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The 1910 Society To qualify as a member of the 1910 Society, an individual donor, company, or organization must contribute $25,000 or more to the local council endowment fund. Recognition will be given for gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, lead trusts, or other assets that could be readily converted to cash. The gift to endowment may be in the form of a pledge, payable within five years of the pledge date.

Leaving a Legacy

The 1910 Society was named for the year in which the early, visionary leaders of Scouting founded the Boy Scouts of America. Those who have made endowment gifts to further the Scouting movement are, themselves, modern-day visionaries. There are four levels of recognition in the 1910 Society: $25,000 Ernest Thompson Seton Member: nationally known artist, naturalist, and author of the first official American Scout handbook. $100,000 Daniel Carter Beard Member: first National Court of Honor chairman and first national Scout Commissioner. $500,000 Theodore Roosevelt Member: first Chief Scout Citizen, first vice-president of the BSA, and president of the United States. $1,000,000 Waite Phillips Member: one of the BSA’s first benefactors and donor to the BSA of almost 130,000 acres of land in New Mexico and the heart of Philmont Scout Ranch. Members receive a leather-bound edition of the Boy Scout Handbook with their name embossed in gold on the cover, an attractive personalized parchment certificate, and a distinctive lapel pin or charm. They also receive invitations to special members-only events and receptions at National Meetings, Jamborees, and other major Scouting events.

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The Founders Circle The Founders Circle was designed to recognize individuals and families that make deferred gifts to our council endowment fund. Donors are recognized for gift commitments with a minimum value of $100,000. The donor is granted membership in the Founders Circle with gifts through a bequest in a will or codicil, Charitable Remainder Trust, BSA Gift Annuity or BSA Pooled Income Fund Life Insurance, Retirement Plan/IRA designation, or other deferred gifts approved by our council. There are four levels of membership in the Founder’s Circle: Bronze $100,000 minimum gift commitment Gold $500,000 minimum gift commitment

Silver $250,000 minimum gift commitment Platinum $1,000,000 minimum gift commitment

The early founders of the BSA had the vision and commitment to make Scouting the number one values-based youth organization in the world. In that spirit, we honor the modern day visionaries who qualify for the Founders Circle in their commitment to perpetuate the visions and beliefs of those founders. Members receive a leather-bound edition of the Boy Scout Handbook with their name embossed in gold on the cover, an attractive personalized parchment certificate, and a distinctive pin.

Giving for Scouting’s Future

The Clinton Valley Council Endowment Fund Consider the great investment opportunities of gold, real estate, stocks, bonds, and BOY SCOUTS. Yes, the Boy Scouts. Other investment opportunities lose their luster and their value declines according to the whims of an unpredictable market. But the worth of the Boy Scouts never declines. It is an investment that always appreciates and always pays dividends because Boy Scouts invest in the lives of our youth. For over 97 years, the Boy Scouts of America have been teaching young people fundamental lessons in life, while developing enlightened, responsible citizens by instilling the timeless values of trustworthiness, loyalty, helpfulness, friendliness, cheerfulness, courage, and kindness. Yet like all good investments, the Boy Scouts need contributions now to reap a golden harvest in the future. The Clinton Valley Council, BSA, Inc. Endowment Fund is one of the three funds of local Scouting and the other two funds are the Operating Fund and the Capital Fund. Endowment emphasis and stewardship is one of the five critical issues of the Boy Scouts of America. Realizing that the future of Scouting is dependent on a sound financial foundation, the development of an adequate endowment fund is vital to the long-range fiscal stability of a local council. Our Goal: The long term strategic goal of the Clinton Valley Council is to stabilize our financial base by securing 12% of our annual operating income from earned income. An endowment fund of approximately $7,000,000 is our goal.

An Introduction to Planned Giving Charitable support allows institutions and organizations such as Scouting to serve people from many walks of life with resources, services, facilities, and programs. Planned giving is, by definition, charitable support with a preestablished plan, which benefits the donor, the donor’s family, and also helps our local council further its work.

Benefits of Planned Giving • • • • •

Personal satisfaction that comes from helping others Generates more spendable income Provides substantial tax savings Helps simplify estate planning Tailored to meet specific needs


Bequests through a will is the most common way of making a planned gift. Bequests fall into three basic categories: • Residuary Bequest • Specific Bequest • Contingent Bequest

Life Insurance

By using life insurance to make a charitable gift, it is often times possible to make a gift larger than you have ever thought possible. For instance, it is possible to: • Gift an existing policy that has outlived its original purpose • Take out a new policy naming Clinton Valley Council as beneficiary or co-beneficiary • Utilize a life insurance policy to replace another asset used to make a charitable gift

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable Remainder Trusts make it possible for a donor to make a gift, receive a charitable contribution deduction, and receive income for life. These trusts fall into two basic categories: • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust • Charitable Remainder Unitrust

BSA Endowment Recognition Awards Encouraging gifts to our BSA Council Endowment fund is one of our highest priorities. It ensures that our council may continue to offer the outstanding programs it now has and also grow to meet the needs of our youth in the communities of Oakland and Macomb Counties. To recognize such gifts, our council, along with BSA offers four national awards for donors. Recognition awards presented by our council to the donors who qualify are as follows:

James E. West Fellowship Program

Membership in the James E. West Fellowship Program is available for gifts of $1,000 and up in cash or marketable securities to our council endowment fund. The gift must be in addition to, and not replace or diminish, the donor’s annual Friends of Scouting support. James E. West was the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America, and he served in that position for more than three decades. Many individuals and corporations make these gifts either on behalf of someone else, such as in honor of an Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver recipient, a retirement, a special accomplishment, an anniversary, or in memory of a special individual. If an institution is truly “the lengthened shadow of one man,” it is more than fitting that the BSA honor James E. West’s significant contributions to Scouting through his fellowship and legacy. The James E. West Fellowship Program is an integral part of our council’s plan to expand our endowment trust fund and to ensure the future financial stability of the council. Each donor is recognized with a personalized 8” x 10” certificate and a distinctive lapel pin/charm or embroidered square knot.

The Heritage Society The “Scouting for Heritage Society” has been established by the Clinton Yalley Council, Boy Scouts of America to recognize those who believe in preserving the tradition and values of Scouting, as well as perpetuating its future for generations to come. The Heritage Society is a program to recognize those who include Scouting in their estate planning or make outright gifts to the Endowment Fund of the Clinton Valley Council. You may qualify for membership in the Heritage Society by: • Making an outright gift of money, land, insurance or stock to the Endowment Fund of the Clinton Valley Council, BSA in the amount of $5,000 or more. • Making a new Will, or revising an existing Will, directing a percentage or a fixed amount to the Endowment Fund of the Clinton Valley Council, BSA in the amount of $5,000 or more. • Naming the Endowment Fund of the Clinton Yalley Council, BSA in the amount of $5,000 or more. • Creating a Charitable Remainder Interest, or Annuity Trust., Pooled Life Income Agreement, Charitable Gift Annuity, Short-Term Trust, Life Estate or a bank deposit that eventually directs all or a portion of the principal to the Endowment Fund of the Clinton Valley Council, BSA in the amount of $5,000 or more. Clinton Valley Council has four deferred gifting category levels: $5,000 - Cub Scout $15,000 -First Class Scout $10,000 - Boy Scout

$25,000 - Eagle Scout

Those contributing as described above to the Endowment Trust Fund for the Clinton Valley Council, BSA, are registered as lifetime members of the “Scouting for Heritage Society” with appropriate recognition and privileges.

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