrus

Andrew Ault Troop 86, Marion

Dillon Bak Troop 153, North Ridgeville

Christopher Baldasare Troop 121, Lexington

Patrick Barnes Troop 397, Lorain

Devin Baughn Troop 304, Mount Gilead

Aaron Beck Troop 203, Bellevue

Trevor Beck Troop 203, Bellevue

Brennan Beickelman Troop 50, Marion

Matthew Bernotas Troop 101, Mansfield

Gregg Berry Troop 218, Norwalk

Logan Black Troop 51, Carey

Zachary Broadbent Troop 333, Avon

Sean Bryan Troop 170, Ontario

Aaron Bussard Troop 47, Ashley

Michael Butorac Troop 345, Lorain

Zachary Charville Troop 214, Milan

Ian Churchill Troop 214, Norwalk

Taylor Coffelt Troop 91, Bellevue

Alexandre Coker Troop 414, Wellington

Samuel Coleman Troop 406, Shelby

John Conklin, Jr. Troop 107, North Ridgeville

Isaiah Corso-Phinney Troop 121, Mansfield

James Cronau Troop 106, New Washington

Travis Davidson Troop 218, Norwalk

Jesse Davis Troop 32, Marion

Kevin Deisenroth Troop 338, Avon Lake

Noah Dillinger Troop 121, Mansfield

Zachary Dollish Troop 121, Mansfield

Connor Dunwoodie Troop 414, Wellington

Patrick Dusza Troop 31, Huron

Keith Eastman Troop 50, Marion

Andrew Echelberger Troop 126, Bellville

Austin Faber Troop 7, Sandusky

Aaron Ferguson Troop 414, Wellington

Stephen Ferguson Troop 414, Wellington

Keith Foisy Troop 345, Lorain

Braden Fox Troop 242, Wakeman

Brandon Geckle Troop 26, Marion

Charles Gholson Troop 23, Prospect

Joshua Glover Troop 214, Mansfield

Christopher Grant Troop 31, Huron

Zachary Gundlach Troop 153, North Ridgeville

Joshua Hamker 140, North Ridgeville

John Harbaugh III Troop 26, Caledonia

James Hardman Troop Troop 91, Bellevue


Daniel Boss Troop 104, Columbia Station Kyle Burns Troop 131, Mansfield Jeremy Carson Troop 153, Columbia Station

2012 Eagle Scout Class

Past Silver Beaver Award Recipients James F. Flynn*

Dr. J. S. Greetham*

C. G. Hillier*

John J. Kientz

Norman Fogt*

Timothy Gress

H. James Hire*

Gary Kime

Larry Foley

Peter Greszler*

Ernest Hoam*

C. I. Kimmel*

B. W. Forkner*

Richard O. Grubb*

V. F. Hockenrough*

Ralph Kingsley*

James Foster

Justine Gubernath*

Joseph C. Holmes, Jr.*

Roger Kingsley

Rob France

Wayne Guillery*

Melvin T. Hooker*

Dan Kinsey*

William S. Frankel*

Frank Gulich*

Clifford M. Houser*

Lyle Knapp*

George G. Freer, Jr.*

Charles Gundlach III

Charles H. Howard*

Harlan Knopf*

Darrell French

Gary Haley, DDS*

Paul Howard*

Jack Knowles*

Fred Fries, Sr.

Glenn Haller*

Larry E. Howell

Willis Knowlton

Steve Fuller

William G. Halsey*

Robert Hubble

Edward Koch*

Fr. Fred Furey*

A. Merle Hamilton*

A. J. Huffman

Kenneth J. Kohler

E. P. Gates*

J. A. Hamilton

Robert Huntzinger

Walter Kraft*

Paul Gay

John Hammer*

Charles Hupp*

Henry Kubic*

Melanie Gerken

Glen Hankins*

H. M. Hurlbut*

Evelyn M Kuehne

Martha Gertel*

Janet Harbaugh

Van S. Hylton

Gerald Lantz

Richard Geyser

John D. Harbaugh

Howard Iler*

Peter Larrow

Charles Giauque

Donald Harding, Sr.

Chester Ireland

Jack Law*

Webb Gibeaut*

Paul Hardy

Donald T. Jameson*

James Lee

Kenneth A. Gibson*

William Harkins

Dr. Leonard Janchar

Gary Lehman*

George L. Glitsch*

Arnold Harpel

Joe Jarosz*

Jack Lentz*

Kevin Philipps Troop 217, New London

R. A. Godfrey*

Rev. Richard Harper*

Sam Jenkins*

Joseph Lesch*

Else Goebel

Shirley Hart

Donny Jennings

C.W. Lindeman

Chase Rankine Troop 217, New London

Aaron Roberts Troop 110, Elyria

John Goebel*

V. S. Hart*

JoeAnn Johns

Walter Lingo*

Al Goerlich

Glen J. Hartman*

Jeffery R. Jolley

J.W. Llewellyn*

William Sams Troop 31, Huron

Michael Savel Troop 414, Wellington

Jonathan Schafer Troop 409, Berlin Heights

David Goldthorpe*

L. Leo Hartmann*

Franklin M. Jones*

Herbert Loewy*

William Goodwin*

Martha Heffernan*

Donald W. Kaatz

Linda Lombardi

Daniel Schlitt Troop 502, Ashland

Kyle Schmidt Troop 175, North Ridgeville

Zachariah Shutt Troop 131, Mansfield

James R. Grachek

Jack Heichel

Gayle Kanz, Sr.

Charles Longhurst*

Gregory Gradisek

Ruth Heichel*

Rev. Monty Kaufman

Urban Lorentz

Byron Smith Troop 428, Amherst

Michael Spade Troop 304, Crestline

Justin Sprankel Troop 236, Huron

William H. Graham*

Larry Heid

Joe Kebe*

John Lugas*

Homer Grant

Clarence Heister*

James Kellam

Mark Lugas

Henry Stahl Troop 113, Mansfield

Alex Stelzer Troop 214, Milan

Matthew Stelzer Troop 113, Mansfield

Dr. Robert T. Gray*

Barney Henkin*

Richard Keller*

William Lukach*

Jerome T. Green

Dr. James Hering, Sr.

Thomas Kerpics

Lawrence Luther

Robert Green*

Harold Hicks*

Stanley Ketcham*

Becky Lux

Joshua Harris Troop 586, Ashland

Derek Hartschuh Troop 777, Upper Sandusky

Paul Hessler Troop 83, Sandusky

James Hickey Troop 203, Bellevue

Kyle Hieb Troop 450, South Amherst

Justin Hille Troop 8, Sandusky

Zachary Hodge Troop 397, Lorain

Michael Hogrefe Troop 333, Avon

Thomas Holowecky Troop 333, Avon

Ryan Holzer Troop 47, Marengo

Aaron Indoe Troop 3, Marion

Chad Johnson Troop 427, Amherst

Evan Kangas Troop 428, South Amherst

Eric Kasper Troop 450, Amherst

Nicholas Kibler Troop 26, Marion

Kyle Kidd Troop 242, Wakeman

Jacob Kindt Troop 126, Bellville

Casey Kitts Troop 217, New London

Dominic Kitts Troop 217, New London

Benjamin Knechtly Troop 56, Mount Gilead

Dale Lingo Troop 50, Marion

Adam Litzler Troop 334, Avon Lake

Brian Long Troop 131, Lexington

Clayton Mastorovich Troop 303, Sheffield Lake

Lucas Matheson Troop 447, Vermilion

Connor McGinley Troop 236, Berlin Heights

Michael Messersmith Troop 406, Shelby

Zachary Meyers Troop 8, Sandusky

Caleb Moore Troop 236, Berlin Heights

Kolby Munk Troop 24, Sandusky

Richard Neel Troop 24, Sandusky

Alexander Neff Troop 101, Bucyrus

Timothy Niehart Troop 447, Vermilion

Andrew Okes Troop 303, North Ridgeville

Matthew Ortman Troop 236, Huron

Justin Quisenberry Troop 333, Avon



2012 Eagle Scout Class

Past Silver Beaver Award Recipients Charles Albright

Brian Besecker

Sonia Childs

Janet M. Diewald

Frank Aller

Floyd G. Brown*

Nick Chilton

Wayne Dittmer*

Mike Amstutz

Terry Brown

Roger Clay

Fred Dombaugh*

Sue Andres

Lynn Broz*

Thomas J. Close

Joe Donithen

A.F. Arheit*

William Broz

Ralph Cobey*

Thomas J. Dorsey*

Harold Arlin*

Harold A. Bruce*

Greg Coghlan

I. Thomas Doty*

John J. Arntz*

William Bruce

Everette Coldwell

James Doughman*

Doris Atkins

Harriet Brunger

Pat Coldwell

Edwin Dowler*

Charles Backman*

Arthur A. Buchwald*

Ray Coleman

Frederick F. Downey

Leroy Bader*

Donald Buckingham

Jerome Collins

Angelo Dublo*

Jack M. Bailey*

Roy Buckingham*

Harrison Comstock*

Norman Duke

Daniel Bakenhaster

Arthur Bucknell

Harold Conley*

Francis Earnshaw, Jr.*

James Baker*

William Burkhart

Henrietta Conley

John Ebert

Calvin Ball*

H. Leo Burlingame

Francis Cook*

Wesley Eddy

Stephen Banko, MD

Alex Burnett*

E. J. Cosgrove*

Richard Eichler

Willard Barth

Mary A. Burnette

Joe Cotner

Henry Eidem*

Kenneth Bartter

Ken Burrows*

Susan A. Cotton

Don Einsel

Ray Beardsley*

William Bursley

John Cowl

Carol Engel

Karl Bechtle*

Richard A. Bush

Robert Craig

William W. Enlow*

Wallace G. Beebe*

Robert O. Buskey

E. C. Crall

Roger Enright*

Ed Beecher

Russell Butterworth*

Daniel Crum

Robert Enskat*

Dr. Roger Beitler*

Robert Butts

Florence Crum*

William Erhnsberger*

E. A. Bell*

Edward Byrns, Sr.*

O. D. Culler

James Etzwiler

Dennis Benson

Richard Campenella

Frank Culp*

James Ewell, Jr.

Leslie Bentley*

Nelson Campbell*

Richard J. Curren

Alfred Exton, Sr.*

Robert L. Bentz*

Irving Carpenter*

Glen Dalton

Herbert J. Eyman

Fred Bertram*

Lawrence Carr*

C. A. Davies

Lynn Faggionato

Dr. D. D. Bibler*

Glenn Carter

H. K. Day

Vincent T. Farrell

Steve Binkley

Robert Case*

Dr. William Deffinger*

Richard Fauver*

Arthur D. Blair

Malcolm Cash

Dale A. DeGirolamo

Amos E. Feiszli*

Edward Bodkin

Janet Cass

Leonard DeLuca

Howard R. Ferguson

Vinton Bosley*

Henry B. Castleman*

Robert G. Dempsey

Robert Ferguson

Paul E. Bowman

Walt Chaffee

Naida Demuth

William Fierbaugh

John Boyer*

Paul Chappell

Floyd Dent*

Clarence W. Finley

Eric Brooke

Frank R. Chase*

Ruth A. Diehl

Lloyd Flood*

D. Warren Brown*

Robert C. Chew*

James Dierkshielde*

Arthur Flowers


Ryan Stewart Troop 586, Ashland

Paul Sulser Troop 304, Galion

Jacob Tetzloff Troop 24, Sandusky

Julian Thomas Troop 345, Lorain

Jordan Timura Troop 104, Columbia Station

Jacob Uhas Troop 333, Avon

Cameron Uptmor Troop 338, Avon Lake

Nathan Valentine Troop 414, Wellington

Blake Van Keuren Troop 122, Elyria

Jeffrey Vince Troop 428, Amherst

Trevor Williamson Troop 447, Vermilion

Gregory Wills Troop 170, Mansfield

Taylor Wolf Troop 7, Sandusky

August Wright Troop 345, Amherst

Joseph Wryst Troop 47, Ashley

Cullen Young Troop 104, Columbia Station

Congratulations to the 2012 Eagle Scouts The Scouts gave you a challenge, and you’ve met it faithfully my friend, But it is quite hard to understand, just all it will mean in the end. An Eagle Scout, you’ve reached the top, or have you only just begun? I’m betting that you will not stop, with so much glory to be won. For life holds out a challenge too, A mountain high for you to scale, And with the training Scouts gave you, there’s really no such word as fail. And so as you press on ahead, you’ll find it’s made much work like play, And as the tasks before you spread, they’ll find you ready, so I’ll say. Congratulations Eagle Scout, the world before you now spread, Scouts taught you much what life’s about, prepared you well for what’s ahead.


Mike Barnett

Paul Hiszem

Mike has served in many roles during his numerous years in Scouting as an adult. At the district level, he has been a member of the Johnny Appleseed Trail District membership committee and district training staff, roundtable commissioner, merit badge counselor, chaired camporees, and is the district commissioner. At the unit level, Mike was Cubmaster of Pack 899, which is a special needs pack. He was also Venturing Crew Advisor of Crew 4001. He is currently Cubmaster of Pack 170 and is the Scoutmaster of Troop 899, which is a special needs troop. He received the District Award of Merit in 2011. Mike earned his Wood Badge beads in 2004. Mike volunteers many hours at the Independent Living Center of North Central Ohio in Challengers (special needs) T-ball as a coach and the Hoopsters Basketball (special needs) as a coach. He also designs and builds accessible games and equipment for the center’s events. Through Mike’s devotion to Pack and Troop 889, he has brought Scouting to many special needs Scouts. His family is very much a part of Scouting as well, his wife Jackie and their grandson Brandon.

Paul started in Scouting as an adult in 1986 with Pack 208 as a pack committee member, then assistant Webelos leader, and Cubmaster. In 1994, he joined Troop 208, serving as a troop committee member, Scoutmaster, troop committee chair, and assistant Scoutmaster. He most recently was the Scoutmaster of Troop 208. He serves on The Firelands District committee. He has also served as an assistant Scoutmaster to the National Jamboree in 2001 and as assistant for the 2009, 2010, and 2012 NYLT courses. Paul will be a Scoutmaster to the National Jamboree in 2013. He earned his Wood Badge beads in 2012. Paul was awarded the District Award of Merit in 2001. He is a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow. Paul has been a leader for the 1993, 1996, 2000, 2003, and 2010 Philmont treks.

Robin Garrow

Brian Lenox

Robin has served in many roles during her ten years in Scouting as an adult. She started in Scouting in 2004 as a Tiger Cub den leader with Pack 104. She then moved into the position of committee chair for the pack. In 2008, she became an assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 107, a position she still holds today. She has served on Great Frontier district committee, encampment staff, and University of Scouting staff. Robin was awarded the District Award of Merit in 2009. She earned her Wood Badge beads in 2012. Robin is a physical therapist assistant, specializing in craniosacral therapy. She earned an associate of applied science degree from CCC.

Brian has served in many capacities in Scouting. On the unit level, he has served as Tiger Cub coach, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Webelos leader, Venture crew advisor, and troop committee member. On the district level, Brian has been a merit badge counselor, roundtable commissioner, and Great Frontier District training chair. He has also served as the Order of the Arrow ceremonies advisor. He is currently a committee member of Troop 428 and a Great Frontier District committee member. Brian has improved and strengthened the program, while mentoring/ coaching a successor to continue once he moved on. Professionally, Brian is a software engineer/programmer. Brian has been very active outside of Scouting as the robotics Club advisor and a Sunday school teacher.

John Harbaugh Jr. J.J. started Scouting as a youth with Troop 56, in Mt. Gilead, where he earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He is currently a committee member of Troop 26, where his son earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He is also a member of the Harding Area District program committee. Over the years, J.J. has served in various district and council positions as an adult volunteer. He is currently serving as the NYLT course director, and has completely revamped the course. He has served on several outdoor leader skills courses and BALOO trainings. This summer, he will serve on staff at the Summit Bechtel Reserve as a firefighter. He is Wood Badge trained and served as senior patrol leader for the 2011 course and will serve on the 2013 course staff. J.J. is a Lieutenant with the Jefferson Township Fire Department in Blacklick, Ohio, and serves as the department’s union president. 10


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