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ComArch Aurum LoyaltyCare System

Get ahead of your competitors! What makes a customer come back to his service or product provider even when he may choose another one – even slightly cheaper or more conveniently located? It’s loyalty. Did you know that you can easily manage your customers’ loyalty? If you have not yet implemented the solution supporting the loyalty systems, this leaflet may be a source of essential information, a guide for choosing the best system to suit your needs. If you are already using one, please take a few moments to verify whether your solution gives you feasible chances to run for and win your customers’ loyalty. If lowering the price does not seem the right weapon to fight for your customers, your chance to gain the upper hand could be an attractive customer loyalty system. Convincing your customer about its attractiveness may be in fact cheaper than keeping the prices low. The customer benefits in the long run, that is why it is so important to be the first one: the first customer loyalty system operator in the business has the greatest chance to take the most advantage of it. The price for quick implementation should not be however lower quality of the computer system supporting your solution. That is why the ComArch Aurum LoyaltyCare system should be your first choice a modern, advanced system, which may be tailored to your needs and implemented in a short time. Your loyal customers are worth any money. In the times of competition and rivalry you may not allow yourself to stay behind the best. Do not let anyone take you by surprise and consider implementing the modern customer loyalty system – the ComArch Aurum LoyaltyCare.


Benefits The implementation of a customer loyalty system is not an easy task. It engages many employees from various departments – in the beginning. Then it requires maintenance, information analysis, observation of the competition’s movements and quick reaction to changing market conditions. However, the benefits are well worth the effort. Creating the image of your company as a firm that cares for its customers and dynamically promotes its offer surely is important to you. Building strong relations with your customers that are based on the good brand of your products is undoubtedly one of the greatest values. And what would you say to a rich database containing information on the habits of your customers including their response to your promotions? Our goal is to let you efficiently manage your promotions without the limitations of the systems you knew before. The most benefits of a customer loyalty system based on an advanced computer system may take companies of these sectors of services or production where massive and anonymous customer comes to them relatively frequently, e.g. networks of petrol stations, supermarkets or restaurants. But the basic effect of increasing the level of customer loyalty is achievable in any business sector – like the medium sized companies or those that know their customers well.

The ComArch Aurum LoyaltyCare – Unlimited Possibilities The computer system is only a tool for shaping your own customer loyalty management policy. On the one hand it should be user-friendly, on the other – in no way the limitations of its functionality should affect the flexibility in defining your own customer loyalty system. It should smoothly accompany the organization growth by ensuring proper scalability. All these desirable features are to be found in the ComArch Aurum LoyaltyCare system.

ComArch Aurum | LoyaltyCare System


Thanks to its modular construction and its configurable mechanism of intermodular communication the system allows defining the loyalty systems in various configurations: | online, where the information about the loyalty card balance is stored in the central database, and offline where the main source of information is the card itself, | based on gifts where the customers collect the credit points, which may be exchanged for presents, and based on deductions where the credit points may be used as currency for further buys, | integrated with the POS system, which allows more efficient customer service by automation of the tariff choice process, credit points assignment and collection of the customer habit data, and stand-alone using dedicated loyalty terminals – used always when the integration is not possible or not advisable. These features may be integrated within one system, e.g. some locations may use the system integrated with the cashier system, and some work as stand-alone. Apart form the features listed above the ComArch Aurum LoyaltyCare is: | universal – allowing its implementation in various industries, and even combining the promotion characteristic for each industry within one loyalty program, | open – allowing an easy integration with various external systems, such as cashier, warehouse or logistics systems, | flexible – when it comes to defining new loyalty tariffs (promotions) and managing them, and also in locations and location groups management, card and user management, | efficient and scalable – its bi-layer structure (base – locations) with transferring the bulk of the logic to the local subsystem allows increasing the number of locations per server, | secure – the system is secured against attempts to modify the credit balance and may help trace down any attempt of cheating either by a customer or by a company employee. The co-operation with various customer identifying devices (magnetic cards, smart cards, bar code cards, and any others), using the existing infrastructure (pin-pads, printers, cash register terminals) and the implementation of modern technologies (the transactional Internet systems) complete the picture of our rich system.


The Architecture Of The ComArch Aurum LoyaltyCare System The ComArch Aurum LoyaltyCare system consists of several modules, whose combination allows creating an interesting system tailored for the individual needs of each customer. Our system is equipped with tools that support the following users: | loyalty program manager – who decides about the shape of your final offer considering the promotions within the loyalty system – we are handing him/her an application, which is using all the assets of the effective and ergonomic window interface, allowing flexible management of the offers using over a dozen predefined types of loyalty tariffs, | system administrator – the functionality allowing the management of the system users, monitoring the status of all branches and efficiently reacting to untypical situations, | branch (location) manager – if you decide to transfer a part of the operational tasks (such as cashiers’ accounts management) to the local branch manager, we shall provide him/her with a proper application supporting such actions,

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ComArch Aurum | LoyaltyCare System


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| cashier – the critical point of the entire system because on its ergonomics depends the success or failure of the system. That is why we are offering the solutions which maximally shorten the time of servicing the customer at the counter and – at the same time – keep the full functionality of the system: issuing credit points, exchanging credits for gifts (redemption), exchanging faulty loyalty cards, or registering new customers. All the cashiers’ actions are registered, which allows tracing down their activity in cases of complaints or any other doubts, | end user – your customer who – thanks to a dedicated web portal – may check the balance of their credit points, browse the history of transactions on the cards, deal with lost or stolen cards, and even order a gift without leaving his/her home, | loyalty program partners – who – also via a dedicated web portal – may shape their part of the offer and get the access to the reports on the transactions completed in their locations or wherever their products were involved, | logistics partners – dealing with the gift orders or keeping the stock on a manager-predefined level.

The entire system is organized on two levels: the central level and the local level. Using the inexpensive solutions allowing massive duplication of a local part in any size branch network was one of the key rules while designing the system. Thanks to this approach you may implement the system in your organization regardless of its size, without fearing the costs.


Additional Profits From Our Solution The co-operation with ComArch who are well recognized software producer and integrator allows the expansion of the scope of the customer loyalty system implementation by the following aspects: | implementation services – the experienced ComArch technical support teams are at your disposal. According to the schedule they shall visit all your locations, activate the system and train the personnel, | integration with the outer systems – ComArch shall also provide the modules for integration between the Aurum LoyaltyCare system and the outer system of your choice, using the existing interfaces or co-operating with the outer system provider, | consulting – we may also advise as to the construction of the loyalty systems and promotion schemes; we shall also help you elaborate proper procedures for the system maintenance, | outsourcing – an attractive addition to our offer is the possibility of hosting or collocation of the customer servers in the ComArch Data Center. This solution will help reduce the initial costs of the implementation of the system, | design, creation and maintenance of the WAN network – for the customers who – apart from the customer loyalty system – decide to either build a new or re-arrange the existing WAN we propose the services of our professionals experienced in the field of WAN designing and constructing. They may help choose the right solution which will minimize the costs of the whole venture. Choosing the ComArch Aurum LoyaltyCare you may be sure that you have decided for a complete solution, including the software, the hardware, the servers and the loyalty cards – all components of the unique system tailored to your needs. These elements supplemented with a thorough knowledge of our specialists shall create the system meeting all your requirements and complying with the highest standards in customer loyalty systems.

ComArch Aurum | LoyaltyCare System


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