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Who we are ComArch is a global Independent Software Vendor and Systems Integrator that provides innovative IT solutions to telecommunications, financial and service entities and to public sector. Since its inception a decade ago, ComArch as a company based on knowledge has blossomed into a multinational network of offices and partnerships in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Our unique business model enables us to offer the most technologically advanced, flexible and cost effective solutions that do make a difference to the way people do business.

Innovative IT solutions for business


What we do Our offer consists of the following groups of solutions:

S o l ut i o n s f o r v e r t i c a l m a r ke t s | Telecommunications | Banking and Finance | Industry and Trade | Public Administration

U n i v e r s a l S o l u t i o ns | Documents Archiving and Workflow | Security and Data protection | Controlling and Financial – Accounting Systems | Hardware and Network Infrastructure | Customer Relationship Management | Corporate Portals, Int ernet and Intranet | EPR Systems

Universal Services | Application and Platform Integration | Programming and Consulting Services | Outsourcing and Data Centers | Business Intelligence and Data Warehouses | Training

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What makes the difference Te c h no l o g y ComArch’s products always use the cutting edge technology. Our philosophy is to shape the market through advanced solutions rather than merely react to market trends. ComArch’s products are always customized to local specifics and can be further tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Regular investments in our products let us offer solutions that are globally competitive

Ma r ke t p o s i t i o n ComArch is a company appreciated throughout international markets. Its solutions for telecommunications and finance are positioned among the most renowned global products. ComArch and its solutions have been awarded by many independent institutions

Competencies The use of high-tech equipment and most advanced solutions are accompanied by an in-depth understanding of the served sectors. Our competences include not only the technological proficiency but also the knowledge of our client’s businesses. Apart from implementing IT solutions ComArch also implements imagination.

People People and their knowledge constitute our main strategic resource. That is why ComArch recruits only the most talented people with a passion and vision. Today we employ over 1,000 highly qualified and experienced people – IT consultants, systems engineers and a wide group of business analysts. Our IT expertise is shared through our global network of companies.

Re l i a b i l i t y ComArch is a blue chip company quoted on the Polish TOP 20 index. The growth and stability of the company is translated into growing revenues and net income. Since the foundation of the company its revenues have grown by 900%


Quality in the focus of our attention Q u a l i t y Ma na g e m e nt System ISO 9001 Being implemented throughout the whole ComArch Capital Group, Quality Management permanently improves production processes and enables flexible adjustment to customer needs and market changes.

C a p a b i l i t y Ma t u r i t y Model This specific IT extension of the standard quality management systems was produced at the Software Engineering Institute in the USA Its implementation helps ComArch improve IT project management processes, greatly reduces the possibility of making errors in our software, and increases the efficiency of production processes.

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ComArch flagship products

ComArch Tytan Billing System TYTAN is a complex and comprehensive solution that covers all areas of a telecom carrier’s operations and includes the entire range of billing and fulfillment solutions for telecommunications networks. The main system’s task is to assure control of the accounting and quality processes for the offered services. ComArch Tytan Billing System serves both traditional and GSM networks, including GPRS and UMTS, ISDN, ATM, intelligent networks, CATV, IP and VoIP.

ComArch InsightNet ComArch InsightNet is a solution that enables integrated corporate and telecommunications network management. It has been designed to keep the IT infrastructure operating at optimal levels by fast and reliable data collection, useful analysis of the collected data and by planning and execution of the optimal load balances. ComArch InsightNet is capable of dealing with typical and less frequent problems occurring in the network and provides the necessary security and quality assurance.

ComArch Protector IMS ComArch Protector IMS delivers a domain-expert management solution designed to deal with the security challenges of an enterprise. Protector IMS is designed to collect and normalize events in a heterogeneous environment throughout an entire organization, and to act upon the events in real-time, by prioritizing, correlating and aggregating them. ComArch Protector IMS cooperates with security personnel by alerting operators in the event of an emerging threat.

ComArch Aurum This complex CRM solution helps to improve service for clients, business partners and employees. The system takes advantage of the potential of modern mobile technologies, which enables the increase of work and cost efficiency, as well as the automation of traditional sales and distribution networks. ComArch AURUM can benefit from all channels of digital communication: www, e-mail, WAP, SMS, GPRS.


ComArch Orlando The ComArch ORLANDO family has been designed as an all-purpose platform for managing the operations of financial institutions. It includes fully functional and, at the same time, very flexible modules for managing financial accounting and security registration operations. The ComArch ORLANDO platform has well-developed mechanisms that ensure system safety and work automation, and guarantees the proper completion of all executed operations. The platform applications are among the most advanced solutions, both in terms of functionality and technology.

ComArch Subrea A comprehensive application dedicated to the support of insurance institutions operations. It enables the support of all functions of the insurance company like sales support or the document management. It has a user-friendly interface and operates in an on-line mode, which allows it to work quickly and effectively. Flexibility is the system’s unique feature. It is characterized by modular construction and enables users to define new insurance services.

ComArch Egeria This modern modular ERP class system supports enterprise management. Its functionalities encompass Finance and Accounting, Controlling, Human Resources, Production and Logistics. It is always possible to supplement the system with industry-specific extensions. The system is based on the latest ORACLE tools, which allows it to work in double or triple tiered architecture using the Internet.

Company Profile


How to reach us

ComArch in Poland

ComArch worldwide

ComArch | Headquarters Al. Jana Pawła II 39a; 31-864 Cracow, Poland phone +48 (12) 64 61 000 | fax +48 (12) 64 61 100

ComArch Global, Inc. | Miami 1160 NW 159th Drive Miami, FL 33169 USA tel +1 305 329 3900 fax +1 305 329 3905

ComArch | Warszawa ul. Puławska 525; 02-844 Warsaw, Poland phone +48 (22) 855 40 90 | fax +48 (22) 644 41 66 ComArch | Poznań ul. Główna 6; 61-005 Poznań, Poland phone +48 (61) 652 91 14 | fax +48 (61) 652 91 15

ComArch Software A.G. | Frankfurt Grüneburgweg 58-62 D-60322 Frankfurt am Main Niemcy tel +49 (0) 69 5 90 24 – 0 fax +49 (0) 69 5 90 24 – 590

CP 01.0203.003 EN

ComArch | Kraków os. Teatralne 9a; 31-946 Cracow, Poland phone +48 (12) 64 61 800 | fax +48 (12) 64 61 850

© ComArch 2003


ComArch | Gdańsk ul. Okopowa 7; 80-819 Gdańsk, Poland phone +48 (58) 324 00 14 | fax +48 (58) 324 00 14




0 801 33 44 55

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company profile

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