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THE PIANO RAG National Piano Travelers Association

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“Because of all of you, the NPTA will continue for years to come.”

 Lifetime Achievement Awards Nominations Annual NAMM 2014 Dinner

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Ray Chandler “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – Spanish philosopher George Santayana. Current industry trends seem to indicate that the sales tactics that worked well fifty years ago (or even ten years ago) do not seem to work so well today. Armory sales of the 80’s, college sales of the 90’s… these promotions no longer have the sizzle. NPTA will be 110 years old when we convene at NAMM in January. Most district managers or reps a century ago were independent and they needed a syndicate to help navigate the extant changes that were taking place in commerce, manufacturing, infrastructure etc. Our organization evolved because of a need to unite and help each other and promote the industry. Many of us have lived through the Great Depression of the 30’s, World Wars, and now the current recession. Each economic downturn has forced us to reconsider and come up with new strategies for marketing. The challenges we face today may seem daunting but are certainly not insurmountable. What doesn’t change is our common passion for pianos and music. We must think outside the box… invent new ways to get the traffic back in the stores. The off-site events were very effective for a spell but certainly not the answer for long-term sustainability.

NAMM Dinner 5 Travel Tips


Lifetime Achievement Nominations


We travelers are not disposable (yet) and certainly NPTA cannot continue to thrive without our support. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Again, we appeal to each of you to spread the word: we need new and younger membership to help with fresh ideas that are germane to today’s piano world.

Spotlight on Members Contact Us


A Challenge for All Our Members In order to help recruit new members to the NPTA, we’d like to present to you a challenge. We’d like to challenge all our members to bring a guest who is eligible to join the NPTA to our annual dinner on the 25th.

Come Visit Us At NAMM 2014! “Did you know that Mozart had no arms and no legs? I’ve seen statues on people’s pianos.” - Victor Borge

Come by and say hello! Pay for Dinner and/or Membership Dues to avoid waiting in line at the dinner Booth #805

Free Raffle Ticket! When you visit our booth!


NPTA Road Stories

REWARD! Send in your road stories for future newsletters. You can change names to protect the innocent or the guilty.

The piano has been drinking, not me - Tom Waits

We know you have more than one! Email to Dawn DeMars.

The Best Road Story gets 4 Free Drink Tickets at Next Years Dinner! THE PIANO RAG PAGE 2

Fun Musical Trivia  Erik Satie (1866-1925), French composer of songs and piano pieces. Satie attended the premiere of Debussy's La Mer, the first part of which is titled From Dawn to Noon on the Sea. After the performance, Debussy asked Satie what the thought about the new work. Satie replied, "I liked the bit about quarter to eleven."

Johann Christian Schleip built many vertical pianos known as the ‘Giraffe Piano”

Johann Behrent built the first piano in America at Philadelphia in 1775 under the name “Piano Forte”

Membership Policy and Dues Structure The Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of changing our membership policies. As of February 1, 2011 the following new rules apply to membership: New Members: Membership is available to all independent reps, reps employed by piano manufacturers, their executives and employees who travel to support the piano industry, i.e. clinicians, product specialists. The piano industry represents both acoustic and digital pianos. Also included are those who have worked in this capacity although they might not be a ‘traveler’ at present, either retired or no longer in a ‘travelers position’. New Membership Dues: $40 per year and $30 for seniors (65 and older). Renewal Memberships: A renewal membership is available to all described above who paid their previous year’s dues. Renewal Membership Dues: $25 per year and $15 for seniors (65 and older). Associate Members: Associate members are those who travel in support of the piano industry aside from those who qualify under New Members. These members include (but not limited to) national piano movers, independent reps, manufacturing reps and executives of manufacturer’s of piano lamps, benches, piano dolly’s, piano covers, and other piano related accessories, those who travel to train or consult, NAMM employees, publishers of periodicals, magazines and websites that support the piano industry, travelers of finance companies who make retail credit and inventory financing for the piano industry. Associate Membership Dues: Same as above.

Funny Musical Jokes 

Did you hear about the pianist who kept banging his head against the keys? - - - He was playing it by ear

What do you call a fish musician? - - - A piano tuna

Why was the piano player arrested? - - - Because he got in treble

The piano player went into a bar but kept fidgeting so much that he could not enjoy his drink. Finally the bartender asked him what was wrong. The piano player replied, “My key, my keys! I can’t seem to find my keys!”

The piano ain’t got no wrong notes Thelonious Monk


NPTA & NPTAF An Update on Legal Status NPTA Mission Statement Since it's formation in 1904, The National Piano Travelers Association is dedicated to supporting and encouraging the progressive development of the Piano / Keyboard industry. While promoting and preserving the professionalism of the Salesman, the NPTA continues to build a strong foundation for the future of the piano industry through comradeship and integrity.

National Piano Traveler's Association Foundation, Inc The National Piano Traveler's Association Foundation's mission is to improve the quality of life through the experience of playing music and specifically the piano. We do so by raising and distributing funds for music and piano education so that millions of people can experience of joy of making music.


NAMM 2014 NPTA Annual Dinner Meeting January 25th $35 per person, plus one drink ticket Serafina Room 6:00 Reception 7:00 Dinner 8:00 Meeting

Send your RSVP to Dawn DeMars ASAP! Red Lion Hotel 1850 S. Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, 92802 (714) 750-2801


g a R o n a i “New” P

On Pass it d ling frien e v a r t o an other pi l n a o t s i nd emai a e m Send th a n his/her n w a D d and sen address.

NPTA Board of Directors And General Information Ray Chandler, President Glenn Clutter Past President Bob Dove, Vice President Dawn DeMars, Secr./Treas. and Newsletter Editor

Know Let Us ? ou think y d i d t a Wh s, ggestion u s y n a awn . Email D eedback f r e h t o ts, or commen rporate o c n i l l i We w s. and idea s t h g u o you’re th

Address: 442 Glenwood Pl Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 Phone: (818) 416-4308 (805) 379-9888 Fax: (818) 735-0188 Email:


Membership Directory New Policy

Stay connected

All current members will be listed in the “Membership Directory” and available to all members. The Membership Directory is located on the NPTA websit e Also included are those members who have not paid their current year’s dues for the period of 12 months. That allows members in transition or experiencing a hardship to have a grace period of 12 months. If a member is more than 12 months late with payment of the current year’s dues, they will be deleted from the Membership Directory.

to others in the Industry Re-new your NPTA membership Today! (visit Today!)

Volunteer at our NPTA Booth! We need volunteers to help out at our NPTA Booth at NAMM 2014!

We need volunteers for 4 hour shifts on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Please let us know the available days and hours you would like to volunteer and we shall start making up a schedule!


Lifetime Achievement Award A reminder from Dawn DeMars

Hope you’ve been having a great 2013! Looks like its almost year end and in no time we will be gathering once again at NAMM. I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to reflect on your fellow members and those people who’ve influenced the piano industry and yourself and nominate them for our 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award. Send your nomination to me at by Dec 15. The board will make the final decision from the list of those nominated. And naturally if the same person has received multiple nominations that will influence the board’s decision.

Travel Tips ♪ has the “hottest” hotel deals

for US travelers as reported by our members

Three Handy Apps For Traveling

Common Travel Mistakes 

Forgetting your charger! Whether it’s forgetting it at home or at your hotel.

Weather forecast! Don’t forget about last minute weather changes.

Unprepared for tipping! Don’t forget those small bills that are perfect for tipping the housekeeper or bellhop so you won’t have to break $20 bills.

Waze: A great map for getting to someplace quickly. It offers real-time updates on traffic problems including traffic congestion.

iTranslate: This app will repeat whatever you want to say in the language you choose. No more language guides needed!

Tripit: Simplifies your itinerary! Just forward all travel confirmations to one email address and Tripit automatically adds them to a single itinerary!


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