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This is about your brand, your message and your guest experience

Our Values and Core Creating extraordinary gateways

Airangel is one of the UK’s leading providers of indoor & outdoor, wired & wireless networks for guest-based internet access. We deliver a total, managed solution that allows you to offer branded guest Internet access. This enables you to provide your guests/visitors with venue-specific, local and regional information. The information can be constantly updated and provides you with a flexible and powerful marketing tool for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Our solutions have been implemented in: hotels, conference centres, corporate offices and airports. We feel it is important that every guest should have a seamless, coherently branded user experience. The wireless network should be easy to find and easy to use. It should also be intelligent in terms of providing guests with select information relating to their surroundings. Our solutions are tailored in detail to the requirements of each individual location to vary the guest experience in order to compliment the venues objectives in trying to maintain guest loyalty. Airangel believes the venue-owner should be able to provide guest internet access & content with full control of the user experience whilst also controlling the cost and branded appearance to their users. At the heart of every airangel solution sits a Nomadix Public Access gateway. This world-class hardware in combination with Airangel’s infrastructure and service compensates for the variety of likely preset device configurations by employing clever software that will allow users to simply connect without any client configuration changes. The Airangel solution utilises an extensive portfolio of patented intellectual property covering more than 15 unique areas of functionality needed to successfully deploy high-speed guest internet access services.

The opportunity

Your guests, your brand, your revenue

Airangel are a different kind of technology company to work with, we recognise and embrace the need for competitive advantage and are not afraid to push boundaries. We understand yours and your guests needs and can offer flexible solutions. Organisations go to great lengths to create a powerful and recognisable brand which is then enhanced or eroded during countless interactions between customer and company. Building brand loyalty is essential to success, customers need to be sold on the experience, not just the product. We provide a tailored and fully-managed portal solution that reflects your brand values and enables your customers to make informed choices about your services. For venues this can take the form of personal recommendations on meals, meeting rooms and other services. It also includes external information on places to visit and recreational activities. Whether you are a hotel, conference venue or corporate headquarters our portal services will enable you to build a highly-personal, seamless and branded service that will ensure your customers enjoy a unique experience. Revenue Airangel do not work on a ‘shared income’ basis like other operators, we believe in a non-revenue share model for our charges – it’s your venue, your customers and your profit (should you choose to charge). This means that you have clear visibility of our charges and we are confident that the overall cost of ownership of our solution is highly competitive. Driverless Printing With a Driverless Printing solution, a guest within your location can use their laptop to open a web page, then select a file from their hard drive (or a web page) and print it to a dedicated printer. At the guests convenience, they can visit the printer and then securely release the print job to ensure confidentiality. The venue owner is then able to choose whether or not to charge for this service. Kiosk Solutions Airangel provide clients with a number of options for a kiosk solution, whether you have a PC already and simply require branded and secure kiosk software, Airangel can provide a total kiosk application including a high quality desk (4 designs to choose from) with a built in PC with OS and the airangel KIOSK software including branded screen saver and interface.

Doing things differently Looking after our clients

Lawful Intercept There is a huge concern that public access networks will provide a safe-haven for users who want to carry out illegal activities on the Internet. These activities include illegally downloading copyrighted material from the Internet, sending threatening emails or engaging in illegal activities in chat rooms. We understand that venue owners who offer public access networks and utilize them as a marketing vehicle do not want to have their brand associated with any negative activity on the Internet or be exposed to the potential liabilities associated with not taking the appropriate measures to safeguard such activities. We will work in partnership with you to ensure that we provide a solution that also fits within the practicalities of business within these locations. Where manual systems are required, we will help to tailor a solution that meets the directive’s requirements, whilst ensuring that offering guest internet access is as easy as it should be. Guest Support We recognise that Internet access needs to be available to your customers 24 x 7 x 365, with absolute minimal interruption. That is why we offer a comprehensive support and maintenance solution round the clock. Any issues that do arise are handled by our 24/7 support desk, which is manned by technically competent system experts who usually resolve the problem in a matter of minutes.

Doing things differently Client list

Case Study

Branded solution for Claremont Group Interiors, Warrington

Voucher card

Up-to-date Case Studies

Case Study

Branded solution for The NEC, Birmingham

Interactive floor plans for all halls

Current news and events are listed on portal

Branded voucher card

Credit card payment is accepted to access internet

Case Study

Branded solution for Halliwells, Manchester

News & Events

Internet accessed via branded voucher card

Case Study

Branded solution for Harrogate International Centre

Interactive floor plans for all halls

A bespoke portal is created for special events taking place at the HIC

Different voucher cards available for delegates/ visitors

Case Study

Branded solution for Eversheds, Leeds

Branded voucher card

Interactive local maps

Local information

Case Study

Branded solution for GSH

Interactive floor plans of the GSH building

Driverless printing portal

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Airangel overview  

Overview of Airangel, including corporate case studies

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