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T E L L a B     E T a o T s rchestra mber O a h C h cottis y the S etipa d live b e sP u m r ri a fo r m, pe rrot, M a e P d s A le e ous dolph ralli, Ju sumptu Music A phy Jean Co lle has e e ra is th g G o y le , b ent t Co time Chore r Rober mpanim ts of all o e to c ll c c u a a d b l n r a Co usic opula erful m ringly p s wond st endu re o tu m a e fe th and n’t miss One of all. Do vish sets hestra. it la s , a s to her h e Orc iselle votion costum amber ral – G fast de h d tu C a a h n te r s is e sup an’s Scott nd the g wom dness a about a youn a m l, a t proud’ etray balle Love, b mantic Georgia ro o l d fu n ti a u yc this bea ver. and the s lo ve music li h it w faithles e big stag %#: ers on a c n a 410/403& d e s ‘Put the York Times . w 1 The Ne 1. "6(645  : " % / 46 51. "6(64 064& "563%": ) 4 : -" #63()1 %"5& 5)&&%*/  & 6 / & 7 '30.ÂŁ 634.*/65&4 5*$,&54 09)0  "113 %63"5*0/


  T E L

IERE gi k PREM rmed live by Chan u     –   I  L E B fo saGaLo okhov, Music per Poss by Yuri

, NT avinsky NCERTa e, Music Igor Strr Matchavariani o C   o u d nchin Tama rge Bala dlidze, Piano MIERE i by Geo e h tc   uk PRE ar Matchavarian ela M –    

IX s Violin L   m E a T d   o s n et, Pia s  Pa RIaTIoN Music Georges Biz a V   T E y, BIZ tmansk

a   GEoRGI



ei Ra by Alex



stoph W NE  g Nina N sic Chri o u C M , a e H featurin live in C ts h e c ll n a la b Ba ry ied rge by Geo

mpora ompan ur conte cers and acc s by George fo f o e n gramm y of da s. Work nsky iting pro nted compan sical musician Alexei Ratma le An exc s d ta la n c s a ov shvili’ l and Possokh Anania ian traditiona rs Yuri ta s rg i o o e h . G by d Bols dance hine an g of magical Balanc in n e v an e . create 6451 :"6( " % 4 & / % s8& )064& 56&4%": 3()1-": %"5& */ &&% #6 ) 5 7&/6& '30.£ 634.*/ 5*$,&54 09)0  "113 %63"5*0/

I L I V H s a NI a N a     a wITH  NIN allet, ssical b la c d n a of gr stival’s adition s the Fe tr n e e p th o d in cular orgia Founde t of Ge o specta s. e ll tw a h B it me w the State duction rogram ale pro dance p large-sc






CHuNky  MoVE

Choreography Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Music Steve Reich, GyĂśrgy Ligeti performed live by Ictus

Lasers and video projections respond to every gesture and movement that Chunky Move’s dancers make as they create an ever-shifting, shimmering world of illusion where light and shade represent the most perfect or the most sinister of souls.

American composer Steve Reich has inspired Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker throughout her choreographic career ever since she exploded onto the international dance scene in 1982. In Steve Reich Evening she brings together seven pieces created over twenty-five years to the music of her favourite composer. Don’t miss this great opportunity to experience the work of two great artists performed by a superb company of dancers. Live music provided by six piece contemporary ensemble, Ictus. ‘She makes the dance shimmer over the music to hallucinatory effect.’ The Guardian on Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker %"5& 7&/6& 5*$,&54 %63"5*0/

'3*%":s46/%":"6(6451. &%*/#63()'&45*7"-5)&"53& '30.ÂŁ "11309)0634.*/65&4

The dancers trigger light patterns and sounds that appear to take on a life of their own. While the scenes are always in the same order, the work is truly live every night, unpredictable and ever changing. Please note: this production contains smoke, laser and strobe lighting effects and loud volume audio. ‘intensities of light and sound make Mortal Engine something of a bodysnatcher. It physically invades the viewer.’ The Australian %"5& 7&/6& 5*$,&54 %63"5*0/

46/%":s56&4%":"6(6451. 5)&&%*/#63()1-":)064& '30.ÂŁ )063

Dedicated to the memory of Sir John Drummond


MATTHEw   BouRNE's   doRIAN   GRAY NEw AdVENTuREs Choreography Matthew Bourne Design Lez Brotherston Composer Terry Davies Lighting design Paule Constable Oscar Wilde’s gothic fable becomes a darkly seductive dance theatre event from master storyteller, Matthew Bourne. The destructive power of beauty, the blind pursuit of pleasure and the darkness and corruption that lie beneath a charming façade; the themes behind Oscar Wilde’s cautionary tale have never been more timely. ‘Matthew Bourne is the undisputed king of dance theatre.’ The Observer %"5&   7&/6& 5*$,&54 %63"5*0/

'3*%":s4"563%":"6(6451. &9$&15.0/%":"6(645 4"563%": 4"563%":"6(6451. ,*/(o45)&"53& '30.ÂŁ 50#&"%7*4&%


DECa   E C N a D 2008

y  CoMPaN E C N a D   BaTsHEVa

Naharin hy Ohad d music. ement an inary v o m r, u olo traord sion of c es by ex An explo rformanc e p le b a Unforgett dancers. s humorou ring and a d , d e Dance nergiz atsheva Highly e Israel’s B m ecially o sp fr e e c dan dth rogramm p a in ling brea z y the daz Compan se a c w o ’s arin to sh devised had Nah rapher O g o re o h c of . invention thrilling ent set to m e v o ing from m g everyth Stunning in c ra raeli b m cks e hop to Is soundtra rock, hip to t c h si g u u m tho classical c. If you folk musi for you, ’t sn a w and Arab e c n a d ry ora contemp ain! g a k in th f ght out o viewers ri lls u p t a s th e ‘Dancing w York Tim .’ The Ne their seats

rap Choreog

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G N I Y L E R I K R WH U T     F O     S E H S I V R E D

P   up MA  GROU E ading gro S     D N A     world’s le e m IC th o S fr y b U c si   M and mu erformed the l music p ISTANBUL of poetr y ating in evening h mystica

in ng rkis ony, culm fascinati y and Tu the cerem cians. A ceremon f si g o u n s m li p ir d e h n st ur Aw hes a ugh the fo ng Dervis ilding thro from the Qur’an. of Whirli u b s, losely n io adit ony, all c ing the reading the sufi tr ng cerem g and a li ok n v ir li e h ir , w h e c e w xperien c and th e hypnotic si g u n m ti ast once n le fi a t ld see a Turkish su adition. An ench u s o re sh tu e a n veryo ystical tr rmance fe ce that e The perfo a 700 year old m d toleran n a d o to o g rh adherin e, brothe uman lov call for h me. ly in a lifeti eak deep 1. ce can sp n e d n "6(645 e sc Times "563%": & LA 4 g for tran s .’ in e  rn c : n a " e ie y *% '3 ‘Its &"53 ry aud %"5& '&45*7"-5) ntempora &%*/#63() to any co  & 6 / 7& '30.ÂŁ 5*$,&54 .*/65&4 )063 %63"5*0/

TRy  BEFoRE  you  Buy  –  CHECk  ouT  THE  FEsTIVaL  wEBsITE  FoR  VIdEo  CLIPs  aNd  GaLLERIEs

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